When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1431 -1440 (Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1431 -1440 (Chinese)

Chapter 1431

Rila’s mouth is shriveled: “You ask my mother this question!”

“I’m not embarrassed?” The executive said with a smile, “I’m afraid to ask your mother, your mother is sad.”

“But you Ask me, I’m sad too!” Rila looked sad.

“You miss your father, right?” The executive was persuasive. “He told me many times before, he said he loved you very much. He said he wanted to make a lot of money and spend it for you.”

“Really?” With big bright eyes, “what else did he say?”

“Actually, your dad doesn’t like to express his feelings very much, but every time he talks about you, he is very excited. He said he prefers his daughter.”

Rila’s nose slightly acid.

“Would you like to call your father? If you take the initiative to call him, he must be very happy.” Gao Duan, “Your mother will bring her brother tonight, you can ask your mother to get the phone over and give it to your father Make a call.”

“Uncle, are you trying to talk to my dad on the phone?” Rila saw his intentions.

The executive blushed slightly and nodded: “I have joined your father’s company since I returned to China. I have a good relationship with your father.”

“Oh…then I will go to my mother for a mobile phone.” Rila After agreeing, he immediately walked towards Qin Anan.

Qin Anan took Ziqiu to chat with other women with children.

“Mom, let me play with your cell phone.” Rila walked to Qin An’an and reached out to her for her cell phone.

Without thinking, Qin Anan took out her mobile phone and handed it to her daughter.

“What do you want mom’s phone to play with?”

“I’ll call dad,” Rila said, taking her phone and walking away.

After Rila walked away, a female employee of the st group who was standing next to Qin Anan said, “Do you have such a good relationship with President Fu?”

“Fu Shiting dotes on her very much. It’s just that when I and Fu Shiting quarrel sometimes, she will stand by my side. But she still likes this father very much in her heart.”

“Few people can reject the charm of President Fu. He just stood there, no If you talk, you can fascinate a lot of people.” The female employee laughed, “In recent years, many companies have poached me and offered me a higher salary than President Fu, but I didn’t quit.”

“Because you are not short of it . Money?”

“Hahaha! Not lack of money is one aspect, and I feel more at ease working with President Fu. Maybe I’m used to working in my comfort zone,

so I don’t want to move.” “Well, that’s how people are. When Fu Shiting was together at the beginning, he quarreled every day, and it took a while to settle in. After that, he couldn’t fall in love with other men. I think it may be what you said, and he didn’t want to spend any more energy to adapt to new men. “

“An An, it’s enough for you to have our President Fu. You don’t need to look at other men. You don’t know how much the female employees of our company envy you.”

“Well, it’s enough for me to have him.” She was very content. The only hope now is that he can return home smoothly.

After Rila took Qin An’an’s mobile phone, she walked to the executive.

The executive took Rila to a quiet place to make a phone call.

Rila turned on her phone, clicked on the address book, found Dad’s business card, and dialed it.

“Rila, you usually play with your mother’s phone, right? You’re very skilled.” The executive said with a smile, feeling a little excited.

“I have a cell phone myself, I just didn’t bring it,” Rila explained. “My brother bought it for me .

Outside, he’s under control! Every time he calls, it’s secretly.” Rila frowned, “He’s such an idiot, he has to go outside and suffer.”

“Just wait until he returns home. .”

Rila responded, staring at the phone screen without blinking.

The phone was dialed, it was connected, but no one answered.

Just when Rila thought the call would not be connected, an unfamiliar voice came from the other end of the phone—

Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432

“Qin An’an?” There was a female voice over the phone.

Rila was stunned, not expecting a woman to answer the phone.

Could this woman be Dad’s new wife?

“Who are you?” Rila asked loudly, frowning.

On the other side of the phone, Jin Rong’er was stunned.

I thought it was Qin An’an’s call, but I didn’t expect it to be a girl’s voice.

Could it be Qin An’an and Fu Shiting’s daughter Qin Ruila? Jin Rong’er quickly adjusted her messy mood and said, “Are you Rila? I’m your father’s wife. My name is

Jin Rong’er. I don’t know if your mother has mentioned me to you.”

Ra’s brows were instantly locked, and his face became gloomy.

“I’m calling my dad, not you, why are you answering my dad’s call?!” Rila yelled uncontrollably.

