When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1391 -1400 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1391 -1400 (Chinese)

Chapter 1391

After the meeting, Mike was extremely depressed.

If these executives quarreled with him, he might not have such a headache.

He called Zhou Ziyi out and had lunch together.

“Not only did they not blame me, but they comforted me in turn, saying that it wasn’t my fault and that I should not blame myself.” Mike took a can of beer and took a sip, “They don’t really want the company to go bankrupt, because there are so many of them. They all worked with Qin Jie before. I feel very sorry for them.”

Zhou Ziyi looked at his depressed appearance and felt very uncomfortable.

These days, he hardly slept well because of this sudden incident.

This incident was his ex’s fault, and it had nothing to do with him, but he blamed all the faults on himself.

“You’d better call Qin An’an and ask her what to do!” Zhou Ziyi said, “Go bankrupt or hold on, let’s see what she has to say.”

“She just had surgery, how dare I bother her with this. ? And she said that it’s okay to go bankrupt, which means she has accepted the fact that the company will go bankrupt. But I can’t accept it.”

“She can accept it, why can’t you accept it?”

“Because it was caused by me, so I I can’t accept it!” Mike drank the wine in his hand, “I only have one feeling these days, and that is Lao Tzu’s youth in the past few years, probably because he fed the dog! It’s not enough for him to hurt me once, and now he has to make up for it. , still such a deep knife, fuck! I really want to kill him!”

“Stop talking, drink a bar!” Zhou Ziyi opened a can of beer and drank it with him.

“I don’t want the company to go bankrupt. If Fu Shiting was here, he would definitely not watch Qin An’an’s company go bankrupt.” Mike gritted his teeth, “I want to endure until Fu Shiting comes back!”

Zhou Ziyi glanced at him: “You sure can endure it. that time?”

“Maybe he will be back soon!”

Zhou Ziyi didn’t answer.

He didn’t want to pour cold water on Mike.

It’s good to have hope. What if Fu Shiting really returns to China soon?

Blink, a week has passed.

Qin Anan couldn’t stay in the hospital and wanted to be discharged.

The doctor asked her to do a test.

After the film came out, the doctor let her stay in the hospital.

“Miss Qin, unless you go back to China to receive medical treatment immediately after you are discharged from the hospital, otherwise, I will not be able to discharge you from the hospital.” The doctor said, “You will need to stay in the hospital for at least one month to be more secure for this operation.”

“I feel that I have recovered . It ‘s almost the same.”

“Miss Qin, you are also a doctor. If you were me and encountered a patient like you, would you let the patient go?” The doctor said helplessly, “If I let you out of the hospital, what happened to you? ……”

“If something happens to me, I don’t want you to be responsible.” Qin Anan said, “I may go back to China. If I feel wrong when I go back to China, I will go to the hospital immediately.”

“Then you may not return to China. “The

two were pulling in the doctor’s office when Fu Shiting walked in.

“Mr. Fu, you came just in time. Miss Qin hasn’t recovered yet, but she is going to be discharged from the hospital. I can’t let her out…” The doctor walked up to Fu Shiting and complained.

Fu Shiting said: “Give her a discharge order. Let her be discharged.”

Doctor: “???”

Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392

“I will send someone to take her back to China. When she returns to China, someone will naturally take her to the hospital for examination.” Fu Shiting explained to the doctor.

The doctor heard the words and immediately gave her a discharge order.

Qin Anan felt that her life was being interfered with, and Liu Mei frowned.

She took Fu Shiting’s arm and walked outside.

The two came out of the office and walked towards the safe passage next to them.

“Fu Shiting, I’m not going back to China now.”

“I’ve already booked a ticket for you, you can leave today.” Fu Shiting didn’t seem to hear her words.

“I won’t go.”

“You have to go.” Fu Shiting’s tone was not severe. She is still a patient, and he will not have a fierce dispute with her. “When you go, I will help you to avenge.”

She has many The words were choked in my throat, and I wanted to say it, but I felt very irrational.

She wanted to say, I wanted to kill Jin Kaili with my own hands to avenge Zhuang Xu.

But she is still sick, how can she kill Jin Kaili?

Don’t kill Jin Kaili by then, but instead fall into Jin Kaili’s hands, making it difficult for Fu Shiting.

“Where did you buy the plane ticket for me?” she asked after a moment of silence.

