When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1421 -1430 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1421 -1430 (Chinese)

Chapter 1421

“Recently, I need to practice my body first. The agent that Xiaohan hired for me is so strict! First of all, the diet must be completely in accordance with her plan. Second, she stares at me every day when I exercise, for fear that I will be lazy. You know why she is right Am I so strict?” Yun Xiaoxiao said this and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “What Xiaohan talked about with her was that if I can become popular, then I will give her ten times the salary.”

Qin Anan: “This can indeed motivate her to be good . Take you.”

“Well, you said Xiaohan is so small, why is his brain so flexible?”

“Maybe… born!” After talking on the

phone, Qin Anan went to the bodyguard and Ziqiu.

She walked to the fountain and saw Ziqiu standing next to a pink children’s bicycle.

The little guy grabbed the handle of the bicycle with both hands, pouted, and stared at the bodyguard.

Beside him, a little girl screamed at Zi Qiu in a hurry.

Ziqiu was not afraid at all.

The bodyguard coaxed Ziqiu, “Hey little ancestor, this is Miss Sister’s bicycle! Shall we give it back to Miss Sister?”

Ziqiu held on to the bicycle tightly and didn’t let go.

He felt that as long as he got what he got, it was his.

“Hey, this kid’s grandma, should I buy this bike?” The bodyguard took out his wallet and planned to use the money to solve the problem.

Qin Anan came over immediately and stopped the bodyguard.

“Ziqiu, this is Miss Sister’s bicycle, not yours.” Qin Anan walked up to Ziqiu and squatted down, reasoning with him, “You are still young, you can’t ride a bicycle! When you are older, Can mom buy it for you?”

Because her voice was gentle, Ziqiu let go of the bike after thinking for a while and threw herself into her arms.

“You are really my mother’s good baby!” Qin Anan hugged Ziqiu and looked at the little girl, “Little boy, what’s your name? Brother, he didn’t mean to steal your bicycle. He may think your bicycle is very beautiful, so I like it very much. Auntie apologizes to you, don’t you get angry, okay?” The

little girl smiled because her bicycle was praised for her beauty.

“My name is Chichi, I can take my brother to play with.” The little girl immediately got on the bike and patted the seat behind, “Brother, come up!”

Seeing that Ziqiu wanted to go up, Qin Anan carried him to the The back seat: “Ziqiu, hold your elder sister, be careful to fall down.”

Ziqiu immediately hugged the younger sister’s waist tightly.

After the little girl rode away in the car, the girl’s grandmother asked Qin An’an: “Does your husband live here now? I haven’t seen you out for a walk in a while.”

Qin An’an: “Well, he will be back after a while. “

Some people say you broke up, I don’t believe it! You two are in such a good relationship, and the child is so beautiful, even if it is for the sake of the child, it is impossible to break up.”

“Well, I’m sorry just now! I almost cried.”

“It’s okay, children are like this. My granddaughter robbed other people’s things before. It’s better to be bigger.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, Qin Anan took Ziqiu home.

“Mom! Why are you coming back now?” Rila has already finished tutoring, “Dad just called the video!” Qin

Anan was stunned: “Did you pick it up?”

Then I’ll call him now.” Qin Anan took out his mobile phone and dialed Fu Shiting’s number.

Before you can make a video with him, you must first confirm that it is convenient for him to receive the video now.

The call was made and was quickly connected.

Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422

“Where are you now? What are you doing? Is it convenient to take the video?” she asked.

“I’m taking a shower.” His voice came in a low voice.

She froze for a moment, then said, “Play the video!”

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone and dialed the video without waiting for him to respond.

He takes the video.

Seeing him standing in the bathroom with no clothes on, she was stunned for a moment.

Her face turned red with a ‘swish’, her mind was a mess, and she suddenly forgot what to say.

His current appearance is not good for children to see, so she took her mobile phone and quickly walked towards the bedroom.

When she returned to the bedroom and closed the door, she found that her face was even redder.

Mingming is very familiar with him, but at this moment, looking at his familiar face across the screen, he always feels a little strange.

“I took Ziqiu out for a walk just now.” She adjusted her mood and said first, “Why did you make a video for Mrs. Zhang and not me?”

Although it was a trivial matter, she was angry for no reason.

