When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1411 -1420 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1411 -1420 (Chinese)

Chapter 1411

“This move will draw wages from the bottom of the pot. Shi Ting especially likes to do it.” Sheng Bei explained to her proudly, “Although the initial investment is huge, but after the opponent is killed, the right to speak will be in our hands. “

Can we dig to move others? Wang Wanzhi must have given others a lot of benefits, and maybe even promised shares…” Qin Anan said.

“What Wang Wanzhi can give, we can give. And we can give more.” Sheng Beidao, “If it were you, would you choose to join the st group or the Jinzhi group?”

These two companies are not of the same order of magnitude at all. , is completely incomparable.

“Then…are you going to dig, or me?” Qin Anan asked.

“Let’s go together!” Sheng Bei said, “It would be easier if Shi Ting went to dig. It’s just that I asked when Shi Ting could return to China, and he said he couldn’t come back for the time being.”

Qin Anan’s eyes drooped slightly, “It’s golden He can only go back to China when Li dies. Now Jin Carrier is in the intensive care unit, maybe he will hang up at some point.”

“He didn’t tell me this. He called me and only told me about your company and the rest. , refused to tell me at all.” Sheng Bei sighed, “I feel like a pawn, he doesn’t take me as a brother at all.”

“No.” Qin Anan explained for Fu Shiting, “He just doesn’t want you to worry. In case you run to find him, it will only make it more difficult for him. Have you heard that Qianglong lost to local snakes? The various legal provisions of country Y are different from ours, except for a few major power families. , the life of ordinary people is like a straw.”

“I know, I will not go to him.” Sheng Beidao, “I manage the company for him, which is the greatest help to him. But I also want to know his situation. .”

“I can tell you about him. His current wife’s name is Jin Rong’er, the only daughter of Jin Kaili. Jin Rong’er loves him very much, and they plan to have a baby through test tube. Of course, the baby can’t be Shi Ting’s. This is just to fulfill Jin Kaili’s request. Because this child will be born with the surname Jin, and will stay in country y in the future to inherit Jin Kaili’s family business.” Qin Anan said these things calmly, “Sh Ting wants to Find an opportunity to kill Jin Carrier.”

Sheng Bei nodded: “Thank you for telling me this. If he told me that, I wouldn’t be afraid. But how easy is it to kill Jin Carrier? There are a few confidants…”

“Well. But Shi Ting also has helpers. The other brothers they are with are all on Shi Ting’s side.” Qin Anan said, “Give him a little more time, and he will definitely be able to. Go back to China.”

Sheng Bei nodded, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Don’t disclose our cooperation for now. We will make it public when we find Wang Wanzhi’s core team. It will be more exciting to catch Wang Wanzhi by surprise then.”

Mike Duan He brought a glass of water to him: “Sure enough, Jiang is still old and spicy! You are really bad!”

“I have the right to think that you are complimenting me.” Sheng Bei took the water glass, drank it all in one gulp, and put down the empty water glass, ” Now that it’s settled, I’ll go first! I’ll find you when I get in touch with Wang Wanzhi’s team.”

“Okay.” Qin Anan sent Sheng Bei to the door of the office, then walked back and closed the office door. .

Mike sat in the chair that Sheng Bei was sitting on just now, looking at her with all his time: “It’s still Fu Shiting! Although he is not the boss of the st group now, the people of the st group still recognize him.”

“Don’t say such things. Qin Anan walked to the office chair and sat down. “The st group was founded by him, and Sheng Bei certainly recognizes him.”

“In the future, your company will not be entirely yours. They can drive them away with a little tricks.” The two of us.” Mike reminded, “You have to think clearly.”

“Is it so clear for me and him?” Qin Anan didn’t care, “If he really wants my company, I can offer it with both hands.”

After saying this, her heart beat faster.

She couldn’t help thinking of what Fu Shiting said in country Y.

He said he was going to take everything from her!

Chapter 1412

A cold sweat broke out on her back.

It was one thing that she was willing to give him everything she had, and it was another feeling if he wanted to take everything from her.

She immediately understood why Fu Shiting was so angry.

For him, what he lost was not only the st group, but the collapse of his beliefs.

Just like she didn’t think he would take away her Qin group, and he never thought before that she would let him hand over the st group to someone else.

In the evening, Qin Anan asked Li Xiaotian to come to the house for dinner.

“An’an, does your wound still hurt?” Li Xiaotian gently fiddled with the hair on her head.

