When His Eyes Opened Chapter 261 -270(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 261 -270(Chinese)

Chapter 261

Zhou Ziyi answered the phone: “Hello.”

Mike: “It’s me.”

Zhou Ziyi glanced at the call interface, and said coldly, “Are you looking for me for something?

” Human and machine for you.” Mike threatened.

Zhou Ziyi frowned and retorted: “Don’t put money on your face! Who wants to buy your drone!”

Mike was stunned for a moment: “Your boss! Is the order from your purchasing department fake?”

Zhou Ziyi He took a deep breath: “You said that our boss asked the purchasing department to buy your drones?”

“Yeah! You don’t know? Haha! I thought you were the celebrity next to your boss, but you are not. Mike finished sarcastically and hung up the phone.

Zhou Ziyi was deeply stimulated and went to Fu Shiting to verify.

Fu Shiting’s eyes lifted from the computer screen.

“Our company gives benefits to employees every Mid-Autumn Festival. This year’s benefits are drones. What do you think?”

Zhou Ziyi vomited blood and shook his head violently: “No problem! It’s just a little accident.”

“It was decided on an ad hoc basis last night. .” Fu Shiting wrote lightly, “Although I no longer contact Qin An’an, her company’s products are good.”

He will never forget the scene where he went to Qin An’an’s house a few days ago and was watered by a drone over the sky!

Technology is advancing and the times are developing.

Such a good product should be shared with employees.

“Oh… Mike called me just now, I’m not polite… I don’t know if it will affect our order.” Zhou Ziyi said angrily, “I’ll call him back. .”

Half an hour later, Zhou Ziyi and the manager of the purchasing department went to the Qin Group to discuss cooperation.

Qin Anan and Mike were in the conference room and received them.

“Do you want it for the Mid-Autumn Festival? 5,000 are too many, we can’t produce that many in a short time.” Mike said, “If you insist on getting 5,000 for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is not impossible…”

Zhou Ziyi really can’t stand Mike’s uncle-like attitude!

Who is Party A and who is Party B? !

As buyers, why should they suffer from this uselessness?

The Qin Group is not the only one selling drones in China!

“How much do you produce in the Mid-Autumn Festival?” Zhou Ziyi said seriously, “We want as much as you produce, and if it’s not enough, we will buy it from another company.”

Mike Jian raised his eyebrows: “Haha, did your boss say that?”

Purchasing The manager of the department leaned into Zhou Ziyi’s ear: “Assistant Zhou, you have a better attitude. Our boss only needs the drone of the Qin Group.”

Zhou Ziyi picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Mike continued: “If you insist on 5,000 planes, we can transfer the goods from foreign companies. But the price is not calculated according to 19999. The price has to be increased.”

Zhou Ziyi’s blood pressure went up with a ‘swish’!

“Shut up first! I’ll call my boss!” Zhou Ziyi turned on his phone and dialed Fu Shiting.

Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Mike is right. Now their subordinate workshops are not large enough to produce 5,000 drones in a short period of time.

If the goods are dispatched from abroad, shipping, taxes and fees are on the one hand.

Secondly, the price of their drones is indeed higher in foreign countries than in China.

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t accept the terms Mike said, and probably thought that Party A was his father.


After Zhou Ziyi suppressed his anger and explained the situation to Fu Shiting, Fu Shiting said coldly, “Ziyi, do you think I can’t afford her drone?”

“Boss, that’s not what I meant…I just think They are a bit bullying!” Zhou Ziyi whispered.

Qin Anan tapped the table with his finger, motioning Zhou Ziyi to hand over the phone.

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and reported, “Boss, Miss Qin wants to talk to you.”

Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Over

the phone, silence!

Zhou Ziyi embarrassedly handed the phone to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan turned on the speaker of the phone and put it on the table.

“Mr. Fu, hello.”

Hearing Qin An’an’s official greeting, Mike smiled and Zhou Ziyi was speechless.

At this time, over the phone, Fu Shiting’s more official voice came: “Mr. Qin, hello.” Qin

Anan was stunned for a moment.

Mike picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Zhou Ziyi also picked up the water glass, but there was no water in the glass.

“I need to explain to you that we didn’t bully you.” Qin Anan adjusted his mood and said slowly, “Our workshop has just been established, and there are not enough equipment and personnel. At present, it is indeed impossible to complete it. The order quantity you requested. Transferring goods from abroad can guarantee the quantity and time, but our price abroad is higher than that in China.”

