When His Eyes Opened Chapter 201 -210(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 201 -210(Chinese)

Chapter 201

  • Li Xiaotian got it.

“An An, why didn’t you tell Fu Shiting? If he knew about these two children…”

“He doesn’t want children. Li Xiaotian, if you tell He Zhunzhi or Fu Shiting about this, we won’t want them. We’ve come and gone.” Qin An’an’s voice was cold, and his face was even colder, as if he had changed.

“If it’s really this serious, I definitely won’t say it! It’s your privacy, I’ll keep it a secret!” Li Xiaotian said anxiously, “I really don’t understand Fu Shiting, they all say that tiger poison doesn’t eat children, he is Don’t you have a mental illness?”

“I can’t rule out this possibility.” Qin Anan sat down beside the bed and said word by word, “I just want to raise my two children quietly.”

“An An, don’t worry, I I promise not to tell anyone about this.”

Fu’s old house.

At half past seven in the evening, Fu Shiting arrived late.

“Shi Ting, Shen Yu’s illness is not serious, right? Why are you so careless? The most precious thing for a doctor is a pair of hands!” Mrs. Fu was very worried when she heard that Shen Yu was scalded.

“No problem.” Fu Shiting didn’t want his mother to worry.

He took Shen Yu to the hospital and saw the burn on Shen Yu’s hand.

Kind of serious.

The skin on the surface was all festered.

“That’s good. Yin Yin’s disease is pointing at Shen Yu!” Mrs. Fu murmured.

“Mom, don’t talk about this.” Fu Shiting helped his mother to sit down at the dining table.

The table was filled with a sumptuous dinner, and everyone did not move their chopsticks, waiting for him to come.

“Uncle, do you remember the little girl I told you last time?” Fu Yechen felt uneasy and took the initiative to chat with Fu Shiting, “I went to Qin Anan this afternoon, and I saw that girl on her phone. The picture of the little girl.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes widened, and his meal was stopped.

“I’m sure that the little girl who was looking for me is the one in Qin An’an’s phone. That little girl looks a lot like Qin An’an, I can’t forget it! I suspect that little girl is Qin An’an’s biological daughter.” Fu Yechen Tell Fu Shiting your guess.

Fu Shiting put down the tableware.

Fu Han glared at his son: “There’s nothing certain, don’t talk nonsense! Also, why did you go to Qin An’an today? Even if your uncle and Qin An’an divorced, it’s your ex-aunt! Keep your head clear!”

Fu Yechen: “Dad, I passed by the Qin Group, so I stopped by to have a look. I will definitely not go to her in the future.”

Qin An’an’s mouth now seems to be smeared with poison, it’s too poisonous!

Fu Shiting jumped and stood up from his chair.

“Shi Ting, you haven’t finished your meal yet! Even if Qin An’an really has a daughter, it’s not your child! Why are you so excited?” Mrs. Fu grabbed her son’s arm and persuaded her heartily, “You now have one. Shen Yu, don’t get entangled with Qin An’an anymore.”

At night, Fu Shiting lost sleep.

He hasn’t seen Qin An’an’s daughter yet.

I don’t know what her daughter looks like.

I don’t know if her daughter was adopted by her or her own.

He has a strong intuition, and Qin Anan is wary and reserved towards him now.

I can’t believe what she said.

Just like she said today that she deliberately scalded Shen Yu with boiling water, how could he believe it?

Also, Shen Yu recorded the conversation between the two of them and handed it over to the bodyguard. He was very disgusted by this behavior.

He hates any scruples and scheming.

Although he often quarrels with Qin An’an, Qin An’an will not do such stupid things.

The next morning, his eyes were scarlet, he dialed the assistant’s number, and said in a hoarse voice, “Help me check Qin An’an’s current address.”

Chapter 202

Chapter 202

There are two voices in him, one voice warns him not to get entangled with Qin Anan.

Another voice urged him to see Qin An’an’s daughter.

Even if Qin An’an’s daughter is not his, he would like to see how much her daughter resembles her.

And that blond man, a thorn in his heart!

Star River Villa.

Li Xiaotian came over with the newly bought puzzle.

As a result, it was Qin Anan’s little white-faced Mike who opened the door for her.

“Why don’t you wear clothes?” Li Xiaotian looked at Mike’s bare upper body and complained, “You are not alone at home, there are auntie and baby Rila! Can you pay attention to your image!”

Mike sleepy eyes Confused: “Why didn’t you buy breakfast? The xiaolongbao you bought last time was good!”

