When His Eyes Opened Chapter 161 -170(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 161 -170(Chinese)

Chapter 161

Her face burst into a more brilliant smile.

This is something normal people can’t pretend.

This woman, the intelligence is lower than Rila.

Qin An’an’s prejudice and hatred against her disintegrated little by little.

Even if this woman has Fu Shiting’s love, it cannot hide the fact that she is a poor person.

After dinner.

Xiaohan took the initiative to walk in front of Qin Anan.


Qin Anan looked at her son with a calm tone: “Are you trying to explain to me?”

Xiaohan nodded, with rare pity in his eyes: “She is very pitiful.”


These two words remind Qin Anan of the night when he and Fu Shiting broke up.

That day, she was about to die with heartache, because there was this woman between her and Fu Shiting.

But she wouldn’t tell her son that.

“Well, she is really pitiful.” Qin Anan responded, “You want mother to help her with treatment, but mother can’t agree to you.”

Xiaohan raised his eyes: “Why?”

“Her illness requires surgery to recover. No matter what kind of operation, there is a risk of death. Without the consent of her family, my mother cannot operate her. ” Qin Anan reasoned with him.

Although Xiaohan really wanted to help Fu Shiyin, her mother’s words made more sense.

“Xiaohan, do you know her name?” Qin Anan asked curiously.

Xiaohan shook his head, then walked to Fu Shiyin and asked, “What’s your name?”

Fu Shiyin thought about it for a while before he choked out two words: “Yinyin.”

“Yin Yin! You sleep with me at night!” Rila said enthusiastically after knowing her name.

Fu Shiyin nodded without hesitation.

At the same time, the police station.

Fu Shiting lost no water from noon to night because his sister went missing.

“Mr. Fu, the person you are looking for may be taken away.” The police staff speculated, “We have checked all the road surveillance near Ahn’Qiraj College, and there is no sign of her. If she is a People who get lost will definitely be wandering on the road…”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were red and his voice was hoarse: “I can’t let her have an accident! I must find her!”

“You can post a lot of money to find people in the city. As long as you pay Enough is enough, I will definitely be able to find her as soon as possible.”

Now, this is the only way!

Eight o’clock in the evening.

Colorful neon lights up the city, and the stars all over the sky complement each other.

Fu Shiting came out of the police station in cold air and strode into the black Rolls Royce.

The driver asked: “Boss, where are you going?”

“Go home.” The

car started, and his cell phone rang at the same time.

He connected the call.

“Shi Ting, Qin An’an gave you 600 million!” Sheng Bei’s voice came, “It’s already paid! This terrible cash flow has beaten countless big bosses!”

“What 600 million?” Fu Shiting frowned. Can’t understand what he’s saying.

Why did Qin Anan give him 600 million?

“The building of the Qin Group! The contract was signed today!” When Sheng Bei said this, the conversation changed, “Where are you now? Why do you feel unhappy? What happened?”

“Why is it 600 million?!” Fu Shiting’s forehead bulged, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Isn’t it 2.5?”

“Qin Anan said that the market price is 500 million. She can’t make you suffer, so she will give you 600 million.” Sheng Bei He couldn’t help smirking, “Shi Ting, I didn’t expect you to eat with your face!”

Fu Shiting hung up the phone, found Qin An’an’s number in the address book, and dialed it.

this woman!

Whether it was before or now, he is always the best at making him angry!

Qin Anan watched his call, her heart beat faster, and the hand holding the phone was a little hot.

During the ten hours that Yin Yin disappeared, he must have been anxious and restless!

Do you want to tell him that his groaning is here?

Chapter 162

Chapter 162

“Qin An’an, are you doing this to show how successful you are now?” Fu Shiting’s voice came cold and severe.

Qin Anan was stunned.

What was he talking about when he was so angry?

Show how successful you are?

Oh, is it about changing the contract price?

“What do you mean by selling it to me for 250 million?” Qin Anan used his own way to treat others. “Is it alms to me? I don’t need it.”

Fu Shiting’s brows were tightly furrowed.

He realized that the relationship between him and her was so bad that it was incompatible!

When he bought the Qin Group, he planned to find an opportunity to give it to her.

At that time, he thought they could go a long way.

He never thought of using Qin’s Group Building to make money.

He sold it to her for 250 million because he had no reason to ‘send’ it to her.

Even if he wanted to ‘send’, she would not accept it.

“Then follow the market price!” Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and his voice was hot, “You don’t need my charity, and I don’t need your generosity!”

“Okay! Then you quickly return the extra 100 million to me!” Qin Anan He was clenched by his angry fingers.

