When His Eyes Opened Chapter 241 -250(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 241 -250(Chinese)

Chapter 241

So he can completely take advantage of this opportunity to have a deep chat with Qin Anan.

“Me and Yin Yin…” He opened his mouth, but the picture on her phone screen caught his attention, “Who is this man?” It looked familiar.

He looked at the picture over and over again.

He was sure that he had seen the man, but could not remember the specific information of the man.

Qin Anan took the phone back.

“You really haven’t changed at all, and your desire to control is still so strong. Maybe this is a common problem of old men?” She put the phone in her bag and didn’t forget to tease him, “This is the male star I’ve been chasing recently. How about it? Handsome, right? Not only handsome, but also very young. I like this type of man recently.”

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth angrily.

Does she despise him for being old?

I planned to have a good chat with her, but it seems that there is no need for this!

After all, she doesn’t like old men now, she only likes little fresh meat!

“What were you trying to say to me just now?” Qin Anan saw that his face turned blue with anger, and his mood improved a lot.

“No!” Fu Shiting said coldly, “Eat!”

This meal was not very pleasant.

Finally, when Fu Shiting paid the bill, Qin Anan took Xiaohan away first.


Tears welled up in Shen Yu’s eyes again when Shen Yu got the test sheet.

This morning was like a long nightmare.

The most terrifying thing is to wake up to find that this nightmare is real!

She is pregnant!

Pregnant with Fu Yechen’s child.

After coming out of the hospital, she began to think of a way.

There must be a remedy!

God has closed a door for her, and will definitely open a new window for her.

As long as others don’t know that she is pregnant with Fu Yechen’s child, it’s actually not that scary.

In addition, Fu Shiting now relies on her to treat Yinyin, so she will never be worse than Qin Anan.

Thinking of this, she felt a lot calmer.

After returning home from the hospital, she went back to her room and lay down.

She had a terrible headache, but she couldn’t sleep when she closed her eyes.

Half an hour later, she called Fu Yechen.

“I’ll find a way to sleep with Fu Shiting,” she said of her plan, “and then count the child on his head.”

Fu Yechen was shocked, and his heart was agitated.

“It’s not impossible… It’s just that after the child is born, if my uncle does a paternity test, won’t he help?”

Shen Yu: “I have my own plan! You just need to obey!”

“Okay! I won’t say anything. You can do what you want.” Fu Yechen didn’t dare to talk too much, “but how do you want my uncle to sleep with you? My uncle is very difficult.”

“If I have a way, I will Will I call you!” Shen Yu roared, “Hurry up and think of a way! If you can’t think of a way, your uncle will finally know that my child is yours!”

Fu Yechen wanted to cry without tears: “I Got it! I’ll try to figure it out right away.”


Qin Anan received a call from Li Xiaotian.

“An An, I just received a notice from Mike that I will make up for your birthday party this weekend.”

Qin Anan rubbed his temples: “This guy, kill first and then play! He didn’t tell me!”

Li Xiaotian laughed: “I think he wanted to play himself, and then made an excuse to have a party.”

“Well…he called you just now?”

“Yeah! I’ll definitely be there on weekends. But do you want to invite Fu Shiting this time? You didn’t invite him at the birthday party a few days ago. He was very angry.” Li Xiaotian said, “He covered the small banquet hall next to your banquet hall. How naive!”

Qin An’s forehead: “I quarreled with him just now. He probably doesn’t want to come to my birthday party.”

“Why did you two quarrel again?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Oh, why don’t I let He Zhunzhi Call him and ask him? If he wants to go, you invite him.” Li Xiaotian suddenly smiled, “I heard that you received a gift from him. You can’t justify it if you don’t invite him, right?”

Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Qin An’an was completely blocked by these words.

Blame yourself!

Why take his gift? !

If I didn’t accept his gift, I wouldn’t be so embarrassed now.

After talking on the phone, Qin Anan dialed Mike’s number: “You want to hold a replacement birthday party for me, don’t you tell me first?”

“Tell you first, what if you don’t agree?” Mike knows her too well , “I’ll notify you after I’ve notified others, so you can’t refuse.”

Qin Anan sneered: “When the time comes, you can play with others! I’m not going!”

“But I’ve already notified Fu Shiting. This shameless man actually agreed!” Mike’s tone was sarcastic, “Qin An’an, why is your ex-husband’s face so thick? Why do you like this kind of man?”

Qin An’an raised his hand and rubbed it Rubbed his temples, then hung up the phone.

