When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1301 -1310 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1301 -1310 (Chinese)

Chapter 1301

Fu Shiting is on that yacht, is it possible that my mother is also on that yacht?

Thinking of this, he immediately picked up his mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an.

Qin Anan answered the phone quickly.

“Mom, where are you now?”

“Mom is in the hospital now.” Qin Anan glanced at Zhuang Xu and said to Xiaohan, “Mom has a classmate who has a broken bone and is hospitalized in the hospital. I’m visiting him in the hospital now.”

“Oh .” Xiaohan was relieved, and at the same time, he wondered, “What classmate?”

“It’s a classmate of my mother when she was in graduate school. He happened to be traveling here in country Y and unfortunately broke a bone.”

“Got it.” Xiaohan was silent for two minutes. Seconds later, he said, “Mom, I’m about to start school.”

Qin Anan blamed herself very much: “Xiaohan, I’m sorry! Mom can’t take you to school in person. Let Uncle Mike take you there, okay? Wait for mom. When you are free, Mom will see you immediately.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Han knew that this would be the result, but he was still very disappointed.

After hanging up the phone, Xiaohan held the mouse, exited the news interface, and searched for flight information.

Mom can’t come back to see him, he can go to country y to see mom.

Before school starts, he wants to see his mother.

He planned to go quietly by himself.

It’s not that he wants to take risks, but that Mike has been busy these two days.

Just when he was about to buy a ticket, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Mike’s face appeared at the door.

“Brother Han, I’m going to the company. If you have anything to do, call me.”

Xiaohan’s heart was beating fast, but his face was calm: “Is something wrong with the company?”

“Something went wrong. Wang Wanzhi didn’t know where to find a very powerful R&D talent… This person is very mysterious. I have been checking the details of this person these days.” Mike said here and sighed Tone, “You don’t have to worry, even if the company goes bankrupt, I can support you.”

Mike pretended to say it easily and left.

Xiaohan is more worried about Qin An’an’s safety now, so he has no energy to worry about the future of Qin’s group.

country y.

After Qin Anan finished talking with Xiaohan, he dialed the third brother’s number again.

She called the third brother a few times just now, but the third brother didn’t answer.

I don’t know if the third brother is busy, or he doesn’t answer her phone on purpose.

After dialing the phone, she looked outside the emergency room.

It’s been almost an hour, and it stands to reason that the ambulance should have arrived long ago.

Could it be that the injured were not sent to this hospital?

Just when she was thinking about it, the third brother answered her phone.

“Qin An’an, do you want to ask me about the shooting?”

“Third brother, is Fu Shiting injured?” She took her mobile phone and walked outside the emergency room, “Did Jin Cheng move your hand?”

“Tsk tsk, even You have already guessed it! Jin Cheng, this brainless thing, no matter how many years have passed, no matter how many beatings he has received, he will not grow his brain!” The third brother sneered, “In this wave, Jin Cheng is considered to have lost his mind.”

Jin Cheng planned to assassinate Fu Shiting today . .

As long as Fu Shiting is dead, it is impossible for Fu Shiting to compete with him for the Jin family property.

Unfortunately, his plan failed.

The bullet that was going to hit Fu Shiting was blocked by Jin Ronger’s body.

Chapter 1302

At the same time, Jin Carrier also woke up.

The sober Jin Carrier was furious when he knew what had happened!

Jin Yonger was shot in the left scapula and has been sent to the nearest hospital for surgery to retrieve the bullet.

Jin Cheng and Fu Shiting were outside the operating room, waiting for the operation to end.

Of course Jincheng would not admit that the shooting was his own.

But Gene Carrier didn’t listen to his explanation at all.

Jin Kaili directly slapped Jin Cheng in front of everyone!

“Why don’t you just kill me?” Jin Kaili’s face was ashen, “If you kill me, you will inherit my inheritance directly, isn’t it more convenient?!”

“Dad!” There are five distinct fingerprints on Jin Cheng’s cheeks. “I really didn’t do it! Besides, how dare I kill you, I’m not a beast!”

Seeing that he refused to admit it, Jin Kaili raised his hand, ready to give him another slap.

Seeing this, Fu Shiting blocked Jin Carrier’s arm.

“Since he said he didn’t do it, don’t be angry.” Fu Shiting said coldly.

