When His Eyes Opened Chapter 271 -280(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 271 -280(Chinese)

Chapter 271

They came and didn’t tell him in advance.

He did not welcome them here.

They are strangers to Yin Yin.

They would be scared to moan.

Mrs. Fu stood at the head.

Seeing Yin Yin, Mrs. Fu’s eyes flickered, and she couldn’t help walking towards her.

Fu Shiting protected Yinyin behind him: “Mom, why didn’t you come here without saying hello?”

“Today it’s you…I bought a cake and came here.” Mrs. Fu lowered her eyes slightly and said incoherently, “I know I came very suddenly, but I couldn’t help it…” I couldn’t

help but want to look at Yin Yin.

Yin Yin listened to Mrs. Fu’s voice and was a little nervous, but also curious.

She revealed a pair of black apricot eyes from behind Fu Shiting, staring at Mrs. Fu.

“Yinyin, you’re not afraid of me, are you?” Mrs. Fu looked at her expectantly.

Yinyin immediately retracted her head, and her hand gripping Fu Shiting’s clothes on the back tightened.

Fu Shiting put his hand behind him and held her hand.

“Mom, you go back first! We ate cake at school.” He said coldly, “Take the cake away.”

Mrs. Fu sighed.

It’s a pity, but I’m satisfied to see that my daughter is doing well.

The group quickly disappeared.

Fu Shiting led Yinyin into the room.

Mrs. Zhang said apologetically, “The old lady has only been here soon, so she asked me not to inform you.”

Fu Shiting heard the words and looked at Shen Yu next to him.

Shen Yu immediately said, “Shi Ting, I’ll be here at six o’clock in the afternoon. If you’ve eaten the cake, I’ll take the cake away.”

Shen Yu also brought the cake.

The cake is made by her own hands.

When Fu Shiting saw her like a frightened deer, Ying frowned.

Is he that fierce?

“Doctor Shen, is Yinyin’s next treatment plan correct?” He looked at her face and asked.

Shen Yu raised her eyes to look at him: “It will not be until next spring at the earliest. After her first operation, she needs a recovery period. In theory, the longer the recovery period, the better.”

Fu Shiting nodded: “Wait for your good news.”

“Well, I will try my best.” Shen Yu left Fu’s house with the cake.

After coming out of Fu’s house, Shen Yu had a lot of thoughts.

The way Mrs. Fu looked at Yinyin was really abnormal.

Today is Fu Shiting’s birthday. The protagonist should be Fu Shiting, but Mrs. Fu’s eyes have been on Yinyin.

Shen Yu was confused, so she sent a message to Fu Yechen: Did your grandma know Yinyin long ago? I see her so excited.

Fu Yechen: Dr. Shen, I can’t tell you this. Otherwise my dad will rip me off.

Shen Yu was even more curious when she saw the answer.

She replied: If you don’t tell me, I’ll peel your skin too. Do you want to be fake skinned by your dad, or do you want to be skinned for real by me?

Fu Yechen: …

What a cruel woman!

Seeing that he didn’t reply immediately, Shen Yu continued to send a message: Let me guess. Does this Yin Yin have something to do with your Fu family? Is her mental problem caused by your Fu family? Is she Fu Shiting’s former wife? Because of the problem of intelligence, your Fu family blocked all her information.

Fu Yechen looked at Shen Yu’s reasoning and sent a series of full stops: Doctor Shen, I actually don’t know the specific situation of Yin Yin. But I don’t think so.

Shen Yu: So what do you think?

Fu Yechen: She and my uncle are definitely not in a relationship. If the two of them were ever married, how could I not know?

Shen Yu was overjoyed.

As long as Yinyin is not Fu Shiting’s woman, Shen Yu doesn’t care that much about her identity.

Three in the morning.

Star River Villa, master bedroom.

Qin An’an’s cell phone rang quickly.

She reached out and rubbed her eyes, then answered the phone.

She didn’t know what to say on the phone, she was shocked and sat up from the bed!

Chapter 272

Chapter 272

She is sitting on the bed, the joy on her face is hard to hide!