“I want to see the child. I also made a video for Mrs. Zhang before.”

His explanation did not make her quell her anger, but made her even more angry. “Don’t you want to see me?”

This question made him thin his lips. He sipped suddenly.

“Do you have a problem with me? Because I transferred your shares to Yunmo…”

“No.” He said, interrupting her cranky thoughts, “I have no problem with you. You are not today. Have you gone to work? I’m afraid you are working overtime in the company.”

“What’s the point of working overtime? Now that you are the big boss of my company, why should I work so hard?” She teased, “It’s almost eleven o’clock on your side. Right? Why did you take a shower so late?”

“Today, my second brother treated you to a guest. I went to drink some wine.”

“Are you physically able to drink?” She was surprised.

“I only drank a little, it’s fine.”

“You went with Jin Rong’er?” she asked casually.

Although she knew that he would return to China in the future, but thinking of him getting along with Jin Rong’er every day, she couldn’t help feeling angry and angry.


“Isn’t she going to be IVF? Did it work?” she continued.


“So soon?” she exclaimed in surprise.

“It seems to have been two months.”

“What is it like?” She was dissatisfied with his ambiguous answer.

He frowned slightly: “I’m not very clear about her.”

His answer finally made her feel a little more at ease: “Where’s Jin Carrier?”

“Still in the hospital.”

“Why do you feel bad? Are you happy?” She stared at his face, always feeling that he was very preoccupied, “Are you busy lately? Every time I take the initiative to send you a message, don’t you want to go back to China?”

He pondered for a moment, then replied: “Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend is dead.”

Why didn’t he contact her, why didn’t he look happy, because he felt ashamed.

The expression on her face froze suddenly, and something seemed to be stuck in her throat, making her not know what to say for a while.

“Why did I keep urging you to leave country y before, because I can’t protect anyone.” His voice was hoarse.

“Fu Shiting, I don’t blame you… It has nothing to do with you!” Her eyes were scarlet, “If revenge is more difficult, then don’t take revenge. I don’t want you to die! You find a way to get out of there… ….you hurry back…”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You told me before that Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend would be fine, but she’s dead! How do you know that Jin Carrier will not kill you? People like Jin Carrier are moody, and He knew about your protection of Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend, and he will definitely not let it go…” Qin Anan felt more and more dangerous the more he thought about it.

“He just stopped my work.”

After Fu Shiting said this, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Shi Ting, the nanny has made sober soup, and I’ll put it on the bedside table for you.” Jin Rong’er’s voice came from outside the bathroom.

Qin An’an heard Jin Rong’er’s gentle voice, and a thorn suddenly grew in his heart.

“You find a way to come back.” She asked him aloud, “If you don’t find a way to come back quickly, I will find a way to save you.”

Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423

She is giving him orders, not discussing with him.

After saying this, she hung up the video.

Fu Shiting put down the phone, walked under the shower, turned on the switch, and the warm water quickly slid down his body along his short hair.

I was very upset.

She said she was coming to rescue him.

It’s like Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend has to come to avenge Zhuang Xu.

Even if you die, you won’t hesitate.

If Zhuang Xu was still alive, it would be impossible for his girlfriend to risk her life to avenge herself.

He still remembers Zhuang Xu’s girlfriend’s eyes when she was trampled on the ground by the bodyguard after he assassinated Jin Kaili.

Her eyes are very bright. The anger in his eyes is not obvious, some are just relief.

Fu Shiting decided to save her at that time, precisely because of her stubborn eyes, which reminded him of Qin An’an.

He thought that if he died in country y, Qin Anan might be like her, running desperately to seek revenge for Jin Kaili.

He didn’t want Qin Anan to save him!

Whether he needs rescue or not, he doesn’t need her!

After taking a shower, he came out of the bathroom.

At a glance, he saw Jin Rong Er standing beside his bed.

“Shi Ting, my father will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, let’s go to the hospital to pick him up tomorrow!” Jin Rong’er told his plan, “I will ask my father to forgive you. Don’t say anything tomorrow, I will make him forgive me. You.”

Fu Shiting walked to her side, picked up the hangover soup, and took a sip.

The soup is a bit sour, and it is very refreshing to drink into the stomach.

He finished the soup, and she immediately took the empty bowl.