The wounds are a little shocking.

During the surgery, part of my hair was shaved.

Fortunately, she has a lot of hair, so if you don’t look carefully, you won’t find the injury on her head.

“Well. It will take at least a month before it gets better.” Qin Anan said calmly, “How are you and Zhunzhi?”

“I’m just like that with him! The passion fades, and the old couple mode is turned on.” Li Xiao Tian pulled Qin An’an to sit down on the sofa, “but I have already taken over my father’s work.”

“How do you feel? Are you still used to work?” Qin Anan took out a bunch of gifts she brought one by one. .

“It’s alright, it’s not as difficult as I thought. My dad’s request to me is that as long as the company doesn’t go bankrupt, it’s fine. He said that he has left a pension for himself. Don’t worry.” Li Xiaotian said sullenly, “I feel so embarrassed to hear him say that.”

“Uncle said that so you don’t have to put too much pressure on you. Running a company takes more energy, and some people naturally like to be bosses. I like that kind of high-intensity pressure and stimulation, and some people can’t stand it.” Qin Anan said.

“I don’t like to be in charge. But my father has only one daughter, and I have to take this responsibility. Although He Zhunzhi and I are husband and wife, it is impossible for my parents to give him my family property. The divorce rate is so high now. , my parents think that he and I will still get divorced in the future.”

“Did you two sign a property agreement before marriage?”

“No, but we both agreed verbally that his property is his and mine is mine. , If you get divorced, go back to your own family!” Li Xiaotian wrote lightly, “I’m not worried about him taking advantage of my family, after all, my family and his family can’t tell who is richer than the other.”

Li Xiaotian’s words, let Qin Anan was lost in thought.

In her opinion, Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi are very affectionate, similar to her relationship with Fu Shiting.

I didn’t expect them to divide each other’s property so clearly in private.

“An An, do you remember when I complained to you about He Zhunzhi before? He took over his father’s company and worked overtime every day. I complained that he came home too late every day and spent too little time with me, and he in turn blamed me for not being considerate to him. Li Xiaotian complained, “Now I’m taking over my dad’s company, sometimes I’m busy and go home late, so he just calls me one call after another. Not only does he call me, he also has to play with me. Dinner… this dog man!”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “He may be afraid that you will suffer.”

“Don’t comfort me. I have a bodyguard. If someone really bullies me, I will call the bodyguard. “Li Xiaotian said, “He thinks I shouldn’t go out and show my face, just stay at home, play cats, walk dogs, go shopping and spend money every day.”

“Isn’t he not very professional and not too strong?

” That’s right! He’s not very capable. I expect him to support the family in the future, so it’s better to work on your own!” Li Xiaotian immediately waved to her when she saw that Rila had been listening, “Rila, you understand. ?”

Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413

“You said your husband couldn’t do it, didn’t you?” Rila came over and lay on Qin An’an’s lap.

“Yeah, if you’re looking for a husband in the future, you have to keep your eyes open. Don’t look to your uncle, who has no ability, and likes to meddle in his own business.” Li Xiaotian said with a smile, “unless you are particularly good at making money. , I want to find a little white face to take care of, so you can be your uncle.”

“If you have to find a small white face to take care of, why don’t I look for uncle Sinian?” Rila blinked and raised doubts.

Li Xiaotian laughed loudly: “I’m going to tell your uncle Zhunzhi this. Maybe he can recognize how much he weighs after listening to it!”

“Let’s eat!” Qin Anan patted Pai Rui He pulled her shoulders to get her up from her lap, “Rila, everyone is unique, and your Uncle Zhunzhi also has advantages that your Uncle Sinian doesn’t have.”

“An An, how can you raise He Zhunzhi so much. What? Is it okay for Jin Sinian to hang He Zhunzhi in all directions? To be ashamed, if I can get Sinian, I will go to divorce He Zhunzhi immediately.” Li Xiaotian just said these words, her heart is full Beautiful turned.

Qin Anan didn’t expect that she would actually have such a thought, and couldn’t help laughing along.

“Don’t you think about other men besides Fu Shiting?” Li Xiaotian asked in a low voice.

Qin Anan shook his head: “Even if you have a good impression of other people of the opposite sex, you are only good friends and don’t think about anything else.”

“Yes, your Fu Shiting is so good! If my He Zhunzhi had half of him, I would n’t think about anything else. “

Actually, it’s not entirely because he is very successful in his career,” Qin Anan said shyly, “I think he is very handsome. If he doesn’t work in the future and relies on me to support him, I will be very happy.”