Jin Kaili retracted his arms angrily, staring at his son with gloomy eyes: “If you really want to kill, can you fucking stop being so obvious?! Stupid thing without a brain! Why do I call Shi Ting to help me, it’s because I don’t see any hope in you! If the Jin family is handed over to you, do you believe that within half a year, our Jin family will fall?!”

Jin Cheng gritted his teeth, his body was tense, and his heart was unwilling. All written on the face.

“Do you know how other people laugh at you behind your back? They call you a stupid pig!” Ginger clenched his fists and cursed angrily, “You are such a fucking stupid pig! Get the hell out of here!

” After scolding, Jin Cheng angrily left.

Jin Kaili sighed heavily and looked at Fu Shiting: “I was careless. I didn’t expect him to be so eager to attack you.”

Fu Shiting sat down on the bench next to him and said slowly, “He really isn’t very good at hiding his inner thoughts.”

“Otherwise I wouldn’t let you stay with me. I said I wouldn’t touch you, I’m not joking with you.” Jin Kaili sat down beside him, “I have four children in total, besides him and Rong’er, I have two sons. My two sons are much smarter than him, but unfortunately they are both The enemy killed.”

“Rong’er is also very smart.” Fu Shiting said calmly.

“I know. I have been very strict with her since I was a child. I didn’t let her have her own ideas. I just wanted her to learn my way of thinking and not be as ignorant and ignorant as ordinary women.” He eased a little, “but she seems to have fallen in love with you.”

Fu Shiting was noncommittal.

When the bullets flew over today, Jin Rong’er stood in front of him without any hesitation.

If she doesn’t love him, she doesn’t have to risk her life to save him.

“Shi Ting, you said you would treat Rong’er well, but what you and Qin An’an did on the yacht today disappointed me…” Jin Kaili did not shy away from having a showdown with him.

The yacht is owned by King Carrier, and every guest room is monitored. Every staff member on board is a member of King Carrier.

So Fu Shiting and Qin An’an’s every move was difficult to hide from him.

“Did you remember her? Otherwise, how could you get along with her so quickly?” Jin Carrier looked at him suspiciously.

Fu Shiting: “Just go to bed.” Jin Carrier was


“I promised you that I would take care of Rong’er, but I never promised that there would only be Rong’er a woman in this life.” He used what Qin Anan taught him to bet money on Kairi’s mouth.

Jin Kaili suddenly burst out laughing: “You have changed a bit! You didn’t want to give you a woman before, but now you suddenly think about it?”

“I don’t think about it that much.” His tone was cold and indifferent, “Women are not worth my energy to think about.”

“If you can think this way, I won’t worry about it. I don’t mind how many women you want to play with, as long as you Your wife is Rong Er, and take good care of her, I will not interfere in your private life.”


Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303

“Shi Ting, you go back to take a shower and change your clothes first.” Jin Kaili looked at the blood on his white shirt and said, “You’ve been tired all day today, take a bath and get a good night’s sleep. After Rong’er’s surgery is over She won’t wake up for a while. You will come back to the hospital tomorrow morning to accompany her.”

Fu Shiting was not polite, got up from the chair, and strode out of the hospital.

Seeing Fu Shiting’s figure disappear from sight, the expression on Jin Kaili’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

Today is Rong’er’s birthday, but Fu Shiting and Qin An’an are on the yacht where the banquet is held.

His behavior, in addition to not taking Rong’er in his eyes, did not take the entire Jin family in his eyes.

Jin Carrier couldn’t stop him from playing with women outside, but on such an important occasion today, he completely disregarded the face of the Jin family, which made Jin Carrier very annoyed!

Did he really think that the Jin family would die without him?

Jin Kaili gritted his teeth, and his anger grew stronger and stronger!

Jincheng won’t let him worry, at least he won’t betray him! Fu Shiting’s ability is strong, which is a good thing, but he may betray him at any time.

If the two of them are compared together, Jin Carrier is even more afraid that Fu Shiting will become a hidden danger.

After smoking two cigarettes, Jin Carrier picked up the phone and dialed his son.

“I’m giving you a chance to atone for your sins now!”

Jin Cheng was drinking at home, and when he heard his father’s words, he immediately put down the bottle: “What do you want me to do?”

“What I ask you to do is more risky. But If you do it well, I will definitely not hand over the core business of the Jin family to outsiders! Do you understand what I mean?” Jin Kaili threw out the benefits, and Jin Cheng was immediately stunned.

“Dad, I will definitely work hard this time!”

Country a.

ten o’clock in the morning.

After Sheng Bei went to work, Yun Xiaoxiao walked out of the guest room.