Qin Anan heard Rila’s roar, and immediately hugged Ziqiu and rushed over.

Seeing Rila’s emotional breakdown, Jin Ronger explained calmly: “Rila, I know you can’t accept me, but I’m your dad’s legal wife now. And I’m pregnant with his child now. I can accept yours. Existence, I hope you can accept my existence. Otherwise, only you will suffer.”

“When did you become pregnant with my dad… You said you were pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child?!” Rila was shocked by this Tears of shock flowed out of the news.

After all, children are children, and their psychological endurance is not so strong.

“Yes. I’ve been with your dad’s baby for two months. Rila, I know it’s going to be hard for you to hear this, but you should respect your dad’s choice. Your dad will stay with me in the country in the future. You are no longer a three-year-old child. I hope you can persuade your mother to let her think about it, and she can find a man again. “

After Jin Rong’er finished speaking, she could already imagine how angry Qin Anan would be when she learned this information from Rila.

“Rila! What’s wrong with you?” Qin Anan saw that Rila was holding the phone, crying with tears, and immediately put Ziqiu down.

“Mom!” Rila immediately jumped into her mother’s arms when she saw her, and cried out in grievance, “I called Dad, his new wife answered! His new wife said she was pregnant with his child!”

Listening to Rila With the broken cry, Qin Anan put his arm around the child and took the cell phone in Rila’s hand with the other.

The call continues.

Qin Anan put the phone to her ear and gave a hello.

Jin Rong’er heard Qin An’an’s voice and immediately responded: “Qin An’an, I didn’t mean to make your daughter angry. She asked me, and I can only answer her truthfully.”

“You told my daughter that you were pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child. ? Jin Rong’er, do you know what the word ‘truthful’ means? Do you think I don’t know if the child in your womb belongs to Fu Shiting? ” Qin Anan asked her.

“Your self-righteous tone is ridiculous. Well, the child in my belly is not Shi Ting’s. Shi Ting is going back to country a to reunite with you. Is this what you want to hear?” Jin Rong’er laughed, “You just Continue to deceive yourself!”

Qin Anan seemed to have been slapped twice, her cheeks burning hot.

“Where’s Fu Shiting? Why did you answer his call?” She didn’t want to argue with Jin Rong’er.

She wants to talk to Fu Shiting and ask Fu Shiting to tell her whether the child in Jin Rong’er’s womb is his! Will he ever return to country a!

“Qin An’an, did you meet Fu Shiting on the first day? Do you think I can use his cell phone to answer the phone without his permission?” Jin Rong’er asked, “Let me tell you straight, he asked me to I took your call.”

Qin Anan felt like she was slapped twice!

This time, my face is not fiery hot, but fiery pain!

It was because she knew Fu Shiting that her face hurt.

It is impossible for outsiders to take Fu Shiting’s mobile phone, let alone answer the phone.

Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433

Unless he takes the initiative to ask someone to answer the phone for him.

“Qin An’an, Shi Ting always let you go back to country a, not because he was worried about your safety, but because he felt that you were in country y and hindered our life. After you left, he promised me that he would accompany me in the future. And our children, will not leave us. Please don’t disturb our life in the future. If you need child support, you can ask me for it. I can give you as much as you want. Don’t bother Shiting anymore! I don’t want to contact you again.”

Jin Rong’er’s tone gradually became impatient.

“Give him your phone! If he tells me that, I promise that I will never disturb you again!” Qin Anan shouted every word!

Jin Ronger: “Sorry, he can’t talk to you. Because I asked him to promise me not to talk to you in the future! I’m pregnant now and my mood is unstable, so he loves me very much and doesn’t dare to make me angry. If I get angry and cause an accident to the child, no one can take the responsibility.”

Qin Anan: “…”

“Qin Anan, I have finished telling you what I should say. Shiting and I are going to rest. .” After Jin Rong’er finished speaking, she waited for another two seconds, seeing that she didn’t speak, so she hung up the phone.

Jin Rong’er put down the phone and looked at Fu Shiting on the hospital bed.

Fu Shiting was seriously injured.

The doctor said he might not be able to wake up for a while.

Even after waking up, it takes a long time for the body to recover to normal.

Pang Li took half his life!

Jin Rong Er was very angry.