Li Xiaotian: “…”

“Don’t you think he’s handsome? His handsomeness is different. He’s not a handsome guy in the traditional sense…” Qin Anan blushed slightly.

“Is he not a handsome guy in the traditional sense? He is a handsome guy in the traditional sense! We generally don’t discuss his face, not because he is not handsome, but because his ability to make money is too outstanding. In addition to his handsome face, he He’s also in good shape! Why don’t you mention his figure?”

Qin Anan’s face turned even redder: “I really want to say he’s in good shape, but I haven’t had time to say it.”

“Hahaha! This is the first time I hear you compliment him. If he heard it, he would be very happy!”

Qin Anan shook his head: “I made a serious mistake this time. He still complains a little bit about me transferring his company to someone else. I really owed it too much before. Thinking about it.”

“It’s not that you transferred his company to Yunmo, right? Didn’t he transfer it himself?”

“He knew about the transaction between me and Fu Han in advance.” Qin Anan blamed himself, ” It’s my problem. I should have told him ahead of time that whether he could accept it or not, he shouldn’t let him know about it from someone else’s mouth.”

“If he doesn’t know ahead of time, you’ll tell him too! Only It’s not a coincidence!” Li Xiaotian comforted, “It’s alright, you rescued Yinyin anyway, this is a great achievement!”

In the dining room, Mrs. Zhang brought the sumptuous dishes to the table.

“Xiao Tian, ​​are you still trying to conceive recently?” Sister Zhang lowered her voice when she said this.

After all, this issue is somewhat sensitive.

Aunt Zhang originally wanted to ask Li Xiaotian alone.

Who knew that after Li Xiaotian came over, he kept pulling Qin Anan to speak.

Qin Anan interjected, “sister Zhang, why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414

“I have a relative who has been trying to get pregnant for a long time and didn’t get pregnant. Later, I found a very good old Chinese medicine doctor and prescribed medicine for a few months, and then I became pregnant successfully.” Sister Zhang said kindly, “I was thinking, Isn’t Xiaotian preparing for pregnancy, why don’t you also go to the old doctor? If it works the best, there’s nothing to lose if it works.”

Qin Anan looked at Li Xiaotian.

“Okay! You can tell me the contact information of the old doctor, and I’ll take a look at it.” Li Xiaotian turned her head and said to Qin An’an, “Sister Zhang is right, there’s nothing to lose if you try.”

“You Bring the prescription back and show it to me.”


“But I don’t quite understand it.” Qin Anan blushed slightly, “but I can check it.”

“Hahaha! I think Mrs. Zhang recommended it. It’s definitely reliable. It should be fine.” Li Xiaotian said, looking at Mrs. Zhang, “If I can successfully conceive a baby, I will give you a big red envelope!”

Mrs. Zhang smiled back: “No, no, as long as It’s better than anything that you can conceive a baby. I’ll call now and ask for the contact information.”

Mrs. Zhang said, and walked out of the dining room.

Rila took a bite of the rice, and then said to Qin Anan, “Mom, I won’t have a baby in the future!”

“Why don’t you want to have a baby?” Qin Anan didn’t know why her daughter thought of this, “You still Little, wait for you to think about this later.”

“I don’t want my belly to bulge! It’s not beautiful.” Rila pouted, “Why don’t boys have children?”

“Rila, you This question is a great question. Let your mother study it carefully, how to make a man have a baby.” Li Xiaotian felt like a mountain in her heart because of the problem of having a baby, “If I can make a man have a baby, I can Work hard to become an excellent entrepreneur like Fu Shiting.”

Qin Anan poured cold water on her: “If you kill me, I can’t make a man have children.”

“Then can you help me become the second Fu Shiting?”

“I’ll give you Fu Shiting directly, okay?”

“I want it, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to give it. Hahaha!” Li Xiaotian took the spoon and filled it with After a bowl of soup, “Do you keep in touch with Fu Shiting?”

“Occasional contact. He is still under the surveillance of Jin Kaili, and he is not very free. So we usually send messages.” Qin Anan took a mouthful of rice, He consoled himself, “But he promised me that he would go back to China.”

“He would be stupid if he didn’t go back to China! Xiaohan is so good! So does Rila! If I had two such wonderful children, I wouldn’t need a husband.”