Li Xiaotian: “…”

Putting down the puzzle, Li Xiaotian walked towards the master bedroom.

As a result, Qin Anan was not there.

“An An went to work?” Li Xiaotian came out of the bedroom and asked.

Mike yawned: “If she’s not here, it’s time to go to work!”

“Why isn’t Auntie here? Did you send the child to school?”

“If she’s not here, let’s go out!” Mike went back to the room and put on T shirt.

Li Xiaotian chased him to his room and said with a gossip face: “You don’t share a room with Qin Anan? It seems that the relationship between the two of you is not that far!”

“Why are you a woman so gossipy? Even if Ann doesn’t sleep together, my relationship with her is incomparable to any man!” Mike said proudly and walked out of the room.

Zhang Yun prepared breakfast and put it in the kitchen.

He strode to the kitchen and had breakfast.

Li Xiaotian followed him, trying to dig out more information from his mouth.

“How did you and An An know each other? When did you two start dating? Our An An is not the kind of person who steps on two boats with one foot. You two got together after An An’s divorce, right?”

“These questions, you go Ask Qin Anan. If she doesn’t tell you, I won’t tell you either.” Mike gulps his noodles, “If you want to get information from me, you have to use information exchange.”

Information exchange?

“Why are you so stingy? Are you and Qin An’an the same?” Li Xiaotian sat down opposite him, frowning.

“Of course I don’t do this to Qin An’an. I can do anything to Qin An’an. As long as she calls me, I will do whatever she asks me to do.” Mike had a deep and handsome face, and said such disgusting love words, Li Xiaotian Got goosebumps.

“I don’t know what your name is! My name is Li Xiaotian, An An’s college classmate.” Li Xiaotian said.

“I know your name is Li Xiaotian, and I know you are her college classmate. Can you tell me something useful?” Mike said in disgust.

Li Xiaotian took a deep breath in anger, took a sip of water, and said, “Did you know that An An was framed yesterday?”

Mike Jian raised his eyebrows: “Oh?”

Li Xiaotian: “First tell me what your name is, and I will Tell you how she was framed.”


“Oh, Mike, it’s like this, Fu Shiting, you know? Didn’t he have a girlfriend? This woman is called Shen Yu. She ran away yesterday. I was looking for An An to eat, but when I was eating, I deliberately used boiling water…”

“Damn! She splashed Qin An’an with boiling water?!” Mike threw his chopsticks directly! Excited to fight.

Li Xiaotian held him down: “Listen to me! She didn’t throw An An! She splashed herself! In the end, it was An An who slandered her! Are you mean or not?!”

Mike’s face was red and his eyes flashed with fire: “How could she do this?! We are distressed by An An who trampled an ant to death, how could we throw boiling water on someone!

” Shen Yu, call and question An An! Are you angry?!”

Mike: “Angry! If I were Qin An’an, I would have to run in front of him and scold him for the eighteenth generation of his ancestors!”

Li Xiaotian was sweating hotly on her head: ” That’s not true!”

Mike: “Why not! That Shen Yu, do you want to die! He even slandered my family An An!”

Mike was already thinking about how to retaliate against Shen Yu.

Chapter 203

Chapter 203

At this time, Xiaohan walked towards them.

Li Xiaotian was very surprised, why didn’t Xiaohan go to school?

Mike was also surprised: “Brother Han, don’t go to school today? Then I’ll take you out to play!”

Li Xiaotian: “…”

Mike actually called Xiaohan Brother Han.

Xiaohan took Mike’s arm and pulled Mike away.

Li Xiaotian: “…”

It seems that the two of them have a good relationship.

No wonder Mike can attack Qin An’an!

Because Mike got along with her kids.

ST Group.

After Fu Shiting arrived at the company, Zhou Ziyi came in and reported his work.

After the work report was over, Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Boss, Miss Qin’s current address is in Xinghewan Community. Are you looking for her? You divorced her, I’m afraid she won’t let you in. “

Zhou Ziyi is worried that he will hit a wall in the past.

Fu Shiting: “Ziyi, help me continue to find a doctor who can treat Yinyin. No matter how high the price the other party charges, as long as it can cure Yinyin’s disease, we can negotiate.”

Zhou Ziyi was a little surprised: “Miss Shen will not give it to her. Has Yin Yin been cured?”

Fu Shiting just glanced at him, and he understood immediately.

“Miss Shen is indeed a bit too much to threaten you with this matter.” Zhou Ziyi said, “I will continue to inquire. By the way, Miss Qin has been very busy recently. A friend of mine went to Qin’s group and said that she always Work overtime.”

