When His Eyes Opened Chapter 251 -260(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 251 -260(Chinese)

Chapter 251

“Shi Ting, drink some water!” Shen Yu raised his head slightly and brought the water to his mouth, “I know you are in a bad mood now, you will be much better if you drink some water.”

.. ….

Banquet hall.

Qin Anan was much more awake.

But the mood is more uncomfortable than when I’m not drunk.

She can no longer be entangled with Fu Shiting!

If this goes on, it will only get deeper and deeper.

“An An, that Shen Yu is so arrogant!” Li Xiaotian walked over to her and comforted her, “Don’t take what she said to heart. She doesn’t look in the mirror to see what kind of person she is. It was someone else who threatened Fu Shiting.”

Qin Anan picked up her bag and planned to leave: “I’m not angry with her. I’m angry with myself.”

“You did nothing wrong.”

“I’m so ridiculous,” Qin Anan Mumbling to himself, “I still have fantasies about him…Li Xiaotian, if I see him again in the future, you must scold me severely!”

Li Xiaotian is very embarrassed, but for her sake, she won’t do this anymore. Painful, so nodded in agreement.

“I’ll take you back!” Li Xiaotian supported her, “don’t worry about the others, He Zhunzhi will arrange for them later.”

Qin Anan and Li Xiaotian took the elevator downstairs.

Arriving at the parking lot, she saw Fu Shiting’s car at a glance.

“I wanted to scold you just now! Now I can’t look away when I see his car! Hey!” Li Xiaotian turned her face over and teased, “I asked, Shen Yu opened the room directly in the hotel. Fu Shiting is so drunk that even if Shen Yu wants to do something to him, he won’t succeed.”

Qin Anan: “What are you doing with so many brains?”

“Quickly fasten your seat belt!” Li Xiaotian finished teasing her and said earnestly, “Go back and have a good sleep. An An, you deserve a better man.”

Qin Anan was a little moved.

Just as he was about to say something, the phone in his bag rang.

She took out her mobile phone and was surprised to see that it was Mrs. Zhang calling.

After answering the phone, before Aunt Zhang’s voice came, a harsh cry came first.

It’s a groaning cry.

Li Xiaotian was about to start the engine, but she came over because she heard Qin An’an’s cry on the phone.

“An An, Mr.’s phone can’t get through. I really can’t do anything about it, so I can only call you… Yin Yin didn’t see Mr. tonight and kept crying. No matter how I comforted him, it was useless for me to come to join you. Is it a birthday party? Can you send him a message and tell him about the situation at home?” Sister Zhang said anxiously.

Qin Anan swore to Li Xiaotian that he would never see him again.

“Qin An’an, refuse.” Li Xiaotian reminded her in her ear.

Qin Anan wanted to refuse, but couldn’t speak anyway.

The sobbing over the phone was heart-rending.

According to Yinyin’s situation, she won’t give up if she can’t see Fu Shiting tonight.

“I’ll go find him.” Qin Anan hung up the phone after replying to Mrs. Zhang’s words.

Li Xiaotian breathed heavily, wanting to scold her.

“Xiao Tian, ​​go back to rest first! I’ll go back by myself later.” Qin Anan was completely awake, although her eyes were scarlet and her voice was hoarse, “I know what I’m doing.”

She got out of the car and closed the door superior.

Li Xiaotian watched her stride into the hotel and remembered what He Zhunzhi said tonight.

Will she and Fu Shiting be together again, or will they never get along with each other?

After Qin Anan entered the hotel, he went to the front desk to find the room number opened by Shen Yu.

Room V906.

Qin Anan looked at the closed door, took a deep breath, and pressed the doorbell.

After waiting for a while, there was no response.

She rang the doorbell again.

Still no response.

Just when she was about to turn her head to leave, the door opened.

Fu Shiting’s shirt was torn loose, and the skin on his chest was abnormally red due to excessive alcohol intake.

He frowned in pain.

With his scarlet and sharp eyes, after seeing her familiar little face, he dragged her into his arms without any thought!

Chapter 252

Chapter 252

Qin An’an’s face hit his chest, causing a burst of pain.

The tip of her nose was red and her eyes were sore, and she quickly surveyed the room.

What about Shen Yu?

Why is he the only one in the room?

He is so drunk, no one cares?

She covered his chest with her hands, trying to push him away, but he hugged him even tighter.