He was breathing heavily and said nothing.

He hangs up.

Within five minutes, 100 million hit her account.

She looked at the money he called, and her eyes were sore.

She always wanted to have a good time with him, but she didn’t expect it to be like this.

He was covered in thorns, and so was she.

Before answering the phone, I wanted to tell him about Yin Yin, but after answering the phone, he didn’t give her a chance to soften her heart at all.

In that case, let him find it himself!

Qin Anan was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, in a trance.

If Xiaohan hadn’t brought Yinyin to the house today, she would never be so entangled now.

Originally thought that after the divorce, she would no longer be troubled by Fu Shiting’s affairs, but now Yinyin is sleeping on her daughter’s bed…

Her front foot was pulled out of the mud pit, and her back foot fell into the mud pit again.

With her quarrel with Fu Shiting just now, even if she sends Yinyin back to him now, he will definitely suspect that she kidnapped his Yinyin.

terribly upset!

She pulled the quilt away and covered her face.

After some time, the phone rang, pulling her back from her dream to reality.

She lifted the quilt, took a deep breath, touched the phone with her fingers, and answered the call.

“Qin An’an! I saw Fu Shiting’s woman you mentioned!” On the other side of the phone, was Li Xiaotian’s shocked and angry voice, “Fu Shiting is so abominable! How can he step on two boats!

” He’s divorced.” Qin Anan slept for a while, and recovered a lot now, “How did you know?”

“His company has issued a notice of missing people! Find a woman named Yinyin, if you can provide clues , reward 500 million! If you can find someone, reward 1 billion! What the hell! The Internet is going crazy!” Li Xiaotian didn’t dare to shout, “Qin An’an, I don’t blame you for being deceived! I asked He Zhun. Besides , He Zhunzhi said he didn’t even know there was Yin Yin…”

Qin An’an’s heart was as calm as a pool of stagnant water.

The blunt knife cuts the meat, and after a long time, it does not feel pain.

“An An! I’m so angry! He spent a billion dollars to find this woman, but you can imagine how important this woman is to him!”

Qin Anan: “Well. What time is it?”

Li Xiaotian: “Quick It’s twelve o’clock, right? I told you so much, why didn’t you respond?”

Qin Anan smiled bitterly: “What do you want me to do? I’m divorced from him.”

Chapter 163

Chapter 163

“Oh yes! Look at my pig brain! It’s good to leave! It’s long overdue!” Li Xiaotian sighed with relief, “Are you free tomorrow? I’ll treat you to a big meal to celebrate your escape from the bitter sea. “

Qin An’an: “I bought the building of the Qin Group today. It will be very busy next time.”

“Well, I heard He Zhunzhi said that it cost 600 million yuan. You are really rich.”

“Five 100 million.” Qin Anan’s tone was neither salty nor light, “He paid me back 100 million at night.” “Pfft ! What

are you two doing?” This man is too dog! I will tell He Zhunzhi to stay away from him in the future!” Li Xiaotian was filled with righteous indignation. “It’s very late, go to bed early! I can’t open my sleepy eyes.” Qin Anan is really sleepy. The eyelids seem to weigh a thousand pounds. Fu Shiting spent a lot of money for Yinyin, and was deeply moved by his affection for Yinyin. That’s fine. Qin Anan gave up on him completely. At the same moment, in another high-end apartment. Tang Qian looked at Fu Shiting angrily scolding one billion for the news of looking for Yinyin, like being dazed by someone taking a brick. groaning? ! Where did this woman come from! She has been by Fu Shiting’s side for so many years, and she has never heard of it, let alone seen Yinyin. Yin Yin in the missing person notice has a princess cut hairstyle and wears a pink princess dress. She suddenly remembered that Qin An had set her up. She never understood why Fu Shiting was so angry at that time, but now she understands when she sees Yinyin’s photo.

Fu Shiting couldn’t allow a second woman with a princess cut hairstyle beside her.

Because Yin Yin is unique, no one can imitate it!

Tears fell silently, Tang Qian raised the wine glass and drank the red wine in it.

After getting drunk, she picked up her mobile phone and dialed her brother Tang Qiaosen, who was far abroad.

“Brother… There is always someone in Fu Shiting’s heart…” Tang Qian choked and said, “He spends a lot of money for Yin Yin! Have you heard of this name?”

Tang Qiaosen: “I didn’t. I said it before. Tang Qian, I told you not to go back to China, but you have to go back to China. Why are you doing this?”

“Brother, I feel so stupid! I’m more stupid than Qin An’an!” Tang Qian cried and laughed, He got up, “Do you know how rich Qin An’an is now? She spent 600 million to buy the building of the Qin Group. 600 million! I can’t even get that much money, but she can!”

