When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1351 -1360 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1351 -1360 (Chinese)

Chapter 1351

Qin Anan nodded.

“An An, if you have the opportunity to leave here now, would you like to leave?” He raised his head slightly and glanced at the birds flying freely in the sky.

Qin Anan followed his line of sight, glanced at the sky, and said cautiously: “I didn’t take it seriously when everyone told me that this place is dangerous. But now I find that it’s really dangerous here, and it can really kill people. My own life You can gamble as you please, but I can’t implicate others.”

She called Zhuang Xu and the bodyguard, so she wanted to take them both out of here.

If there is a chance to leave now, she will not hesitate any longer.

“You can’t just gamble with your own life.” Zhuang Xu said, “Let’s find a way together and we will definitely be able to get out of here.”


There are fewer people on the street than usual today . Unspeakable depression.

“Do you think someone is secretly stalking me?” She suddenly looked around suspiciously.

The bodyguard who followed behind them said, “Boss, even if Jin Kaili wants to control you, just block you at the airport! If you want to leave country y, you can only go to the airport!” The

bodyguard said, let Qin Anan was empowered by Daigo.

In the evening, after Zhuang Xu returned to his room, he turned on his mobile phone and found Jin Rong’er’s number.

After hesitating, he dialed the number.

Jin Ronger said that if he had anything, he could call her.

At this time, Jin Ronger was resting in the bedroom.

She lasted from three o’clock in the morning to noon. After that, her body couldn’t hold it anymore, so she came back to rest.

Zhuang Xu’s phone call brought her back to reality from a nightmare.

She answered the phone and rubbed her aching temples.

“Jin Rong’er, I’m Zhuang Xu. I heard that your eldest brother passed away. Your condolences.” Zhuang Xu said politely.

“What are you looking for from me?” Jin Rong’er had a heavy nasal voice and her voice became hoarse.

“I want to take Qin An’an out of here, is there any way you can help us?” Zhuang Xu made his request.

Jin Rong’er sneered: “I begged you to leave a few days ago, but you won’t leave. Now my elder brother is dead, and my dad is mad. You want to leave at this time? There is no door!”

“Qin An’an continues to stay in It’s not good for you here.” Zhuang Xu calmly reminded, “If Fu Shiting recovers his memory, he will definitely find a way to escape with Qin Anan. If he doesn’t recover his memory, he will fall in love with her again.”

“I don’t care about his heart . Whoever loves him is fine as long as he is my husband! He has promised my father that he will never leave country Y in his life.” Jin Rong’er had trouble sleeping, had a splitting headache, and naturally couldn’t speak his mind. “Also, he also promised. My father, will have a child with me this year! When I have his child, he will naturally stay by my side!”

Jin Rong’er’s words made Zhuang Xu stunned.

“He agreed?”

“Can he not agree? If he doesn’t agree, how did Qin Zihan leave the country? I don’t care whether he is willing or not, he will have a baby with me anyway!” Jin Rong’er is not afraid of anything now .

The eldest brother died, and she was the only child left in the Jin family.

In the future, everything about her father will belong to her and Fu Shiting.

“Oh… well!” Zhuang Xu was in a complicated mood, not knowing what to say.

If Qin Anan knew what Jin Ronger said, she would be saddened.

Moreover, Zhuang Xu hadn’t told her yet that she had a baby in her womb.

Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 The

reason why Zhuang Xu didn’t tell her is that she was afraid that she would have the idea of ​​giving birth to a child.

This idea cannot exist.

Because this child must not be born.

If she were to have the baby, she would have to delay brain surgery until nine months later. Nine months later, it’s unknown what the tumor in her brain would look like.

Maybe she didn’t survive nine months at all.

Of course, if she’s lucky, she might be able to survive nine months before giving birth to a child before undergoing brain surgery.

But the chances of this success are low.

He was afraid that Qin Anan would bet on the odds.

In his opinion, if she insists on giving birth to this child, there are only two possibilities in the end.

The first possibility is that the child is born and she dies. The second possibility is one corpse and two lives.

So he couldn’t tell her the news anyway for her life.

For the past two days, he has been thinking about how to kill the child in her stomach without knowing it.

But I didn’t think of a good way.

After all, Qin Anan is not an ordinary woman. She is a medical genius, not easy to fool.