But she now needs Pang Li to help her with her father’s funeral.

So she planned to wait until Fu Shiting was discharged from the hospital, and then find Pang Li to settle the account.

Sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, she looked at Fu Shiting’s face wrapped in heavy gauze, thinking in her heart, just to take advantage of the time he was in the hospital, to cut off his relationship with Qin An’an!

If it wasn’t for this opportunity, she would have no way to deal with Qin An’an.

Sai Weng loses his horse and knows it is not a blessing.

As if from the moment she killed her father, the ambition within her awakened.

In order to achieve what she wants, she understands that she has to do anything!

She doesn’t want others to look down on her, she wants to be like her father, who others will be afraid of when they talk about it.

Even if it can’t be done completely, at least it can’t be bullied casually.

a country, banquet hall.

Because Rila was crying too sadly, Qin Anan couldn’t care about her emotions and immediately coaxed her: “Rila, don’t cry. The child in that woman’s womb is not your father’s. Your father explained it to me.”

Rila was aggrieved, and the tears couldn’t stop.

Ziqiu stood next to her, watching her sister cry non-stop, and also started crying.

Qin Anan couldn’t coax the two children alone, but fortunately Mike came over in time and picked up Rila.

“Let’s go back first!” Qin Anan hugged Ziqiu and said to Mike, “Don’t affect other people’s mood.”

“What’s going on? I can hear the two children crying from far away.”

“Rila I called Fu Shiting, but Jin Ronger answered.” Qin Anan whispered, “Jin Ronger said that Fu Shiting would not return to country a in the future. She also said that the child in her womb belongs to Fu Shiting, which is ridiculous!”

Mike Stopping: “It wouldn’t be true, would it? Otherwise, why would she take Fu Shiting’s cell phone to answer your call?”

Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434

After Mike asked these words, Rila in his arms cried even louder.

Qin An’an: “Can you stop the crow’s mouth?”

Mike immediately shut up.

“Okay, Rila, don’t cry. It’s no big deal.” Qin Anan coaxed her daughter, “your father told me clearly that the child in Jin Rong’er’s womb is a test-tube baby. It’s not her and your father’s. We trust Dad, okay?”

Rila buried her head in Mike’s neck, her voice muffled: “I don’t trust him! I don’t trust anyone, I don’t trust him anymore!”

“Baby, you don’t trust him. It’s fine. But don’t let this affect your mood. When you didn’t have a father, you were happy every day, right?”

“That’s because I have my brother with me…”

“Your brother died at the end of the year. I’m back.” Qin Anan coaxed, “It will be the end of the year soon. Although I don’t have a brother to accompany you now, I have a younger brother to accompany you!”

“My brother is too young.” Rila said with disgust.

“But brother loves you as much as brother! Look at you crying just now, and brother crying with you.”

“That’s because I scared him!” Rila raised her head with tears in her eyes.

Seeing her daughter’s sober and aggrieved appearance, Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

“Mom, don’t laugh at me!” Rila blushed.

“Okay, mom doesn’t laugh at you anymore. Actually, mom understands your sadness, but mom wants you to be strong. If I can be with your dad, that’s the best thing, but if I can’t be with him, then We have to live a good life, right?” Qin Anan reasoned with her daughter softly.

Rila nodded. “Mom, I won’t cry anymore.”

“You’re so good. You cried so loudly just now that the aunts and uncles in the banquet hall came to ask what’s wrong with you. They all care about you. We need to see more people who care about us.”

Rila was silent for a few seconds, then asked : “Mom, dad won’t come back, will you go to him again? Mom, I don’t want you to leave me again.”

Qin Anan’s expression was a little stiff.

Seeing this, Mike immediately settled the situation: “Rila, even if your mother goes to your father, I will accompany you and your brother! Besides, I think that since your father promised that your mother would return to China, he will definitely not break his promise. You little head melon seeds, think more about how to bring learning up!”

When she heard the word “learning”, Rila suddenly had a headache.

Bringing the two children home, Qin Anan said to Mike, “It’s still early, you go back to the hotel to play with them! I’ll put the children to sleep, so I won’t go out.”

“Okay, but you should contact Fu Shiting, Let ‘s see what happened.”

Even if Mike didn’t say anything, Qin Anan would contact Fu Shiting again.

