When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1341 -1350 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1341 -1350 (Chinese)

She frowned and asked, “Why haven’t you slept yet? It’s almost time. Do you often stay up late like this?” As

she spoke, she walked towards the desk.

Xiaohan hesitated for two seconds between closing the notebook and not closing it, and finally decided not to close it.

Jin Ronger hasn’t graduated from university yet. After marrying Fu Shiting, he simply dropped out of school at home.

Moreover, Jin Ronger studied philosophy. With Jin Ronger’s knowledge level, she couldn’t understand the things on his computer at all.

“Who asked you to come?” Xiao Han asked, looking at Jin Rong’er’s face.

“I… I had a nightmare just now, dreaming that you were taken away by my eldest brother.” Jin Rong’er lied casually, “So I came to see you.”

“Then you want me to be caught by you . If my elder brother is taken away, do you still want me to be taken away by your elder brother?” Xiao Han asked, “If I am captured by your elder brother, Fu Shiting will become a puppet of your Jin family in the future. He will do whatever you ask him to do.”

Jin Rong’er: “…” She didn’t expect Xiao Han to say such a thing.

“Although I hate him very much, he still cares about my son.” Xiaohan continued, “Would you like to call your elder brother now?”

Jin Rong’er was a little moved!

But Jin Ronger thought of the consequences of doing so, and was even more afraid.

“Xiaohan, I know you don’t like me, and you may have prejudice against me. I’m not the same as my eldest brother.” Jin Rong’er explained patiently, “I’m with your father…”

In the following words, she embarrassed to say it.

After all, to Xiaohan, she is her stepmother.

“If I told you that I was going to kill your eldest brother, would you still hide me in your house?” Xiao Han deliberately angered Jin Rong’er, wanting to see where Jin Rong’er’s bottom line was.

Jin Rong’er was stunned by these words.

The child in front of me wants to kill her big brother…

Does he have this ability?

Just when Jin Ronger wanted to question, Xiaohan reminded her: “Didn’t your eldest brother tell you that he received death threats recently?”

The countdown to death!

Jin Rong’er looked at Xiao Han’s face, and then looked at the notebook in front of him!

The mysterious hacker who hacked into the big brother’s mobile phone, is it Xiaohan? !

Just when Jin Rong’er trembled slightly and didn’t know what to do, the door was pushed open.

Fu Shiting strode in.

Seeing his face, Xiaohan immediately closed the notebook, strode into bed, and pulled up the quilt to cover his face.

At one o’clock at night, the two of them didn’t sleep and came to see him, which was really interesting.

Seeing Xiaohan lying down, Fu Shiting immediately pulled Jin Rong’er out of the room.

“Shi Ting, I had a nightmare, so I came to see him…” Jin Rong’er explained.

Fu Shiting closed the door of the guest room and asked, “Did he tell you anything?”

“He said he was going to kill my elder brother.” Jin Rong’er looked nervous, “Shi Ting, can he really kill?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him go out.” Fu Shiting assured her.

Jin Ronger breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.”

Fu Shiting patted her shoulder, “Go to sleep! I’ll go in and talk to him.”

After Jin Ronger left, Fu Shiting opened the door of the guest room and strode forward. enter.

I saw Xiaohan holding the quilt and looking at him with dark and bright eyes. There was a strong hostility in those eyes.

“I didn’t betray your mother.” Fu Shiting went to the bed and sat down.

Chapter 1342

Xiaohan did not expect that he would suddenly say such a sentence.

Xiaohan heard about his amnesia, so after sitting up, he couldn’t help but ask, “You don’t have amnesia?”

“Amnesia.” Fu Shiting looked at Xiaohan’s face and said word by word, “I forgot me and you. What happened between my mother. But after seeing her, I have a feeling in my heart that she should be a very important person.”

“Humph! You are not worthy of being my father at all!” Xiao Han looked at his face and vented his dissatisfaction. , “You’re a coward who avoids problems! The most cowardly bastard I’ve ever seen, and I’m not as cowardly as you!”

Fu Shiting was scolded by his son, and his heart was full of anger.

When people are impulsive, it is easy to make wrong things and decisions.

Back then at the Shenlin Villa, he almost strangled Xiaohan himself. He came to Y country, was brainwashed by Jin Kaili, and performed amnestics, which is also considered one.

But now is not the time to turn the tables.

“You go back to China with your mother first, and when I settle the matter here, I will go back to China to find you.” He frowned and negotiated with Xiaohan, “Your mother doesn’t listen to me at all, so you will find a way to make it happen when the time comes. She’s going with you.”