Five years ago, Wang Qitian, the younger brother of stepmother Wang Wanzhi, swept away nearly 2 billion from the Qin Group!

After squandering most of the money, Wang Qitian was blinded by greed, thinking that he could make a fortune from the Qin Group again.

It’s just that what awaits him this time is not two billion, but legal sanctions!

Just now, Officer Li, who was in charge of the case, called her and told her that Wang Qitian had already boarded the flight back to China.

The police have organized police forces to set up an ambush at the airport.

As long as Wang Qitian falls to the ground, he will be arrested immediately!

She has waited so many years for this result!

After hanging up the phone, it was difficult for her to calm down.

She really wanted to share this good news with her friends, but now at three o’clock in the morning, she couldn’t disturb others.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, came out of the bedroom, and walked towards the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator and saw that there were several cans of beer in it, which should have been used by my mother when she was cooking.

She took out the beer and went to the living room to sit down.

Four in the morning.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

He woke up from his sleep.

He frowned and took the phone.

When he saw Qin An’an’s name, he thought he had read it wrong.

The slender fingers rubbed the eyebrows, and looked at the screen again.

He was right, it was indeed Qin An’an’s call.

He sat up startled, and before he had time to think about it, he took her call.

When she called him at this point, something very serious must have happened!

The two of them have been reduced to the point where they don’t even talk when they meet, and if it wasn’t for her accident, she wouldn’t be able to call him.

“Hey…is that Fu Shiting? Happy birthday to you!” Qin Anan’s drunken voice came, and Fu Shiting’s tense heartstrings relaxed and tightened.

She called when she was drunk!

She was fine!

Just, at this point, why is she drunk?

Is she not at home?

At home, she couldn’t be so drunk.

“Qin An’an, you are getting more and more depraved!” He frowned, and his tone was disappointment.

“…I wish you a happy birthday, why do you scold me?” Qin Anan squeezed the beer can with a bang!

If the beer can was Fu Shiting, she would probably crush him to death with her bare hands.

“My birthday has passed.” Fu Shiting reminded her, and then he asked, “Why are you drinking? What happened? Where are you now? Tell me the address!”

He got off the bed with his long legs.

He strode over to the closet and took out a set of clothes.

“Haha! I’m at home! Guess why I’m so happy?” Qin Anan lost his mind and released his joy without reservation.

Hearing her sweet laughter, he went back to the bed and sat down.

It was really nice to hear her.

It’s just that he couldn’t guess why she was so happy.

“Qin An’an, it’s been a long time since I heard your laughter.” His voice was low and sexy.

The smile on her face froze, in a trance, as if the two of them were still in love.

There was a sudden sharp pain in the head.

She threw all the beer cans into the trash can, got up from the sofa, and walked towards the bedroom.

“Fu Shiting…I’m calling you…Yes…I want to wish you a happy birthday…”

“I wished it just now.”

“Oh… …then I wish you an early birth of a precious son.”

Fu Shiting listened to her nonsense and couldn’t get angry, “No need.”

“Don’t want a precious son? Then I wish you a great fortune!” To the bedroom, the body fell directly on the big bed.

She was breathing heavily, her body becoming very heavy.

Hearing her breathing, a flash of light flashed in Fu Shiting’s mind.

They all say that they tell the truth after drinking, and it happened that he had a question to ask her.

“Qin An’an, didn’t we kill our child in your stomach back then?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

Qin Zihan looks somewhat similar to him, and has the same personality flaws as Yin Yin.

He would always think of Qin Zihan.

If he and Qin An’an’s children had not been aborted, then their children’s age and Xiaohan’s age would be exactly the same.

Chapter 273

Chapter 273

Qin Anan heard his question.

And because of his problem, he was sober up.

Does he think she is drinking too much now, so she will explain everything?

Hehe, he underestimated her too.

She did drink a lot.

But she drank beer, not wine.

The mere beer won’t make her drunk and delirious.

She decided to ignore him and go to sleep.

Fu Shiting listened to her breathing gradually becoming even, looked at the call interface, and was reluctant to hang up.

