When His Eyes Opened Chapter 221 -230(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 221 -230(Chinese)

Chapter 221 The

body is shaking like a sieve!

“You! You…” Shen Yu’s head was buzzing, and her face was red and purple.

“I was also in the third hospital that day. I accidentally saw the person who performed the operation on Yinyin.” Qin Anan looked at the fear and nervousness on her face, and her voice was stern, “If you want to threaten me, you’d better weigh it. Consider whether you can afford to be abandoned!”

At this time, juice and snacks were served.

Qin Anan ate afternoon tea leisurely.

“Qin An’an, I underestimate you!” Shen Yu went from winning to being helpless, but in just a few minutes, “We’re even! Just pretend that nothing happened! I won’t tell Shi Ting about you. The secret, I hope you can keep your mouth shut!”

“Isn’t it crazy just now?” Qin Anan teased her, “If you get a little chip, you will show the proud face of a villain. How can you do research with such a temperament? In another ten years. , you can’t cure Yinyin.”

“You don’t have to attack me! Unless your medical skills are higher than mine.” Shen Yu glared at her, “The person that Professor Hu looks down on the most is an abandoned doctor like you. A businessman!”

Qin Anan took a sip of juice.

Sweet and sour, very refreshing.

“Aren’t you curious who the person who performed the operation on Yin Yin was?” Qin Anan raised her eyes and looked at her lightly, “Don’t you think that lies will never be exposed?”

“Do you think I didn’t investigate? It’s just that I haven’t found it yet… You know the information, but you won’t tell me. When you see me with Shi Ting, you’re jealous…”

“Shen Yu, do n’t tell me.” Disgusting me. If I want to break up you, I just need to call Fu Shiting and he will dump you.”

“Don’t threaten me!” Shen Yu yelled.

“It doesn’t feel good to be threatened, right? Do not do what you want to others, don’t you understand?” Qin Anan took a small bite of the cake and said slowly, “The man who performed the operation on Yinyin is a middle-aged man. Man, with short hair, about 1.7 meters tall, thin…”

Shen Yu’s eyes widened: “Qin An’an, why are you helping me?!”

“Because I don’t want to see you again.” Qin An An indifferently said, “Shen Yu, don’t come to me again. I’m very busy, and I don’t have time to fight with you.”

Shen Yu: “I see! Thank you for telling me this important clue!”

Li Qin An’an One week before his birthday, Sheng Bei pushed open the door of Fu Shiting’s office.

“Shi Ting, have you received Qin An’an’s birthday invitation?”

“No.” Fu Shiting’s eyes drooped slightly, his eyes darkened, “what about you?”

“Neither did I. If she didn’t even invite you, let alone Maybe invite me.” Sheng Bei guessed, “I suspect she may not plan to celebrate her birthday.”

“It’s possible.”

Qin Anan has always been low-key.

“But your gift is ready, and you will definitely send it out.” Sheng Bei said, “How about I call the Qin Group and ask?”

Fu Shiting: “Ask if you want, you don’t need to report it to me.”

Ten minutes later , Sheng Bei finished inquiring about the information, and came to report to Fu Shiting.

“Shi Ting! Qin An’an is too much!” Sheng Bei scolded, “She plans to hold a special event for her birthday this time! She booked the largest banquet hall in Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate her birthday! But! She didn’t invite us!”

Fu Shiting: It seems like a knife has been inserted into the heart.

Perhaps, for Qin An’an, his ex-husband has become a stranger.

“She doesn’t invite me, so she naturally has her own considerations.” Fu Shiting looked down on life and death calmly, “Have you finished your work? Would you like me to arrange some more for you?”

Sheng Bei escaped in seconds.

The office fell silent for a moment.

Fu Shiting’s heart could not be calm for a long time.

Half an hour later, he dialed the Shangri-La Hotel—

Chapter 222

Chapter 222

Didn’t Qin Anan book the biggest banquet hall?

He booked the small banquet hall next to her.

He wanted to see how grand her grand birthday party was.


People who received birthday invitations came to Xingyue Hall, the largest banquet hall in Shangri-La Hotel.

“Why didn’t An An come?” After entering the banquet hall, Li Xiaotian asked Mike, “I sent her a message last night, but she hasn’t replied yet.”

Mike shrugged and explained, “She has been very busy recently. I don’t know what I’m busy with. But I already sent her the address, and she promised to come.”

Li Xiaotian: “Oh…isn’t she busy with the company?”

Mike: ” No! But I don’t know what she’s busy with. Everyone has their own personal space, although I’m as close to her as sisters…as brothers and sisters…but she doesn’t want me to know I won’t forcefully ask about it.”