Jin Rong’er’s flamboyant attitude tonight is too arrogant!

After Mike left, Qin Anan took her daughter to take a bath.

Ziqiu was carried away by Mrs. Zhang.

“Mom, I’ll take a shower by myself! I have to do my own business.” Rila said, and began to undress herself.

“Then mother goes out?” Qin Anan knew that her daughter would take a bath. Sister Zhang told her.

But in the days when Qin Anan just returned to China, Rila asked her to help wash.

“Mom, don’t go. You’re here with me.” Rila pulled her arm, “or you can bring my homework in and help me check it.”

“Okay, mommy will get your homework.” Qin Anan Bring my daughter’s homework and open the Chinese homework book.

Essay topic – “My Dad”

Rila didn’t let Qin Anan teach her to write this composition.

However, there is a tutor to guide her, so this composition is also written in a relatively long length.

“My dad, tall man with big eyes, he has deep dimples when he smiles. But he usually doesn’t smile because he’s a serious guy out there. He likes to smile at me because he loves it I…”

Qin Anan felt a pain in her heart after reading the composition written by her daughter, thinking of her daughter crying tonight.

Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435

Rila is not an ignorant child. In public, she loves face more than anyone else.

She was really sad to cry in the banquet hall.

She felt that her father was hers, but Jin Ronger told her tonight that her father had a new child, and her father would not only be her father in the future.

As if her beloved toy was snatched away, how could she not be sad?

After Rila took a bath, Qin Anan coaxed her to sleep, and then came out of the children’s room.

Ziqiu also took a bath and was eating milk.

“An An, go take a bath! When Ziqiu eats the milk, I’ll take him to sleep for a while.” Sister Zhang said.


Qin Anan touched Ziqiu’s little head and went back to the room.

After closing the door, she took out her phone and found Fu Shiting’s number.

She wanted to dial, but hesitated again.

How embarrassing would it be if Jin Ronger picked up the call again?

After thinking for a while, she found Fei Tianqi’s number and dialed it.

The phone was dialed, and after a while, it was connected.

“Third brother, it’s me.”

“There’s a caller ID on my phone! You’re arguing with me so late, and you’re not letting anyone sleep?” Fei Tianqi said depressedly, “You woke me up just after falling asleep!

” I’m sorry! I was in a hurry, so I forgot the time on your side.”

“What are you in a hurry for?”

“I called Fu Shiting tonight, but Jin Ronger picked it up.”

“Oh, Shiting was beaten. , I guess the injury is not light.” Fei Tianqi was awake, he simply sat up and took a sip of water, “Of course, I don’t know the specifics. Jin Rong’er has protected him well and won’t let us visit!”

“What’s the matter? What happened?” Qin Anxin’s strings were tense, and Liu Mei frowned.

“It’s a long story… We made a game and let Rong’er kill Jin Kaili…”

“Jin Kaili is dead?!” Qin Anan’s back suddenly turned A layer of hot sweat broke out.

“Yeah! This matter was kept quiet, and the funeral was held in a low-key manner. Because it was Rong’er who killed it, she didn’t want people to know about it.” Fei Tianqi spoke of this, and his spirit suddenly rose, “I heard that Pang Li put the Shi Ting gave him a beating. I just heard that we don’t know the details!”

“Can’t you go and see him?”

“I can’t see it. Rong’er won’t let me see it. Since she killed her father, she seems to have changed. I’ve got someone.” Fei Tianqi said, “I also called Shi Ting, but no one answered! So I guess Shi Ting’s situation is not very optimistic now!”

“I’ll go to him now!”

“Hey, don’t wait. Come.” Fei Tianqi had a headache, “Wait a while. If Shi Ting is really injured and is in the hospital right now, when he recovers, he will naturally contact you. Just wait!”

“Third brother, thank you Tell me this. Otherwise, I was almost deceived by Jin Rong’er.”

“When I saw Shi Ting for the last time, his attitude didn’t change. He was still determined to go back to country a and didn’t want to stay here.”

“Okay. Yes. What you said made me feel much more at ease.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Anan thought about it, and it was difficult for me to calm down.

Fu Shiting can’t be reached now.

If he is injured, how is he injured?

If you wait, who knows how long it will take and what will happen?