Fortunately, Qin Anan is just pregnant now, and he still has enough time to figure out a way.

At the same moment, Qin Anan received a call from Xiaohan in the room.

After Xiaohan returned to China, because of the time difference, he didn’t call her to report her safety as soon as possible.

She didn’t blame Xiaohan for being too reckless, because Xiaohan did everything for her.

If Jincheng hadn’t kidnapped her and insulted her that night, Xiaohan would never have killed Jincheng.

“It’s time for you to go to country b. Don’t delay your studies because of your parents.” She said earnestly, “I’ll leave country y when there is a chance. You don’t have to worry about me too much.”

“I’ll take Yun Xiaoxiao with me. Let’s go to country B together.” Xiaohan told her his plan.

“Why?” She was puzzled. “Why did you take her to country b?”

“She stays in country a, and no one cares about her.” Xiaohan explained, “Sheng Bei despised her. That’s why she was killed by Sheng Bei’s friends. I have to miscarry. I don’t like Sheng Bei, and I want him to regret it.”

Qin An’an sweated on his forehead: “Your uncle Sheng grew up in a different environment than your aunt, so your personality may not be suitable. It doesn’t mean that you Sheng Bei Uncle really hates your aunt. Besides, your aunt has a miscarriage, and your uncle Sheng is also very sad. It’s just that he didn’t tell you.”

After Yun Xiaoxiao’s miscarriage, Sheng Bei sent Qin An’an several messages to express his apology .

He said that he wanted to apologize to Yun Xiaoxiao, but Yun Xiaoxiao deleted him and refused to see him.

In order to avoid causing a psychological burden to Yun Xiaoxiao, he did not go to her again.

Qin Anan felt that Sheng Bei would not act, and Sheng Bei must really want this child.

It’s just that for a child of Xiaohan’s age, the world is black and white, just like he always thought that Fu Shiting was an unforgivable villain.

“Yun Xiaoxiao has promised to go to country B with me.” Xiao Han told her the result.

“Oh, she goes to country b with you, then what? Can you convince her to go to school like you?” If so, Qin Anan is very supportive.

“She doesn’t like going to school, she wants to be a model.” Xiaohan told her his deeper plan, “I will directly open a company for her in country B and ask a professional agent to take her and make her a supermodel.”

Qin An Ann was taken aback for a moment.

“I will pay for all the expenses.” Xiaohan added.

Qin Anan: “Since the two of you have discussed it, let’s do it! If you don’t have enough money, tell me.”

Although this plan feels a bit bold, it is better than Xiaohan sneaking to Y country.

As long as it can be solved within the scope of ability, it is not a big deal.

Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353

“Mom, Rila is angry.” Xiaohan changed the topic, “She thought I would bring you back, but she found out that you didn’t come back, so she ignored me.” Qin Anan was in

pain: “We called Video!”

“She won’t.” Xiao Han said.

“Then I’ll call her again tomorrow.” Qin Anan urged, “Don’t tell her everything here. I’m afraid she will be worried.

” , I was beaten.”

Qin Anan was stunned.

“I saw footprints on his clothes, so he must have been beaten by Jin Kaili.” Xiao Han continued, “I don’t hate him anymore when he strangled my neck before.”

Qin Anan had mixed feelings.

I don’t know whether to be happy that the father and son are finally separated, or to be uncomfortable with Fu Shiting’s current situation.

“Mom, when can you come back? Did he say anything?” Xiao Han saw that his mother had not spoken, so he continued to ask.

“I don’t know. Jincheng’s funeral is the day after tomorrow. He probably won’t be free until the funeral is over.” Qin Anan changed the topic lightly, “After you and Xiaoxiao arrive in country b, let me know. Also, Xiaoxiao’s The eldest brother is also in country B. I don’t know much about her eldest brother, so you should pay attention.”

“Got it.” Xiao Han didn’t take Yun Zhe seriously at all.

Time turned, and it was the day of Jincheng’s funeral.

The Jin family is a well-known consortium in country Y, so Jincheng’s funeral was broadcast live on TV.

The weather is overcast today with a drizzle in the sky.

Qin Anan could have watched the live broadcast at the hotel, but she still decided to go to the scene.

What if I can see Fu Shiting?

