When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1331 -1340 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1331 -1340 (Chinese)

Chapter 1331

Zhuang Xu has a guilty conscience: “Look at how thin you are. Besides, I will invite you today, and you will invite tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Qin Anan sat down.

Zhuang Xu immediately picked up the juice pot and poured her a glass of juice.

The bodyguard opened a can of beer.

Zhuang Xu did not drink or drink juice, but opened a box of coconut milk.

Qin Anan was quite hungry, so he picked up his chopsticks and greeted, “Eat! After dinner, I plan to go out for a walk.”

“Aren’t your feet tired after walking all afternoon?” the bodyguard teased.

“It’s okay. If you’re tired from walking, then I’ll go alone later…”

“You forgot about the kidnapping case?” The bodyguard admired her courage, “Let’s eat first! We’ll talk about it when we’re done.”

“Well.” Qin Anan took a bite.

At this time, Zhuang Xu raised the glass, “Let’s have a drink! I hope it goes well next time.”

Qin Anan raised the juice glass and toasted with him: “Zhuang Xu, shouldn’t it be your birthday today? It ‘s weird at night.”

Zhuang Xu took a sip of coconut milk and shook his head quickly: “If it’s my birthday, I’ll definitely tell you to buy a birthday present.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

Just when she was about to drink the juice, a familiar figure suddenly jumped into her eyes.

After meeting up with the third brother this afternoon, Fu Shiting came to the neighborhood to find Xiaohan again.

At lunch time, he and the bodyguard came in for dinner, but he didn’t expect to see Qin An’an as soon as they came in.

His bodyguard Ali recognized them and came to Qin An’an’s table ahead of him.

Just like that, Fu Shiting and Ali sat down at their table.

Zhuang Xu, bodyguard: “…”

Qin Anan asked the waiter to bring two sets of cutlery.

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard: “…”

After bringing the tableware, Qin Anan took Fu Shiting’s cup and poured him juice.

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard: “…”


There are sleeping pills in the juice!

They planned to let Qin Anan take sleeping pills and take Qin Anan away directly.

I thought everything would go smoothly and nothing would change, but in the end… why did Fu Shiting come?

There are countless restaurants nearby, why did he choose this one?

Moreover, there are countless empty tables in this restaurant, why did he sit down at their table?

Zhuang Xu has no experience in doing bad things, so at this moment, his face is flushed, his heart is racing, his mouth is slightly open, he wants to say something, but he doesn’t know how to say it.

The bodyguard is slightly stronger than him.

The bodyguard started directly and grabbed Fu Shiting’s juice cup.

“Master, what juice to drink! Come! Drink!” The bodyguard poured out the juice in his glass and poured him a drink.

Qin Anan: “What are you doing?! He can’t drink!”

Qin Anan took Fu Shiting’s glass back, poured out the wine in it, and refilled it with juice.

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard: “…”

The expressions on their faces seemed to be twitching.

Their eyes seemed to bulge out.

Fu Shiting noticed something was wrong at a glance.

Chapter 1332

Neither of them seemed to welcome him.

Besides, neither of them wanted him to drink juice.

And the reason they didn’t want him to drink the juice was definitely not because of how precious this bottle of juice was…

He had suspicions in his heart, so he held up the glass and pretended to drink it.

“Hey! Don’t drink it!” Zhuang Xu said, grabbing the juice cup from his hand at the same time.

The expression on Qin An’an’s face suddenly became cold.

“Why can’t you drink it?” She glanced at the juice in her hand, “Is there something wrong with the juice?”

After she said these words, the dining table suddenly fell silent.

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard lowered their heads, not knowing how to speak.

Ali took the chopsticks and asked, “Is there a problem with the juice, but the vegetables? I’m very hungry! Are these vegetables edible?”

Zhuang Xu: “The vegetables are fine, you can eat them!”

Ali pushed back: “The vegetables are all right, what’s wrong with the juice? You poisoned Qin An’an?”

Zhuang Xu anxiously explained: “How could we poison Qin An’an! It’s just a sleeping pill.” After the

truth came out, Qin An’an got up and left immediately.

“Qin An’an, listen to my explanation!” Zhuang Xu immediately chased after her and pulled her back, “We want to take you away. Seeing that you are here, Xiaohan is worried about you, so he came here. If you continue to stay Here, what if another child of yours comes running?”