Li Xiaotian: “Oh… since she’s so busy, who organized the birthday party?”

Mike: “Me!”

“Who made the guest list? ?”


Li Xiaotian let out a ‘poof’, turned and ran towards the Ziyue Hall next to her.

The Purple Moon Hall is much smaller than the Xingyue Hall.

Thanks to Mike, today Fu Shiting’s friends had dinner at Ziyue Hall.

After Li Xiaotian entered the Ziyue Hall, she immediately squeezed over to He Zhunzhi and sat down.

“Where’s Fu Shiting? Why hasn’t he come yet? Didn’t you say that An An didn’t invite him, he was angry?” Li Xiaotian excitedly took He Zhunzhi’s glass and took a sip.

“He said he was stuck on the road half an hour ago.” Sheng Bei looked at Li Xiaotian and asked, “Qin Anan hasn’t come yet?”

“No! Mike said that she was very busy recently, and she didn’t know what she was doing. She doesn’t have time to hold a birthday party at all, and the guests are also invited by Mike. He has a bad relationship with you, so he definitely won’t invite you!”

“That’s the case! This Mike is really a chicken intestine!” Sheng Bei sneered coldly, “Our family Yi didn’t ask him to settle the account, but he actually hated us!”

Li Xiaotian and Sheng Bei’s words greatly stimulated Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi felt that he had implicated Fu Shiting.

If it wasn’t for the deadlock between himself and Mike, maybe Mike would invite Fu Shiting.

Five minutes later, Zhou Ziyi silently came out of the Purple Moon Hall and walked towards the Xingyue Hall next to him.

Mike stood at the door of Xingyue Hall to entertain guests.

So the moment Zhou Ziyi appeared, Mike locked him at a glance.

“Come out! Let’s talk!” Zhou Ziyi reached out and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Mike snorted coldly and strode out.

The two walked towards the end of the corridor with no one beside them.

“Qin An’an’s birthday party, why didn’t you invite my boss?!” Zhou Ziyi asked straight to the point, “Even if we have a grudge, does my boss have any grudge against you? Why did you make this decision for Qin An’an?! Mike crossed his arms and said, “

Why should I invite your boss? The two of them have already divorced. You, a talented student, don’t understand what divorce means, right?”

“Of course I know what divorce means! Divorce doesn’t become Enemy!” Zhou Ziyi said angrily, “You are clearly trying to retaliate! What kind of grievances do you have between us, come at me and take your anger on my boss, that’s not good!”

“I don’t ask your boss, what does it have to do with you?” Are you looking for trouble on purpose? Are you trying to fight? Come on! I’m afraid of you…”

Before he could finish his harsh words, Zhou Ziyi punched him.

Mike tilted his head quickly and avoided it neatly!

The two instantly scuffled into a ball.

Star Moon Hall.

Zhang Yun called Qin An’an, and at first she could get through, but when she called again, it turned off.

“She won’t turn off the phone casually.” Zhang Yun was worried, “Will something happen to her?”

Wei Zhen heard the words, dialed Qin An’an’s number, and it was indeed turned off.

“Auntie, don’t worry, I’ll find her!”

Wei Zhen strode out of the banquet hall.

Chapter 223

Chapter 223

A glimpse of a fight not far away.

He trotted over.

It’s not that simple to find out.

Mike was beaten by two men.

One of them is Qin An’an’s ex-husband, Fu Shiting.

Wei Zhen quickly pulled Mike to his side and asked Fu Shiting, “Why did you two beat Mike?”

Fu Shiting came over three minutes ago.

Seeing Mike beat Zhou Ziyi under his body, his blood pressure rose, and without a word, he kicked Mike to the ground.

After the situation was reversed, it became two-on-one.

“Mr. Wei, he hit my assistant.” Fu Shiting brushed the dust off his body and explained, “My assistant is weak, so he can’t help hitting.”

Seeing that Zhou Ziyi’s glasses were broken, Wei Zhen turned his head and glared at Mike.

“An’an’s phone is turned off, I don’t know if something happened.” Wei Zhen said to Mike, “I’m going to find her now. You can either go to the banquet hall to entertain the guests honestly, or go out with me to find someone.”

Mike will Anger was suppressed: “I’ll go find her with you!”

Fu Shiting strode up in front of them and stopped them: “What happened to Qin An’an?!”

Wei Zhen: “Mr. Fu, we don’t know what’s going on right now. I called her in the morning, and she said she would be here at 6 o’clock in the evening. But it’s almost 7 o’clock, and she hasn’t come yet.”

“She’s not at home this weekend?” Fu Shiting’s eyes could not hide the worry.