“She’s the mother, I’m her son, how could she listen to me?!” Xiao Han felt that this matter was too difficult, he couldn’t handle it.

“You act like a spoiled brat with her!” Fu Shiting gave his son an idea.

Xiao Han’s brows were so wrinkled that he could catch flies: “I won’t be coquettish!”

Fu Shiting’s deep eyes looked at Xiao Han’s distressed face in front of him… This was the first time he had seen his son at such a close distance.

This is also the first time their father and son have spoken so much.

“How are you going to kill Jincheng?” Fu Shiting pondered for a moment and asked.

“This is my plan! Don’t worry about it!”

“I’m afraid you can’t figure it out, maybe I can help you?” Fu Shiting whispered.

“I can do it myself. I don’t need your help!” Xiao Han was determined and confident.

Fu Shiting: “You can’t go out next time, are you sure you can kill Jin Cheng?”

“Just wait and see!” Xiao Han’s chin raised slightly, frivolous and arrogant.

Fu Shiting looked at his son’s high-spirited appearance and had mixed feelings in his heart.

When he was Xiaohan’s age, he was not as good as Xiaohan at all.

“Since you are so good, then the matter of your mother returning to China will be left to you.” Fu Shiting glanced at the time, “It’s very late, go to bed! I’ll leave when you fall asleep.”

“If you don’t leave. , I’m not going to sleep tonight!” Xiao Han stared at him with a look of “neuropathy”.

I’m not a two- or three-year-old baby, so I don’t need parents to watch and sleep next to me, okay?

“Then I’ll go out.” Fu Shiting stood up. Before turning off the lights, he remembered something and reminded him, “Don’t tell Jin Rong’er everything in the future. After all, she is from the Jin family.”

“Then you have to let me come to you . Hiding here?”

“Okay, you can say whatever you like to her.” “Two boats with your

feet,” Xiao Han looked at his figure and jumped out word by word, “Scumbag!”

His Adam’s apple rolled. Go away, trying to explain, but in the end nothing was said.

Although he was scolded by his son tonight, he was not angry when he calmed down.

Xiaohan used to treat him coldly. Now at least willing to scold him.

With age, Xiaohan has grown a lot.

Coming out of Xiaohan’s room, Fu Shiting walked towards the guest room where he slept.

He walked to the balcony and dialed Fei Tianqi’s number: “Third brother, I want to ask you for help with something.”

“Don’t talk about Qin An’an.” Fei Tianqi cut off his words.

“The day Jincheng died, lend me your private jet.”

Fei Tianqi: “???” He was stunned for a moment, and he said in a loud voice, “When will Jincheng die?!”


“What? mean?”

Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343

“My son said soon.” Fu Shiting didn’t know Xiaohan’s plan, but he felt that Xiaohan should have full confidence, “No later than the day after tomorrow. When Jincheng is dead, the Jin family will be in chaos, I want to take advantage of that time Qin An’an and my son sent them off.”

Fei Tianqi sighed repeatedly: “Your son is not yet ten years old, right? Do you believe what he said?”

“Why don’t you believe it?” “Let’s wait until Jin Cheng is

dead!” Fei Tianqi He sneered, “If it wasn’t for Jin Kaili protecting him, he would have died a long time ago! By the way, do you want to go back to country a with Qin An’an?”

“I can’t go.” Fu Shiting said calmly, “I Now the relationship with the Jin family is too deep, even if I go back to country a, Jin Kaili will go to country a to trouble me. What happened here, end here.”

Fei Tianqi laughed: “Very good, early. Time to reshuffle!”


When Qin Anan woke up, Xiaohan was thinking of Xiaohan.

So after hesitating for a while, she sent Xiaohan a video.

“Xiao Han, are you still used to living there? Did Jin Rong’er embarrass you? Your father…”

Seeing her son’s face, she immediately threw a series of questions.

“Mom, Fu Shiting doesn’t remember you.” Xiao Han took the phone and sat up.

He was woken up by the ringing of his cell phone, so his hair was messy. But fortunately my mind is clear.

He remembered everything Fu Shiting said to him last night.

“Did he tell you?” Qin Anan frowned.


Qin Anan was not surprised by the result.

If Fu Shiting remembered her, he couldn’t hide his inner feelings.

“Mom, when Jincheng is dead, you can go back to China with me.” Xiaohan remembered what Fu Shiting taught him last night and asked him to act like a spoiled child with Qin Anan.

