When His Eyes Opened Chapter 211 -220(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 211 -220(Chinese)

Chapter 211


Qin Anan went home earlier than usual.

After Zhang Yun brought Xiaohan back, she carried Rila into the room.

Xiaohan watched her grandmother take her sister away, knowing what was going to happen next.

“Xiaohan, give me your schoolbag.” Qin Anan reached out to Xiaohan.

Xiaohan handed her the schoolbag with both hands.

She opened his bag and took out his notebook.

She didn’t open his notebook, but said directly: “Your uncle Mike told me. You used the skills he taught you to do a lot of bad things. Xiaohan, do you know it’s illegal? Find out, do you know what you will face?”

Xiaohan didn’t blink his eyelids: “I’m only four years old, can they arrest me and go to jail?”

Qin Anan: “…”

Even if Fu Shiting is in A With only one hand covering the sky, the country should not be able to let a four-year-old child eat in prison.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, Xiaohan’s three views began to distort.

“You won’t be four forever. You will always grow up.” Qin Anan taught him, “Mom can’t watch you make mistakes again and again, so your notebook will be confiscated by your mother first.”

Xiaohan: “Uncle Mike I will give me a new notebook.”

Qin Anan sighed with a headache: “You plan to continue doing bad things?!”

Xiaohan shook his head: “I won’t mess with Fu Shiting again.”

As long as he doesn’t mess with Fu Shiting, no one else can find him at all.

“I punish you for not being allowed to eat tonight.” Qin Anan’s eyes were slightly red, holding his notebook and walking towards the bedroom.

Xiaohan knew that his mother would not ‘beat’ him, but he felt very sad when he thought of how angry his mother was.

He just wanted to help his mother punish those who bullied her.

Seven in the evening.

Shen Yu received a message.

——Tonight at ten o’clock, Wanjing Hotel, Room V809, I want to know you better. Fu Shiting Fu

Shiting actually invited her to the hotel! ?

And it’s ten o’clock at night.

It’s hard not to think about this time and place.

Everyone is an adult, even if they have never experienced love, they should be able to understand the deep meaning of this text message.

How could Fu Shiting suddenly change his attitude towards her?

She had no time to think.

Because she was overwhelmed with joy.

She has to dress up tonight to impress him the most.

Completely replace Qin An’an’s position in his heart.

Star River Villa.

The two children washed up and went to bed.

Rila took out a piece of chocolate from under the pillow: “Brother, grandma asked me to give it to you. Grandma is afraid that you will be hungry…Brother, eat it quickly!”

Xiaohan shook his head and refused.

Rila’s little hand continued to touch and touch under the pillow.

Suddenly, she took out another piece of chocolate: “Brother, this is what my mother asked me to give you. Mom is also afraid that you will be hungry. Brother, you can eat one! Let’s eat one each, okay!”

Rila said softly. pleading.

“Is it really my mother who asked you to give it to me?” Xiao Han looked at the chocolate in her hand.

These are clearly two identical chocolates.

“Yeah! Mom asked me to give you two pieces. Mom asked me to say that it was from my grandmother first, because my mother was embarrassed…”

There was only a hint of warmth on the little cold face.

Ten p.m.

Wanjing Hotel.

A beautiful shadow appeared at the entrance of the hotel.

Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Shen Yu wore a red dress with suspenders and pushed open the door of room v809.

The dim light inside made her stunned.

But soon, she saw the shadowy red candlelight inside.

It’s a red candle!

Next to the candlestick, there are well-wake red wine and snacks.

In the chair next to him, there was a bunch of red roses.

Shen Yu is about to melt into this romantic atmosphere!

Fu Shiting is so emotional!

She is looking forward to what’s going to happen tonight!

She picked up the rose, and the strong fragrance of the flowers made her slightly drunk.

She sat down in the chair with the rose in her arms, and took out her phone.

It’s already ten o’clock in the evening, why hasn’t Fu Shiting arrived yet?

Is it a traffic jam on the road?

Fifteen minutes later, Fu Shiting still did not appear.

She was anxious.

Shouldn’t he come?

But this well-arranged room couldn’t be his masterpiece, could it?

Or did he send the wrong text message?

She poured herself a glass of wine.

His fingers clenched the goblet, gently shaking the red liquid in the glass, and pursed his red lips.


The wine is fragrant and full-bodied.

Eleven at night.

The hidden room door was pushed open.