More than four years ago , Tang Qian dismissed Qin An’an.

She felt that Qin Anan had nothing, nothing, if she didn’t rely on Fu Shiting, she would be the most ordinary woman on the street.

But now, Qin An’an’s three words make her no longer have the confidence to be arrogant.

Tang Qiaosen was a little surprised: “She is so rich?”

“Yeah! Only me, more and more failures! Even without Yin Yin, Fu Shiting couldn’t have liked me… Qin Anan is younger and better than me. …I’m a complete defeat…”

“Tang Qian, stop talking!” Tang Qiaosen was a little worried, “Fu Shiting is not as good as you think! Apart from you and Qin An’an, he still pretends to be Other women show that he is promiscuous! And he killed his father himself, showing that he has violent tendencies! You don’t need to waste your life for this kind of man!”

Tang Qian grabbed her hair with her fingers and murmured, “I see. ……Brother…I get it…”

Xinghewan Villa.

After three o’clock at night.

Rila wakes up being burned by the people around her!

She opened her eyes suddenly, and touched Fu Shiyin with her little hand… It’s so hot, so hot!

She got up immediately and turned on the bedside lamp.

Fu Shiyin’s burning skin was flushed, and her mind was unconscious, and she muttered, “Brother…Brother hold…hold Yinyin…”

She dreamed of her elder brother Fu Shiting.

Chapter 164

Chapter 164

Rila got out of bed immediately and went to call her mother.

Qin Anan came to the children’s room with messy hair and a medicine box.

“Rila, you go to sleep with your brother.” Qin Anan saw that Fu Shiyin was burning badly, so he spoke to his daughter.

Rila nodded, her eyes filled with worry: “Mom, is Yin Yin catching a cold? Should I turn off the air conditioner?”

Qin Anan: “There are many reasons for a fever, she should not have caught a cold.

” The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold to catch a cold.

After Qin Anan sent Rila to Xiaohan’s room, he turned back to Fu Shiyin’s side.

I took her temperature with a thermometer and it was 39.5 degrees.

Her fever must be reduced immediately.

After giving her the drip, Qin Anan went to the bathroom and brought out a basin of warm water.

Physically cool her.

At this time, after three o’clock in the morning, Qin Anan took care of the ‘rival in love’ with the instinct of a doctor.

When I was done sitting down by the bed, I felt more and more uncomfortable.

Why did God make fun of her like this?

How is she going to give Yinyin back?

If I don’t go back, I’m afraid that Fu Shiting will go crazy.

She didn’t have this bad taste to torture him.

It looks like his head is about to explode.

Osamu’s room.

After Rila lay down on the bed, Osamu woke up.

After Qin Anan exited the room, Xiaohan asked Rila, “What’s wrong?”

“Yinyin has a fever and keeps calling her brother. Brother, she must have missed you. But you were sleeping, so I didn’t come to call you.” Rila There was a hint of sadness in his tone.

Xiaohan: “She’ll be fine with her mother here.”

“Yeah!” Rila changed her position and sighed, “If I lose my mother, my mother will definitely cry. And you and your grandmother will cry too. Yes. “

A tall figure suddenly appeared in Xiaohan’s mind, so he said, “Mom has a husband.”

Rila was surprised: “Ah?! Who is mom’s husband? Is it Fu Yechen?”

“No. Mom My husband is the uncle of a scumbag.”

Rila slammed a carp and sat up.

After she sat up, she pulled Xiao Han and sat up too.

“Brother, tell me carefully.” In the

dimness, Rila’s eyes gleamed faintly.

“Fu Shiting.” Xiaohan said his name, “Mom and he just divorced.”

“Is he handsome?” Rila is a face control.

Xiaohan: “He’s very old.”

Rila hummed.

Xiaohan: “He’s super rich.”

Rila stopped babbling: “Brother, I want to see his photo, can you show me?”

Xiaohan: “He’s no longer mom’s husband.”

Rila Aggrieved: “But I can’t sleep right now! Just let me take a look at it.”

Xiao Han got out of bed, turned on the computer, found Fu Shiting’s photo, and showed it to his sister.

Rila’s bony eyes stared at Fu Shiting’s face, fascinated: “…he is so handsome! Brother, he is much more handsome than a scumbag!”

“He is also a scumbag.” Xiao Han’s voice was cold Leng came, “Otherwise, why did my mother divorce him?”

Rila said angrily: “Brother, we are so pitiful! My father is a scumbag, and my stepfather is also a scumbag! Those with the surname Fu are all bad guys!”