“So you’re going to hide it from me and give me sleeping pills?” Qin Anan couldn’t accept that they treated him like this.

“Boss, we tried to persuade you, but you won’t listen at all!” The bodyguard said helplessly, “If it wasn’t for being forced, we wouldn’t want to use such a method!”

Qin Anan was still angry.

At this time, Fu Shiting said calmly, “They’re right, you really should go.”

“I can’t go now! How can I go with Xiaohan here? Even if I want to go, I’ll find Xiaohan and go together.” Qin An An glared at him, “You can’t protect yourself if you are a bodhisattva crossing the river yourself, don’t worry about me.”

Seeing that the two of them were about to quarrel, Zhuang Xu sighed: “Eat first! It’s cold. If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. For tonight, you can blame me alone. It’s my idea.” The

bodyguard immediately said, “Boss, don’t blame Zhuang Xu. This idea is Jin Rong’er came up with it. Jin Rong’er went to find Zhuang Xu today.”

After Jin Rong’er was involved, everyone’s eyes turned “sharp” to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting was on his back.

“You guys eat! I’ll go first.”

He got up from his chair and strode away from the table.

Ali immediately caught up with him.

Soon, they both disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Qin Anan called the waiter to remove the juice.

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard lowered their heads and dared not look directly at her face.

“No wonder tonight’s dinner is so rich! It turns out that this is the last meal in country Y.” Qin Anan said, “You two look up.”

Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard looked up.

“What else are you two planning, tell me!” She took the coconut milk in front of Zhuang Xu and filled her glass.

Zhuang Xu shook his head: “For the time being, I only plan to take you out of here first. When you leave here, you will almost wake up.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will break up with you?” Qin Anan asked after drinking a sip of coconut milk.

“I’m afraid, but if you stay here, if something happens, I’m even more afraid.”

“Boss, don’t blame Zhuang Xu…” the bodyguard interjected.

“You have the guts to talk?” Qin Anan glared at him, “You are my bodyguard, but you turned your elbows out. Who pays you?” The

bodyguard shut up.

Chapter 1333

“By the way, didn’t you say that Fu Shiting will pay you a salary every month? Does he still pay you?” The

bodyguard was stunned for a moment: “I don’t know! My salary is in my wife’s hands.”

“Forget it, this issue is not important. When I go back, I’ll give you a bonus.” Qin Anan thought that after the bodyguard came, he never rested or had time to spend with his family, so he sacrificed a lot.

When she returns home safely, she will give him a large bonus.

“Boss, if you say that, I’m embarrassed to urge you to go back to China.” The bodyguard slurred.

“Let’s eat! When I find Xiaohan, I will consider whether to leave here with him.” Although Qin Anan complained about their plan, this incident gave her a lot of inspiration.

She is not in danger now, which does not mean that there is no danger in the future.

She couldn’t implicate the bodyguard and Zhuang Xu.

At the same time, Jin Cheng was only having dinner at home. His new mobile phone was fine and could be used normally, but when he put down the tableware and picked up the mobile phone again, he found that the mobile phone screen had turned into a countdown to death!

There was no way he could quit this countdown!

What’s even more frightening is that the countdown time is connected to the countdown time in the morning.

Now the time displayed on the screen is – 61:05:33

his life, 61 hours left? !

‘bang’, he threw the phone to the ground!

His daughter was terrified and burst into tears.

His wife immediately carried her daughter back to the room.

“Call everyone out!” Jin Cheng yelled at the housekeeper, “There’s a ghost in the house! I have to find this ghost tonight!” The

technician said that even a top hacker would be a top hacker if he didn’t have his private information , is unable to break into his network and mobile phone.

Therefore, his information must have fallen into the hands of hackers, and his mobile phone will be hacked.

Not long after, all the servants in the family came to the living room and stood in two rows.

Jin Cheng’s eyes swept across their faces one by one.

“Some of you betrayed my information.” He held a sharp dagger in his hand, “If no one admits it tonight, then I can only use my means to solve this matter!”

Everyone His face was ashen with fright, and he didn’t dare to breathe.

“As of 0:00 tonight, if no one admits it, then I’ll just pick someone out of you to kill!” Jin Cheng sat down on the sofa and put pressure on each word, “I don’t mind killing all of you idiots. Drop!”

