When His Eyes Opened Chapter 141 -150(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 141 -150(Chinese)

Chapter 141 The

phone rang for a while before being connected.

“Hello, Uncle Zhou, I’m Qin An’an. I don’t know if you remember me.”

“Qin An’an? Of course I remember you! If it wasn’t for you, how could the company go bankrupt! You still have the courage to call me, yes It’s not that you can’t hang out outside anymore, so ask me to borrow money? I tell you, I won’t lend you a dime!”

Qin Anan listened to the other party’s angry tone and calmed down: “I don’t lend money. I am I want to ask if you have plans to change jobs recently.”

“Job change? Are you headhunting now?”

Qin An’an: “No, I want to rebuild the Qin Group. If possible, I want to use the former employees. If everyone is willing to come back, I can offer you double the current salary.” The

personnel director was dumbfounded!

“Are you willing to come back?” Qin Anan asked.

Director Zhou took a deep breath: “Have you made a fortune? Do you know how much is a double salary?”

Qin Anan: “I can afford it.”

“If you really can afford it, I will Of course I would like to go back! Who would have a hard time with money!” Director Zhou said without hesitation, and muttered, “Are you really rich?!”

Qin Anan: “It’s not a fortune. But it’s no problem to rebuild the Qin Group. By the way, you Help me find out, who bought the building of the Qin Group, and I want to buy it back.”

Director Zhou: “It seems that you are really here! You wait… I’ll find out right away. I will reply to you when I have news!”

Qin Anan glanced at the time: “It’s very late today, you can ask again tomorrow! I’m calling you now because I’m very happy to be back in my hometown.

” , after all, a sense of belonging is missing.

the next morning.

Qin Anan took Rila to visit the private kindergarten in the community.

Kindergartens in high-end villa areas are naturally high-end.

The kindergarten is built like a castle.

“Miss Qin, if you’re worried that your baby is not used to us here, you can let your baby study here for a day.” The principal likes Rila’s beauty like a little princess.

Qin Anan squatted down and asked her daughter’s opinion: “Baby, do you want to try it? You go to school here, and grandma picks you up every day, it will be much more convenient.”

Rila’s small hands were clenched into pink fists, and her obsidian-like eyes looked at She: “Mom, are you going to take my brother to another school? Can I stay with my brother?”

Qin Anan touched her daughter’s head and explained softly, “No. Rila, brother’s situation is different from You are different. When my brother can go to school with you, Mom will let him come to accompany you as soon as possible, okay?”

Rila looked regretful, but nodded anyway.

After handing over his daughter to the principal, Qin Anan returned home.

Zhang Yun is washing dishes in the kitchen.

Xiaohan squatted on the ground and played with new toys.

Qin Anan walked up to his son and said softly, “Xiaohan, can you go to the new school with your mother? Let’s go and see first. If you don’t like us, come back.”

Xiaohan put away the toys and stood up.

He is very obedient most of the time.

Like visiting a new school, you can also cooperate.

But not in school.

Qin Anan took him to try many kindergartens, public and private, but none of them failed.

She even invited a teacher to teach him one-on-one at home, but it still didn’t work.

She didn’t want to send her son to a special school, but right now, she couldn’t think of a better way than to send her to a special school.

Ahn’Qiraj International College is a famous high-end special college in country A.

The high tuition fees shut out 99 percent of the population.

Apart from that, it is a member referral system.

Qin An’an asked for a relationship before he got a place.

The taxi stopped at the gate of Ahn’Qiraj International College.

Qin Anan took his son out of the car and went to the gate to register.

At this time, a black Rolls-Royce drove over from the courtyard.

Qin Anan turned around after registering, and his eyes met the luxury car unexpectedly——

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 The

black Rolls-Royce slowed down and waited for the power retractable doors to open.

Qin Anan almost subconsciously hugged Xiaohan and turned his back.

After a while, the body was like a shadow, flashing by!

Xiaohan looked at the luxury car that left, and then looked up at his mother’s panicked expression, feeling that her mother might know the person in that car.

Xiaohan has never seen her mother afraid of anyone.

He became interested here.

After entering the school, the person in charge took the mother and son to visit the school environment.

It is worthy of being the best special school in country A. Not only is the environment beautiful and picturesque, but also the teachers and various facilities are top-notch in the world.

Although the tuition is very expensive, Qin Anan is quite satisfied here.

“Xiaohan, shall we try it here? Mom will bring you every morning and pick you up in the evening, okay?” Qin Anan took his son aside and discussed with him.

