When His Eyes Opened Chapter 151 -160(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 151 -160(Chinese)

Chapter 151

Fu Shiting: “Thank you for your concern, but I don’t need it.”

Tang Qian turned around and left.

The phone rang, breaking the silence in the room.

Fu Shiting picked up the phone and saw Qin An’an’s name, his temples jumped suddenly.

It’s almost twelve o’clock.

He and Qin Anan had an appointment to meet this morning last night.

When he was about to go out in the morning, he received a call from Tang Qian, so he forgot to make an appointment.

He answered the phone: “Sorry, I have something to do today and I don’t have time to make an appointment. I will entrust a lawyer to handle our divorce.”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment, and his tone was calm: “Okay. I can’t get a divorce this weekend. I’ll let you on Monday. The lawyer will contact me.”

He: “Okay.” After the

matter is finished, it seems that it is time to hang up.

“The building of the Qin Group can be sold to you.” He has no intention of taking revenge on Qin An’an.

All he wanted was for Shi Yin’s illness to be cured.

Shi Yin is his sister.

They are twin brothers and sisters of dizygotic twins.

But Shi Yin has an intellectual disability.

Their father was a very strict person with his children.

The father couldn’t bear to have unhealthy children, and he couldn’t bear to make fun of the Fu family by making this a joke.

So Shi Yin’s birth was a disaster.

No one knew that the Fu family had a daughter named Fu Shiyin.

In Fu Shiting’s mind, there are many memories of when his father beat him after drinking.

Shi Yin has suffered a lot…

At one point he even nearly died.

Later, her mother hid Shi Yin outside, and she got out of the clutches.

Fu Shiting will always feel sorry for his sister, she is in his heart, he is deeply pained and worried.

He can do whatever it takes to get his sister’s health.

How he hopes that one day his sister can become a normal person and enjoy a normal life.

With the advancement of medicine, he has been looking for famous doctors all over the world, hoping to find a way to treat his sister.

This time, Shen Yu’s appearance gave him hope.

Qin An’an’s emotions are indescribably disappointed.

For more than four years, Fu Shiting refused to sign the divorce agreement and insisted that he must meet before agreeing to divorce.

But now, she was sitting here waiting for him, and he entrusted his lawyer to handle it.

It was hard for her not to think that this was his counterattack!

However, he agreed to sell the Qin Group’s building to her without making any difficulties or asking for a price.

So, he didn’t fight back, he didn’t care anymore.

He didn’t care about everything about her.

Qin Anan came out of the coffee bookstore.

The hot sun caught her eye.

She got into the car, and the temperature in the car was over forty degrees.

She didn’t notice the heat for a while.

She sat blankly, her mind blank.

Probably to clear the memory related to Fu Shiting.

The phone rings.

She came to her senses.

She took a deep breath, adjusted her mood, and answered the phone: “Brother Wei Zhen, do you have anything to do with me?”

“An An, do you remember Shen Yu?” Wei Zhen’s tone was smiling, “Professor Hu was with you back then. Between her and her, I chose you as a closed disciple. Because Shen Yu is far inferior to you.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks were hot: “What are you talking about? I’m not familiar with her.”

“Well, Fu Shiting found Shen Yu. He thought that Professor Hu said That person is Shen Yu.” Wei Zhen smirked, “Shen Yu can’t save the person he wants to save.”

Chapter 152

Chapter 152

Qin Anan wakes up instantly.

She has a strong sixth sense.

The person Fu Shiting wanted to save should be the woman he was thinking of.

It was impossible for her to bless him, bless them.

Drive the car on the road, turn on the air conditioner, and the cold air blows.

Qin Anan decided to go home and take the two children out to play.

After returning to country A, I haven’t taken them out for a walk.

“Mom, where do

you want to take my brother and me to play?” Rila and Xiaohan sat in child safety seats respectively.

The two children sat obediently in the back.

Qin Anan didn’t know where to take them to play.

Her two children matured a little earlier than other children of the same age.

“Do you want to go to an amusement park? There is a huge amusement park in the city center, like a castle.” Qin Anan was passionate about Amway.

Rila sighed and said in a milky voice, “Mom, the weather is so hot! Let’s find a cool place to stay, shall we?” Qin Anan

: “How about we go to the water park to play in the water?”