In less than a minute, Li Xiaotian called.

“An An, Fu Shiting will go there! I thought he was so arrogant, he would definitely take this opportunity to refuse!” Li Xiaotian wondered, “I can’t guess his reaction every time, could this be the case? Is there a unique feature of successful people?”

Qin Anan: “Li Xiaotian, you can’t guess the reaction of the madman. Can you not wear such a thick filter to him?”

“Hahaha! Every time I talk about Fu Shiting, Your tone is so aggressive!” Li Xiaotian analyzed, “It seems that you still love him! If you didn’t love him, there wouldn’t be such a big fluctuation in your heart.”

Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip of water. Then I just found a reason to hang up the phone.

Suddenly I miss the days when I was so busy that I didn’t have time.

Mike went to the bathroom to calm down for a few minutes after calling Fu Shiting.

After calming down, he dialed Zhou Ziyi’s phone.

He had already deleted Zhou Ziyi’s number, but damn, he actually remembered Zhou Ziyi’s number.

The phone was dialed, and it rang for a while before being answered.

“I thought you wouldn’t answer my call! I sent you a message the day before yesterday, why didn’t you reply?!” A few days ago, Mike sent Zhou Ziyi an apology text message due to Qin An’an’s threat.

But Zhou Ziyi did not return.

This matter made him brooding.

“You have the right to send text messages, and I also have the right not to reply.” Zhou Ziyi’s voice was very cold, “don’t call me if you have nothing to do.”

“I have something to do! Are you coming to Qin An’an’s birthday party this weekend?”

” It depends on whether our boss will go.”

“Fu Shiting told me that he would come!”

“Oh, then I’ll be with him.” Zhou Ziyi said here, “I’m very busy now. Don’t give it to me during my working hours in the future. I’ll call.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

A raging anger rose in Mike’s heart!

Just a little assistant!

What are you busy with?

Fu Shiting didn’t say anything like that!

As the second boss of the Qin Group, Mike is busy talking about it?

After a while, Mike pulled the company executive manager into a small group.

Group name: Damn Fu Shiting

, the supervisor and managers didn’t dare to speak in the group when they saw this scary title.

Mike: At the party this Saturday, we’re going to put Fu Shiting on the ground! Do you have confidence? !

A manager: how?

Mike: Drink! Otherwise what do you want to do?

The crowd was relieved.

Chapter 243

Chapter 243

  • No problem! I’m a good drinker!
  • I drink well too!

——We have a group of people who do Fu Shiting alone, there is no problem!

Mike looked at the rhetoric of everyone in the group and smiled knowingly.

Why was he so kind to invite Fu Shiting to the party? This is his real purpose.

To bully Qin Anan is to bully him.

He clearly couldn’t fight Fu Shiting, but he still had confidence in drinking Fu Shiting!


Mrs. Fu asked Fu Shiting to bring Shen Yu to the old house for dinner.

After Fu Shiting took Shen Yu to the old house, everyone started to eat dinner.

“Doctor Shen, if you are free, you can come over more often.” Mrs. Fu said with a smile, “Shi Ting is usually very busy and may not have so much time to accompany you.”

Shen Yu nodded: “Okay, as long as you If you don’t think I’m annoying, then I’ll come over more in the future.”

“How could I be annoying you? You are so good, I like you too late!”

After a happy dinner, Mrs. Fu called Fu Shiting into the room and chatted alone.

“Shi Ting, you and Dr. Shen are a good match. You are not too young now. Do you want to get engaged first?” Mrs. Fu said.

“Mom, I don’t want to think about marriage until Yin Yin’s illness is cured.” Fu Shiting found a reason to shirk.

“Yinyin’s medical treatment doesn’t conflict with your marriage!”

“I hope Yinyin can be there when I get married.”

“If you get married now, she can be there too! You didn’t say that she recovered after the last surgery. Is it good?”

Fu Shiting shook his head.

“Engagement is not marriage. Dr. Shen quit your high-paying job abroad for you. You have to express it anyway.” Mrs. Fu asked, “What do you think?”

“Not engaged.” Tell your mother, “I don’t love her. If I can find another doctor to treat Yin Yin, I will break up with her immediately. Mom, you are also a woman, you should know that if I get engaged or married to her, it will only hurt her. She.”

The expression on Mrs. Fu’s face stiffened a bit.

“How deep do you think I have a relationship with your father? Many couples are separated from each other, but they can live a lifetime.”

Fu Shiting: “If others can live, it doesn’t mean I want to live like this.”