She quickly made up her mind – go to country Y and find him.

Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436

She wanted to go to the airport immediately and take the nearest flight to country y, but after thinking about it, she held back.

She has to talk to her daughter first.

Otherwise, my daughter will definitely be heartbroken.

Before the change, she must have ignored it and rushed to Country Y, but now, she can’t do that anymore.

During this time, the things she has experienced have made her grow a lot.

She can’t always just focus on her own emotions and ignore the feelings of others.

This is true for children, and the same is true for Fu Shiting.

the next morning.

Qin Anan got up early, went to the children’s room, and called Rila up.

“Rila, your dad is injured, and mom has to go see him.” She sat beside the bed and discussed with her daughter, “I’ll bring him back this time when I go there.”

Rila’s sleepy eyes were open and she didn’t react. : “Oh…”

“Mom bought a plane ticket this morning. After sending you to school, mom will go out.” Qin Anan continued, “After mom leaves, Uncle Mike will come and stay. You have What’s the matter, you can tell Uncle Mike, you can also tell Uncle Sinian…”

“What?! Mom, are you leaving?” Rila was completely sober.

“Yeah, mom just told you that your dad was hurt.”

“How did he get hurt? Is it serious?” Rila looked worried.

“Mom doesn’t know yet. I’ll find out after I’ve passed it.” Qin Anan brought over the clothes that her daughter was going to wear today, “don’t worry, the worst person is dead, and mother won’t be in danger in the past.”

“Jin Kai Li died?” Rila asked in surprise.

“Yes! Who told you his name?”

“Uncle Mike told me.” Rila’s mood suddenly improved, “The bad guy is finally dead! Mom, can I go to country Y too!”

“Haha, baby, you have to go to school!” Qin Anan She took off her pajamas and put on her skirt, “It’s not fun over there. Wait for Mom to go and bring Dad back. We’ll never go there again.

” “

Of course. Mom will miss you and your brother.”

After sending her daughter out, Qin Anan returned to her room to pack her luggage.

Aunt Zhang walked into the bedroom with Ziqiu in her arms.

“An An, will it be dangerous for you to pass this time?” Sister Zhang was very worried.

“No. Jin Kaili is dead.” Qin Anan said, “now Jin Kaili has only one daughter, Jin Rong’er, Shi Ting’s wife in country y. I have dealt with Jin Rong’er, but she is a childish child. I’m not afraid of her.”

“I still have to plan for the worst.”

“When Jin Kaili dies, I don’t know how many people are thinking about the Jin family’s property. Jin Ronger now has wolves and tigers. If she wants to deal with me, I can ask the third brother to help me.” Qin Anan returned after thinking it over.

“Well. Call home when you arrive.”


Qin Anan packed his luggage and prepared to go out with his suitcase.

Ziqiu looked at his mother about to leave, and seemed to realize something. Suddenly, the little guy exclaimed, “Mom! Woo!”

He struggled to get down from Sister Zhang’s arms, ran to Qin An’an, and hugged Qin An’an’s leg. .

Qin An’an’s peaceful heart was disturbed.

She wanted to laugh and coax her son, but her eyes suddenly became wet.

“Ziqiu, mom will be back soon.” She put down the luggage, picked up her son, and looked at his big eyes, “Mom will pick up dad. Then mom and dad will play with you, okay?

Ziqiu pouted and hugged her neck tightly with both hands, refusing to let her go .

Sister-in-law Zhang silently carried her luggage into the yard and put it in the trunk.

Qin Anan hugged her son, went to get a bag of bread and opened it: “Baby, you are good at home. Mom will come back to play with you soon. Mom will make videos for you every day, okay?”

Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437

She put the bread in Ziqiu’s hand.

The little guy had snacks, and the tears in his eyes were held back.

Aunt Zhang returned to the living room and took Ziqiu from her arms.

“An’an, don’t worry! Go early and return early.”

“Well.” Qin An’an strode out of the villa after kissing Ziqiu’s forehead.

country y.

Qin Anan came out of the airport and looked at a country that was both familiar and unfamiliar in front of her. Her mood was completely different from last time.

“Boss, let’s go to the hotel to check in first!” The bodyguard said while carrying her suitcase.