Frowning: “I don’t like so many people soaking in water in a pool…it’s dirty! Mom, why don’t we go buy ice cream to eat!”

Qin Anan: “…”

What a snack foodie.

Seeing her mother frowning, Rila immediately said warmly: “Mom, just drive us around! Take us to eat something delicious later, and we’ll go home when we’re full!

” Jin’s Xiaohan: “Okay.”

This is her sister’s idea.

Qin Anan was defeated.

Two children, as if they have social phobia, especially do not like to go to crowded places.

Even if other children find something interesting and fun, they will only find it childish and boring.

Qin Anan drove around the city A with the child.

More than two hours passed by.

When the time came to 4:30 in the afternoon, Qin Anan drove the car to the city, found a parking space and parked the car, and then took the two children into the restaurant next to him.

This is a high-end restaurant, and the per capita consumption is relatively high, so there are not many customers.

Qin Anan chose the window seat and sat down.

Rila and Xiaohan sat opposite her.

The two brothers and sisters have a very good relationship. Although they occasionally quarrel, Rila will take the initiative to compromise every time.

Qin Anan glanced at the menu, and each dish was accompanied by a picture, so she handed the menu to the two children and asked them to order.

“Mom, if I eat obediently, can you buy me an ice cream?” Rila negotiated with her mother before ordering, “Brother also. ” Xiaohan

refused: “Brother doesn’t.”

Qin Anan smiled softly. Said: “Rila, you eat first, okay? Mommy will buy you ice cream after eating.”

Rila nodded happily.

Fu Yechen and his father went to Zhang’s house in person last night to apologize and explain.

Seeing the sincerity of their father and son, Zhang Quan decided to give Fu Yechen a chance.

Today, Fu Yechen invited Zhang Quan out for dinner.

“Quanquan, I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday. Although the little girl admitted the wrong person, but there were so many men in the restaurant at that time, but the little girl found me. Maybe I was unlucky… It’s me who implicated you and made you so embarrassed yesterday. I thought about it all night, I’m not lucky, probably because all my good luck was used to get to know you.”

Fu Yechen is handsome and elegant, with a beautiful figure. The maintenance is also good, and he is good at dressing up, so the whole person looks more outstanding.

A pair of good skins, and a mouth smeared with honey, Zhang Quan was amused by his smile.

“This is a gift I specially selected for you, and I hope you will accept it. It is not only a gift, but also my sincerity.”

A red gift box was pushed in front of Zhang Quan.

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

Zhang Quan glanced at the gift box and said, “Yechen, I’m not too young, I want to have a family, I want to have my own children.”

“Quanquan, like you, I also want to have a family. We can Try to date, if there is no problem, we can get married and have children.” Fu Yechen looked at Zhang Quan eagerly.

Zhang Quan lowered his eyes: “My dad has a request. If we two get married, the first child born after marriage, whether it’s a boy or a girl, must be surnamed Zhang.”

Fu Yechen’s expression changed instantly.

“If you can’t accept it, you don’t have to eat this meal.” Zhang Quan grabbed his bag and made a move to leave.

Fu Yechen immediately grabbed her arm and said, “Quanquan, I’m fine. Whoever surnames the child is my child. It’s just that my parents may be more concerned about it… You see No, after we get married, we want two children, the first child has your surname, and the second child has my surname.”

Zhang Quan was relieved after hearing his words.

“Will your parents agree?”

Fu Yechen: “I will do their ideological work. Quanquan, during the few days I spent with you, I found that I was really fascinated by you. You are elegant and generous, dignified and calm, It’s completely different from those little girls in their twenties. You are so charming!”

Zhang Quan blushed at the praise.

She accepts the gift.

Fu Yechen thought to himself: I finally got this woman.

As long as he is married to the Zhang Group, his position in the upper class will be stable.

He picked up the goblet and took a sip of red wine.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a small figure!

It’s the girl who admitted her wrong father yesterday!

I didn’t expect to meet her again!

She was led by a little boy who was a little taller than her and was walking towards the bathroom.

“Quanquan, let me go to the bathroom!” Fu Yechen smiled, got up, and strode towards the little girl.

Fu Yechen chased quickly.

Xiao Han heard the rapid footsteps and glanced back vigilantly.

After seeing Fu Yechen, Xiaohan immediately took his sister into the women’s bathroom!