If Xiaohan shook his head, she would not force him.

Even if he is different from ordinary people, he is still her most beloved baby.

It’s a big deal, she’ll keep him for the rest of her life.

At this time, Xiaohan nodded.

Qin Anan was stunned.

Is she right? My son agreed!

“Baby, did you agree?” Qin Anan took a deep breath.

Xiaohan looked at her with bright eyes and nodded again.

Qin Anan hugged him, her eyes red with excitement.

Although this is only the first step, it is a big step forward compared to before.

ten o’clock in the morning.

Lawyer Wang finally got through to Fu Shiting’s phone.

“Hello Mr. Fu, I’m Qin An’an, Miss Qin’s attorney. My surname is Wang… I called you this time because Miss Qin has returned to China.” Attorney Wang was afraid that he would hang up, so he said Get to the point quickly.

Sure enough, Fu Shiting didn’t hang up.

Lawyer Wang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s right, Miss Qin called me last night and asked me to contact you again today. Her desire to divorce you remains unchanged, and she hopes you can sign the agreement as soon as possible. Otherwise, She’s going to sue for divorce.”

Over the phone, Fu Shiting’s breathing was obviously heavier.

Attorney Wang: “Mr. Fu, I don’t quite understand why you refuse to get a divorce. Miss Qin doesn’t want anything, she just wants to dissolve the marriage with you. For you, there is no loss!”

Fu Shiting listened to the other party’s noisy voice , raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows: “It’s okay to divorce, let her come and talk to me in person!”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Lawyer Wang relayed his answer to Qin Anan.

“Miss Qin, why don’t you go to him directly? He said that if you go to him in person, he will divorce you!”

Qin Anan thought for a moment and asked, “If I don’t divorce him, it shouldn’t affect my life, right? Lawyer Wang was stunned: “

It will definitely affect! First of all, the money you earn now belongs to your marital property…”

Qin Anan: “Don’t be funny, he earns more than me. I’m not afraid, nor am I.”

Attorney Wang: “But you signed an agreement not to want his property, and he didn’t say that he didn’t want your property?”

Qin Anan: “Oh, if he dares to ask for it, I’ll give it to him.”

Wang Lawyer: “Is your relationship broken or not? Why can’t I understand?”

Qin Anan: “It broke.”

Lawyer Wang: “Oh! Are you going to sue for divorce next? The procedure is very troublesome, so you might as well talk to him directly.”

Qin Anan frowned: “I’ll think about it again.”

Lawyer Wang: “Okay. Yes, I hope your divorce goes well.” After a pause, he wondered, “Actually, I still don’t understand why you want to divorce Fu Shiting. That’s Fu Shiting! How many women want to marry him, but you have to marry him. He is divorced.”

Qin Anan: “I wish you a prosperous business.” After that, she hung up the phone.


Chapter 143

Chapter 143

She really doesn’t want to go to Fu Shiting.

The Rolls-Royce I met today at the Ahn’Qiraj International Academy is different from the Rolls-Royce four years ago.

After all, he can’t drive a car for four years.

But the driver, is his former driver.

How could he go to special school?

Could it be that… that school was his investment?

Even if he invested in it, he should not ask about the specific operation of the school.

After all, such a big ST group is enough for him to worry about.

lunch time.

Zhou Ziyi saw that Fu Shiting’s expression was cold and frowning, so he explained: “Boss, although Professor Hu has a lot of students, we will look for them one by one, and we will definitely find the person Professor Hu said.”

Fu Shiting: “Qin Anan has returned to China. .”

His voice was bleak and dull.

It seems that there is no emotion, and it seems that all emotions are poured into it.

Zhou Ziyi suddenly came back to his senses: “Did she contact you?”

“No, but it’s almost time.” Fu Shiting finally picked up his chopsticks, “She wants to divorce me, I asked her lawyer to tell her that she wants a divorce, so I will find it myself. Me.”

Zhou Ziyi: “What if she doesn’t come to you? After all, whether you are divorced or not doesn’t seem to affect your respective lives.”

Fu Shiting looked at him with cold eyes.

Zhou Ziyi immediately shut up.

Sheng Bei ordered a bottle of wine, and then asked him: “Shi Ting, what is your attitude towards her now? If I were you, I would definitely hate her, but I feel like you not only don’t hate her, but also want to see her.. …” When the

wine was served, Fu Shiting poured himself a glass.

After taking a sip of wine, his voice was clear: “I hate it, but I definitely don’t love her anymore.”

If he still loved her, he would have signed a divorce agreement and set her free.