A tall figure appeared in front of Shen Yu.

In Shen Yu’s fascinated eyes, a light of excitement rose up.

She quickly walked towards the tall figure… She clasped his body tightly with both hands and whispered: “Shi Ting, I knew you would definitely come… Although I waited. It was hard work, but I finally waited for you…” The

man’s body tensed suddenly.

Seems a little startled.

But Shen Yu didn’t care and still hugged him tightly.

She drank two glasses of red wine, and her sanity had already flown out of the sky.

She just wants to be with him now!

the next morning, seven o’clock.

Shen Yu woke up with a headache.

After waking up, she squinted and looked at the completely unfamiliar environment, and everything that happened last night emerged in her mind.

The corners of her mouth rose.

Last night, she had a substantial relationship with Fu Shiting.

She didn’t expect the progress between them to be so fast, and she didn’t expect the experience with him to be so good.

He was gentle and patient with her, allowing her to taste the joy of being a woman.

She loves him more and more!

Thinking of this, she looked at the man beside her.

The man was leaning on his side, and there were light scratches on his white back.

That was what she caught last night when it was intense.

She deliberately left her mark on him to show that she became his woman.

She moved her body towards him, so that the skin of the two of them was close to each other, and the body temperature of each other was mixed.

“Huh? Do you want it again?” The man’s voice was hoarse.

Shen Yu: “!!!”

Why, no, Fu Shiting’s voice? !

Chapter 213

Chapter 213

Shen Yu’s body froze, and her body’s body temperature swished and cooled down.

Fu Yechen turned around, looked at her with a sullen face, and teased: “Doctor Shen, I didn’t expect you to be so fierce. I was almost drained by you…”

Shen Yu saw Fu Ye clearly Chen’s face!

This is not the first time Shen Yu has seen Fu Yechen.

After her hand was scalded, Mrs. Fu came to visit her.

At that time, Fu Yechen drove Mrs. Fu with him.

Shen Yu drank too much last night, and the lights were not turned on in the room last night, only a few candles were lit, so she didn’t find this man, it wasn’t Fu Shiting!

Why does this happen? !

It was Fu Shiting who invited her here last night!

How come it was Fu Yechen? !

“How could it be you?! How could it be you?!” Shen Yu fluttered her pillow and twitched furiously at Fu Yechen’s face.

Fu Yechen hugged his head and shouted: “Doctor Shen! Don’t hit people! I don’t know what’s going on! I received a text message from Qin An’an last night, asking me to come to 809, and I’m here! Who knew that as soon as I came in, you hugged me… I tried to let go of your arm several times, but you never let go… Not only did you not let go, but you kept rubbing against me Who can stand this!”

Shen Yu threw the pillow to the ground, and cried with a ‘woo’.

“Doctor Shen, don’t cry! I know it’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s true! I can show you the text message! I didn’t mean to offend you! We two last night…you Treat it like a dream! I promise not to tell my uncle, if my uncle knew about this, he would definitely not let me live! I won’t kill myself!”

Fu Yechen knelt in front of Shen Yu , swear to her.

Her eyes were scarlet, and she reached out to him: “Show me the text message!”

She wondered what went wrong.

Fu Yechen quickly found the phone, opened the text message, and wanted to show her.

But he opened his eyes wide and didn’t see the text message from last night.

“Huh? Where’s the text message?! Why didn’t the text message last night! I remember I didn’t delete it!”

Shen Yu swung up another pillow and slapped him again!

Fu Yechen’s heart is bitter!

“Doctor Shen! Listen to my explanation! It must be done by hackers! My phone was attacked by hackers last time!”

“You said that the text messages Qin Anan sent you were made by hackers? Did your uncle give it to me last night? The text messages sent are also made by hackers?!” She mocked yin and yang.

She didn’t believe that the message Fu Shiting sent her last night was done by hackers.

It’s just, why didn’t Fu Shiting come last night?

She took a deep breath, found her mobile phone, and opened the text message –

her face was instantly blue!

“Doctor Shen, is the text message my uncle sent you gone? It looks like you have been hacked too!” Fu Yechen’s brain was running at a high speed, “Last night was just a game, and you and I were deliberately designed in. “

Who?! Who will it be?!” Shen Yu was going crazy.

If the affair between her and Fu Yechen got to Fu Shiting’s ears, Fu Shiting would definitely not want her!