“You are too stubborn! If you insist on your own opinions, I can’t control you.” Old Madam Fu felt sad and changed her words, “In another month, it will be your father’s death anniversary.”

Fu Shiting pursed his thin lips and turned his back: “I know If there is nothing else, I’ll go out first.”

“Shi Ting, you and Dr. Shen, please think about it again!”

After coming out of the room, Fu Shiting and Shen Yu said that they had to leave first.

Shen Yu sent him out: “I’ll stay here for a while.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

Half an hour later, Mrs. Fu went back to her room to rest.

Fu Yechen finally found a chance to chat with Shen Yu alone.

“Doctor Shen, I found it. My uncle is going to Qin An’an’s birthday party this Saturday.” Fu Yechen told his plan, “My uncle will definitely drink by then. After my uncle drinks too much, you Go pick him up. If he’s drunk, you can do whatever you want to him. If he’s half-drunk and half-awake, give him this bottle of water…”

Fu Yechen He took out a bottle of water and handed it to Shen Yu.

“Just drinking this bottle of water is enough to turn my uncle from a gentleman into a beast!”

Shen Yu: “…”

Although it’s a bit shameless, but now there is no other choice.

Shen Yu took the water and said coldly and sarcastically, “You are really handy to do such a rude thing.”

Fu Yechen was humiliated, and immediately blushed: “Doctor Shen, you asked me to think of a way. To deal with my uncle, if he doesn’t use any tricks, he can’t sleep with you at all!”

“Shut up! I know he likes Qin An’an! But so what? Now I’m his girlfriend! “Shen Yu said arrogantly, “When I sleep with him, I will force him to marry me!”

Chapter 244

Chapter 244

The ambition in her eyes is obvious and undisguised.

Fu Yechen felt that his dead soul was awakened.

Now he and Shen Yu are on the same boat, if Shen Yu succeeds, it means he succeeds too.

A woman can be more expensive than a mother, and so can he.

His father is as precious as his son!

ten o’clock in the evening.

The black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into Fu’s front yard.

Fu Shiting went to an entertainment tonight.

The reason why I participated in this entertainment was because at this dinner, there was a top three entrepreneur in the domestic drone field.

He wanted to know the situation of Qin An’an company.

The information obtained at the dinner tonight shows that although the Qin Group has been rebuilt, its sales channels have hit a wall in China.

AN Technology is very powerful in foreign countries, and its reputation and reputation are first-class.

However, when Qin Anan returned to China, he did not use the signboard of AN Technology, but Qin’s Group.

Even if the product is the same, but the brand is different, the value is also different.

Qin Anan does not market or advertise, so no one buys it at present.

The top three entrepreneur said that Qin An’an will roll back to country B in a dreadful way if he can’t last in the country for half a year.

the next day.

Intercontinental Hotel.

Qin Anan came alone to discuss cooperation.

The other party is one of the largest distributors in the domestic drone field.

After the two met in the hotel restaurant, they sat down.

“Miss Qin, you came alone?”

The dealer’s surname is Lu, he is about fifty years old, with a fat build, wearing a pair of glasses, and his eyes are shrewd behind the frame.

“Well. Everyone is very busy recently.” Qin Anan smiled politely and took out a document from his bag, “Mr. Lu, this is a detailed introduction of our company’s products. Let me show you.”

“Oh, I have seen it. It is precisely because I have seen it that I asked Miss Qin to come out to meet.” Mr. Lu said, his eyes moved down from her face a little bit, passed through her chest, and finally stopped at her slender waist, “Miss Qin, I know Your company’s products are good, but the domestic market is different from abroad.”

“Oh.” Qin Anan was not very comfortable with him, so he picked up the water glass and took a sip, “I would like to hear more about it.”

“Yours Authorize the product to me, and I will definitely make your product quickly occupy the domestic market.” Mr. Lu was talking, his foot suddenly hooked to Qin An’an, “Can you lower the price?”

Qin An’an will He shrank his legs back and said in a cold tone: “I’m sorry, the price I gave you is already the reserve price. It can’t be any lower.”

“Miss Qin, you’re so disingenuous.” Mr. Lu looked regretful. “Without sincerity, how to do business?”

Qin Anan narrowed her eyes slightly and raised the corners of her mouth, “Mr. Lu, what do you think is sincerity?”

Looking at her charming smile, Mr. Lu immediately stood up from the chair and walked away. to her side.

“Miss Qin, you are so young and beautiful. The most important thing is that you are still capable. There must be many men pursuing you, right?” President Lu’s fat palm fell on Qin An’an’s shoulder.

