When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1311 -1320 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1311 -1320 (Chinese)

Chapter 1311

Qin Anan walked to Fei Tianqi’s side, and said firmly: “I at least want him to give me an explanation before I leave.”

“I’m too lazy to care about your business!” Fei Tianqi had a headache when he saw her stubborn appearance.

“You are hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, and so is Fu Shiting.” She felt a glimmer of light in her heart.

Although she was kidnapped and suffered some humiliation, she knew Fu Shiting’s intentions.

If Fu Shiting had no feelings for her at all, how could he beg the third brother for her?

“It’s numb, I don’t know how to be ashamed!” Fei Tianqi blushed and strode out of the living room.

Fei Tianqi’s bodyguard sent Qin An’an to the hotel and left.

Qin Anan walked towards the elevator, and her bodyguard immediately followed and patted her on the shoulder: “Boss! You’re finally back! Zhuang Xu called me and said that you were kidnapped, which made me anxious!

” In country y, the bodyguard was unfamiliar with the place where he lived and had no connections, so he couldn’t get any information at all. He could only wait for her in the hotel lobby.

“I shouldn’t have given you a holiday today.” Qin Anan pressed the elevator button and said with lingering fears, “Jincheng is too arrogant! He kidnapped me directly on the street.”

“This is the Jin family’s territory, of course he dares to be so arrogant! Well, you’re back, otherwise what am I going to tell Mike! And your two children… By the way, who rescued you?”

“Fu Shiting.”

“I guessed it was him. Except for him. When Zhuang Xu called me, he cried.” When the bodyguard said this, he sighed, “I have to say, your classmate is quite loyal.”

“Where is he now? ?” Qin Anan asked.

“I don’t know. He called me at that time and said to find Fu Shiting. Now that Fu Shiting has rescued you, I guess he has come back to rest.” The bodyguard said, “Why don’t you call him and ask. “

“I lost my phone.” Qin Anan was empty-handed, “I wonder if he picked up my phone.”

“Then go to his room tomorrow to find him! It’s very late now.” The bodyguard glanced at the time, “It’s almost time. One o’clock.”


A country.

Sheng Bei sent Yun Xiaoxiao to the hospital for a b-ultrasound examination.

The examination showed that the gestational sac in Yun Xiaoxiao’s body was gone.

Her child is gone.

Sheng Bei helped her out of the ultrasound room.

She didn’t cry anymore, but her mood was very low, she didn’t say a word, and her eyes kept down.

Sheng Bei pulled her to the waiting chair next to her and sat down.

“Yun Xiaoxiao, what’s going on? The nanny said that you went out after breakfast. What are you doing?”

She heard the voice and raised her head: “The woman had shoulder-length hair and was wearing a dark brown dress. Skirt. She said she was your good friend. She invited me to drink a cup of milk tea, and that cup of milk tea killed my child.”

Sheng Bei frowned as if listening to a bizarre story.

“She said she was my good friend?! What’s her name?”

“She wouldn’t say it. But I have her number.” Yun Xiaoxiao turned on the phone and showed him the call record, “Sheng Bei, I’m really stupid. But it’s alright if the child is gone, you don’t need to be embarrassed anymore. But I can’t give you the dowry gift you gave to my eldest brother for the time being.”

Sheng Bei felt a pain in his heart: “Yun Xiaoxiao, stop talking! I’m sorry for you. I know this woman, I’ll go find her!”

“Send me back first!” Yun Xiaoxiao put away her phone, “Send me to Xinghewan Villa.”

Chapter 1312

When Sheng Bei sent Yun Xiaoxiao to the Xinghewan villa, Xiaohan was about to go out.

He bought a ticket at 3 o’clock this afternoon and flew to country y.

But because of Yun Xiaoxiao’s arrival, his travel plans were disrupted.

“Xiaohan, I’m sorry for your aunt.” Sheng Bei apologized to Xiaohan, “she refused to live in my house, so I sent her over. I’ll call your mother later to explain the situation.”

Xiaohan looked at Yun Xiaoxiao glanced.

Her eyes were red and swollen from crying, and she looked aggrieved by being bullied.

She lowered her head, carried her luggage, and walked towards the guest room she stayed in before.