She is now pregnant with Sheng Bei’s child, so Sheng Bei will not let her do anything.

There are three meals a day, a nanny comes to do the housework, and a nanny cleans the housework.

She doesn’t have to think about anything other than eating and drinking every day.

Although such a day is boring, it is much more stable than the days when I had eaten this meal and worried about the next meal.

At least she won’t be too anxious about her future life now.

After she came out of the room, the nanny immediately brought breakfast to her.

“Miss Yun, did you wait for Mr. Sheng to go out before you came out?” the nanny said with a smile.

“Yeah,” Yun Xiaoxiao glanced at the breakfast and saw the fried browned chicken breast, and suddenly felt a little sick, “I’ll just eat porridge.”

“It seems that you have started to have early pregnancy symptoms. Mr. Sheng asked me this morning. What about the early pregnancy reaction!”

“Why did he ask this?” Yun Xiaoxiao picked up the porridge bowl and took a small bite.

“He said that you eat a lot at every meal, and he suspects that you will not suffer from early pregnancy.”

“Humph! He doesn’t like me, and he will laugh at me for everything.”

Nanny: “He is not laughing at you, he is thinking that if If you don’t have early pregnancy reaction, you don’t have to suffer.”

“Will he be so kind?”

“Xiaoxiao, you have a big prejudice against him! If he really hates you that much, he won’t take you into the house for good care. “

Yun Xiaoxiao blushed.

At this time, her cell phone rang, and it was a strange call. She hesitated and answered the phone.

Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304

After breakfast, Yun Xiaoxiao went out.

Someone asked her to meet and she agreed.

The person who asked her to meet was a woman she did not know. But the woman said she was a good friend of Sheng Bei.

Since she was Sheng Bei’s good friend, she was embarrassed to refuse.

After leaving the Sheng’s house, she took a taxi on the side of the road and reported to the restaurant that the woman had made an appointment with.

About twenty minutes later, the car arrived at the restaurant.

Yun Xiaoxiao got out of the car and walked towards the door of the restaurant.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, a mature woman sitting by the window immediately waved to her.

She walked over and took a seat.

“You are Yun Xiaoxiao?” The woman spoke first, and at the same time looked at her carefully, “You are really beautiful and tall, no wonder Sheng Bei likes you.”

“He doesn’t like me!” Yun Xiaoxiao corrected her, Strangely, “Didn’t you say that you are his good friend? Since you are a good friend, why don’t you know that I have a bad relationship with him?” The

woman was stunned for a moment, and said embarrassedly, “He didn’t tell me that you have a bad relationship. Just say that you are pregnant with his child.”

“Maybe it’s because he doesn’t think I’m worth mentioning!” Yun Xiaoxiao asked, “Do you have anything to do with me?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just curious. He took you out to meet, but he refused.” The woman said, picked up the menu, and handed it to her, “So I had to ask you out myself.”

“Oh, what’s your name?” Yun Xiaoxiao didn’t take the menu, “I ate it before going out, and I’m not hungry now.”

“You can order it. The milk tea in this store is good, you can try it.”

Yun Xiaoxiao picked up the menu again, and in the beverages column, she saw milk tea as expected . .

She ordered a cup of plain milk tea and handed the menu to the other party.

“Do you like Sheng Bei?” Yun Xiaoxiao said bluntly, “I don’t have the kind of relationship you think with Sheng Bei. The child is just an accident. His parents want this child, so he took me to his house.”

“Even if the child in your belly is an accident, you are very good.” The woman’s mouth raised a bitter smile, “I have known him since childhood. I have liked him for so many years, and I have never had the chance to conceive his child.”

Yun Xiaoxiao: “Because you are a good woman. You may not know, his private life is very messy. He often sleeps outside with different women.”

“How is it possible! Brother Sheng Bei is not that kind of man!”

“Then you say my stomach How did the child come from here?” Yun Xiaoxiao insisted, “If you don’t believe it, forget it.”

“You talk about him so dirty, but you stay with his family. You must really want to marry him, right? You are I was afraid that I would rob him, so I said he was dirty!”

“I didn’t stay at his house, he insisted on taking me to live at his house. Besides, I didn’t want to marry him, and I didn’t have the right to dislike him as dirty. , because I’m bad too.” Yun Xiaoxiao didn’t want to quarrel with her, so she kept her tone calm, “I’m telling you this, I just hope you find a man to brighten your eyes.”

“Little sister, you are so interesting.”