He knew how to act like a spoiled child, after all, Rila likes to act like a spoiled child.

But he couldn’t get it out.

“What did he say to you last night?” Qin An’an was particularly curious about the conversation between their father and son, “You didn’t talk to him before, why did you talk to him last night?” Xiaohan’s

cheeks were slightly red: “It’s not about him. Amnesia? I didn’t take him as the old Fu Shiting.”

“He just forgot me, he didn’t forget you and your younger siblings.”

“Well…I scolded him. I thought he He would be very angry, but he was not angry.” Xiao Han said, “It’s boring.”

“You scold him, what is his reaction?” Qin Anan asked curiously.

“He didn’t respond. When he asked me to go back to China, he would take you home with him.” He said this, speaking more slowly, “Mom, you will go back with me when the time comes, and he said that he will wait until the matter on his side is finished. , I will go back to find you.”

Qin Anan hesitated for a while, then nodded: “Okay, mom will go back with you.”

During this time, she tried every means, but couldn’t make Fu Shiting remember her.

She continued to stay here, with no use other than torturing each other.

Time flies, it’s night.

Jin Cheng has not gone out for two days.

The countdown to death was still on the screen of his new phone.

There are eight hours left until his death.

Inside and outside the villa, everything is normal.

He wanted to see who would come to take his life tonight!

“Dad! Drink water!” A cute little girl, holding a glass of water, swayed to Jincheng.

Jin Cheng looked at his daughter’s cute little face and immediately took the water glass.

Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344

When he was holding a water glass to drink water, he kept his mind.

“Baby, why did you suddenly bring water to Dad?”

If it was usual, he would never be suspicious of what his daughter gave him.

But he really couldn’t forget the death countdown on his phone screen!

He wants to keep his eyes open until three in the morning!

See who will kill you in the end!

If he didn’t die at 3:00 in the morning, it means that the hacker is a trickster who is pretending to be a ghost!

Oh, if he didn’t die at three in the morning, it would prove that the hacker was Fu Shiting’s son Qin Zihan.

Qin Zihan is not yet ten years old.

Although Qin Zihan is very powerful and can hack into his cell phone, with Qin Zihan’s ability, he can only hack into his own cell phone!

If he wanted to kill him, Qin Zihan was still a little tender!

Jin Cheng’s daughter blinked her round eyes: “The teacher said that I will bring water to my parents… I want to shoot a video and send it to the teacher.”

Jin Cheng noticed that his wife was standing not far away with a mobile phone . Filming.

“So it is!” Jin Cheng laughed.

My daughter is in kindergarten, and the teacher assigns various homework assignments every week.

When Jincheng was not at home, his wife and daughter completed it.

Jin Cheng blushed when he thought that he suspected that his wife and daughter would frame him.

He drank the water from the water glass in one gulp, and then handed the empty water glass to his daughter.

“My dear, will Dad stay with you more in the future?” The

daughter took the water glass and nodded with a smile.

After taking the video, Jin Cheng’s wife walked over to her daughter and said, “Baby, give Dad a kiss.” The

daughter was stunned for a moment, then obediently walked up to Jin Cheng and kissed him on the cheek.

“Acheng, when are you taking a bath? Do you want to go and get you a bath now?” the wife asked.

“I won’t take a bath first. Take your daughter to take a bath!” Jin Cheng said, and said again, “You and your daughter go to bed after taking a bath, don’t wait for me.” The

wife’s face was solemn: “Acheng, I know What are you waiting for? When I put my daughter to sleep, I’ll wait with you.”

“No! I’ll wait until three o’clock in the morning at most.” Jin Cheng had an attitude of ‘I’m not afraid of anything’. A fly can’t get in! I’ll be fine!”

“That was a hacker’s prank! You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Well! Take your daughter to take a bath first! I’ll watch TV for a while.” Start the remote control and turn the TV on.

Like Jincheng, who didn’t sleep, waiting for three in the morning, and Xiaohan.

Xiaohan did not play on the computer.

He lay in bed, waiting to return home with his mother.

He doesn’t like it here.

Every minute and every second here makes him upset and disgusted.

Jin Rong’er is completely different from Tang Qian or Shen Yu who appeared beside Fu Shiting before.

Jin Ronger is the youngest, and her childishness is superficial.

Unlike Tang Qian and Shen Yu, they belong to women who look very powerful at first glance.

And it is this kind of woman who doesn’t seem to have any lethal power, and is often the most able to seduce men’s hearts.