The whole villa was shrouded in the shadow of death, and the atmosphere was very depressing and terrifying.

The butler’s face was ashen, and he glanced at Jincheng’s wife not far away.

Jincheng’s wife wanted to come over, but the housekeeper shook her head at her.

When Fu Shiting came home, Jin Ronger was a little surprised to see him.

“Shi Ting, have you eaten yet?”

Jin Rong’er recovered well.

The doctor told her to rest in bed, but she couldn’t lie down today, and she ate dinner in the dining room by herself.

“I didn’t eat.” Fu Shiting looked at her pale face and said, “You’re looking better today.”

“Well. The wound isn’t so painful today, so I came down to eat by myself.” Jin Rong’er accompanies him towards the dining room go.

The two took their seats at the table, and the nanny brought hot dishes and meals to the table.

After the nanny left the dining room, Fu Shiting broke the silence: “Your plan failed.”

Jin Rong’er was stunned for a moment, but did not realize what he was saying.

“Qin An’an won’t leave Y country tonight.” He continued.

Jin Rong’er understood the meaning of his words, and her cheeks suddenly burned, “Shi Ting, listen to my explanation!”

Chapter 1334

Fu Shiting looked at her quietly, waiting for her to explain.

“The reason why I want Qin Anan to leave country Y is not only because I am afraid that you will fall in love with her again, but also because I am afraid that she will stay here and affect your career.” Jin Rong’er said frankly, “Shi Ting, you Now he is my husband and the most important person to me. But my eldest brother doesn’t think so. He treats you as an enemy.”

“If there is only one choice between eldest brother and you, I will definitely choose you.” Jin Rong Er confided his heart, “You have nothing left in country A. I hope you are here and make a comeback. My father relies a lot on you. Don’t make him angry until he hands over his rights to you, okay?”

Jin Ronger If so, I rearranged Fu Shiting’s impression of her.

“Actually, I hope your plan will succeed.” He said, “I also hope she can get out of here.”

Jin Rong’er breathed a sigh of relief: “I thought you were angry with me, I thought I was making an assertion… ..”

“You are indeed making an opinion. You should tell me in advance.”

“Then I have something to tell you in advance next time.” Jin Rong’er said cautiously, “Shi Ting, I am willing to listen to you in everything. , as long as you don’t abandon me.”

Fu Shiting lost his appetite when he looked at the table full of delicacies.

Tang Qian was obedient to him before, but Jin Rong’er was more obedient than Tang Qian.

country A.

Mike has been very busy lately! This time is different from every time before. This time he hit the iron plate!

Wang Wanzhi took advantage of Fu Shiting’s accident this time and brought a mysterious R&D staff back.

Of course, Jinzhi Technology did not publicize this matter.

It was information that Mike secretly found out.

After Mike knew this information, Jinzhi technology products were upgraded one after another, as if they were hanging up.

So Mike is sure that this mysterious R&D personnel must be a super boss!

He especially wanted to know who this person was, but no matter what method he used, he couldn’t find out the slightest information about the other party.

“Ziyi, I don’t dare to call Qin An’an now.” Mike raised his glass and drank, “I’m afraid that when she comes back, she will see Jinzhi Technology quickly grabbing our market… No , if she comes back later, maybe the company will go bankrupt.”

Zhou Ziyi took the wine glass from his hand.

“Is it that serious?” Zhou Ziyi poured him a drink.

“We are a technology company, and the most important thing for a technology company is core technology, and now our core technology is about to lose its edge!” Mike rubbed his aching temples, “The person Wang Wanzhi brought back this time seems to be in my heart. He has an eye on his body. He seems to be holding my life!”

Zhou Ziyi said, a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back: “This is the first time I see you showing such a troubled expression. It seems that this time is difficult I’m really stumped.”

“I don’t dare to tell anyone about this now! Of course, the executives in the company can’t hide it. Jinzhi Group holds product upgrade releases almost every day. They are right We upgraded with our products! And their prices are lower! It means that we have no advantage now.”

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said with certainty: “Your core technology has been stolen. This is the only possibility. “

I know. But now the worst thing is, I checked and found no trace of theft! I don’t even know what the problem is! Fuck! If Qin Anan knew about this, she would definitely think I was very annoying.” It ‘s useless!”