“Little sweet Auntie, and my brother!” Rila reminded Li Xiaotian that she missed one.

“Haha! Our Ziqiu is super cute, and he will definitely be as good as you and your brother in the future. Your father is probably thinking about your heart and lungs in Y country!”

“But he didn’t make a video for me!” Rila He blinked his big bright eyes and pouted, “Even if someone is watching over him, is there someone who is watching over him when he goes to the bathroom? If he really misses me, he will definitely have time to make a video for me. He doesn’t miss me at all. And my brother, maybe soon, he and his new wife will have many children.”

“You think it’s a piglet! Generally speaking, there is only one child at a time.”

“My mother gave birth to two at a time. I have a summer vacation. In the TV series that Uncle Sinian took me to shoot, the heroine gave birth to four at a time!”

Li Xiaotian was speechless.

Qin Anan didn’t know how to answer her daughter’s words.

Only when Fu Shiting comes back and the family is reunited can his daughter’s concerns be relieved.

country y.

After spending a week in the intensive care unit, Jin Carrier was sent to the general VIP ward.

Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415

Jin Ronger and Pang Li accompany Jin Kaili in front of his hospital bed every day.

Fu Shiting was not idle either. Apart from visiting Jin Carrier every day, he also helps Jin Carrier manage his huge business empire.

The Jin family has a wide range of industries in country y, from maternal and child products to education, to funerals, as well as high-end hotels, shopping malls and luxury brands across the board.

At the beginning, it took Jin Carrier a full week to show him these industries.

After he married Jin Ronger, Jin Kaili introduced him to the heads of various industries. Although Jin Kaili did not make it clear that he would hand over the power to him next, the people in charge were all smart people.

This time Jin Kaili was assassinated, everyone tried their best to please Fu Shiting. Although Jin Kaili didn’t die, Fu Shiting’s position here was stable.

In the evening, when Jin Ronger came back from the hospital, he was a little surprised to see Fu Shiting at home.

“Shi Ting, you came back very early today. If only you could go home so early every day. Otherwise, your body will definitely be overwhelmed.” Jin Rong’er walked up to him and smiled.

“How is your dad?”

“When he woke up in the morning, he was weak, so he was calm. In the afternoon, when he recovered a little, he started to lose his temper. He was very angry that he was attacked in his hotel, so Let Pang Li clean up the person in charge of the hotel.” Jin Rong’er frowned, “The doctor said that he is not in a good mood right now, but he doesn’t listen to the doctor at all. He wants to kill the person who assassinated him with his own hands.”

Fu Shiting frowned One hop.

If Jin Kaili knew that Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend was not dead, Jin Kaili would kill her desperately.

Just when Fu Shiting was going to call the third brother and ask him to hide Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend somewhere else, the third brother’s call came first.

“Shi Ting, is Jin Kaili awake? Otherwise, how would his subordinates dare to come and raid my house?” Fei Tianqi was so angry that he blew his nose and stared, “Pang Li brought a group of people here, and without saying a word, they found him on the second floor. Get that woman and take that woman away! If you don’t hurry up and stop it, that woman will never live to get dark!”

Fu Shiting glanced outside the door, it was going to be dark soon.

Fei Tianqi had no slip of the tongue, what he said was dark, it was dark!

But Fu Shiting thought that the woman might be dead.

She is Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend and came to avenge Zhuang Xu. She wasn’t sent by someone else, so there’s no need to check her background. Just kill it.

“It’s too late.” He looked away from the outside, his Adam’s apple rolled, “Jin Carrier won’t trust me anymore.

” Carrier is so suspicious!” Fei Tianqi angrily scolded, “This old man has a great fate! If he died this time, it would have been easier!”

Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang, he picked it up to see that it was Pang Li incoming call.

He frowned, stared at Pang Li’s name for a few seconds, and then answered the phone.

“Fu Shiting, that woman has already been killed by me. It’s the same way as Zhuang Xu’s death.” Pang Li’s voice came triumphantly, “Also, the adoptive father asked me to inform you that you will take good care of Rong’er at home, and the other You don’t need to worry about it.”

After Pang Li finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Fu Shiting held the phone tightly, his face gloomy.

He wasn’t offended that Gene Carrier had trumped his rights.

If Qin Anan was told that Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend was killed, she would definitely be so angry that she lost her mind.

“Shi Ting, what’s the matter with you?” Jin Rong’er walked up to him and asked worriedly.