Four years ago, he gave everything he could give her, his money, his body and mind, his soul, all to her unconditionally.

But in the end, she was ruthlessly thrown to the ground.

At that moment, he deeply realized what an unforgettable pain is.

Everyone should have the right to privacy, but she insisted that he open up all his privacy.

If he had the courage and ability to open up, he wouldn’t suffer from mental illness.

She said she loved him, making him think he had everything, but turned around and tore everything up.

He swore that he would never fall in love with any woman again.

I won’t love her anymore.

“It’s fine if you don’t love it. I thought Qin An’an was different from other women, but I didn’t expect her to hurt you more.” Sheng Bei raised the glass and drank with him, “Ziyi and I will always accompany you.” The

glass touched, Zhou Ziyi Something suddenly came to mind: “Boss, your property manager told me today that someone came to ask the price of the Qin Group building in the morning, and that person wanted to buy it.”

“Who?” White.

“I checked and it’s the former HR director of the Qin Group.”

“Are you sure he has the ability to buy the Qin Group building?” Fu Shiting questioned.

Zhou Ziyi hadn’t had time to investigate the other party’s economic situation.

He had to first determine whether Fu Shiting would sell it.

“Boss, if you want to sell, I’ll make an appointment with him for an interview. What price do you plan to sell?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes flickered, and then his body tightened.

Sheng Bei saw the change in his mood, and quickly guessed what he was thinking: “Don’t you guess who is going to buy the Qin Group building…”

Fu Shiting interrupted him and said to Zhou Zi. Yi opened his mouth: “Ziyi, have you revealed your identity?”

Zhou Ziyi shook his head: “Not yet. He only found your property manager.”

“You asked Property to verify the asset certificate of the other party. If he didn’t buy it, Let him bring the person he wants to buy out to meet.” Fu Shiting said sharply.

Chapter 144

Chapter 144 At two o’clock in the

afternoon, Qin Anan received a call from Director Zhou.

“An An, when are you free? The other party made an appointment with us to meet and talk. By the way, do you have proof of assets? This building, at the current market price, costs at least 500 million.”

Director Zhou said, Qin An’an was startled for a moment: “If I remember correctly, this building sold for 250 million yuan at the beginning.”

“Yeah! That building has a good location. The house price has risen in the past two years, and its value will naturally follow.”

” Well. I’m not free today, let’s make an appointment tomorrow!”

“Okay, I’ll reply to them now.”

Qin Anan made an appointment with Li Xiaotian in the afternoon.

In the past few years, the two of them have kept in touch. Although there is not much contact, the relationship is still there.

The two met in a western restaurant.

Li Xiaotian held a bouquet of fiery red roses in her hands, and when she saw Qin An’an, she gave her a big hug.

“Qin An’an! You are finally willing to come back! If you don’t come back, I will consider breaking up with you!” In

the past four years, they have met twice in total.

Both times, Li Xiaotian went abroad to find her.

Qin Anan picked up the rose, smelled it, and flattered: “The flowers my girlfriend gave are fragrance.”

“Qin Anan, I wanted to pretend that I didn’t know you, but I couldn’t help it! Tell me why you are so cruel. , I haven’t come back once in four years!” Li Xiaotian pressed her down on the sofa and sat down, “When you come back this time, shouldn’t you go abroad again?”

“I will definitely go abroad! For example… .. traveling abroad or something.”

“It looks like you’re in a good mood! You know how to make fun of me! Where do you live now?” Li Xiao dessert ordered a few signature dishes and handed the menu to her.

Qin Anan glanced at the menu, and then passed the menu to the waiter.

“I live in Xinghewan now.” Li Xiaotian’s eyes widened: “Is that the famous Xinghewan

villa area?”

Qin Anan nodded: “I made some money abroad.”

The villas are all tens of millions! You didn’t make a little money, you made a lot of money! How did you make it? Can you take me with you?” Li Xiaotian blinked her eyes and joked deliberately.

Qin Anan wrote lightly: “I started a company in partnership with others. I didn’t expect the benefits to be good.

” My parents were also suspicious, so they refused to let me marry him.” Li Xiaotian stretched out five fingers, “I’ve been with him for almost five years…I don’t know if I still How long can it last.”

“Didn’t you say that as long as he goes home to inherit the family business, your parents will promise you to marry him?”

“Yes! But that bastard He Zhunzhi refuses to go back to inherit the family business! He said You can fall in love with me for a lifetime, anyway, the little money he earns is enough to support me.” Li Xiaotian pretended to wipe away tears, “An An, I’m too hard! I may not be able to marry in my life.”