“It’s very late, you go to rest! We’ll talk about tomorrow’s business tomorrow.” He looked at Jin Rong’er’s unease face, his eyes slid a little bit until it landed on her stomach.

She followed his gaze and glanced at her belly, and said with a smile: “The child is still very young, and she is not pregnant yet!”

“Well, I know.” His tone was very light.

When Qin Anan was pregnant with Ziqiu, he was always by her side.

He knows how hard it is for a woman to get pregnant and how great a child is to be born.

So he couldn’t live up to Qin An’an.

The next day, eight in the morning.

After finishing dressing up, Jin Rong’er came to Fu Shiting’s door and knocked on the door.

She told him last night that she was going to the hospital today to pick up Kim Carriere home.

Although he didn’t explicitly agree last night, she didn’t think he would refuse.

She knocked on the door twice, but there was no response. She was heartbroken and opened the door without authorization.

I saw that the quilt on the bed was neatly folded, which was folded by the nanny.

And the nanny told her just now that Fu Shiting was still sleeping and didn’t go downstairs.

Explain that this is not what the nanny folded today.

This further shows that Fu Shiting didn’t sleep on this bed last night.

Jin Rong Er suddenly felt hypoxia!

He is not in the room or the villa, where has he been?

When did he leave?

She immediately went back to her room to get her cell phone and dialed his number.

  • Sorry, the number you dialed has been switched off, please try again later.

Shut down!

He turned it off!

This is the first time he has shut down since he came to country y.

She suddenly felt like the world was spinning! Don’t know what to do!

Could it be that he… returned to country a? !

Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424

She couldn’t help but think back to the last time she met him last night.

She said at the time that she would go to the hospital with him to pick up Jin Carrier today, but he did not agree.

She thought that he didn’t agree, and it wasn’t a rejection, but she didn’t expect that he didn’t agree at the time, it meant rejection.

Moreover, he hardly ever took the initiative to look at any part of her body, but last night he stared at her belly.

He behaved strangely last night, but she didn’t notice the abnormality in time!

It is very possible that he left at night.

Otherwise his bed would not be so flat.

The strength in her body seemed to be taken away, and her whole body was like a headless fly, losing her direction.

How could Fu Shiting do this?

Even if you want to leave, at least say goodbye to her!

Her tears fell down.

She didn’t know how she got downstairs.

Seeing her lost soul, the nanny immediately supported her.

“Miss, why are you crying? Isn’t he in the room?” The nanny helped her to sit on the sofa, “I’ll go up and have a look.”

“He’s gone.” Jin Ronger took the nanny’s arm, “he was last night. He didn’t sleep in the room at all, when did he leave last night? Do you know?” The

nanny looked blank: “I don’t know! I didn’t hear anything.” After a pause, the nanny said, “I’ll let the security guard. Check the surveillance at the door.”

After finishing speaking, the nanny walked out immediately.

Jin Ronger turned on the phone and looked through the address book.

When she saw Pang Li’s number, a terrible thought suddenly popped into her mind!

Fu Shiting will not disappear without any reason! But he just disappeared!

Is it possible…that the father was so angry that he was taken away? !

Thinking of this, her fingers trembled, and she planned to call Pang Li to ask.

Just then, a phone call came.

Without hesitation, she answered the phone.

“Rong’er, it’s me.” There was a rough voice over the phone, “Your second master.”

Jin Rong’er was stunned for a moment, then immediately asked: “Second master, Fu Shiting is gone! Do you know where Fu Shiting went? I can’t get through to him.”

“Rong’er, don’t panic. I know where he is.”

Jin Rong’er exhaled suddenly and calmed down: “Second Master, is he mad at my father, so Want to go back to country a?”

“No, he was kidnapped by us.” The second child said, “I called him last night and asked him out to talk about something, and then I kidnapped him. To be precise, except for me , and your fourth master.”

Jin Rong’er was shocked: “Second master, why did you kidnap Shi Ting? Did Shi Ting offend you? Or because my dad offended you?”

“Rong’er, I’ll give you a day’s work. Time,” the second son’s voice came coldly, “either you go and kill your father, or I kill Fu Shiting.” There was a buzzing voice in Jin Rong’er’s

mind. She exclaimed: “Why? Why!? Why?!”

Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425

“Rong’er, don’t worry, when your father is dead, Jinli Group will still be yours, we will not hurt you or bully you. I kidnapped Shi Ting with your fourth master for your own good. You Dad is full of hostility to Shi Ting now, and he will never delegate power to Shi Ting. Maybe one day he will kill Shi Ting. If you want to live with Shi Ting, your dad must die.”

“No… ..I can’t do it…I can’t hurt my dad…My dad is very good to me…” Jin Rong Er cried out.

“How is your dad treating you? What are you kidding? Your dad never thought of giving you the inheritance.” The second child smiled contemptuously, “Don’t think it’s unbelievable that I let you kill your dad. You Dad has a brother, you may have never heard of it. Your father killed his brother, and only then did he get the Jin family’s property from your grandfather and set up the Jinli Group.”

Jin Rong’er’s face turned pale , couldn’t believe what he heard.

“If you don’t kill your dad, your dad may give Pang Li some of his property. Don’t look at how much Pang Li seems to like you. He pretends to be affectionate, but it’s just to get you and your family. When your father dies, the property of your Jin family will become the property of the Pang family!”

Jin Rong’er felt that the world in front of her had turned into pitch darkness.

She was born in a greenhouse and was used to being flattered and cared for by others. Now she is suddenly asked to kill, and she still kills her own father. How can she do it?

“Rong’er, I have finished telling you what I should say. I will send someone to deliver you a poison later. If you don’t feed this poison to your father, then I will feed it to Fu Shiting. After all, your father If he doesn’t die, everything that Fu Shiting talked to us before will not come true. He cheated on us, we must kill him.”

After the nanny investigated the surveillance, she returned to the living room.

Jin Rong’er was sitting on the sofa, her fingers tightly clutching the phone, her body trembling slightly.

“Miss, I checked the surveillance. Fu Shiting went out at two o’clock in the morning. He answered a phone call and went straight out.” The nanny told her the information from the investigation, “I don’t know who called him. There must be something wrong with talking on the phone so late.”

Jin Rong’er turned a deaf ear, her body motionless.

The nanny continued to comfort him: “Miss, don’t worry, his phone may be out of power when his phone is turned off. Maybe he will come back later.”

Jin Rong’er shook his head dully: “I’m a little hungry… …I’ll go get something to eat first.”

“Okay. Miss, don’t worry. I don’t think anything will happen to Mr. Fu. Even if he really wants to leave you, he will definitely make it clear to you. He is a decent person after all. ……”

“Stop talking, I want to be quiet.” Jin Rong’er said in a hoarse voice, “I’m a little thirsty, pour me a glass of water.”


Jin Rong’er ate a meal After a tasteless breakfast, I received a call from Pang Li.

The moment the phone rang, her soul almost went out of her body.

She thought that someone from the second master had arrived.

“Rong’er, when did you come? Your father mentioned you just now.” Pang Li asked.

“Oh…I have to wait.” Jin Ronger quickly adjusted his mood, “How is my father feeling today?”

“That’s it. Because of Fu Shiting, he has not been very happy.”

“Pang Li , don’t you like Shi Ting?” Jin Rong’er asked.

Pang Li was silent for a few seconds, and said indignantly: “Of course I don’t like him! If it weren’t for him, you would be my wife! Rong’er, how much I like you, you don’t know!”

“Pang Li, don’t Saying such disgusting words! If I wasn’t Miss Jin, would you still like me so much?”


“You won’t! If Jin Carrier’s daughter was an ugly woman, you would say you like her.” Jin Rong’er sighed heavily, “Pang Li, I didn’t sleep well last night, I didn’t mean to be with you. Quarrel. The nanny boiled the soup today, but it’s not ready yet. I’ll take some over when the soup is ready.”

“Okay. Rong’er, I know you’re not happy after marriage. If you scold me casually, I won’t be angry. “Pang Li coaxed.

Jin Rong Er hung up the phone.

If Fu Shiting hadn’t been kidnapped and she hadn’t been threatened, she wouldn’t be so unhappy.

Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426


Jin Carrier was lying on the hospital bed, infusion.

This morning, I had an infusion and an examination in the afternoon. If there is no major problem, I can go home for treatment.

After Pang Li called Jin Rong Er, he walked towards the smoking room.