“I haven’t bought it yet. You said before that you were going to country b, so I don’t know whether to buy it for you to go to country a or to go to country b.” He said.

“I’m going to country B.” She said hoarsely, “I’m going to meet Zhuang Xu’s parents and apologize to them.”

“I’ll go when you’re well! What should you do if they blame you?” Fu Shiting Said, “When the matter on my side is resolved, then I will go with you.”

She didn’t answer.

After a while, the doctor issued a discharge order, brought it over, and gave it to them.

Fu Shiting took the discharge order and took her to the ward.

She had already packed her things in advance, and the bodyguard was carrying her luggage, ready to leave at any time.

“Let’s go!” he said.

Bodyguard: “Go back to the hotel or…”

“Go to the airport.” Fu Shiting held Qin An’an’s hand and would not give her any other choice at all.

The bodyguards followed behind them with their luggage.

The bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief. Without Fu Shiting, Qin Anan would definitely find a way to find Jin Kaili.

Qin Anan didn’t want to die, but the bodyguard was still quite afraid of death.

The plane took off from country y and arrived at country b after several hours of flight.

Wei Zhen was picked up at the airport.

After receiving Qin An’an, Wei Zhen immediately took her to the hospital.

Qin Anan: “???”

“You have only been hospitalized for a week, which is not enough.” Wei Zhen explained, “You are honestly in the hospital, don’t think about anything.”

Qin Anan: “Brother Wei, you can let me in anyway. Go see Yinyin and Yunmo!”

“You stay in the hospital first, and I will bring Yunmo to see you.” Wei Zhen said calmly, “Zhuang Xu’s death has nothing to do with you. Although we have to believe it. Science, but I think everyone has their own fate.”

Qin Anan sat down in the ward: “Brother Wei, don’t you think these words are very fateful?”

“If we can’t change things, we have to accept fate.” Wei Zhen looked at her, “To change what can be changed, to accept what cannot be changed. This is what Professor Hu Qing told me.”

She listened and was very enlightened.

“You take a break first to avoid jet lag. Go for a checkup later, and then I’ll find a doctor to prescribe medicine for you.” He glanced at the time, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something first?”

“A little hungry.” She didn’t eat on the plane.

After seeing Wei Zhen, the feeling of grief eased a lot.

“I’ll buy it for you.” After that, he was ready to go out.

“Brother Wei, don’t you ask me what I want to eat?”

Wei Zhen stopped and looked back at her: “Aren’t you picky eaters?”

Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393

“Well, I’m not picky eaters. You can buy whatever you want, don’t buy too much.”


After Wei Zhen left, Qin Anan felt that her heart was floating in the air and gradually fell.

She lay down on the hospital bed, turned on her phone, and dialed Mike.

The call was quickly connected.

“I am now hospitalized in country b, and it is estimated that it will take ten days and a half to be discharged.” She told him about her situation.

“You finally escaped from the devil’s lair!”

“But Fu Shiting is still there.” She lowered her eyes, worried for him.

“It’s better than both of you being there. And Fu Shiting has dealt with them before, so he won’t necessarily suffer.” Mike said here, the conversation changed, “Qin An’an, I may bankrupt your company. .”

He had told her before, so she was mentally prepared.

“What’s the situation with the company now?” she asked.

Mike has never told her the specific situation, so she has no idea.

After Mike explained the situation to her, she was not so pessimistic.

“Don’t we still have the latest product to produce? Let’s boil it first,” she said. “It’s really not possible, we can cut off part of the production line first. Geckos can survive by docking their tails, and we have to find a way to survive now.”

Mike listened After hearing her words, her nose became sour: “Last night, Rila heard from somewhere that the company was in crisis. She gave me a card, saying it was the money she earned, and let me use it to save your company.”

Qin Anxin Terribly sour.

“I went to check the balance in that card today, and it’s close to 20 million! Why does she have so much money?” Mike was puzzled.

“That’s not Rila’s money,” she said hoarsely. “Rila’s card has always been with me. The card she gave you last night was probably given to you by Sinian.”

“Oh! I see . I said how did Rila know what happened in our company!”

“Si Nian always silently helped me when I was in trouble.”

“I’ll invite him to dinner another day.

” After thinking about it. I have a headache now, I will rest for a while.” She lay down on the hospital bed.