Wei Zhen: “Not at home. Mr. Fu, let’s go to her first. If you want to know more, wait until we find her.” The

voice was settled, and the two of them left in a hurry.

Fu Shiting looked at the direction they were leaving, and strode towards the other elevator.

Zhou Ziyi followed behind him and explained, “Boss, this time Miss Qin’s birthday party was organized by Mike. He also invited the guests. It’s not what Miss Qin meant.”

Fu Shiting frowned: “Didn’t she see it? The guest list?”

Zhou Ziyi: “I heard that she’s been busy recently. I don’t know what she’s doing.”

Fu Shiting glanced at him: “You don’t have to follow me. Go and re-match your glasses.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Yeah.”

” When the strength is obviously inferior to the enemy, you can only outsmart him, not head-on. You are usually very rational, what’s going on tonight?” Fu Shiting looked at his embarrassed appearance and asked in confusion.

Zhou Ziyi lowered his eyes: “It must be because he was having a holiday with me, so he didn’t invite you.”

“You think too much. Even if you don’t have a holiday with him, he won’t invite me.” Fu Shiting said calmly, “Don’t next time. So reckless.”

“I see.”

After leaving the hotel, Fu Shiting got into the car.

The bodyguard asked, “Boss, where are you going?”

“I’ll make a call first.”

Fu Shiting called the communication company to find out the last location of Qin An’an’s phone before it was turned off.

After a while, Fu Shiting got a rough area.

“Go to Xinghewan Community.”

The location where she stayed before turning off her phone was near Xinghewan Community.

When approaching Xinghewan Community, Fu Shiting asked the bodyguard to slow down.

On the street where people came and went, he vaguely saw a white Land Rover parked on the side of the street.

It seems to be Qin An’an’s car!

“Stop!” Fu Shiting shouted, and the bodyguard quickly stopped the car.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode towards the white Land Rover.

The wind of early autumn, with a slight coolness.

He walked to her car and saw her lying on the steering wheel, as if she had lost her vital signs!

His heart clenched tightly.

“Qin An’an!” His eyes were scarlet, he yelled her name, and pulled the car door with a big palm!

Chapter 224

Chapter 224

Her car door is locked!

He was only separated from her by a glass door, but he couldn’t touch her.

The bodyguard found a fire hammer, smashed the front windshield open, and jumped into the car.

After entering the car, the bodyguard unlocked the central control lock.

Fu Shiting opened the car door and took Qin Anan out of the car.

She has no obvious trauma, but her breathing is very weak!

Seems to be in a coma.

Otherwise, she should have woken up when the bodyguard smashed the door glass just now.


After examining Qin An’an, the doctor said, “She was in a coma caused by hypoxia. But you delivered it on time, so she’s fine. Go back and have a good rest, she’ll be fine when she wakes up.”

Fu Shiting: ” Why is she hypoxic? Is the blood test really okay?”

“Her routine blood test shows that her data is good…except for the low blood sugar, there is no major problem.” The doctor took He glanced at her checklist, and then handed it to Fu Shiting.

“Why is she still in a coma? When will she wake up? Do you really need to be hospitalized?” Fu Shiting looked at her haggard face and felt that the problem was not so simple.

She was uninjured, but was unconscious in the car with the doors locked.

Which means…she’s probably internally injured.

Doctor: “Mr. Fu, she must have been too tired and slept too deeply, so she didn’t wake up.” Afraid that he would not believe it, the doctor continued, “Look at her dark circles, and then look at the red blood in her eyes.”

With that said, the doctor opened Qin An’an’s eyelids to show Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the red blood in her eyes.

In his mind, she was drowsy while driving, and finally fell asleep on the steering wheel.

What has she been doing lately, hasn’t she slept at all?

How else would you be so sleepy that you would lock yourself in the car?

If he didn’t find her, if it was any later, she would be in a very dangerous situation due to lack of oxygen.

An hour later, Fu Shiting took Qin Anan home, and then called Zhang Yun to report safety.

“Why did you take my daughter to your house?!” Zhang Yun’s scalp was numb.

Fu Shiting: “The doctor said that she doesn’t need to be hospitalized and asked me to take her home to rest.”

“You know where my house is, why didn’t you send my daughter to my house?!” Zhang Yun wanted to pick her up, but Rila and Xiaohan needs her to look after him.

She can’t take her two children to Fu’s house.

It’s too dangerous.

“If you knew what happened, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be too busy blaming me.” Fu Shiting brought Qin Anan to his house on purpose.

He needs to know why she is so sleepy.

Listening to his voice, Zhang Yun’s heart skipped a few beats: “What do you mean? What’s wrong with An An? What happened to her?!”