After calming down, he returned to the ward.

Jin Kaili glanced at him: “Why hasn’t Rong’er here yet?”

“Rong’er said that he was waiting for the nanny to cook the soup, and said he would bring soup for you to drink later.” Pang Li sat down beside the hospital bed, ” She might bring Fu Shiting here.”

“Hmph, she sent me a message last night.” Jin Kaili narrowed his eagle eyes, “That’s why I asked you if they were here.”

“I see. Maybe she waited. Tang is false, but it is true when he persuades Fu Shiting to come together.” Pang Li guessed.

Jin Kaili snorted coldly: “Whether he comes or not, I won’t give him a good face. I trust him so much better than you, I almost gave him my heart, but he turned out to betray me. , hehe!”

Pang Li was distracted for some reason.

He remembered the words Kim Young-ah questioned him.

“What are you thinking?” Jin Carrier glared at him, “I have no one available now, so you have to fight for me!”

“Father, I will do whatever you want me to do. It’s just you and If Fu Shiting’s relationship continues to stalemate, Rong’er will definitely be very sad.” Pang Li said, “She is pregnant now, and if she is in a bad mood, it will not be good for the child.”

“You feel bad for her! Why is my relationship with Fu Shiting not good? It’s not because she’s incompetent!” Jin Kaili roared angrily, “If she was like Qin An’an and held Fu Shiting tightly, would Fu Shiting watch others assassinate me and be indifferent?”

Pang Li: “Foster father, Rong’er and Fu Shiting just got married not long ago, so they must not fall in love so quickly. Give Rong’er a little more time. “

“I think so too, so I didn’t scold her face to face? She’s not worse than Qin An’an, but her ability and skills are far worse than Qin An’an!” Jin Kaili said with disgust, “If she has Qin An’an With half of my brain, I wouldn’t want to find an outsider to be my heir!”

“Foster father, Rong’er is still young.”

“What a small one! A person’s ability can be seen from a young age. Rong’er has no core leadership. Li, it’s only suitable for being a doll for people to play with, just like her, if I don’t find her a capable husband, she won’t be able to keep the country I made!” Also increased.

Outside the ward, Jin Rong’er was carrying the insulation box, her body trembling uncontrollably.

She didn’t expect that her father would treat her like this in her heart.

Her father had never commented on her face to face before.

Every time I talk about her, I basically praise her. Compliment her sensible, praise her caring.

No wonder the second master said that her father never thought of giving her the right of inheritance. Because in her father’s mind, she is just a doll for people to play with!

“Miss, come in!” The nanny sent Jin Rong’er here.

The nanny also heard what Ginger said.

But for the nanny, no matter what Jin Kaili said about Jin Ronger, Jin Ronger shouldn’t be angry.

Because without Jin Kaili, there would be no Jin Ronger’s current life.

Hearing the movement outside the ward, Pang Li strode out.

Seeing Jin Rong’er’s sullen face, he immediately reached out and grabbed her arm: “Rong’er, when did you come here? Why didn’t you come in?”

She twitched the corner of her mouth, trying her best to regain her superficial calm: “I just came. “

Well…the adoptive father just asked why you haven’t come yet.” Pang Li wanted to take the insulation box from her, but Jin Rong’er refused.

Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427

“After you called me, I went out.” Jin Rong’er adjusted her mood and entered the ward with the insulation box, “Dad, I’m here to see you.” Jin

Kaili responded, The expression on his face was a little uncomfortable.

I don’t know if she heard what she said just now.

“Didn’t you say last night that you would come with Fu Shiting today? Why didn’t he come?” Jin Kaili felt unhappy when she saw her coming alone.

Is Fu Shiting getting closer to him?

“Shi Ting drank too much yesterday, and has a fever today. He originally wanted to see you, but I was afraid that he would pass the disease on to you, so I asked him to rest at home.” Jin Rong’er said, opening the insulation box, “Today I have stewed your favorite yam pork ribs soup, and I will serve you a bowl.”

“I ate too much for breakfast, so I can’t drink the soup right now.” Jin Kaili said.

A disappointed expression appeared on Jin Rong’er’s face, and then he closed the insulation box.

Seeing her disappointment, Pang Li immediately said, “Let me have a drink!”