“Brother! I don’t pee! What did you bring me in? I just wash my hands!” Rila frowned and looked at her brother in confusion, “Brother, you are a boy, you can’t go into the women’s bathroom. With a serious face, Xiaohan reminded in a low voice, “

Fu Yechen, you’re outside.”

Rila immediately covered her mouth, her jewel-like eyes flashing panic: “Brother, what should we do? Is he watching? It’s time for me? Did he come to arrest me?”

Xiao Han opened the bag he was carrying and took out a thin notebook.

“Power outage, fire alarm.” In his mouth, he spat out these two words calmly.

Five minutes later –

restaurant blackout!

Seven minutes later – the

restaurant fire alarm starts to whistle!

All the guests, like birds and beasts, escaped from the restaurant!

Only Qin Anan ran to the bathroom!

“Rila! Xiaohan!” The

two children walked out of the bathroom in a hurry.

“Miss! Please take your children out of here quickly!” The restaurant staff immediately reminded them loudly when they saw them.

Qin An’an was so frightened that her soul floated away.

Fortunately, the two children are all right.

She held Xiaohan in one hand and Rila in the other, and quickly walked towards the restaurant exit.

At the same moment, Fu Yechen was sitting in the car and saw the little girl.

She was held in her mother’s arms.

Her mother also held a boy in her hand.

Because of the distance, Fu Yechen couldn’t see the face of the little girl’s mother.

However, the figure of that woman became more and more familiar!

Chapter 154

Chapter 154

He couldn’t help thinking of Qin An’an.

But Qin Anan is abroad, so this woman can never be her.

After sending Zhang Quan home in the evening, Fu Yechen happily returned to Fu’s old house.

Seeing her son’s smug look, Mother Fu smiled and asked, “Is it going well today?”

“It’s done. She proposed to have two children after marriage, and one child must have her surname. I agreed.” Fu Yechen Seeing her mother’s face changed greatly, she immediately comforted, “Mom, don’t worry, I will let her stand by my side after I get married! I will let her give me everything in the Zhang family willingly!” Then

Mother Fu breathed a sigh of relief : “Yechen, my mother believes in you. If you want to achieve great things, you must have an informal measure!”

Fu Yechen: “I’m bound to win!”

At night, ten o’clock.

Fu Han’s phone rang.

Fu Han picked up the phone, and Zhang Quan’s father’s angry shout came from there: “Old Han! What the hell is your son doing! You even sent photos to my daughter! My daughter is crying with disgust! The marriage between our two families is over. !”

Fu Han was stunned: “What picture did my son send to your daughter?”

“The picture without clothes! Is there something wrong with your son? If he is in good shape, I will take it as his strangeness. hobby, but he is so young, how could he be so embarrassed to post such a photo?!”

Fu Han’s face flushed, and the corners of his mouth twitched: “…”

He didn’t know if his son was young, but he sent it to the woman. Photos without clothes are really shameless!

How can you be so disrespectful to the opposite sex you just met?

Fu Han clutched the phone and walked towards Fu Yechen’s room.

With a ‘bang’, the door was kicked open.

Fu Han yelled at his son lying on the bed, “You shameless thing! You ruined a good marriage! Why did you send Quanquan a photo of the fruit?!”

Fu Yechen was playing games , Hearing his father’s words, he was dumbfounded.

“Dad! Why are you slandering me?! How could I send her that kind of thing! I’ve never sent that kind of photo to any woman!”

Fu Yechen got off the bed and walked to his father, blushing in defense.

Fu Han put the phone screen on his face: “Your Uncle Zhang called me on my phone just now and told me personally! Could it be that people can slander you? You have done it yourself, you know it! You are so disappointing to me. It ‘s over!”

After Fu Han finished speaking, he fluttered his sleeves and left.

Fu Yechen’s eyes were scarlet, he picked up his mobile phone to exit the game, and clicked on Zhang Quan’s dialog box.

“Mom! Look! I didn’t send her that kind of photo! Our chat record was sent when we met in the afternoon.”

Mother Fu glanced at it, still disappointed: “It’s also possible that you deleted the record. Ye Chen , things have turned yellow, you should reflect on it!”

After speaking, Fu’s mother also left.

Fu Yechen was furious!

What he didn’t do, why slander him?

And when they separated from Zhang Quan at night, the two of them kissed. It stands to reason that Zhang Quan would not frame him.

