When His Eyes Opened Chapter 181 -190(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 181 -190(Chinese)

Chapter 181

She is now trying to find a way to cure Yin Yin.

Only in this way can I stay by Fu Shiting’s side for a long time.

Tang Qian’s eyes were scarlet with anger.

Especially when she said the word ‘boyfriend’.

But there is absolutely nothing to do with her!

Tang Qian stepped on high heels and strode away.

Shen Yu looked at her back and sneered: “The defeated general! Vulnerable!”

Qin’s group.

Qin Anan is busy recruiting personnel in various departments.

Although a lot of former employees come back, because the business is different from the past, we need to recruit some experienced ones.

Mike said that he flew over to help today, and when he came, she might be able to relax a little bit.

“Mr. Qin, do we want a celebrity endorsement?” The director of the planning department discussed with Qin Anan about the marketing and publicity work after that.

Qin Anan shook his head: “No.”

“It is very popular now to invite various big Vs or well-known UP masters to jointly promote…”

Qin Anan: “No. We rely on products to speak.” The

supervisor is a little confused: “Then we don’t publicize it at all?”

Qin Anan: “That’s not what I meant. Publicity is also necessary, but we don’t invite celebrities and Internet celebrities.” The

supervisor nodded: “Then how do we publicize?”

Qin Anan put down the document in his hand , said: “We invite professionals in this field to publicize. If our products are irreplaceable, sales will naturally increase.” The

supervisor naturally understands this truth, but now the product has not been seen, so I am a little worried: “Mr. Qin, Are you so confident?”

The corners of Qin An’an’s mouth twitched slightly: “I don’t know how to answer you now. I’ll talk about it when the product comes out.” The

supervisor nodded.

There was a knock at the door, and Qin Anan said, “Come in.” The

door was pushed open, and a deep, three-dimensional, exotic facial features appeared in the office with blond hair and an irregularly cut fashion brand.

The supervisor frowned and asked, “Who are you? Did you come to the wrong place? This is the Qin Group…”

Mike strode past the supervisor, came to Qin An’an, and gave her a warm hug.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, I miss you!” Mike’s greasy words made the supervisor blushed and immediately left.

It seems that this golden retriever is Qin An’an’s little white face raised outside.

Uh, no, Golden Retriever should be older than Qin An’an.

So it’s more appropriate to call it a big wolf dog.

I didn’t expect Qin An’an to go abroad for a few years, and his taste has become so heavy.

The supervisor came out of her office and met the secretary head on to knock on her office door.

“Don’t go now! President Qin’s boyfriend is here, and the two of them are crooked inside!” The supervisor reminded the secretary, “You wait for the golden retriever to come out before you go in.” The

secretary looked anxious: “But Fu Shiting from ST Group is here. , I want to see our President Qin by name! I can’t let people wait below, right?” The

supervisor was shocked, took a deep breath, and said to the secretary, “I’ll go down to see Fu Shiting and see what he has to do with President Qin.”

After speaking, the supervisor strode towards the elevator.

Walking to the elevator door, when the elevator door slowly opened, a tall and tall figure came out from inside.

The supervisor looked up and saw Fu Shiting’s stern and solemn face, he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to shout.

He instantly forgot what he had just said to the secretary.

“Mr. Fu! You’re here! I’ll take you to our office of President Qin!” The supervisor turned into a flatterer in seconds, bent over, walked in front of Fu Shiting, and showed him the way.

When he walked to the door of Qin An’an’s office, the supervisor instantly persuaded.

He didn’t dare to offend Fu Shiting, let alone Qin An’an!

“Mr. Fu, you go in! We, President Qin, are inside.” The supervisor said to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting frowned, and without thinking, he stretched out his long arm and pushed open the office door!

I saw Qin Anan sitting in the boss chair, Mike sitting on the desk in front of her, his fingers playing around Qin Anan’s hair!

The behavior of the two people is intimate!


Fu Shiting kicked the door!

Chapter 182

Chapter 182

This loud noise made the two people in the office suddenly look towards the door.

I saw that Fu Shiting’s face was dark and heavy, as if someone had provoked him.

“Hi! Ex-husband!” Mike jumped off the table, strode to Fu Shiting, and greeted him happily.

Qin An’an’s temple jumped suddenly.

He didn’t know what a terrible person Fu Shiting was!

She must stop him from dying.

She strode over to Mike and pulled him back.

This move made Fu Shiting jealous!

What is their relationship?

She is so protective of this ruffian wild man!