If he and his mother go back to China, but Fu Shiting stays with Jin Ronger in country Y, his mother will definitely be sad.

But long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. If Fu Shiting really fell in love with Jin Rong’er, such a scumbag, mother would not want it!

Time passed minute by minute, and soon the hour hand pointed to three o’clock.

Xiaohan immediately sat up from the bed and turned on the bedside lamp.

In the living room on the second floor, Fu Shiting was sitting on the sofa, not sleepy.

According to Xiaohan, Jincheng will die today.

He was waiting for the news of Jin Cheng’s death.

He glanced at the time display on his phone, it was already 3:15 in the morning.

Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345

He got up from the sofa and planned to go back to his room to rest.

If you don’t sleep, it will be dawn.

In a few hours, it will be time for him to negotiate with the second brother and the fourth brother on behalf of Jin Carrier.

Whether Jin Cheng died or not, today was destined to be an unusual day.

Just as his grandfather grabbed the door handle of the guest room, Xiao Han’s door opened.

He heard the voice and looked towards Xiaohan’s room – the

father and son looked at each other, and even if they didn’t say anything, they could know what the other was thinking.

Xiaohan didn’t expect that Fu Shiting would be like him, waiting until now.

It seems that Fu Shiting trusts his plan very much.

And Fu Shiting saw the result of this plan on Xiao Han’s face.

“Jincheng is dead.” Xiaohan opened his mouth and told the result.

Fu Shiting immediately turned on the phone, there was no incoming call or message on the screen.

“Are you sure?” he asked, his Adam’s apple rolling.

“You question me?” Xiao Leng said coldly.

“You murdered with a knife?” Fu Shiting lost all sleep and strode to Xiaohan, “How did you do it?” Xiaohan has already avenged his

mother, so it doesn’t matter if he plans to say it.

“I found out that his wife and the housekeeper had an affair. If they don’t kill Jin Cheng, they will die.”

Fu Shiting understood immediately.

Jin Kaili sent numerous bodyguards to protect Jincheng outside Jincheng’s villa. Unexpectedly, the person closest to Jincheng was the one who killed Jincheng in the end.

“Go back to your room to rest first.” Fu Shiting glanced at his phone, but there was still no bad news from Jincheng.

An ominous omen suddenly rose in his heart.

When Xiaohan entered the room, he said again: “Have you packed your luggage?”

“I’ll pack it now.”

“Well.” Fu Shiting said, “I’ll go see if Jin Rong’er has received any news.”

After speaking, He strode towards the master bedroom.

The door to the master bedroom opened, and it was pitch black inside.

You don’t need to ask, you can also know that Jin Rong’er has not received the news of Jin Cheng’s death.

Jin Cheng was dead, and Jin Kaili’s bodyguard would definitely inform him immediately.

Why did Jin Carrier not inform him of his death?

How is Jin Carrier feeling now, and what is he planning?

Just when he was about to exit the master bedroom, Jin Rong Er suddenly woke up.

“Shiting? Is that you?” Jin Rong’er turned on the light as he spoke.

Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy: “Your brother is dead.”

Jin Rong’er’s eyes were filled with two lines of tears: “How did he die? It’s your son…”

“My son was in the room and didn’t go anywhere. .” Fu Shiting defended Xiaohan, “It wasn’t him who did it. This matter has nothing to do with him. Remember?”

Jin Ronger nodded while weeping.

She quickly picked up the phone, but her father did not call her to notify.

“Did my dad call you and say that?” She hurriedly got out of bed.

“No.” Fu Shiting said inexplicably, “your dad didn’t say anything. I suspect your dad will do something next.”

“Since my dad didn’t call you, how did you know that my eldest brother is dead?” Jin Rong’er Walked up to him and wanted to know the truth.

But Fu Shiting’s indifferent expression said it all.

“I’ll go see my eldest brother!” Jin Rong’er strode to the closet, planning to change clothes and go out.

Fu Shiting: “If you go there without authorization, how do you explain that you knew about your elder brother’s death in advance? You go back to bed immediately and lie down. I’ll ask the driver to go outside to check the situation.”

Jin Rong’er swallowed tears in her stomach.

She put down the clothes she took out, walked to the bed, and lay down: “Shi Ting, if my eldest brother dies, my dad will be crazy.”

Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346

Fu Shiting didn’t answer her words.

He exited the master bedroom and called the driver. Ask the driver to drive out now and see what’s going on.

In this park, there is a main road, which can pass through the villas of Jin Kaili and Jincheng.