“I want to see her daughter. I heard that her daughter looks a lot like her.” Fu Shiting stated his intention, “I always feel that she is hiding something from me.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh, then you can visit in the evening. By the way, my friend also said that the blond-haired foreign man is the technical director of the Qin Group. His name is Mike.”

“Technical director?” Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed. After a touch of surprise, “Is he very skilled?”

Zhou Ziyi: “I haven’t found any information about him online. I haven’t found any information about him in his country. He’s a very mysterious person.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes drooped slightly.

Mysterious man?

How did Qin Anan know him?

“Ziyi, let your friend stare at him. I want to know more about him.” Fu Shiting said.

Zhou Ziyi smiled and said: “I have told my friend. To be honest, I don’t really believe that Qin An’an is with this Mike. This Mike is so different from your style, and one’s tastes won’t change so much. “

Fu Shiting held a pen in his hand and whispered, “Fu Yechen said that Qin Anan’s daughter went to him twice. Qin Anan would never let her daughter go to Fu Yechen. Someone must have instructed her daughter. .”

“You suspect Mike?”

“Not sure. They’re weird.”

“Yeah! Ahhn’Qiraj College’s network system was attacked before, I was wondering, did Mike do it?”

“So I need to Know the details of this man.”

five o’clock in the afternoon.

Zhang Yun picks up Rila at the kindergarten.

“Grandma, two little boys gave me snacks today, but I didn’t want them.” Rila muttered, “I’m not a snack guy! Besides, my brother said that if you can’t play with boys, you will become unfortunate!”

Zhang Yun : “Is it really your brother who told you?”

Rila: “Yes! My brother said that except for him and Uncle Mike, other men are bad guys!”

As Rila said, her faintly shining eyes saw a tall man standing at the door of the house.

“Grandma, why is that man standing in front of our house? Who is he?”

Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Zhang Yun strode towards Fu Shiting.

Seeing Zhang Yun coming, Fu Shiting took the initiative to say, “Auntie, hello.”

Zhang Yun’s face was cold: “Did An An invite you here?”


“Then what are you doing here? You and An An have divorced. Now, please don’t disturb our lives.” Zhang Yun’s attitude was very tough, this is their home, and Fu Shiting came uninvited and was very abrupt.

Fu Shiting glanced at the closed gate of the villa, and then at Zhang Yun’s face, as if stuck in his throat, “Excuse me.”

He couldn’t forcefully break into Qin An’an’s house.

When he was leaving, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a small white mass moving behind the bushes next to him.

Not surprisingly, this little dumpling is Qin An’an’s daughter.

He really wanted to see Qin An’an’s daughter, but not in this way.

He strode away.

When he was gone, Rila came out panting from the bushes.

“Grandma! What is my father doing here?”

Zhang Yun took Rila’s little hand and walked towards the gate of the villa: “How do you know he is your father?”

“Because he is mother’s former husband!” Rila With a sad face, she sighed, “It’s a pity that he is a scumbag… It is destined that my brother and I will never have a father in this life.”

Zhang Yun smiled: “Not necessarily! Your mother is still so young, maybe After a while, I will meet a very good man. If you don’t have a father, it’s good to have a stepfather who loves you!”

Zhang Yun stood in the mother’s position and definitely hoped that her daughter would find another man.

After all, a lifetime is so long, with someone to accompany you, you will not be alone.

Rila pouted: “I don’t want a stepfather! My brother doesn’t want a stepfather either.” The

door opened, the two entered the room, and Zhang Yun closed the door.

“Brother!” Rila knew that her brother didn’t go to school today, so she shouted loudly, “Brother, I’m back!”

“Rila, grandma forgot to tell you that your brother is not at home. He went to you with your Uncle Mike. Mom’s office.” Zhang Yun took Rila to the living room.

“What are you doing at my mother’s company? Go to play? I also want to go to my mother’s company to play! Grandma, stop cooking, take me to my mother and brother!” Rila held Zhang Yun’s arm with both hands, bitterly begging.

Zhang Yun couldn’t beat her, so she had to take her to the Qin Group.

Today is the first company dinner since Qin’s Group was rebuilt.

As the boss, Qin Anan came out of the restaurant after toasting everyone.

The mother and two children were waiting for her outside.

The two children do not like situations where there are many strangers.

She has to send them home.

“An An, have you been drinking?” Zhang Yun asked.