Xiaohan closed the computer, took his sister’s hand, and climbed into the bed: “sleep.”

Qin Anan stayed by the bed until five in the morning.

After the two bottles of potion were hung up, Fu Shiyin’s fever subsided.

Qin Anan dragged her tired body back to her room to rest.

seven in the morning.

Rila and Xiaohan got up and went to see Fu Shiyin.

Chapter 165

Chapter 165

The door was opened, and Fu Shiyin’s uncomfortable whisper came: “Brother…Brother…” The

two children frowned and quickly walked to the bed.

Fu Shiyin’s cheeks were flushed and his skin was hot.

“She has a fever again! I’ll go to my mother!” Rila immediately ran to inform Qin Anan.

Xiaohan held Fu Shiyin’s waving hand and coaxed her: “Yinyin! Don’t be afraid!”

Fu Shiyin opened his eyes slightly when he heard the voice.

She saw her brother!

Brother is here to accompany her!

“Brother… woo… hug…” Fu Shiyin cried and acted coquettishly.

Her body was so hot, she was so uncomfortable, she felt like she was going to die.

Xiaohan is helpless.

They are too different in size.

How is he going to hold her?

He could only wait for his mother to come and give her the fever.

“Brother, why don’t you hug me? Don’t you want to yin?” Fu Shiyin’s tears rolled down and he cried heart-breakingly.

Xiaohan looks very similar to Fu Shiting, so she takes Xiaohan as Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan heard that Fu Shiyin had a fever again, and rushed over immediately.

“How can it burn so quickly?” Qin Anan raised his hand to test the temperature on Fu Shiyin’s forehead, and it was worse than three o’clock in the morning. “No, I have to go to the hospital to check the cause.”

Rila looked at With her scarlet face and heartbroken expression, Fu Shiyin was afraid to say, “Mom, will she die?”

“Rila, don’t be afraid. Mom will take her to the hospital for an examination.” Qin Anan comforted her daughter , to find antipyretic medicine for Fu Shiyin to swallow.

Zhang Yun had already woken up, and when she saw the situation at home, she immediately stepped forward.

“An’an, why don’t you call an ambulance?”

Qin An’an hesitated for a moment, and his heart became more and more tangled and painful.

If an ambulance is called, it may not be long before someone recognizes Yin Yin and informs Fu Shiting.

After Fu Shiting took Yinyin away, he would give Yinyin to Shen Yu.

Brother Wei Zhen told her that Shen Yu couldn’t save Yinyin.

So, what is the substantive significance of handing Yinyin to Fu Shiting?

Does she want to watch Yin Yin tortured to death by illness?

“Mom, do you think I should help her?” Qin Anan’s eyes were slightly red, her voice was hoarse, her fingers clenched tightly.

Zhang Yun looked at her daughter and understood her pain: “Of course you don’t have to help. No one says you have to.” Qin Anan: “But I’m not only Fu Shiting’s ex-wife, I

‘m also a doctor!”

Tears fell down.

After a moment, she took a deep breath, raised her hand to wipe the tears from her face, and turned around to help Fu Shiyin get off the bed.

ST Group.

Today, everyone’s topic is surprisingly consistent.

“Have you heard of Yin Yin? What does she have to do with the boss?”

“A lover! An underground lover! If I were the boss, I would also find a lover like a doll! Don’t you think that Yin Yin is particularly like a doll?”

“Indeed, she’s the most special and beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! No wonder the boss is willing to spend a billion to find her!”

Ordinary employees were chatting.

Seniors are also talking.

Zhou Ziyi took a sip of coffee: “I’ve never heard the boss say Yin Yin.”

Sheng Bei also took a sip of coffee: “I’ve known him for a long time, and I’ve never heard of it! I thought I was brother-in-law with him, but I didn’t expect the clown to be me.”

Zhou Ziyi comforted him: “Brother Bei , Yin Yin was lost near Ahn’Qiraj College, I checked it, it is a special college.”

Sheng Bei said solemnly: “I also checked last night. This woman should be abnormal. I didn’t expect the time Ting’s taste is so strong, yet he has such a strange hobby.”

Zhou Ziyi gasped: “…you don’t need to think the boss is so perverted, right?”

Sheng Bei narrowed his fox eyes, and said wisely: “If He doesn’t change, why is he hiding so deeply?”

Zhou Ziyi was quickly persuaded.

“No wonder Qin Anan wants to divorce him. It is estimated that Qin Anan found out about it.” Sheng Bei continued to speculate, “Qin Anan couldn’t accept two maids and one husband, so he quit.”