She wanted to know too much what price Fu Shiting paid to send Xiaohan out of here.

With Jin Kaili’s temper, it is certainly not enough to beat him to relieve his anger.

Because Jincheng is the only son of the Jin family.

She changed into a blue dress, and after taking the elevator to the first floor of the hotel, she went to the hotel store to buy a black umbrella.

She didn’t tell the bodyguard and Zhuang Xu that she would go to the scene to watch Jincheng’s funeral.

Everyone from the Jin family went to see Jincheng today, and no one would notice her.

She walked into the rain with an umbrella, and the cool breeze was blowing, alleviating her inner anxiety.

The memorial service was set up at the Jinjia Hotel.

The road in front of the hotel is subject to traffic control, and ordinary vehicles are not allowed to pass.

She took a taxi to the vicinity of the hotel, and looked at the door of the hotel.

She was afraid that it would be difficult to see Fu Shiting.

She stretched her neck and looked far into the distance, falling into the eyes of Fei Tianqi who came to mourn.

Fei Tianqi asked the driver to stop the car, and then he dialed Qin An’an’s number.

“Are you here to see Shi Ting?” Fei Tianqi teased, “How can you see it when you are so far apart? Come over and I’ll take you in.”

Qin Anan looked around and saw the luxury cars parked on the road ahead Here, I saw Fei Tianqi.

Fei Tianqi’s bodyguard pushed the crowd aside, strode to Qin An’an, and invited her into Fei Tianqi’s car.

“Third brother, thank you! I won’t go into the hotel, just let me have a look outside the hotel door.” She said gratefully after taking her seat.

“I definitely won’t take you to the hotel! If Jin Kaili gets angry and kills you with a gun, how can I tell Shi Ting?” Fei Tianqi laughed, “You want to watch the fun, why not? Come early? Look at the people standing in front with their cameras, they were here last night.”

Qin Anan lowered her eyes: “I decided to come here on the spur of the moment. My son told me that Fu Shiting was beaten the night before.”

Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354

“Oh, are you distressed?” Fei Tianqi grinned, “What’s a beating? Even if he gets a knife and a bullet, he doesn’t necessarily take it to heart.”

Qin Anan frowned: “Third brother, Shi Ting He’s not the same as you. He’s in country a…”

Fei Tianqi interrupted her: “This is country y. Don’t mention the past, including his case in country a, it’s already The past tense is over.”

Qin Anan’s brows tightened: “He will go back to country a. He said that he will go back when the matter here is resolved.”

“When did he tell you?”

“A few days ago!”

“Before Jin Cheng died, right?” Jin Cheng sneered, “The night Jin Cheng died, he promised Jin Kaili that he would never leave Country Y again.”

Qin An’an’s expression changed. He was pale, and his eyes were no longer bright.

“I can’t stand it anymore?” Fei Tianqi didn’t mean to make her feel uncomfortable.

But sooner or later she would know about it.

It was better for him to tell her now than when Fu Shiting told her personally, but she was completely unprepared.

“There are more things that you can’t bear, do you want to hear it?” Fei Tianqi shoved the tissue box into her hand, “If you want to cry, just cry quickly, so as not to get out of the car and cry later, it will be ugly.”

Fei Tianqi’s voice was settled, and Qin An’an’s tears suddenly fell.

“What’s more unbearable? You say it!” She wiped the tears from her face with a tissue and asked while looking at him.

Fei Tianqi softened.

He didn’t want to talk.

If he said it, Qin Anan couldn’t cry and burst into tears?

“Or… why don’t you ask Fu Shiting? He’s done tonight, so he’ll be free.”

“You tell me now.” She squeezed the tissue tightly, her tone was firm, and her eyes were firmer, “Don’t worry, I’m mentally prepared.”

“Oh… you can actually guess it . , if he stays here and doesn’t leave, does that mean he has to have a child with Rong’er?” Fei Tianqi raised his eyebrows, “If Rong’er gave birth to his child, would he be more inseparable from here? So, today, you After seeing him, you can basically give up on him.”

Qin An’an collapsed suddenly, and the tears fell like a flood.

Fei Tianqi: “…”

Are you mentally prepared?

She cried like this, how could he get out of the car? How to get her out of the car?

He can’t get out of the car by himself, let the driver tow her away!