“The child is gone.” After Yun Xiaoxiao walked away, Sheng Bei said to Xiao Han, “It was made by a younger sister who lived next door to me.”

Xiao Han didn’t want to hear his explanation anymore after hearing this: “Go away! I don’t want to see it. You.”

Sheng Bei looked guilty and wanted to say something, but he knew that what he said was superfluous.

After Sheng Bei left, Xiao Han took the schoolbag to the room and put it down.

When he came to the living room, Mrs. Zhang asked, “Aren’t you going to Rila’s place? Don’t worry, I will take care of your aunt.”

Rila was taken to the event by Jin Sinian.

Xiaohan and Rila agreed to let Rila help lie, and he secretly went to country Y to see Qin Anan.

Rila agreed.

“I’ll go tomorrow.” Xiao Han said, walking towards Yun Xiaoxiao’s room.

He didn’t like Fu Shiting, but he knew clearly that although Fu Shiting and Yun Xiaoxiao were brothers and sisters, they were completely different people.

He was very sympathetic to what happened to Yun Xiaoxiao, so he was willing to be nice to Yun Xiaoxiao.

Coincidentally, when Xiao Han was about to knock on the door, Yun Xiaoxiao opened the door from the room.

“Xiaohan, is he gone?”


“My child is gone.” Yun Xiaoxiao hugged Xiaohan, “I’m a little sad, but thinking that I’m giving birth to the child now is just to trouble everyone, so I’m not so sad anymore. I’m fine now. Confused! I really want to become a powerful person like your mother.”

Xiao Han released her: “I’ll help you.” After a pause, he said, “But you want to go with me to country B.”

Yun Xiaoxiao didn’t hesitate to think , nodded.

country y.

Jin Ronger woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man lying on the table sleeping next to her.

She was in a daze, thinking it was Fu Shiting, so she shouted, “Shi Ting…”

Zhuang Xu woke up immediately when she heard the voice.

He looked at Jin Rong’er, and Jin Rong’er also looked at him.

Seeing that the face in front of him was not that of Fu Shiting, but that of a strange man, Jin Rong’er screamed in fright!

Zhuang Xu immediately walked to the bedside and covered her mouth.

“Don’t call me! I’m not a bad person!” Zhuang Xu had a headache, “I wanted to leave, but Fu Shiting never came. I can’t leave you in the ward alone, right?”

Jin Ronger heard Fu Shiting’s name , the mood suddenly calmed down.

It turned out that this strange man was Fu Shiting’s friend.

“I’m Qin An’an’s classmate, my name is Zhuang Xu.” Zhuang Xu introduced himself, “I came here to find Fu Shiting. But after Fu Shiting left, he never came. Your family didn’t send anyone here. I really want to. Go… or you should contact your family now, I should go!”

Zhuang Xu said, took out his mobile phone, and checked the time.

It’s already three in the morning.

I don’t know if Qin Anan returned to the hotel safely.

Her mobile phone is in his hand, he should go back and check the situation!

“You and Qin Anan are in the same group.” Jin Rong’er’s eyes were dull and her voice was very weak, “You came here to find Shi Ting for Qin Anan!”

“Yes! Qin Anan was kidnapped tonight. The situation is very critical, I can only come to Fu Shiting for help.” Zhuang Xu confessed, “Forget it, I’ll call the nurse to watch you!”

Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313

After he finished speaking, he strode out of the ward.

He came out of the ward and saw Fu Shiting standing not far away.

He was leaning against the window smoking a cigarette.

Unexpectedly, he had already returned to the hospital!

However, he did not enter the ward.

Zhuang Xu strode towards him and saw a pile of cigarette butts in the trash can in front of him.

“Is Qin An’an safe?” Zhuang Xu asked.

“Well. I saw that you were asleep, so I didn’t call you.” Fu Shiting threw the cigarette between his fingers into the trash can, “Go away!”

“I’m going back. Jin Rong’er wakes up, you go back to the ward. Take a look!”

Fu Shiting pursed his thin lips and strode towards the ward.

Zhuang Xu walked towards the elevator.

For some reason, Fu Shiting gave him a terrible feeling.

Although Fu Shiting’s face was calm, there were dark waves in his eyes.

I always feel that he is like a dormant beast that can wake up at any time!

In a flash, the time came to morning.