“She’s okay for now. She’s sleeping very deeply now, and when she wakes up, she I’ll go back by myself.” Fu Shiting said, “If you don’t worry about her, you can bring your two children with you. I don’t mind.”

Zhang Yun: “…I’ll let Wei Zhen go over and take a look.

” …

an hour later.

Wei Zhen came to Fu’s house.

“You said she fell asleep while driving?” Wei Zhen dared not answer, “She locked herself in the car?!”

Fu Shiting looked at him coldly: “Mr. Wei, what is your relationship with Qin An’an? “

Chapter 225

Chapter 225

“Friendship.” Wei Zhen said.

“Professor Hu has so many female students, are you not so close to Shen Yu?” Fu Shiting teased, “Do you like Qin An’an?”

Wei Zhen felt his strong hostility.

“Can’t Qin Anan start a new relationship again?” Wei Zhen’s smile was as warm as jade, “Mr. Fu, what did Qin Anan say when you were with Shen Yu?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold and stern: “There is one thing It’s strange to me. After Professor Hu died, I asked you to help me find out who the student Professor Hu mentioned, but you only gave me a list. Why didn’t you just tell me it was Shen Yu? Shen Yu said she knew you You should know her too, right?”

Wei Zhen didn’t expect that he wasn’t completely brainless.

“Of course I know her. It’s just that she graduated for many years, and I don’t dare to make judgments about her medical skills now. So I’ll give you a list and let you find it yourself.”

Fu Shiting was not fooled by his answer.

“Did Professor Hu never mention her to you? Professor Hu dared not perform surgery on Yinyin, but said that there is a student who can, then Professor Hu must be very satisfied with this student… For such a powerful student, Hu It’s impossible that the professor has never mentioned it to you.”

Wei Zhen was at a loss for words when asked, and in a panic, he picked up the water glass and took a sip.

“Mr. Wei, I think you didn’t tell me on purpose.” Fu Shiting saw his guilty conscience in his eyes, “You lied to me because of Qin An’an?”

“It has nothing to do with Qin An’an.” Wei Zhen explained immediately, “Hu The professor didn’t tell me everything. He didn’t tell me anything about what you entrusted to him. So I don’t know anything about the relationship between you. My nature is cautious, even if I know Shen Yu Very powerful, I dare not tell you ‘she is the person you are looking for’.”

Fu Shiting looked at him silently.

“It’s like I like Qin An’an, but I won’t say it.” In order to increase his credibility, Wei Zhen did not hesitate to speak his mind, “because I know she just treats me as a brother.”

The chill in Fu Shiting’s eyes disappeared instantly.

“It’s very late, you go back first! She will contact you when she wakes up.” Fu Shiting ordered the guests to be expelled.

After Wei Zhen left, Fu Shiting strode towards the master bedroom.

The door was open, Yin Yin sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Qin Anan on the bed.

Fu Shiting strode to Yinyin’s side and looked into her innocent and curious eyes.

“Yinyin, do you like her?” Fu Shiting asked in a low voice.

Yin Yin sees strangers and will conditioned reflex to avoid.

Even seeing Shen Yu, it would be like this.

But she took the initiative to see Qin Anan.

“Well, I like it!” Yinyin remembered the way she took care of herself gently on the day she had a fever, and her heart was very warm.

“Why do you like her?” Fu Shiting glanced at Qin An’an and guessed, “Is it because she is beautiful?”

“Brother, she is more beautiful than Dr. Shen.” Yin Yin reached out and grabbed Fu Shiting’s big palm, looking eagerly at her. He, “What do you think?”

Fu Shiting smiled bitterly: “You are right.”

“Brother, why don’t you stay with An An?” Yin Yin muttered in a muffled voice.

As if Fu Shiting was a fool.

She knows that Qin Anan is more beautiful than Shen Yu, doesn’t he know?

This question made Fu Shiting’s heart aches.

Yinyin has made great progress since the last surgery.

If the treatment continues, he believes that Yinyin will be able to lead a normal life in a short time.

Therefore, he cannot break up with Shen Yu until he finds a doctor who can continue to treat Yin Yin.

“Yinyin, this is about me and her. You just need to be happy every day.” Fu Shiting touched her smooth hair and pressed the bitterness in his heart.

“Brother, are you happy?” Yinyin raised her head, looked at her brother’s handsome face, and frowned, “You don’t seem to be happy at all.”

Qin Anan vaguely heard the conversation.

She wanted to open her eyes to see who was speaking next to her.

Chapter 226

Chapter 226

After struggling a few times, she was unable to open her eyes.