“I feel You are laughing at me.” Yun Xiaoxiao looked helpless.

“Hahaha, no, no. I just think you are different from what I imagined.” The woman also ordered a cup of milk tea and handed the menu to the waiter, “I heard that Fu Shiting is your brother.”

“He hasn’t recognized me yet . Where’s my sister!”

“Oh, he’s no longer the boss of the st group. It doesn’t make any sense whether he recognizes you or not.”

“You should stop talking about my family affairs, it has nothing to do with you.” Yun Xiaoxiao said bluntly. , “You haven’t told me what your name is! I live at Shengbei’s house now, I can see him every day, I can help you speak in front of him.”

“No need!” The woman said excitedly, “My Don’t worry about it.”

“Then we don’t seem to have much to talk about.” Yun Xiaoxiao said, took out her phone and read the news.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, are you planning to marry your son?” The woman quickly adjusted her mood and asked calmly. “His parents have mentioned this, but everything will be discussed after I give birth to the child.” Yun Xiaoxiao said, “When I give birth to the child, he should give me a favor and send me


The woman couldn’t help laughing at her words.

Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305

After a while, two cups of milk tea were delivered to them.

“Try it, the milk tea in this store is very delicious.”

Yun Xiaoxiao took a sip, feeling similar to the milk tea in the milk tea shop outside.

Because there was no common topic with the other party, and the conversation was not speculative, Yun Xiaoxiao finished drinking the milk tea in a short while.

“How did you get here?” the woman asked.

“I came by taxi.”

“I came by car. I’ll take you back!” The woman picked up her bag and got up.

“Don’t bother you. I’ll just take a taxi and go back.” Yun Xiaoxiao also picked up her bag and got up, “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?

” Never had me.” The woman pulled out a faint smile and walked away first.

Yun Xiaoxiao watched her leave and muttered in her heart: This woman is really strange. She asked herself out just to invite herself a cup of milk tea?

Taking a taxi back to Sheng’s house, Yun Xiaoxiao suddenly felt a cramping pain in her abdomen.

She immediately lay on the sofa, moaning uncontrollably in pain.

Seeing the strangeness, the nanny came over immediately and asked about her situation.

“It hurts…my stomach…it hurts!” Her hands tightly covered her stomach.

Seeing this, the nanny panicked: “I’ll call Mr. Sheng right away!”

Yun Xiaoxiao’s face turned pale with pain, her back was sweating non-stop, and the pain in her abdomen became more obvious and severe!

An ominous premonition came out of her heart, her child… will something happen? !

Milk tea… There must be something wrong with the cup of milk tea that the woman who didn’t want to tell her name invited her to drink!

After Sheng Bei received the nanny’s call, he immediately drove back.

When he came back, he saw Yun Xiaoxiao curled up in the gray leather sofa.

She seemed to be suffering from a serious illness, her face was pale, her eyes were dull, and the hair on her forehead was wet against her face… She was wearing a long white dress today.

There was blood on the hem of the skirt.

“The child is gone?” He asked the question, clenching his fists.

The nanny immediately came out of the bathroom: “Mr. Sheng, you and Xiaoxiao’s children are mostly gone. Xiaoxiao shed a lot of blood just now…” The

nanny’s voice settled, and Yun Xiaoxiao burst into tears uncontrollably.

Sheng Bei looked at her weak and haggard appearance, and quickly retracted the questioning words to his lips.

No matter how the child disappeared, it was definitely not her intention.

She went to the hospital several times before trying to abort the child, but she was not willing to do so.

He walked to the sofa and took Yun Xiaoxiao into his arms: “Don’t cry, I’ll take you to the hospital now.”

Country y.

Qin An’an and Zhuang Xu stayed in the emergency room until ten o’clock at night.

After coming out of the hospital, they stood on the side of the road to stop the car.

“Zhuang Xu, thank you for staying with me tonight.”

“You’re welcome, I have nothing to do when I go back to the hotel.” As Zhuang Xu said, he saw a black car stop in front of them.

Before the black car stopped, a man in black wearing a black mask got out of the car!

Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306

The man in black grabbed Qin An’an’s arm with lightning speed!

With a ‘bang’, Qin Anan’s mobile phone fell to the ground!

Before she could react, her body was quickly dragged to the car by the man in black.

Zhuang Xu hurriedly chased after him and took Qin An’an’s other hand!

“Who are you?! Hurry up and let go! Otherwise I’ll call the police!” Zhuang Xu yelled at the man in black.