Qin Anan came to the door of Zhuang Xu’s room and pressed the doorbell.

Zhuang Xu opened the door, saw her, and immediately invited her in.

“Zhuang Xu, why are your eyes so swollen? You need to prescribe some medicine.” Qin Anan was startled by the injury on his face.

“I took anti-inflammatory drugs.” Zhuang Xu didn’t care, “By the way, your phone is with me, but it’s out of power. My charger can’t charge you.”

He returned her phone to him.

“When did you come back last night?”

“I came back sooner, so I didn’t come to you. What about you?” Qin Anan took the phone.

“I didn’t come back until after three o’clock.” Zhuang Xu took a bottle of water, twisted it open, and took a sip, “I was so sleepy last night that I fell asleep in Jin Rong’er’s ward.”

“Zhuang Xu, thank you last night . .” Qin Anan hardly slept last night, but she was in good spirits at the moment.

Probably because she escaped from death last night, it was too thrilling, and her tense nerves had not yet relaxed.

“I was only going to ask you to invite me to a big meal, but now it seems that there are no two big meals, and you are afraid that you will not pay my favor.” Zhuang Xu put down the water bottle, “Have you had breakfast yet? Let’s go together. Let’s eat!”

“Okay. After breakfast, I’ll accompany you to change your glasses!”

“Well. By the way, before your phone was turned off, a call came in. I didn’t see it clearly, and your phone was turned off.” Zhuang She was afraid that it was an important call, so she said, “Why don’t you go back to your room to recharge first, and I’ll bring you what you want to eat.”

“Okay, you can bring me a sandwich and a glass of milk.”


Qin Anan went back to the room, charged the phone, and turned it on.

Miss Zhang and Sheng Bei’s missed calls jumped out immediately.

After thinking for a while, she called Sheng Bei first.

If Sheng Bei is not in a hurry, he will not call her.

She called and Sheng Bei answered it immediately: “Qin An’an, why can’t you get through with your phone?”

“My phone ran out of power last night and turned off.” She wrote lightly, “What’s the matter with you calling me?”

” Xiaoxiao’s child is gone. It was done by a woman I know. This matter has a great impact on Xiaoxiao, and she has moved to your house now.” Sheng Beiyan said concisely, and said with guilt, “I want to give her some money, But she doesn’t answer my phone now.”

“Since the child is gone, forget it!” Qin Anan frowned, “You don’t need to give her money, I will take care of her.”

“You blame me.”

“That’s not true. My own life is a mess, so I don’t have the right to blame others.” Her tone was very calm.

Sheng Bei pondered for a moment and asked, “Is Shi Ting still not remembering you?”

Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314

“Only he knows about this issue.” Qin An was in a mess.

She felt that Fu Shiting had remembered her, but he didn’t say it, she wasn’t sure.

He saved her last night, and it may also be because they had an intimate act at noon yesterday.

“Then what’s your next plan?” Sheng Bei asked, “Do you need my help? He forgot you, but he didn’t forget me.”

“Has he contacted you?” Qin Anan asked curiously.

“No.” Sheng Bei was embarrassed, “I had a call from a strange number in country y before, but I didn’t answer. When I called, he didn’t answer.”

“I know his number in country y. Qin Anan’s mood suddenly became nervous, “You report the number you said to me, and I’ll see if it’s him.”

“Okay.” Sheng Bei minimized the call record, clicked on the address book, and found the name without a note. unfamiliar number.

After he reported the number, Qin Anan’s breathing quickened: “it’s him! Sheng Bei! This number is the one he uses now!”

“I guessed it was him! He only forgot you, not me, so he Not only remember me, but also my number.” Sheng Bei was breathing heavily, “It’s just that he doesn’t answer my call now! You said that he is unfeeling, so there’s no need to give up brotherhood, right?”

Qin Anan also doesn’t understand Fu Shiting now mental state.

“Do you want me to meet him?” Sheng Bei wanted to have a face-to-face talk with Fu Shiting now.

If he doesn’t want to talk about Qin An’an, Sheng Bei can talk to him about the st group.

Although his shares are now under the name of Yunmo, the entire company only recognizes him as one boss.

“No.” Qin Anan calmly said without hesitation, “It’s particularly dangerous here, and none of you should come here.”