Qin Anan shook his head: “drinking juice. I want to drive, and they can understand.” The

mother and daughter walked towards the parking lot, holding a child.

Not far away, under the darkness of night, half of Fu Shiting’s face was hidden under the street lamp.

His deep eyes looked at their family of four, and he wanted to walk over several times in his heart, but his reason forced him to hold back.

What Zhang Yun told him in the evening was clear enough.

As long as he still has a little self-respect, he shouldn’t come forward to disturb him.

“Boss, the little girl Qin Anan was holding should be her daughter, right?” Zhou Ziyi looked at Qin Anan and said.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple moved, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Ziyi, shouldn’t I be entangled? No matter who her child is, it won’t be mine. Her child and I have already been destroyed. Zhou Ziyi: “

Even if you’re divorced, you can still say hello when you meet. I don’t think it’s a tangle.”

“They avoided me like a wolf and a leopard, and they didn’t want to say hello to me.” Kind of desolate.

“Boss, why don’t I go over to say hello to her and see what her daughter looks like?” Zhou Ziyi wanted to help him.

“No. Your job tonight is to get close to Mike.”


Chapter 205

Chapter 205

After the Qin Group’s dinner, there will be a series of entertainment and leisure activities.

Zhou Ziyi’s friend promised to play with him later.

In this way, Zhou Ziyi has the opportunity to get close to Mike.

After Qin An’an’s family of four got into the car, Zhou Ziyi said to Fu Shiting: “Boss, go back! Miss Shen’s hand is injured, you shouldn’t have gone to see her today, right? If you don’t go to see her, I’m afraid she will be very disappointed. “

Today, Fu Shiting was busy at the company for a day, and Zhou Ziyi could see that he was very depressed, so he used work to numb himself.

But the face must always be faced.

Now Yinyin still needs Shen Yu’s treatment, so Fu Shiting, as a boyfriend, can’t be too lenient.

After Fu Shiting left, about half an hour later, Zhou Ziyi’s friend came out of the restaurant.

Come out together, and a group of men.

It includes Mike.

“Our technical director intends to take us to the bar to continue drinking… Ziyi, I remember that you drink well. You can accompany our director to have two drinks later.” Zhou Ziyi’s friend took Zhou Ziyi’s shoulders, He whispered, “I feel that our director and our boss are more like sisters… Usually couples are not so tired. I don’t know if you understand what I mean… You will talk to our director later. Have a drink and try it out.”

Zhou Ziyi was shocked, and then he was overjoyed.

If Mike and Qin Anan were sisters, that would be great!

In the past two days, Fu Shiting has been haggard a lot because of Qin An’an and Mike being together.

As the two got divorced, Fu Shiting couldn’t do anything to them.

“Speaking of which, I don’t think our boss is in a relationship with that Yinyin…but what is the relationship between the two of them, I can’t tell.” Zhou Ziyi whispered, “Don’t talk about this, otherwise My boss knows, I have to pack up and leave.”

“What I told you just now, don’t say it. After all, our technical director is the second-in-command in the company. If he is not g.ay, he will definitely fire me. .”



Dim light, coupled with the effect of alcohol, is particularly easy to make people unhappy.

After Mike had two drinks, Zhou Ziyi’s friend brought Zhou Ziyi to him.

“Director, this is my friend named Ziyi. He’s a good drinker, let him drink with you!”

Mike Mi. Li’s eyes swept across Zhou Ziyi’s face.

Among the men Mike knows, his appearance can only be regarded as ordinary, but his eyes are very special.

I haven’t seen such clear eyes in a long time.

“How much red wine can you drink?” Mike took the wine glass and touched his.

Zhou Ziyi: “Half a bottle at most. In fact, I’m average.”

“Oh, really average. Then you can drink half a bottle with me!” Mike’s face was very red, which contrasted sharply with the color of the skin on his neck.

After Zhou Ziyi had a drink with him, from the chat and eye contact just now, he felt that he did not look like g.ay.

But friends say he looks like g.ay, so Zhou Ziyi plans to test it further.

Zhou Ziyi took a deep breath, took advantage of the wine, and leaned his leg towards Mike’s.

Mike saw his movements in his eyes, and the relaxed expression on his face froze for a moment.

Zhou Ziyi coughed lightly and retracted his legs.

Just now, Mike didn’t move his legs away.

Indicates that he may indeed be g.ay.

But not entirely sure.

After the two of them finished their second glass of wine, they forgot to talk about something, and Mike’s leg suddenly leaned over!

The skin of the thighs of the two people is so fit, and the body temperature rises rapidly!