“I don’t know… This hacker is too powerful to find out.” Fu Yechen took out two pieces of paper and handed it to her, “Don’t worry, this is definitely not what my uncle did. My uncle also expects you to treat Yinyin, he won’t do such a dirty thing to you.”

Shen Yu took the tissue and wiped the tears from her face, her voice hoarse: “Will there be surveillance in the room? The two of us Is it possible to film what happened last night?”

Fu Yechen looked around the room: “Should… not? It’s a five-star hotel anyway, if there are secret photos, I’ll definitely sue them in court!”

Shen Yu: “Go find someone Come and check it out! See if there are any cameras.”

Fu Yechen: “Oh…well…”

Ahn’Qiraj International College.

Today, Fu Shiting personally sent Yinyin to school.

After sending Yinyin to the classroom, Fu Shiting strode to Xiaohan’s classroom.

After meeting with Qin Anan yesterday, he and Sheng Bei speculated that the hacker who invaded Ahn’Qiraj and ST Group was someone close to Qin Anan.

And someone she cares about a lot.

Otherwise she wouldn’t invite them to dinner.

At present, it is known that the people she cares about more, apart from her mother and her two children, she can’t think of anyone else.

And Fu Shiting saw Qin Zihan play with the computer before.

Although it is inferred from common sense that a child over four years old cannot be the hacker who gave him the gauntlet, but sometimes, the impossible becomes possible.

He entered the classroom and strode up to the little boy in a peaked cap.

“Qin Zihan, give me your schoolbag.”

Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Xiaohan turned a deaf ear and ignored him.

Seeing Xiao Han’s attitude, the teacher was so frightened that he came over immediately.

“Mr. Fu, what’s the matter with Xiaohan’s schoolbag?”

He couldn’t afford to offend both.

After weighing it, I felt that I could not offend Fu Shiting even more.

So he took Xiaohan’s schoolbag out of the desk.

“Xiaohan, don’t be afraid. Mr. Fu is not a bad person. He is caring about you.” The teacher coaxed Xiaohan and handed the schoolbag to Fu Shiting. “He went through the security check when he entered the school, and there are no dangerous items in the schoolbag.

” I remember he has a notebook.” Fu Shiting took the schoolbag.

The schoolbag was very light, and his brows furrowed.

Opened the bag, there was only a change of clothes inside, no notebook at all.

“Oh… Xiaohan does have a small notebook. He usually likes to watch cartoons alone…” the teacher said.

Fu Shiting put the schoolbag on Xiaohan’s desk and looked down at him, “Why didn’t you bring a notebook today?”

Xiaohan lay on the table and fell asleep.

The teacher smiled embarrassedly and smoothed things out: “Should I call and ask his mother?”

Xiao Han stood up, glared at the teacher with his black gem-like eyes, then picked up his schoolbag and walked out.

The teacher hurriedly chased after him: “Xiaohan, come back! I won’t call your mother!”

Xiaohan didn’t listen at all, and continued to stride out.

Yin Yin was at the door, and when she saw Xiao Han come out, she timidly called out to him, “Xiao Han.”

Xiao Han gave her a cold glance and walked away faster.

Fu Shiting came out, saw his sister following Xiaohan, and grabbed her with his big palm: “Yinyin, where are you going?”

“Xiaohan!” Yinyin pointed at Xiaohan with a worried look, “Where is he going?”

“His teacher I’ll take care of him. I’ll take you back to the classroom.” Fu Shiting’s voice was settled, Fu Shiyin broke away from his big palm and chased after Xiaohan.

“Xiaohan, wait for me!”

Fu Shiyin’s behavior made Fu Shiting frown.

Why does she like Xiaohan so much?

What happened between them?

He strode toward them.

Because the teacher and Fu Shiting followed, Xiaohan left the school smoothly.

If no one is following, he will take a taxi home.

But now there are three followers, and he can’t go home.

With his schoolbag on his back, he walked along the road.

Fu Shiting led Fu Shiyin and followed Xiaohan, and the teacher walked on the other side… The four of them just walked aimlessly on the road.

“Xiaohan, if you want to go home, I can take you back.”

Xiaohan: “No!”

“Where are you going? I’ll take you. It’s very dangerous for you to be outside like this.” The teacher said bitterly.

Xiaohan frowned and stopped talking.

After walking for about half an hour, they came to a lively street.

Fu Shiyin went shopping for the first time and felt that the outside world was very novel.