“Go to the hospital first. The third brother said that Fu Shiting might be injured, but he’s not sure. I want to confirm this.” Qin Anan didn’t fall asleep on the plane because he thought he might be injured, and he wasn’t very injured. light.

“Boss, you look haggard and vicissitudes of life now. Regardless of whether Fu Shiting is injured or not, I feel that if you don’t get some sleep, you may be hospitalized at any time.”

“Why are the people around me all crowmouths?” Qin Anan sighed.

She gave up the idea of ​​going to the hospital immediately, and decided to go to the hotel to take a shower and change her clothes.

“I’m just telling the truth. You should think about it, is it that you usually do your own way.” The bodyguard muttered softly.

“Are you educating me?”

“I’m obviously begging you. If you fall ill, I will be very sad.”

“You will be sad when I die.”

“Who is the crow’s mouth? Together, Mike and I are no match for the power of your mouth.”

The two quarreled and arrived at the hotel.

After checking in and getting the room card, the two took the elevator to the housekeeping department.

The bodyguard sent her to the room and warned: “If you go out, you must call me! Although Jin Kaili is dead, Jin Rong’er definitely doesn’t want to see you here.”

“Got it. I’ll take a shower first. Take a shower, go back to your room and rest!” Qin Anan sent the bodyguard out, then closed and locked the door.

About half an hour later, after taking a shower, she was about to go to the hospital to inquire about Fu Shiting’s whereabouts.

When she came out of the room, she took out her mobile phone and called the bodyguard.

Because when the bodyguard let her out just now, he must call him.

According to her previous habit, she felt that there was no dangerous little thing, and she would definitely do it directly.

But now she decided to get rid of her bad habit.

Listen to the opinions of those around you and respect the feelings of those around you.

I dialed the phone and got through, but no one answered.

She suspected that the bodyguard might have fallen asleep.

Thinking of this, she put away her phone and strode towards the elevator.


She found her former attending doctor and presented the fruits and flowers she had bought.

When the doctor saw her, his jaw dropped: “Miss Qin, haven’t you returned to China? Why are you here again?”

“I came here to thank you.” Qin Anan sat down in the chair and said, “If not With your superb medical skills, how can I be healthy now?” The

doctor got goosebumps: “Miss Qin, don’t mess around with me, what the hell are you coming to me, tell me directly!”

“Fu Shiting , right? Injured? Where is he being treated?” She said nervously.

The doctor shook his head and sighed: “I knew that you came to me, it must be the drunkard’s intention not to drink!”

“Just tell me! There are still patients queuing outside you!”

Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438

“He seems to be injured, but I don’t know how. It was the vice president who treated him and kept the whole process confidential.” The doctor approached her and whispered, “Something happened to the Jin family, you should be careful. Let’s go!”

“Fu Shiting is injured, I can’t ignore it.” Qin Anan got up from the chair, “Thank you for telling me this. I’ll see you next time.”

“Will you live well? You have to toss.” The doctor sighed again , “I’ve never seen you so afraid of death.”

“Don’t worry, I can’t die.”

After she finished speaking, she went to Vice President Liu.

It is very unfortunate that Vice President Liu is not in the hospital today.

She had no sleepiness and didn’t want to go back to the hotel, so she called Fei Tianqi and visited his house.

After Fei Tianqi received her call, his shocked tone was no less than the doctor’s reaction just now.

After the two met, Fei Tianqi looked at her as if he were looking at a creature from outer space.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come?” Fei Tianqi had a headache.

“Isn’t Jin Kaili dead?” Qin Anan put the bought fruit on the coffee table, “Third brother, can you accompany me to the hospital? If you go to Jin Rong’er, she won’t rush you. Let’s go?”

“What if I don’t agree to you?” Fei Tianqi deliberately made things difficult for her.

“If you don’t agree, then I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

“Are you threatening me?” Fei Tianqi frowned, “Do I owe you? Do you have to find me?”

Qin Anan said: “You don’t I owe me, I owe you.”

“Come on, I’ll accompany you on a trip, only this trip! If this trip doesn’t yield anything, don’t bother me next time.” Fei Tianqi took a sip of tea.

“Okay, thank you. Your kindness, I will keep it in my heart.”

“Don’t put a high hat on me. If it weren’t for your medical skills, I wouldn’t bear you!”