Jin Rong’er’s heart beat faster, her face turned red, and the fingers holding the insulation box trembled.

Seeing this, the nanny wanted to take the insulation box from her and give it to Pang Lisheng.

“No!” Jin Rong’er pushed the nanny’s hand away, “This is a thermal insulation box for Dad, not for Pang. How can Dad drink Pang Li’s drink? There is only a bowl and a spoon in it.”

Jin Rong’er The reaction made Pang Li embarrassed.

The nanny was also very embarrassed: “Miss, it’s okay to give Pang Li a drink. I’ll wait…”

“No! I won’t give him a drink! I brought it to my father.” Jin Rong’er forcibly Stabilizing his emotions, “I brought it to my father myself. I only drink it for my father.”

Seeing her angry, Pang Li immediately said, “I won’t drink if I don’t drink it, Rong Er, don’t be angry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier if you wanted to drink? I’ll use two thermal insulation boxes before I can give you a drink.

” “…” Pang Li said here and did not continue.

Jin Kaili sneered: “Pang Li, look at what you look like now! Rong’er is so petty and scared you into this? You learn from Fu Shiting, men should focus on their careers!”

Pang Li immediately lowered his head “Foster father, what you said is true.”

“Rong’er, did you hear what I said just now?” Jin Carrier looked at his daughter, “I did say some unpleasant things just now, you can’t be angry. If you are really capable, you can prove yourself. Instead of being petty.”

“Dad, what did you say about me? Are you talking bad about me behind my back?” Jin Rong’er looked at him curiously.

Jin Kaili’s cheeks suddenly turned red: “Since you didn’t hear it, forget it! You bring me some soup and I’ll try it.”

“Oh, good. Would you like some spare ribs? Today’s spare ribs are very fresh.”

” Don’t eat it. I don’t want to eat more soup, I’m not hungry.” Jin Kaili’s tone was cold.

Jin Rong’er took a spoon and filled a small bowl of soup, then said coquettishly, “Dad, let me feed you a drink! So that you won’t get your hands dirty.”

“I’m too old to move!” Jin Carrier teased Then he let out another breath, “But since my good daughter wants to feed me, of course I can’t refuse.” A smile appeared on Jin

Rong’er’s face: “I know that my father loves me the most.”

A spoonful of soup was fed into Gene Carrier’s mouth.

Jin Carrier drank the soup and aftertastes it for a while: “It’s a bit salty.”

“Really? Then put less salt next time.” Jin Rong’er said, scooped another spoonful and fed it to Jin Carrier’s mouth.

Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428

After drinking this small bowl of soup, Jin Carrier lay down and closed his eyes after a while.

“You guys go out first! I want to be alone with my dad for a while.” Jin Rong’er said to Pang Li.

Pang Li and the nanny immediately withdrew.

The door of the ward closed, and Jin Rong’er’s tears fell.

She poisoned her own father with her own hands.

When she came over, she didn’t actually make up her mind.

She didn’t have to give her father the soup in the insulation box.

It was outside the ward when she heard what her father said to her, which made her want to kill.

In the eyes of her father, she is just a waste.

Who would want to admit that he is a rubbish who knows nothing?

Since her father looked down on her so much, she didn’t have to be soft-hearted.

The second child received a call from Jin Ronger, and when he learned that Jin Kaili had passed away, the second child laughed.

“Rong’er, I knew you could do it for sure! Just wait, I’ll ask Shi Ting to find you later.” The second child hung up the phone.

“Shi Ting, have you heard it? Rong’er has solved Jin Carrier.” The second child looked at Fu Shiting who was sitting on the sofa, “Don’t look at Rong’er’s young age, she is Jin Carrier’s daughter after all. There is still a ruthlessness.”

Fu Shiting was called by his second brother last night to talk about something.

As a result, it was forced to stay here.

Because the second brother learned that Jin Kaili was discharged from the hospital today, he thought of this strategy.

Jin Carrier is suspicious by nature, and it is almost impossible for others to attack him.

Only Jin Rong’er was the easiest to attack him without any consequences.

“I’ll accompany you to the hospital!” The second child saw Fu Shiting’s cold face, so he walked over to him and spoke.


After Jin Ronger finished the phone call, he walked to the door of the ward and opened the door.