“Okay, now the company’s people are unstable, and it’s hard for me to leave. You take care of your illness, and I’ll wait for you to return to China.”


Three hours later.

Qin Anan woke up and opened her eyes.

In the ward, Xiao Han, Yun Xiaoxiao, and Yun Mo are all there.

Seeing them, Qin Anan wanted to sit up immediately.

“Mom, lie down.” Xiaohan strode to the side of the hospital bed and said to her, “I’ll call Uncle Wei.”

After Xiaohan went out, Yun Xiaoxiao and Yun Mo walked in front of her.

“An An, you need to get better soon. When you are discharged from the hospital, I will take you to see the company opened by Xiao Han.” Yun Xiaoxiao said.

Qin Anan nodded.

“An An, my sister really wants to come with me, but Wei Zhen said she can’t go out yet.” Yun Mo’s gentle eyes showed a bright and gentle luster.

“Yunmo, are you feeling better?”

“I’m fine. My sister has also gained weight.”

“That’s good.” Qin Anan felt more at ease.

Life isn’t all bad news after all.

After a while, Wei Zhen stepped forward.

In his hand, he held various checklists that she had previously been in country Y.

“An An, I took the test you did before to show the doctor.” Wei Zhen took out one of the sheets, “You had a general anesthesia the day before the operation, what did you do with the general anesthesia?”

“Zhuang Xu said Do an angiography again.”

“I didn’t see your second angiography! Besides, you don’t need to have two angiography!” Wei Zhen frowned, “Why did he give you general anesthesia? General anesthesia too. How could he do that? Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Chapter 1394

She felt strange.

She asked Zhuang Xu at the time, and Zhuang Xu’s answer was that the dose of anesthesia he gave her was less than the dose of general anesthesia.

She trusted him so much that she didn’t take a close look at the dose he was giving.

He said that he was doing a second angiography, and she also found it strange, but she didn’t ask him to see the results of the second angiography.

Now that Wei Zhen raised a question, she couldn’t answer it at all.

“What the hell is Zhuang Xu doing? With his professionalism, he shouldn’t mess around.” Wei Zhen asked in confusion.

It’s a pity that Zhuang Xu is dead now, so there’s no way to find out about him.

“Brother Wei, don’t you know conspiracy theories?” When Qin Anan said this, he felt his body carefully to see if there was any discomfort.

Her biggest discomfort now is the head wound.

Before the operation, she did not feel any discomfort in her body. She didn’t think Zhuang Xu would deliberately give herself general anesthesia and then take the opportunity to do bad things to herself.

It’s just that Zhuang Xu gave her general anesthesia the day before the operation, which was really confusing.

“Brother Wei, it’s impossible for us to know the reason for what he did. And I don’t feel any discomfort in my body. There should be nothing wrong,” she said.

“Do a full body examination!” Wei Zhen was worried, “If you have rested, go to the examination now.”

Qin Anan glanced at Xiaohan, Xiaoxiao and Yunmo.

“You don’t need to worry about them. You take care of your own body first.” Wei Zhen said, “You go to check, and the bodyguard will send them back.”

“Brother Wei, you are so strict with me now.” Qin Anan said angrily, followed by He went for an inspection together.

“Fu Shiting called me,” Wei Zhen explained to her. “He said that you are very self-willed now. When you found out that you were sick, you delayed the operation. After the operation, you refused to be hospitalized to recuperate…”

“Why does he speak ill of me behind my back?” Qin Anan frowned, slightly angry, “If he doesn’t go to country Y, can I do this? Why doesn’t he think about it?”

“I don’t care about him, I don’t care. I only know that you are going to be discharged from the hospital a week after the operation, which is ridiculous! If your teacher is still alive, he will definitely scold you.” Wei Zhen moved out of Professor Hu Qing, and Qin Anan became quiet.

After Qin Anan and Wei Zhen left, Xiaohan took Yun Xiaoxiao and Yun Mo out of the hospital.

“Are you hungry? I’m a little hungry.” Yun Xiaoxiao said.

Xiaohan: “Then let’s go eat! I’ll pack a copy for my mother to bring over later.”

“Okay!” Yun Xiaoxiao looked at Yun Mo, “Fool, are you hungry too?”

“I’m not a fool. “Yun Mo frowned to correct her.