“Don’t cry, I’m going to get out of the car.” Fei Tianqi coughed, “If you don’t get out of the car, I’ll ask the driver to take you to the parking lot!”

She stopped crying abruptly, but her tears remained silent. fall down.

Holding the tissue box, she twisted the car door with one hand, intending to get out of the car.

“Hey! You don’t have to be so desperate.” Fei Tianqi stopped her before getting out of the car, “If Jin Carrier dies, the promise between them can be overturned. But it’s not that simple to kill Jin Carrier. That’s it.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and got out of the car.

The rain is heavier than before.

She opened the umbrella and walked behind the crowd.

In this way, it is convenient for her to see Fu Shiting without being discovered by the Jin family.

She felt like someone had pressed the pause button. She was still breathing and thinking, but she couldn’t move.

Fu Shiting wants to have a child with Jin Rong’er and wants to settle here permanently.

This was the last thing she wanted to see.

If she was in country a, she could still think of a way, but this was Jin Carrier’s territory, and she couldn’t do anything.

She even thought pessimistically, maybe after meeting Fu Shiting today, the two of them will never meet again in the future.

Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355

Once she leaves here, perhaps Jin Kaili will not allow her to step into this land again in the future.

After an unknown time, a nanmu coffin was carried out by relatives and friends of the Jin family.

She saw Fu Shiting’s stalwart figure.

He seems to have become a member of the Jin family now.

Otherwise, why did Jin Carrier let him help Jincheng to help the spirit?

Soon, a group of people got on the funeral car that transported the coffin.

Countless luxury cars vanished from the sight.

Holding her umbrella, she followed the crowd and left quietly.

She didn’t take a taxi, and strolled leisurely all the way back to the hotel.

The bodyguard and Zhuang Xu were drinking tea in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, and they were startled when they saw Qin An’an walking in from outside.

They both thought Qin Anan was resting in the hotel room.

“Boss!” The bodyguard yelled at her.

She was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t react. She walked towards the elevator out of inertia.

Seeing that something was wrong with her, Zhuang Xu strode over and held her back.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re out of your mind, you shouldn’t go to the scene to watch Jincheng’s funeral, right?”

She then came back to her senses, “Well, why are you here?”

“Why didn’t you tell us when you went out? Zhuang Xu took her to the sofa in the hall and sat down, “What if you are in danger?”

“No one will pay attention to me today.” She gradually became sober, but her voice was cold, “Fu Shiting is for the sake of Send Xiaohan away and agree to Jin Kaili’s conditions. Jin Kaili asked him to have a child with Jin Rong’er and stay here for the rest of his life.”

Zhuang Xu knew this for a long time, so his face was calm.

The bodyguard was stunned: “Damn it! Then why are we staying here? Why didn’t Jin Kaili let us go?”

“Probably because Fu Shiting cared too much about An An.” Zhuang Xu explained, “To Jin Kaili As far as profit is concerned, An An can handle Fu Shiting’s chess piece.” The

bodyguard: “You have seen Jin Kaili through!”

“This is a good guess, you can guess it by substituting Jin Kaili’s identity.” Zhuang Xu said here , frowned.

I don’t know when I can get out of here.

He and the bodyguard just used the ID numbers of the three of them to try to buy tickets on the ticketing app. He and the bodyguard’s ID cards can buy tickets, but Qin An’an’s ID card cannot.

Nine p.m.

Fu Shiting and Jin Rong’er left the hotel after entertaining the guests.

When they came out of the hotel, Jin Kaili took advantage of the wine and took Fu Shiting’s hand, as if threatening and reminding him that he would wait to hold his grandson next!

A granddaughter is not good, a boy must be born.

One child is fine, two children are better, three children is not too much, if they can have four, five or six… He can set Fu Shiting free.

There was no expression on Fu Shiting’s face from beginning to end.

After he agreed to Jin Carrier’s conditions, he seemed to be out of his body.

Jin Rong’er knew that he was reluctant, but she believed that as long as she treated him tenderly, as long as they had children, they would definitely be able to change him.

Back at the villa, Jin Ronger put the bath water for him and asked him to take a bath.

He did not refuse.

After half an hour, he strode out of the bathroom.

His falcon-like eyes suddenly dimmed. He sees Kim Young-ah in a sexy nightdress standing by the bed waiting for him.