“By the way, let’s take a look at the situation at Jin Carrier’s house.” The

driver: “Okay, Mr. Fu.”

The nanny, driver and bodyguard of this family are all on Jin Rong’er’s side. And Jin Rong’er is facing Fu Shiting.

“If someone in the park stops the car and asks what you are doing out so late, you can say that Miss Rong’er asked you to go out to buy supper.” The

driver: “Okay!”

After talking to the driver, Fu Shiting went downstairs.

He did not turn on the headlights in the living room on the first floor.

He now wants to know the situation of Jin Carrier, presumably, Jin Carrier is also watching him secretly now.

Jin Cheng’s death was undoubtedly a huge blow to Jin Carrier.

Gene Carrier had a total of four children, three sons and one daughter, and now all three sons are dead.

So Jin Rong Er said that Jin Carrier would go crazy.

It wasn’t that Fu Shiting wasn’t afraid, but it was over, and it was useless to be afraid.

No matter what kind of madness Jin Kaili goes, he must ensure Xiaohan’s safety.

After some time, the driver drove the car back to the front yard.

The headlights flashed in front of Fu Shiting’s eyes, and he got up immediately.

After a while, the driver came to him: “Mr. Fu, the park is blocked. Don’t let me go out. I said to buy food for Miss Rong’er, but it’s not OK.”

“Jin Kaili’s house and Jincheng’s house…”

“Both villas are brightly lit,” the driver said. “It looks like something has happened. The eldest young master’s yard is full of bodyguards. There seems to be crying…”

Fu Shiting’s eyes drooped slightly . , began to think about countermeasures.

After Jin Cheng died, Jin Kaili blocked the way out of the park for the first time.

This move is really cruel!

“Do you know there are other exits in the park?” Fu Shiting can be trapped here, but Xiaohan can’t!

He must send Xiaohan out safely!

The driver shook his head: “Mr. Fu, even if there are other exits in the park, there must be bodyguards now. Are you going out?”

Fu Shiting waved his hand: “Go and rest!” The

driver: “Okay.” The

driver left Afterwards, Jin Ronger walked downstairs.

The tears were wiped from her face, but she looked very sad.

“Shi Ting, my dad just called me.” She held the phone in her hand, and when she opened her mouth, tears couldn’t help falling, “He said that the eldest brother was killed by the housekeeper. The housekeeper actually killed my brother!”

Fu Shiting walked up to her and said, “I’ll accompany you to see it now!”


When Fu Shiting stepped out of the villa, he glanced upstairs.

He must now meet with Jin Carrier to see when the park exit will open.

Jincheng’s house.

Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 The

two bodies were covered with white cloth, and beside them, there were people in black kneeling.

Fu Shiting’s eyes fell on the two corpses.

One belongs to Jincheng, and the other should belong to the housekeeper.

Gene Carrier sat on the sofa next to him, smoking a cigarette.

The smoke lingered, and the expression on his face could not be seen clearly.

Jin Rong’er squatted down and glanced at the two corpses, then squatted beside Jin Cheng’s corpse and cried aloud: “Brother… I don’t want you to die! What will happen to my father and me if you die? Big brother! Wake up!”

Jin Rong’er’s sadness was not faked.

Even though she is now Fu Shiting’s wife, her 20-year relationship with her eldest brother is true.

Even if eldest brother’s bullet hit her, the first thing she thought of was not to ruin the relationship between eldest brother and Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting walked up to Jin Carrier, and before he could speak, Jin Carrier handed a data card to him.

“Look.” Jin Carrier narrowed his eagle eyes and exhaled a thick ring of smoke.

Fu Shiting took the information card and saw Xiaohan’s registration photo at a glance.

This is the fake identity information Xiaohan used to come to country y. The information is fake, but the avatar is real.

“Does this kid look a lot like your son?” Seeing that he didn’t speak, Jin Kaili sneered, “I heard that your son is a computer expert and the number one in the genius class of Beijing University?”

“This matter has nothing to do with my son. It doesn’t matter.” Fu Shiting put down the data card, “He is just a child under ten years old…”

“Although he is under ten years old, his lethality is very powerful!” Jin Kaili put Jin Cheng’s mobile phone Take it out, press the power button, the death countdown above is gone, and now the screen is: gameover.

game over!

For Xiaohan, the game is over.

But for King Carrier, this game has just begun!