He has just been discharged from the hospital, and his body is relatively weak, so he cannot exert much strength.

Soon, his body reached the door of the car.

And the man in black turned a deaf ear to his threats. Not only was he not afraid of calling the police, but he even threw a punch and hit him in the face!

Zhuang Xu’s glasses flew out instantly!

Without glasses, he became blind.

“Zhuang Xu let go! Go find Fu Shiting! Let him save me!” Qin Anan saw that Zhuang Xu was beaten, but he still held her hand tightly.

She was afraid that he would be implicated by herself, so she threw off his hand forcefully.

After she let go of Zhuang Xu’s hand, her body was completely dragged to the car.

With a ‘bang’ sound, the car door was forced closed by the man in black.

The black car, like a gust of wind, quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Zhuang Xu screamed in pain.

He struggled to find the broken glasses on the ground and put them on.

After barely being able to see things clearly, the black car had no idea where it was heading!

He hurriedly took out his cell phone from his pocket, intending to call the police.

At this time, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Qin An’an’s mobile phone that fell to the ground.

She just asked him to find Fu Shiting!

He quickly picked up her phone and pressed the power button.

However, after pressing the power button, the screen prompts that the face does not match, and asks him to enter the password to unlock.

How would he know Qin An’an’s mobile phone password!

He hadn’t been in contact with her for several years, and when he was the same teacher in the past, his relationship was not that familiar.

He scratched his head straight at the screen of the phone he wanted to unlock. He has no idea where Fu Shiting is now, how can he find it? !

Now, just call the police!

He turned on his cell phone and dialed the police.

After the phone got through, he began to describe what had happened to the police.

At this moment, Qin An’an’s mobile phone screen lights up.

He saw the words ‘Fu Shiting’ jumping on the screen of her mobile phone, and his eyes were wet with excitement.

He hung up the police and took Fu Shiting’s call.

“Fu Shiting! Qin An’an was kidnapped! Just now! At the gate of the First Hospital! It was a black car, and a man in black got off and took Qin An’an away!” Zhuang Xu’s emotions collapsed, almost He used all his strength to yell at him, “Fuck you, hurry up and save her! If she dies, you will regret it for the rest of your life!” On the other end of the

phone, Fu Shiting heard Zhuang Xu’s words, Ying frowned and hung up. on the phone.

He just took a shower and saw several missed calls from Qin An’an, so he called her back.

Unexpectedly, she was kidnapped!

His face was gloomy and powerful, and he quickly thought about who was behind the scenes and how to rescue him.

He strode to the closet, took out a set of clothes and changed into it, then strode downstairs!

The person who kidnapped Qin Anan was either Jincheng or Jin Kaili, there was no other possibility!

Although he married Jin Kaili’s daughter, his relationship with the second brother, the third brother and the fourth brother has not yet officially become hostile.

They would not be so impatient to attack Qin Anan.

Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307

… The

black car drove all the way, and finally stopped at the gate of an abandoned factory in the suburbs.

Now it’s nearly eleven o’clock at night, there are no street lights in the suburbs, it’s pitch black!

Only in the old factory, there is a faint yellow light.

This orange light, in such a night, looks strange and infiltrating.

Qin An’an’s heart was trembling.

She saw a tall figure standing inside the abandoned factory.

The man turned his back to her, and she couldn’t see his face.

However, she already knew who he was.

The two of them met at the door of Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er’s wedding room.

He also controlled the shooting on the yacht today.

He didn’t kill Fu Shiting during the day, so he attacked her tonight.

She was pushed into a huge abandoned factory building by the man in black.

Immediately, the iron door behind him was slammed shut with a bang.

“Jincheng, what do you want to do when you arrest me?” Qin Anan said coldly, “Fu Shiting still doesn’t remember me, if you want to use me to threaten him, it’s useless! Even if you kill me, he will definitely I won’t blink!”

Jin Cheng threw the cigarette between his fingers to the ground and stepped on it with his foot.

He turned around –

he was wearing a white tank top, revealing a body of strong muscles.

With a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth, he walked to Qin An’an in two steps and pinched her chin: “I’m looking for you tonight, it’s nothing to do with Fu Shiting.”

Qin An’an hated the greasy eyes he looked at him like he was looking at commodities. , so reach out and push his arm.

But she couldn’t push him away at all!