“Shi Ting…my injury doesn’t hurt much anymore.” Jin Rong’er approached him affectionately and untied his nightgown, “I know you’ve been very tired these days. You Just lie still, and let me do the rest!”

Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356

Jin Rong’er deduced from Qin An’an’s behavior of chasing love for thousands of miles and running to Y country to find Fu Shiting that Fu Shiting might like active women.

And she had been too passive before.

So tonight she has to take the initiative.

Unexpectedly, Fu Shiting lifted her hand away.

“Rong’er, I forgot to tell you something.” He quickly put on the nightgown and fastened his belt, “I have a problem with that.”

Jin Rong’er was stunned.

She suspected that she had heard it wrong, and Liu Mei frowned.

She discussed this issue with the nanny before, and the nanny said that he could have three children with Qin Anan, and there must be no problem in that respect.

She blushed in embarrassment, and withdrew her little hand at a loss: “Then you used to…”

“It used to be before, and now is now. Once a man turns 30, his physical strength will not be as good as before.” He Seriously admitting that he has a problem, “My problem is more serious than that of ordinary men. I can’t tell the world about this kind of thing, and I hope you don’t say it. You can have children with other men. I will put yours at that time. The child treats it as if it were her own.”

Jin Rong’er said, “…”

She shook her head instinctively after being stunned for a moment.

“If you don’t want to find it yourself, I can help you find it.” Fu Shiting looked down at her and discussed with her, “How about my bodyguard? Although he is your father’s, he is very smart. If you find him, he will It saves a lot of trouble, and your father won’t bother us again and again about having children.”

Jin Rong’er was stunned.

She looked pale and said unwillingly: “But didn’t you have a relationship with Qin An’an not long ago? Why can’t you?”

“Who told you that I had a relationship with her?” Fu Shiting retorted coldly, ” you saw it?”

Jin Ronger shook his head with tears in his eyes: “I didn’t see it…but I always thought you were normal, after all, you and Qin Anan had three children…”

“That was the past. If I It’s a normal man, and when I see a beautiful woman like you now, my body will definitely react.” His fingers brushed against her pretty cheeks.

She looked down at his body…he didn’t respond.

“Go confess to your father, or have a baby with a bodyguard, you choose.” Fu Shiting suddenly retracted his finger and asked her to make a choice.

She was in a particularly messy mood, and she didn’t want to choose either.

“Can I accompany you to the hospital for treatment? What if it can be cured?” she begged.

“Healing? Are you afraid that others won’t know that I have a problem?” He raised his lips and retorted.

“No…I want you to be healthy…”

“I’m healthy, except for that.” He confessed again that he couldn’t satisfy her.

A man wouldn’t say such a thing if it wasn’t really bad.

Her face turned ashen and her body went cold.

“If you want to divorce me, after a while, you can talk to your father.” Fu Shiting sat down beside the bed, “Now that your eldest brother just left and your father is depressed, don’t bother him with our affairs. “

I won’t divorce you.” Jin Rong’er sat down beside him, expressing her attitude, “Even if you can’t do that, I won’t divorce you. Shi Ting, let’s go to bed tonight, please let me I’ll think about it again!”

“Yes.” Fu Shiting raised his hand and turned off the light.

Today in the hotel during the day, he saw Qin An’an when he was sending Jincheng to the funeral.

The third brother told him that Qin Anan was here. The third brother also told him that Qin Anan was wearing a blue skirt today.

So he glanced at the crowd and found her figure.

Although he only glanced at her from a distance, he saw the tears streaming down her face.

That picture has always existed in his mind, lingering.

He always believed in his inner feelings.

Whoever loves him and who is using him will give correct guidance in his heart.

He already has three children and he doesn’t want any more. If you can’t take the responsibility of a father for your child, why give birth to a child?

So he would rather admit that he can’t than give Jin Rong Er a chance.


Qin Anan opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling in a daze.

Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357

After returning to the room from dinner, she has been in this state until now.

She kept asking herself in her heart, did she really reach a dead end? Is it really desperate?

No inner voice responded to her.

Because she knows better than anyone that in the current situation, she is not only unable to protect herself, let alone save her and Fu Shiting’s love!