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Mike is undoubtedly a g.ay, but he is not!

He got up immediately and planned to retreat, but Mike followed him closely, like a shadow!

Chapter 206

Chapter 206 The

next day, five in the morning.

Fu Shiting’s phone screen lit up.

A new text message came in.

Two hours later, Fu Shiting woke up, turned on his phone, and saw a message from Zhou Ziyi.

——Boss, according to Mike, he is a very good hacker himself.

  • He is g.ay.
  • Boss, I want to ask for leave.

Looking at the three messages, Fu Shiting frowned.

How did Ziyi figure out so much key information in one night?

Mike is by no means a fuel-efficient lamp.

He couldn’t reveal his information to a stranger for no reason.

Thinking of this, Fu Shiting called Zhou Ziyi.

“Ziyi, how did you find out the news from Mike’s mouth?”

Zhou Ziyi was silent for two seconds, and his tone was a little tired: “I drank with him last night, and he said after drinking too much.”

“It’s that simple? “

Yeah. I drank too much, so I want to take a leave of absence.” “

Okay. You can rest at home.” After talking on the phone, Zhou Ziyi’s eyes were red. No one would believe what happened to him last night. But he didn’t plan to say it, it was too embarrassing. Star River Villa. Eight in the morning. Qin Anan is going to send two children out to school.

“Mom, didn’t Uncle Mike come back to sleep last night? I went to his room to take a look, there’s no one there!” Rila was carrying her schoolbag with a curious look on her face.

Qin Anan called Mike at eleven o’clock last night, and he said he was drinking.

When she called at 0:00, he stopped answering the phone.

“It’s estimated that if you drink too much, you should sleep in the hotel.” Qin Anan replied, “You don’t have to worry about him, he will be fine.” It

is normal for Mike not to return home at night, and his nightlife has always been rich.

“Oh, Mom, will you marry Uncle Mike?” Rila was gossiping, “I wouldn’t be angry if you were with Uncle Mike.”

Qin Anan was both funny and angry: “It’s impossible for Mom to marry Uncle Mike. When you are together, stop thinking about it.”

“But my brother and I both like Uncle Mike.”

“Mom knows that you like Uncle Mike, and my mother will be a good friend with him for life.” Qin Anan took the two children out.

The door of the villa opened, and a black Rolls-Royce appeared in front of him.

Outside the fence gate, Fu Shiting was standing beside the car, looking at them one big and two young.

The expressions of Qin An’an and the two children suddenly changed significantly.

Now, it’s only eight o’clock in the morning, why is Fu Shiting blocking the door?

When did he come?

Why did he come?

Qin An’an felt the blood in her body boil, and her feet seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, unable to move.

Zhang Yun watched them in the living room, and immediately came out to see the situation.

“An An, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Yun walked out.

When she saw Fu Shiting outside the courtyard, she rushed over immediately.

Qin Anan quickly chased after him.

“Mom, send your child to school!” She was afraid that her mother and Fu Shiting would quarrel, so she grabbed her mother’s arm.

“I forgot to tell you that he came here once last evening and again today… What does he want to do when he is so haunted?” Zhang Yun blushed and was very angry.

Chapter 207

Chapter 207

Qin Anan glanced at the two children and said to her mother, “Send the child to school first! Since he found it, there must be something wrong.”

Zhang Yun passed by Fu Shiting with the two children.

Fu Shiting saw Rila’s little face.

Rila does look somewhat similar to Qin An’an.

When passing by him, Rila stared at him with big, bony eyes, her eyes a bit fierce.

I don’t know what kind of thinking the child was instilled in, and he hated him so much.

Not long after, Qin Anan walked up to him.

“Come here so early, what’s the matter?”

Fu Shiting looked at her cold and pure face and asked with a complicated expression: “Qin An’an, your daughter is your own, right? She looks like you.”

“You came to see my daughter specially . “

Who is her father?” Fu Shiting’s voice increased a little, “She has already gone to kindergarten, and she must be over three years old.”

The lie that it was adoption seemed impossible to make up.

Rila looks too much like Qin An’an when she was a child.

It was simply carved out of a mold.

“Yes, she is indeed my biological daughter, but your father is not you.” Qin Anan smiled at him, “I found a man’s sperm in a foreign sperm library to fulfill my wish to be a mother. “

What a mother’s wish!

This sentence made Fu Shiting unable to say a word.

“If you are here just for this, then you can go now.” Qin Anan said rudely.

Fu Shiting’s face turned cold and he reminded, “The man who lives in your house is gay.”