“Don’t blame yourself. If you can’t get through this, then face the reality.” Zhou Ziyi said, “Isn’t my boss also nothing now?”

“Are you so comforting?” Mike After taking a sip of the drink, he frowned, “Even if I go bankrupt, I have to find this person! It really doesn’t work, I’ll tie Wang Wanzhi and ask!”

“Don’t mess around. Now that I don’t have my boss to support you, you still shouldn’t have a head-on conflict with Wang Wanzhi.” Zhou Ziyi reminded, “If you take out any of the capital behind Wang Wanzhi, it will be enough for you to

feel uncomfortable.” I’m so useless now!” Mike was unhappy, “It seems that it started with Fu Shiting’s accident.”

“Don’t be discouraged, there are lows, there will be peaks. If Qin Anan calls you next time, you should tell her the situation. Come on!”

Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335

“Let’s talk when she returns to China! Although she doesn’t care much about money, she does care about the Qin Group. Her father handed over the company to her before she died. If the Qin Group collapsed, she would definitely be very happy.” Sad.”

Y country.

Jincheng didn’t sleep all night.

At zero o’clock, he did what he said and killed a domestic servant with his own hands.

He has a hard time, and no one else in this family can think of it!

With his eyes open until dawn, watching the countdown on the screen of the mobile phone, the time passed by every second, he thought of a way!

This hacker is definitely in country y now.

The enemy is in the dark, he is in the light.

As long as you check the people who have been in country Y in the past few days to see if there is anything suspicious, you can narrow the search scope.

Around noon, the bodyguards handed over a thick stack of documents to Jin Cheng.

“Eldest young master, these are the documents sent by the airport, which are divided according to nationality. Please take a look.”

Jin Cheng first took out the documents of the personnel who came from country a and looked at them one by one.

“There is still a day and a half. Do you think I will die in a day and a half?” Jin Cheng asked.

The bodyguard said with sincerity and sincerity, “Master, how can you die? Your father sent a lot of people to protect you in the morning, just because he was worried about your accident. Now there are bodyguards on the third and outer floors of the villa, and they will definitely ensure your safety. Jincheng: “

But I’m so fucking uneasy! I always think that this hacker has a thousand ways to kill me!”

“No, young master! If it’s really dangerous, I’ll definitely stand in front of you.” The bodyguard immediately Show loyalty.

“Do you think my wife’s reaction was a little cold after this happened? He doesn’t seem to be afraid of losing me at all.” Jin Cheng said suspiciously, “She doesn’t seem to love me anymore.”

The bodyguard didn’t know how to answer: “Maybe she was frightened! She has been taking care of her children at home, and she seldom goes out to socialize. I guess she has never seen such a thing.”

“I’m afraid she has different feelings for me!” Jin Cheng gritted his teeth, You pay close attention to her these two days.”


Jin Cheng turned over the information cards of the inbound personnel from country a one by one.

He mainly looks at the occupation of these people. If it is a career related to computers, he will let his staff focus on the investigation.

After looking at it for an hour, a data card made him frown!

Now the information card he is holding in his hand shows a ten-year-old boy.

The reason why this little boy caught his attention was because this little boy looked a bit like Fu Shiting.

He knew that Fu Shiting had a son named Qin Zihan.

But the boy on the data card was not Qin Zihan.

He put down the data card, opened the notebook, and searched for Qin Zihan’s photos.

When he checked Fu Shiting’s information on the Internet before, he had seen photos of his two children.

He felt that the boy on the data card was a bit like Fu Shiting’s son!

Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336

“Is this a fucking person!” Jin Cheng carefully compared the photos of Xiaohan found on the Internet with the photos on the data card, and then let out this exclamation.

The bodyguard looked at the photo and felt like the same person.

“If this person is Qin Zihan, it means that this little guy has been in country Y for a few days!” Jin Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “Fu Shiting did a good job of hiding it, he didn’t leak any rumors.”

“Of course he wouldn’t dare to leak the rumors! If it falls into the hands of you and Jin Ye, it is a good bargaining chip!” The bodyguard said, “You can discuss with Jin Ye to see if you want to arrest this child!”

Jin Cheng immediately took out his mobile phone and planned to give it to his father. Call up.

As a result, I turned on my phone, and I immediately saw that damn countdown to death!

He used the bodyguard’s cell phone to call his father.