“It’s okay, if you really If you really want to get married, you can marry me. I can also support you. Our country does not allow same-sex marriage, we can go abroad to get married. ” Qin Anan comforted her.

Li Xiaotian made a ‘puff’, and the water in her mouth almost spurted out.

“An An, seriously, why did you divorce Fu Shiting? Could it be that he cheated on him? But I didn’t hear that he had a woman outside! In the years after you went abroad, he didn’t find a girlfriend.” Li Xiaotian used to I’m embarrassed to ask, now Qin An’an is in front of him, so he asked all the questions he wanted to ask.

“Xiao Tian, ​​if He Zhunzhi has another woman in his heart, but that woman doesn’t usually appear in your life, can you accept it?” Qin Anan asked back.

Li Xiaotian suddenly realized: “You mean that Fu Shiting has another woman in his heart?!”

Qin Anan took a sip: “It’s all over. I broke up with him for so long, and now there is only the process of divorce.”

“I didn’t expect it. He is so good at pretending. Friends around him think that you hurt him, that he is the most innocent man in the world, and that you are the most vicious woman in the world…I want to vomit now.”

” Don’t vomit, don’t interfere with my meal.” Qin An’an was calm and did not see any waves on his face.

“Okay! Let’s not mention that unlucky man! What are your future career plans?”

“I plan to rebuild my dad’s company.”

Chapter 145

Chapter 145

Li Xiaotian was shocked and looked at her for a moment: “How much money did you make?!”

Qin Anan: “It is my wish to rebuild my father’s company. Do you understand the wish? It may not come true. Li Xiaotian breathed a sigh of relief: “

With your background, He Zhunzhi and I are like two wastes. So I must hug your thighs… or I’ll introduce you to a boyfriend.” I have a cousin who is very handsome and young. He is only 19 years old this year. The important thing is that he is very good…”

Qin Anan said, “Li Xiaotian, don’t hurt me. “

You don’t like small ones? Do you like old ones? Old ones are fine too! My fitness instructor is forty years old this year, don’t look at his age, but every time I see his muscles, I will Drooling… You wrapped him up and let him do laundry, cook and warm the bed for you at home every day…”

Qin Anan sighed.

After breaking up with Fu Shiting, she completely lost interest in men.

She didn’t want it, whether it was a small milk dog or a big wolf dog.

After afternoon tea, Qin Anan, accompanied by Li Xiaotian, went to the 4S store to buy a car.

Li Xiaotian asked her to buy a Mercedes-Benz, but she liked Land Rover.

“How about this one? It looks pretty good.” Qin Anan pointed to the Range Rover Sport and asked Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian pointed to the price tag on the car: “Qin An’an, as long as your wallet can handle it, this car is of course very good! A million-dollar car, can it be good?”

Qin An’an took out the bank card and handed it to Salesperson: “Just this one.”

She will go to school to pick up Xiaohan later, and it is inconvenient to take a taxi.


Qin Anan drove to Ahn’Qiraj International College.

The teacher handed Xiaohan to Qin An’an, and said with a smile, “Xiaohan is very good, and I get along very well with him.”

Qin Anan looked at his son in surprise: “Xiaohan, is what the teacher said true?” Xiaohan put his

hands in his pockets and tapped his chin.

Qin An’an’s eyes were wet with excitement.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohan is willing to go to Ahn’Qiraj Academy to study!

Ahn’Qiraj Academy really lives up to its reputation!

Millions of tuition fees a year, not paid in vain!

the next day.


After Qin Anan and Director Zhou met, they went to the agreed coffee shop together.

“An An, have you brought proof of assets?” Director Zhou looked at her empty-handed and a little nervous.

Qin An’an: “Let’s see how much they offer first.”

Director Zhou: “I asked, and he said it was at the market price. But later he said to meet and chat.” When he

arrived at the coffee shop, Qin Anan ordered a cup of coffee first.

The appointment is to meet at ten o’clock in the morning.

After Qin An’an’s coffee was served, it just came to the appointed time.

The glass door of the coffee shop was pushed open –

Qin Anan looked up.

Two men strode in, and one of them looked so familiar!

Chapter 146

Chapter 146

When Zhou Ziyi saw Qin An’an, the calmness on his face disappeared.

Unexpectedly, the person who wanted to buy the Qin Group Building turned out to be Qin An’an!

Qin An’an’s heart was also completely messy.

Why did Fu Shiting’s assistant appear here?