“I’ve been calling you for more than ten years! If I don’t call you an idiot, what will I call you? Yunyun? Momo?” Yun Xiaoxiao bickered with him.

Yun Mo thought for a while, “You call me Yun

Mo.” “Tsk tsk, look serious.” Yun Xiaoxiao laughed and joked, “When I become popular in the future, I will introduce you to a girlfriend! Anyway, you Your face is still handsome. There must be women who are willing to support you.”

Yun Mo’s face turned red with a swish: “I don’t want a girlfriend, my sister and I…”

“Your sister will definitely marry in the future . Wei Zhen. When she marries Wei Zhen, how lonely you will be!” Yun Xiaoxiao continued to tease him, “Hey, speaking of which, you are now the boss of the st group!”

“I’m not.” Yun Mo corrected her, “Fu Shiting is the one.”

“You have self-knowledge! Even if my brother’s property is given to you, you can’t keep it. It will be snatched away in two strokes!”

While chatting, they walked to a nearby restaurant and sat down.

Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395

After ordering, Yun Xiaoxiao said to Yun Mo: “An An’s company is in trouble, I think An An must be in need of money now. Yun Mo, you are the boss of the st group now, you play the role of your boss, Give me some money An’an!”

Yun Mo: “Okay! What should I do?”

Yun Xiaoxiao: “You call Sheng Bei and say you want to invest in the Qin Group…or you just say If you want to give money to Qin An’an, he will understand if you say so. You are the boss now, and he will definitely listen to you. And he should also want to help Qin An’an.” Yunmo

nodded: “I don’t have his number.”

“I have!” Yun Xiaoxiao turned on the phone, found the blacklist, and reported Sheng Bei’s number to him, “Do you remember what I said to you just now?”

Yun Mo: “I want to give money to Qin An’an.”

“Yes! You said that after he connected.” Yun Xiaoxiao urged him to dial Sheng Bei’s number.

The call was made, and after a while, Sheng Bei was connected.

“Hello.” Sheng Bei’s low voice came from the phone.

After Sheng Bei’s voice came, Yun Xiaoxiao immediately winked at Yun Mo and asked him to speak.

Yun Mo looked at Yun Xiaoxiao and winked, his mind went blank for a moment.

After Sheng Bei ‘hello’ for the second time, Yun Xiaoxiao scolded Yun Mo, “You idiot!”

Hearing Yun Xiaoxiao’s voice, Sheng Bei was stunned for a moment: “What are you scolding me for? Is this your new number? “

No! This is your boss’s number!” Yun Xiaoxiao said angrily.

Sheng Bei was stunned again: “This is your second brother’s new number? Aren’t you in country b? Did you go to country y?”

“Can you figure out who your current boss is? Just your brain, How did you become the chief financial officer?” Yun Xiaoxiao mocked mercilessly.

Sheng Bei blushed immediately: “You said Yun Mo! This is Yun Mo’s number?”

“You don’t even save your boss’s number, do you look down on your boss?”

Sheng Bei: “Okay, don’t laugh at it. I’m done. Tell me, what are you looking for?”

“Yunmo, tell me.” Yun Xiaoxiao handed the phone to Yunmo.

Yun Mo took the phone and said politely to Sheng Bei: “Hello, I want to help An An.”

Sheng Bei: “What?”

Yun Xiaoxiao listened to his puzzled tone and immediately grabbed the phone: “Yun Mo wants to help Qin An’an! Yun Mo is now the boss of the st group, so he can freely distribute the money your company makes, right? He wants to give money to Qin An’an, you are in charge of finance, so this matter is left to you! “

Sheng Bei finally understood the purpose of their call.

“It’s good for you to have this kind of heart. I’ll call Mike later to see how much he needs.” Sheng Beidao, “Although Yunmo is the boss of the st group, not all the company’s money is his. Yes , I hope you two can understand this.”

Yun Xiaoxiao: “Then he must have a lot of money, right?”


“That’s not it. Give Qin Anan the money that belongs to him!” Yun Xiaoxiao said .

Sheng Bei: “Yun Xiaoxiao, are you using the st group as an ATM machine? Sooner or later, the shares of Yunmo will be transferred back to your second brother. Your second brother may come back at any time…”

“My second brother is back. , and will definitely help Qin An’an.” Yun Xiaoxiao said firmly, “You didn’t spend your money, what do you feel bad for?”