If she wasn’t drunk, she would never have called him.

Eight in the morning.

Qin Anan was awakened by a nightmare!

She dreamed of the time when her father had just died.

Her father died, the company went bankrupt, and she and her mother were homeless, walking aimlessly on the street like stray cats and dogs.

She was so thirsty and wanted to drink water, but she and her mother were penniless and had no money to buy water.

She broke out in a cold sweat.

When she woke up and saw the familiar bedroom, she breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “Qin An’an, it’s all over…don’t be afraid.”

After the voice was settled, a man’s deep voice suddenly came from the phone. : “Awake?”

Qin Anan: “!!!”

She looked at her phone with a startled expression.

what happened?

Is your phone haunted?

To make Fu Shiting’s voice automatically?

“Calm down, how can there be ghosts during the day?” She took a deep breath, gave herself psychological construction, and brought her phone over.

Fu Shiting listened to her muttering and began to look forward to her next reaction.

She turned on the phone and saw the call interface, the expression on her face instantly stiffened!

The call interface showed that she had been on the phone with Fu Shiting for five hours!

The phone in your hand becomes a hot potato!

Did she call Fu Shiting last night?

Why should she call him?

She looked blank, looking at the phone, her face flushed red.

Would love to ask him what happened last night, but was ashamed to tell.

“Qin An’an, are you sober?” He took the initiative to speak, breaking the silence.

“…Wake up.” She took a breath and rubbed her temples with her fingers, “I’m sorry…I didn’t talk nonsense last night, did I?”

“Of course,” Fu Shiting said word by word , “Yes.”

Qin Anan: “…” My

head hurts even more!

She tried to think back, hoping to remember everything that happened last night!

“You wish me a happy birthday,” Fu Shiting said calmly, “and wish me an early child.”

“Huh?” She remembered.

The reason she drank last night was because Wang Qitian returned to China and was about to be arrested!

It’s already eight o’clock in the morning, and according to the time, Wang Qitian may have already landed!

“Fu Shiting, I still have something to do, let’s not talk for now!” She finished anxiously and hung up the phone.

Getting off the bed, she called Officer Li.

The phone was dialed and was quickly connected.

“Officer Li, has Wang Qitian caught it?” She heard her heart beating rapidly, as if her heart was about to fall out.

“I got it, I’ve brought it back to the bureau, and I’m being interrogated.” Officer Li said, “I didn’t call you because I was afraid to disturb your rest.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” pain.

“You’re welcome. I’ll let you know about new developments.”

“Okay! Thank you for your hard work!”

10 am.

Qin Anan received a call from her stepmother on the other side of the ocean.

For more than four years, they have never contacted each other.

But she never forgot her stepmother’s mean face and vicious voice.

“Qin An’an! You are so good! You actually set up such a net!” Wang Wanzhi gritted her teeth with hatred, “If there is anything wrong with my brother, I will not let you go!”

Chapter 274

Chapter 274

Listening to Wang Wanzhi’s annoyed roar, Qin Anan felt happier.

“How do you want to deal with me?” Qin Anan teased, “Your brother committed a crime, either at your instigation or connivance. After all, you spent a lot of money that your brother took away! How dare you give it to me? Call?”

Wang Wanzhi: “My daughter Qin Ke was killed by you! I haven’t asked you to settle this account!”

“Oh… Who else in your family died? I’m on my head!” Qin Anan sneered, “Did you think I was the same as before and could be bullied by you? Wang Wanzhi, you lost your last chance without stepping on me five years ago!”

She His voice was cold and fierce!

He was completely different from Qin Anan five years ago!

Wang Wanzhi hung up the phone angrily!

She won’t give up like this!

She booked a flight ticket and decided to return to Country A immediately.

Noon News.

——Qin Group soared by 2 billion? Wang, the former financial director, was arrested by the police at the airport this morning after absconding with money for five years!

After seeing the news, Mike pushed open the door of Qin An’an’s office.

“You didn’t tell me such a big news!” Mike said excitedly, “Our company is going to skyrocket by 2 billion!”