“I’m old, but I’m not old enough to be useless!” Jin Kaili’s voice was very desolate, although there was no ups and downs, it contained great power, “If you accompany Rong’er here, you are not afraid of me Your son caught it?”

Fu Shiting’s heart clenched suddenly!

The thing he was most afraid of had happened.

“Let’s follow the rules of the road!” Jin Carrier smashed the cigar between his fingers into the ashtray, and exhaled the last puff of smoke, “Use your son’s life for my son’s life. In this way, my son is in the On Huangquan Road, you won’t be too lonely.”

“No!” Fu Shiting clenched his fingers and shouted loudly, “Let my son leave, and I will listen to you in the future!” “Hahahahaha!” Jin Kaili laughed

wildly , suddenly roared, “Kneel down for Lao Tzu!”

After Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief, he knelt down in front of Jin Kaili in front of everyone.

Who knows, in the next second, Jin Carrier kicked him away!

“How the hell do you dare? You even dare to move my son?! Do you really think I dare not kill you?!” Jin Kaili’s eyes were scarlet, he picked up the ashtray on the coffee table and smashed it in Fu Shiting’s direction !

Jin Rong Er immediately rushed over and blocked his father’s attack for him.

“Dad…Dad! It’s not what Shi Ting did…”

“What’s the difference between what his son did and what he did?!” Jin Kaili looked at the blood spilling from the corner of his daughter’s mouth, His fists were clenched, and his body couldn’t stop shaking, “I shouldn’t have married you to him! He has no ambition to swallow everything from me! He can kill your elder brother now, and the next step is to kill me!

” No dad! I won’t let him do this!” Jin Rong’er knelt in front of his father and hugged his father’s leg, “Dad, please let Shi Ting go! I can guarantee that he didn’t want to kill the big brother! “

Jin Kaili looked at her daughter Lihua’s tearful face, her heart seemed to be split into pieces.

“Jin Carrier, let my son go!” Fu Shiting looked directly at Jin Carrier’s angry face, “I’ll pay for his mistakes!”

“He owes me a son, do you pay me back?” Jin Carrier As if hearing a joke, the corners of his mouth twitched, “Unless you never leave country Y in your life, stay here forever, and be the dog of my Jin family!”

“Yes,” Fu Shiting agreed to his request without hesitation, “as long as you let me Qin An’an and my son left together…”

“Hehe! Your life can only be redeemed for one person,” Jin Kaili walked in front of him, crouched down, and smiled wickedly, “Qin An’an and Qin Zihan, You can only choose one!”

Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 In the

villa, after Xiaohan packed his luggage, he was completely drowsy.

He was sitting in a chair with his schoolbag on his back, waiting for the moment to leave.

Just when he thought that Fu Shiting would not come to him tonight, the door was opened without warning.

Fu Shiting’s face appeared in front of him.

“Have you packed everything?”

“It’s been packed long ago.” Xiaohan got down from the chair, walked up to him, and looked at him, “Can you go now?”

“Well.” Fu Shiting hesitated for a moment. Said , “You go first tonight.”

“My mother won’t come with me?” Xiaohan stopped, “I told my mother, she promised to go back to China with me!”

“She can’t leave for the time being.” Fu Shiting Showdown with him, “You go first. I will find a way to send her away in the future.”

Xiao Han looked at his calm face and immediately guessed the reason.

“Did I cause you trouble by killing Jin Cheng?”

Fu Shiting shook his head: “If I were you, I would do the same. So, you’re right.”

“But my mother can’t leave now… .” Xiaohan frowned angrily.

“I’ll find a way to send her away.” Fu Shiting grabbed his arm and led him downstairs, “After you return to China, don’t come back. It’s easier to save one person than two.”

Xiaohan lowered his head, No answer.

Although Fu Shiting didn’t blame him for being too impulsive, Fu Shiting’s words were very clear.

He was able to leave tonight, and it was Fu Shiting who saved him.

It was refreshing to avenge his mother, but he lacked thought to leave this mess.

“You must protect my mother.” Xiaohan solemnly confessed to Fu Shiting before getting into the car and leaving, “If something happens to my mother, you will have no son of

mine .” Try your best.”

This was the first time Xiaohan stared at him for a long time.

He looked at his son’s face with a very complicated mood.

Considering the critical situation at the moment, he closed the door immediately.

The third brother was waiting outside the park.

He entrusted the third brother to help send Xiaohan back to country a, and the third brother agreed.

the night passed and the sun rose as usual.

Qin Anan stretched his back and opened his eyes.

The golden sunlight outside the window shines in through the curtains.