Chapter 166

Chapter 166

Sheng Bei speculated that he was divine, as if he was Qin An’an himself.

Zhou Ziyi really wanted to call Qin Anan for verification, but he didn’t dare.

She is now divorced from the boss, maybe he calls and she won’t answer.

“Brother Bei, have you called the boss?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

Sheng Bei sighed resentfully: “If this woman named Yin Yin didn’t get lost, do you believe he would hide it for the rest of his life? This is something he doesn’t want to make public. If I ask, wouldn’t it annoy him?”

Zhou Zi Yi: “Well, Yin Yin hasn’t been found yet, I guess he’s in a worse mood.”

Ahn’Qiraj International Academy.

After Xiaohan saw the news that Fu Shiting spent a lot of money to find Yinyin, he overturned the five-flavor bottle in his heart.

What is the relationship between Fu Shiting and Yinyin?

He searches for ‘yinyin’.

However, no information about her could be found at all.

Yinyin should be her nickname, I don’t know what her real name is.

Xiaohan hacked into the personnel system of Ahn’Qiraj Academy, but unexpectedly, the information that Yinyin stored in it was called Yinyin.

Does she have no scientific name?

Or did her family deliberately do this to protect her?

Who is her family?

Xiaohan has no clue, so he can only continue to check Fu Shiting.

After searching out Fu Shiting’s family members, Xiaohan frowned.

Among the Fu family’s family members, there is no one named Yinyin.

Fu Shiting has only one big brother.

In this way, there is only one explanation for the relationship between Fu Shiting and Yinyin.

That is, the relationship between men and women!

If Fu Yechen is a scumbag, then Fu Shiting is a fighter among scumbags!

How could he have that kind of relationship with a woman with intellectual problems?

At the same time, Tang Qian found Shen Yu.

Shen Yu now lives in the mansion that Fu Shiting prepared for her. There are 24-hour nanny and bodyguards in the mansion to take care of her.

After Tang Qian came over, she was saddened to see the luxurious villa and servants.

“Doctor Shen, can we chat outside?”

Shen Yu nodded.

Yin Yin is lost, and Shen Yu has nothing to do now.

The two were walking in the community, with bodyguards following not far away.

“Doctor Shen, do you know who Yin Yin is Shi Ting?” Tang Qian didn’t sleep all night. After sobering up, this question kept stinging her.

Shen Yu shook her head: “Miss Tang, I didn’t ask, and he didn’t say anything.”

“Can you ask him? I’ve been by his side for many years, and I’ve never heard of this woman’s existence. I’m very curious, too. Very shocked!” Tang Qian’s emotions gradually became excited.

Shen Yu looked at her calmly: “Miss Tang, this is his privacy. If he doesn’t tell me, I won’t ask. If you are curious, you can ask yourself.”

“I asked, but he refused to tell me. “

He won’t tell you, why would he tell me? I’ve only met him twice.” Shen Yu analyzed rationally, “Didn’t he just get divorced yesterday? At least it’s certain that he and Yinyin are not husband and wife. “

Tang Qian: “I know they are not husband and wife. How could he marry an abnormal woman? But he can spend a billion for this woman… It’s unbelievable.”

Shen Yu: “If you are jealous, You can also find a way to get him to spend money for you.”

Tang Qian frowned: “I didn’t mean that! I didn’t want him to spend money for me, I just wanted him…” to fall in love with me.

Shen Yu interrupted her: “The way for a man to prove that he loves you is to be willing to spend money for you.” Tang Qian was

in awe.

“I have no hope. What I am suffering now is, how can he find a woman with intellectual disabilities? It’s better to be with Qin An’an!” Tang Qian murmured.

“You are so great.” Shen Yu teased her.

“Don’t laugh at me, I’m already miserable enough. I lost to Qin An’an, and then to a mentally retarded… I began to doubt life.”

Shen Yu looked at Tang Qian and said nothing.

She was suddenly very interested in Qin An’an.

Chapter 167

Chapter 167

Qin An’an can maintain a marriage relationship with Fu Shiting for more than four years, and she definitely has her strengths.

Moreover, Shen Yu heard her name when she was abroad.

She is also a student of Professor Hu Qing and has published several good papers.

It’s just that after graduation, there is no such person.

She didn’t go to any major hospital or work in the medical profession.

How powerful is theoretical knowledge? Clinical experience is still required.

Otherwise, why didn’t Fu Shiting ask her to treat Yinyin?


Star River Villa.

Zhang Yun looked at the two children and wondered, “Why don’t you two eat?”