The smile on Qin An’an’s face froze: “How did you know?” There

was no information about Mike at all on the Internet.

Mike is the world’s top hacker, unless he wants to reveal his identity, no one can find his information.

Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief: “It seems that you already knew.”

“Fu Shiting, are you too busy? Is your girlfriend’s injury any better? How is Yin Yin’s recovery? There are so many women waiting for you to go. Don’t worry, you don’t have to waste your little energy with me. What do you think there will be between us? “

Qin Anan pushed him hard, then turned and walked towards the yard.

“Qin An’an! Yinyin and I are not the kind of relationship you think!” Fu Shiting clenched his hands tightly and opened his mouth to her thin back.

Qin Anan gritted her teeth.

How long did she wait for this sentence?

She gave him countless opportunities.

Why didn’t he say it before?

What do you want to save by saying this now?

“Fu Shiting, do you think it’s interesting to tease me like this?” Qin Anan turned around and sneered at a distance of more than ten meters from him, “You have to explain now that the person responsible is Shen Yu, not Me!”

Her words made him wake up.

However, he did not agree with her last sentence: “I have no obligation to explain and be responsible to other women unless I want to. Qin Anan, you clearly know that I don’t love Shen Yu.”

“What does it have to do with me whether you love her or not?” I don’t care who you are with!” Qin Anan’s words pierced into his heart, “You never really loved me! So I won’t be confused by you again!”

If he cared about her feelings, he wouldn’t Delay the things that should have been explained to her four years ago until now.

“You said you didn’t have that kind of relationship with Yinyin,” Qin Anan’s voice trembled a little, “Even if it’s not that kind of relationship, she still occupies the most important place in your heart. Fu Shiting, please let me go! I don’t want to be played with anymore!”

Zhou Ziyi took a day off and went back to work, only to find that his boss was in a worse mood than before.

He was a little confused, so he ran to ask Sheng Bei.

“What’s wrong with the boss?”

Sheng Bei was drinking coffee and sighed: “According to the information I got from his driver, he went to Qin An’an yesterday to show his love, but was ruthlessly rejected.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Hey! Look! The work-related injury that came to me has been paid in vain.”

Sheng Bei: “What work-related injury?”

Zhou Ziyi said depressedly what happened to him and Mike in the bar the night before.


Fu Shiting took a bodyguard and appeared in the Qin Group with murderous aura.

Chapter 208

Chapter 208

Qin Anan received the notice and rushed to the technical department immediately. “Mr. Fu, our director didn’t come to the company today.” The director

of the technical department didn’t know what happened, but seeing the chill on Fu Shiting’s face, it was probably Mike who had offended him, “Why don’t I take you to see our boss!”

When the voice was settled, Qin Anan strode in.

She walked up to Fu Shiting, looked at his blue face, and said, “Go to my office to talk.”

He came to the technical department to find Mike, presumably because of what happened between him and Mike.

Mike didn’t tell her anything, but seeing Fu Shiting’s gloomy expression, something serious must have happened.

When they arrived at Qin An’an’s office, Fu Shiting and Sheng Bei sat down on the sofa, and the bodyguards were waiting outside.

“What happened?” Qin Anan poured a glass of water for each of them.

Sheng Bei: “Miss Qin, what did your technical director do to Ziyi?”

Qin Anan: “…”

Zhou Ziyi is Fu Shiting’s most capable assistant, equivalent to his right-hand man, outsiders bully Zhou Ziyi , is to bully him.

Her head was dizzy, she didn’t expect Mike to do such an outrageous thing!

She immediately picked up the phone and dialed Mike.

The call was quickly connected.

She lowered her voice and scolded: “You hurry back to the company!”

Mike didn’t know what happened, and wondered: “I was eating out! What happened, you yelled at me.

” What’s wrong with Fu Shiting’s assistant?!”

“What’s the matter? I don’t know Fu Shiting’s assistant at all!”

“Fu Shiting is in my office now. If it wasn’t true, he wouldn’t come!” Qin Anan’s breathing was a little short, “Don’t tell me you can open a room with someone else if you don’t know their name?!”

“Of course not! I’ll come to A I have only slept with one…”

“What’s the name of the other party?”

“It’s Ziyi. After that night, I won’t be able to contact him anymore.”

Qin Anan took a sharp breath: “He is the Fu Shiting’s assistant! Hurry up and come back!” After speaking on the

phone, she blushed and walked across to them and sat down.