She got out of bed immediately, pulled the curtains back, and opened the window to let in the air.

Suddenly, something came to her mind, and she immediately walked to the bedside and picked up her phone.

Several pieces of information popped up –

Fu Shiting: Xiaohan has returned home safely. You stay in the hotel for now and don’t move. I’ll try to get you out as soon as possible.

Bodyguard: Boss! Jincheng is dead! He is really dead! Hold! Your son is so awesome!

Fu Shiting’s message was sent just after three o’clock in the morning, and the bodyguard’s message was just sent.

The hand she held the phone trembled slightly.

She wanted to call Fu Shiting to ask what happened last night. How did Jin Cheng die, whether Xiao Han was injured, etc…

But thinking that Jin Cheng was dead, he must be with Jin Rong Er and Jin Kai Li now, preparing for Jin Cheng’s funeral, so she dialed the number to the bodyguard.

“Boss, Jincheng is dead! It’s really heartwarming!” the bodyguard said excitedly.

“I know. Xiaohan has already been sent back to China. Originally, Fu Shiting asked me to return to China with Xiaohan, but now he only sent Xiaohan away alone. Does that mean that I can’t leave now?” Qin Anan paced around the room go.

It’s not that she is in a hurry to leave here, but she guesses that something terrible happened last night.

The bodyguard froze for a moment: “I don’t know! I’m having breakfast in the restaurant now. I’ll bring you what you want to eat.”

Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349

Qin Anan has no appetite, but next, there is still a long battle to fight: “Sandwiches and milk.”

“Why do you eat this every day?” The bodyguard complained.

“Then you can bring some.” After talking on the

phone, Qin Anan went to the bathroom to wash up.

By the time the bodyguard brought her breakfast, she had already changed.

Zhuang Xu came with the bodyguard.

“Close the door.” Qin Anan said.

After Zhuang Xu closed the door, the three sat together and began to express their views on what happened last night.

“I feel that things may be a little serious, otherwise, you two should go first!” Qin Anan put forward his own thoughts while eating breakfast, “I don’t want to involve you.” The

bodyguard and Zhuang Xu looked at each other, and the bodyguard answered. : “If you leave a patient here at this time, are we still men?”

Zhuang Xu: “Since you choose to let me operate on you, I will definitely leave here with you.”

Qin Anan listened to them He replied, very moved: “I just sent a message to Fu Shiting, but he hasn’t replied to me yet. I’m so moved that I can’t eat it. While the Jin family is busy preparing for the funeral, you two should leave quickly!” The

bodyguard leaned on the sofa: ” I’m not leaving! What danger can you have? Now Jin Kaili’s last son has also been killed, and he has only one daughter left. This daughter is also married to Fu Shiting, which means that the entire Jin family is Fu Shiting’s in the end. ……”

Zhuang Xu bumped the bodyguard’s body with his elbow, telling him not to lift the pot without opening it.

“Do you think Fu Shiting will stay here and live with Jin Rong’er?” Qin Anan lost her appetite.

The bodyguard immediately explained: “Of course I didn’t mean that. I just told you not to worry… As long as Fu Shiting is still in the Jin family, he will definitely find a way to protect you.”

“He doesn’t remember me!”

“But he knows that you are the mother of his child!”

Zhuang Xu glanced at the two of them and said, “Don’t argue. There’s nothing to quarrel about. , we’ll just wait and see.”

Qin Anan took a bite of the sandwich.

The bodyguard complained that she eats sandwiches for breakfast every day, but brought her sandwiches anyway.

Mainly because she was afraid to bring other breakfasts, she didn’t like them.

Jin family.

After Jincheng’s body was sorted out, it was placed in an ice coffin for preservation.

Jin Kaili asked the master to calculate the best time for burial, and the master said that the day after tomorrow is the best.

So the funeral will be held the day after tomorrow.

Jin Kaili came after the incident at 3:00 in the morning, and has not slept until now.

After all, he was getting old, and his body couldn’t take it any longer.

He was supported by bodyguards and went back to rest.

Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er entertained the guests of condolences at Jincheng’s house.

Originally scheduled to meet the second brother and the fourth brother at the hotel this morning, it was changed to meet here.

When the two heard the news of Jin Cheng’s death, they were very happy!

Jincheng should have died a long time ago! If it wasn’t for Jin Kaili who has been protecting this son, Jin Cheng would have died many times.

“Listen to the third child that your son did this.” The

second and fourth took Fu Shiting into the room to chat alone.