Qin Anan picked up the water glass and took a sip: “Just read the news, how can you take it seriously? If he didn’t spend the money, could he be tricked into returning to China?”

“Qin An’an, you lost two billion in vain, yet you can still sit here and drink tea calmly.”

“It was my dad who lost two billion. It’s not me.” Qin Anan corrected him, “People always have to pay for their wrong choices. This is the price he paid for Wang Wanzhi.”

Mike: “Celebrate at night?”

“Okay!” The corners of Qin An’an’s mouth twitched, “You set up a game.”

“OK.” Mike happily tickled the ends of her hair with his fingers, and discussed with her shyly, “Can I invite Zhou Ziyi?”

Qin Anan The smile on his face froze: “You and Zhou Ziyi…” Could

it be… that kind of bloody relationship?

“We’ve reconciled! We’re having a good time now.” Mike said frankly, “I only invite Zhou Ziyi, never your ex-husband. Can you?”

“What do you mean by having a good time?” Qin Anan couldn’t help but wonder, “Shouldn’t the two of you…”

“Qin An’an, do you want me and Zhou Ziyi to fight every time we meet?” Mike interrupted her, “Can you be a little purer?”

“Oh, then You invite him!” Qin Anan looked at Mike’s blushing cheeks and felt that things were not so pure.

But no matter what, she won’t interfere with their emotional development.

After Mike went out, Qin Anan called Wei Zhen and invited him to play together at night.

Wei Zhen readily agreed, and immediately asked, “Are you free this afternoon? Can you come to the hospital?”

Qin Anan: “Well, yes.”

After lunch, Qin Anan drove to the Third Hospital.

After Wei Zhen received her at the gate of the hospital, he took her to the inpatient department.

“An An, let me tell you the good news, Sinian is getting better.” Wei Zhen boasted, “You are Professor Hu’s most proud student!”

Qin Anan’s face burst into a smile: “Is he awake?” Jin Si Nian was the first patient she treated after returning to China.

“Well! I’m conscious.” Wei Zhen sighed, “Si Nian has already been sentenced to death by famous doctors at home and abroad. I didn’t expect it to come alive in your hands.”

“Just conscious, there is still a long way to go before recovery. We have to go.” Qin Anan said neither arrogantly nor impatiently.

“I believe in you. You can definitely make him stand up again!”

Qin Anan also wanted him to stand up again.

Before he turned into a vegetative state, he was the top popular idol male star in China!

Even if he quit the entertainment industry unexpectedly for two years, his popularity ranking in China is still in the top ten!

After Qin Anan performed his first operation, he made up for his previous performances.

Chapter 275

Chapter 275

He seems to be born for the stage.

As long as he stands on the stage, even if he does nothing, it is enough to make people feel relaxed.


Qin Anan drove Wei Zhen to the meeting address of Mike Fa.

When they got to the hotel, the two got out of the car.

“Brother Wei, tonight’s invitations are all my friends, and Mike’s friends. You don’t have to be restrained.” Qin Anan said with a smile, “Tonight is mainly to celebrate Wang Qitian’s arrest. This matter is my knot.

” I know. I heard you say it.” Wei Zhen looked at her face and smiled, “I can clearly feel that you are in a very good mood today.” The

two entered the hotel and came to the banquet hall that Mike said.

As soon as she entered the banquet hall, the smile on her face disappeared.

What are you doing? !

Why are there so many strangers?

Did you go to the wrong place?

But… She clearly saw Mike’s golden hair in the crowd.

Mike saw Qin Anan coming and strode over.

“An’an, you’re here! Brother Weizhen, you’re here too!”

Qin Anan took Mike and walked outside the banquet hall door, asking him what was going on!

“It’s like this… When I invited Ziyi, Ziyi said that their company had a dinner tonight, and Bao’s banquet hall was quite big, and he said that we could come and eat together… If we don’t, we will save money. Have you got a fund?” Mike’s eyes flashed shrewdly.

Qin Anan’s eyes are burning!

She is in such a good mood today, will she be reluctant to pay for food?