“Fuck! What you said is a bit scary.” Sheng Bei suddenly panicked, “Are you saying that your lives are in danger at any time?”

“It’s not as scary as you think. Anyway, don’t come here. I’m here now. , has already affected him.” Qin Anan thought about it all night last night, and the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt.

He is now Jin Rong Er’s husband, and Jin Carrier must be staring at him from all angles.

Yesterday, she was careless and did that kind of thing with him on the yacht.

Jin Cheng knew about it, and Jin Carrier must know it too.

It is uncertain how Jin Carrier will deal with Fu Shiting next.

“Okay, I won’t go there. Then be careful! Even if you want to find Shi Ting, you will find it secretly.” Sheng Bei reminded, “The country is too far away from country Y, and there is nothing you can do to support you.

” “Qin Anan suddenly thought of a question, “Do you know what Mike is busy with recently? He hasn’t called me anymore.”

“It’s better if you call him. I’ve been very busy recently because of Yun Xiaoxiao’s affairs. Sheng Bei sighed, “Actually, I don’t despise Yun Xiaoxiao that much, but she always thinks that I despise her, and I don’t know how to communicate with her normally.”

“She has a low self-esteem, that’s why she is like this.” Qin Anan said, ” Since she chose to cut off contact with you, you don’t have to think about it.”

“That’s the only way.”

After talking with Sheng Bei, Qin Anan called Mrs. Zhang.

Sister-in-law Zhang quickly answered the phone: “An An, are you alright there?”

“Alright. How about at home?”

“Everything is fine at home. Sinian took Rila out to shoot an advertisement. Xiaohan also wanted to go there. Look. I called you in the morning, mainly to tell you this.” Sister Zhang said, “But Xiaoxiao came over at noon, so Xiaohan didn’t go. He said he would go to Rila tomorrow.”

“Okay . , I’ll call Sinian tomorrow night.” Qin An said.

“Well. How are you and Mr. Zhang?” Mrs. Zhang asked with concern.

She was afraid that Mrs. Zhang was worried, so she reported the good news instead of the bad news: “It’s considered a great progress.”

“That’s good! I knew that the two of you have gone through so much wind and rain, and you will definitely not be separated easily!”

“Well. “

She doesn’t actually have a lot of confidence.

Unless Fu Shiting told her clearly that he remembered her and their past, she would feel at ease.


Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315

Jin Kaili came to visit his daughter after breakfast.

Jin Rong’er is in good spirits.

Because Fu Shiting was always by her side, she felt that everything was worth it.

“Dad, I want to go home to recuperate.” Jin Rong’er coquettishly said, “I don’t want Shi Ting to suffer with me in the hospital.”

“Yes. I’ll let the medical staff go home to take care of you.”

“Thank you Dad.” Jin Rong’er There was a smile on his face, but his eyes were a little nervous, “Dad, where’s eldest brother? Did you punish him?”

“Shouldn’t I punish him? You just married Shi Ting, but he wants to kill Shi Ting… “…”

“Big brother is just on impulse. You have a good talk with him and don’t punish him. I don’t want him and Shi Ting to become enemies. Otherwise I will be very sad.” Jin Rong’er begged.

“My silly daughter! Don’t worry about this!” Jin Kaili said, giving Fu Shiting a look and letting him come out.

The two came out of the ward, and Jin Carrier patted Fu Shiting on the shoulder.

“I gave you a small punishment last night because I was afraid that you would repeat the same mistakes! You still haven’t recovered anything you lost in country a! I don’t want to see you fall twice on Qin An’an.”

“Well.” Fu Shiting said The attitude is more indifferent than Jin Kaili, as if nothing happened last night, “I’m about to negotiate with the second brother and the fourth brother, are you sure you want to go with me?”

“You mean, you are going alone?” Jin Kai Li hesitated, “I was thinking about this last night too. If I go over, I’m afraid they won’t be able to calm down and negotiate with you.”

“Let me go alone! If I can’t negotiate, then you will come forward .” .” “Okay.

I’ll give you a few more bodyguards when the time comes. Whether you can negotiate or not, you must pay attention to safety.”


“Did you not sleep last night?” Jin Kaili looked at the red blood in his eyes and said, “Go back to rest first! I’ll take Rong’er home to recuperate in the afternoon.”