Qin Anan explained this, and Zhou Ziyi’s mood calmed down.

Obviously she and Mike said the same thing, but after hearing Mike, he was particularly angry.

“Because this is our first large order in China, I can give you the goods from abroad at the domestic price.” Qin Anan spoke again to the mobile phone.

Mike looked surprised.

Why give Fu Shiting a discount? !

Zhou Ziyi breathed a sigh of relief.

This is the sincerity of cooperation!

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting’s voice came cold again: “I don’t like discounted products.”

Everyone in the conference room was stunned.

Another meaning of Fu Shiting’s words is – I’m not bad for money! give me a discount? Are you looking down on me?

Mike clap and applaud!

“By the way, let me tell you about our payment method. Pay 50% of the fee as a deposit first. The rest will be paid in one lump sum within three days after delivery.” Mike said.

Zhou Ziyi was indignant: “Your deposit ratio is too high!”

Purchasing manager: “Yes! Usually 30% is high, but you are 50%!”

Fu Shiting: “Put the bill Send it and pay now.”

Zhou Ziyi and the manager of the purchasing department: “…”

With this attitude of the boss, there is no need to send two people to discuss it!

He made it clear that he wanted to send money to Qin Anan…



The boss just wanted to send money to Qin Anan.

Otherwise, what if her company has no orders and goes bankrupt?

The boss is really painstaking!

After signing the contract, Qin Anan offered to invite them to dinner.

Zhou Ziyi was in no mood and wanted to leave, but the purchasing manager readily agreed.

“Assistant Zhou, why are you so frowning? You are guaranteed not to suffer any loss when you buy our company’s drones.” Mike explained to him, “You will know when you receive the goods. Our endurance is ranked second in the world, no People dare to be the first. And our intelligent system is also the key factor that distinguishes us from other brands…”

Zhou Ziyi raised his hand and interrupted his boasting, “Let’s go to dinner!”

… ..

ST Group.

Sheng Bei learned that Fu Shiting would spend 100 million to buy Qin Group’s products.

“Shi Ting, do you really want to buy a drone, or do you want to send money to Qin An’an?” Sheng Bei couldn’t understand him, “Didn’t you two break up? You drank the day before yesterday, and you said you would never look for her again in the future. “

Fu Shiting: “Why didn’t you come to question me when you sent digital products such as notebooks and mobile phones to employees in previous years?”

Sheng Bei nodded: “It seems that Qin An’an’s drones are very good.”

Fu Shiting: “Otherwise you Do you think AN Technology’s performance is fake?”

At this moment, the mobile phone on the table rang.

Fu Shiting glanced at the call reminder, immediately picked up the phone, and answered the call.

Sheng Bei took the coffee cup and stepped down.

Chapter 263

Chapter 263

“Mr. Fu, we overheard that Miss Shen Yu is also looking for a doctor.” On the other side of the phone, is the private detective that Fu Shiting was looking for abroad, in charge of finding a doctor who can treat Yin Yin, “Shen What the young lady is looking for is a middle-aged male doctor, about 1.7 meters tall.”

Fu Shiting frowned slightly: “Why is she looking for this male doctor?” The

private detective said: “It is estimated that she is looking for this doctor to give her a speech together. Yin heals the disease.”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Fu Shiting’s eyes: “We have to find this male doctor before her!”

Private detective: “Okay. I also heard a private message. Professor Hu Qing received a closed door. Disciple, the information of this closed disciple is completely confidential, and he participated in Professor Hu Qing’s laboratory work throughout the process.”

Fu Shiting said sternly: “This closed disciple, is it possible that this closed disciple is the middle-aged male doctor that Shen Yu is looking for?

” Detective: “Yes, that’s what I guessed too.”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Fu Shiting went to Ahn’Qiraj Academy in person and picked Yinyin home.

When they got to the parking lot, they happened to meet Qin Anan who was picking up Xiaohan.

Four people, in the parking lot, staring at each other.

Fu Shiting quickly retracted his gaze and helped Yinyin into the car.

Qin Anan got into the driver’s seat after seeing Xiaohan sitting in the safety seat.

The two cars started at the same time, turned their heads at the same time, and drove to the school gate at the same time.

Fortunately, the school gate is relatively spacious.

Two cars came out of the school gate at the same time, one to the left and one to the right.

After the car drove out, Xiaohan muttered: “Mom, I want to change schools.”