Her eyes stared unblinkingly around.

Fu Shiting stared at her.

Shen Yu said that bringing her to the outside world would be good for her condition.

In the past, she resisted everything outside, so he couldn’t take her out.

After the last surgery, she has changed significantly.

She became interested in the outside world.

This is great progress.

Looking at Yin Yin’s change, Fu Shiting thought of Shen Yu.

Perhaps, he should treat Shen Yu a little better.

After all, she is the only one who can save Yinyin now.

Xiao Han saw them perseveringly following, and simply stopped in the middle of the street.

Fu Shiting saw his intention, so he said to his sister, “Yinyin, let’s go back! It’s too hot outside, you will suffer from heatstroke.”

Yinyin was sweating profusely, but shook her head firmly: “Xiaohan will also suffer from heatstroke.”

“You Why would you follow him?” Fu Shiting asked inexplicably, “If he goes home, will you follow him too?”

Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Yin Yin nodded without thinking.

It’s not that she hasn’t been to his house.

She still likes his house.

I want to go again.

Fu Shiting looked at his sister’s stubborn appearance and was in a messy mood.

Qin Zihan’s notebook was not brought to school today, it must have been taken away by Qin Anan.

It can be basically determined that the lawless hacker is the cool boy in the hat in front of him.

Although he is Qin An’an’s adopted child, Fu Shiting intends to teach him a lesson.

But now Yinyin’s attitude towards him makes Fu Shiting in a dilemma.

Suddenly, with a ‘bang’ sound, there was a loud noise from the side!

Then came the harsh curse!

They looked towards the source of the sound, where the two were already scrambling.

Fu Shiyin looked at the violent scene in front of him, his face lost blood instantly, and his eyes were full of horror!

“Ah! Ahh!” She covered her ears with her hands, exclaiming hysterically.

Fu Shiting looked at her out of control, and his heart tightened.

She must have remembered the dark beating she experienced as a child!

He picked her up and left quickly.

Xiaohan looked at the direction they were leaving, and Fu Shiyin’s exclamation echoed in his mind.

What’s up with her?


Others fight, but they don’t beat her, what is she afraid of?

“Xiaohan, it’s too messy here! Hurry up and go back to school with me!” The teacher grabbed Xiaohan’s arm and took him away.


Qin Anan went to the police station.

Five years ago, Wang Wanzhi’s younger brother Wang Qitian fled abroad after taking away nearly 2 billion from the Qin Group.

Although the evidence is conclusive, the domestic police are helpless.

The country where Wang Qitian fled has no extradition agreement with country A, so the police in country A cannot go abroad to arrest people.

Moreover, after Wang Qitian fled abroad, he changed his identity.

Over the years, Qin Anan has been searching for his whereabouts.

Not long ago, the private detective she looked for abroad finally sent a recent photo and address of Wang Qitian.

Qin Anan submitted the clue to the police.

Today, the police have a new development.

“Miss Qin, we sent Wang Qitian’s former friend to persuade him to come back. According to the information from the informant, Wang Qitian is currently in a difficult situation, and most of the money that has been taken away is estimated to have been spent.”

Qin Anan: “The money It doesn’t matter if he can get it back or not, I want him to be punished by the law! I asked the lawyer, the amount of money involved in the case is too large, and he can be sentenced to death, right?”

“Yes, once he returns to China, we will arrest him immediately.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work!”

Qin Anan came out of the police station with a sigh of relief.

She returned to China to rebuild the Qin Group, which was actually a bait.

She wants Wang Qitian to know that she is very rich now.

Wang Qitian succeeded in Qin’s group once, and he would definitely want to make another fortune.

She asked the current chief financial officer to contact Wang Qitian’s friends and give them the illusion that they could make another fortune in the Qin Group. No, Wang Qitian was moved.

After getting in the car, she plans to go back to the company.

At this moment, the phone rang.

When she saw the call reminder, she immediately answered the call: “Brother Wei Zhen, have you arrived at the airport?”

Wei Zhen: “Well, where are you now? I’ll find you.”

“I’m not busy now. I’ll pick you up. .”

Half an hour later, Qin Anan arrived at the airport and received Wei Zhen.

“Brother Wei Zhen, how long did you come back this time?” Qin Anan asked his home address and drove out the car.

“Permanent.” Wei Zhen shrugged, “I resigned. I decided to go back to China for development.”

“Very good! This way we can see each other often.” Qin Anan’s smile was pure and sincere.