Country a.

Xiaohan, wearing a peaked cap and a schoolbag, appeared at the Capital Airport.

In another hour, he will board the flight to country y.

He is going to find his mother, and if he can, he wants to take her home.

He watched the news about country y for a few days and felt that country y was too dangerous, and he couldn’t let his mother stay there.

If his mother refused to go home with him, he would stay in country Y to protect his mother secretly.

Only he and Rila knew about the plan.

An hour later, he passed the security check smoothly.

The plane took off on time.

After more than ten hours of flight, the plane arrived in country y.

Xiaohan came out of the airport, stopped a taxi on the side of the road, and reported the name of the pre-booked hotel.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of the hotel.

Xiaohan got out of the car, lowered the brim of his hat, and strode into the hotel.

He intends to stay first, find out about the situation here, and then contact his mother.

Otherwise, if he rashly appeared in front of his mother and asked her to go with him, her mother would definitely not agree.

After he went to the front desk to get the key card, he walked to the elevator.

Fortunately, the elevator happened to go down to the first floor.

With a ‘ding’, the elevator door slowly opened –

Fu Shiting’s stern face suddenly appeared in Xiaohan’s eyes!

Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316

After seeing his face clearly, Xiaohan almost reflexively walked towards another elevator.

Fu Shiting and his entourage got out of the elevator and strode towards the hotel door.

He didn’t seem to see Xiaohan.

In other words, he saw Xiaohan, but did not realize that this was his son.

All in all, this encounter was a surprise.

After Fu Shiting left, the elevator door in front of Xiaohan opened.

Xiaohan hesitated for a few seconds, and finally turned around and went to the front desk to check out.

If he can meet Fu Shiting today, he is not sure that he will meet Fu Shiting in this hotel in the future.

This hotel is the best hotel in country y. The reason why Xiaohan booked here is because it is safer.

However, the owner of this hotel is Jin Carrier.

Fu Shiting came to the hotel today, and it was Jin Carrier who asked him to come and inspect.

Jin Kaili is determined to let Fu Shiting take over the industry under his name.

Jin Cheng was too reckless and made many enemies outside. If it wasn’t for Jin Kaili to block him, Jin Cheng would have been cleaned up long ago.

So Jin Carrier sent him to another city to develop his business the year before.

Obviously it is to develop business, but in fact it is to avoid the limelight.

However, Jincheng has been developing business in other places for several years, but has not achieved any results.

Jin Kaili can only grab Fu Shiting and let him use it for himself.

The two of them had a little unpleasantness because of Qin An’an the day before yesterday, but luckily it didn’t affect the relationship.

Fu Shiting came out of the hotel and strode towards the parking lot.

The bodyguard stepped forward and opened the door for him.

He walked to the door, and his footsteps stopped suddenly.

“I’ll make a call.” He said this to the bodyguard, turned and walked towards the hotel fountain.

At this time, Qin Anan and Zhuang Xu were in the hospital.

She thought that the injury on Zhuang Xu’s face must be rubbed with ointment, and Zhuang Xu thought that she should come to the hospital for a re-examination to check the tumor in the brain.

Both tried to convince the other, and in the end, they compromised together.

He came to buy external rubbing medicine, and she came to review.

When Fu Shiting’s call came, Qin An’an was in the CT room for an examination.

Her cell phone was placed in Zhuang Xu’s hand.

Zhuang Xu looked at Fu Shiting’s call and hesitated to answer it.

If he does, how can he explain that Qin An’an’s cell phone is in his hand?

Thinking of this, he decided not to take it.

Fu Shiting is a suspicious and shrewd man. Anyone who lies in front of him will look stupid.

Five minutes later, Qin Anan came out of the CT room.

Zhuang Xu immediately walked up to her and handed her her mobile phone: “Fu Shiting called you three times. Just now, three consecutive calls.”

Qin Anan’s face changed greatly, and he immediately took the phone and called back. past.

Fu Shiting answered it in seconds, and the voice came sternly: “Qin An’an! Why did your son come here? Did you allow him or did he come without permission?!”

Qin An’an was stunned, and subconsciously supported the wall to support the weight of his body .

“You said Xiaohan? Where did you see him?!”

Her panicked tone explained everything.