But she defended Fu Shiting’s voice.

But who is that female voice?

Such an unfamiliar voice…calling Fu Shiting brother…

Fu Shiting is flirting with a woman?

Ha ha!

She slept soundly, but he was flirting with the woman beside her bed, would you like a face?

If she could wake up from the dream now, she would definitely drive them both out!

Qin Anan was half awake, her heart aching from anger, and she fell asleep again in a daze.

Fu Shiting took Yinyin’s hand and took her to rest.

After putting Yin Yin to sleep, he returned to the bedroom.

Qin Anan turned over, still sleeping deeply.

Fu Shiting strode into the bathroom and took a shower.

Shen Yu’s eyes were scarlet with anger when she heard that Fu Shiting brought Qin An’an home for the night.

Who is his girlfriend?

She knew very well that he agreed with her to be his girlfriend in order for her to treat Yin Yin’s illness.

But even so, he should keep the surface politeness!

What is it like to take Qin Anan home for the night!

Openly cuckold her?

The shame that I accidentally slept with Fu Yechen last time disappeared.

She couldn’t help thinking that even if Fu Shiting knew that she was sleeping with Fu Yechen, she would not be angry.

She opened a bottle of wine and carried it back to her room.

the next day.

Wei Zhen came to Fu’s house early in the morning to see Qin An’an’s situation.

Fu Shiting was wearing loose home clothes, and he was displeased when he saw him.

“Mr. Fu, my aunt asked me to come. An An didn’t go home, she was very worried.” Wei Zhen knew that it was rude to disturb him early in the morning.

But what Zhang Yun explained, he was obliged to do.

Fu Shiting took him to the bedroom.

Wei Zhen was originally worried about Qin An’an’s safety, but he was relieved to see that she almost occupied the entire bed alone, and there was no place for Fu Shiting at all.

“Mr. Fu, I’m sorry to bother you.” Wei Zhen came out of the room after finishing his courtesy.

Fu Shiting turned around and entered the guest room, where he continued to rest.

It’s only seven in the morning!

He didn’t go to bed until two in the morning last night, so it’s on fire now.

Wei Zhen came out of Fu’s house and called Zhang Yun.

“An An is still sleeping, and she slept very deeply. Fu Shiting is sleeping in another room.” Wei Zhen said, “Auntie, don’t worry, An An is very safe. When she wakes up, she will definitely go home.”

Zhang Yun relaxed heavily. With a sigh of relief, “Thank you, Wei Zhen, fortunately I have you. Otherwise, I have two children and I don’t know how to get there.”

Wei Zhen said: “If An An hasn’t come home at noon, I’ll come and see at noon. “

Okay! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. An An has worked so hard, and it’s my responsibility.” Wei Zhen said apologetically, “If I didn’t let her take this job, she wouldn’t be so tired. Zhang Yun: “

I can’t say that. If it wasn’t for Professor Hu Qing, our family An’an wouldn’t have grown up so fast. It’s her duty to save people. Although she has worked a little harder, she can’t blame you.

” After the phone call, Zhang Yun felt much better.

“Xiaohan, grandma went to buy vegetables, you and your sister stay at home, okay?” Zhang Yun explained to Xiaohan.

Xiaohan nodded.

After Zhang Yun went out, the two children acted immediately.

Rila carried a small schoolbag on her back, while Xiaohan brought her notebook back from her mother’s room.

“Brother, let’s talk to grandma! Otherwise, grandma will definitely be worried.” Rila tugged at the hem of her brother’s clothes and blinked her eyes.

Chapter 227

Chapter 227

Xiaohan’s face is serious: “If you tell grandma, grandma won’t let us go to mother.”

Rila puffed out her cheeks, a little tangled: “Oh…then let’s go to mother! What if the scumbag father bullies my mother?”

Xiaohan pursed his lips, and after thinking quickly, he made a decision: “I’ll go alone, you stay at home. If grandma comes back, you can just find an excuse.

” , Xiaohan went out alone.

Watching the door close, Rela’s long eyelashes blinked, and two lines of hot tears rolled down.

How could she let her brother go to the scumbag father alone?

What if my brother is caught by the scumbag dad?

She can’t lose her brother!

She cried and ran to open Mike’s door.

After opening the door, she ran to the big messy bed, grabbed Mike’s arm, and burst into tears: “Uncle Mike, wake up! My brother is gone! He left alone… He didn’t bring me woo woo…”

Fu family.

A servant came out of the kitchen and wondered, “Why is there a power outage?”

“Didn’t receive a power outage notice? I’ll turn on the backup power.” Mrs. Zhang said.

After the backup power was connected, everything went back to normal.