“It’s not that I feel bad, but I think you are too self-motivated. The current problems of the Qin Group are not only It’s the money issue, they need to adjust now…”

“Don’t tell me this, I don’t understand.” Yun Xiaoxiao interrupted him, “You go and contact Mike. If he asks for money, You pay him. This is your boss’s order!”

Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396

“I see.” Sheng Bei was rarely ordered like this, even if Fu Shiting asked him to do something, he had never had such an arrogant attitude.

He was not angry, after all, he owed Yun Xiaoxiao.

“That…you pull me out of the blacklist!” He continued, “I’ll talk to Mike later, and if I have any feedback, I can tell you directly. After all, Yunmo is not that smart. “

Wait until I finish eating to see how I feel!” Yun Xiaoxiao hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

After returning the phone to Yun Mo, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiaohan said casually: “Actually, if my mother’s company goes bankrupt, it doesn’t matter. This way, my mother won’t be so tired.”

Xiaohan knew the problems encountered by Qin’s group, but Xiaohan was not in a hurry.

He felt that after the company went bankrupt, his mother could rest at home.

In the future, he can make money for his mother without having to work so hard.

“But you and your sister are still in school! You have a younger brother to support!” Yun Xiaoxiao frowned, “I know you will make money, but you are still a child after all. In case you can’t make money someday What?”

“I haven’t thought about this.” Xiaohan never doubted his own abilities.

Yun Xiaoxiao blinked: “Then you can think about it now. Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to. You still have your father. He will definitely support you.”

Xiaohan was very speechless.

“Xiaohan, don’t worry. I will definitely work hard to improve myself. When I can make money in the future, I will definitely take care of you.” Yun Xiaoxiao assured, “Although you don’t want to call me aunt, you and your mother treat me well. Okay, I keep it all in my heart.”

Xiao Han was even more speechless.

In front of him, it is better to mock him for not being able to support his family!


Qin Anan returned to the ward after a series of examinations. When I saw the dinner Xiaohan bought, I was very moved.

“Xiaohan has a class tomorrow, so I’ll go back first.” The bodyguard explained to Qin Anan.


“Boss, are your physical examination results okay?” the bodyguard asked.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. Some test results haven’t come out yet.” Qin Anan felt much better than when he was in country Y.

Presumably because of seeing close friends and relatives, I was psychologically comforted.

“I think you’re in good spirits,” the bodyguard said.

“This is my second hometown. People will be more relaxed in a familiar environment.”

“Well. Your phone rang just now, and it seems to be your best friend.” The bodyguard reminded.

Qin Anan picked up the phone, saw Li Xiaotian’s missed call, and went back immediately.

Li Xiaotian answered her phone in seconds, “An An! I heard you went to country B! Wait for me! I’ll fly over to see you right away!”

“No, I’ll go back to China when I’m discharged from the hospital. Let’s meet again.” She didn’t want to trouble Li Xiaotian to run around.

During her time in country Y, Li Xiaotian often sent her messages to persuade her to return to China.

“Okay, An An, you must take care of yourself. I went to see Ziqiu today. Ziqiu is really cute. I really want to take him home and play.”

“I miss him so much. Call my mother, don’t call me now.” Qin Anan was a little sad, “He’s almost his first birthday. I hope Fu Shiting can go back to China before his birthday.”

“What’s going on with Fu Shiting now? Is he in danger? ?” Li Xiaotian asked.

“Even if he’s in danger, he won’t tell me. He can only come back

if Kim Kaili is dead.”

“Well.” Qin Anan’s mood suddenly fell.

After she calmed down, she didn’t even feel that she had to seek revenge from Jin Carrier.

Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397

Because there is nothing, it is worth making Fu Shiting pay the price of his life.

Thinking of this, her head started to hurt again.

“An An, I heard that Fu Shiting’s wife in country Y is very beautiful, so you’re not afraid that he will change his mind and dislike the old?” Li Xiaotian said worriedly, “He Zhunzhi used to say that the woman he liked the most was me, but I saw him a few days ago. Watching beautiful videos on your phone.”

“If he really changed his mind, it wouldn’t hurt me that much.”

“Yes. If he’s really that scumbag, you should be able to forget him soon.”

Maybe because of this call Qin Anan dreamed at night that Fu Shiting fell in love with Jin Rong’er and was willing to stay in country Y for Jin Rong’er.