Could it be…

Director Zhou saw them coming, got up immediately, and greeted the property manager: “Manager Zhang, who is next to you?”

Manager Zhang introduced: “This is Fu Shiting’s assistant Zhou Ziyi. Qin Group Mr. Fu asked me to buy it for him.”

Director Zhou nodded and greeted Zhou Ziyi: “Hello Assistant Zhou.”

Zhou Ziyi shook hands with him: “Hello.”

“I’ll give Let me introduce you! The one who wants to buy the Qin Group Building is Qin Anan, the eldest daughter of my former boss, Qin Jie.” Director Zhou introduced Qin Anan to them, “Back then, the group had to go bankrupt. I want to buy the building back and rebuild the Qin Group.” Qin

Anan felt that the surroundings were surprisingly quiet.

She couldn’t listen to what Director Zhou said.

She just felt sarcastic!

Why did fate make fun of her like this!

If Fu Shiting knew that she was the one who wanted to buy the building, would he sell it to her?

I’m afraid not.

According to what Li Xiaotian said, Fu Shiting should hate her very much.

“Director Zhou, Manager Zhang, I want to talk to Miss Qin alone. I wonder if you can avoid it.” Zhou Ziyi said with a smile.

Director Zhou immediately got up and said to Qin An’an, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

After that, he strode out.

Manager Zhang also followed.

In an instant, only Qin An’an and Zhou Ziyi were left in the cafe.

There was an embarrassing smell in the air.

Qin Anan picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

Zhou Ziyi ordered a cup of original flavor, and then looked at her in his spare time: “Miss Qin, aren’t you studying abroad? Dare to buy a building and make a lot of money, right?”

Qin Anan looked at him calmly and replied: “This is my private matter, and I have nothing to comment.”

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said, “You want to divorce my boss, it’s actually very simple. If you go to him, he will divorce you. Likewise , you want to buy the building of the Qin Group, I can’t give you any feedback, you have to go to him.”

Qin Anan bluntly said, “I don’t want to see him.”

“Miss Qin, are you guilty? If not, Why don’t you dare to see him? He just wants to end with you in person.” Zhou Ziyi said calmly, “He doesn’t love you anymore. So you don’t have to worry that he will pester you if you meet.

” a knife.

Qin Anan kept her face decent: “I see. I will find time to find him. Also, whoever should be guilty, it can’t be me.”

After that, she got up and went to checkout.

Zhou Ziyi looked at her slender back, and her last words kept echoing in his mind.

She doesn’t really look guilty.

Could it be that there is another secret relationship between her and the boss?

After Qin Anan left, Zhou Ziyi also got up and left and went back to resume his life.

When Fu Shiting learned that Qin An’an was the one who wanted to buy the Qin Group Building, his face did not fluctuate at all.

He guessed it yesterday.

Chapter 147

Chapter 147

“She hasn’t changed from four years ago, she is still very young and beautiful, but her temperament has changed a lot.” Zhou Ziyi told Fu Shiting how he felt about seeing Qin Anan this time, “She is calm and decisive. A person who has made a lot of money. In just four years, I don’t know how she made so much money.”

“I found it as soon as I checked in country B. She co-founded a company with others three years ago. The company’s name is AN Technology. Mainly produces and sells drones. It should be the system left by Qin Jie, but I heard that the system left by Qin Jie is not perfect, it is estimated that she has found someone to improve the system. Otherwise, her drone will not be sold. So good.”

Sheng Bei said, taking out a stack of documents.

“Qin Anan is no longer the weak and helpless Qin Anan four years ago.”

Zhou Ziyi: “I never felt that she was weak and helpless. Although she had no money four years ago, she was quite assertive. Otherwise, she would not I’m so angry with the boss.”

Sheng Bei: “That’s true. She’s worth a lot now! Even if we ask the Qin Group Building for one billion, she can still take it out.”

Zhou Ziyi looked at Fu Shiting, who had been silent, and asked: “Boss, do you want to sell it? She really wants to buy it.”

Fu Shiting took his eyes away from the computer screen, and his voice had no warmth: “Wait for her to come to me.”


An upscale restaurant.

There was a man and a woman sitting by the window.

The man is Fu Yechen, and the woman is the daughter of a consortium in this city.

“My uncle is Fu Shiting. I meet him every week. He has a good relationship with my father.” Fu Yechen talked eloquently, “If we are together, I can take you to see him.”

Qianjin: “Oh, Why don’t you work for your uncle’s ST Group?”