“An An…don’t leave me…” He lifted her body up in the air and begged in a low voice with red eyes, “I miss you so much…I miss you so much every day. ……”

He murmured, carrying her to the bedroom.

Qin An’an looked at his drunken and confused appearance, and his heart was twisted like a knife.

He is drunk!

Very drunk!

They all said that after drinking, he told her the truth, and he called her An An, did it mean that he really still had her in his heart.

He carried her onto the big bed and pressed his body against her.

His deep eyes looked at her affectionately and fondly.

“Fu Shiting, let me go!” Qin Anan took a deep breath, cupping his face with both hands, trying to wake him up, “You didn’t go home tonight, you were crying. Sister Zhang called me and asked I inform…”

Before the last word could be uttered, his thin lips blocked her mouth.

She didn’t expect that when she said Yin Yin’s name, he could ignore it!

Doesn’t he care about Yin Yin?

Usually, as long as Yinyin frowns, he gets nervous, what happened tonight?

She bit his lip hard, and a bloody smell filled their lips.

“Fu Shiting! Do you know what you are doing?” Tears welled up in her eyes, and she cried, “I said Yin Yin was crying! Did you hear that?! She is waiting for you to go back!”

He pursed He pursed his bloody lips, and immediately, his Adam’s apple rolled.

Just when she thought he was about to speak, his tears fell!

One drop fell on her cheek!

“I heard! Qin An’an, I’m not going back…I’m not going back tonight! I want to be with you…” His voice was hoarse and determined.

He completely destroyed the psychological defense line she had built.

His kiss fell again.

She didn’t push him away.

She didn’t have the strength to fight him again.

In his mind, he was full of pain when he cried.

Why did they become like this?

Shen Yu was carrying clothes she bought from a nearby men’s clothing store.

When she entered the room, she suddenly heard… voices from the bedroom!

The bag in his hand clapped and fell onto the carpet.

She couldn’t believe her ears.

She strode towards the bedroom.

The bedroom door is open.

She pushed the door slightly open –

on the big bed, a restricted-level picture was being played.

The hero is her boyfriend, Fu Shiting.

And the heroine… is Qin An’an!

Why is she always haunted? !

Shen Yu clenched her fists tightly, her face as black as the bottom of a pot!

I really want to rush in, grab Qin An’an’s hair, and drive her out.

However, on the top is Fu Shiting!

Isn’t he drunk and unconscious?

Why did Qin Anan become as fierce as a tiger when he came?

If Shen Yu wants to drive away Qin An’an, he must first lift Fu Shiting off.

She didn’t dare to do it at all.

So she could only watch Fu Shiting and Qin Anan happily in bed…

Tears fell silently.

She felt humiliated, aggrieved!

I really want to cry and leave this heartbreaking place, but she can’t!

She has to follow the plan!

Otherwise, all her efforts in the past will be in vain!

She gritted her teeth and closed the bedroom door!

Chapter 253

Chapter 253

She doesn’t want to hear any sound from the two of them anymore.

These voices are mocking her all the time – what if you are Fu Shiting’s girlfriend? The woman he loves is Qin An’an!

She went to the sofa and sat down.

She felt like her heart was dead, and her body was as stiff and cold as ice.

Two in the morning.

The bedroom door finally opened.

Qin Anan dragged her tired body out of it.

Seeing Shen Yu sitting on the sofa, her footsteps stopped immediately.

“Miss Qin, is my boyfriend easy to use?” Shen Yu’s voice was trembling, with strong hatred in her eyes, she looked at her, “I left him only 20 minutes ago, yet you actually took advantage of it! You Knowing that he was drunk, he was unconscious! You actually seduced him! Why are you so cheap!”

Qin Anan wanted to explain, but no matter what she said, she seemed pale and powerless!

Unexpectedly, she will be caught and raped in bed one day!


“I’m sorry.”

“What’s the use of an apology?” Two lines of tears fell from the corners of Shen Yu’s eyes, “I know that I got him by disgraceful means, but that happened after the two of you divorced! Miss Qin, I’m here. You have never hurt you, why did you hurt me?!”

“I’m sorry.” Qin Anan came to her and stopped, and apologized again.

“Just pretend it never happened tonight! You can’t tell anyone! You can’t tell him! When he wakes up, I’ll tell him that nothing happened!” Shen Yu looked at her and mocked Said , “He drank too much, maybe he won’t remember anything when he wakes up.”

“Okay.” After Qin Anan said this, he strode away.