“Pang Li, come in. I have something to tell you.” Jin Rong’er’s eyes were red and she looked very sad.

Pang Li was puzzled: “Isn’t foster father resting? Let’s talk outside!”

“Come in.” She took his arm.

Pang Li was stunned for a moment, then entered the ward and glanced at the hospital bed.

Jin Rong Er closed the door of the ward.

“Pang Li, will you kill me?” Jin Rong’er asked.

“Rong’er, how did you say such a thing? How could I hurt you?” Pang Li looked at her in shock, “Why are you crying? What happened? Did the foster father tell you?”

Jin Rong’er shook his head , told the truth with difficulty: “My dad is dead. I poisoned the soup.”

Pang Li suddenly changed his face!

“Pang Li, will you kill me? Answer me!” Jin Rong’er clenched his arm tightly, “Although my dad often scolds you, he raised you and treats you much better than outsiders. You will definitely avenge him, right?”

“Are you crazy?!” Pang Li shook her hand away, “Rong Er, did Fu Shiting ask you to do this?! Did he instigate you to do this! “

No…it has nothing to do with Shi Ting.” Jin

Rong’er choked, “Second Master and Fourth Master kidnapped Shi Ting…” “You killed your father for Fu Shiting?! Rong Son, do you really think that your second master and fourth master kidnapped Fu Shiting? They have a good personal relationship! They are acting in a play and they are lying to you!” Pang Li’s eyes were scarlet and his fists were tightly clenched, “I want Kill Fu Shiting and avenge the foster father!”

Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429

“Then kill me first!” Jin Rong’er stopped him, “Pang Li, I did it! You saw with your own eyes the poison I fed Dad…”

“You stupid woman There is no cure!” Pang Li scolded angrily.

Jin Rong’er cried bitterly: “Brother Pang Li… I’m sorry… I didn’t discuss it with you in advance…”

“Don’t call me brother! You are really stupid this time. Come on! How did the adoptive father raise a white-eyed wolf like you!” Pang Li hated that iron was not steel.

This was the first time Pang Li scolded her.

Her body softened and she fell to her knees on the ground.

“I did it by myself…you want to blame me…don’t blame Shiting…”

“You’re still talking for him at this time! What does he give? What kind of ecstasy did you pour? Rong Er, do you believe that he will return to country a right away? Do you really understand or fake it? If it wasn’t for the adoptive father to block him, he would have left long ago! You shouldn’t think it’s righteous After my father dies, will he live a good life with you? He doesn’t love you at all! Stop dreaming!”

Jin Rong’er stared at him blankly: “He won’t leave, I’m pregnant with his child… ….”

Not long after, the second son sent Fu Shiting to the hospital.

The second child saw Jin Rong’er kneeling in front of Pang Li, and Pang Li’s face was not right, so he sent Fu Shiting to the ward and slipped away.

Seeing Fu Shiting, Jin Rong’er immediately choked and said, “Shi Ting, my dad is dead. I killed him.”

Fu Shiting strode up in front of her and pulled her up from the ground.

After Jin Rong’er stood firm, Pang Li raised his foot and kicked Fu Shiting!

“You use Rong’er to kill my foster father, what kind of man are you!” Pang Li rushed towards Fu Shiting like a beast, wishing to swallow him alive!

Seeing this, the nanny immediately entered the ward and pulled Jin Ronger out.

Jin Rong’er was crying so hard that she wanted to go in and pull the crazy Pang Li: “Pang Li, don’t fight! I did it all! It’s nothing to do with Shi Ting!” The

nanny forcibly pulled Jin Rong’er away.

“Miss! What you did is so absurd! You didn’t even tell me in advance! I almost made Pang Li drink that soup… Miss, you are so confused! Your father is gone! , who will protect you in the future? Do you expect outsiders to protect you? You are too naive! In this world, apart from your father, even Pang Li can’t treat you sincerely!”

“I don’t regret…” Jin Rong’er had tears in her eyes, “My dad doesn’t look down on me at all. He’s alive, and he won’t be nice to Shi Ting.”

“Shi Ting Shi Ting, you keep your mouth shut, Shi Ting, but all he thinks is Qin An’an! Miss! , why can’t you figure it out?”