Rila puffed her cheeks and asked, “When will mom come back?”

Zhang Yun: “I’ll be back when I’m done. I don’t know about her. When will you be done?”

Rila: “Is she saving Yinyin?”

Zhang Yun: “Yeah. Don’t worry, Yinyin will be fine.”

At this time, Xiaohan said glumly, “Yinyin, bad guy. “

Didn’t you bring Yin Yin back? Why did you suddenly say that to her?” Zhang Yun raised her hand and touched his head.

“She’s with Fu Shiting!”

Zhang Yun didn’t expect him to know this.

“Xiao Han, this is an adult’s business, don’t worry about it. Yin Yin’s intelligence is lower than you and Rila. What can she do wrong? Even if she is wrong, it is Fu Shiting’s fault.” Zhang Yun couldn’t complain to Yin Yin. .

Yin Yin is no different from a three-year-old girl.

Xiaohan is more self-blame.

If he had known about the relationship between his mother and Fu Shiting earlier, and the relationship between Fu Shiting and Yinyin earlier, he would never have brought Yinyin home!

Mom must be very sad.

When his mother comes back, he must apologize to her!

eight pm.

Fu Shiting received a call.

“Mr. Fu, the hacker has been found! According to the various information left by the hacker, this hacker is your nephew, Fu Yechen!” The person on the other end of the phone said excitedly.

Fu Shiting: “???”

When did Fu Yechen become a hacker?

“Mr. Fu, I asked the technicians to check it three times, and the result is the same three times! And the location where the hacker’s IP is now displayed is the old house of the Fu family!” Fu

Shiting clenched his fingers tightly, and murderous intent suddenly flashed in his eyes!

The black Rolls Royce drove out of the mansion like a sharp arrow.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of the old house.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode into the living room.

“Where’s Fu Yechen!” Fu Shiting shouted sharply.

Fu Han and his wife immediately went to find their son.

Fu Yechen in the room heard his uncle’s roar and came uninvited.

“Uncle, are you looking for me?” Fu Yechen was divorced, and he was in a low mood for the past two days, playing games at home every day.

‘Clap’ sound!

Fu Yechen’s head was beaten crookedly.

The phone in my hand fell to the ground!

“You were the hacker who attacked Ahn’Qiraj Academy? Who gave you the guts!” Fu Shiting said angrily, “Hand over Yin Yin! If there is anything wrong with her, I will let you die without a burial!”

Fu Yechen was stunned .

“Shi Ting, what kind of hacker? Yechen can’t be a hacker, right? Don’t you know what kind of virtue he has? He’s a waste!” Fu Han held Fu Shiting, fearing that his son’s life would be lost if he did it again.

Fu Shiting ordered Fu Yechen’s notebook and mobile phone to be taken away and checked!

Two hours later, Fu Yechen’s phone was found to be faulty.

“Uncle, I don’t know how my phone has a Trojan program. My phone is always in my hand… Only the day before yesterday, I lent it to a little girl to use it!” Fu Yechen cried bitterly, “That little girl did Four or five years old, it can’t be the poison she gave me on my phone, right?”

Chapter 168

Chapter 168

“Why did that little girl ask you to borrow her cell phone?” Fu Shiting said cautiously.

“She got lost with her father, and asked me to borrow her mobile phone to call her father. Since I met that little girl, there has never been a day without bad luck! I suspect that little girl can beat me!” Fu Yechen’s cheeks were swollen. , with tears in his eyes, looking particularly miserable.

Fu Shiting stared at his useless appearance, and his thin lips opened lightly: “Do you remember what she looks like?”

Fu Yechen: “Remember! She is very beautiful! If it wasn’t so beautiful, I wouldn’t be able to lend my phone to her. She! As I said last time, she looks a bit like Qin An’an!”

When Fu Shiting heard these three words, the expression on his face sank a little: “Go get the medicine!”

“Uncle, I don’t feel pain.. ….I want to know how my mobile phone was poisoned! It automatically sent my private photos to my blind date, which made my blind date mess up. I suspect it can still eavesdrop on my speech!” Fu Yechen was in pain.

He had no idea how he was targeted by hackers.

I don’t even know who I’ve offended.

“Yechen, go back to your room and ask your mother to rub the medicine for you. I’ll talk to your uncle alone about something.” Fu Han said.

Fu Yechen got up and went back to his room.

After there were only two brothers left in the living room, Fu Han said, “This hacker is aggressive. First, he installed a Trojan horse on Yechen’s phone, and after stealing Yechen’s information, he hacked into Yinyin’s school. This is organized and planned! Why did they kidnap Yinyin? It’s been a whole day, and they haven’t taken the initiative to contact them.”