“Don’t worry! Fu Shiting usually doesn’t come to ST Group parties.” Mike explained to her, “their company has a dinner every fortnight, how could Fu Shiting come every time? According to Ziyi, Fu Shiting only has a holiday dinner party. It’s time to show it… You see it’s not a holiday tonight, he won’t come! I swear!”

Mike raised his hand and swore to God.

At this time, there was a sound of leather shoes stepping on the ground behind him.

Qin Anan looked back –

Fu Shiting, dressed in black, strode forward.

Qin Anan slapped Mike’s raised hand down sharply.

Mike took a deep breath in embarrassment and asked Qin An’an in a low voice, “What should I do? The people I invited have already sat down… I can’t let them out, right?”

Fu Shiting walked up to them , deep eyes fell on Qin Anan’s face: “Congratulations.”

Qin Anan frowned.

He continued: “…the worth has skyrocketed by 2 billion.”

Qin Anan raised his eyebrows: “Oh…don’t you usually come to the company for dinner?”

“I want to come, there is no fixed Say it.” He said lightly, not forgetting to sneer at her, “Are you drinking tonight?”

Qin Anan bites the bullet and replies to him: “I want to drink as much as I want, there is no fixed statement.”

Fu Shiting’s thin lips pursed into a line, deeply After taking a deep look at her, he looked away from her face and strode into the banquet hall.

Michael pulled Qin An’an and followed him.

“He’s all here, if he leaves now, he must think we’re afraid of him!” Mike brainwashed her, “Let’s not only eat more tonight, but also order a few more bottles of good wine! It’s him who pays the bill anyway.”

Qin An An glared at Mike: “Aren’t you ashamed?”

Mike smiled charmingly: “He’s not my ex-husband, and it’s also a shame to lose your face.”

Qin Anan decided that the next dinner party will not be organized again!

“Where’s Big Brother Wei?” Qin Anan suddenly found that Wei Zhen was gone, and Xingmei looked around.

Chapter 276

Chapter 276

“Fu Shiting took him away.” Mike pointed her in the direction.

Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting and Wei Zhen sitting at a table alone.

Beside, bodyguards guard.

There is a bottle of wine on their table, are they going to drink?

Qin Anan frowned.

Wei Zhen doesn’t drink often, so his alcohol intake is definitely not good.

Mike teased: “Two rookies, let’s see who they drink.”

Qin An’an: “???”

She almost forgot, and Fu Shiting’s drinking was not much better.

“Qin An’an, this is a contest between men, let them drink!” Mike patted her on the shoulder.

She raised her eyes and lifted his handsome and rude face aside, “It’s all your good deeds!”

“I won’t listen to Zhou Ziyi’s fooling again next time! Next time I’ll call him to our camp!” Mike swears.

“There is no next time!” Qin Anan walked towards Li Xiaotian next to her.

Li Xiaotian gave Mike a middle finger.

Originally, Qin Anan had not contacted Fu Shiting for a long time, nor had he met Fu Shiting.

Blame it on Mike! Letting them meet again tonight increases the chances of being disconnected and heartbroken.

“An An, congratulations on your skyrocketing worth.” Li Xiaotian gave her a glass of juice. “Whether the money can be taken back or not, at least you have an explanation for your father.”

Qin Anan nodded: “Yes. I plan to visit the cemetery tomorrow. Look at my dad.”

“Yes! You can take the two children with you too… If your dad is still alive, he will be very happy.”

Qin Anan thought for two seconds and nodded.

After a while, the phone rang.

She glanced at the incoming call reminder and went to the side to answer the call.

After answering the phone, she walked back to Li Xiaotian: “I’ll go out. I’ll be back soon.” The

call was from Wang Wanzhi.

She is back home.

After learning about the legal sanctions that Wang Qitian might face from domestic lawyers, she panicked.

So she called Qin Anan, hoping to meet Qin Anan and have a good chat.

The two met at a cafe near the hotel.

Wang Wanzhi looked at Qin An’an carefully.

Qin Anan is still the same as he was five years ago, but his temperament is very different.