“What are you doing here?” Qin Anan stood in front of Fu Shiting and looked up at him, “Is there still a need for us to meet?”

Fu Shiting’s fingers were tightly clenched, and the paper in his hand was almost crushed.

He moved closer to Qin An’an, and their bodies almost touched each other!

Qin Anan was enveloped by his strong anger, and danger was imminent.

She immediately pulled Mike and sent it to the door: “Wait for me outside!”

After pushing Mike out, she closed the office door.

“Who is that man?!” Fu Shiting looked at her blushing face and questioned her.

Now there are no outsiders watching the play in the office, Qin Anan is no longer afraid of him.

“Fu Shiting, don’t force me to say bad things. I don’t want to quarrel with you.” She walked over to him and pulled the paper from his hand, “This is…” Before she finished speaking

, she looked To my son’s name!

Her body trembled, and the panic and nervousness on her face could be seen at a glance.

Fu Shiting looked at the emotional changes on her face coldly, and the premonition in his heart became stronger and stronger.

“Qin An’an! This child is mine?!” His voice was cold and sharp, without a trace of warmth.

Qin Anan didn’t even think about it, and denied it: “No! Our child has been aborted long ago! This child… I adopted it abroad!”

She must lie.

If he didn’t lie, he would definitely use all means to take the child away.

He hates children, he said he will never have children in this life.

In addition, Zihan is different from normal children. If Zihan falls into his hands, she doesn’t know what Zihan’s fate will be.

“Adopted?” Fu Shiting frowned deeply, but she didn’t expect her to give this answer, “Why do you adopt a child?!”

“Because he is not a normal child, I think he is pitiful, so I adopted him. Fu Shiting, I only explain this. Once. In the future, don’t interfere in my private affairs! If you are so idle, then go take care of your girlfriend! “

Qin Anan threw the paper in his hand into the shredder!

Looking at her slightly undulating shoulders, it seemed like a basin of cold water was poured over.

The anger in his heart was instantly extinguished.

She knew he had a girlfriend.

The news traveled so fast.

He wanted to explain a few words to her, but found that everything seemed funny.

“Qin An’an, the new boyfriend you’re looking for is really not that good. You can improve your vision a little bit.” He wanted to remind her, but the words turned into teasing.

Qin Anan was angry with him, so he used his own way to treat others: “Your new girlfriend is also very ordinary. You might as well find Tang Qian! I don’t know what you think.”

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth . : “Have you met Shen Yu? With me, she is better than Tang Qian!”

Qin Anan raised her eyebrows: “Do you know my Mike? Don’t look at his bells and whistles, he is pure inside! Unlike some people, two boats are not enough, and he wants to step on three boats!” His face turned pale, he turned and left!

Chapter 183

Chapter 183

After he left, Mike immediately returned to the office.

“What did your ex-husband come to do with you? Look at him fierce and vicious, didn’t he bully you?” Mike walked to Qin An’an, helped her to sit down in a chair, then offered a glass of water to her.

I was angry at first, but seeing Mike’s attentive appearance, Qin Anan said: “He misunderstood you as my boyfriend, and I didn’t deny it. Will it affect you?”

Mike’s pale blue eyes blinked: “Male What is a friend? If you are willing to let me be your husband, we can get married now.”

Qin An’an: “I don’t plan to get married, leave your spouse column for your true love in the future!”

Mike looked melancholy: “I I don’t plan to get married either. My ex hurt me too deeply. There is no true love in this world.”

A few years ago, Mike had a very dangerous tumor in his brain.

In the end, Qin Anan performed surgical resection for him, and the operation was very successful.

But in the time before his surgery, his boyfriend of five years abandoned him.

After the operation, Mike and Qin Anan started AN Technology together.

“Don’t think about those unhappy things. Have you found a good place to stay? If not, I’ll book a hotel for you.” Qin Anan took out his mobile phone and planned to check the hotel information.

“I’m staying at your house! I’ve already taken my luggage to your house. Your mother received me very warmly.” Mike looked proud, “We have such a good relationship, your house is my house, what hotel are you staying in! “

Qin Anan was speechless.

But Mike likes men, so she doesn’t care.

Okay didn’t go to school today.

He took Rila to Fu Yechen’s company.

Their goal now is to find out who Dad is.

Fu Shiting was relatively difficult to approach, so he could only start with Fu Yechen.

After get off work at noon, Fu Yechen came out of the company and planned to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Rila appeared at the door of the office building with a small schoolbag on her back.

Fu Yechen recognized her at a glance.