When I came out of the hotel, a cool breeze hit me.

She hugged her body, raised her head slightly, and exhaled heavily.

My heart is so confused and so painful.

But there is no way to tell anyone.

She found a place to sit on the side of the road.

I don’t want to go home and I don’t want to stay in a hotel.

Just wait!

When the sun rises, it’s a new day.

Everything can start over.

morning, eight o’clock.

Hotel, Room V906.

On the big white bed, Fu Shiting woke up because of a hangover and a headache.

Seeing the unfamiliar room, he looked around vigilantly – the

woman’s jet-black hair was spread out, and she was not wearing a shawl.

There is a brown mole on her lute bone.

Because her skin is very white, the moles are very conspicuous.

Fu Shiting frowned.

Who is this woman? !

There is no such mole on Qin An’an’s back!

He sat up abruptly, saw his unclothed body, and vaguely remembered the memory of last night in his mind.

Qin Anan came to find him last night, but he couldn’t control himself and did it with her.

But what about Qin An’an? !

He lifted his long legs and got out of bed to get dressed.

Putting his clothes on quickly, he planned to wake the woman on the bed.

At this moment, Shen Yu turned over, stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes, and smiled sweetly at him: “Shi Ting, are you awake? Why don’t you sleep for a while?”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Looking at Shen Yu’s face, the blood in his body solidified, and his eyes were full of disappointment and shock!

What is Shen Yu?

Could it be that he took Shen Yu as Qin An’an last night?

“Shi Ting, what’s the matter with you? Last night… You were the one who carried me to bed last night… I didn’t climb up by myself…” Shen Yu held the quilt in both hands , explained carefully.

Fu Shiting clenched his fists tightly and said dumbly, “I’m sorry.”

It seemed that he really regarded Shen Yu as Qin An’an!

How could he make such a low-level mistake? !

“Why do you want to say sorry to me? I’m your girlfriend, you’re my boyfriend, and we have this kind of relationship… Isn’t it normal?” Shen Yu said, aggrievedly squeezed out a tear .

In her heart, she breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that Fu Shiting really doesn’t remember who the woman he was with last night turned upside down.

——Qin Anan, you lost!

From now on, you are completely lost!

Chapter 254

Chapter 254

“Doctor Shen, I’m sorry.” Fu Shiting quickly adjusted his emotions, his eyes returned to his usual indifference, “It was my fault last night. I need to calm down!” The

voice was settled, and he strode out of the bedroom.

The expression on Shen Yu’s face froze.

She thought that when she squeezed out her tears, Fu Shiting would come over to hug her and coax her.

But why is he still so indifferent?

Just say go!

When he hugged Qin An’an last night, this was not the attitude!

Shen Yu’s face was stern, and she raised her hand to wipe away the tears on her face.

Although last night’s process left her heartbroken and painful, the outcome was good.

She found her mobile phone and dialed Fu Yechen: “I succeeded.”

Fu Yechen laughed out loud: “Doctor Shen, you are really good! If there is anything I can do next, you can tell me! I will listen to you in everything. .”

Shen Yu was deeply saddened when she heard Fu Yechen’s voice.

It would be nice if Fu Shiting could have half of Fu Yechen’s obedience to her.

“Am I very unfeminine? Your uncle never looked at me directly.” Shen Yu said sadly, “I stripped naked in front of him, and he didn’t respond.”

Fu Yechen’s laughter grew louder, ” My uncle is not a normal person! Doctor Shen, you should really see my uncle. He is the one who needs treatment the most.”

Shen Yu thought he was joking, so she still said sadly: “But he told Qin An last night. It’s normal to be together!”

“Oh…” Fu Yechen’s voice weakened, “Qin Anan is so beautiful, few men can resist her temptation.”

“Haha, yours You mean I’m not as good as her?”

“No! Dr. Shen, you have a good figure and a beautiful face! You and Qin An’an… are both beautiful! I mean, most men may prefer Qin An’an’s pure and elegant style. The type of desire…”

Shen Yu hung up the phone.

No need to deceive yourself.

She knew that Qin Anan was younger and more beautiful than herself.

She didn’t pray that she could get Fu Shiting’s heart, as long as she got his people.

Another room in the hotel.

Zhou Ziyi woke up and reached for his glasses.

Without glasses, he is blind.

When his hand touched a warm body, he gasped!

“Who is it?!”

Last night, he drank too much.