Fu Yechen: “I don’t rely on my uncle, I just want to prove my ability.”

“Well, how many girlfriends have you dated?”

Fu Yechen: “Two. One was in college, and the other was after graduation. I haven’t been in a relationship in the past four years because I’m busy with work. “

Oh, do you still have contact with your ex-girlfriend?”

Fu Yechen: “I haven’t been in touch since we broke up. I don’t like tangled relationships. After breaking up, they are strangers, even if they come to me now , kneel in front of me and beg me, and I won’t give them a second look.”

After listening to Fu Yechen’s words, Qianjin nodded, and seemed quite satisfied with his answer.

At this moment, a pink and tender hand grabbed the hem of Fu Yechen’s clothes: “Dad…you don’t want me and my mother? This aunt is not as beautiful as my mother, nor my mother. Young, are you interested in this aunt’s money? Woohoo! Dad! Don’t abandon me and my mother!”

Fu Yechen was shocked like an electric shock!

He wanted to push away the little girl who had mistaken her father, but when he saw Rila’s pitiful little face, his heart softened!

What a beautiful little girl!

She has a doll head with neat ears and bangs down, and she has a pair of big piercing eyes.

Every time her eyes blinked, Fu Yechen’s heart trembled.

“Fu Yechen! Your daughter is so old! You are too much!” Qianjin splashed the green tea in the cup on Fu Yechen’s face, then strode away with her bag.

Fu Yechen wiped the green tea on his face and planned to chase.

With a ‘wow’, Rila pursed her mouth and cried bitterly: “Dad! Don’t go! Don’t go!” The

milky cry of milky voice immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Fu Yechen’s heart collapsed: “Hey, you’ve identified the wrong person! I’m not your father! I’m not married yet, I can’t have a daughter as big as you! Stop crying, please! I beg you! Don’t Cried!”

Out of the corner of Rila’s eyes, she saw that the daughter had driven away, and the crying stopped abruptly.

“…You really don’t seem to be my dad. There’s no way my dad doesn’t want me.” Rila sniffed and reached out to him, “Uncle, can you lend me your phone? My dad and I got lost.”

Fu Yechen gritted his teeth, took out his phone and handed it to Rila.

five minutes later.

Rila came out of the restaurant, covered her ear with a bluetooth earphone with a small hand, and said proudly: “Brother, I have planted a Trojan horse into his mobile phone according to the method you said!”

Chapter 148

Chapter 148 In the

evening, the Fu family’s old house.

Family dinner.

“Yechen, how is your blind date with Zhang Quan, the eldest daughter of the Zhang Group?” Mrs. Fu asked with concern.

Fu Yechen was disheartened and did not dare to look up.

“Yechen, did your grandma ask you something! Didn’t you say the day before yesterday that the two of you chatted well on WeChat?” Fu Yechen’s mother glanced at her son.

Fu Yechen frowned and said dejectedly: “I had a good time meeting and chatting, but a little girl of four or five years old suddenly ran over and pulled me to call Dad. She cried and cried again, and the scene was extremely embarrassing. Zhang Quan misunderstood me, she blocked my number and WeChat, and I can’t contact her now.”

Fu Han and his wife’s faces turned black.

Their family is now relying on their son to find a wealthy family to marry to consolidate their class.

After all, no matter how good Fu Shiting is, he won’t give them the money.

I thought that the marriage with the Zhang Group would go smoothly, but it was destroyed by a little girl of four or five years old!

“How could such an outrageous thing happen?! Could that little girl do it on purpose?” Mother Fu said angrily.

Fu Yechen: “It shouldn’t be. She lost her father with her. I guess she was scared at the time, so she recognized the wrong person.”

Thinking of the little girl’s pretty face again, he felt a sense of familiarity.

“That little girl looks like a person!” He suddenly sighed, “It looks like Qin An’an! The more I think about it, the more I think they look alike!”

Fu Han heard the word ‘Qin An’an’ and immediately warned him to cough speak out.

Don’t mention Qin An’an’s name in front of Fu Shiting.

This is something everyone tacitly understands.

Fu Yechen was quick to speak, and then he missed the point.

“Uncle, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. That girl really looks like Qin An’an…” Fu Yechen looked at Fu Shiting and tried to explain.

Fu Han: “Okay, shut up! Let’s eat! Later, you will go to Zhang’s house with me to apologize and explain!”

Fu Yechen confessed.

Star River Villa.

After Qin Anan brought his son home, the family of four sat together for dinner.

After a while, the two children put down the dishes and ran to the room.