After explaining the situation, Jin Carrier on the other side of the phone was silent for a few seconds, and then said: “You can do this quietly. If you do it well, Fu Shiting will be able to listen to us obediently in the future!”

“I understand! Just send someone to do a carpet search.” Jin Cheng heard his father’s expectations for him from his father’s words.

Father relied heavily on Fu Shiting. After all, Fu Shiting is a foreigner, how can he compare with himself?

“By the way, have you found the hacker who downloaded the virus on your phone?” Jin Carrier asked.

“Not yet… This hacker is very powerful. I found a few experts to crack it, but they didn’t crack it.” Jin Cheng was worried, but his tone was calm, he didn’t want his father to feel timid, ” Father, you don’t have to worry. I don’t go out these days, so I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not worried about you.” Jin Kaili was silent for a few seconds, and said, “I remember Qin Zihan is a genius. I went to country a before. I heard about it when I was there. He seems to have been admitted to the genius class in a very powerful university in country a by exception.”

“You mean that the virus in my phone was caused by Qin Zihan?!”

“How do I know who it is?! You idiot, I’m giving you this information so you can check it!” Jin Kaili said irritably, “Catch Qin Zihan as soon as possible. This little thing uses fake identity information. If Fu Shiting asks, you can say that this person is not Qin Zihan.”


After hanging up the phone, Jincheng immediately sent someone. Check out major hotels.

He has Qin Zihan’s identity information in country y and Qin Zihan’s photo, so finding Qin Zihan is only a matter of minutes!

This matter quickly reached Fu Shiting’s ears.

“Mr. Fu, if your son falls into Jincheng’s hands, you will be miserable in the future.” Ali said, “Jincheng is cruel and inhumane. You must know that. Unless you don’t want this son.”

Fu Shiting did not expect Jincheng So soon I learned the news of Xiaohan’s coming to Y country.

“You didn’t tell Jin Cheng about this?”

Ali: “If I wanted to tell Jin Cheng, I told Jin Cheng the day before yesterday, why did I tell it today?”

“Why did you help me?” Fu Shiting looked at the bodyguard solemnly.

Ali: “Master Jin chose to entrust you with the responsibility between you and Jin Cheng. No matter how stupid I am, I know how to choose.”

Fu Shiting glanced at the time: “I must pick up my son before Jincheng can find him. Ali, I can’t come forward in this matter. Just now Jin Carrier called me and asked me to go out. He deliberately set me aside so that Jincheng could catch my son.”

“What do you need me to do?” Ali said, “The premise for me to help you is that I will not be in any danger.”

After Fu Shiting was silent for a while, a flash of light flashed in his mind.

Qin Anan came out of the room, and when he went to the lobby on the first floor, he saw a man in black standing next to the lady at the front desk, calling for guest information.

Fu Shiting called her just now and said that Jincheng was sending someone to look for Xiaohan.

Fu Shiting asked her to find a way to contact Xiaohan immediately.

Once contacted Xiaohan, he immediately took Xiaohan to his and Jin Rong’er’s wedding room.

The most dangerous place is also the safest place.

Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337

Qin Anan doesn’t think this is a good way, but right now, Xiaohan doesn’t have a better hiding place.

No matter where Xiaohan was hidden, she was not at ease.

Put it on Fu Shiting’s place, at least not so worried.

It’s just Jin

Rong’er… “Since Fu Shiting asked you to send Xiaohan over, it means that he has already discussed with Jin Rong’er.” The bodyguard comforted, “The women in country Y are quite traditional. Dogs follow dogs. After an ordinary woman gets married, she should change her surname to her husband’s. If Jin Ronger is not the daughter of the Jin family, she has to change her surname too.”

Qin Anan frowned: “But I can’t contact Xiaohan now! “

Have you called Xiaohan?”

“Or did you call him last time, but his number is not in the service area.”

“Try again?” said the bodyguard.

Qin Anan immediately turned on the phone and dialed Xiaohan’s number.

Unexpectedly, it got through this time.

After the call was connected, Qin Anan said excitedly: “Xiaohan! Where are you now? Jincheng already knows you are here, and he is sending someone to look for you now!”

“I know.” Xiaohan’s tone was understated.

“How did you know?! You can’t stay in the hotel now!”

“I’m not in the hotel anymore.” Xiaohan’s tone was still light, “Mom, don’t worry about me.”