Even if Fu Shiting recovered his memory now and called her to say that the woman he loved the most in his life was her, it would not help!

In the face of life and death, everything seems so insignificant.

About two o’clock in the morning, when she was about to turn off the lights to sleep, the screen of her mobile phone suddenly lit up, and a text message came in.

Seeing the news from Fu Shiting, her heart beat violently, as if she was resurrected from a dying state!

He replied to the message she sent the day before yesterday: Wait a minute.

After reading these three words over and over several times, ten minutes passed.

He hesitated whether to reply to him, and ten minutes passed.

Just when she made up her mind to send him a message and ask him about his next plan, half an hour passed.

It’s already three o’clock in the morning, he must be asleep, right?

Message him now, it’s too late.

Everything is too late.

If she had told him the truth earlier, he would not have come to Y country in a hurry.

If he doesn’t come to country y, he won’t become Jin Carrier’s pawn.

Or, if she listened to him at first and left country y earlier, Xiaohan wouldn’t sneak up to kill Jincheng, and Fu Shiting wouldn’t be bound here for the rest of his life.

One wrong step, one wrong step.

Her head suddenly throbbed violently. After taking a deep breath, she opened the drawer, found the painkiller, and quickly put the tablet into her mouth.

Fu Shiting asked her to wait, not knowing how long it would take.

Perhaps, she can do the operation here first.

Regardless of whether Fu Shiting can return to country a in the future, she will live well and raise their three children.

Painkillers work quickly.

When the pain in her head subsided, she turned off the bedside light.

A few hours later, it was dawn.

At breakfast, Qin Anan told Zhuang Xu that he could have surgery first.

Zhuang Xu was very excited.

“But I didn’t fall asleep last night. I have to go back to my room to catch up after having breakfast.” She didn’t fall asleep for a minute last night.

Very sleepy now.

“Well, don’t worry. As long as you agree to the operation, you’ll be fine in a few days.” Zhuang Xu said sympathetically, “I’ll go to the hospital to book a ward and an operating room for you.”

“Zhuang Xu, thank you!” Lift heavy eyelids.

“It’s not too late for you to thank me when the operation is successful.” Zhuang Xu brought her a glass of warm milk, “If you can’t eat anything, then sleep well before eating. Drink the milk first.”


After breakfast, Zhuang Xu went to the hospital.

Entering the hospital, he was suddenly attracted by a familiar shadow.

Why did Jin Rong Er come to the hospital?

He couldn’t help but follow in Jin Rong’er’s footsteps and followed her.

It was mainly because Qin Anan was not in a hurry to be hospitalized, so he let himself gossip like this.

When he saw Jin Ronger walking towards the male department, Zhuang Xu strode forward and stopped her: “Miss Jin, are you coming to the male department?”

Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358

A woman, coming to see andrology, is quite puzzling.

Jin Rong’er winked at the accompanying bodyguard and asked the bodyguard to step back first.

“Why are you in the hospital?” Jin Rong’er asked Zhuang Xu, “Are you coming to see the male department?”

Zhuang Xu scratched his head awkwardly: “No, I came with you.”

“You followed me?” Jin Rong’er frowned warily.

“No, you misunderstood me. I came to the hospital today for something. Didn’t I tell you before that Qin An’an and I are classmates? I’m also a doctor! I also eat with the vice president of this hospital, Liu. Over dinner!” After

getting his explanation, Jin Rong’er let go of his vigilance.

“I’m not here to see a doctor, I’m here to ask some questions.” Jin Rong’er woke up this morning and found that Fu Shiting was no longer around.

The nanny said he left early.

He didn’t say where he was going or when he would come back.

Jin Ronger felt uncomfortable, so she came to the andrology department of the hospital to ask about the men’s problems, whether they could be treated well, and the impact on having children.

She’s actually quite shy. Her family education is very strict. Before marrying Fu Shiting, she had no close contact with the opposite sex.

If she wasn’t forced to, she would never come to the male department.

“Consulting questions about andrology?” Zhuang Xu’s mouth raised a smile, “You see there are quite a few patients today, why don’t you ask me first, in case I can answer your questions?”

Jin Ronger said to the male department Glancing at it.

If she goes over, there is no need to line up.

It’s just that there are a lot of male patients queuing outside, which makes her a little embarrassed.