Worry flashed in Wei Zhen’s eyes: “An An, Shen Yu contacted me. She is more brazen than expected. You have to be careful of her.”

Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Qin Anan: “Why did she contact you?”

Wei Zhen said sarcastically: “She said she needed an assistant. Let me recommend her.” Having said that, Wei Zhen smiled, “You know she chooses assistants What are the requirements? She hopes that this assistant is a student of Professor Hu Qing, and his medical skills cannot be worse than her… She almost didn’t say that the person she was looking for could treat Yin Yin alone. Better than her who will be her assistant? I don’t know whether to call her shameless or call her brainless.”

Qin Anan also felt ironic.

“Without that diamond, I have to work on that porcelain. Fu Shiting is not a fool, one day, he will know the truth.” Wei Zhen said, “An An, you are too soft-hearted. Few people can heal their rivals. Qin Anan smiled calmly: “

If you saw Yinyin, you wouldn’t say such a thing.”

Wei Zhen: “It’s fine if you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“There is no need to punish yourself with this thing all the time. Life should move forward .” Look.” Qin Anan changed the subject, “Tell you the good news, my company has almost been rebuilt. Everything is going well.”

Wei Zhen was happy for her: “Not bad. How did Xiaohan stay in the special school? Like?”

Speaking of Xiaohan, the smile on Qin Anan’s face disappeared.

“He learned hacking skills from Mike, and his skills are beyond my imagination. Fu Shiting has already noticed him.” Qin Anan had a headache, “I’m really afraid that if this continues, more exposure will be exposed.”

Wei Zhen: “An An , there are very few secrets that can be kept for a lifetime. You are not the Qin Anan four years ago, even if Fu Shiting knew that the father of your two children was him, he could not really kill them.”

“So I want to make more money. Money, make myself stronger, so that I can better protect my children.” Qin Anan said, “Hold it for as long as you can! His private life is a mess now, and the child might as well not have a father.” The

Fu family.

Fu Shiting took Yinyin home.

The family doctor put her on tranquilizers.

After she fell asleep, the doctor asked Fu Shiting: “Mental illness is not within my scope of treatment. You can ask a psychiatrist to intervene in treatment for


” Try. Didn’t you say that her condition after the operation is much better than before?” The doctor reassured, “Maybe her heart knot will be resolved, which will help her recover.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “You have a comparison. Do you recommend a good psychiatrist?”

“I know some famous psychiatrists in China, but they may not have time. I’ll ask later.” The doctor said, “You can also ask Dr. Shen’s opinion. Dr. Shen Better than me, she may have more professional insights.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

Half an hour later, Shen Yu came over.

She was wearing long-sleeved trousers and a thick foundation of foundation on her face and neck.

“Doctor Shen, are you alright?” Fu Shiting looked at her, “I heard you spent the night outside last night.”

Shen Yu didn’t let the bodyguard follow her to the hotel last night.

So the bodyguard only knew that she had not returned overnight, but did not know what she was doing.

“Well. A sister of mine came to find me, and I was with her last night.” Shen Yu smiled lightly and quickly moved the topic, “What happened to Yin Yin?”

Fu Shiting told Shen Yu what happened at noon .

“Has she been stimulated in this way before? If so, try not to let her be stimulated in the future. Her brain has only been operated on, so it’s better to rest now.” Shen Yu said.

“Can I find a psychiatrist for her?”

Shen Yu: “If there is a more powerful psychiatrist, you can try it. But it still depends on Yin Yin’s reaction. If she resists, we don’t have to worry. When her intelligence recovers to a certain level, her psychological endurance will also increase. It will improve accordingly.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

“Shi Ting, go and do your business! I’ll just watch Yinyin.” Shen Yu said.

Fu Shiting went to the study.

Shen Yu looked at his back and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the morning, Fu Yechen found someone to check in the hotel room. There was no invisible camera in the room.

So she doesn’t have to worry about what happened last night.

Although she didn’t know who set the trap, but the other party had no evidence, she could deny it flatly.

Chapter 217

Chapter 217

She is now relying on Fu Shiting to cross the class.

It is better to be a good doctor than to be a rich man at the top of the society.

Moreover, she is very clear about her medical skills, she can’t be as powerful as Professor Hu Qing.

Continuing in the medical field, her room for advancement is limited.

Marrying Fu Shiting is different.

By then everyone will envy her.