How he was lying here, he could not remember at all.

He just wanted to find the glasses now and see what was going on.

Mike yawned and kicked him: “What the hell are you doing up so early? This weekend!”

“Where are my glasses?! Where did you hide my glasses!” Although Zhou Ziyi couldn’t see Mike’s face, but a group of people can be seen moving.

“What am I doing with your glasses? If you want me to help you find them, beg me! If you beg me…”

Before Mike finished speaking, Zhou Ziyi kicked him out of bed.

“You stinky bastard! Shameless! Why are you in my bed!” Zhou Ziyi was furious.

“Fuck! I also want to ask you how to sleep in the same bed with me! I drank too much the fuck last night, I don’t remember anything!” Mike climbed into the bed and grabbed Zhou Ziyi’s collar.

The two of them scuffled on the bed.


Qin Anan was woken up by the ringing of the mobile phone.

She slept all night sitting on a bench at the bus stop last night.

When she heard the ringtone, she took out her phone from her bag.

Picking up the phone, she put the phone to her ear.

She couldn’t help but touch her ear, and she was scalded!

Her skin is so hot!

She has a fever!

“Qin An’an! They hit me again!” Mike’s voice came from the phone angrily, “I drank too much last night and slept with Zhou Ziyi again! I drank too much and I don’t know anything! How can they Blame me?”

Qin Anan held his head in one hand, took a deep breath, and said, “If you think you’re fine, then call the police!”

Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Mike coughed: “That’s not true! Qin Anan, where are you now? Why is your voice weak.”

Qin Anan stood up with the pillar next to him, and said awkwardly: “At home.”

“Oh, Are you still sleeping? Then go to sleep! I’m fine here, I’m just a little wronged… Zhou Ziyi blames me for everything, it’s so unreasonable!” Mike was much better after ranting about it.

Qin Anan stopped a taxi on the side of the road.

After returning home, she took a fever-reducing medicine, and then went to bed wrapped in a quilt and slept.

Before Zhang Yun could ask her what was going on, she fell asleep.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting went into the bathroom for more than an hour, but hadn’t come out yet.

Usually he can finish it in half an hour.

He couldn’t accept having a relationship with Shen Yu last night.

He has many ways to deal with Shen Yu, but how will he face Qin An’an?

After last night, he was even more sure that he still loved Qin An’an.

He couldn’t deceive himself, he couldn’t forget her.

When I came out of the bathroom, I met Mrs. Zhang and Yinyin head-on.

“Sir, Yin Yin waited for you all night last night.” Sister Zhang said.

Qin An’an’s face suddenly appeared in Fu Shiting’s mind!

He vaguely remembered that Qin Anan went to him last night and told him that Yin Yin was crying and told him to go back!

His heart tightened violently.

Did Qin Anan go to him last night? !

He clearly remembered that she went to the room to find him!

The two of them were in bed, so close…

But why did he wake up and the woman lying beside him was Shen Yu?

“I couldn’t get through to you last night, so I called An An. She promised to inform you, but you didn’t come back last night… She must have not found you.” Mrs. Zhang speculated.

Yinyin cried until three o’clock in the morning, when she really had no strength to cry, she stopped.

Sister Zhang was exhausted.

Fu Shiting’s heart was suddenly shocked again!

The light in his eyes suddenly dimmed, and his voice was intermittent: “She went to find me… I heard her notify me…”

Mrs. Zhang: “Oh, you last night Are you drinking too much? You still smell of alcohol. I’ll cook you sober soup.”

After Mrs. Zhang left, Fu Shiting and Yinyin were left in the room.

Fu Shiting looked at Yinyin.

Her eyes were red and puffy.

“Yinyin, why did you cry last night? Did you miss your brother?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

Yin Yin lowered his head and shook his head: “That person hit me… I’m afraid…”

Fu Shiting took her into his arms distressedly: “Did you have a nightmare? That person Long dead… Yin Yin, he will never appear again! Brother will protect you! No one will bully you again!”

Yin Yin sobbed aggrievedly: “You weren’t here last night… ..”

“I’m sorry, my brother drank too much last night.”

Fu Shiting took out a set of clothes from the closet and put on it after coaxing his sister to sleep.

There was a serious deviation between his memory and reality last night.

He couldn’t tell what was true and what was false.

He was going to ask Qin Anan.

Star River Villa.

A black Rolls-Royce parked outside the villa.