She didn’t know Xiaohan was here! Xiao Han secretly came here!

It’s like something he can do! He is reckless and daring!

“Dl Hotel!” Fu Shiting shouted in a low voice, “Come here quickly to find him and send him away!”

“I’ll go there right away!”

After she said this, Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

He strode towards the car and got into it.

Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317

He has other jobs next, so he can’t stay here forever.

But he believed that after Qin Anan came over, he would definitely find Xiaohan.

As long as she finds Xiaohan, she can send Xiaohan away from here.

Qin Anan hung up the phone, and Zhuang Xu asked, “what happened? You look a little hypoxia.”

“Zhuang Xu, I’m in a hurry, I have to go out immediately!” Qin Anan looked anxious , didn’t have time to tell him more, “I’ll explain to you later!”

After she finished speaking, she strode towards the elevator.

Zhuang Xu wanted to chase after her, but she thought that her CT results had not come out, so she could only help her here and wait for the results.

As soon as she moved, the bodyguard immediately followed her.

Since the kidnapping case, the bodyguards have never left her.

The two entered the elevator, and the bodyguard asked, “What happened?”

“Fu Shiting called me just now and said he saw Xiaohan!” Qin Anan said nervously, and something came to his mind.

She turned on her phone and found Jin Sinian’s number.

When the elevator reached the first floor, she quickly got out of the elevator and dialed the phone.

Jin Sinian answered the phone.

“Si Nian, Mrs. Zhang said that Xiaohan went to find you and Rila. Is he with you now?” she asked.

Jin Sinian glanced at Rila, a little embarrassed.

Rila asked him to help lie, but he couldn’t lie to Qin Anan.

“Why didn’t you speak? Did Xiaohan not go to your side?” Qin Anan had a headache, “Xiaohan has come to Y country!”

“He’s looking for you?” Jin Sinian was completely unaware of Rila and Xiaohan’s plans .

If it wasn’t for Qin An’an’s call, he wouldn’t know about it at all.

“No! He didn’t come to me!” This is the reason for Qin An’an’s headache. “Fu Shiting said that he saw him in the hotel. After he came to country y, he didn’t contact me immediately, but went to the hotel. The more you have your own opinion, the more I’m afraid that something will happen to him!”

Jin Sinian wanted to comfort her, but before he could speak, she hurriedly said, “I’m going to find Xiaohan now! You must be optimistic about Rila.” “


On the phone, Qin Anan and the bodyguard strode out of the hospital.

After getting in the car, the bodyguard drove the car towards the dl hotel.

“Boss, didn’t Fu Shiting forget you? Why does he still remember Xiaohan?” The bodyguard asked doubts.

Qin Anan was startled for a moment: “Maybe he saw the photos online? The first time he saw me after the operation, he knew who I was. Besides, he just forgot me, not necessarily his three children.”

“Boss, do you think there is such a precise and accurate operation?” The bodyguard teased, “How can I forget you, but remember the child you gave birth?”

Qin Anan was silent.

She couldn’t answer the question.

Moreover, the most important thing now is to find Xiaohan and send Xiaohan away.

Twenty minutes later, the two arrived at the dl hotel.

Qin Anan walked to the front desk and asked, “Miss, please help me find out which room Qin Zihan lives in. He is my son. He is not yet an adult. He came to the country by himself. I am very worried about him.”

The lady at the front desk was a little embarrassed: “Miss, can you show your ID?”

Qin An’an: “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring my ID. I’m really his mother, and he’s not ten years old now. Just check it out for me, Does he stay here, don’t tell me his specific room number.” The

lady at the front desk: “Qin Zihan?”

“Yes, Qin Zihan.” Qin Anan typed out his son’s name on his mobile phone and showed it to the lady at the front desk.

The lady at the front desk checked on the computer, and then shook her head: “Sorry, we don’t have Qin Zihan’s children staying in our hotel.”

Qin Anan was stunned.

Fu Shiting couldn’t lie to her!

But there is no need for the lady at the front desk to lie to her!

Xiaohan doesn’t live here, so where is he now?

Qin Anan came out of the hotel and found Xiaohan’s number to dial.

——Sorry, the user you dialed is temporarily out of service area.