Just when she looked at his face, a feeling of nausea came up, she immediately grabbed his arm and retched.

Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416

Fu Shiting immediately helped her to the bathroom.

After the nausea passed, her face turned pale.

“Shi Ting, I’m sorry! I couldn’t hold back just now.” She wiped the water droplets from her face with a towel, and then asked, “Who did you talk to on the phone just now? What happened? You look bad. “

You don’t have to always apologize to me.” Fu Shiting strode towards the living room.

Jin Rong Er followed him to the living room.

“Shi Ting, did my father lose his temper with you?” Jin Rong’er guessed, “He felt that the people around him did not protect him, so he lost his temper with everyone, and he also scolded Pang Li… “

The woman who assassinated your father was hidden by me before. But today, Pang Li found it.” Fu Shiting thought it necessary to explain the matter to her, “so your father stopped all my work. .”

Jin Rong’er’s face suddenly turned black: “My father blames you…I’ll beg him…”

Fu Shiting interrupted her, “Do you think it’s useful for you to beg him?”

Jin Rong’er looked at his sullen face, and a fear rose in his heart: “What should I do? My father doesn’t believe you anymore, maybe he will help Pang Li up.”

“Pang Li likes you so much, if Pang Li likes you so much, It doesn’t matter to you that Li is lifted up,” he wrote lightly.

“Shi Ting, you are my husband.” Jin Rong’er frowned, very worried, “I can’t let my father treat you like this. You hide that woman just because you have a good heart and you can’t kill like them. Ma…”

“You’re wrong.” He corrected her, “I saved that woman because she didn’t deserve to die. I even regret that she didn’t kill your father.”

Jin Rong’er was shocked.

” Rong’er , my dad and I will eventually go to opposite sides. Today is just the beginning of the deterioration of the relationship.” He calmly said word by word, “I and him, you can only choose one of the two.” Eye socket, suddenly scarlet.

She can’t choose this multiple-choice question.

One is the man who raised her, and the other is the man she wants to be with her whole life.

“I’m wrong, it can’t be said to be one of two choices.” He said, “If your father can’t kill me, then I will kill him. After he dies, I will go back to country a.”

Jin Ronger’s tears , Susu fell, “Shi Ting, don’t go…don’t leave me…if you have to go back to country a, can you take me with you…”

Just think He was leaving her, and her heart seemed to be torn apart, and it was extremely painful.

It didn’t hurt so much to think that my father would die.

Since she said the last sentence, her answer has already been given.

Between Jin Kaili and Fu Shiting, she chose Fu Shiting.

“Impossible.” Fu Shiting rejected her, “You and your children, stay in your motherland. Pang Li will accompany you.”

“But I don’t want Pang Li!” She broke down and cried, “Shi Ting, if I The child in your belly is yours, won’t you be so cruel to leave me?”

“The child in your belly is not mine.”

“What if it is yours?” She choked, “I can’t even assume that Is it?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold, and his voice was even colder: “Don’t deceive yourself.”

“Why do you hate me so much…why…” She sat on the sofa, crying into tears .

He picked up the tissue box and handed it to her: “Rong’er, I don’t hate you. I just don’t love you. Stop crying, let’s eat!”

After he finished speaking, he strode towards the dining room.

The nanny immediately came over and wiped Jin Rong’er’s tears with a tissue: “Don’t cry, miss. Don’t break your body by crying. You are pregnant with a baby now, so think about it. As long as you give birth to your baby smoothly, everything will be fine. “

Jin Rong’er looked towards the dining room–

Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417

Fu Shiting sits in the dining chair and eats quietly as usual.

She couldn’t tell what magic he had that made her fascinated by him.

She wanted to follow him, wherever he went, she wanted to follow him.

But he doesn’t want her.

“Miss, let’s go eat!” The nanny helped her up from the sofa. “Otherwise, the food will be cold later. After dinner, you can have a good chat.”

“Did you hear what we said just now? ?” Jin Rong’er asked in a low voice.

The babysitter nodded.

“Don’t say anything.”

“Don’t worry, miss, I won’t say anything.”

A country.

Qin Group held a press conference and officially announced that it would accept st Group as a shareholder.

The purpose of this in-depth cooperation between the two parties is not only because the Qin Group needs capital injection to tide over the difficulties, but also because the st Group wants to expand into new fields.

On the computer screen of Jinzhi Group, Wang Wanzhi was broadcasting the live broadcast of the conference.