Not long after Fu Shiting sat down, Sheng Bei called.

“Shi Ting, how did you go to the school to investigate today?”

“He didn’t bring the notebook in his schoolbag. Qin Anan should have collected it for him.”

Sheng Bei exclaimed excitedly: “It seems that it is Qin Anan’s son. He did! Isn’t he just over four years old? Could this be the so-called genius child prodigy?”

Fu Shiting didn’t answer.

“Shi Ting, what are you going to do with this child?” Sheng Bei thought the play was particularly good.

If the hacker is an uncle, it will be boring.

Who would have thought that the person who paralyzed the ST Group network was a cute baby?

“Why did he let you pinch him?” Sheng Bei continued to ask.

Fu Shiting: “You are so interested, why don’t you ask him? He never pays attention to me.” “Hahahaha

! This kid has such a personality! I really want to meet him.”

Fu Shiting: “Think about it in your dreams!”

Although Qin Zihan did something wrong, he was an ‘abnormal’ child after all.

Fu Shiting would not do anything to him, nor would he let Sheng Bei go to school to disturb him.

“It will be Qin An’an’s birthday in a while. What if he invites us to her birthday party? Then I can see her child?” Sheng Bei said excitedly, “Shi Ting, do you want to prepare for her in advance? A birthday present? Although you are divorced, but after all, you have had an unforgettable relationship, you will not be so stingy as to not send blessings, right?”

Fu Shiting narrowed his eagle eyes and retorted in a deep voice, “Do you think she will accept my gift? “

Isn’t she very enthusiastic when she invited us to dinner yesterday? Although that is because she has a handle on us.”

“No need…”

“How much does it cost to buy a gift? You If you’re embarrassed to give it, I can bring it to her for you. I really want to see her child.” Sheng Bei said.

Fu Shiting pondered for a few seconds and compromised: “What would be more suitable for her?”

“Send jewelry! Women like shiny things.” Sheng Bei suggested.

Fu Shiting: “It’s not suitable to give jewelry. After all, I’m divorced from her.”

Sheng Bei: “What if you don’t give jewelry? Do you give it away if it’s too cheap? She is also a female boss worth over 100 million now!”

Fu Shiting Raising his hand and rubbing his eyebrows, “Let’s give you some jewelry!”

Outside the study, Shen Yu heard his voice, and the jealous jar overturned in her heart.

On her birthday a while ago, he asked his assistant to give her a bag worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Now Qin Anan’s birthday, he wants to give Qin Anan expensive jewelry!

Who is his girlfriend? !

How could he do this to her?

She is the only doctor who can save Yin Yin now!

Her eyes were scarlet with hatred, she turned on her mobile phone, and sent a message to her father: Qin Anan has two children, please help me find out where she was adopted in country B and the reason for the adoption.

Chapter 218

Chapter 218

Galaxy Villa.


“An An, Wei Zhen came to see me in the afternoon.” Zhang Yun smiled, “He said he will settle in China in the future…”

Qin Anan saw the smile on her mother’s face and guessed what she wanted to say.

“Mom, I know you want me to find a man to marry soon. But I beg you, don’t show such emotions in front of outsiders, otherwise people will think I hate marriage!” Qin Anan asked, “I’m only in my twenties. Years old, still young! Now is the time to work hard in my career. When I become famous, what kind of handsome guy do I want.”

The smile on Zhang Yun’s face disappeared: “I’m not urging you…I am I really think Wei Zhen is good. You were abroad before, Wei Zhen took care of you a lot! Why don’t you think about others?”

Qin An’an: “If others treat me well, I have to show my respect? Professor Hu It’s better for me!”

Zhang Yun: “…Okay! Just pretend to be blind! Wei Zhen is really good, if you miss it, you may not be able to find a man who treats you so well in the future.”

“Do you have some confidence in me, okay? There will be men who will be attracted to me in the future.” Qin Anan comforted her mother, “Besides, have you asked the two children for their opinion? They don’t want a stepfather.”

Qin Anan told the two children winked.

Rila obediently expressed her opinion: “Although I don’t want a stepfather, if it is a man my mother likes, I can accept it.”

Obviously, the daughter did not understand the meaning of her eyes.

Qin Anan pinned his hopes on his son.

Xiaohan: “Grandma, eat.”

Zhang Yun: “Okay, grandma won’t talk about it. Grandma is afraid that your mother will regret it later, so she reminded her. Since she doesn’t have this mind, I won’t worry about it.”