He was so impressed by this little girl with a baby head!

He has been having nightmares these days and nights, dreaming of planting a Trojan virus on his mobile phone, this little cute baby!

But every time I wake up, it feels unreal.

Such a small girl, maybe she hasn’t weaned milk yet, how can she master the Trojan horse technology?

“Little girl!” Fu Yechen walked up to Rila and grabbed her arm, “Why are you here? You came to me?”

Rila blinked her big eyes, her chin lightened. Nodding lightly: “Uncle, I’ve been looking for you!”

“What are you looking for? Last time you borrowed my mobile phone and said to call your father, but I didn’t find the number you dialed in my call log! “Fu Yechen took Rila and walked towards the restaurant next to her.

The sun outside is so vicious!

“Because I forgot my dad’s phone number! Uncle, I found my dad later, and my dad asked me to come and say thank you. He also asked me to bring you a gift.” Rila’s articulation was clear and her thoughts were clear.

Fu Yechen couldn’t help but blame himself in his heart, how could he suspect that such a young child would attack him?

She’s beautiful and innocent, and her dad is very literate!

“Did your father bring you here?” Fu Yechen asked.

Rila nodded and explained with a small mouth: “My dad works near here. He has something to do just now, so he will go back to the company first.”

Before Fu Yechen could be suspicious, Rila took out the gift from her bag and put it on the ground.

It’s an electric toy.

“Uncle, turn on its switch.”

Fu Yechen immediately crouched down and looked for the switch.

At this time, Rila’s eyes were quick and her hands were fast, and her little hand was on Fu Yechen’s head, pulling out her hair!

Chapter 184

Chapter 184

“Uncle! Don’t move!” Rila exclaimed.

Fu Yechen was going to jump up and ask her what the hell she was doing!

As a result, Rila’s exclamation frightened him.

“Uncle! You have a lot of white hair on your head! I’ll help you pull out the white hair! Otherwise people will think you’re an old grandpa!” When Rila spoke, she quickly put the pulled hair into a bag, and then stuffed it into a bag. to the bag.

After doing all this, she patted Fu Yechen on the shoulder: “Uncle, I unplugged it for you.”

Fu Yechen endured the pain and stood up: “Show me! I remember that I don’t have gray hair. Ah!”

Rila pointed at the air innocently: “I threw it away! What’s so good about white hair, it’s white hair!”

Fu Yechen: “…”

Rila: ” Uncle, your hair is so oily! I have to go back and wash my hands, or my hands will stink.” The

little guy finished speaking with disgust, carried his schoolbag, and left!

Fu Yechen looked at the back of her leaving, and said in his heart, “???”

He raised his hand and touched his hair, it was dry and supple!

Why do you say his hair is oily?

Also, he remembered that he had no white hair!

Why is this girl so weird? !

He felt the same way the last time he met her.

Shouldn’t it be… what conspiracy!

Fu Yechen hurriedly took his mobile phone to test to see if it was poisoned.

Rila trotted all the way to her brother.

As if taking credit, he took out Fu Yechen’s hair and showed it to his brother.

“Brother, I’m amazing!”

Xiaohan was very satisfied with his sister’s performance: “I’ll buy you ice cream.”

“Mmmm! Brother, I didn’t go to kindergarten today, will my mother be angry?” Rila came out with her brother, Happier than in kindergarten, but she worries that her mother is not happy.

Xiaohan said calmly: ” No.”

Every time the two of them skip class, how could my mother not know?

But Mom never spoke about them.

Kindergarten is a very mentally handicapped place for Xiaohan.

“Hey! Brother, let’s go buy ice cream and eat it! I want to eat chocolate!” Rila hugged her brother’s arm and smiled attentively.

Xiaohan put Fu Yechen’s hair in his bag, and then took his sister to buy ice cream.

A quarter of an hour later, the two children were sitting in a cold drink shop eating ice cream.

“Brother, if our father is Fu Shiting, what should we do?” Rila looked worried, “Mom said he would strangle us.”

Xiaohan: “Don’t be afraid, brother will protect you.”

“We have to recognize Is he a dad? Didn’t you say he was super rich?” Rila was so tangled.

Xiaohan: “I don’t recognize it!” The

Fu family.

Fu Shiyin recovered well after the operation.

Except for the daily refusal to eat because of a headache, the rest of the time is quiet.

Aunt Zhang waited on her carefully every day.

On the third day, the relationship between the two eased slightly.

Although she still can’t talk to Mrs. Zhang, but Mrs. Zhang brings her food and water, and she will take it.