“I don’t think you are such a person. In the relationship between you and Shi Ting, you will definitely help me.”

“Ah, you woman! I told you not to wear a high hat!”

“Okay, third brother, let’s go to the hospital now!” Qin Anan Get up from the sofa, walk up to him, and take his arm.

As if struck by lightning, he immediately pushed her away: “Don’t do anything to me… That trick you did to Shi Ting is useless to me!”

“Would you like to call the hospital first ? Phone?”

“What are you calling for? So that Jin Rong’er will know in advance that we are going there and stop us at the hospital gate?” Fei Tianqi glared at her.

She was stunned: “The hospital belongs to the Jin family?”

“Yes! The Jin family is the major shareholder of that hospital.”

Qin Anan felt a little pain in her head.

How did she dare to operate in that hospital? If the Jin family wanted to harm her at that time, they could kill her in minutes.

“Third brother, you said on the phone that after Jin Rong’er killed her father, she seems to have changed. What is the specific change?” She was more curious.

Because she will inevitably have direct contact with Jin Yonger next.

“What was Rong’er like before? You have come into contact with her. She has a bit of a shadow of Jin Carrier now.” Fei Tianqi said, “Maybe the second brother succeeded in brainwashing her. In short, don’t underestimate her now. Jin Carrier is dead. After that, everything in the Jin family fell into her hands.”

“Jin Kaili gave her all the inheritance?” Qin Anan was a little surprised.

Because Jin Kaili didn’t pay much attention to Jin Rong’er’s attitude before.

Jin Kaili prioritized sons over daughters. His attitude towards Fu Shiting and Pang Li during his lifetime was better than that of Jin Ronger.

“Yes, it must be for his own daughter. And Rong’er is pregnant, and the child will have the surname of the Jin family.” Fei Tianqi returned.

Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439

Speaking of the child, Qin Anan’s eyebrows wrinkled involuntarily: “Third brother, do you know whose child is in her stomach? Is it Shi Ting’s?”

“How do I know this? I didn’t install it on their bed. Camera!” Fei Tianqi strode outside, “This question, when you see Shi Ting, ask him directly!”

“He told me that the father of the child was picked by Jin Ronger in the hospital sperm bank. “

Then why do you still ask if it’s Shi Ting’s?”

“Jin Rong’er said on the phone that the child belongs to Shi Ting. It was a serious statement, and it made my daughter cry.” Qin Anan followed Fei Tianqi and got on the car.

Fei Tianqi thought it was a trivial matter: “When her child is born, she will know whether it is Shi Ting’s.”

“I don’t think Shi Ting will lie to me. But I don’t think Jin Rong’er needs to tell such a clumsy lie. Because you don’t need to wait for her child to be born to know whether the child is Shi Ting’s.” After Qin Anan finished speaking, Fei Tianqi was stunned.

“How long does it take to check?”

“You can check after three months of pregnancy. Through amniocentesis…”

“Oh. Rong’er’s child should be almost three months old.”

Qin Anan didn’t answer.

If Jin Ronger dared to tell Fu Shiting that the child was his, Fu Shiting would definitely do DNA with the child.

The biggest question now is how serious Fu Shiting’s injury is.

The car drove towards the hospital. After being silent for a while, Fei Tianqi said to Qin An’an, “I’ll go in first. If I can see Shi Ting, you don’t have to go in.”

“But I really want to see it with my own eyes. Him.”

“Don’t you just want to confirm his condition? You see him, it will do nothing but make Rong’er angry. If he is awake, I will tell him you are here. If he is unconscious, you It’s no use seeing him.”

“What if I can treat him?” Qin Anan retorted, “If he is really hurt that badly, the doctor here may not be able to cure him.” “Okay

, I’ll go check the situation first.”

“Third brother, how are you going to explore?” Qin Anan was afraid that he would be closed.

Fei Tianqi narrowed his fox eyes and said one word: “Cheat.”

Qin An’an: “???”

When he arrived at the hospital, Fei Tianqi inquired about the floor of the inpatient department where Fu Shiting was, and went immediately.

The elevator reaches the floor and opens.

He came out of the elevator, and two bodyguards stopped him immediately.

“I’m here to find Rong’er. Go and tell Rong’er, and say I have something important to look for.” Fei Tianqi said to the Jin family bodyguard, “It’s about the interests of the Jin family.”