What went wrong? !

Star River Villa.

Children’s room.

On the big bed, Rila and Xiaohan were lying on the bed, chatting secretly before going to bed.

Rila: “Will the scumbag be dumped by that rich aunt?”

Xiaohan: “Yeah.”

Rila: “Brother, are we going too far? He is our father after all.”

Xiaohan: “I don’t admit it, he’s not.”

Rila sighed: “Oh, brother, where did you get the picture of him without clothes?”

Xiaohan: “He’s in his private album.”

Rila : “Oh…Brother, why don’t you show me the photo?”

Xiaohan’s face sank: “You will be blind.”

Rila is not convinced: “Why are you not blind!”

Xiaohan: ” Brother is a boy! You are a girl, you can’t watch!”

Rila: “If you don’t watch, don’t watch!” After

a while of anger, Rila suddenly reached out and hugged her brother, her voice soft and waxy: “Brother, you are amazing Oh! With you protecting me, I don’t need a father!”

Chapter 155

Chapter 155

Xiaohan didn’t speak, but a belief rose in his heart: He must become stronger! Protect your sister, mom and grandma!


Civil Affairs Bureau.

Qin Anan met with Fu Shiting’s entrusted lawyer.

After successfully going through the divorce procedures, the attorney asked Qin Anan: “Miss Qin, I have already drawn up the contract for the building you want to buy.”

Qin Anan was startled: “He entrusted you to do it?” The

lawyer ordered Nodding, he took the contract out of his briefcase and handed it to her: “Look at the contract first, it’s mainly about the price.”

Qin Anan took the contract, opened it, and looked at the price directly.

  • 250 million!

This is the price at which Fu Shiting bought it.

If he sells it to Qin An’an at this price, he will lose money!

Because in the past four years, even if you put 250 million on demand in the bank, you can still get a lot of interest.

“What does he mean?” Qin Anan was puzzled.

The lawyer explained: “I guess he is looking at the fact that you were married once, so I will sell it to you at the original price.”

“I don’t need his favor. I heard that the building is based on the market price, about five About 100 million.” Qin Anan said, “I won’t let him suffer, I will give him 600 million.”

Lawyer: “…I’ll call Mr. Fu to talk about it.”

Qin Anan: “No. You take the contract Go back and change the price. Just sign the two of us. I have nothing to do with him now. He is a businessman and his interests come first. He won’t say anything to you.” The

lawyer thought for a moment and nodded: “Then I will change the contract. I’ll contact you again.”

Qin An’an: “Okay.”

Ahn’Qiraj International Academy.

A tragedy is being staged in the high-rise building, which is as resplendent as a castle.

“Don’t cry! Stop crying! I’m welcome to you!”

“That’s right! Your parents died in a car accident last month! Although they paid you for 30 years, there will be no more people. I’m here to see you! If you don’t calm down again, you won’t even want to eat lunch and dinner today!”

Mean scolding mixed with the girl’s cry.

Xiaohan passed the room and glanced inside.

Inside is a teenage girl with cerebral palsy, unable to take care of herself.

She had soiled her clothes at breakfast, so the paramedics cursed at her.

Xiaohan sat down on the ground, opened the notebook, and tapped his fingers on the keyboard skillfully.

Suddenly, in the room behind him, the screams of the nursing staff came!

“Why did the sweeping robot hit me?!”

“I don’t know! Huh? Why is the microwave on ?!

” The sweeping robot followed suit! Xiaohan yawned lazily and closed the notebook. The moment he stood up, he met a pair of pure and beautiful eyes. The owner of the eyes is a beautiful woman. She has a princess cut hairstyle and is wearing a pink princess dress. Like a fairy who has strayed into the world.

“Brother, you are amazing! Can you take me away?” Fu Shiyin blinked his pitiful big eyes, his voice aggrieved and helpless, “They are going to cut my head… it must be painful. I’m so afraid…”

Xiao Han frowned.

This woman must be at least thirty years old!

Called his brother!

It seems that her intelligence is definitely no more than three years old!

Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Fu Family.


Fu Shiting handed over his sister’s medical records to Shen Yu.

“Except for her low intelligence, her body is weaker than normal people, and she has no other symptoms.” Fu Shiting said, “I only hope that her intelligence can be improved, even if it is only a little bit better, it can make her feel the world better. “

Shen Yu flipped through Fu Shiyin’s medical records.