Yinyin always peeks at him outside the classroom door.

He’s had enough.

At first, he entered Ahn’Qiraj School to investigate the relationship between Fu Shiting and Yinyin.

Now that he knows their relationship, he doesn’t want to go to school here.

“Where to go? Are you willing to study and live with other children?” Qin Anan asked.

Xiaohan was silent.

Ahn’Qiraj School is actually pretty good.

There is only one student in a class.

He wanted to transfer school because he didn’t want to see Yin Yin.

“Xiaohan, will you finish reading this year?” Qin Anan discussed with him, “You hate kindergarten, how about we go to elementary school next year?”

After thinking for a while, Xiaohan nodded.

in another car.

Yin Yin held the seat belt in both hands, his eyes were lowered, and he discussed with Fu Shiting: “Brother, please invite Xiaohan on your birthday, okay?”

“He won’t bless you.” Fu Shiting’s words were gentle, but his words hurt Yin Yin chant.

“Why don’t they like me? Is it because I’m stupid…” Yin Yin’s eyes turned red.

“No.” Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and said hoarsely, “They don’t like you because they don’t like me.”

“Why don’t they like you? You are the best.”

“Yin Yin, I love you . Well, it doesn’t mean I did my best to them.” Fu Shiting said bitterly, “I will accompany you on your birthday.”

Half an hour later, the car drove into the front yard of Fu’s house.

After dinner, Mrs. Zhang took Yinyin to the backyard to pick fresh fruit.

Yin Yin likes nature.

There are many flowers, plants and fruits in the backyard. After dinner every day, Mrs. Zhang will take her to play in the backyard.

Fu Shiting entered the study.

In a week, it will be my father’s death day.

He has been having nightmares these past few nights.

At this time of year, he would have the same nightmare for nearly two decades.

Closing the study door, he strode to the .

In the third row of the , he put a dark red box.

In this box, there are his most important secrets.

The reason why this secret is on the shelf is that the most dangerous place is the safest place.

Chapter 264

Chapter 264

He put it away for twenty years without any problems.

But why is it gone now? !

After finding that the box was missing, he took down all the books in the third row of the .

Since the is fixed to the wall, it is impossible to fall into the gap.

After a while, he moved all the books on the entire shelf to the ground.

After the bookshelves were emptied, he searched again among the piles of books!

still none!

His eyes were scarlet, and a strong murderous aura rose from the bottom of his eyes!

who is it? !

Who came to his study and took his things? !

He vaguely remembered that he had glimpsed the box not long ago.

About a month ago?

He dialed the phone number of the monitoring room: “Call out all the monitoring for the last month! Someone has entered my study


” All the people who can be mobilized will be transferred to check the monitoring!” His heartstrings were tense and he said sharply.


Mrs. Zhang took Yinyin back to the living room from the backyard, and she felt nervous when she saw Fu Shiting’s dark and cold face.

“Sir, what happened?”

Fu Shiting: “Someone took something from my study.”

Sister Zhang’s face changed greatly, she was too shocked to speak.

“Make a list of the people who have been to the house in the last month and give it to me as soon as possible!” Fu Shiting finished his instructions to Mrs. Zhang, took Yinyin’s hand and took her back to the room.

Yin Yin was a little frightened.

After returning to the room, Fu Shiting held her hand and asked her, “Yinyin, have you been to my brother’s study?”

Yinyin shook his head timidly.

“It’s okay. Brother just ask.”

“Brother, what have you lost? I’ll help you find it.” Yinyin said after being silent for a while.

Fu Shiting raised a wry smile: “Brother will find it. Don’t worry.”

“I didn’t take it…” Yin Yin suddenly lowered his eyes, a little aggrieved.

“Brother knows you didn’t take it.” Fu Shiting helped her to the side of the bed and sat down.

Yinyin’s mind is very sensitive and fragile, because she does not have a sound mind, she cannot regulate herself like a normal person.

So he had to find a way to cure her.

“Yinyin, tell my brother what birthday present you want, and my brother will buy it for you.” Fu Shiting changed the topic in a lighthearted way.

The tension on Yin Yin’s face disappeared.

“I want Xiaohan… to play with me.” She thought for a while, and said the ‘gift’ she wanted.

Fu Shiting frowned, feeling troubled.

But he didn’t want to disappoint his sister.

After all, this is not completely impossible.

After Mrs. Zhang made the list, she came to the room.