This question was also troubled by Fu Shiting.

If they ask for money, he can give it!

I’m afraid they will hurt Yin Yin!

“Shi Ting, have you offended anyone?” Fu Han asked.

Fu Shiting: “It should be done by someone in the school. I have already asked someone to find out the personnel records for the whole month before the incident.”

“Well, I believe your security must be very strict. My mother and I haven’t been able to see Yinyin over the years. It must be more difficult for outsiders to approach her.” Fu Han sighed, “If it wasn’t for Yinyin to walk around by himself. , there will definitely be no accident.”

“I don’t blame Yin Yin.” Fu Shiting tightened his phalanx slightly and said guilty, “She was just afraid, so she left.”

“I don’t mean to blame her, she is just a child, what does she know? What?” Fu Han’s eyes were a little red, “I hope she is still alive now.”

The next morning, Qin Anan still didn’t go home.

Rila’s eyes were red and tears were swirling in them.

“Grandma, I don’t want to go to kindergarten anymore…” Rila sniffed, “I want my mother.”

Zhang Yun was distressed and obeyed: “Then let’s not go to kindergarten today. Wait for your mother to come back. Let’s go again, okay?”

Rila pouted and nodded.

After breakfast, Xiaohan leaned into Rila’s ear and asked, “Would you like to go find my mother?”

Rila’s eyes suddenly lit up and she nodded hurriedly.

“Grandma, I’ll take my sister to the community to play for a while, and I’ll be back later.” Xiao Han took Rila’s hand and spoke to Zhang Yun.

“Xiaohan, are you not going to school today? Forget it, let’s go play!” Zhang Yun sighed.

Rila went out in the small tundra.

The siblings got into a taxi.

Xiaohan reported the name of a hospital.

Rila asked in a low voice, “Is mom in this hospital?”

Xiao Han nodded.

Third Hospital.

Qin Anan came out after the operation, feeling that the world was spinning and almost fell to the ground.

“Mom!” Rila threw herself in front of Qin An’an and hugged her legs.

Xiaohan also came to her side, and his little hand took the initiative to grab the hem of her clothes.

Qin Anan looked at the two children, her scarlet eyes were full of surprise and surprise.

“Why are you two here?” Qin An’an’s exhaustion was wiped away, “Who told you that your mother was here? Where’s your grandmother?”

Chapter 169

Chapter 169

Rila was held in her mother’s arms, and her little finger pointed to her brother: “My brother brought me here.”

“Oh… Xiaohan, how did you know that mother was here?” Qin Anan’s face With a gentle smile, she didn’t blame the child, “Did you ask Uncle Mike to check the location of his mother’s mobile phone?”

Xiao Han nodded.

Xiaohan’s hacking skills were taught by Uncle Mike.

Qin Anan didn’t know what stage Xiaohan’s current technology had reached.

“Let’s go! Let’s go home! Mom is so sleepy now.” Qin Anan’s brain can no longer think normally.

She came out of the hospital with her two children, stopped a car at the door, and fell asleep after getting in the car.

Time: 11:20 am.

Shen Yu received a call from a stranger and asked her to go to the Third Hospital.

Shen Yu came to the third hospital and saw Yin Yin after the operation.

Her head was wrapped in gauze, her eyes were closed, and there was no blood on her face!

About two hours later, Fu Shiting received a call from Shen Yu.

“Mr. Fu! I found Yinyin! She is in the hospital now! I performed brain surgery on her!” Shen Yu’s voice came with a hint of excitement.

In the past two hours, Shen Yu did a check on Yin Yin’s brain.

Found out that her brain had undergone a delicate operation!

Shen Yu asked the nurse who did it, and the nurse said she didn’t know.

So, Shen Yu borrowed the operating room and pretended to be busy inside.

After two hours passed, she immediately called Fu Shiting and took all the credit to herself.

Since someone does not leave her name for good deeds, don’t blame her for being rude!

Fu Shiting quickly arrived at the Third Hospital.

After seeing Yin Yin, his heart hung in the air and slowly fell.

“Doctor Shen, what’s going on?” Fu Shiting grabbed Shen Yu’s arm because of his excitement.

Shen Yu held his big palm backhand and explained: “Yinyin fainted and was sent to the hospital by a kind person. It happened that I knew a director of this hospital. The director knew that I returned to China this time to serve you, so he directly Let me know and I’ll be here.”

Fu Shiting didn’t suspect that there was a lie in what she said, but was a little puzzled.

“Why do you suddenly operate on her?”