“They’ve had dinner at school, so they’re not hungry.” Zhang Yun smiled, “I really didn’t expect our little cold to adapt to school life.”

Qin Anan still lowered her voice when she saw that the door of the child’s room was closed: “Mom , that is a special school, which is different from ordinary schools. Xiaohan has no classmates there. He is alone and accompanied by two teachers.”

“Having classmates is a trivial matter, I just want him to learn some knowledge. He grew up like this. It won’t be a waste. It would be better if I could find a job to support myself in the future.” Zhang Yun thought of this and felt a little heavy.

Qin Anan explained: “Mom, why do you want to go so far? As long as he is healthy, it is the greatest blessing.”

Zhang Yun nodded: “Yes.” In the


The two children sat on the bay window and chatted in secret.

“Dad is a scumbag.” Rila’s bright eyes rolled, slightly angry, and puffed her cheeks and said, “Brother, I don’t want a scumbag to be my father.”

The emotion in Xiaohan’s eyes was even more angry: “Scumbag, I do n’t deserve it!”

“Yes! A scumbag doesn’t deserve my brother and I to be a father! I’d rather not have a father than this one!” Rila said angrily, humming, “Brother, let’s give him some color and see. Come on! He knelt down and licked other women like a pug today, I’m so angry!”

Xiaohan jumped down from the bay window: “I’ll teach him a lesson!”

evening, ten o’clock.

Qin Anan paced up and down the room after taking a bath.

Although she really didn’t want to see Fu Shiting, she had to contact him next.

Director Zhou contacted the former Qin Group employees, and everyone expressed their willingness to come back to work.

So she must take down the Qin Group’s building as soon as possible.

If Fu Shiting really refuses to sell, she can only give up and buy another property.

She called Fu Shiting’s number several times, but never had the courage to dial it.

Obviously breaking up was not because she did something wrong to him, why should she be nervous?

She went downstairs and came back with a bottle of wine.

After drinking half a bottle of wine, her cheeks gradually turned crimson.

There was drunkenness in her eyes, but the consciousness in her brain was very clear.

She dialed Fu Shiting’s number, Xingmu stared coldly at the phone screen.

After about ten seconds, the call was connected.

Chapter 149

Chapter 149

“Tomorrow weekend, are you free?” She spoke first.

“Morning or afternoon?” His voice was hoarse and magnetic, as perplexing as ever.

“Morning!” Her reason was controlled by alcohol, so she couldn’t speak her brain, so she was extra bold, “Remember to bring the household registration book and marriage certificate. If we talk smoothly, we will get the divorce certificate tomorrow morning!”

Fu Shiting did not expect her The tone was so rushed.

This is completely different from what Ziyi said.

“Qin An’an, you will regret it.” His Adam’s apple moved, and the fingers of the phone were clenched abruptly.

“I won’t fucking regret it!” His words angered her, “If the divorce is successful tomorrow, I’m going to buy firecrackers and put them on for 24 hours!”

She said, laughing.

Fu Shiting heard her charming laughter and realized that something was wrong.

“Qin An’an, have you been drinking?”

She didn’t drink alcohol before!

Now I can drink and get drunk.

In his heart, a burst of anger ignited.

“You control me?! I drink as much as I want, no one can control me!” She shouted arrogantly.

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth: “Divorce tomorrow!”

No one could really care about her.

She is now the boss of AN Technology.

worth hundreds of millions.

Although the two of them are husband and wife, they have already existed in name only!

No, the name doesn’t exist anymore!

Everyone around me knew that they broke up.

In this case, this marriage relationship can be brought to an end!

‘Clap clap clap’!

She is clapping.

His face was ashen, and he hung up!

If he doesn’t hang up again, he will be angry with high blood pressure.

After the screen went black, Qin Anan laughed dryly, and then let his body fall heavily onto the big bed behind him.

“Finally free! I can finally get a divorce!” Qin Anan looked at the ceiling and smiled, with hot tears falling from the corners of his eyes, “Fu Shiting…I do regret…I regret knowing you. , regret marrying you, regret falling in love with you…”

The next day.

The sun came in from the window, and Qin Anan reached out and rubbed his eyes on the big white bed.

I drank alcohol last night, and now I have a terrible headache.

She stretched out a hand, touched the phone and turned it on.

The news from Fu Shiting jumped into his eyes.

It was the meeting place he sent at midnight last night.

She put down the phone, raised her hand and rubbed her sore temple.

After the pain was relieved a little, she lifted her long legs and got out of bed.

ten o’clock in the morning.