“Sir, I put the list in your study.” Sister Zhang said, “I’ll take care of Yinyin.”

Fu Shiting came out of Yinyin’s room and strode to the study.

The names on the list are all familiar to him.

Among them, Shen Yu, Qin Anan, Mike, Xiaohan, and Rila attracted his attention.

Before they came to the house, the box had been on the .

Holding a pen in his hand, he first crossed out Qin An’an’s name.

Qin Anan couldn’t possibly take his things.

He didn’t know why he believed her so much, just like he believed in himself.

Then, the tip of the pen landed on Mike’s name.

Mike was escorted into the living room by his two bodyguards.

He never went upstairs, let alone into the study to take the box?

Chapter 265

Chapter 265 is crossed out with Mike’s name, as well as Xiaohan’s name.

Xiaohan came to the house twice, but each time he only stayed in the living room on the first floor.

Rila had gone up to the second floor.

When everyone found her, she was on the second floor.

It’s just that this girl doesn’t seem very smart.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so frightened and cry.

He didn’t cross out Rila’s name, but his attention shifted to Shen Yu’s name.

Could it be Shen Yu?

But every time Shen Yu came over, there were people at home.

She had no chance at all to get things into his study.

Just wait for monitoring.

That night, he checked the monitoring in the monitoring room, but he never closed his eyes.

The day he brought Qin An’an to his house, the surveillance was attacked and interrupted for three hours.

Now, just by determining if the monitoring at other times is normal, if someone has broken in, you can know where the problem is.

Back in the bedroom, he couldn’t sleep.

Before the things are found, the heart seems to be crushed and broken.

If he could face that dark experience and himself like that, he would not go to divorce with Qin Anan.


Dozens of bodyguards have checked all the monitoring of the past month.

“Boss, we focused on checking the surveillance at the door of your study. Except for you and Mrs. Zhang, no one has come in or out.” The bodyguard reported, “Every time Mrs. Zhang came out, she took cleaning tools and nothing else. “

Fu Shiting’s eyes closed in despair.

He never doubted Mrs. Zhang.

Mrs. Zhang served by his side for many years, and has always been conscientious and loyal.

If Mrs. Zhang had different intentions, she would have betrayed him long ago.

“The day Miss Qin’s two children came over, the surveillance was broken for three hours. Is it possible that someone entered your study during that time?” the bodyguard said.

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened a bit.

After the bodyguard stepped back, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an’s number.

Qin Anan saw the call from him and thought it was a work-related problem, so he answered it.

“Qin An’an, I lost something.” His voice was hoarse and desolate because he had not slept all night.

Qin Anan was stunned: “what did you lose?”

“This thing was still there a month ago. I checked the surveillance for the past month overnight and found nothing unusual. But when you were at my house a while ago, your son destroyed my house. Monitoring, the screen is black for three hours.”

Qin Anan understood, and her heart froze for a while: “Fu Shiting, I didn’t take your things! I can’t take your things!”

When they were together, he gave her a lot of expensive She didn’t take a single gift with her.

“I didn’t doubt you,” Fu Shiting listened to her fierce tone, his heart tightened. “Can you ask your children to see if they have taken a dark red box from me.”

“I didn’t watch it at home. I’ve been to the dark red box. If they took something from you, they’d definitely tell me.” Qin Anan said firmly, closing the computer, “I’ll go home and look for it now.”

“Okay.” His voice was still the same. mute.

Qin An’an softened a bit and asked him, “Did you not sleep all night? Did you lose something important?”

“It’s important.” He raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, and said in pain, “If you are at home See that box, please don’t open it.”

“I see.” Qin Anan was stuck in his throat and wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know how.

The best consolation for him now is to help him find things.

She came out of the office and strode towards the elevator.

She had always known that he was hiding a secret.

Unexpectedly, the box where he was hiding the secret was lost.

I don’t know who took it away.

Certainly not Osamu and Rila!

Although the two of them were hostile to Fu Shiting, it was impossible for them to steal things.

Even so, she decided to do a carpet search at home!

What if that box is in her house?

Chapter 266

Chapter 266

Xinghewan Villa.

When Qin Anan arrived home, Zhang Yun was a little surprised.

“An An, have you eaten yet?”

“Mom, have you ever seen a dark red box at home?” Qin Anan threw the bag on the sofa and strode towards the child’s room.

“Dark red box?” Zhang Yun followed her footsteps and muttered, “I didn’t pay attention, what’s wrong?”