Qin Anan squatted down helplessly, her eyes were scarlet, thinking about what to do next.

At this time, Fu Shiting’s phone call came again!

Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 She answered the phone, but couldn’t adjust her emotions: “Shi Ting, I didn’t find Xiaohan. I came to the hotel to ask, and the front desk said Xiaohan

didn’t stay at this hotel.”


If Xiaohan didn’t come from here, but from another country, she wouldn’t be so anxious.

“Are you sure you saw him in this hotel?” she asked hoarsely.

“Sure.” Fu Shiting’s voice came firmly.

“You haven’t forgotten Xiaohan, have you?” she asked, “You haven’t forgotten Rila, and Ziqiu…”

Fu Shiting’s breathing was obviously solemn: “I’m sure he is in country y. You should go Look for him instead of asking me this silly question.”

“I can’t find it!” Her tears fell, “I don’t know where to find him. He can’t get through. If he doesn’t contact me, It’s impossible for me to find him at all.”

Xiao Han is no longer a two or three year old baby. During the half year he studied abroad, his abilities improved by leaps and bounds. Now he is no longer the Xiaohan she is familiar with!

Hearing her cry, his brows furrowed: “I’ll find him!”

He accompanies Jin Carrier and the others to lunch at the moment.

Because I was worried about Xiaohan, I came to the bathroom and called her.

After hanging up, Qin Anan stood up.

She wants to find Xiaohan as soon as possible and prevent Fu Shiting from coming forward.

Otherwise, let Jin Kaili know that Xiaohan is here, it is hard to guarantee that Jin Kaili will not catch Xiaohan and threaten Fu Shiting with Xiaohan.

She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and handed it to Mike.

Mike answered the phone quickly and covered his exhaustion with laughter: “I specifically didn’t call you these few days to see if you would call me.”

“Xiaohan has come to country y. I can’t contact him now. Is there any way you can contact him?!” Qin Anan held the mobile phone and stood in the hot sun, looking towards the hotel door.

“Pfft! He went to country Y? This kid! How dare you!” Mike jumped up from his chair in shock, “I’ll find a way to contact him right away! I’ll call you as soon as I have news!

” Qin An’an looked away from the hotel door.

Seeing her sweating profusely, the bodyguard suggested, “Boss, let’s go back first! Xiaohan is here to find you, and he will definitely call you.

” The family has taken them away.” Qin An’an’s mouth seemed to be pressing a big rock.

“Boss, Xiaohan is not that stupid.” The bodyguard said his own analysis, “Let’s go back to the hotel first, maybe Xiaohan is in our hotel now!”

Although Xiaohan is young, he knows nothing less than normal adults. . Even, his IQ is above 99% of the crowd.

Qin Anan wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “Go back first!” The

two returned to the hotel where they stayed, but they did not meet Xiaohan, but met Zhuang Xu who was waiting in the lobby on the first floor.

Zhuang Xu held a bag in his hand, and inside this bag was a CT film of Qin An’an’s head.

Qin Anan was shocked when he saw the film in his hand.

She took the bag and asked casually, “Should it be alright?”

Zhuang Xu’s tone was a little cold: “I hope you are all right, too.”

She immediately understood that the test results were not good.

She didn’t watch the film at all and changed the subject: “My son is here. He is not even ten years old this year. He came alone.”

Zhuang Xu was stunned for a moment: “Where are the others?”

“Fu Shiting said he saw him. Maybe it’s because they met once, so he is hiding now.” Qin Anan took out his mobile phone between words to check for incoming calls and messages.

In her mind, quick memories and Xiaohan’s bits and pieces.

And the tone and words Xiaohan said the last time they talked on the phone.

Until he came here privately, he didn’t show any abnormal emotions.

He was calm and composed, not like a child.

This time, he was able to come to country Y smoothly, and it was organized and planned.

Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319

Maybe she really shouldn’t be so pessimistic, now she can’t find him, and the Jin family’s people are not so easy to find him.

After lunch, she went back to her room.

Xiaohan still did not contact her.

She took out the film and examined it carefully.

The tumor in her brain was a little bigger than last time.

No wonder Zhuang Xu’s face was so ugly at that time.

If she hadn’t said that Xiaohan was here and her whereabouts were unknown, Zhuang Xu would have reminded her to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Three in the afternoon.