“Why don’t I worry about you?” Qin Anan Having said this, he choked, “Your father told you to hide in his house.”

“I won’t go.” Xiaohan refused without hesitation, “In another day, Jincheng will die. Then they won’t have the energy to find me.”

Qin Anan doesn’t care about Jincheng’s life or death, she only worries about Xiaohan’s current situation.

“Then tell me, how are you going to evade their search now? They can’t find you in the hotel, they will definitely find you in the major restaurants!” She said this, her emotions were on the verge of collapse, “Mom, please, you first Go to your father’s place to hide. Many people have come to search the hotel where mom is staying now! Mom can’t protect you now.”

Qin Anan said here, a car stopped in front of her.

Ali came with Jin Ronger.

Jin Ronger lowered the car window. She was seriously ill, and her face was pale.

“Qin An’an, where is your son now?” She spoke quickly, “It was Shi Ting who asked me to pick up your son. Bring your son to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I can’t protect your son!”

Qin An An hadn’t hung up yet, so Xiao Han could hear Jin Rong’er’s voice clearly.

Qin Anan opened the car door and got into Jin Rong’er’s car.

“Jin Rong’er, I owe you a favor this time.”

“It was Shi Ting who begged me to do this. Even if I owe it, it is Shi Ting who owes me.” Jin Rong’er said coldly, “Wait until the limelight passes. , you and your son must leave here immediately!”

“I know.” Qin Anan did not dare to continue the adventure.

When the current storm passes, she will take Xiaohan out of here immediately.

Three in the afternoon.

When Fu Shiting returned home, he saw Xiaohan in the guest room.

“Shi Ting, he won’t talk to me. I told him to eat, but he ignored me. The nanny brought him lunch, but he didn’t eat it.” Jin

Rong’er said, “He probably doesn’t like me.” Fu Shiting strode Enter the room and close the door.

Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338

At this time, the father and son were left in the room.

The two of them are rarely alone.

Mainly because Xiaohan doesn’t like him. Hide when you see him.

As a result, he didn’t know how to face Xiaohan.

If it weren’t for an emergency, they wouldn’t have this opportunity to be alone.

“Do you know how dangerous it is for you to come here rashly this time?” Fu Shiting couldn’t help but accuse.

Xiaohan: “Take care of yourself!”

Fu Shiting: “If you are taken away by Jincheng, guess if your mother will go and fight with Jincheng!” Xiaohan

: “Even without you, I will not be taken away by Jincheng! If it wasn’t for my mother begging me to come to you, I wouldn’t have come!”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows and mocked: “So you didn’t eat because your mother didn’t ask you to eat? Please?”

Xiao Leng glared at him coldly: “Don’t bother my mother!”

“I don’t bother her. But you are here, you must be obedient!” Fu Shiting looked at his facial features that looked like his own, wanted to be cruel, but not cruel , “I’ll ask the nanny to bring you food. If there’s nothing wrong, you’d better stay in the room and don’t come out.”

Xiaohan frowned, his face unhappy.

Fu Shiting knew that he didn’t want to see him, so he left the guest room.

After going downstairs, Fu Shiting asked the nanny to bring food to Xiaohan.

The nanny went upstairs with the hot meal. Jin Rong’er looked at Fu Shiting and said, “Xiaohan is here, you can rest assured. The nanny is my person, she will not talk nonsense.”

“Well, Rong’er, you are all right. Don’t talk to him. He has a bad temper,” Fu Shiting reminded, “like me.”

Jin Rong’er couldn’t help laughing: “Indeed. I was stunned when I first saw him. He looks so much like you. But his temper should be a little bigger than yours. I think you get along much better than him. “

That’s because he hates me. He doesn’t do this to other people.”

“Why does he hate you? Because you’re with me?” Jin Rong Er asked tentatively.

“Not exactly. I’ve always had a bad relationship with him.” Fu Shiting was upset when he mentioned this, so he changed the subject, “I’m a little sleepy, so I’ll go back to my room to rest first.”

“Okay, go and rest! If there is any situation, I will remind you at any time.” Jin Rong’er was afraid that his father or elder brother would suddenly come over.

After Fu Shiting returned to the room, he called Qin Anan back.

“He’s all safe now, you can rest assured.”