After about ten minutes, the backup power also stopped.

Fu Shiting strode down from the upstairs, and Mrs. Zhang immediately reported the situation to him: “There is a power outage at home. The backup power is also out of order. I have already called someone to repair it. But I called the power supply bureau, then The side staff said that there is no power outage here.”

Fu Shiting heard the words, his face was calm.

After going downstairs, he walked towards the door.

A bodyguard came over.

“Boss, the power outage is a little strange today. I’ve dispatched more people to come here.”

Fu Shiting nodded and continued to walk towards the gate of the courtyard.

The bodyguard didn’t know what he was going to do, so he had to follow him.

Walking outside the courtyard gate, Fu Shiting squinted his eyes, pointed his finger to the little figure not far away, and instructed the bodyguard, “Catch him here.” The

bodyguard had already noticed Xiaohan, but the child was so young, so he I didn’t pay attention.

“Boss, do you mean to arrest that little boy?” the bodyguard asked in confusion.

When Xiaohan heard their voices, not only did he not run, but he walked over by himself.

Bodyguard: “…”

Fu Shiting looked at the child coldly.

Although he changed clothes and hats, the brim of his hat still blocked his face, and his facial features could not be clearly seen, but Fu Shiting recognized him at a glance.

There was a power outage today, he must have done it.

If nothing else, the network at home must have been hacked by him.

And he must come here for Qin An’an.

Xiaohan quickly walked up to them.

When passing by Fu Shiting, Xiaohan ‘accidentally’ stepped on Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting: “…” The

bodyguard watched in shock as Xiaohan entered the villa as if nothing had happened, and immediately squatted down to wipe the dust off Fu Shiting’s slippers.

“Boss, this child is really rude! It looks like a wild child without parental discipline!” the bodyguard cursed, “Maybe it is an orphan without parents! Don’t have the same knowledge as him, I will drive him away. Fu

Shiting’s face was frosty: “You guessed it right. He is indeed an orphan.”

After speaking, he strode into the courtyard.

Xiaohan has entered the living room, and several servants are looking at him curiously.

Xiaohan faced the direction of the stairs and shouted, “Qin An’an! I’m here to find you!”

Sister Zhang quickly remembered him.

“Are you Xiaohan?” Aunt Zhang crouched down, checked his face, and immediately pulled him to sit on the sofa, “Your mother is still sleeping! She will come down when she wakes up.”

Fu Shiting entered the living room , I saw Mrs. Zhang piled fruit snacks in front of Xiaohan like serving her ancestors.

Fu Shiting walked up to him with a sullen face, waved his long arm, brought his schoolbag over, and took out his notebook: “Did you stop the electricity in my house?! Restore it to me immediately! Otherwise…”

Hearing this, Xiao Han raised his head and looked at him with a defiant expression.

Fu Shiting looked at his face, the words in his mouth were automatically silenced, and his heartbeat stopped abruptly!

Chapter 228

Chapter 228

This child’s face gives him a fatal familiarity every time he sees it!

It seems that you have traveled through time and space, looking at yourself as a child!

Xiao Han glared at him and looked back.

Aunt Zhang asked Xiaohan with a look of panic: “Xiaohan, we have a power outage here, is it really you who did it? How did you do it? Is this laptop yours? You can play with computers at such a young age?”

Xiaohan thin lips Sipping, he put his notebook back in his bag without making a sound.

He put on his schoolbag, walked to the stairs and sat down, waiting for Qin Anan to come out.

Aunt Zhang glanced at Fu Shiting, his face was ashen, and there was restrained anger in his eyes.

If Xiaohan wasn’t a child, he would never be able to sit there unharmed now.

About half an hour later, the bodyguard outside the door came to report: “Boss, there is a sneaky foreigner looking at us frequently. Do you want to arrest him and ask?”

Mike’s face immediately appeared in Fu Shiting’s mind. .

He strode towards the gate of the courtyard.

Before reaching the gate of the courtyard, he saw Mike’s golden hair.

“Qin An’an! Are you under house arrest? If so, call! As long as you call, I will call the police immediately!” Mike shouted in the direction of Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting’s face turned black.

Mike was beaten last night, and today his face is blue and purple, and he even dares to come and make trouble!

“Arrest him!” Fu Shiting looked upset at him dangling.

Two bodyguards immediately grabbed his arms.

“Hey! What are you doing? I didn’t break the law again, why did you arrest me? Is there any more king law? I want to call the police! I’ll call the police right away!” Mike shouted, and was taken to the living room by the bodyguard.

When Xiaohan saw Mike, surprise flashed in his eyes.