Qin Anan clenched the teacup tightly with her fingers.

She began to count down in her heart – 3, 2…

A gust of wind hit, and then with a ‘bang’, Mr. Lu who was beside him was punched away!

Qin An’an raised his head suddenly and saw Fu Shiting’s dark and gloomy face!

“Qin An’an! I didn’t expect you to be reduced to this level!” Fu Shiting dragged her out of the chair and scolded her, “Didn’t you say you don’t like old men?! What are you doing now?! This is A man with a fat head like a pig is touching you, why don’t you resist?! For the sake of money, you don’t even want your dignity!”

Qin Anan was dizzy due to his training.

If he hadn’t knocked down the pig-like man with one punch, Qin Anan would have thrown a glass of water on the man’s face.

“Fu Shiting, can you keep your voice quieter?” Qin Anan saw the people around him looking towards them, his face turned red with a swish.

He is shameless, she wants it.

She took the bag from the chair and planned to leave.

He pushed her body back into the chair.

His eyes were scarlet, and he was full of anger: “Are you selling anything for money!”

Qin Anan suppressed his dissatisfaction with him in his heart, because his words broke out completely!

Chapter 245

Chapter 245

“Yeah! As long as you give me money, I’ll sell everything!” She blushed and her voice trembled slightly, “Don’t worry about my business!”

His eyes were burning with anger.

“—Clear the venue!”

He gave an order, and the bodyguards immediately drove out all the people watching the fun in the restaurant.

Including President Lu, who was slumped on the ground.

There were only the two of them left in the huge restaurant.

Qin Anan pushed his chest hard, “Fu Shiting! You rascal! You bastard!”

She exerted all her strength, but couldn’t shake him at all.

“Aren’t you selling it? I’ll make it for you!” His big palm reached in front of her and tore her shirt.

She turned pale with fright, and immediately begged for mercy: “Don’t touch me! Fu Shiting! Please don’t touch me!”

“Others can touch you, but I can’t?! Is it because I didn’t give money?” He had completely lost his mind!

He took out the wallet from his pocket, took out all the banknotes in it, and threw it on her panicked little face!

Then, a ‘his’ sound!

Her shirt was violently torn open by him, revealing the white tube top inside.

Tears rolled down the corners of her eyes.

“Fu Shiting! If you touch me again, I will never see you again!” She choked and said word by word, “I can’t provoke you, I can hide!

” , pour down the head.

With his scarlet eyes, looking at her aggrieved and angry face, the impulse in his body was suppressed.

The dissipated reason also returned to the body.

His Adam’s apple rolled, and his slender fingers began to unbutton his shirt.

Qin Anan held his chest with both hands and looked at him coldly.

She watched him unbutton his shirt, take it off, and finally put his long arm over her with a wave of his long arm.

His warm and familiar masculinity penetrated into her body.

She hated him, and she couldn’t hate him to the bone.

He put on his lean upper body and strode out of the restaurant.

She raised her head like a drowning fish, breathing heavily.

After a while, the phone in the bag rang.

She snapped back to her senses.

Lifting his shirt off, she picked up her bag and left quickly.

ST Group.

After Zhou Ziyi answered a call, he took a deep breath!

Is this world crazy?

His boss, Fu Shiting, went to the hotel to go crazy.

Not only did he let the bodyguards drive away all the guests in the restaurant, but he also threw money in the restaurant…

What’s more outrageous is that he actually took off his tight shirt and threw it in the restaurant.

If this is a drama, it must be a farce.

Half an hour later, the restaurant owner personally delivered Fu Shiting’s cash and clothes.

Along with these two items came two buttons for women’s shirts.

“Whose button is this?” Zhou Ziyi asked while holding the button.

“It seems to be a young lady surnamed Qin.”

“Qin An’an?”

“Yes! The two of them had a big fight in the restaurant and almost started it.”

Zhou Ziyi: “???”

Did the last three words mean what he understood?

Chapter 246

Chapter 246

Li Family.

Li Xiaotian took a T-shirt to Qin Anan.

“What the hell did you do? Wrestling doesn’t make the buttons fall off, right?” Li Xiaotian wondered and guessed, “Qin Anan, did you fight someone?!”

Qin Anan put on the T-shirt over her head. , said angrily: “Yeah! You found out.”