When Zhang Yun saw his car, she closed the villa door without thinking about it!

“Grandma, why is the door closed?” Rila asked in confusion.

Zhang Yun said with a sullen face: “Fu Shiting is outside. You are not allowed to open the door for him!” Rila

nodded fiercely, and then ran to find her brother.

Outside the door, Fu Shiting looked at the closed door, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Qin An’an’s number.

Chapter 256

Chapter 256

  • Sorry, the number you dialed has been switched off, please try again later.

Qin An’an’s cell phone was turned off.

Fu Shiting frowned.

They are so close now, yet they seem to be far apart.

In the villa, Rila told Xiaohan that Fu Shiting was coming, and Xiaohan immediately found a drone from the room.

“Brother! What are you doing?” Rila asked suspiciously with her big round eyes.

Xiaohan: “Drive him away!”

“Oh! Brother, do you need my help?” Rila especially wanted to help.

Xiaohan found a hose and let her hold it.

Fu Shiting stood tall and straight outside the villa door.

Today, he must see Qin Anan.

About 20 minutes later, a drone flew over slowly from the balcony on the second floor.

When the bodyguard saw the drone, he frowned: “What the hell?!”

If the drone was just a drone, the bodyguard wouldn’t be surprised.

This flying drone has a hose attached to it!

Fu Shiting raised his eyes and saw the drone.

This drone has a very cool shape.

It shines with colorful glare, publicity and trendy!

Just when he was thinking about who was controlling the drone, there was a ‘whoosh’!

A stream of water fell from the sky!

The drone blatantly parked above Fu Shiting’s head.

It carries a hose that connects to the indoor faucet.

So it flew over to ‘water’ Fu Shiting.

“Damn it!” Seeing this, the bodyguard immediately pulled Fu Shiting towards the car, “Qin An’an is too vicious! It’s so sinister!”

Fu Shiting refused to get in the car.

He let go of the bodyguard’s hand and corrected: “She didn’t do it. She’s not so naive.”

Although he couldn’t see who was operating the drone, he could guess that it was Xiaohan.

Xiaohan has even learned the hacking technique. What is it like to control a drone?

The drone has been following Fu Shiting.

He moves, and so does the drone.

He stopped, and so did the drone.

The water in the pipe kept pouring on him.

His hair, his clothes, were all wet.

The bodyguard was so angry: “I’ll go in and have a look!”

“Stop!” Fu Shiting said, stopping.

If his bodyguard forcibly rushed in, it would definitely arouse Zhang Yun’s stronger disgust.

He didn’t want to get into trouble with Qin An’an and her family.

“I’m so pissed off! It must be that bastard Xiaohan! Next time I see him, see if I won’t kill him!”

Unfortunately, there is no umbrella in the car.

Zhang Yun went upstairs immediately after seeing the situation outside from the window on the first floor.

“Xiaohan! Quickly take the drone back!”

Xiaohan frowned, holding the remote control’s hand without moving.

Fu Shiting hasn’t left yet!

He wants to drive Fu Shiting away!

Rila held the hose, and said in a milky voice: “Grandma, we have to drive away that big bad guy Fu Shiting!”

Zhang Yun turned off the water tap and said to Xiaohan with a sullen face: “Xiaohan, if you don’t take the drone back , I’ll tell your mother right away.”

Although Zhang Yun didn’t want to see Fu Shiting, she couldn’t tolerate the two children being so rude!

Xiaohan immediately recalled the drone.

Zhang Yun stood behind the balcony curtain and glanced outside.

Fu Shiting was completely wet.

But he still stood there, motionless.

His bodyguard took the paper and wiped the water off him.

Zhang Yun frowned, feeling very entangled in her heart.

She should go out and apologize to her two children for being rude.

Chapter 257

Chapter 257

But it was difficult for her to let go of her prejudice against him.


“Boss, let’s go back!” the bodyguard advised, “Your clothes are all wet, if you don’t go home and change your clothes, I’m afraid you will catch a cold.”

It is already early autumn, even though the sun is in the sky today, the temperature is higher than It was a lot lower a while ago.

“I’m not cold.” Fu Shiting’s voice was calm and calm.

Seeing him so stubborn, the bodyguard knew he wouldn’t change his mind.

Had to stand by and wait with him.

Not long after, a red Cayenne drove slowly and stopped beside Fu Shiting.

The window fell, and Mike stuck his head out.