“Mr. Fu, has your sister been in Ahn’Qiraj Special School?”

Fu Shiting: “Well.”

“Can I go see her?” Shen Yu said, “I need to talk to her, and then take her to do it once. A comprehensive examination.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “Yes.”

Shen Yu glanced at the time: “Then let’s go now!”

Fu Shiting: “Doctor Shen, let’s talk about compensation !” Tang

Qian brought Shen Yu to the back , they haven’t talked about it yet.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Let’s not talk about the reward first. If I can’t cure your sister, I won’t give you a penny. If it can be cured, it won’t be too late.”

Fu Shiting knew that free is the most expensive.

He likes to have a clear price tag.

“How did Tang Qian talk to you? Your return to China this time will definitely have an impact on your own work.”

Shen Yu: “Mr. Fu, I came back from vacation this time. I just completed a project, there are two A month’s leave.”

Fu Shiting: “I’d better give you a deposit first!”

Shen Yu saw that he was so persistent, so she let go: “That’s good. I’ll send you the account number, you can give it to you!”

Fu Shiting frowned. Brows, this stretches.

At 10:30 in the morning, Fu Shiting took Shen Yu into the car and went to the International College of Ahn’Qiraj.

At this time, the International Academy of Ahn’Qiraj had turned into a pot of boiled porridge.

——Fu Shiyin is gone!

The person who takes care of Fu Shiyin is the one arranged by Fu Shiting.

She was a nanny who used to serve her mother at Fu’s house.

She was loyal to the Fu family and took good care of Fu Shiyin.

Fu Shiyin was missing today, and she was greatly frightened!

Shi Yin has always been very good, no matter where she goes, she will accompany her.

After Fu Shiyin could not be found, the nanny immediately contacted the senior management of the college.

The top management immediately dispatched all the staff who could be dispatched to search the whole school.

At the same time, go to the monitoring room and check the monitoring.

The strange thing is that all the machines in the monitoring room have bugs, and all the screens are black!

“I’ve already called someone to repair it.” The monitoring room staff said, “Half an hour ago, the screen suddenly went black. We tried many methods, but we couldn’t restart.” The

school director looked solemn: “The historical data will not be released. Is there a problem?” The

staff shook his head: “I don’t know what caused the black screen. If it’s just a normal crash, the memory may not be affected. I’m afraid someone will attack maliciously.

” Someone specially came to kidnap Miss Yinyin, right? No… I have to call Mr. Fu!” The

director supported her and comforted: “I’ll call the school gate security right away! If Miss Yinyin goes out, The security must know! The security did not call to report, indicating that Miss Yinyin did not go out!” The

nanny took a sigh of relief.

The director took out his mobile phone and called the security room at the school gate.

“I didn’t see Miss Yinyin going out.” The security guard replied.

What the security guard didn’t say was that about twenty minutes ago, the security room was powered off.

At that time, the security guard left his post and went to check the electric switch.

The director wiped the sweat from his forehead and said to the nanny, “Miss Yinyin didn’t go out. As long as she’s still on campus, we’ll definitely be able to find her!”

Chapter 157

Chapter 157 The

nanny nodded in discomfort: “I’ll find her!”

Half an hour later.

Fu Shiting’s luxury car entered the Ahn’Qiraj International Academy.

After the car stopped in the parking lot, Fu Shiting led Shen Yu to the pink building where Fu Shiyin lived.

Fu Shiyin lives alone in a building.

She has a dedicated person in charge of her life, study and medical care.

Fu Shiting pushed open the door, and the quiet needle falling in the room could be heard.

His brows furrowed.

When the nanny heard that he was coming, she trotted over immediately.

“Mr. Fu! Miss Yinyin is gone!” The nanny cried with red and swollen eyes, “We searched the entire campus, but couldn’t find her! The surveillance is broken again, I don’t know where she went…my Miss Yinyin… my voice is hoarse, if she hears my voice, she will not ignore me.”

Fu Shiting’s body suddenly tensed, and his hands clenched his fists!

“I told her last night that you have found a very good doctor, as long as the operation is completed, you can recover… She asked me what the operation was… I shouldn’t have told her the truth , My answer frightened her, and she had nightmares at night and cried. I suspect she hid because she was afraid.” The nanny knelt on the ground in reproach.