Aunt Zhang was particularly curious about her relationship with Fu Shiting, but she didn’t dare to ask anything.

Aunt Zhang served by Fu Shiting’s side for so many years, and it was the first time that she saw Fu Shiting being so careful and doting on a woman.

He treats Yin Yin differently from Qin An’an.

He treats them both very well, but he treats Yin Yin better, more like an elder treats a child.

Every time he appeared in front of Yin Yin, he was the most gentle.

And he was with Qin Anan before and often quarreled.

Aunt Zhang thought to herself, probably because Yin Yin’s intelligence was relatively low, she was extra gentle to her!

“Go out and play.” After Fu Shiyin’s head didn’t hurt so much, he begged to Mrs. Zhang.

Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Sister Zhang

is very embarrassed: “Yinyin, the doctor said that you should rest in bed for at least half a month. But you are less than a week after the operation. If I take you out, the husband will tell me.”

Fu Shiyin slightly Looking up, “Who is Mr. Zhang?”

Mrs. Zhang: “Fu Shiting.” After a pause, she asked, “What did you call him?”

Fu Shiyin thought for a while, then pointed out the window: “Go out and play.”

Mrs. Zhang: “…”

Sister Zhang didn’t dare to make an assertion, so she called Shen Yu.

After a while, Shen Yu came.

“Yinyin, do you want to go outside to play?” Shen Yu gave her a gentle smile, “I can take you out, but you have to be in a wheelchair. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will get dizzy while walking.”

Fu Shiyin just wanted to go out and get some fresh air , a wheelchair is no problem.

After she nodded, Mrs. Zhang pushed out the wheelchair that Fu Shiting had used before.

“Sister Zhang, let me push her out!” After Shen Yu spoke to Aunt Zhang, she pushed Yinyin to the front yard.

If Shen Yu wants to stabilize her position beside Fu Shiting, she must first have a good relationship with Yin Yin.

Like now, she pushed Yinyin out, and Yinyin was not as resistant as before.

That’s good progress.

A little progress a day, I believe that in a short time, her relationship with Yinyin will change a lot.

The temperature is still above 30 degrees today, but the sun is not so bright.

“Yin Yin, does your headache hurt? If it hurts, I can prescribe painkillers for you.” Shen Yu asked softly.

According to Shen Yu’s judgment, Yin Yin’s IQ is about ten years old now.

So just treat her like a ten-year-old.

Yin Yin: “Don’t.”

She wouldn’t ask for the medicine Shen Yu gave unless her brother gave her something to eat.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Yinyin, it’s great for you to say it like this! Like Shi Ting, I especially hope you can recover quickly.”

Fu Shiyin didn’t answer.

After breathing for a while outside, she suddenly asked, “Did you really perform the operation on me?”

If it was Shen Yu’s operation, why didn’t she see her face at all before she fell into a coma?

Fu Shiyin only vaguely remembered Qin An’an’s appearance.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know Qin An’an’s name.

This sentence made Shen Yu’s heart skip a beat!

Yin Yin’s eyes and tone when he said these words did not quite resemble a ten-year-old child.

Does she remember who performed the operation on her? !

Shen Yu immediately blushed and began to think about how Fu Shiting would react after revealing the secret.

“Doctor Shen?” Yin Yin called her when she saw that she didn’t speak.

Shen Yu took a deep breath and decided to gamble: “Yeah! Yinyin, do you remember something? You can tell me.”

Yinyin pursed her lips and stopped talking.

the next day, early in the morning.

Qin Anan fell asleep, and the phone rang.

She held the phone in front of her, glanced at Li Xiaotian’s name, and answered the phone: “Xiaotian, it’s only after seven o’clock… Did you wake up so early?”

She has to work overtime every night recently. So now it is Zhang Yun who sends two children to school.

Li Xiaotian: “My parents are traveling, and I will drive them to the airport! When I came back, I happened to pass by Xinghe Bay, so I stopped here. Which building do you live in? I bought breakfast and I went Check out your new home!”

Qin An’an: “!!!”

She suddenly got up from the bed. Because of the rush to get up, the blood supply to her brain was insufficient, and she felt dizzy for a while.

“Qin An’an! I’ve already arrived at the gate of your community, you won’t let me in, right?” Li Xiaotian put her hands on her hips, her tone a little angry.

Qin Anan quickly came out of the room.

Seeing that both children went to school, she took all the toys in the living room to the children’s room.

After packing up, she reported the specific location to Li Xiaotian.