“Have you lost the fight? It hurts to see how embarrassed you are. Why don’t you hire a bodyguard?” Li Xiaotian poured her a glass of warm water, “You Now he is a big boss worth over 100 million, so it is very necessary to hire a bodyguard. Look at Fu Shiting, he has hired a lot of bodyguards. No matter where he goes, there are bodyguards with him. Moreover, I heard that his bodyguards are among the top experts. …”

Qin Anan laughed: “So I don’t have to bother to ask for a bodyguard.”

Li Xiaotian: “Why?” She understood after asking, “Is Fu Shiting ill? What is he doing? Can’t get along with you?”

Qin Anan drank water and put down the water glass.

“Xiao Tian, ​​thank you for lending me the clothes. I’ll go back to the company first.”

Mike called her and asked how the conversation was going.

She has to go back to life.

“I’ll send you.” Li Xiaotian worried about her.

“No need. I’m really fine, and it’s not the first time I’ve quarreled with him.” Qin Anan said casually.

“I know you guys often quarrel, but he did something to you today!” Li Xiaotian said here, suddenly thought of something, she immediately turned around and walked to the cabinet, and took out a bottle of anti-wolf spray from it, “You put this in In the bag. Next time he bullies you, you can use this to spray him.”

Qin’s group.

Mike was very surprised when he saw Qin Anan changed his clothes.

“Qin An’an, has the conversation collapsed?”


“It will collapse if it collapses, it’s okay.” Mike comforted her, “Our sales department can recruit more employees and sell it ourselves.”

Qin Anan nodded: “I think so too. We are just starting, don’t Thinking of reaching the sky one step at a time, let’s take it step by step.”

Mike has never been interested in doing business or making money.

He partnered with Qin Anan to repay her for saving her life.

So what she says is what she says.

“Mike, the money we make abroad may come in… It may make money in the future, or it may be lost.” Qin Anan pondered for a while, and then spoke truthfully.

“Why are you worried about this? I’ll make it when I don’t have any money! You just need to be responsible for your beauty.” Mike smiled and hooked her shoulder, “Qin An’an, when we started our business abroad, we didn’t start out. It’s smooth sailing!”

Qin Anan’s bad mood was comforted a little: “Maybe because no one knows me abroad, so whether I succeed or fail, I have no psychological burden.”

“Don’t live in the eyes of others. Focus on doing your own thing. It’ll be alright .”

Qin An’an’s shackles were opened, and he smiled: “Mike Life Mentor Ke, you are two meters tall today.”

“Haha! I’ll take you to buy clothes! The clothes on you don’t look good. It’s beautiful!” Mike said disgustedly, “You have to dress nicely for your birthday on the weekend!”

Mike didn’t ask her what she wanted, and just pulled her out of the company.

In the afternoon, ST Group.

After Fu Shiting arrived at the company, Zhou Ziyi followed him in.

“Ziyi, I won’t go to Qin An’an’s birthday this weekend.” His expression was indifferent, as usual, but different.

Zhou Ziyi certainly knew why he changed his mind temporarily.

He had a big quarrel with Qin An’an at noon, and I’m afraid it will be difficult to recover for a while.

What a face person he is.

To throw money and undress in public…

It feels absurd no matter how you think about it.

Although everyone in the restaurant was kicked out at that time, there must be a crowd of people outside the restaurant to watch the fun.

“Then I’ll go with Brother Bei.” Zhou Ziyi said, “If we don’t go, it doesn’t seem very good.”

Fu Shiting was absent-minded, his eyes glanced at the black bag on the table, and asked, “What is this?”

Zhou Ziyi lightly He coughed, not knowing how to answer.

Chapter 247

Chapter 247

Fu Shiting opened the bag and saw the shirt and cash inside.

A ‘whoosh’ sound – the

black bag was blown away by him!

“Throw it away!” His voice came cold.

“Okay.” Zhou Ziyi immediately picked up the bag and strode out.

Commercial Street.

After Mike took Qin Anan into the women’s clothing store, he gave her one new style after another and let her try it on.

“Don’t be troublesome. You have to put on the clothes to know if they fit.” Mike pushed her to the fitting room.

“Miss, your boyfriend is so kind to you. Few men are so attentive!” The clerk said with a smile, “Do you need me to go in and change it for you?”

Qin Anan shook his head frantically: “I’ll change it myself.” All

afternoon, Mike took Qin An’an and walked around the commercial street.

The trunk is full of shopping bags.

He not only bought clothes for Qin Anan, but also for Xiaohan, Rila, Zhang Yun and himself.

This is not Qin An’an’s first time shopping with him, but it should be the last.