“How is Big Brother Zhou now? I’m sorry, Mike didn’t tell me about this.” Qin Anan said apologetically, while wondering, “How did the two of them know each other?”

Mike usually goes out to bars besides work.

She couldn’t figure out how the two of them could meet.

Sheng Bei thought for a few seconds and explained: “The night of your company dinner, Mike went to a bar, and Ziyi was there. We admit that Ziyi went to that bar to learn more about Mike… “

Qin Anan understood instantly.

“You sent Zhou Ziyi to approach Mike on purpose, and then the two of them had that kind of relationship.” Having said that, she looked at Fu Shiting, “So after that night, you knew that Mike was gay.”

Sheng Bei felt that their next move He was about to quarrel in seconds, and immediately said, “Miss Qin, you don’t know. We investigated Mike because our company was attacked by hackers not long ago, and the company’s network was completely paralyzed. On Shi Ting’s computer, the hacker even wrote down the gauntlet. Ahn’Qiraj Academy was also hacked. We suspect that the hacker behind the scenes is the same person.”

Qin Anan’s heart tightened, her phalanx slightly clenched: “Why do you suspect Mike?”

“Because he’s your technical director. He must be very skilled! And we couldn’t find any information about him, so I think he’s very suspicious.” Sheng Beidao, “We didn’t let Ziyi sacrifice hue, Mike forced him. “

Qin Anan’s eyes drooped slightly, and she lost her confidence.

If Mike really forced Zhou Ziyi and invaded Ahn’Qiraj Academy and ST Group, she couldn’t possibly help him.

Even if you want to help, you can’t help.

Fu Shiting didn’t kill him, he just showed mercy.

After a while, Mike returned to the company.

Chapter 209

Chapter 209

He pushed open the door and strode into the office.

“An An! It was Ziyi who sent the signal to me first!” Mike’s pale blue eyes were full of anxiety, “I was just drinking and chatting with him, but he suddenly rubbed my leg with his leg… If He is not interested in me, why is he rubbing my leg with his leg? Is this a sexual suggestion?”

Qin An’an’s face turned red with a ‘swish’.

Sheng Bei said awkwardly: “Ziyi wants to test whether you are straight or curved.”

Mike argued, “But I don’t know his true intentions! Besides, he was very cool that night!” The

office was immediately dismissed. sound.

Fu Shiting picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Sheng Bei also picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Qin Anan changed the subject and asked Mike, “Have you ever invaded Ahn’Qiraj Academy? And ST Group was attacked by hackers a while ago, did you do it?”

Mike raised his hands and swore, “It’s not me! If I did it, I would definitely admit it. Although my skills in this area are indeed very good, I really didn’t do it.”

After he finished speaking, he gave Qin Anan a wink.

The look in his eyes said – your son did it.

Qin An’an: “…”

“That…I haven’t eaten yet. Have you eaten? Why don’t we have a meal together!” Of course Qin Anan wants to protect his son , so she had to muster up the courage and invite them to dinner, “There is a restaurant near our company, and the farm dishes are very delicious.”

Sheng Bei glanced at Fu Shiting and decided to break it back for him: “Miss Qin, no …” Sure.

“Don’t you like farm food very much? Go and try it!” Fu Shiting interrupted Sheng Bei and agreed to the dinner.

Sheng Bei was confused, when did he like farm dishes?

He clearly wanted to go, but he was too embarrassed to show it!

Ha ha!

He deserved to be abused by Qin Anan!

“Can you guys help me get Ziyi out? I want to chat with him.” Mike didn’t want to join their dinner party, he just wanted to talk to Zhou Ziyi.

Sheng Bei: “If you want to see him, go to ST Group to find him. When you arrive at our site, I forgive you that you don’t dare to act rashly.”

Mike’s face was innocent: “I didn’t bully him! Although he was a little resistant and jerky at first that night , but then he…”

Qin Anan didn’t want to hear the detailed description, so he cut off his words: “You go over and apologize to him now! Don’t harass others in the future!”

Mike immediately became docile: “Oh.”

. …


Qin Anan ordered a few signature dishes, and then handed the menu to Sheng Bei.

Sheng Bei handed the menu to Fu Shiting.

Qin An’an: “Didn’t you say you like to eat farm food?”

Sheng Bei smiled and said, “Shi Ting also likes it.”

“Oh…The last time the hacker attacked your company, did it cause any damage?” Qin An Ann tried to speak.

Mike winked at her just now, they saw it.

This hacker, even if not Mike, must be Qin An’an’s acquaintance.