“Fu Shiting lost a dark red box.” Qin Anan spoke a little faster, “He checked Monitoring, no problem was found. But Xiaohan went to his house to find me a while ago, and hacked the monitoring of his house. He suspects that the problem is here.”

Zhang Yun frowned: “He suspects that Xiaohan took it?”

Qin Anan looked at her mother : “Mom, I know you don’t believe Xiaohan would do such a thing, and I don’t believe it either. But how many deviant things has Xiaohan done behind our backs?”

Zhang Yun breathed heavily without refuting.

“Dark red box, right? Is there anything important in it?” Zhang Yun said, and began to look for it together.

“He said it was important.” Qin An’an felt solemn.

“Since it’s important, why don’t you put it away?” Zhang Yun wondered, “If we Xiaohan can take away his important things so easily, it means that the place where he put them is definitely not strict.”

Qin Anan explained: “His house is all day long . There are bodyguards guarding him, and there are surveillance cameras inside and outside the house.”

Because of the layers of security, no matter where his things are in the house, most people dare not take them.

Zhang Yun said nothing.

The mother and daughter searched the child’s room carefully and found no dark red box at all.

Qin Anan came out of the room and began to search the entire villa.

After an hour, nothing.

“An An, if he suspects us, you can ask him to come.” Zhang Yun was tired and sat on the sofa to rest.

Qin Anan took out his mobile phone, walked to the balcony, and called Fu Shiting.

“I don’t have the box you mentioned at home.” She said, “I’ll ask the children when they come back from school in the evening.”

Fu Shiting: “Well.”

“Fu Shiting, what would happen if you couldn’t find the box?” Qin An’an’s worry came out unconsciously.

“It doesn’t matter.” He didn’t want her to think wildly.

“Oh…Since it won’t be much, then you go to bed first, and then look for it after you have rested.” Qin An’an’s tense heartstrings loosened, “sometimes the more anxious you are, the more chaotic Now , maybe it appeared on its own.”


He has searched the entire villa several times.

That box, basically determined, is no longer at home.

As for who took it, he had no clue at all.

If Qin An’an’s child took it, it must be in her home.

But she couldn’t find it at home, indicating that the things were not taken by her children.

Who else will there be?

Why did the man take the thing and not threaten him with it?

If that person doesn’t want his money, doesn’t it hurt his mind?

As long as the contents of the box are disclosed, he will fall from the altar.

But that person didn’t make it public.

Since he didn’t have any intention of harming him, why would he sneak his things away?

He couldn’t figure it out.

He lay on the bed and forced himself to rest, but no matter what, he couldn’t calm down.


The two children came home from school.

Qin Anan took their schoolbags and checked them one by one.

In the schoolbags of the two children, apart from spare clothes and textbooks, there was nothing else.

“Mom, what are you looking for?” Rila asked in confusion, blinking her curious eyes.

“Rila, Xiaohan, did you two take a dark red box from Fu Shiting’s house?” Qin Anan crouched down and looked at the two children.

Rila’s little face turned red with a ‘swish’.

She panicked!

The little heart is beating!

Chapter 267

Chapter 267

“No.” Xiao Leng said quietly.

“Really not?” Qin Anan looked at his son and asked repeatedly.

“No.” There was no emotion on Xiaohan’s face.

Qin Anan had to give up.

If the child really didn’t take it, and she kept asking, it would make the child think she didn’t trust them.

Xiaohan led Rila to the room to put her schoolbag.

After entering the room, Rila asked in a low voice, “Brother, why are you lying? We can’t lie to mother.”

Qin Anan didn’t ask before, she could bear it.

But Qin Anan asked, she didn’t dare to lie.

“Fu Shiting knew that the box was missing. He must be in a hurry.” Xiao Leng said coldly, “If we return the things, he will blame us for taking his things. If we don’t return it, let him continue to worry.”

“Oh… …OK!” Rila compromised.

Between her brother and the scumbag father, she must be on her brother’s side.

Originally, the box was placed under the bed, but the day before yesterday, they took the box to the yard and buried it under a tree.

Because Xiaohan knew what was on that piece of paper.

After knowing the contents of the piece of paper, he felt that the box was very important and could not be placed under the bed casually.

So just moved the place.

Fortunately, it was transferred, otherwise it would have been discovered.

“What if he dies in a hurry?” Rila suddenly became a little worried, “He’s our father!”