After Mike winked at him, he vigorously broke free from the restraints of the bodyguard, and then swaggered around in the living room.

The two bodyguards followed him closely.

“Fu Shiting, this is your 100 million mansion? Have you been fooled by the decoration team?” Mike teased, “It’s not as good as Qin Anan’s 30 million mansion!”

Fu Shiting was sitting on the sofa drinking tea, too lazy to pay attention to him .

It is estimated that this person is not here to find Qin Anan, but to find fault.

After all, I was beaten last night, and it was inevitable to feel resentment in my heart.

Mike pressed the switch panel on the wall, but the light didn’t turn on.

Mike was instantly excited.

“Your house hasn’t called yet? I said why it’s so hot! Fu Shiting, you’re wrapped in such a big robe, aren’t you hot? Call your electrician… oh no, call your technician and ask Hurry up and fix them!” Mike’s laughter was harsh, and his smile was even more harsh.

Fu Shiting’s body was tense, his fingers were clenched, his phalanx turned white.

When he was about to teach Mike a lesson, the crystal chandelier above his head lit up with a ‘click’.


The thermostat is turned on, and the room temperature quickly becomes pleasantly cool.

Mike stared at the crystal lamp for two seconds, then sighed: “Fu Shiting, let’s play! You beat me last night, I’m not convinced! Let’s have a fair game now, if I win, you Let me punch!”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows: “What if you lose?”

“If I lose, I will take Xiaohan away!”

Fu Shiting: “???”

Isn’t this person a good brain?

His bet is not attractive to Fu Shiting, so Fu Shiting will not compare with him.

At this time, Xiao Leng said coldly: “Fu Shiting! Can’t you afford to lose?” The crisp and tender voice was full of contempt and ridicule.

Knowing that this was an aggressive approach, Fu Shiting changed his mind.

He asked Mike: “Beat what?”

“I see there is a tennis court outside, we play tennis.”

Fu Shiting: “Okay.”

Fu Shiting changed his clothes and went to the tennis court to play tennis with Mike.

Except for the bodyguards and Mrs. Zhang at Mengang, everyone else went to the tennis court to help Fu Shiting!

Rila hunched over and quietly entered the living room of the villa from the yard.

Chapter 229

Chapter 229 I

was planning to go to the first floor to find my mother, but suddenly there was footsteps from the kitchen!

Rila was so frightened that she didn’t dare to breathe, and trotted directly towards the stairs.

After being forced to go up to the second floor, she leaned against the wall and exhaled heavily.

At this time, the footsteps are getting closer!

That man is upstairs!

Rila panicked and hurried to find a hiding place.

After a while, Sister Zhang appeared on the second floor and walked towards the master bedroom.

Sister-in-law Zhang came to see Qin Anan.

Sister Zhang was a little worried about the match between Fu Shiting and Mike.

After all, Fu Shiting had a car accident before. Although he recovered later, the doctor told him not to do strenuous exercise.

Aunt Zhang didn’t want to see Fu Shiting lose and be punched by Mike.

So I can only come to Qin Anan.

Opening the door, Mrs. Zhang walked to the bed.

Looking at Qin An’an’s sleeping face, although she couldn’t bear to wake her up, she could sleep at any time. Once the game was lost, it was irreversible.

“An An.” Mrs. Zhang said, and at the same time reached out and patted Qin An’an’s shoulder, “An An!” Qin Anan

frowned when she heard the call.

“An An, wake up.” Sister Zhang raised her voice.

Qin Anan slowly opened her eyes, and saw Mrs. Zhang with sleepy eyes, and the corners of her mouth rose immediately.

“An An, get up quickly. Mike and Mr. are playing on the tennis court. Come and stop them! Mr.’s legs are bad, you know it.” Mrs. Zhang said, helping Qin An’an to sit up.

Qin An’an rubbed her eyes and wondered, “You said Mike and Fu Shiting were on the tennis court?”

“Yes!” Mrs. Zhang told her what happened just now.

Qin An’an glanced at the room blankly, and a cold sweat broke out on her back: “Why am I here?!”

Mrs. Zhang hesitated for a while, and said truthfully, “You locked yourself in the car and fell asleep yesterday. If it weren’t for Mr. If I find you and take you to the hospital in time, the consequences will be disastrous. An An, please go to the tennis court with me first!”

The tennis match was stopped because of Qin An’an’s appearance.

Qin An’an’s eyes swept across the faces of Mike and Xiaohan, and finally fell on Fu Shiting’s face: “Thank you last night!”

“No thanks. Go to the hospital to check again!” Fu Shiting looked at her plain face, all His emotions calmed down, “Last night, your blood count was low in several items.”