Hearing the words, the bodyguard immediately went to report to Jin Rong’er.

After a while, Jin Rong’er came out.

“Second Master, what do you want to say to me?” Jin Rong’er looked cold and distant, “Why don’t you just call me directly?”

“Can you get through? I called you last time, but you didn’t Take it.” Fei Tian said teasingly, “Aren’t you going to invite me to sit down? I came to you today, not because I have a good relationship with you, but because I saw Shi Ting’s face.”

Jin Rong’er thought about it, and then invited Fei Apocalypse went to the ward.

The two bodyguards followed immediately.

Arriving at the ward, Fei Tianqi saw Fu Shiting lying on the hospital bed at a glance.

The relaxed expression on Fei Tianqi’s face suddenly froze.

“What did Pang Li do?”

“Well. When Shi Ting is healed, I will naturally punish Pang Li. My father just left, and I still need Pang Li to help me.” Jin Rong’er sat down on the sofa, “Second Master, you want to follow me say what?”

Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440

Fei Tianqi took his eyes away from Fu Shiting, frowned, and asked without answering, “Did the doctor say when Shi Ting can wake up?”

“No.” Jin Rong’er was reluctant to talk about Fu Shiting’s condition.

“It seems that the injury is too serious, so the doctor can’t estimate when he will wake up.”

Jin Rong’er did not answer this question, but said angrily: “The doctor said that his life is not

in danger.” He went abroad to seek better treatment?”

“I thought about it! But the doctor said that he is not suitable for transfer now.”

“Oh…then why didn’t a better doctor come to treat him?”

“The doctor said Shi Ting’s illness is not serious enough to ask a doctor outside.” After Jin Rong’er answered this question, her tone became impatient, “Didn’t you say you have something to tell me? If it’s just an excuse to come to see Shi Ting , you have also seen Shi Ting now…”

Jin Rong’er said here, there was a commotion outside the ward!

“Fu Shiting!” Qin Anan’s voice came from exhaustion.

Jin Rong’er heard her voice, and a cold sweat broke out on her back.

Is it her hallucination? How did she hear Qin An’an’s voice?

She quickly walked out of the ward and saw Qin Anan who was stopped by the bodyguard.

“Qin An’an! Why are you here?!” Jin Rong’er’s voice was deafening.

She thought she would never see Qin An’an again, but unexpectedly, Qin An’an is here again!

Fei Tianqi saw Qin Anan come over, but he was not surprised.

I didn’t want to help her, but I couldn’t help speaking for her.

“Rong’er, did you forget that Qin An’an is a relatively good doctor? She heard that Shi Ting was sick, so she wanted to come over to see his condition.” Fei Tianqi said to Jin Rong’er, “Let her go see Shi Ting Right! Shi Ting is a living dead now, and he can’t see her, let alone go with her…”

“You brought her here, right?” Jin Rong’er looked at Fei Tianqi, “You said It’s fake to ask me for something, but it’s real to bring her here. You do this, it really makes me sad!”

“Jin Rong’er! Since you are pregnant with Shi Ting’s child, why are you afraid of me?!” Qin Anan said excitedly, Pushing her bodyguard away, “I just want to see Shi Ting’s condition, in case I can help him and let him recover quickly, okay? You keep saying that you love her, then you shouldn’t stop me from going. Look at him!”

“Rong’er, be generous!” Fei Tianqi teased, “She said you were pregnant with Shi Ting’s child, if that’s the case, Shi Ting will definitely be responsible for you and the child.”

Jin Rong’er was entangled in her heart. .

Before she came back to her senses, Qin Anan had strode past her and broke into the ward.

Fei Tianqi followed her into the ward.

The two stood by the hospital bed and looked at Fu Shiting, who was bloodless and motionless on the bed.

His body was almost wrapped in white gauze, and there was no good place.

It’s hard to imagine the tyranny he suffered before!

Fei Tianqi saw Qin An’an’s eyes were scarlet and tears fell, so he took out a pack of tissues from his pocket and planned to hand it to her.

Unexpectedly, she turned around and walked in front of Jin Rong’er.

With a ‘pop’ sound, a loud slap sound came!

She slapped Jin Rong’er in Jin Rong’er’s territory.

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