“Hey! Why are you here?” Mike said, and was shocked when he saw that his whole body was wet. “Is it raining here ?

: “Oh…my brother Han is just hanging! Always do things I want to do but dare not do!” The

bodyguard killed him with his eyes.

Mike coughed lightly and got out of the car: “You look so stupid standing like this! I’ll take you in!”

After Mike finished speaking, he swaggered towards the gate of the villa.

Fu Shiting hesitated for a few seconds, then strode to keep up.

Mike entered the password and opened the door.

Zhang Yun saw Mike lead Fu Shiting into the room, her face was sullen, and she didn’t say anything.

“Aunt Yun, I’ll take him to change his clothes. If you want to drive him away later, I won’t stop him.” Mike discussed with Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun nodded.

Mike took Fu Shiting to the second floor.

Xiaohan and Rila heard the footsteps and immediately ran to the door of their mother’s room to stand!

They will swear to protect their mother!

Never let the scumbag dad get half a step closer!

After Fu Shiting went up to the second floor, he saw two children standing in front of a door.

That little expression that looked like death in his eyes betrayed key information.

Fu Shiting knew about Qin An’an’s room, but he didn’t go there.

“Fu Shiting, your assistant is too much!” Mike took Fu Shiting into his room. “And your chief financial officer! What the hell! The two of you beat me together! The wound on my face was restored, and today I’m winning again!”

The brothers and sisters were relieved when Fu Shiting entered Mike’s room.

Opening the door to the master bedroom, the two slipped in.

After Qin Anan took the antipyretic, her body kept sweating.

The more you sweat, the colder you get.

Obviously covered with a quilt, but it seems to be in a world of ice and snow.

Rila and Xiaohan walked to the bed and saw their mother’s body trembling, and the two children turned pale in fear.

Xiaohan reached out and touched his mother’s face.

So hot, so hot!

“Rila, look at mom here! I’m going to call grandma!” After Xiaohan confessed, he quickly ran out of the room.

He ran downstairs and took Zhang Yun upstairs.

Seeing Qin An’an’s state, Zhang Yun turned pale with fright!

“Mike!” Zhang Yun came out of the room and called out to Mike, “An’an has a fever! She has to be taken to the hospital quickly!”

Mike heard the words and immediately walked towards the door.

Fu Shiting is faster than him!

When he arrived at the door of Qin An’an’s room, Fu Shiting pulled Mike aside and entered the room first.

Qin An’an was confused.

When Fu Shiting picked her up from the bed, she had no idea what was going on.

My head hurts so much, my body feels so heavy.

Obviously taking medicine, why is it so uncomfortable?

“What’s the matter? I called her in the morning, and she was fine.” Mike followed Fu Shiting downstairs, “Aunt Yun, you are watching the child at home, I will drive An An to the hospital!”

Zhang Yun: “You Drive carefully on the road!”

Zhang Yun sent them out.

I saw that Fu Shiting hugged Qin Anan and got on the black Rolls-Royce.

His bodyguard immediately drove the car out!

Mike who was left outside:

What does “???” mean? !

Fu Shiting snatched someone away?

Chapter 258

Chapter 258

“Mike! Hurry up and chase after him!” Zhang Yun said anxiously.

Mike: “Oh!”

After Mike drove out, Zhang Yun was relieved.

“Grandma, will my mother be alright? I’m so worried about her!” Rila’s eyes were red, and her little hands were holding Zhang Yun’s clothes tightly.

Zhang Yun picked her up and said, “your mother just has a fever, not a serious illness. The doctor will relieve her fever when she arrives at the hospital. It will be fine when the fever is gone.”

“Oh… What is Fu Shiting doing here?” Rui Ra had an ominous premonition.

Zhang Yun frowned: “I don’t know. But your mother is ill, so he shouldn’t mess around.”

Fu Shiting directly wrapped Qin Anan downstairs with a quilt.

Even if Zhang Yun was prejudiced against him, she couldn’t find any problem with his performance just now.

Whether a man cares about you can be seen from the details.

No matter how many women he has now, he still has affection for Qin An’an.

Therefore, Qin Anan should not be in danger.


Fu Shiting took Qin Anan to the emergency room.

When Mike chased after him, Qin Anan had already had a drip.

“Fu Shiting! You’re running too fucking fast!” Mike panted, “Give Qin Anan back to me!”

There was no bed in the emergency room, so Fu Shiting hugged Qin Anan.