“He told me that Jin Cheng would die in a day’s time. I can’t figure out how he would kill Jin Cheng,” Qin Anan was in the hotel room at the moment, unable to sleep due to a headache. “You must keep an eye on him, and never let him go out.”

The villa where Fu Shiting lives belongs to a park with Jin Kaili and Jincheng.

If Xiaohan goes out, it is easy to be found.

“I will be optimistic about him. Regardless of whether Jincheng is dead or not, I will find a way to get you out of here. Don’t turn off your phone. When I think of a way, I will contact you at any time.” He whispered.

She could feel the protection of her and the child in his words.

“Fu Shiting, it’s up to you, are you still unwilling to tell me the answer?” Qin Anan pondered for a moment and asked, “Do you remember me?”

In order to make her feel relieved to leave here, he replied: ” I remember.”

“Oh? Then tell me, what was the gift I gave you on our first date.” She didn’t believe what he said.

Unless he can answer this question.

Fu Shiting: “…”

He never expected that she would give him a test.

Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339

“You can’t answer.” Qin Anan sneered, “You still don’t remember me. But I’m still very relieved, even if you don’t remember me, your attitude towards me is much better than at first. If I continue to If you stay here, you will still fall in love with me.”

“Qin An’an, is this the time to talk about this kind of thing?”

“Otherwise what are we talking about? Are we talking about you and Jin Rong’er?” Her emotions were on the verge of collapse, “She really listens to you. I have to suspect that her love for you is no less than mine.”

“Are you enjoying your current state? The colorful flags are fluttering outside, and the red flag at home doesn’t fall down.” She mocked him, “If days like this continue, it shouldn’t be long… I’ll give up.”

His fingers tightened abruptly while holding the phone.

“I will stick to it until the end of this month at most. If you still have the same attitude and refuse to come with me, then I will quit.” She gave him an ultimatum, “You don’t have to fight with me for the custody of the child in the future. After all, your new wife is so young, she is absolutely happy to ask her to give birth to you ten or eight.”

“Qin An’an, do you mean that you have to wait until the end of the month?” Fu Shiting ignored her cynicism.

She was not happy, so she stabbed him with these words.

“It’s not a few days until the end of the month.” She went cold.

She could sense from his tone that even at the end of the month, it was impossible for him to leave here with her.

His attitude has always been clear that he will not leave the country in the short term.

At least until he regained his memory, it was impossible for him to go with her.

In the end, I don’t know who hung up the phone first.

She tossed and turned on the bed and couldn’t sleep, and there was a sudden drop in her lower abdomen.

She opened the phone calendar and glanced at the date.

Her period was delayed by a week.

It is estimated that there are too many things recently, mental exhaustion, leading to endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders.

She got out of bed and planned to go to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins.

When she got out of the elevator, she saw Zhuang Xu at a glance.

“Where are you going?” Zhuang Xu looked at Qin An’an with a supermarket shopping bag in his hand, “Isn’t Xiaohan settled? You don’t look very good.”

“I have an endocrine disorder.” She was helpless He said, “Maybe it’s because you’re too anxious these days.”

“Have you ever thought that it might be caused by your condition?” Zhuang Xu said seriously, “How about I accompany you to the hospital for a checkup? If it wasn’t for your condition The endocrine disorder caused by the endocrine disorder must also be treated with medicine.”

“Zhuang Xu, it’s not that serious.” She didn’t care, “I used to…”

“It used to be before, and now is now. You used to be younger. , the body is better, and there is no tumor in the brain, don’t take your body seriously.” Zhuang Xu said what he suppressed in his heart, “Say something unlucky, if you die, your child will have to Live with Fu Shiting. Do you want your child to have a stepmother? No matter how gentle Jin Ronger looks on the surface, how do you know that she won’t abuse your child in private? “

Qin Anan’s scalp tingled with excitement at his words!

She is not afraid of death, but she is afraid that the child will have a stepmother.

She suffers from it herself!

Wang Wanzhi is still the shadow in her heart!

She must not let her children live with Fu Shiting and Jin Ronger.

Therefore, she must not die.

“Then go for a test!” she compromised.

The two arrived at the hospital. After the doctor ordered the color Doppler ultrasound, Zhuang Xu took her to the color Doppler room.

She hasn’t had a good rest these days, so after lying down on the color Doppler bed, her eyes closed uncontrollably.