Xiaohan: “Don’t worry, bad people won’t die so easily.”

Rila was relieved.


After Qin Anan had dinner, he sent Fu Shiting a message: I asked the two children, and they said they didn’t take the box.

She thought Fu Shiting was resting, but he replied in seconds: Got it.

She continued to message him: You haven’t slept yet?

The question was sent and he did not reply.

He didn’t know how.

He hadn’t slept in over 36 hours.

His psychological defense was weakened a little bit.

He desperately thought, even if the contents of the box were made public, so what?

Nothing more than loss of money, friends away from… lover, he has no lover.

He has already made enough money that he can’t spend all his life, so even if he can’t make any more money in the future, he doesn’t have to worry about it.

As for friends, far from far away, he doesn’t care.

At least Yin Yin won’t leave him.

After making the worst plan in his heart, his mood relaxed a little, and then he fell into a deep sleep.

Qin Anan has been waiting for his reply.

However, after three days of waiting, he did not receive a reply.

When I heard his news again, it was Li Xiaotian who called and revealed it.

“Did you know that Fu Shiting was hospitalized? I don’t know what happened to him, but he went on a hunger strike! I didn’t expect such a rational and calm person to go on a hunger strike!” Li Xiaotian’s tone was particularly shocked.

When Qin Anan heard the news, she immediately stood up from her chair.

No wonder she was always feeling uneasy in her heart these three days.

Unexpectedly, that dark red box is so important to him!

She shouldn’t believe that what he said on the phone would be fine if he couldn’t find it.

If it doesn’t work out, he can’t stay up all night looking for it.

“How’s he doing now?” Qin An was in a mess. He walked to the door of the office, but stopped abruptly.

“I’m in the hospital for an infusion!” Li Xiaotian said, “He Zhunzhi just came back from the hospital. It is said that Shen Yu has been taking care of him in the hospital. An An, do you want to see him?”

She really wanted to go to the hospital to see him, but Since Shen Yu is taking care of him, she still won’t go!

Even if she went, Shen Yu would not let her into the ward.

Chapter 268

Chapter 268

“You better not go, Yin Yin is also there. There are two women in the ward guarding him, you must be stimulated when you see it.” Li Xiaotian said, “His mental state is not very good. I thought his company I’ve encountered a lot of trouble, but He Zhunzhi said nothing. I thought to myself, could it have something to do with you?”

Qin Anan returned to the office chair and sat down: “Li Xiaotian, you look down on me too much. When he got divorced, he couldn’t let him break down. I don’t have that great ability.”

“Then why is he so abnormal? It can’t be because of Shen Yu, right?” Li Xiaotian wondered, “I heard that Shen Yu She has been running to the Fu family’s old house recently, this woman is too scheming!”

Qin Anan heard the news of Fu Shiting and Shen Yu, and her mood became more and more calm.

Maybe one day when the news of their marriage comes, she will be able to keep calm.

She and Fu Shiting have become two lines that do not intersect, and they will only get further and further apart in the future.

“Xiao Tian, ​​how are you and He Zhunzhi?” Qin Anan changed the subject.

“It’s the same! He decided to stick to it until the end of the year. If he still can’t satisfy my parents by the end of the year, he will go home and inherit the family business next year.” Li Xiaotian sighed, “Not everyone has Fu Shiting’s business acumen. The only way is to inherit the family business.”

Qin Anan sighed: “You are really an old Versailles.”

“How can I get up in front of you.” Li Xiaotian smiled, “An An, I see that you don’t want to I’m actually quite happy to go to the hospital to see Fu Shiting.”

“He doesn’t have a terminal illness.” Qin Anan pretended to be relaxed.

“If he has a terminal illness, will you go to see him?” “If he

really has a terminal illness, before he dies, out of humanitarianism, you must go and see him.”

Li Xiaotian laughed: “It will be Fu Shiting in a while. If he invites you, will you go?”

Qin Anan: “No.”

“He doesn’t plan to have a birthday either. He didn’t have a birthday before.”

“Then you still ask me?”

“I see if your determination is strong!” Li Xiaotian affirmed her reaction, “I don’t worry about you now. I’m done.”

Hanging up the phone, Qin Anan hesitated and called Mrs. Zhang.

Mrs. Zhang quickly connected: “An An?”

“Sister Zhang, it’s me.” Qin An’an hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “I heard that Fu Shiting was hospitalized, what happened?”