“Oh…” Qin Anan didn’t feel any discomfort except for being a little sleepy.

Mike grabbed her arm with a tough attitude: “I’ll take you to the hospital for examination!”

When leaving, Qin Anan couldn’t help but glance at Fu Shiting.

Yesterday, she was exhausted, but Mike called her and asked her to go to the hotel, saying that she was going to surprise her for her birthday.

She declined, but Mike insisted that she go.

She could only bite the bullet and drive to the hotel.

As a result, she was very sleepy in the middle. Before falling asleep, she stepped on the brakes and parked the car on the side of the road.

She wanted to go home and sleep, and wanted to call someone for help, but she couldn’t move.

So I fell asleep in the car.

She recalled it now, with a cold sweat on her back.

If no one found her, she would probably be dead.

Fu Shiting returned to the living room, and Mrs. Zhang brought the stewed chicken soup to him.

“This is An An’s favorite chicken soup. It’s a pity she didn’t drink it.” Mrs. Zhang said regretfully.

Fu Shiting took the soup bowl, finished the soup, and went back to his room to rest.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, a burst of heart-wrenching wailing ran through the entire villa!

Fu Shiting was awakened by this tender and loud cry.

It sounds like a child’s cry!

But, isn’t Xiaohan already gone?

Is it…

Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Could it be that there is still a child at home? !

Fu Shiting took a deep breath!

He walked out of the room and saw Rila’s small body over the stairs, crying and shaking!

It’s Qin An’an’s daughter!

How ridiculous!

When did her daughter come over?

He had absolutely no idea!

Could it be that the most advanced security system in this home is useless to them?

Heh, he suddenly remembered that the network system at home was only repaired two hours ago.

Rila was carrying a rabbit-shaped children’s schoolbag, holding a rabbit doll in her hand, and holding the handrail of the stairs with the other hand, crying and cautiously going downstairs.

Fu Shiting followed behind her, but she didn’t notice it.

All the servants at home stood at the entrance of the stairs on the first floor, looking at this little girl who appeared out of thin air with a shocked look!

“Woooooooooo…my mom must be gone…I’m crying so loud…she didn’t even come to me…woo!”

Rila’s cry sound, like the sound of a train moving.

One after another, very rhythmic.

“Little girl, are you Qin An’an’s daughter?” Sister Zhang walked to Rila and carried her downstairs.

Rila’s eyes were red and her mouth was shriveled. “Did my mom and my brother leave?”

“Yeah! They left a few hours ago. When did you come? Why didn’t I see you coming in?” Sister-in-law Zhang carried Rila to the sofa and sat down, and wiped her tears with a tissue.

This little girl is really beautiful, and she was carved in the same mold as Qin An’an.

At first glance, it is Qin An’an’s biological daughter.

It’s just the child’s father…

Aunt Zhang didn’t dare to ask.

Presumably Fu Shiting had already figured it out.

“I came in when no one was there…I’ve been in for a long time…I’m here to find my mom woohoo! I miss her so much…” Rila pitiful Xixi sniffed, “Why didn’t they call me when they left? Uncle Mike knew that I was here…”

Fu Shiting walked to Rila and looked down at her little face.

“I don’t want you to look at me!” Rila glanced at Fu Shiting in disgust, twisted her body, and left his back to him.

Fu Shiting’s mood suddenly became clouded.

She sneaked into his house and looked righteous!

This is the good daughter taught by Qin An’an!

At this moment, Yin Yin came out of the room.

Seeing Rila, Yin Yin came over with joy.

Yin Yin remembers Rila, but not Rila’s name.

After she came over, she took the initiative to stretch out her hand towards Rui.

Rila raised her eyes to see Yin Yin, frowned and glared at her.

It wasn’t enough, Rila raised her little chin and gave her a cold snort.

Seeing Rila like this, Yinyin not only did not avoid it, but went a step further and held Rila’s little hand.

Fu Shiting had a terrible headache.

Why does Yinyin like Qin An’an and Qin An’an’s two children so much? !

have they seen? Are you familiar?

Otherwise, why do they hold hands as soon as they meet?

But if they met, when did they meet?

Fu Shiting knew nothing!

“Go away!” Rila shook Yin Yin’s hand away and said in disgust, “I won’t play with you!”

Yin Yin was stunned for a moment, then her eyes were wet.

Fu Shiting’s heart was aching.

Qin An’an’s two children are not only rude, but also fierce!

What’s wrong with you? !

“Qin Ruila! Take a good look at who’s house here!” Fu Shiting shouted aloud and taught her, “Didn’t your mother teach you to knock on the door when you enter someone else’s house? And…”

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