“Her condition is not very good. Even if it is delayed for a second, it will be very unfavorable to her. So I will operate on her first, and I will not have time to inform you.” Shen Yu said this At the time of the incident, because of a guilty conscience, the speed of speech increased a lot.

“Thank you!” Fu Shiting’s eyes were full of water.

Yinyin can find it safely and successfully complete the operation, which is the best result.

He has been tortured for the past two days.

Fortunately, Yin Yin is fine!

“Mr. Fu, do you want to transfer Yinyin to a better hospital? The conditions in this hospital are not very good.” Shen Yu said, “She needs better conditions for her later recovery.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “I Transfer her to another hospital now.”

Shen Yu nodded in satisfaction.

“Dr. Shen, thank you for your hard work!” Fu Shiting thanked again, “Have you seen the kind person who sent Yin Yin to the hospital? I must thank him personally.”

Shen Yu: “When I came over, the kind person had already left. Since this kind person doesn’t want to show his face, it means that he doesn’t want to be known.”

Fu Shiting: “Well.” One


In reality, can anyone really resist the temptation of a billion?

He wanted to know who this kind man was.

After transferring Yinyin to the best hospital, Fu Shiting called his subordinates and instructed, “Take out the monitoring at the gate of the Third Hospital this morning and send it to me.”

Chapter 170

Chapter 170

About twenty minutes later——

“Mr. Fu, I contacted the Third Hospital just now, and they told me that the hospital’s monitoring system is being repaired and maintained today, but there is no monitoring.”

Hearing his subordinate’s answer, Fu Shiting frowned.

Such a coincidence?

Was it really not being monitored, or was it deliberately not allowed to watch?

“Clear all the news and pictures about this incident on the Internet!” Fu Shiting ordered.

“Okay, Mr. Fu, I’ll do it now.”

About an hour later, all the information about Fu Shiting’s search for one billion people and Yinyin’s photos were deleted.

Qin Anan slept very deeply.

If it wasn’t for the phone ringing, she would never have woken up.

Li Xiaotian called her a series of deadly calls, and she answered the phone after the bell rang for more than a minute.

“Hey…” As soon as she spoke, she yawned.

“Qin An’an! Don’t tell me you’re sleeping! It’s only after seven o’clock. Are you taking a nap or a late night?” Li Xiaotian’s sharp voice came.

Qin Anan rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked out the window.

The sky is still bright.

But it’s getting dark.

“Xiao Tian, ​​do you have anything to do with me? If it’s okay, I’m going to sleep. I’m too sleepy.” Qin Anan hugged the pillow with a lazy voice.

“You didn’t sleep last night? Are you a thief?! Didn’t we say we were going to have a big dinner to celebrate your divorce? My restaurant has already been booked. If you don’t come, I’ll pack this big table and send it to you. Your home! Send me your address!” Li Xiaotian always said the same.

“Don’t… you send me the restaurant address and I’ll pack it up.” Qin Anan got up from the bed with difficulty.

“Didn’t you just say you were sleepy? Or I’ll pack it for you! I stole a good bottle of wine from my dad’s wine cellar…I’ll take it and put it in your place until we meet next time. Drink.”

Qin Anan was no longer sleepy.

If Xiao Tian’s boyfriend wasn’t He Zhunzhi, she wouldn’t be so afraid of Xiao Tian knowing about the child.

“Little sweet! I’m not sleepy anymore! Where are you now? Send me the location and I’ll go right there!”

“Okay! I’ll send you the location! Will your mother live with you? Call your aunt to eat together! “

No need! My mother has already eaten.” After talking on the

phone, Qin Anan got out of bed, tied up her long messy hair, walked to the closet, and picked out a long dress.

After changing her clothes, she came out of the room.

The lights in the living room were off.

They are not at home!

She found her phone and made a video to her mother.

Zhang Yun took the video: “An An, are you awake? I left you a meal in the kitchen.”

“Xiao Tian asked me to go out to eat, but I won’t be at home. Mom, where are you?” Qin Anan walked over Entrance, carrying a bag and walking out.

“It’s in the park! An international package arrived today. It’s a drone. The two kids have to come out and play with the drone.” Zhang Yun said, pointing the camera at the sky.

A colorful drone, under the control of Xiaohan, changes various poses!

Next to it, many children were flying kites.

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “Let’s play! I’m out.”

Half an hour later, she came to the restaurant Li Xiaotian ordered.

This is an upscale restaurant.

There are handsome men playing the piano on the stage.

“Xiao Tian, ​​are you alone?” Qin Anan looked at Li Xiaotian and joked, “I thought you would bring your family!”

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