She struggled again and again, walked out of the male department, and decided to ask Zhuang Xu first. If Zhuang Xu didn’t understand, she would come and ask the doctor.

The two sat down in a breakfast restaurant outside the hospital.

Zhuang Xu had breakfast, so he ordered a drink.

Jin Rong’er didn’t order anything.

“Doctor Zhuang, is it true that a man can’t do it after he is 30 years old?” Jin Rong’er asked in a low voice.

Zhuang Xu choked abruptly: “No, isn’t it? Why do you ask that? Who in your family is not good?”

Jin Rong’er frowned: “Keep your voice down. Who do you think is not good in my family? Could it be my father? Even if my dad is dead, he won’t tell me!”

“Oh…then you mean…Fu Shiting?” Zhuang Xu didn’t think about him because he That should be fine.

Otherwise, Qin Anan wouldn’t be pregnant again so soon.

“Don’t say it. Otherwise he will be angry.” Jin Rong’er took a deep breath, “Last night my dad asked us to have a baby quickly, so when I got home, I wanted to make out with him, but he didn’t care about me. No interest. He said he couldn’t do that.”


Zhuang Xu wiped his mouth with a tissue.

This Fu Shiting is very interesting!

There is absolutely no problem with him, and he was able to refuse Jin Rong’er.

Jin Rong’er looks sweet and cute, and has a good figure. Most men can’t hold her when they see her.

But when Fu Shiting faced her, his heart was still in the water, which could only show that he had other women in his heart.

“Doctor Zhuang, isn’t this disease incurable?” Jin Rong’er frowned, “Of course, no matter if it is cured or not, he doesn’t intend to cure it. But my dad asked me to give him a baby… “

He won’t let you touch it?” Zhuang Xu said, “Even if it’s not very good in that respect, as long as it’s not a problem with sperm quality, it won’t affect fertility.”

Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359

“He won’t let me touch.” Jin Rong’er lowered his eyes, “Qin An’an can touch him, but I can’t.”

“Then why don’t you find a way to send us away?” for this purpose.

Whether you go to country a or country b, it is better than staying here.

Jin Rong’er sneered: “Doctor Zhuang, I didn’t expect you to follow me to beg me to help you.”

“You also know that Fu Shiting has Qin An’an in his heart. Only by letting Qin An’an leave here can your relationship with Fu Shiting heat up. I’m really trying to help you find a way!”

“Hehe, if I have a way to send you away, can I help? I hate Qin Anan more than anyone else!” Jin Ronger was in pain, “If I can’t give birth Child, my father will definitely blame me. Do I really want to have a child with another man?”

Zhuang Xumei’s heart skipped a beat: “You want to have a child with another man, pretending to be you and Fu Shiting?”

“This It was his idea. I think this idea is terrible! I don’t want other men to touch me!” Jin Rong’er said in disgust.

“Then you can choose IVF.” Zhuang Xu helped her find a way.

“He won’t give me his sperm.” Jin Rong’er said sadly, “He doesn’t love me at all.”

“Oh…” Zhuang Xuying reconciled, a bold thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Thought, “Miss Jin, if you can conceive Fu Shiting’s child, but the mother is not you, would you like it?”

Jin Rong’er: “……”

She looked at it madly He seems to be dreaming.

How can she conceive Fu Shiting’s child, and the child’s mother is not herself?

She didn’t change her mind, so she felt that it all seemed like a fantasy.

“Miss Jin, did you hear what I said?” Zhuang Xu reached out and shook his hand in front of her.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and she came back to her senses: “Doctor Zhuang, what you said just now is true? You can let me conceive Shi Ting’s child?”

“To be precise, it’s not that you can conceive his child, but It is to transplant his child into your womb.” Zhuang Xu said, “If you are willing, we will continue to chat, if you are not willing, then treat me as saying nothing.”

“I do!” In order to show sincerity, Jin Rong’er immediately promised, “As long as you can make me pregnant with Shi Ting’s child, I can promise to send you all out of here.”

Zhuang Xu didn’t expect the matter to be resolved at once.

At least for him, all the problems were solved.

He wanted to perform surgery on Qin Anan immediately, and Qin Anan agreed.

The child that Qin Anan had to destroy in his body and transferred to Jin Rong’er could be regarded as saving the little guy’s life.