Qin Anan was so hungry that he dragged him to a random restaurant and went in, intending to fill his stomach and go back.

“Qin An’an, hurry up and eat, and I’ll take you to do your hair.”

Qin An’an’s eyes widened: “To be honest, are you trying to exhaust me?”

“You don’t need to move to do your hair. Look at it. You look so lifeless now, how can you rejuvenate your second spring?” Mike flipped through his phone and showed her the picture, “Look at this man, isn’t he handsome? Prince E, tall, rich, handsome, extremely rich, hang and beat Fu Shiting. In the second spring, I will find it according to this standard. When the time comes, Fu Shiting will be mad.”

Qin Anan: “……”

She was quite hungry at first, but after listening to Mike’s words, she was full.

“Do you think that I can buy a piece of clothing and make my hair so that I can get into the eyes of other princes?”

“Of course not. You have to go to Country E to have a chance.” Mike was still quite sober, “Don’t be discouraged, we will take it step by step. Come.”

Qin Anan put down the tableware and wiped his mouth with a tissue.

“Are you full? Then let’s go!” Mike scanned the QR code to check out, and then pulled Qin An’an to do his hair.


Qin Anan’s birthday party.

The meeting place was in a five-star hotel in the city center.

Zhang Yun stayed at home with her two children.

First, because Qin Anan’s birthday passed last week, and secondly, the two children don’t like occasions with many strangers.

Four p.m.

Mike drove and brought Qin An’an to the hotel.

In the banquet hall, guests have arrived one after another.

Qin An’an has long hair in a shawl today, and the ends of her hair are naturally curled like waves. She is wearing an off-white V-neck dress, with the ends of the skirt naturally smudged from brown to the top, and inlaid with sparkling sequins.

At a glance, it looks like a sky full of stars, dazzling.

As soon as she appeared, everyone in the banquet hall looked at her.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi came towards her.

“Miss Qin, happy birthday.” Sheng Bei handed her the gift and praised him sincerely, “You are so beautiful today.”

Zhou Ziyi also offered the gift: “Miss Qin, my boss has something to do today, so I can’t come here.”

Qin Anan’s face It was a gentle and decent smile, “Thank you for your gifts and blessings.”

Her voice was settled, and Mike uttered a ‘fuck off’ next to her, “Zhou Ziyi! Isn’t that your boss?!”

Everyone looked towards the entrance of the banquet hall one after another—

I saw Fu Shiting’s tall and handsome figure walking towards it in a hurry.

Chapter 248

Chapter 248

Zhou Ziyi felt that his face was swollen.

Didn’t someone say that he couldn’t come to Qin An’an’s birthday party?

Why did it come silently?

Are you talking about fart?

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi strode to Fu Shiting and asked about the situation.

Fu Shiting didn’t change his face, and told a lie without any guilt: “I happened to pass by. So come up and have a look.”

“Hehe, I thought you were too scared to come!” Mike came over and pulled Fu Shiting to the wine table. “Today, we are all gathered here to celebrate the birthday of my goddess Qin An’an, so first, you can’t curse, and second, you can’t do anything. The most important thing is to be happy!”

Mike took an empty wine glass and put it in Fu Shiting before.

Immediately pick up the wine bottle and fill it up!

Qin An’an: “…” It’s

not dinner time yet, so I’m drinking?

Qin Anan saw that Mike was the leader, the company manager was the assistant, and a group of people stared at Fu Shiting like hungry wolves.

She saw through their plan instantly!

She stepped forward, intending to stop them.

Li Xiaotian pulled her back.

“Don’t worry about them!” Li Xiaotian dragged her towards the drinking area next to her, “How did Fu Shiting bully you a few days ago, have you forgotten? I told He Zhunzhi not to help him, and you can’t help him either.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks were slightly red, “But dinner hasn’t started…”

“I’ll go to the back kitchen to see, if the dishes are ready, I’ll let the back kitchen serve them first.”


After a moment, the waiter started Serve.

Li Xiaotian pulled Qin Anan to sit down.

“An An, you definitely didn’t buy this dress yourself, right? You look so good in it! It’s so sexy!”

Qin Anan’s cheeks were slightly warm, and he said unnaturally, “Mike chose it.”

“I knew it was him. I will next time. I want to call him when I go shopping. He has a really good eye for choosing clothes.” Li Xiaotian decided to be best friends with Mike.

“He is very good at shopping.” Qin Anan was shopping the day before yesterday, and his feet still hurt today.

And Mike has no influence.