Qin Anan smiled and said: “Mom, if you want to be a matchmaker so much, you can help Mike find a match. Mike has been in bars every day, he should be looking for someone.”

Zhang Yun: “……… .” The

next day.

Qin Group.

The arrival of Wei Zhen surprised Qin An’an.

“Brother Wei Zhen, aren’t you at home due to jet lag today?” Qin Anan invited him to the sofa to sit down.

Wei Zhen: “Do you have coffee here?”

“Yes, but you should stop drinking coffee, or you will lose sleep at night.” Qin Anan poured him a cup of warm water, “How about I take you to various departments later. Look?”

Wei Zhen nodded: “I came to you for one thing.”

After speaking, he handed a photo to her.

She picked up the photo, and her eyes were full of doubts: “Who is this person?”

“A patient. He has been lying on the hospital bed for three years, slightly conscious. A little better than a vegetative person. His parents found Professor Hu half a year ago. Hu The professor took his medical records. But he hasn’t had time to give a treatment plan…” Wei Zhen said.

“Oh… Since the professor agreed, then you can show me his medical records!” Qin Anan said.

“Will it affect your work? After all, your company has just started, and it’s busy time.” Wei Zhen hesitated, “Why don’t you wait until you’re done with your work?”

Qin Anan glanced at the photo: “You first Show me the medical records. It’s a pity for such a good-looking boy to lie down all the time!”

Wei Zhen: “I’ll give it to you later. Take me to see your business empire!”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing: “Wei Zhen Brother, don’t make fun of me. The last time I went to your third hospital, I didn’t say such things to make fun of you.” The

two came out of the office, talking and laughing all the way.

Soon, the news that Qin Anan had a new boyfriend spread throughout the Qin Group.

Chapter 219

Chapter 219


Sheng Bei showed Fu Shiting a photo of Wei Zhen and Qin An’an.

“Qin An’an’s new boyfriend.”

Fu Shiting glanced at the photo, and his eyes suddenly deepened: “Isn’t this Professor Hu’s assistant?”

He took Sheng Bei’s mobile phone and enlarged the photo.

“You know this man?” Sheng Bei said with great interest, “It is said that Qin Anan accompanied this man and spent a whole morning strolling in the Qin Group. The two walked very close, and they talked and laughed, and the relationship seemed very close!”

Fu Shiting Returning the phone to Sheng Bei: “I know this man.”

“Oh. I think the two of them seem to be a good match.” Sheng Bei saw his expressionless face, so he deliberately said, “The temperament of the two of them is quiet and quiet. , an elegant…”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes and gave him a cold look: “If you don’t have a thorn in your words, you won’t speak, right?

” I think you still love her.” Sheng Bei teased, “You think necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are from lovers, so you can’t give them. If you want to give a brooch, give it a brooch, but you Pick such a big diamond… Do you know what the jewelry designer told me? He said that a brooch set with such a large diamond, if it is worn right in the heart, can almost stop bullets.”

Fu Shiting said His face was instantly gloomy.

“Are you giving this as a birthday present or as compensation for divorce?” Sheng Bei continued to tease, “Do you think Qin An’an would dare to accept this gift?”

“Then don’t give it.” Fu Shiting put down his chopsticks, and it was gone. appetite.

“That’s not what I meant… I heard Ziyi say that last time on Shen Yu’s birthday, you gave her a bag of 30,000 yuan.” Sheng Bei sighed, “How dare you give someone a bag of 30,000 yuan. Ah? Aren’t you afraid that she will find out that you gave Qin An’an such a big diamond and feel unhappy? “

Fu Shiting: “The gift was picked by Ziyi. I don’t know the price.”

Sheng Bei: “Didn’t you sign the reimbursement form?”

Fu Shiting: “I didn’t read it carefully.”

Sheng Bei was completely speechless.

“Since you have no interest in Dr. Shen at all, you should quickly find a way to break up with her!” Sheng Bei suggested to him, “I don’t believe it, there is no doctor better than her in this world.”

“This is also a headache for me.” Fu Shiting frowned deeply, “You also saw that after Shen Yu performed the operation on Yin Yin, Yin Yin recovered very well. I went to other doctors, and they all said they were powerless after seeing Yin Yin’s condition. But Shen Yu did It’s here.”