Mrs. Zhang sighed: ” He was hospitalized with a stomach problem. Something happened at home. He didn’t sleep for two days and two nights at first, but then he was so sleepy that he slept for two consecutive days. As a result, he didn’t eat for three days, and the stomach problem broke out.”

“Oh, Didn’t he deliberately go on hunger strike?”

“No. After he woke up, he wanted to eat, but he vomited blood after eating.” Aunt Zhang still felt terrible when she remembered the situation at that time.

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as he didn’t take the initiative to go on a hunger strike, it wouldn’t be a big problem.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine after a few days of treatment.” Qin Anan comforted.

“Well, have you gone to the hospital to see him?” Sister Zhang asked.

“No. I’m quite busy.” Qin Anan found a reason casually.

How could Mrs. Zhang not hear this as an excuse.

“Sister Zhang, don’t tell him I’m calling you.” Qin Anan wondered, “After all, I have broken up with him, and each has a new life.”

“Okay, I won’t say it. “Sister Zhang said rationally, but suddenly the conversation changed, “An An, your son Xiaohan, is your husband’s child?”

This question made Qin Anan’s heart tighten.

“Shouldn’t I be asking this question?” Mrs. Zhang apologized, “I’ve met Xiaohan on both sides, and every time I see him, it’s like seeing Mr.. They look alike and have similar personalities. Don’t worry, these words I just tell you, I won’t talk too much in front of my husband.”

Qin Anan didn’t know how he hung up the phone.

Should she be glad that Fu Shiting didn’t suspect that the child belonged to him?

She didn’t want him to know the existence of these two children before because he hated them, wouldn’t accept them, and might even hurt them.

Now she doesn’t want him to know the existence of the child, there is one more reason.

There are two more women by his side, no matter what the two women are, the child is not suitable to come back to him.

Since the children are not suitable to recognize this father, it is better to let them not know the truth.

Moon Festival.

The 5,000 drones ordered by ST Group from Qin Group hovered over the ST Group Building.

Under the command of Mike, 5,000 drones are constantly changing in various shapes and colors in the night sky!

Chapter 269

Chapter 269

“Zhou Ziyi, is our drone cow?” Mike nibbled at the apple and said proudly.

Zhou Ziyi glanced at his sullen face, and suddenly felt that he was not so annoying, and even saw a bit of beauty on his face.

“It’s alright! Don’t be proud, your drones also have many shortcomings and need to be improved.” Zhou Ziyi said proudly.

“Even if it’s your ST group, don’t you dare to say that you are the best?” Mike scolded him, “We have just started, and we will definitely get better and better in the future.”

“Come on!”

“Tonight’s moon is really TM. Round!” Mike looked at the sky and sighed.

Zhou Ziyi raised his head and responded.

“Why don’t we fight in the future?” Mike suddenly looked at him and said seriously, “What if we still have cooperation in the future?”

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Do you think my boss is my boss? The money is so good, do you still want to make it?”

Mike: “It’s okay! We are abroad and have met even more stupid Party A.”

Zhou Ziyi: “My boss bought your drone and brought it to you. The income is far more than 100 million. Tomorrow, this matter will be hotly searched. Everyone knows that after ST Group has purchased so many drones from your company, many people will definitely follow suit and buy your products.”

Mike: “I I know. But I think this is what Fu Shiting should do as a qualified ex-husband. Could it be that he is still waiting for Qin Anan to be grateful?”

Zhou Ziyi felt speechless and funny: “Then you can’t take it for granted!”

Mike: “He volunteered.”

Zhou Ziyi: “…Why didn’t your boss come?”

Mike: “Didn’t your boss come too?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Uh…”

Are they both trying to avoid suspicion?

In the blink of an eye, autumn goes to winter.

Ahn’Qiraj Academy.

Nine in the morning.

Fu Shiting sent Yinyin to school.

Then, he strode towards Xiaohan’s classroom.

When the teacher saw him coming in, he immediately left the classroom and avoided it.

Xiaohan glanced at Fu Shiting, and immediately lay down on the table, ignoring him.

“Qin Zihan, let’s make a deal!” Fu Shiting walked to his desk and stood still, and said, “Today is Yin Yin’s birthday, and her birthday wish is to be with you. As long as you can accompany Yin Yin on her birthday today, I can grant you a wish.”

Xiao Han’s eyes were open, dark and bright.