“Qin An’an, I think it’s better for you to tell Mike. Brother Shi Ting’s alcohol intake is average.” Although He Zhunzhi was sitting at their table, his heart was on Fu Shiting’s side.

Li Xiaotian glared at him: “Didn’t you mean to stand on our side?”

“Of course I stand on your side, but what if I drink and die?” He Zhunzhi glanced at the next table, “They have already drunk Only one bottle is left! It’s only half an hour!”

Qin Anan got up from the chair with a ‘jump’, and decided to stop it.

“An An, Fu Shiting is not alone. Isn’t there Zhou Ziyi and Sheng Bei? Don’t worry, they will take care of him.” Li Xiaotian held her hand and pressed her into a chair to sit down, “People Now that you have a girlfriend, it’s not your turn to be distressed. Leave him alone.”

These words made Qin Anan calm down abruptly.

At the next table, Zhou Ziyi and Sheng Bei took turns blocking the wine for Fu Shiting.

So Fu Shiting didn’t drink much.

Mike had an idea and pulled Zhou Ziyi away: “Assistant Zhou, let’s drink alone!”

Zhou Ziyi took the wine glass and left with him.

As soon as the two of them left, the atmosphere at the wine table suddenly became a little colder.

After all, Mike is the leader of the ‘Die Fu Shiting’ group.

He wasn’t there, and the others weren’t so imposing.

Who is Fu Shiting? The big boss of ST Group.

These managers in charge here are not sure that they can work in the Qin Group for a lifetime, so no one dares to offend Fu Shiting.

“Come on, drink!” Sheng Bei raised his glass with a smile, enlivening the atmosphere.

Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

When Qin Anan saw Mike’s absence, the atmosphere became normal, and the tense heartstrings relaxed.

She picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

“An An, have you seen the gift I gave you? Do you like it?” Li Xiaotian chatted with her.

Qin Anan laughed: “I like it! Just, why do you have so many black historical photos of me?”

Li Xiaotian gave Qin Anan a photo album.

Chapter 249

Chapter 249

contains various photos of their college days.

This is a very precious gift.

“Because we are good best friends! In the phone I used in college, apart from my own photos, the most photos are yours.” Li Xiaotian looked at her affectionately, “Let’s be good best friends for a lifetime!”

Qin Anan raised the glass and toasted her: “Gou Fugui, don’t forget each other!”

After taking a sip of wine, Qin Anan put down the glass.

Suddenly, someone tapped on the shoulder.

She looked sideways and met Sheng Bei’s reddened smile.

“Miss Qin, come and sit down!” Sheng Bei pointed to the next table, “Go and take care of your employees, or they will get us drunk.”

Sheng Bei had an aggrieved expression.

“Brother Sheng, it’s perfectly fine for you to drink one against ten!” Li Xiaotian teased.

Sheng Bei sighed: “That was before. Now I’m older…”

Qin Anan got up and followed Sheng Bei to the next table.

Sheng Bei asked her to sit in Mike’s seat.

And Mike’s seat is next to Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan glanced at Fu Shiting from the corner of his eyes.

He was looking at her with his falcon-like eyes.

Qin Anan was not happy when he saw him, so he sat down beside him.

“Miss Qin, you drink juice.” Sheng Bei poured her a glass of juice and asked Fu Shiting, “Shiting, do you want juice?”

Because Qin An was here, the others were very honest.

No one dared to pour Fu Shiting wine.

Fu Shiting picked up the wine bottle and poured himself a drink.

Sheng Bei put down the juice pot in embarrassment.

“Mr. Qin, I’ll toast you. Happy birthday to you.” A manager stood up and toasted Qin An’an.

Qin Anan raised the juice glass and said, “My birthday is long past. You don’t need to toast me.” After speaking, she took a sip of juice.

The manager raised his glass, embarrassed.

At this time, Fu Shiting raised his glass and said dumbly, “I’ll drink with you.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath, looked past Fu Shiting and looked at Sheng Bei.

It was clearly Fu Shiting who wanted to drink, so how could she blame her staff for drinking him?

Sheng Bei took out his mobile phone and sent Qin An’an a message: He glanced at your chest just now, probably stimulated by your dress.

Qin Anan replied: What I wear is my freedom, if he doesn’t like it, he can leave!

Sheng Bei: Miss Qin, that’s not what I meant. Since he wants to drink, let him drink! You can eat, don’t worry about him.

Qin Anan put the phone on the table.

Fu Shiting glanced at her and then at Sheng Bei.