In the dream, the two of them soon gave birth to a baby, and the family was harmonious and beautiful, happy and loving.

And she was in country a, waiting left and right, and when her hair was gray, she couldn’t wait for him to come back.

At the end of this dream, she fell ill on the bed and died with hatred.

She was in a cold sweat when she woke up from her nightmare.

She picked up her phone and checked the time. It is now more than three in the morning in country b time.

She couldn’t sleep, so she sent Fu Shiting a message: I dreamed of you just now.

Unexpectedly, he quickly replied: Only Wei Zhen can control you.

Looking at the message he sent, Qin Anan couldn’t help snorting coldly: I remembered the fact that you spoke ill of me to Wei Zhen in private. Next time we meet, I’ll settle the bill with you.

Fu Shiting: Let’s talk about it when you recover!

Qin An’an: I’m almost recovering. After coming here, I saw Xiaohan, Xiaoxiao, and Yunmo. Feeling better in body.

Fu Shiting: When you return to China and see your daughter and Ziqiu, you will get better sooner.

Qin Anan: Not necessarily. Maybe when I go back to China, I will be so angry that I have high blood pressure. My company may be going bankrupt. After I left for less than a month, I was slapped by Wang Wanzhi.

Bankruptcy is not the biggest headache for her, the headache is losing to Wang Wanzhi.

Fu Shiting: It’s not like you haven’t gone bankrupt before, take it easy.

Qin An’an: Are you so comforting? And my family went bankrupt before, so it doesn’t matter to me. I have never gone bankrupt since I started my business!

Fu Shiting: Aren’t you going to experience it right away? Failure is also a precious experience.

Qin Anan: Thank you for comforting me, I feel better. [smile] [smile] [smile]

Fu Shiting: Go on sleeping!

Qin Anan: I can’t sleep. what are you doing now? How did you and Jin Ronger sleep at night? Didn’t Gene Carrier force the two of you to have children? How are you going to have children?

Fu Shiting: I’m having breakfast. At night she sleeps in the master bedroom and I sleep in the guest bedroom. The child is going to have a test tube.

Qin An’an: Who test tube with whom? !

Fu Shiting: She randomly picked one from the sperm bank.

Qin Anan was relieved: Shi Ting, I thought about it, if you are not 100% sure that you can kill Jin Kaili, then forget it. Your life is important. When I’m out of the hospital, I’ll find a way to get you out.

Fu Shiting: You are already like this, and you still want to save me. move.

Qin Anan: I feel you are mocking me.

Fu Shiting held the phone and looked at the message she sent, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

Jin Ronger knew that he was texting with Qin Anan.

He only has a smile on his face when he is with Qin Anan.

Jin Rong’er’s heart ached slightly, and he opened his mouth to attract his attention: “Shi Ting, I want to tell you something.”

He put down the phone and looked at Jin Rong’er.

“I… I’m pregnant.” Jin Rong’er blushed slightly and told him the good news.

Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398

He heard the words, stunned for a moment, and then said coldly: “It’s good.”

“Well, I’m also very happy. I wanted to tell you the news last night, but you came back a little late last night, I’m afraid It affects your rest at night, so I didn’t tell you.” Jin Rong’er said gently, “After breakfast, let’s go to Dad’s house and tell Dad the news!”


After breakfast, the two went to Jin Carrier’s house. .

Kim Carriere is infusion. But when he saw them coming, he had a good look on his face.

“Dad, how is your health? Did the doctor say that you will need to infuse for a few days?” Jin Rong’er walked to the bedside and held Jin Kaili’s big palm.

“Today is the last day. Go to the hospital for a re-examination later. Let’s see how the recovery is.” Jin Kaili squinted his fox eyes and asked, “You two come here together, do you have something to tell me?”

Jin Rong’er With a shy face, he said with a smile: “I and Shi Ting have also come to see you together before! The reason why we don’t come together is not because you have arranged too much work for Shi Ting. He doesn’t have enough time to rest every day. “

A man should focus on his career.” When Jin Kaili said this, he glanced at Fu Shiting.

“Dad, I have good news to tell you.” Jin Rong’er smiled and said, “I’m pregnant. I just found out.” Jin Kaili’s eyes

lit up, a little surprised: “So soon?”

Said: “Don’t you really want to hug your grandson? Why is it too fast?”