“I am pregnant with his child, and he will definitely not leave me and the child.” Jin Rong’er cried with scarlet eyes, gasping for breath, “If he wants to leave, I will Just tell him that the baby in my womb belongs to him!”

“What if he still has to leave?” the nanny asked her.

Jin Rong Er shook his head.

She hadn’t thought about that.

What happened today was so sudden that she didn’t have time to think calmly at all.

“Miss, your father is gone. Most of his inheritance must be left to you. You have to think carefully about how you can ensure that these properties will not be taken away by people with ulterior motives.” The nanny continued, “I’m talking about people with ulterior motives, including your second master, third master, fourth master, and Fu Shiting… Of course, including Pang Li.”

“Among these people, Pang Li should be the best for you. people,” the nanny added.

Jin Ronger shook his head: “Pang Li just wants my property. People like him are the most dangerous. Shi Ting clearly doesn’t like me, so no matter how bad Shi Ting is to me, it can’t be any worse.” The

nanny didn’t answer talk.

do not know what to say.

Jin Rong Er is no longer a child, she has her own thoughts and opinions.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t kill Jin Carrier with her own hands.

“Shi Ting!” Jin Rong’er suddenly exclaimed and strode towards the ward.

In the ward, Fu Shiting fell in a pool of blood, but Pang Li’s beating continued.

Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430

“Pang Li! Stop it!” Jin Rong’er shouted loudly.

She quickly rushed to Fu Shiting and protected him.

Pang Li withdrew his hand, but still did not lose his breath.

“If you kill him, I won’t let you go!” Jin Rong’er looked at Pang Li fiercely, “You are just an outsider! It’s not your turn to intervene in our Jin family’s affairs!

” Outsiders’ the word stabbed.

He looked at Jin Rong’er’s familiar face, as if looking at a stranger.

After she married Fu Shiting, she completely changed.

In her heart, only Fu Shiting. If Fu Shiting wanted everything from the Jin family, she would give it away.

As an outsider, Pang Li could only watch her do one stupid thing after another.

Just when Pang Li was about to leave the ward, she looked at his back and whimpered: “Pang Li, don’t go!”

She said angrily, but she didn’t want to drive Pang Li away.

Just seeing Fu Shiting bleeding so much, she was very angry!

But what would she do if she faced such a big mess after Pang Li left?

Pang Li stopped and looked back at her: “Didn’t you say I’m an outsider?”

“You’re not an outsider!” She held back her tears, “But don’t bully Fu Shiting anymore! I decided to kill my father myself. Yes! I am an adult, and I am responsible for everything I do!”

Pang Li sneered: “Okay! You are responsible for yourself!”

“Pang Li, don’t go! I need you to help me. !” She prayed, “We are still the same as before, okay?”

“Okay!” Pang Li clenched his fists, endured the heartache, and asked, “Then what do you need me to do?”

“Go to the doctor! Go to the doctor immediately!” Jin Rong’er roared.

After a while, the doctor came.

Fu Shiting was sent to first aid to stop the bleeding.

After another doctor checked Jin Carrier’s body, he announced: “Mr. Jin is dead.”

Jin Rong Er: “I know… what should I do next?”

“Miss Jin, we need us Find out the cause of Mr. Kim’s death?”


“Then…you can hold a funeral for Mr. Kim,” the doctor said.

Jin Rong’er looked at Pang Li: “Pang Li, you are responsible for my father’s funeral. Also, if there is something wrong with Shi Ting, I won’t let you go.”

Pang Li’s face was ugly and he didn’t answer her. .

a country.

Today, the st group entertained the executives of the Qin group, and Qin Anan also brought Ruila and Ziqiu.

The reason why she brought her two children was mainly because several executives of the st group asked her to bring the children over to have a look.

Fu Shiting has been away for a while, and he still doesn’t know when he will return. Everyone misses him a lot.

If you can’t see him, look at his children.

“Rila, you are a big star now! My eldest and second child like you very much. Originally they wanted to come over to play with you, but I was afraid that they would scare you, so I didn’t bring them here.” Guan flattered Rila, “I heard that you are also very good at studying, you are amazing!”

“My mother taught me well.” Rila said modestly.

“Hahaha! Your mother is great, and so are you.” The executive said, and the conversation changed, “Rila, when will your father come back? If your father comes back to accompany you, he can teach you a lot! “

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