“Of course. That day, an order of over 100 million could not be signed, which led to the interception. What’s more, all the important information in Shi Ting’s computer is gone! We are still tracking the whereabouts of the hacker! Once we find him His whereabouts will be immediately investigated for criminal responsibility and financial compensation!”

After Sheng Bei finished speaking, Qin An’an’s face turned pale.

Fu Shiting saw her reaction in his eyes and comforted: “He scared you. The economic impact is negligible, and the data on my computer is also intact, but it’s just the gauntlet from the hacker, which annoys me. I will definitely put him down. Catch him and send him to jail!”

Chapter 210

Chapter 210

Qin An’an’s heart is tight.

She heard her pretending to be relaxed, but was actually nervous to the point of trembling: “Oh…what gauntlet?”

Fu Shiting frowned, with a cold face: “Bastard, pinch me!”

Qin An’an: “…”

Sheng Bei couldn’t help laughing and crying: “I suspect that this hacker is not very old!”

Qin An’an: “Not necessarily! This sentence doesn’t show anything!”

Sheng Bei: “Adult Most of them don’t use the word ‘jerk’, right? Of course, except for the ancient intellectual idol dramas.”

Qin Anan murmured to Sheng Bei in order to prevent them from suspecting that they were underage: “Bastard. To Fu Shiting again, “Bastard.”

Sheng Bei: “…”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Qin Anan: “Look, this word is not so mentally retarded! Adults are also I ‘ll use it.”

She was trying really hard to forcibly whitewash her appearance.

Looking at her face, I can’t help but think of a word – there is no silver 300 taels here.

Fu Shiting and Sheng Bei exchanged glances briefly.

In their hearts, there is already a judgment.

“Miss Qin, how did you and Mike know each other? It’s hard to imagine that you would know such a special person.” Sheng Bei changed the subject slightly, “Also, I think he listens to you very much.”

Qin Anan picked it up He took a sip of water, and made a nonsense reason: “I met him in a friendship when I was studying abroad. I’m friends with him, and I can’t talk about who listens to who.”

“Oh…he is following you. Is it from country A?”

“He will come when he wants, and he will leave when he wants to leave. There is nothing to follow and not follow.” Qin Anan picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of meat into the bowl.

ST Group.

Mike came to the front desk on the first floor and expressed his intention.

“Sorry, to see our assistant Zhou, you also need to make an appointment in advance.”

Mike: “But it’s off-duty time now


It means… It was Fu Shiting and Sheng Bei who asked me to come to him. Do you know the two people I mentioned?” The

front desk lady: “…”

How could she not know the boss and the chief financial officer? ?

“Sir, wait a moment, I’ll call Assistant Zhou and ask.” The

front desk lady finished the call and said to Mike, “Assistant Zhou doesn’t want to see you.”

“I know he doesn’t want to see me, but your boss asked me to come. Do you listen to him, or your boss? Just take me directly to him.” Mike must meet him.

Because he is really angry!

After hesitating for a few seconds, the lady at the front desk took him to Zhou Ziyi’s office.

Zhou Ziyi saw Mike’s face, his face turned black.

Mike closed the office door and scolded coldly: “You spy!”

Zhou Ziyi was scolded, not to be outdone: “I admit that I approached you that night for some purpose, but you…”

“You Just admit it! I was scolded to death by An An! She even asked me to apologize to you! I won’t apologize to you!” Although Mike was angry, his order was still clear, “If you hadn’t deliberately approached me, there would have been no difference between us. The latter won’t happen! So you don’t put on a victim pose!”

Zhou Ziyi gritted his teeth: “Delete each other!”

“Delete it!” Mike took out his mobile phone and deleted his phone in front of him!

At the same time, Zhou Ziyi also deleted his number.

“We will never meet again in the future! If we meet on the road, we don’t know each other!” Zhou Ziyi said.

Mike: “Hehe! Bless me when I meet a ghost, and I won’t meet you!” After the

two quarreled, they parted ways.

After coming out of ST Group, Mike went to a nearby coffee shop, ordered a cup of black coffee, and called Xiaohan: “Brother Han, your mother knows what you have done. I can’t protect myself this time, so please ask for your own blessings! “

It seems that the plan can only be advanced.” Xiaohan whispered.

“Yeah! I guess your mother will confiscate your computer and beat you up. Because Fu Shiting came to trouble her today, I guess she must be in a bad mood! Do you want to run away from home? ‘ Mike gave him the theme.

Xiaohan: “I’d rather hit her than worry about her.”

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