As the representative of st group, Shengbei attended the event.

He sat on the chairman’s seat and talked freely in front of the reporters under the stage. And Qin Anan sat next to him, smiling.

“Mr. Wang, if Fu Shiting was here, I don’t think Fu Shiting would have spent so much money to help Qin’s group. Now the boss of st group is Yunmo, and Yunmo is a fool. This fool is played around by Qin An’an!” Assistant Station On the side, analyze with Wang Wanzhi.

“You are so naive! Sheng Bei is representing Fu Shiting himself.” Wang Wanzhi’s face was gloomy and her voice was cold, “Fu Shiting must know about this. Don’t look at me saying that Fu Shiting is now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river. With Fu Shiting’s ambition, maybe he It can swallow up all of Jin Carrier’s assets!” The

assistant suddenly shut up.

If it’s really like what Wang Wanzhi said, then they can’t surpass Fu Shiting at all.

“It is estimated that they will make big moves in the future.” Wang Wanzhi stared straight at the live broadcast screen, “The people in the st group are not vegetarian, they decided to invest money in the Qin group, and they will never let it go. The money is lost.”

“Boss, do you want to hold a meeting now to discuss the solution?” the assistant asked.

Wang Wanzhi: “Wait for me to watch their live broadcast.” In the

live broadcast screen, Sheng Bei finished his speech, and then asked Qin An’an to talk about the next development plan of the Qin Group.

The camera was given to Qin An’an, and a close-up shot was drawn.

Qin An’an put on makeup today, and her complexion looks very good. Her hair was pulled back, and she was wearing a black uniform skirt, capable and mature.

Sheng Bei took a sip of water, then took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Fu Shiting: Today, he is going to sign a contract with Qin An’an. We have 51 shares, and you will be the big boss of the Qin Group in the future.

Fu Shiting: What’s her attitude?

Sheng Bei turned on the camera, took a candid photo of Qin An’an’s profile, and sent it: She is very happy! If we don’t buy shares, she will only go bankrupt.

After the news was sent, Sheng Bei added: But she can also choose to sell the company. Can also sell for a lot of money!

Fu Shiting looked at the profile photo of Qin Anan sent by Sheng Bei and enlarged the photo.

The corners of her mouth were raised, her expression was bright, and she looked really happy.

Under the stage, a reporter suddenly raised his hand and spoke: “Mr. Sheng, I see you chatting with Fu Shiting. How about we connect with Mr. Fu on the spot and let him express his opinion!”

Sheng Bei suddenly panicked and immediately Put the phone down.

Qin An’an’s speech was interrupted, and his mind went blank for a moment.

Chapter 1418

“Fu Shiting is no longer the boss of st group, don’t you know about this?” another reporter said, “now the boss of st group is called Yun Mo. Do you want to embarrass Fu Shiting by asking someone to contact Fu Shiting? “

Ah this… I saw that President Sheng was breaking news with Fu Shiting, so I thought…” The reporter who asked the first question blushed embarrassedly.

He thought that although the st group was not Fu Shiting on the surface, it was still Fu Shiting in private.

Otherwise, why would Sheng Bei chat with Fu Shiting at the press conference?

“President Qin, please continue to talk about the next layout of the Qin Group! Regarding the pricing of its products, as well as the next development issues. I believe that everyone is very concerned about this series of issues.” Another reporter put the topic on the topic. Get back on track.

Qin Anan took a sip of water, adjusted her mood, and said again: “About our previous products, the pricing will be lowered. After the press conference, everyone will be able to see the new lowered prices.”

“I believe everyone is very concerned about it . The next development issues of our company. After the capital injection of the st group, we will hire a new R&D team. This is a very mature team, and the team members will be disclosed to you at the right time. I believe their arrival will open the door to everyone. A more exciting technological life.”

When Wang Wanzhi saw this, her temples suddenly ached, and her heart beat violently.

Qin Anan will hire a new R&D team? !

Wang Wanzhi hadn’t heard of this at all, so she was a little shocked to know the news suddenly.

“Hurry up and notify the executives of various departments to have a meeting in the conference room.” Wang Wanzhi couldn’t sit still.

The assistant took the order and immediately went to call to notify.

After a while, the assistant pushed open the door and came in: “Mr. Wang, the R&D department has collectively asked for leave.”


“Those people you hired at a high price have collectively asked for leave today.”

Wang Wanzhi’s face turned pale and purple.