Fu Shiting was heartbroken to death, but he couldn’t take his anger out on the nanny.

The nanny has taken care of Shiyin for all these years, and she has been conscientious and responsible, and has never made a mistake.

This time, Shi Yin was probably afraid and hid himself.

“I searched the whole campus and couldn’t find it?” Fu Shiting asked sharply, “Is it possible to run off campus?!

” All the artificial lakes are drained? What if Miss Yin Yin falls into the water? She can’t swim!”

Fu Shiting’s face twitched, and it darkened.

“I’ll have someone pump water right away!” The director did not wait for his order, and immediately called to arrange.

Just then, the security guard came over.

“Director! Mr. Fu! There was a sudden power outage in the security room at around ten o’clock this morning, and the security guard on duty ran to the meter room! It took about ten minutes to leave! So we can’t say whether Miss Yinyin took advantage of these ten minutes. It’s time to go out.”

All the light in Fu Shiting’s eyes dimmed at this moment.

Yin Yin’s IQ is only at the level of a three-year-old child. If she went to the outside world, she would not be able to live at all!

When others saw her adult appearance and figure, they would not treat her as a child.

If the bad people see that she has a mental problem… Fu Shiting felt a pain in his heart, and he didn’t dare to think about it!

Fu Shiting strode out of the room and called to send someone to search the whole city!

At the same time, call the police station to obtain surveillance on the main road outside the campus!

He must find Yin Yin as soon as possible!

Otherwise, things can get very dangerous!

the same moment.

Star River Villa.

Zhang Yun looked at the woman Xiaohan brought back, and the expression on her face could not be described in words of shock.

“Grandma, someone is going to cut her head off.” Xiaohan explained to Zhang Yun, “I don’t want her to die. Let her live in our house first.”

Zhang Yun hugged Xiaohan and explained to him: “Xiaohan, she must have a family, you Bring her back to our house, her family will be worried!”

Xiao Han asked Fu Shiyin, “Do you have any family?”

Fu Shiyin didn’t know what family meant, so he shook his head sharply.

“Grandma, she’s sick.” Xiaohan frowned and said his plan, “Let mother cure her and let her go.”

Zhang Yun sighed: “How did you come back from school? Does the teacher know that you’re back? “

Oh… I have to go back to school.” Xiao Han said, looking at Fu Shiyin, “You have to be obedient!”

Fu Shiyin nodded sharply, so good that it made one’s heart soften.

After Zhang Yun took Xiaohan to the school’s taxi, when she got home, she hurriedly called Qin Anan.

“An An! Are you busy now? If you are not busy, come back quickly! Xiaohan brought a woman back!”

Chapter 158

Chapter 158

After Qin Anan answered the phone, he hurried home.

She couldn’t imagine why her son would bring a woman home!

Xiaohan usually ignores any strangers except his family.

Even more impossible to bring people home.

So who is this woman who was brought home by him?

What magic does she have? Can actually change Xiaohan!

When Qin Anan returned home, she saw this woman…

The strength in her body was drained in an instant!

“An An, you’re back!” Zhang Yun walked to the door and saw her daughter’s face was blue and her breathing was solemn, and she immediately supported her, “What’s wrong with you? Your face is so bad…”

Qin Anan’s eyes were straight Looking at Fu Shiyin, it seems that she wants to see through everything from her face!

This woman with a princess cut hairstyle and a pink princess dress has always existed only in her mind!

I didn’t expect to see her with my own eyes in my lifetime!

She didn’t expect that it was her son who brought her back!

Why is this happening?

What is her purpose?

Is it for Fu Shiting?

Qin An’s head is getting heavier and heavier.

She was puzzled because she had divorced Fu Shiting today!

She and Fu Shiting will no longer have any relationship!

There is absolutely no need for this woman to come here!

“Mom, go back to your room and stay! I’ll chat with her alone!” Qin Anan said to her mother with a cold expression.

Zhang Yun could see that her daughter knew this woman.

Also, their relationship is not good.

It’s just that Zhang Yun didn’t understand how her daughter would have a grudge against a woman with mental problems.

Doesn’t that seem narrow-minded?

Before Zhang Yun entered the room, she glanced at her daughter and the woman with a complicated expression.

I hope they don’t conflict.