“Don’t get in the way here!” Fu Shiting gave him a cold look.

“I’m in the way? If you hadn’t pushed me away, I could have sent Qin Anan to see a doctor!” Mike put his hands on his hips and reasoned with him.

The patients around looked at them one after another.

“Do you want to be on the social news?” Fu Shiting asked him, “Please be quiet for me!”

Mike glanced around, then reluctantly shut his mouth.

He sat down beside Fu Shiting.

“Why are the people around you so violent?” Mike raised his hand and touched the wound on the corner of his mouth, “I drank too much last night. I don’t know who put me and Zhou Ziyi in the same room. Can you blame me?”

Fu Shiting glanced at Mike at a glance.

He is fair-skinned, and the wound on his face is particularly conspicuous.

“Aren’t you going to call back?” Fu Shiting retorted.

“The two of them, how dare I do it!”

“You won’t call the police?” Fu Shiting continued to question.

Mike: “…”

How do you talk to Qin Anan?

“The two of them don’t take too hard… I just don’t feel happy!” Mike bit his head and continued to complain, “Zhou Ziyi, this bastard, don’t fall into my hands alone next time!”

“You Do you like Ziyi?” Fu Shiting frowned, “You dirty guy, don’t make Ziyi’s idea!”

Mike: “Damn it! Where am I dirty! You are dirty! Your feet are dirty! Step on three boats! I’m not as capable as you!”

Because Mike’s voice was too loud, the people around looked at them again.

Fu Shiting’s face was swept away.

He gave the bodyguard a look, and the bodyguard immediately pulled Mike out.

The world is finally quiet.

Not long after, several medical staff came and invited Fu Shiting to the ward.

Fu Shiting carried Qin An’an to the ward and put her on the bed to lie down.

He raised his hand to check the temperature of her forehead.

The fever started to subside.

Looking at her haggard appearance, he frowned tightly.

After a while, he walked to the balcony and made a phone call.

After Shen Yu returned home from the hotel, she entered the study.

In addition to finding the doctor who treated Yin Yin, she also had to work hard to find a way to treat Yin Yin herself.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Shen Yu said, “Come in.”

There is a bodyguard and a nanny who takes care of her daily life.

Usually apart from the two of them, no one else would bother.

The bodyguard pushed in the door and walked straight to Shen Yu.

Chapter 259

Chapter 259

“Doctor Shen, this was sent to you by my boss.” The bodyguard handed a check to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu took the check, glanced at the amount on it, and then sneered.

“He’s so generous! But after a good night’s sleep, he actually gave me five million.” Shen Yu put the check on the table, smiling bitterly, “Apart from this check, did he ask you to speak? “The

bodyguard shook his head.

Shen Yu felt a pain in his heart.

What does Fu Shiting take her for? !

Are you a chicken?

Get some sleep and give the money away!

The only difference is that she earns a lot more than the average chicken!

Shen Yu gritted her teeth, her body went cold with anger.

“Does he know how to write the word respect!” Shen Yu smashed a medical book on the table to the ground!

The bodyguard was expressionless: “Doctor Shen, he already respects you enough. If he doesn’t respect you, you won’t get a dime.”

“That’s because I’m valuable to him!” Shen Yu shouted with red eyes.

“If you were worthless, he would have let you go.” The bodyguard told the truth plainly, “Miss Qin didn’t ask the boss for a penny at the beginning. Not only that, but Miss Qin is very obedient.”

“You mean I asked too much . More?!” The

bodyguard: “You might as well go and please the old lady.” After the

bodyguard finished speaking, he exited the study.

Shen Yu was greatly inspired!

She threatened Fu Shiting to be her boyfriend, causing his disgust.

So she shouldn’t push him too hard next.

The bodyguard was right!

She should start with Mrs. Fu!


After Qin Anan’s fever subsided, her body relaxed a lot.

After a good night’s sleep, she looked at the unfamiliar environment of the ward and immediately looked at the bedside vigilantly.

Fu Shiting sat there and looked at her quietly.

How could he be here?

Also, why is she in the hospital?

“I…” When she opened her mouth, her voice was hoarse, and there was a tearing pain in her throat.

Fu Shiting poured a glass of warm water, helped her up, and fed it to her.

She drank the water, and what happened from last night to today suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Are you still drinking?” he asked her.

She shook her head and pulled the quilt up, “Why are you here? Who sent me to the hospital?”

Apart from her, he was the only one in the ward.