If Shen Yu hadn’t been able to cure Yin Yin’s illness, Fu Shiting would never have allowed her to threaten.

“Didn’t you say Qin An’an is also a student of Professor Hu Qing?” Sheng Bei wondered.

“She is indeed Professor Hu’s student. But during her graduate studies, she opened AN Technology Company.” Fu Shiting said, “She is now a businessman.”

Sheng Bei shook his head, sighing a pity: “If Qin Anan could save Yinyin, Okay.”

This sentence made Fu Shiting’s heart tenser.

Where can there be such a good thing!

From birth to now, God has never really favored him.

a week later.

Shen Yu called Qin Anan and asked her to meet.

“No.” Qin Anan refused without thinking.

The last time she met, she had seen how cunning and treacherous Shen Yu was.

She would not give Shen Yu a second chance to act.

Shen Yu sneered: “Qin An’an, since you don’t see me, let’s talk on the phone! You said that your two children were adopted, but I searched all the orphanages in country B and couldn’t find you. Therefore, your children were not adopted by you at all! They were clearly born by you!”

Chapter 220

Chapter 220

Shen Yu’s words shocked Qin Anan.

“If I guessed correctly, these two children should belong to you and Fu Shiting.” Shen Yu’s laughter came through the radio waves.

Qin An’an’s body couldn’t stop chilling.

“The adoption information will not be leaked to the public!” She clenched her fingers and refuted Shen Yu.

“Yes! Generally speaking, adoption information will not be leaked to the public, but my father is not an ordinary person.” Shen Yu smiled proudly and wildly, “My father’s network in country B proves that you lied! Qin Anan , I heard that Shi Ting hates children and is determined not to have children. If he knew that your two children belonged to him, I don’t know what he would do!”

“Shen Yu! Don’t go too far!” Qin Anan said angrily.

“Am I being too much or are you too much?! Fu Shiting is my boyfriend now! You are his ex-wife! The two of you are divorced! Why are you still lingering between us?” Shen Yu’s voice was sharper than hers , “I will help you keep the secret, provided that you and Shi Ting can never meet again!”

Shen Yu threatened.

The woman’s intuition told her that Qin Anan would definitely obey.

Those two children are Qin An’an’s weakness.

Qin An’an can agree to Shen Yu’s request. After all, her current life does not affect Fu Shiting.

But she didn’t want to give in!

She didn’t do anything wrong, why should she suffer such grievances? !

“Shen Yu, let’s meet again!” Qin Anan quickly adjusted his mood, “It’s the restaurant we met last time .

” Sit down. Qin Anan sat down and joked, “Miss Shen, there is no boiling water today.”

Shen Yu’s expression was slightly embarrassed.

Qin Anan turned on the phone recorder and gave her a look: “Do you want to turn on your recording equipment? Let’s record together!”

Shen Yu: “…”

So arrogant!

Qin Anan now has the handle in her own hands, how dare she be so mad?

With a calm face, Qin Anan opened the menu, ordered a glass of juice and a snack.

After ordering, she handed the menu to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu ordered a glass of juice and handed the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter left, Shen Yu looked at Qin An’an and said, “Qin An’an, you are so miserable. Other women give birth to a man’s child, and the child is a bargaining chip to raise her value, but you are the exact opposite.”

“I’m afraid it is not as miserable as you. You Think of yourself as a fertility machine. I’m different from you. My child is mine, not for men, nor a bargaining chip to increase my worth.” Qin Anan smiled, “It’s hard to imagine that you are Women who have received higher education.”

Shen Yu’s shoulders were shaking with anger, but she didn’t know how to refute for a while.

“Qin An’an, it seems that you are not at all afraid that I will tell Shi Ting about this.” Shen Yu gritted her teeth, “Since this is the case, then I will let your family of four recognize each other as soon as possible!”

Qin An’an: “Haha, you Do you know why I asked you out to meet? Because I want to see your face threatening me, it must be very ugly. It’s the truth.”

Shen Yu wanted to pat the table, but the burn from the last time was not healed.

Her eyes were scarlet.

“Shen Yu, you threatened Fu Shiting to be your boyfriend on the pretext of treating Yinyin’s illness, and you succeeded at once, aren’t you very surprised?” Qin Anan watched the rich expression changes on her face with time, “but at night you It must be a nightmare, right? After all, it is not you who performed the operation on Yinyin.”

Shen Yu: “!!!”

Her face turned pale instantly!

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