She came to the coffee bookstore he ordered.

Today she wore a black dress with her hair tied back and light makeup on her face.

Exquisite makeup, but could not stop the tiredness and redness in her eyes.

She ordered a cup of black coffee.

After half an hour, she finished her coffee.

Looking at the time, she ordered a second cup of coffee.

Time flickered, and at eleven o’clock at noon, she finished her second cup of coffee.

She did not go on to ask for a third cup of coffee.

She turned on her phone and dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

It’s ten o’clock, why is there no one yet?

Do you want to get divorced, or is there an accident?

Chapter 150

Chapter 150

Fu Family.

A black sedan stopped in the front yard.

The door opened, and a familiar, delicate face appeared.

Mrs. Zhang said, “Miss Tang, long time no see.” Tang

Qian smiled: “Sister Zhang, long time no see. Is Shi Ting at home?”

Mrs. Zhang nodded: “Since Mr. answered your call in the morning, he has been waiting for you at home.”

Tang Qian nodded in satisfaction.

Then another woman got out of the car.

“Miss Shen, pay attention to your feet.” Tang Qian helped her get out of the car.

This Miss Shen, visually estimated to be 30 years old, has a mature appearance and a dignified temperament, giving people the feeling of reading serious literature.

She surveyed the villa in front of her.

From her eyes, she could not see her inner emotions.

Sister-in-law Zhang didn’t dare to ask more questions, she walked in front and led them into the living room.

When Fu Shiting saw them come in, he immediately got up from the sofa.

Tang Qian called him in the morning and said that he had found the student that Professor Hu Qing said could help him.

Professor Hu Qing’s last phone call was to Fu Shiting, which made local news.

As long as you spend a little money and relationships, you can know the content of the last phone call between Professor Hu Qing and Fu Shiting.

Tang Qian took a lot of time to find Miss Shen next to her, and sent her to Fu Shiting not far away, in fact, so that she could return to Fu Shiting.

It’s been almost five years!

In the years since she left Fu Shiting, she has been living abroad.

Now that she had the chance to get back to him, she immediately seized the opportunity.

Looking at Fu Shiting’s familiar face, his cold and restrained aura attracted her more than five years ago.

Her eyes turned red instantly.

But Fu Shiting’s eyes just glanced at her face, and then fell on Shen Yu.

“Miss Shen, hello.” Fu Shiting reached out to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu shook hands with him: “Hello, Mr. Fu.” Fu

Shiting retracted his arm and asked her to take a seat.

“Miss Shen, I read your resume and I heard that you are the youngest professor at the Mayo Medical Center?” Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed with jumping light.

Tang Qian looked at him madly.

Unfortunately, he didn’t notice her at all.

However, even if he didn’t see her in his eyes, she didn’t care.

As long as you can stay by his side, you will have no regrets.

I just don’t know why he is looking for Professor Hu Qing and Shen Yu.

He is in good health, and Mrs. Fu is also in good health. Who is he seeking medical treatment for?

Shen Yu nodded: “Yes. If you read my resume, you should have a more comprehensive understanding of me. At the age of 15, I jumped into a medical school to study for further studies. After that, I devoted all my time to medicine and patients.”

Fu Shiting : “Well. I have arranged an accommodation for you, you go to rest first. After you rest, we will talk alone.”

Shen Yu nodded: “Okay.”

Fu Shiting sent bodyguards to send Shen Yu away.

After Shen Yu left, Tang Qian called him, “Shi Ting…”

“Tang Qian, thank you.” After Fu Shiting watched Shen Yu leave, he turned around and thanked Tang Qian, “If it wasn’t for you If I find her, it may take me longer to lock her in.”

Professor Hu Qing has too many students.

Moreover, everyone’s resumes were picked out and they were all excellent.

“This is what I should do, Shi Ting, can I go back to work in ST? In the past few years, I have not been idle. I studied abroad for a year and worked for more than two years…” Tang Qian Want to express that I am qualified for the position of ST PR Director.

Fu Shiting doesn’t like to owe favors.

This time Tang Qian helped him a lot.

As for her request, although he did not like it, he could agree.

“I can agree to your request, but if you enter ST, we can only have a relationship between a boss and a subordinate.” He almost said, don’t get too close to me in the future.

Tang Qian felt sad in her heart, but nodded anyway.

“Shi Ting, can I ask, who are you seeking medical treatment for? I don’t mean to pry into your privacy, I’m just worried about you.” Before Tang Qian left, she asked carefully.

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