Within three minutes, the doorbell rang.

Qin Anan brushed her teeth and came out of the bathroom.

At this time… Mike was topless, took the lead, and opened the door!

Chapter 186

Chapter 186

The toothbrush in Qin An’an’s hand fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.

Outside the door, the breakfast in Li Xiaotian’s hand almost fell.

Mike quickly picked up the bag in her hand.

“An An, is this your best friend?” Mike opened the bag with a golden chicken coop on his head, took a xiao long bao from it, stuffed it into his mouth, took out another one, and tried to feed Qin Anan, ” The taste is alright, do you want to eat it?”

Qin Anan was shocked to see the expression on Li Xiaotian’s face, and immediately pushed Mike into the room.

“Little sweet! Wait for me! You go to the sofa first!” Qin Anan said to Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian suddenly came back to her senses.

She took a deep breath, took out her mobile phone, and sent a message to He Zhunzhi: Oh my god! Qin Anan will really enjoy it! She is living with a handsome foreign man!

He Zhunzhi: You said Qin Anan? !

Li Xiaotian: If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that she was such an open woman! Suddenly I don’t feel sorry for Fu Shiting at all! Fu Shiting can play, and we are not inferior to An An! That foreign man is really handsome, except for his shriveled body… everything else is good!

He Zhunzhi: Do you have any photos? ! I want to see!

Li Xiaotian: An An put that man in the room! When she comes out, I must torture her well! You wait for me to follow up!

He Zhunzhi: Good wife!

After Qin Anan sent Mike back to the room, she went back to the living room to pick up the toothbrush on the ground, and went to the bathroom to continue washing…

After five minutes, she finally adjusted her mood and came to Li Xiaotian.

“Qin An’an, did you explain it yourself, or did I ask?” Li Xiaotian asked.

Qin Anan sighed: “That’s my company partner.”

“Oh…you guys are on the bed together?”

Qin Anan stopped drinking water: “Li Xiaotian, which eye did you see us sleeping together?”

“It’s not very obvious. If we don’t sleep together, why doesn’t he go to the hotel?”

Qin Anan put the water glass on the table and gave up struggling: “I’m single now, so it’s not illegal to find a man, right?”

“Of course not! It’s your new love, it’s too late for me to be happy!” Li Xiaotian sat next to Qin An’an with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to be so capable! If Fu Shiting found out, I’d be pissed off.”

“He knew it the day before yesterday.”

Li Xiaotian : “Uh? Is he mad?”

Qin Anan’s face was calm: “We are all adults, not elementary school students.”

Li Xiaotian especially wanted to know Fu Shiting’s reaction after knowing this.

So after coming out of Xinghewan, she immediately called He Zhunzhi and asked He Zhunzhi to tell Fu Shiting about it.

He Zhunzhi obediently called Fu Shiting.

“Brother Shi Ting, my little sweetie just went to Qin An’an’s house as a guest.” He Zhunzhi added fuel to the fire and fanned the flames, “She actually lives with a foreigner! Xiaotian said that the foreigner is quite handsome!”

Fu Shiting said. The golden-haired man suddenly appeared in his mind.

Unexpectedly, the two of them are living together!

“She lives with whomever she likes. You don’t have to make a special trip to call me!” Fu Shiting scolded coldly and hung up the phone.

He Zhunzhi was a little aggrieved, so he complained to Sheng Bei about it.

Since Sheng Bei quarreled with Fu Shiting last time, the two have not spoken well for a few days.

However, after hearing that Qin An’an had also found a new love, Sheng Bei’s pent-up emotions were immediately cleared up.

Is Qin Anan looking for a man to deliberately anger Fu Shiting?

If so, that’s fine.

If not, that’s fine too.

Just let Qin Anan abuse Fu Shiting once!

Ahn’Qiraj Academy.

Xiaohan got the DNA test report.

The test report showed that he and Rila were not in a father-son relationship with Fu Yechen.

So their father is not Fu Yechen.

The test report also showed that the two of them were related to Fu Yechen by blood.

It can basically be concluded that the father of the two of them is Fu Shiting.

He thought Fu Yechen was his father before, but he was very dissatisfied.

Now that he knew that Fu Shiting was their father, he had even more headaches.

Chapter 187

Chapter 187

Because of the abuse of Fu Yechen, he doesn’t need to spend any brains.

But dealing with Fu Shiting is not that simple.

Since the last time he successfully invaded Fu Shiting’s company’s network security system, Fu Shiting spent a high price to set up a super strong firewall, and now he can’t break through that firewall.