She has realized that the team she hired with high salary was poached by Qin An’an!

damn it! She didn’t expect Qin An’an to do this trick behind her back!

No, Qin Anan doesn’t have the brain and the courage at all! It must have been dug by the st group!

At the end of the press conference, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and saw that Wang Wanzhi was calling, and immediately answered: “Mr. Wang, what are you

doing?” Wang Wanzhi yelled, “When did you hook up with the st group? You’ve done a good job of keeping secrets! You think you Can I win by poaching my team? Haha! I, Wang Wanzhi, can survive until today, but I won’t be defeated so easily by you! Wait for me! I won’t let you and those who betrayed me! “

Qin Anan was too lazy to waste her words with her, so she hung up the phone.

“Wang Wanzhi is calling?” Sheng Bei came over, saw her frown slightly, and guessed.

“Yeah. She watched our press conference, so she was furious.”

“Don’t worry about her.” Sheng Bei put his palm on her shoulder and changed the topic lightly, “Do you have any connection with Yun Xiaoxiao?

” Why did you suddenly mention her?”

“Uh…she pulled me into the blacklist. Last time she said she pulled me out, but I haven’t been pulled out yet.” Sheng Bei was pulled into the blacklist for the first time. The list is always on my mind, “Why don’t you help me talk about it and let her pull me out?”

Qin Anan thought for a few seconds and nodded in agreement.

“Do you want to be her friend? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“If she doesn’t want to be my friend, I can leave her alone. But she is Shi Ting’s sister after all. I’m afraid that she will have any difficulties in life in the future. Maybe I can help her.” Sheng Bei stated his intention.

Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419

“Okay. I’ll call her at night.” She suddenly thought of a question, “Are you really messing with Shi Ting at that time?”

“Yes! I secretly took a picture of you and sent it to He’s gone.”

“What did he say?” There was a jumping light in her eyes.

“He said you were beautiful.”

“You lied to me. He wouldn’t talk like that.” Qin Anan didn’t believe it at all.

“Then what do you think he will say when he sees your photo?” Sheng Bei asked.

Qin Anan thought for a while and said, “He probably won’t say anything about my photos.”

“Hahahaha! You still know him. But he didn’t say anything, he must have thought something.”

“If it was before , I might be able to guess what he was thinking, but now, I can’t guess him.” Although she couldn’t guess him, she didn’t care.

As long as he comes back and comes back to her side, that’s enough.

The two came out of the hotel, got into the same car, and went to the Qin Group together.

country y.

Fu Shiting brought Jin Rong’er to the wedding banquet hosted by the second brother.

Today is the day when the second brother’s grandson was born. Jin Ronger entered the banquet hall and went to see the baby.

“Shi Ting, is Jin Carrier still ignoring you?” the second brother asked.

“Not only did he ignore Shi Ting, he also ignored me.” Fei Tianqi laughed, “I went to the hospital to see him the day before yesterday and was stopped by Pang Li.”

“Hahaha! You two are so stupid. The fourth child laughed, “I don’t blame Jin Kaili for hating the two of you.”

“He hates me, I don’t care. Anyway, I broke up with him a long time ago.” Fei Tianqi didn’t care, “It’s Shi Ting, It’s not good to deal with him.”

“Shi Ting, Rong’er listens to you like this, so let Rong’er help you!” The second brother leaned into Fu Shiting’s ear and whispered, “Women are for use. If you don’t use her, wait until Jin Kaili. If you reuse Pang Li in the future, you will be very passive! Jin Kaili has been hospitalized twice, maybe he will make a will in advance.”

“Rong’er is pregnant now, I can’t force her to do such a thing.” Fu Shiting said calmly.

“You think you don’t get along with Jin Kaili, how good would it be for her to be caught in the middle?” The second brother patted his shoulder, “Consider my proposal, if you can’t be ruthless, I can help you. Take it.”

Just when Fu Shiting was about to speak, the fourth brother said first: “Shi Ting, don’t rush to refuse. When dealing with Jin Kaili, you can’t be indecisive. Don’t you want to go back to China earlier to see your wife and children? You drag on like this. , when Jin Kaili is discharged from the hospital, you will have less chance to start.”

Jin Rong’er hugged the newborn baby and found a few eyes swept towards her.

She looked over immediately—

the second master, the third master, and the fourth master were looking at her, only Fu Shiting was drinking with a wine glass.