After a while, she fell asleep.

The doctor handed the results of the color Doppler ultrasound to Zhuang Xu. When Zhuang Xu saw the results, her body couldn’t stop shaking!

Chapter 1340

Half an hour later, Zhuang Xu woke Qin Anan up.

“You fell asleep in the ultrasound room just now.”

Qin Anan slept for half an hour and recovered a lot: “It’s embarrassing, I can’t sleep in the hotel. Maybe the smell of disinfectant in the hospital makes me feel at ease.”

“Maybe Come on! I also prefer the smell of disinfectant.” Zhuang Xu said here, and led her towards the elevator.

“The result?” She reached out to him.

“The machine is broken, so there is no way to print the results. But the doctor showed me the situation in your uterine cavity.” Zhuang Xu said solemnly, “You are fine, it should be an endocrine disorder caused by too much stress.”

“I just said Come on! Although I’m not as young as I used to be, I’m still very young now.” She was full of confidence, and when she said this, her voice lowered a bit, “I told Fu Shiting today that I’ll wait until he arrives here. The end of the month.”

Zhuang Xu thought about it, and answered her perfunctorily.

“By the way, you don’t need to take the medicine first, you can observe it later.”

“Well. I didn’t intend to come to the hospital for this matter. I went downstairs at that time to buy sanitary napkins. But it was still very difficult. Thank you.” Qin Anan let out a smile, “You are really a good and responsible doctor.”

“Don’t praise me. I’m usually sick myself, and I don’t like going to the hospital.”

Zhuang Xu took her out of the hospital . to the hotel room.

It’s only 4:30 in the afternoon, so it’s a little early for dinner.

Zhuang Xuyue’s bodyguard came out to smoke and chat.

“Don’t you smoke?” The bodyguard handed him a cigarette.

“I used to smoke when I was young. Then I quit because I was too busy with work.”

“Oh, smoking is not a good thing!” said the bodyguard, lighting him up.

“I’m a little annoyed.” After Zhuang Xu took a cigarette, his eyes fell into the distance, “Do you think Qin An’an is very stubborn?”

“I know what you’re going to say. If you really want to leave, you can leave at any time. You can leave. She won’t force you to stay here with her.” The bodyguard said.

Zhuang Xu shook his head: “Qin An’an’s first child was twins. At that time, she and Fu Shiting had already divorced. She was under so much pressure that she had to give birth to the child. What do you think she wanted?”

“Women are soft-hearted!”

“You say If she is pregnant now, will she abort the child?” Zhuang Xu looked at the bodyguard, “You also know that she is sick now, she can’t get pregnant and have a child normally…”

“Damn it. She’s pregnant again?!” The bodyguard’s jaw dropped in shock.

“I’m using an analogy.” Zhuang Xu calmly said, “Because her character is more stubborn and stubborn than I thought, so I’m very curious, if she is pregnant now, what will she choose.”

Bodyguard: “Don’t think about it, she She will definitely find a way to give birth to the child.” After a pause, she continued, “The premise is that the child in her womb belongs to Fu Shiting.”

“Oh…why are you so sure?” The

bodyguard: “I guess. I don’t know much about her illness, and I don’t know much about women having children…but I know she likes children very much.”

“But if she insists on having children, her illness may worsen to the point where she cannot The treatment will kill her.” Zhuang Xu reasoned, “This child cannot be wanted!” The

bodyguard: “Doctor Zhuang, why are you so excited? Didn’t you say it was just an analogy? You look like she really is Pregnant with a child!”

Zhuang Xu: “…”

“It’s impossible for her to be pregnant again, right? After she came here, she and Fu Shiting haven’t seen each other a few times… I slept twice at most… It’s impossible to get married twice. Right?” The bodyguard teased, “I remember when my wife and I were trying to conceive, it took me half a year to conceive a child!”

“Indeed, it’s not that easy to conceive a child.” Zhuang Xu said lightly.

He had already inquired about the information he wanted to know from the bodyguard’s mouth.

at night.

Jin Rong’er couldn’t sleep, so she got up and walked towards Xiao Han’s room.

She gently opened the door of the guest room, thinking that it should be dark inside, but the lights in the room were on!

Xiaohan is sitting in a chair with a notebook on the table!

On the laptop screen, there are a bunch of codes that she can’t understand.

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