Uncle Mike has been busy with the Qin Group recently and has no time to help him, so he can only look at Fu Shiting’s photo and silently digest his unhappiness.

He was the only student in the classroom.

Two teachers looked after him.

A life teacher, a teaching teacher.

The teaching teacher was lecturing on the stage, and Xiaohan was wearing headphones and playing with the computer under the stage.

Especially harmonious.

Outside the classroom door, I don’t know when, there is a shadow.

Xiao Han glanced at the figure at the door and quickly retracted his gaze.

‘Bang bang’!

There was a knock on the door.

The teacher saw that Yinyin was standing there and immediately walked to the door.

“Yinyin, why are you here? You came alone?” The teacher looked at her enthusiastically.

Yin Yin couldn’t stay at home after her headache was relieved, and was clamoring to come to school.

So the driver took her to school in the morning and picked her up in the afternoon.

After she came to the school, accompanied by the nanny, she quickly walked around the entire campus.

Not sure what she is looking for.

When he reached the door of this classroom and looked inside, he stopped and refused to leave.

When she saw Xiaohan, she suddenly thought of him.

He wears a peaked cap, which is easy to identify.

She pointed at Xiaohan.

The teacher immediately walked up to Xiaohan: “Xiaohan, Yinyin is looking for you. Do you two know each other?”

Xiaohan: “I don’t know!”

When Yinyin heard what he said, her spirit was stimulated, her red lips moved, and her voice was deafening: “I know. !”

Teacher: “…………”

Why did these two people who usually wouldn’t talk to talk?

Xiaohan: “I don’t know!”

Yin Yin: “I know!”

After a few back and forth, Xiaohan’s eardrum felt pain.

He got up and strode towards Yin Yin.

The two were like old acquaintances, and walked towards the corner where no one was in a very tacit understanding.

“You’re a bad woman! I won’t help you any more!” Xiaohan said in disgust.

Yin Yin looked aggrieved: “Why? Why? I’m not a bad guy! I’m not!”

Xiao Han: “A bad guy will never admit that he is a bad guy! Don’t come to me again! I won’t talk to you again!”

Xiao Han Leng When you’re done, walk away quickly.

Yinyin looked at the back of his resolutely leaving, tears welling in her eyes. The nanny walked over to her and wiped her tears with a tissue: “Miss, don’t cry! Why are you two quarreling? When did you and this little boy meet? Why did

n’t I know?”

Holding back tears, after listening to the nanny’s words, she burst into tears.

The nanny helped her back to the room, called Fu Shiting, and reported the situation just now.

“That little boy’s name is Qin Zihan. Yinyin was looking for him all morning today. The two of them started arguing. Qin Zihan said he didn’t know the young lady, and the young lady said he knew…” The nanny sighed, “Mr. , come and have a look! Miss is still crying.”

Qin Zihan! Qin An’an’s adopted son!

How could Yin Yin cry for him?

When did they both meet?

Does Qin Anan know what the two of them know?

Fu Shiting clenched his fist tightly, his phalanx turned white!

Chapter 188

Chapter 188

Fu Shiting rushed to the school and saw Fu Shiyin’s red and swollen eyes, he immediately took her into his arms and patted her back with a big palm.

“Yinyin, don’t cry anymore.”

Fu Shiyin’s head hurt from crying, but after hearing his brother’s familiar voice, his sense of security came back.

She leaned against her brother’s arms, her emotions gradually calmed down, and after a while, she fell asleep.

Fu Shiting put her on the bed and came out of the room.

He was going to Qin Zihan to ask what was going on.

After a while, he came to Qin Zihan’s classroom.

When the teacher saw him coming, he immediately retreated.

In an instant, there were only two people, one big and one small, in the classroom.

Fu Shiting walked straight to Qin Zihan.

When Xiaohan saw him coming, he stuffed the books on the table into his schoolbag.

“Qin Zihan, I already know who your mother is.” Fu Shiting brought a chair over and sat in front of him, blocking his way.

Seeing his domineering look, Xiao Han knew that he couldn’t get away, so he sat quietly in the chair, intending to treat him like air.

“When did you and Yinyin meet?” Fu Shiting asked, looking at Xiao Han’s face.

He didn’t understand why the kid kept wearing a hat.

If you wear a hat outside, why wear it indoors?

Hairless or cool?

“As long as you answer my question, I won’t embarrass you.” Seeing Xiaohan not speaking, Fu Shiting felt that his patience was running out a little bit, “If you don’t say anything, we’ll just sit here forever.