“Rong’er, they must be talking about you.” The little baby’s grandmother said with a smile, “I guess she is guessing whether the baby in your belly is a boy or a girl!”

Jin Rong’er blushed: “Sh Ting doesn’t seem to be very happy. “

I heard that he had a conflict with your father. Rong’er, you have to help him talk more in front of your father, otherwise he will be unhappy here, and he will want to go back to country a.”

“My father won’t let me .” Mention him.” Jin Rong’er said helplessly, “I don’t know what to do now. Except for the baby in my belly, I don’t seem to have anything to rely on.”

“Don’t think so. How old is the baby inside?”

Jin Rong’er smiled, “The baby is two months old.”

Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420

A country.

After Qin Anan had dinner, he took Ziqiu for a walk in the community.

I was supposed to take Rila out for a walk, but Rila needs tutoring.

After the summer vacation, an exam was first arranged in the school, and as a result, Rila’s ranking dropped.

Without waiting for Qin Anan to talk to Rila, Rila took the initiative to ask for tutoring.

She used to worry that her child would not pay attention to learning, but she didn’t expect her worry to be completely unnecessary.

“Boss, when you were in country Y, you gave me a bonus when you said it back.” The bodyguard followed Qin An’an and walked slowly, “I didn’t plan to say that because your company was about to go bankrupt before, didn’t you? However, you have now invested in the st group…”

Qin Anan laughed: “I’ve been too busy these days, I forgot. Even if I’m going to go bankrupt, the bonus that should be given to you is still Here it is.”

With that, she took out her mobile phone and directly transferred a large sum of money to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately flattered: “Boss, you look so beautiful when you transfer money to me.”

Qin An’an: “Don’t praise me. Every time you praise me, I break into a cold sweat.”

“Can you not be so tired next time? Now? The st group is a shareholder, and it also takes up the majority of the shares. You can let the people of the st group take care of it! You just need to receive dividends every year.” The bodyguard chatted with her, “If I were you, I would retire directly.”

Qin An An: “If I play at home every day, then I don’t need a bodyguard.” The

bodyguard was shocked: “Then you should go to work every day! I think young people still need work to enrich themselves, otherwise it will be boring!”

Qin Anan He was amused by his reaction, “You take Ziqiu and I’ll make a call.”

Ziqiu walks a little more steadily now, and is not too willing to sit in the cart.

The bodyguard took Ziqiu over, picked him up, and held it high.

“I’ll take Ziqiu over there to play with the children.” The bodyguard pointed to the fountain.

“Okay, I’ll go look for you after the phone call.” Qin Anan agreed that Sheng Bei’s matter had to be done.

After the bodyguard carried Ziqiu away, she dialed Yun Xiaoxiao’s number.

The call was quickly connected.

“An An, are you looking for me or Xiaohan?” Yun Xiaoxiao asked, “Xiaohan may have gone to school.”

Yun Xiaoxiao now lives with Xiaohan.

First, Yun Xiaoxiao was afraid of living alone. Second, the house where Xiaohan lived was quite big, and Xiaohan was usually at school, so the house was basically empty.

So Yun Xiaoxiao proposed to hold back, but Xiaohan didn’t object.

“If I’m looking for him, I’ll call him directly.” Qin Anan said softly, “Xiaoxiao, I’m looking for you because I want to talk about Sheng Bei.”

Yun Xiaoxiao felt nervous when she heard his name: “He What’s the matter?”

“He wants you to remove him from the blacklist. He promised me that he would not harass you.” Qin Anan said, “He said he was afraid that you might have trouble in the future and could help you. I think he is sincere. I want to take care of you. It’s the kind of care that a brother takes care of a sister.”

“Oh… he’s so shameless! He asked you to tell me. With you and Xiaohan taking care of me, how could I need him to take care of me? “Yun Xiaoxiao teased, “But since he found you, then I’ll pull him out of the blacklist with reluctance!”

“If he harasses you and makes you feel uncomfortable, tell me, I’ll go find him.”

“I’m not a child anymore, if he harassed me, I’ll block him again.” Yun Xiaoxiao sighed, “My life is so good, although Fu Shiting doesn’t recognize my sister, you treat me like a kiss. A sister is as good.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t recognize you, he’s a slow person.”

“Anyway, I think Xiaohan is much easier to get along with than him.”

“Maybe the two of you have fate!” Qin Anan is very pleased that their relationship is so good, “How is your work?”

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