Moreover, in order to keep Fu Shiting, Jin Rong’er will definitely regard this child as his own.

More importantly, they can get out of here!

“Doctor Zhuang, can you tell me who and Shi Ting’s child are to be transplanted to me?” Jin Rong’er smiled bitterly, “Could it be that Qin Anan is pregnant?”

“Well.” Zhuang Xu didn’t want to say more .

Jin Rong’er didn’t ask any more questions.

Because Jin Rong Er is so sad!

“He refuted me last night, saying that he had never done anything with Qin An’an. In order to avoid having a child with me, he would rather admit that he was not good at that aspect, and would rather be looked down upon by me than have a relationship with me… I’m so sad!” Jin Rong’er said here, tears pouring down like rain.

Zhuang Xu took out a few tissues and handed them to her.

“Miss Jin, feelings need to be accumulated over time. You have a short time with him. If you wait for a long time, maybe his attitude towards you will change.”

“Thank you for comforting me. Doctor Zhuang, when can you transplant Qin An’an’s child to me?” Jin Rong’er couldn’t wait to speak, “As long as it is successful, I will immediately ask my father to let him go.”

“Wait for me . Let me know!” Zhuang Xu frowned, “The transplant operation has certain risks and may not be successful.”

Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360

Although Zhuang Xu said so, Jin Rong’er was still full of confidence.

If she can succeed, then she can keep Fu Shiting.

As long as Fu Shiting never knows that the child’s biological mother is Qin An’an, then the child is hers!

After Zhuang Xu completed the hospitalization procedures, he did not immediately return to the hotel to find Qin Anan.

Because he privately decided to give Qin Anan’s child to Jin Ronger, if Qin Anan knew, she would definitely be angry.

But if she doesn’t, the baby in her womb will die.

Between life and death, Zhuang Xu prefers to let the child live.

Xiao Han’s face kept appearing in his mind.

What if the baby in her belly is as smart and capable as Xiao Han after birth?

Moreover, even if the child did not grow up by her side, as long as she told the child the truth about her life in the future, she could let the child choose where to live.

The more he thought about it, the more determined the plan was.

They are now trapped here and cannot leave, but as long as the child is transplanted to Jin Rong Er, they can successfully leave here.

Now operating on Qin An’an and leaving here are the most important things.

Back at the hotel, he entered his room.

Although he has firmed up his inner plan, he is inevitably uneasy.

After all, it was the first time to do such a thing.

He walked to the desk and opened the notebook.

He opened Qin An’an’s surgical plan and checked it carefully.

After confirming that it was correct, he frowned and opened the mailbox.

He was sure that he didn’t have the courage to tell Qin Anan about this in person in the future, so he planned to write an email to Qin Anan.

Of course, this email will not be sent immediately.

He clicked the timer to send out.

After turning on the timing function, he hesitated when choosing the time.

After one year, three years, five years, or when that child is an adult?

After struggling for a while, he chose to send this email eighteen years later.

When the child is an adult, when Qin Anan finds the child, he can let the child choose to live with the biological mother or the adoptive mother.

He picked up the water glass, took a sip, and then began to write the text of the email –

Qin An’an:

When you see this email, please think back to the scene when we were in country Y 18 years ago. Because this email was written to you eighteen years ago by me sitting in my hotel room. Please be patient and read it before contacting me. Whether you resent me or understand me, I accept it.

About a week ago, you said that your period was delayed. I took you to the hospital for a check-up, but you fell asleep on the medical bed. The doctor gave me your ultrasound form, and I was speechless in shock.

You have a tumor in your brain, the tumor is pressing on the nerves in your brain, and the tumor is still growing, you must have surgery as soon as possible. You also called me to help you in country Y because of this. How can you get pregnant at a time like this?

Of course it is pointless to pursue this. I thought about telling you this, but your bodyguard told me that you like children very much, and you have a stubborn temper. After knowing the existence of this baby, you may risk your life to give birth to this baby. I feel desperate.

Between you and your baby, of course I choose to protect you.

So I decided to secretly abort your child while you were under anesthesia.

As a result, an accident occurred.

You haven’t forgotten that your son Xiaohan came to country y and killed Jincheng with the help of the housekeeper, so we were trapped in country y and couldn’t leave, right?

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