“Hahaha! I just didn’t expect you two to be so fast. It’s good to be pregnant! I just don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.” Jin Kai Limei danced, “It doesn’t matter if the first child is a boy or a girl! I like them both! You are still so young, you will have more babies in the future.

” , is there anything like you?” Jin Rong’er coquettishly said, “When are you going to the hospital? I’ll accompany you later.”

“You’re pregnant now, just stay at home and have a good rest. I’ll review it, and I’ll be fine.” Jin Kaili said, and added, “If there’s nothing wrong with my review, we’ll have a party in a week, and welcome baby. It ‘s coming.”

“Okay!” Jin Rong’er agreed and looked at Fu Shiting, “Shi Ting, what do you think?”

Fu Shiting: “It’s good.” A

week later.

Qin Anan felt that her body was almost recovered, so she went for a review.

The inspection results showed that the recovery was good.

“Brother Wei, can I be discharged from the hospital?” She raised her eyebrows proudly, “You can’t ask me to stay for another week, right? I lie down every day and my waist is about to break.”

“It seems that I don’t need to live anymore. But You were making a fuss about being discharged from the hospital a week ago, but the test results at that time were not very good.” Wei Zhen turned over the old accounts with her, “I don’t even know what you thought at the time. In my heart, you are obviously a very rational person.. “…”

“Brother Wei, please stop talking. I wanted to be discharged at the time because I thought my body was recovering well. I think back now, although I was recovering well at the time, it was far from enough to be discharged from the hospital. I have realized that I was wrong.”

“It’s good to know that I was wrong. Don’t make yourself sick if you don’t want to be hospitalized.” Wei Zhen asked, “Would you like to rest here for a few days before returning to China?”

Qin Anan shook her head: “I miss Rila and Ziqiu so much. I can’t wait to buy a ticket to go back to China today. But let’s go back tomorrow! I’m also reluctant to leave Xiaohan.”

Wei Zhen smiled: “Fortunately there are only three children, if there are more Well, I don’t think you’ll think about it.”

“You don’t understand.” Qin Anan walked towards the ward, “I didn’t understand those who had children before I gave birth. Brother Wei, after you return to China this time, you will be old. Stay in the country honestly, and accompany your parents well! In the years since you disappeared, they have aged a lot.”

Wei Zhen: “Actually, I prefer to stay in country b.”

“But you will still go back to China. Right?”


“Actually, you can find a woman to marry and have children…”

“An An, please let me go!” Wei Zhen begged for mercy, “When I return to China, My parents will definitely urge me, so I won’t bother you to rush me.”

Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399

“Hahaha!” Qin Anan looked at him embarrassed and continued to tease him, “Brother Wei, how do you feel about Yin Yin?”

“Do you have to ask such a question?” Wei Zhen stopped , said seriously, “An’an, do you think it’s possible for me and her?”

Qin An’an’s smile disappeared: “Why is it impossible? As long as you want, as long as Yin Yin is willing, the two of you can be together. Before Yin’s accident, I think the two of you got along very well.”

Wei Zhen: “I think it’s enough for me and her to get along as friends.”

“Brother Wei, when Yinyin is over, you should ask. Think about it! If she is willing to marry you, and you don’t despise her…”

“How could I despise her?” Wei Zhen interrupted her.

“Since you don’t dislike her, then you can wait for her and let her decide what kind of relationship you two get along with.” Qin Anan sighed, “Have you never been in love? Why are you so passive?”

Wei Zhen frowned.

country y.

Today, the Jin family holds a party to entertain relatives and friends.

Jin Ronger is pregnant now, and there are bodyguards by her side all the time.

The bodyguard protecting her was not an outsider, but Pang Li.

Pang Li’s skills are good. In addition, he and Jin Rong’er have known each other since childhood, and they are as close as brothers and sisters.

Fu Shiting and Jin Kaili entertained the guests together.

“Today is the first time for our brothers to meet after their relationship broke. Come, let’s have a drink!” The third child raised his glass and shouted for a drink.

Fu Shiting said: “Big brother can’t drink recently. Let me drink with you!”

“I’m happy today, I’ll drink with you.” Jin Kaili held up a glass of champagne, and after clinking with them, he took a sip.

After a while, he became dizzy.

“Hey, I can’t accompany you to drink, I’m going to take a break.” Jin Carrier was supported by the bodyguard and left the banquet hall.