“Today during the day, you and Fu Shiting were on our Jin family’s yacht, doing that shameless thing, and it was all filmed by the surveillance in the room.” Jin Cheng squeezed her chin, increasing his strength, and his tone was frivolous. Said, “I’m stronger than Fu Shiting, don’t look for him in the future, I’ll satisfy you!”

Qin Anan was shocked when he understood his intention.

“Jincheng, don’t mess around! Fu Shiting and I are legal husband and wife in country a, so we…”

“This is country y! His current wife is my sister! You seduce my sister’s husband, I am this How can you be a big brother?” Jin Cheng pushed her to the ground and untied the belt around his waist!

“Don’t come here! Don’t touch me!” Qin Anan’s face was pale! He couldn’t help moving his body back, “I’ll never look for Fu Shiting again! I’ll go back to country a right away! Please, let me go!”

“It’s too late! Did you see the camera there?” Jin Cheng gave She pointed to the camera on the wall, “Tonight, I must conquer you! Let you be my woman! I heard that you are very capable! Just in time, you stay by my side and help me with the business at home!”

” No! No!” Qin Anan’s blood boiled, and her fingers groped on the ground to see if she could find a weapon to protect herself!

‘Clap’ sound!

Jin Cheng pulled out the belt and slammed it on the ground!

“Qin An’an, there is only one way to resist me, and that is death! Even if you die, I will get you tonight!” Jin Cheng strode up to Qin An’an, straddled her, and gave a big palm with blue veins. , to tear her clothes!


Fu Shiting stopped the car and stepped out of the car.

Kim Young-er’s surgery has been completed and she is now being sent to the intensive care unit.

Gingerly sat on the sofa in the intensive care unit, drinking tea and waiting.

He wasn’t waiting for his daughter to wake up.

Instead, he was waiting for Fu Shiting.

Not long after, the door of the intensive care unit was pushed open.

Fu Shiting strode in.

“Brother, did you capture Qin An’an?” He walked up to Jin Kaili and asked in a deep voice.

“Shi Ting, your wife has just finished the operation, and she’s lying on the hospital bed and hasn’t woken up yet. Isn’t it bad for you to ask me about other women?” Jin Kaili put down the teacup heavily and threatened, “You The more you care about Qin An’an, the more dangerous Qin An’an is.”

Chapter 1308

Jin Kaili’s remarks almost tacitly agreed that he did the kidnapping case tonight.

“Brother, give me Qin An’an, and I’ll let her leave the country immediately.” He didn’t dare to say more to anger Jin Kaili.

Now that Qin An’an is in the hands of Jin Kaili, he doesn’t know what kind of torture he will suffer.

“Yes! But wait until tomorrow. Not tonight.” Jin Kaili looked at his face and said coldly, “Didn’t you say you didn’t focus on women? I promise she won’t die, so you You can go back and rest in peace!”

“Why not tonight?” Fu Shiting intuitively felt that these words contained great danger.

“Jin Cheng was very angry when she knew that you messed with her at Rong’er’s birthday banquet today. So I decided to teach her a lesson.” Jin Kaili said, “I told Jin Cheng, I can’t take her life. So Jin Cheng at most Play with her. She’s not your wife now, you can play with her, and other men can play with her, right?”

Fu Shiting’s forehead bulged, his fingers clenched.

“Brother, it’s my fault tonight. You can punish me if you’re angry. Please let Qin An’an go!” Fu Shiting’s jaw tightened. After hesitating for two seconds, he knelt down on one knee, “She is the mother of my three children. , I don’t want her to be humiliated.”

“Two of your three children don’t have your last name!” Kim Carrieri teased.

“When I return to country a in the future, I can change the child’s surname!”

“Then how do you know that she didn’t voluntarily have a good time with Jincheng?!” Jin Kaili squinted his fox eyes and scolded coldly.

He actually knelt down for Qin An’an!

How can I believe that he doesn’t have Qin Anan in his heart? !

“You asked me to go over and ask her face to face! If she says she is willing, I will never interfere in her affairs again!”

“Shi Ting! You care more about her than Rong’er! Even if Rong’er blocked the bullet for you, you still miss this ex-wife! If I don’t destroy her, you will only care about Rong’er in the future. It’s even more ruthless!” Jin Kaili said ruthlessly, “This is country Y, my territory! Even if you hate me for this, I must teach you a lesson! Let you know what happens if you disobey me!”

Jin Kai Li Rujue said, and got up from the chair.

“Since you don’t want to go back to rest, then you can just watch Rong’er here!”