” threaten.

But Xiaohan was not afraid at all.

He lay down on the table, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

Fu Shiting looked at the way he was dragging and was at a loss!

He can’t bully a child over four years old!

Moreover, this child is Qin An’an’s son!

For a moment, the atmosphere was eerily quiet.

Ten minutes passed.

Twenty minutes passed!

The two stood still.

Fu Shiting suspected that if he didn’t take any action, this stinky boy would probably fall asleep!

He got up and walked to Xiaohan’s side, his strong arms hugged Xiaohan’s body.

Xiaohan: “???”

What does this bastard man want to do? !

“Don’t touch me!” Xiaohan roared!

Hearing his tender voice, Fu Shiting felt his absolute control over him!

This child, no matter how stinky his temper is, so what?

Don’t talk to strangers?

Look, why don’t you talk now?

What does this mean? It means that the child’s illness is not serious!

A really sick child would not speak in such a situation.

“Tell me! When did you and Yinyin meet? Why did you two quarrel?!” Fu Shiting hugged Xiaohan’s struggling body tightly!

He could see that this little thing didn’t like being touched.

In this case, he prefers to hold him.

until he gives an answer.

Xiaohan is going to be pissed off!

This stinky bastard! actually hug him!

He won’t answer his question!

Besides, why didn’t he ask Yin Yin? !

Why did he feel that it was someone else’s fault when he cried?

No wonder his mother divorced him!

For the sake of Yin Yin, he is simply unreasonable!

Xiaohan thought of this, his eyes were scarlet with anger.

He bit Fu Shiting’s neck hard!

Chapter 189

Chapter 189

Until there is a fishy smell between the teeth, then let go.

at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Qin Anan received a call from the school, saying that Xiaohan had bitten someone and asked her to go to school now.

Qin Anan was very puzzled.

Because Xiaohan is a classroom per person.

He has no classmates at all, who can he bite?

Did you bite the teacher?

Thinking of this possibility, Qin Anan immediately turned off the computer, took the car key and went out.

How can you bite the teacher?

Even if you have a conflict with the teacher, you can’t use such an extreme way!

She remembered that Xiaohan was not such a child.

Why has it changed now?

She has been so busy lately that she has neglected her two children.

She decided to have a good chat with the two children tonight.

Driving to the school, Xiaohan’s teacher said apologetically, “Miss Qin, your child was taken away.”

Qin Anan frowned in shock.

“But don’t worry. Xiaohan was taken away by Mr. Fu Shiting. You should have heard of Mr. Fu’s name, right? I can tell you the address of his home, just go to his house to pick up Xiaohan.” The teacher said.

Qin Anan blushed angrily: “Why let him take Xiaohan away?! Does your school have no rules and regulations?! Why didn’t he call and notify me when he took Xiaohan away?! I’m so disappointed in you guys!”

The teacher immediately explained: “Miss Qin, listen to my explanation. It wasn’t long before Mr. Fu took Xiaohan away. I wanted to call you, but considering that you will be here soon, I didn’t call you. As for Mr. Fu The reason why Xiaohan was taken away is because Xiaohan quarreled with Yinyin today, and the quarrel was very loud. Yinyin cried all afternoon. After Mr. Fu came over, he asked Xiaohan why he quarreled, but Xiaohan refused to say. Yinyin woke up just now and said I want to go back. So Mr. Fu took Xiaohan back together. The purpose is to understand why the two of them quarreled.” The

teacher explained it very clearly.

But Qin Anan was still very angry!

She clutched the car keys and strode away.

The teacher chased after her: “Miss Qin, don’t be angry! I can go with you to pick up Xiaohan! You don’t know the address of Mr. Fu’s house, I’ll go with you…”

Qin Anan had a severe headache: “Don’t follow me! I’ll go by myself!”

Teacher: “Oh, okay! I’ll tell you the address. The address is…”

“Stop talking! Don’t follow me either!” Qin Anan was furious. burn.

I don’t know how Xiaohan will be treated when he goes to Fu’s house!

She is very worried!

She must get to Fu’s house as soon as possible!

After she got into the car, she stepped on the accelerator and quickly disappeared from Ahn’Qiraj School.

The teacher watched her disappear and muttered to herself, “Does she know the address of Mr. Fu’s house? Otherwise, why won’t you let me know?” The

Fu family.

After Fu Shiting brought Yinyin and Xiaohan home, Mrs. Zhang immediately put fruit and snacks in front of them.