Fu Shiting: “That’s right!”

“What conditions did you agree to Jin Kaili?” The fourth child smoked a cigarette, breathing heavily, “Let me guess, did he ask you to stay in country y in the future and be a role model for him? Do cows make horses?”

Fu Shiting responded, and with his slender fingers, he took a cigarette from the fourth brother’s cigarette case.

He didn’t sleep all night, but he wasn’t sleepy, but he just didn’t know how to send Qin Anan away.

“Jin Carrier is so wary, he must have made more than just this request to you, right?” The second child narrowed his fox eyes and said slowly.

Fu Shiting’s smoke between his fingers trembled slightly: “He asked me to let Rong’er conceive a child within a year.”

Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350

It’s not just Fu Shiting’s verbal promise to want Fu Shiting to stay in country y.

Jin Carrier is not only selfish, but also very defensive.

The way to turn Fu Shiting into one’s own, besides making him his son-in-law, it’s best to keep his roots here.

Roots are his descendants.

If Fu Shiting had children in country y, he wouldn’t think about going back to country a.

“After Jincheng’s funeral, let’s go outside and talk.” The fourth elder glanced around and whispered, “In short, your son has done something that none of us have been able to do, and your son will have great prospects in the future!

” Jin Cheng asked for it by himself.” Fu Shiting shook the cigarette ashes into the ashtray, “If he hadn’t bullied Qin An’an, this would never have happened.”

“That’s because your son has something to offer. My son is five years older than your son. Now I only play games every day, and I have a headache when I see it. How did your son educate so well?” The

topic suddenly became the exchange of parenting experience.

“I thought you all knew that Xiaohan was not brought up by me.” Fu Shiting only witnessed Ziqiu’s birth.

I don’t know if Ziqiu will be able to solve the problem here on his first birthday.

“Didn’t he come back to you when he was four or five years old?”

“He has been living with Qin An’an. I rarely care about him.” Fu Shiting said, “Mike cares more about him.” “Tsk

, you obviously remember everything. Ah!”

“Except Qin An’an, I remember everyone else.” He opened his thin lips lightly, “Because of this, I don’t think Qin An’an is the bad woman Jin Kaili said.”

“Hahahaha! If Qin Anan is a bad woman , you won’t have a first child with her and a second child. You’re not a fool!” The second brother laughed, “But you did spoil Qin An’an too much before, you seemed a little brainless! It’s just a woman, there’s no need to catch up with yourself. business!”

“Yeah.” Fu Shiting came to country Y this time, and he felt a lot and learned a lot.

A momentary act of anger may be able to vent the unhappiness in my heart, but after the self-willingness is over, life must continue.

Only with absolute power and wealth can you protect yourself and your loved ones.

In the afternoon, Qin Anan asked Zhuang Xu to go out for a walk.

Xiaohan has left Country Y safely, which is one of her worries.

“I dreamed that Xiaohan was captured by Jincheng every night these few days.” She smiled bitterly, “Fortunately, there was no danger.”

“Your son has refreshed my understanding of children.” Zhuang Xu sincerely praised, “He You are still so young, and you have such great abilities. In the future, even if you don’t find a husband, you can rely on your son for the rest of your life.”

“I’m a little worried that he will go astray in the future.” She frowned, “He has a good personality. Fu Shiting is too similar. When something happens, he is more aggressive. If Fu Shiting hadn’t been here, he probably wouldn’t have been able to leave Country Y smoothly.”

This time Xiaohan came here secretly without telling everyone.

At such a young age, he already has his own opinions and the ability to implement plans independently.

But his age is here after all, and his mind is not mature enough.

“Fu Shiting hasn’t replied to your news yet?”

“No. It is estimated that he will not reply to my news before the funeral.” Qin Anan said, “Jin Kaili has been staring at him, and now that Jin Cheng is dead, Jin Kaili must be staring at him. Keep an eye on it.”

“Don’t think so much, wait for him to contact you!” Zhuang Xu comforted, “It’s really not good, I can do the surgery for you first.”

Qin Anan shook his head: “Jin Kaili doesn’t To let Xiao Han leave the country so easily, he must have made unreasonable demands on Shi Ting. This is what I am most afraid of. Often what I am most afraid of will come. “

“No matter what Fu Shiting agrees to Jin Kaili’s request, at least your son is safe now. This is the best outcome.” Zhuang Xu continued to comfort, “otherwise you wouldn’t be in the mood to ask me out for a walk.”

His comfort paid off .

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