After speaking, Jin Kaili strode out of the ward.

Fu Shiting stood up, looked at the closed door, and gritted his teeth.

This is country y, the sphere of influence of Jin Carrier.

Even if Jin Carrier wanted his life, it would be easy!

He couldn’t save Qin Anan at all!

Not long after, the door to the ward was pushed open.

The bodyguard came in and reported, “Mr. Fu, a man named Zhuang Xu is outside and wants to see you.”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down: “Let him in.” After a pause, he said, “Go buy me a pack of cigarettes. “The

bodyguard took the order and walked out immediately.

Zhuang Xu came in, looked at Jin Rong’er sleeping on the hospital bed, and came to Fu Shiting tremblingly.

“Didn’t I ask you to save Qin An’an? Why are you here?” Zhuang Xu couldn’t unlock Qin An’an’s cell phone and couldn’t contact Fu Shiting, so he had to inquire about the hospital where Jin Rong’er was hospitalized, and then found him.

Fortunately, Fu Shiting was found successfully.

However, looking at Fu Shiting’s appearance, it seems that he does not intend to control Qin An’an’s life or death.

“How did you find this place?” Fu Shiting looked at him.

“I asked Vice President Liu where Jin Rong’er was hospitalized, and he told me that he was here, so I came to see.” Zhuang Xu looked indignant, “Qin Anan asked me to find you to rescue her. Fu Shiting, even if you Don’t remember her now, but you can’t just watch her die!”

“She won’t die,” he said.

What Jin Carrier had promised him would not change.

Chapter 1309

“Oh, since you said that, then I’m relieved!” Zhuang Xu heaved a sigh of relief, “You didn’t see how fierce the man in black was! My glasses were broken by him!”

Fu Shiting looked at With his red and swollen eyes, he couldn’t help thinking of Qin An’an’s difficult situation now!

He clenched his fists and strode towards the door.

Zhuang Xu followed him: “What are you going to do?”

“Smoking.” He asked, “Do you want to be with me?”

“I’m not very good at smoking…” Zhuang Xu wanted to refuse, but was really bored, so Changed his mouth, “Let’s smoke together!”

After a while, the bodyguard handed Fu Shiting the cigarettes and lighters he bought.

Fu Shiting took the cigarette and walked towards the smoking area.

Zhuang Xu followed behind him.

After the two of them lit a cigarette each, the white smoke immediately rose and lingered.

“Fu Shiting, have you really forgotten Qin An’an now? Her bodyguard told me that you used to love each other very much.” Zhuang Xu chatted with him.

“Her bodyguard didn’t follow her today?” Fu Shiting asked rhetorically.

“No. Didn’t she go to Jin Rong’er’s birthday party today? Her third brother sent someone to take her there, so she gave the bodyguard a day off.” Zhuang Xu said this, and was even more annoyed, “I’m sorry I didn’t Use. If her bodyguards were here today, she would not have been kidnapped!”

Zhuang Xu’s words suddenly woke Fu Shiting up!

After Fu Shiting put out the cigarette, he immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed the third brother!

in an old factory.

After Qin Anan’s clothes were torn apart by Jincheng, she raised her hand and gave Jincheng a slap!

“Jincheng, you can’t touch me! Because…” Her eyes were full of tears of humiliation, and when she said this, she hesitated.

Jin Cheng is not afraid of Fu Shiting at all.

So she can only think of other ways.

Jin Cheng touched the face that was slapped by her, and his anger erupted: “Because of what?! You fucking dare to hit me! You are going to die!”

“Because I am Fei Tianqi’s woman! Fei Tianqi! You are familiar with this name. Right?! He’s your dad’s third brother! He’s also Fu Shiting’s third brother! You should call him the third master!” Qin Anan shouted.

Jin Cheng was stunned. The anger in his body cooled down immediately.

“You are Fei Tianqi’s woman? Are you sure?!” Jin Cheng seemed to have heard a joke, and he was a little scared at the same time.

“I met him in country B four years ago! He had an operation in country B four years ago. Professor Hu Qing performed the operation, and I was the first assistant! His operation was almost done by me! It was also because of that operation that he treated me well. Love at first sight! Because of his intense pursuit, we had a secret relationship! I didn’t plan to say this, but I didn’t expect you to be such a jerk! If Fei Tianqi knew that you treated me like this tonight, he would never let him go Over you!”

Qin An’an said it carefully, and Jin Cheng was so frightened that he extinguished the fire.