Accompanying Yinyin on her birthday, although it is quite a reluctance, but it is quite attractive to get Fu Shiting’s wish.

What if he embarrassed his mother in the future?

After thinking for a while, Xiaohan took out a pen and paper and asked him to write the certificate.

Fu Shiting didn’t expect this child to be so thoughtful.

He took the paper and pen, wrote the voucher, and finally wrote his name at the sign.


Qin Anan drove to pick up Xiaohan.

Seeing Xiaohan in Yin Yin’s classroom, she was shocked.

At first, Xiaohan hated Yin Yin.

Second, Yinyin’s classroom was set up as a birthday party scene.

On the table next to it, there is a beautiful cake, like a handicraft.

Today is Yin Yin’s birthday?

Qin Anan took out his mobile phone and checked the date.


She took a deep breath!

If she read it right, today is also Fu Shiting’s birthday!

Chapter 270

Chapter 270

They both have the same birthday?

Is this a coincidence?

Qin Anan took her son’s hand and walked out the door.

A tall and majestic figure appeared in front of her.

Fu Shiting was wearing a black coat today and looked cold and solemn.

I don’t know if it was her illusion, she felt that he was thinner.

Qin Anan struggled for two seconds, and decided to be more generous and say happy birthday to him.

Just when she was about to speak, Yin Yin rushed to Fu Shiting like a bird, took his hand, and said softly, “Brother, eat cake.”

Because Qin Anan was standing next to Fu Shiting, she would be Yin Yin. If you hear it clearly.

elder brother? !

Are you calling out brother Fu Shiting?

Qin Anan frowned and looked at Yinyin.

Yinyin felt Qin An’an’s eyes, so she looked at her.

Probably because Qin Anan’s expression was too serious, Yinyin was a little nervous.

Yinyin wanted to invite Qin Anan to eat cake together, but she didn’t dare to speak when the words came to her lips.

“Did you call him brother just now?” Qin Anan asked Yinyin with a throat stuck in his throat.

Qin Anan didn’t want to scare Yinyin, but her tone involuntarily increased, causing Yinyin to shrink behind Fu Shiting in fear.

Fu Shiting clenched Yinyin’s hand and coaxed, “Don’t be afraid, Yinyin. Let’s go eat cake.”

They passed Qin An’an and entered the classroom.

Seeing her mother’s absent-mindedness, Xiaohan reached out and pulled her.

“Mom, go home.”

Qin Anan retracted her gaze, quickly adjusted her mood, and took her son away.

After getting in the car, Xiao Han saw that his mother’s brows were still wrinkled, so he said, “Yinyin also called me brother.”

Qin An suddenly looked at Xiao Han, and suddenly relaxed.

Yin Yin is mentally retarded, how could she forget?

She called Fu Shiting brother, but it doesn’t mean that Fu Shiting is really her brother!

Just like when she called Brother Xiaohan, just because in her eyes, Xiaohan was older than her, so she called Brother Xiaohan.

Maybe she called Brother Fu Shiting for this reason.

“Fu Shiting’s account book has no sister.” Xiaohan continued.

Qin Anan is completely awake!

What is she fantasizing about? !

She and Fu Shiting were already impossible!

After driving out of the car, she asked her son, “Don’t you like Yin Yin? Why would you like to have a birthday with her?”

Of course Xiao Han would not tell her that Fu Shiting exchanged a wish.

Xiaohan did not answer.

Qin Anan guessed: “Mom knows that you are very kind at heart. Yinyin is a very pitiful woman. If you accompany her on her birthday, mother will not be angry.”

Xiaohan didn’t want to respond to Yinyin’s matter.

“Fu Shiting’s birthday is also today.” Xiao Han didn’t deliberately remember Fu Shiting’s birthday, because Yin Yin’s room had two cakes.

One cake had YIN written on it.

Another cake had TING written on it.

“How do you know? You care so much about him?” Qin Anan glanced at his son out of the corner of his eye, “Don’t you want to recognize him?”

Xiaohan: “I don’t need a father.”

Qin An’an was a little sad: “If the situation is not so difficult in reality, I believe that you and Rila will be happier with a father. ” Xiaohan

stubbornly said: “No need!”

The image of Fu Shiting’s scumbag is deeply rooted in Xiaohan’s heart.

Xiaohan will never forgive him.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting brought Yinyin home.

Mrs. Fu and her eldest son’s family are all there.

Fu Shiting saw them, and displeasure rose in his eyes.

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