Aunt Zhang looked at Xiao Han and wondered, “Sir, who is this little boy?”

Xiao Han wore a peaked cap on his head, carried a large schoolbag, and held the shoulder straps with both hands.

The brim of his hat blocked his eyes, but looking at his bulging cheeks and pursed lips, he could see that he was very angry.

“Qin An’an’s son.” Sitting on the sofa, Fu Shiting said this in a cold tone, “Adopted!” The

last three words made Mrs. Zhang stunned.

Xiao Han was also stunned.


He became the adopted child of his mother?

All right! My mother must have said this to Fu Shiting on purpose!

After all, my mother said that if Fu Shiting knew about him and his sister, Fu Shiting, this bastard, would strangle them to death.

“Oh… An An is really caring.” Mrs. Zhang said, peeling a banana and handing it to Xiao Han.

Xiaohan doesn’t want to eat anything from this family!

He turned away and refused.

Mrs. Zhang put down the banana and went to the bathroom to get a basin of warm water.

She didn’t ask Xiaohan’s opinion, she took off the hat on Xiaohan’s head: “You see your face is full of sweat, I’ll wipe it for you.”

The moment the hat was taken off, Fu Shiting finally saw Xiaohan’s Five senses!

This little bastard…how does he look…so…like him?

Chapter 190

Chapter 190

“Don’t touch me!” Xiaohan shouted in a low voice!

He put the hat back on.

Sister Zhang was stunned by the roar.

Fu Shiting and Fu Shiyin looked at Xiaohan for a moment.

Fu Shiyin was frightened by his roar.

And Fu Shiting saw Xiaohan’s facial features for the first time, and saw his own shadow on his facial features…

“Then you can wipe it yourself, okay?” Mrs. Zhang twisted the towel and handed it to him. “If you have sweat on your face, it will be more comfortable to wash your face.”

Xiaohan took the towel and threw it into the basin!

Aunt Zhang saw that the child was very temperamental, and immediately took the basin and left.

“If you don’t say when you and Yinyin met and why you quarreled, don’t even think about going home tonight.” Fu Shiting took his mind back and threatened him.

Xiao Han turned a deaf ear and walked towards the door.

Outside the door, two bodyguards appeared, blocking his way.

Xiaohan raised his head and looked at them!

The two bodyguards stared at Xiao Han’s face, and the more they looked, the more guilty they became…

Why is this child’s eyes so… fierce?

He is not like other children, when other children are fierce, they are milk fierce.

He is the real murderer!

Moreover, there was an aura on his face that looked like Fu Shiting, which put pressure on the bodyguards.

Xiaohan glanced at his watch.

It’s 4:50 now.

When grandma arrives at school at 5:30 and can’t pick him up, grandma will definitely tell mom.

Mom will definitely come to him.

All he had to do was wait patiently for his mother to come.

Fu Shiting saw him sitting leisurely at the door, looking at his little back, and decided in his heart that he was defeated!

Because he is completely powerless to this child!

There was no way he could use any means against this brat.

Otherwise, Qin Anan would not forgive him.

“Yinyin, when did you and Qin Zihan know each other?” Fu Shiting had no choice but to turn to Xiaohan and asked his sister.

Fu Shiyin took the banana that Mrs. Zhang had peeled for Xiaohan just now, and bit into it.

Hearing her brother’s question, panic flashed in her eyes.

She remembered that she begged Xiaohan to take her out of school.

If I tell my brother, I am afraid my brother will be angry.

It doesn’t matter if the elder brother is angry with himself, if he is angry with Xiaohan, Xiaohan will not take care of himself.

While eating bananas slowly, she looked at Fu Shiting with innocent eyes.

Her eyes seemed to say, I won’t answer your question, so don’t ask.

A sense of frustration welled up in Fu Shiting’s heart.

The situation of Yinyin and Qin Zihan are similar.

Neither of them likes to talk.

He also doesn’t like to talk to strangers.

Fu Shiting was very puzzled, how did the two of them know each other! What did they both say!

“Sir, why is your neck hurt?” Aunt Zhang was surprised when she saw the bite marks on Fu Shiting’s neck, “I’ll go get the medicine box.”

Fu Shiting glanced at Qin Zihan, his Adam’s apple rolled: “No need!

” Before long, Qin Anan will come over.

Qin Anan must be very angry.

He wants to keep the wound on his neck and show it to Qin Anan.

Think what comes.

In the front yard, a Land Rover stopped.

Qin Anan got out of the car.

When Xiao Han saw his mother’s figure, he immediately stood up.

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