Meaning: I know you two are sending messages behind my back.

He raised his glass, took a sip, and said, “Do you know what is the most important thing in running a company?”

Supervisors: “…”

Sheng Bei looked at Fu Shiting in confusion.

Why did he suddenly say this?

Is he going to give everyone a free entrepreneur training class?

Also shocked was Qin Anan.

She was a little confused.

I don’t know if Fu Shiting was drunk or she was drunk.

She looked at his face so close at the moment, it felt so unreal.

Fu Shiting’s body was a little hot, and his slender fingers pulled at the neckline.

“It’s easy to start a company, but it takes skills to keep it running and develop healthily…” Fu Shiting spoke again.

The supervisors and managers put down their wine glasses and listened carefully to the class.

Sheng Bei picked up his mobile phone and sent Qin An’an a message: He told you this. He is afraid that you will go bankrupt. He was heartbroken for you.

Qin An’an blushed when she saw the news from Sheng Bei.

Chapter 250

Chapter 250

Fu Shiting’s big palm suddenly reached out and shook her hand holding the phone.

Her hands softened and she let go of the phone.

His big palm retracted immediately.

This confirmed Sheng Bei’s guess.

He was here to teach, to teach her.

Managers, look stunned!

What the hell!

How is this going?

The boss and Fu Shiting…there is a situation!

Qin Anan’s cheeks were hot.

She picked up the juice jug, poured herself a glass of juice, and took a gulp.

Fortunately, today is not her birthday.

Whoever celebrates his birthday is willing to listen to his lectures, it’s really annoying.

While telling the secret of his success, he did not forget to raise his glass and drink with everyone.

As if he hadn’t forgotten that tonight was for her birthday.

Qin Anan ate two bowls of rice and a plate of fruit. An hour passed, and he hadn’t finished speaking.

She simply put her head on one hand and stared at him.

His Adam’s apple rolled and looked back at her: “Qin An’an, do you remember what I just said?”

“Let’s have a drink!” She lowered her eyes, picked up the bottle, and poured herself a glass Then he refilled his glass, “We’ve known each other for so long, and we haven’t had a drink yet!”

Fu Shiting held the glass, thinking about whether to drink with her.

She raised her glass and drank it all.

Li Xiaotian was at the next table, staring blankly.

“Qin An’an is crazy!”

He Zhunzhi: “I didn’t expect that it’s not Mike, nor the executives, but Qin An’an who will drink Shiting tonight.”

Li Xiaotian exclaimed when she saw Fu Shiting raise the glass and drank it down. : “What are they doing?”

He Zhunzhi: “It’s so obvious that you can’t see it? Love and kill each other! The two of them will either be together in the future, or they will never interact with each other!”

“Hehe, there is no way they can be together. Let’s be together! Fu Shiting not only has Shen Yu, but also Yin Yin… Even if Qin An’an’s head is caught in the door, he will not get back with him.”

Half an hour later, the wine party was over.

Fu Shiting drank.

Qin Anan also drank a lot.

She rubbed her temples with her hands, forcing herself to stay awake.

Mike is indeed a person who goes to bars every day.

When everyone was drinking too much, he ran over and pulled Sheng Bei away to continue drinking!

Judging by his posture, he planned to drink Fu Shiting, Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi down!

Half past ten at night.

Shen Yu appeared in the banquet hall with a cold face.

After explaining her intention to the security guard at the door, she strode into the banquet hall.

A sound of high heels stepping on the ground appeared in his ears, Qin Anan raised his head and met Shen Yu’s gaze.

“Miss Qin, happy birthday.” Shen Yu looked down at her and said coldly, “I’m here to pick up Shiting and go home.”

Qin Anan drank too much and felt a little uncomfortable. She wanted to speak, but she couldn’t make a sound.

She raised her hand and waved at Shen Yu.

be a response.

“Miss Qin, you know that drinking too much will hurt your health, so why should you get Shi Ting drunk? I thought you and Shi Ting had an old relationship and wouldn’t mess around, but I didn’t expect you to be so unreasonable!” Together, they lifted Fu Shiting up from the chair.

Because Fu Shiting was so drunk, Shen Yu and the driver couldn’t take Fu Shiting to the parking lot smoothly.

In desperation, Shen Yu opened a room in the hotel.

After sending Fu Shiting to the big bed to lie down, the driver backed off.

Shen Yu took out the bottle of water that Fu Yechen gave from her bag.

Fu Shiting was so drunk that she was bound to win tonight.

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