After Jin Kaili left, the third child laughed: “Jin Kaili’s body is not as good as before!”

“He is almost sixty years old, and he has to do it if he doesn’t agree with him.”

“Shi Ting, maybe you don’t have to do anything, At that time, everything in the Jin family will naturally be in your hands.” The fourth said.

Fu Shiting shook his head: “I can’t wait that long.”

“Then you must wait until Rong’er gives birth, right?”

“The child in her womb is not mine.” Fu Shiting took a sip of wine.

“Don’t say things like that outside. Otherwise, Jin Carrier will know and won’t let you go.”

“Well.” Fu Shiting glanced at Jin Rong’er.

She was eating and chatting with the female guests. Although Pang Li was by her side, Pang Li’s eyes fell on Fu Shiting’s side.

Fu Shiting withdrew his gaze.

He drank and chatted with everyone, and after a while, a slightly familiar face flashed by in front of him.

He looked at the figure, and saw that the man was carrying a tray and was walking through the banquet hall…

He immediately put down the wine glass and strode over.

Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400

Hasn’t she already left? How could she be here?

Fu Shiting had an ominous premonition in his heart.

About half a month ago, Zhuang Xu was killed, and at the same time, Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend came.

Naturally, she could not accept the news of Zhuang Xu’s death, but she still reluctantly cremated Zhuang Xu’s body.

Fu Shiting sent someone to take her and Zhuang Xu’s ashes to the airport.

He thought she had left that day.

But he just saw a waiter holding a tray, and that waiter seemed to be her.

She may have returned after returning Zhuang Xu’s ashes.

And why she came, it’s hard to guess. She definitely didn’t come to be a waiter, she definitely came to seek revenge for Jin Carrier.

Fu Shiting strode towards the room where Jin Carrier was resting.

Before he could get close, there was a piercing noise!

The men’s screams and the women’s screams were mixed together.

When he entered the lounge, he saw Jin Kaili’s chest with a dagger stuck in it!

And Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend had been kicked to the ground by the bodyguard, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Mr. Fu! You came just in time! I don’t know how this woman got in! Do you want to interrogate her first, or just kill her?” A bodyguard asked, stepping on the woman’s face.

Another bodyguard called an ambulance.

Just when Fu Shiting was about to speak, Pang Li strode in.

After Pang Li saw what happened, he immediately drew his gun and aimed it at the woman’s head.

“Don’t kill her yet!” Fu Shiting stopped immediately, “The matter hasn’t been investigated yet…”

“What’s there to investigate? This woman is Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend! She is here to avenge Zhuang Xu!” Pang Li recognized her identity after seeing her face clearly.

So Pang Li thinks that there is no need to investigate, just kill him directly.

“Go to the doctor first to stop the bleeding for your foster father!” Fu Shiting frowned and scolded Pang Li, “Didn’t you see him bleeding a lot?!”

Pang Li turned back and saw Jin Kaili’s eyes staring Like a copper bell, with a painful expression on his face, he immediately said, “Foster father! I’ll find a doctor right now!” After speaking, he quickly ran out to find a doctor.

After Pang Li went out, Fu Shiting looked at the woman on the ground.

The woman gasped for breath, lowered her eyes, and dared not look at him.

Although Jin Kaili was stabbed, he did not die. His eyes were looking fiercely at the woman on the ground.

Fu Shiting said to the bodyguard, “Take her out! I have a question to ask her! This is the Jin family’s hotel, how did she get in? I think the management should change!”

After he finished speaking, he walked out first.

The bodyguard immediately dragged the woman to keep up with him.

Not long after, Pang Li brought the doctor to the lounge.

Seeing Fu Shiting’s absence, Pang Li immediately asked the bodyguard, “Where is Fu Shiting and that woman?”

“Mr. Fu went to investigate how that woman got in.”

“Haha! I think he wants to let that woman go!” Pang Li’s words were settled, and another bodyguard strode in.

“Where is Fu Shiting?!” Pang Li asked.

“Mr. Fu killed that woman. Waiting for the ambulance outside now.”

“Are you sure he killed that woman?!” Pang Li frowned, not quite convinced.

“I saw it with my own eyes. He just broke the woman’s neck.”

“Where’s the corpse?” Pang Li was going to see the woman’s corpse.

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