Otherwise, she doesn’t know who to help.

After Zhang Yun entered the room, Qin Anan strode to Fu Shiyin.

Her body was tight, and the look on her face was very aggressive.

“Why are you approaching my son? What are you trying to do?! I have already divorced Fu Shiting! From today, I have nothing to do with him anymore! Are you hitting on my child?! If you dare to touch me Child, I will never let you go!”

Qin Anan gave a stern warning, and his lost sense returned to his body little by little.

The woman in front of her had a look of apprehension and fear on her face.

Moreover, hot tears welled up in her eyes, and in the next second, a ‘woo’ sound – a

childish cry echoed in the room!

Adults cry and children cry in different ways.

The crying of adults is mostly restrained, while the crying of children is extroverted and primitive.

The woman in front of her was crying with no image at all.

Beautiful little face, wronged, pitiful and helpless.

She whimpered and walked towards Zhang Yun’s room.

Qin Anan: “???”

What’s going on?

This woman is so strange!

Qin Anan followed in stride.

“Why are you crying? Tell me, why are you approaching my son? Why are you coming to my house? Tell me clearly!” Qin Anan calmed down a lot and reasoned with her, “You came to my house, don’t you? Didn’t you come to find me? Now that I’m back, what do you want to say to me, tell me!” With

a ‘squeak’, Zhang Yun’s door opened.

“An An, tell her this, she doesn’t understand!” Zhang Yun came out, Fu Shiyin immediately hid behind her, and peeked at Qin Anan timidly.

Qin Anan’s head grew big, and she said casually, “Am I speaking an alien language? Or is there something wrong with her brain?”

“Yes! There is something wrong with her brain. I chatted with her just now, but she didn’t understand, and kept shaking her head! Zhang Yun sighed, “Xiaohan said that someone was going to hurt her, so she brought her back. Xiaohan still wants you to treat her.”

Qin Anan: “……”

Chapter 159

Chapter 159

She thought about many possibilities, but she never thought that her rival in love turned out to be a fool.

Could this be the reason why Fu Shiting refused to mention this to her?

Qin Anan walked to the sofa and sat down in despair, covering his face with his hands, unable to digest the matter.

“An An, what’s the matter with you?” Zhang Yun walked to her daughter and sat down and asked, “Do you know her? Otherwise, what you said just now is too strange.”

Qin Anan: “Mom, my head hurts now. , please let me be quiet.”

Zhang Yun: “Okay. I’ll clean up a guest room.”

Qin Anan took her mother’s arm: “Mom, no. She knows Fu Shiting, and they have a good relationship… I’ll send her away later.”

Zhang Yun was shocked.

Fu Shiyin’s expression also changed.

She was shocked when she heard the words ‘Fu Shiting’.

She cried again, shaking her head as she cried.

Zhang Yun held her hand to soothe her: “Don’t be afraid, do you know Fu Shiting?”

Fu Shiyin shook his head sharply.

If you don’t shake your head, you will be sent back.

If you are sent back, your head will be cut open.

She doesn’t want to!

She would rather stay in this completely unfamiliar place than go back for surgery!

Looking at her reaction, Qin Anan felt extremely absurd!

This woman, don’t remember Fu Shiting? !

Ahn’Qiraj International College.

The artificial lake was drained, and every inch of the campus was searched at least twice.

After Xiaohan entered the school, he looked at the busy investigators and pressed down the peaked cap on his head.

With his bag on his back, he walked to the other side.

As he passed the parking lot, a black Rolls Royce entered his field of vision.

He walked over to Rolls-Royce and took a closer look.

This car was the one that made his mother turn around nervously on the day his mother sent him to school.

I don’t know who the owner of this car is.

He glanced at the license plate number.

At this moment, Fu Shiting walked out of the adjacent building with the support of the school’s top management and bodyguards.

“Mr. Fu, according to the technical staff’s follow-up investigation, around ten o’clock this morning, hackers invaded our monitoring system and power system.”

Fu Shiting frowned: “Hurry up and find this person!”

“We have contacted the world’s top This hacker will definitely find this person as soon as possible!” said the vice-principal, “Also, this hacker should be hiding in our school. It is not an easy task to break through our monitoring system and power system. Today, this hacker can If you succeed easily, you must have sneaked in long ago and made full preparations!”

Fu Shiting: “Block the campus!”