Did he send her here?

She had absolutely no recollection of what happened in the middle.

“Mike is outside.” Fu Shiting saw the defensiveness and indifference on her face, and felt sad for a while, “Qin An’an, I came to you to ask you a question.”

“Oh, what is the problem?” She was weak And looked at him calmly.

Her eyes were clear and clean.

Just with a cold.

“Did you go looking for me last night?” He looked at her face, not letting go of any subtle emotion on her face, “I remember you coming to me…”

“No.” She was decisive , interrupted him, “I was drinking and felt uncomfortable last night, how could I go to you?”

“You really didn’t go to me?” His Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and said disappointedly, “I clearly remember you coming. Find me and tell me that Yin Yin is crying…”

“If you remember it so clearly, why did you come to me for verification? It means that you don’t remember it so clearly.” Qin Anan replied calmly, overturning all his fantasies.

He stood up from the chair, the doubt and sadness on his face dissipated in an instant.

“If that’s the case, then bother!” His voice was colder than hers.

Her heart was aching, but she didn’t dare to express her emotions on her face.

“You came to ask this question in person. Did something important happen last night?” She pretended to be relaxed and looked at him curiously.

She thought he would leave in a rage in the next second.

But he didn’t.

He looked at her face and said word by word, “I slept with Shen Yu last night. Is this an important matter?”

Chapter 260

Chapter 260

Qin An’an’s eyes flickered for a moment, and then he chuckled softly: “Did you two sleep for the first time after confirming your relationship for so long? You two are so innocent.”

Fu Shiting’s face darkened, “It seems that you have a lot of experience. Besides me, have you slept with other men?”

Qin Anan smiled sweetly: “Of course.” Xiaohan is also a man.

The calmness on Fu Shiting’s face no longer exists!

“Qin An’an! If I come to you again, I’ll be a dog!” He said harshly and strode out of the ward.

Qin Anan watched him disappear in front of her eyes, and the smile on her face faded little by little.


He will never come to her again.

They can both start their own lives.

But why are you not happy at all?

Holding the quilt, she took a deep breath.

Above, there is his residual breath.

The door of the ward was pushed open, and Mike strode in.

“Qin An’an, Fu Shiting didn’t bully you, right? He’s so hateful! I was going to take you to the hospital, but he took the lead!” Mike walked to the bed and sat down, reaching out and touching her forehead.


Fever has subsided.

“Did he send me to the hospital?” Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled, stunned.

“Yeah! He went to your house to look for you, and Xiao Han’s whole body was wet, so I took him into the house to change clothes, and found that you had a fever.” Mike told her the whole story, “he just told you What did you say? He was so angry when he left!”

Qin Anan couldn’t lift himself up, and said lightly, “I didn’t say anything. Why did you bring the quilt from home?”

Mike: “He brought it! He’s so strong! He just carried you like that, and I can’t catch up.”

Qin Anan didn’t want to hear anything about Fu Shiting anymore.

She glanced at the medicine bottle and said, “There is one more bottle. I’ll sleep a little longer.”

“Go to sleep!” Mike covered her with the quilt.

three days later.

Qin Group.

The sales department receives an order.

“ST Group actually wants to order our drones!” The sales director checked the order information repeatedly and reported the news immediately after confirming that there was no error.

Mike took the order information and went to Qin Anan.

“The ST Group Purchasing Department has ordered 5,000 wind series drones.” Mike said incredulously, “Why did they order so many drones?”

Qin Anan took the order form in his hand and glanced at it.

“The price of our wind series drones is 19,999 yuan per unit. Five thousand units is 99,995,000 yuan!” Mike took a deep breath and said, “How about we Raise the price for them? Raise them to 20,000, which is just 100 million.”

Qin Anan thought he had heard it wrong.

Shouldn’t there be a discount for such a big customer?

“Don’t you want to give them a discount? Qin An’an, do you think Fu Shiting lacks such a discount? Do you look down on his financial resources?!” Mike took the order information form back, “This order is a bit big, I’ll look for it Zhou Ziyi, check it out.”

Qin Anan watched Mike leave, and his brain started running at high speed.

Fu Shiting must know about hundreds of millions of purchased materials!

How did he come up with the idea of ​​buying a drone?

Why are you buying so many drones?

She picked up the desk calendar on the table and glanced at it.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Could it be that he planned to have an employee fight during the festival?

Mike went back to the office and called Zhou Ziyi on the landline.

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