Fu Shiting returned home after lunch.

At lunch, he drank some wine.

Because Jin Carrier called some close clients over, Fu Shiting couldn’t help having a few drinks with them.

When he got home, he went straight to the bedroom.

He was a little dizzy at the moment and had to rest before he could find Xiaohan at night.

He pushed open the bedroom door and saw Jin Rong’er lying on the bed, he was stunned for a moment.

“Shi Ting, have you been drinking?” Jin Rong’er put down the phone, looked at Fu Shiting’s flushed face, and explained, “My eldest brother came to see me at noon, and he asked me to rest in the master bedroom.”

“Well.” Fu Shiting left He sat down beside the bed and looked at her pale face, “How are you feeling today?”

“Except for the pain in the wound, my spirit is much better than yesterday.” Jin Rong’er said, “You shouldn’t drink. You’ve been taking medicine for two days, and you said that you can’t drink after taking the medicine, and they can’t force you to drink.”

“I want to sleep for a while.”

Jin Rong’er understood what he meant and set off immediately, planning to get out of bed.

“You are injured, just lie down!” Fu Shiting lay down beside her and closed his eyes.

Jin Rong’er didn’t dare to breathe, and quietly watched him fall asleep.

She finally breathed a sigh of relief after he breathed evenly. She finally dared to stare at his face, carefully looking at every inch of his face.

It was the first time she and he were in the same bed.

He didn’t know, in fact, she had a crush on him for many years.

It’s just that when she understands that her feelings for him are between men and women, he has returned to country a to develop his career.

Later, he didn’t come to Y country very much.

I didn’t expect him to have a bad day. If it wasn’t for this opportunity, how could he possibly marry her?

Now that he is her husband, she must not let Qin Anan take him away.

About two hours later, Fu Shiting woke up from a nightmare.

He dreamed that Xiaohan was brutally murdered by Jincheng!

After waking up, he found that it was a dream, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Rong’er, I suddenly remembered something. I want to go out.” He looked at Jin Rong’er, who was resting in bed.

Jin Rong’er: “It’s about dinner. Where are you going?”

“Don’t ask me what I’m going for, and don’t tell others about my itinerary.” He got out of bed and explained to her.

“Shi Ting, I know what you mean. Even if my eldest brother comes to ask about you, I will not tell you everything.” In order to reassure him, she promised, “My eldest brother is not your opponent at all, otherwise he I don’t want to kill you either. What you need to pay attention to is my dad.”

Hearing Jin Rong’er’s words, Fu Shiting was a little surprised.

“Shi Ting, I want to grow old with you.” Jin Rong’er took the opportunity to confess.

A complicated look flashed in Fu Shiting’s eyes: “You rest at home, if I come back late, don’t wait for me.”

Chapter 1320

dl hotel.

Fu Shiting didn’t go to the front desk to ask if Qin Zihan’s check-in information was available. Qin Anan came to ask during the day. Since the front desk said no, then there should be no.

Either Qin Zihan came to country y and used fake identity information.

Or Qin Zihan went through the check-out procedure after meeting him at the hotel.

He now wants to check to see if Qin Zihan is still in this hotel.

He went directly to the monitoring room and asked the security guard on duty to call up this morning’s surveillance video and show it to him.

“Mr. Fu, what kind of person are you looking for? I’ll help you find it.”

“A child. But he is quite tall. I can find it myself.” Fu Shiting sat down in the chair, holding the mouse to start adjusting the time on the monitor screen.

He only needs to check whether Xiaohan has checked in at the front desk, as well as check the monitoring of the elevator to see if Xiaohan has entered the elevator, and then he can determine whether he has actually checked in.

As a result, Fu Shiting entered the approximate time when he and Xiaohan met, and pressed the search button, but a blank space appeared on the monitor!

His body suddenly tensed, and the fingers holding the mouse became stiff.

Surveillance is hacked!

He can enter other time periods to search at will, and other time periods are no problem!

It just so happened that Osamu’s presence in the hotel’s monitoring was deleted!

This just proves that Xiaohan has indeed come to country y.

He immediately got up from his chair, strode out of the monitoring room, and walked towards the front desk.

“What about the guy on the day shift today?”

He saw that the front desk staff had changed to a woman.

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