Vice-principal: “Okay! I will check each one myself!”

Xiaohan stayed in the parking lot In the corner, through the license plate number, it was found that the owner of the car was Fu Shiting.

Why is my mother afraid of Fu Shiting?

Xiaohan’s fingers leaped quickly on the keyboard and began to search for Fu Shiting’s information in depth.

Not long after, the news that Fu Shiting became a vegetable in a car accident five years ago appeared in front of him.

After a while, Fu Shiting’s divorce information appeared in front of him.

and many more? !

Fu Shiting got divorced today!

His ex-wife is… Mom? !

Mom and this man had a marriage!

Xiaohan is a little messy.

Mom and Fu Yechen gave birth to two children.

But the original marriage partner was Fu Shiting.

So, the question is, is the man my mother likes, Fu Yechen or Fu Shiting?

Probably because Xiaohan was thinking too much, when Fu Shiting walked in front of him, he didn’t realize it!

Chapter 160

Chapter 160

“Why are you hiding here?” Fu Shiting looked at the little boy in a peaked cap with a hint of impatience in his voice.

This is the parking lot, and if the driver didn’t see him when he reversed, he might have hit him.

The vice-principal immediately explained: “Mr. Fu, this child entered the school last week. He doesn’t talk to strangers.”

Whether it’s a child or an adult, those who come to this school are either physically or mentally handicapped.

When Fu Shiting thought that this child was as flawed as Shi Yin, his heart softened a little.

Xiaohan put the notebook into the bag, carried the bag with one hand, and stood up coolly.

When passing in front of Fu Shiting, he stepped hard on Fu Shiting’s spotless leather shoes.

Fu Shiting: “…”

This brat did it on purpose, right?

“Mr. Fu, I’m sorry! This kid definitely didn’t do it on purpose.” The vice-principal immediately crouched down and cleaned Fu Shiting’s shoes with a tissue.

Xiaohan turned his head, a provocative light flashed in his eyes.

Fu Shiting stared at him, but could only see the lower half of his face.

Because the upper half of his face was hidden under the brim of his hat.

Looking at his slightly raised mouth, I can feel that this child is rebellious and unusual!

The kick he just stepped on was definitely intentional.

That’s it! Those who enter this school are not normal people!

There’s no need for him to be angry with an abnormal little brat.

Five p.m.

Star River Villa.

Zhang Yun picks up Rila from kindergarten.

Zhang Yun told Rila in advance that there was a special guest at home.

So Rila was mentally prepared.

But when he got home, he was still surprised.

What a beautiful auntie!

Her hairstyle, her skirt, are so special.

And she is so beautiful and beautiful, like a princess in a fairy tale book.

“Auntie!” Rila walked up to Fu Shiyin and greeted her obediently.

“Sister!” Fu Shiyin shouted timidly to Rila.

After Fu Shiyin saw Rila, his emotions were obviously less restrained.

Seeing ‘peers’, she relaxed a lot.

She didn’t say a word until Rila came back.

Rila covered her mouth with her hands, stunned!

“Rila, grandma told you that she is a special guest. She is ill, and she thinks she is a child younger than you.” Zhang Yun explained to Rila.

Rila’s face was full of incredulity: “Oh…then can I treat her as a ‘sister’ and play with her?”

Zhang Yun glanced at Qin An’an, then nodded.

Rila immediately took Fu Shiyin and went to the room.

Zhang Yun walked towards Qin Anan.

She has been sitting on the sofa in a trance since she came back in the afternoon.

“An An, should I pick up Xiao Han?” Zhang Yun reminded.

Qin Anan suddenly recovered: “I’ll go! Mom, is Rila back?”

Zhang Yun sighed: “I’m back, in the room! You should stay at home! You are so restless, I don’t worry. The food is ready, if you are hungry, eat first.”

After Zhang Yun finished speaking, she strode out.

Qin Anan raised her hand and rubbed her sore temple, got up and walked towards the bathroom.

After washing her face with cold water, she was slightly more awake.

She walked towards the child’s room and pushed the door open –

“Sister, her eyes can move!” Fu Shiyin held a Barbie doll in his hand, with a clean and pure smile on his face.

“She can talk! You press her hand and she’ll talk,” Rila taught her.

She tried pressing it on Barbie’s hand, and Barbie immediately made a system tone.

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