“I’ll call my third master now. If it’s what you said, I’ll let you go right away! But if you lie, hehe… If you lie, I’ll let you suffer to death!”

After Jin Cheng gritted his teeth, he picked up one side of his pants, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and dialed Fei Tianqi’s number.

Qin An’an’s heart clenched into a ball.

There was a white light in front of her eyes, and everything turned into an illusory halo.

She felt like she might be dying!

After Jincheng dialed the phone, it took a while to be connected.

Jin Cheng turned on the speakerphone and wanted Qin Anan to hear the conversation.

“Third Master, I’m calling you so late because I have something I want to verify with you,” Jin Cheng said in a submissive tone, “Is Qin Anan your woman? She said that she had an underground relationship with you in country b four years ago. .”

Chapter 1310

In the mansion, Fei Tianqi glanced at Fu Shiting, and then responded to the phone, “What’s wrong? Did she provoke you?”

Jin Cheng seemed to have swallowed a fly, his face was very strange.

“Third Master, how is your relationship with her now?”

“Didn’t I ask her to attend Rong’er’s birthday party instead of me today? Are you stupid to ask this question?” “I asked you, did she mess with you?!”

“Oh…she didn’t mess with me. But she was on the yacht today, doing that kind of thing with Fu Shiting, and my dad found out. I Dad is very angry. I’m also very angry…”

“Where did you get angry? Didn’t Rong’er get shot by you and was hospitalized?” Fei Tianqi refuted, “I’m not sure about her and Fu Shiting. I know. They both gave birth to a third brother, what’s wrong with doing that kind of thing?”

Jincheng: “???”

Being scolded is not the most uncomfortable thing. Like, what happened to this world?

In his impression, the third master is not such a person.

“Third Master, aren’t you afraid that Fu Shiting finds out and makes trouble with you?”

“It’s none of your business!” Fei Tianqi said this, and glanced at Fu Shiting again, “With your brain, you must not have thought of it, maybe Fu Shiting had long ago I know about it.”

Jincheng: “…”

He was about to crack.

Unexpectedly, the third master and Fu Shiting shared the same woman!

“Okay, okay! I’ll send her to you right now!” Jin Cheng apologized, “My dad asked me to give her some color, but don’t worry, I haven’t touched her yet!”

“I think your dad is old and confused . It’s over!” Fei Tianqi said sarcastically, and hung up the phone.

Putting the phone on the table, Fei Tianqi said to Fu Shiting in a hurry: “Qin An’an is fine, but you came to beg me for her at night, don’t say you haven’t thought of her yet.”

“It’s not important.” Fu Shiting’s expression did not change, but he breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s very late, I won’t disturb you.”

“Jincheng said that Qin An’an will be sent to me right away, are you sure you won’t wait for her to come?” Fei Tianqi palmed his hand Inside were two shiny walnuts.

Fu Shiting shook his head, and then strode into the night.

Half an hour later, Jincheng sent Qin Anan to Fei Tianqi.

Jincheng specially bought her a new dress and had her hair combed.

So now she has nothing abnormal except for her crying red eyes.

“Third Master, I brought her to you. I didn’t touch her.” Jin Cheng promised, “It’s very late today, so I won’t disturb you anymore.”

After Jin Cheng finished speaking, he left.

Qin An’an looked at Fei Tianqi and said gratefully, “Third brother, thank you. I will keep your kindness to me in my heart, and in the future…”

“Don’t thank me. I don’t want to help you at all! You really are You can make up stories! Why don’t you become a screenwriter?! If Shi Ting hadn’t been sitting here and staring at me, could I help you?” Fei Tianqi leaned on the sofa and rubbed his forehead with a headache, “I would have let him You go, but you don’t go! If there is another next time, I will definitely die!”

Qin Anan heard the words ‘Fu Shiting’, and all the haze in his heart disappeared.

“There won’t be a next time. Now everyone knows that I have a close relationship with you, and they shouldn’t dare to bully me.” She smiled slightly, “Third brother, thank you again. Please ask your bodyguard to send it to you. I’ll go back to the hotel! I don’t dare to go out alone.”

Fei Tianqi looked at the smile on her face and shook his head: “It looks like you don’t plan to go back to country a.”

“I’ll wait for Shi Ting to go back with me. .”

“Naive! It’s hard for him to get out now!” Fei Tianqi got up from the sofa, walked outside the door, and greeted a bodyguard, “Send her back to the hotel.”

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