Her eyes are clear and cold, with a cold feeling of refusing to be thousands of miles away.

“Qin An’an, my brother absconded with money, it was definitely not my order.” Wang Wanzhi took the initiative to speak, breaking the silence, “I’ve been with your father for so many years, how could I have the heart to see the Qin family fail?

” She’s already dead, you play the friendship card with me, who will you play?” Qin Anan revealed her hypocritical face in one sentence, “I don’t have much time to spend with you here, you’ll focus on it.”

“We’ll be private . Mediation!” Wang Wanzhi frowned, explaining her purpose, “I will find a way to collect the money he swept away! If he hadn’t swept away the money, the 2 billion would have been for me and Coco! Now give you a person, are you satisfied?!”

Wang Wanzhi’s attitude seemed to give Qin An Antian a big pie!

Qin An’an’s mouth twitched, and she sneered: “Wang Wanzhi, is your brother only worth two billion in your eyes? Your company abroad makes a lot of money every year, right? At least five billion, so there is a possibility of private mediation.”

five billion!

Wang Wanzhi took a breath!

Wouldn’t such a large sum of money kill her?

She had a grim face, her hands clenched into fists.

“Qin An’an! Don’t be a lion!”

“If the mediation fails, let’s go to the legal process!” Qin An’an said slowly, getting up from his chair.

When Wang Wanzhi saw that she was leaving, a burning flame burst out in her heart!

“Wait! Five billion is not a small sum after all! Let me think about it!” Wang Wanzhi stood up and gritted her teeth to discuss with her.

Chapter 277

Chapter 277

“Because you are my stepmother, I will give you a day.” Qin Anan said coldly and walked out of the cafe.


After Fu Shiting and Wei Zhen had a few glasses of wine, their faces showed varying degrees of drunkenness.

“Mr. Wei, I heard that Professor Hu accepted a closed disciple before his death.” Fu Shiting poured wine for Wei Zhen and asked the question as if nothing had happened.

Wei Zhen looked at Fu Shiting with a blushing face: “Mr. Fu, who did you hear?” Fu

Shiting raised his glass and touched his: “Mr. Wei, just tell me, yes or no.”

Wei Zhen took a sip Jiu, why: “Sorry, I can’t reveal any private information of Professor Hu.”

“Professor Hu has passed away. Besides, this is not a scandal that cannot be seen.”

“What if that person doesn’t want to be known. ?” Wei Zhen said.

A gleam of stars rose in Fu Shiting’s eyes: “So, Professor Hu does have a disciple.”

Doesn’t the ‘that person’ Wei Zhen said refer to that mysterious disciple?

Wei Zhen raised his glass again and took a sip.

“Mr. Wei, that closed disciple of Professor Hu is you, right?” Fu Shiting stated his guess.

The wine in Wei Zhen’s mouth spit out directly.

Fu Shiting handed him the tissue box.

“Thank you.” Wei Zhen wiped his mouth with a tissue and explained with a blushing face, “Mr. Fu, I’m just Professor Hu’s assistant. Although I also study medicine, I’m not worthy of being Professor Hu’s student. This is also Professor Hu’s student. The reason for letting me be an assistant.”

“Really?” Fu Shiting looked into his eyes, distinguishing the truth from the false.

“Of course! By the way, haven’t you found Shen Yu?” Wei Zhen changed the subject, “She’s very powerful.”

“She is really amazing, but I want to have more options,” Fu Shiting said solemnly, “I heard that Professor Hu’s close disciple is a middle-aged man. I sent a lot of people to find this person, but it’s been two months. There is no clue at all.”

This is the reason why Fu Shiting went to Wei Zhen for a drink tonight.

“Mr. Fu, it turns out that in your eyes, I’m already a middle-aged man.” Wei Zhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Sorry, I really don’t have a clue.”

Wei Zhen drank the wine and was a little impulsive: “Your information is wrong. Even if Professor Hu has a disciple, he is not a middle-aged man.”

“Oh, could it be a woman?”

Wei Zhen pursed his lips and didn’t answer, it was a default.

Fu Shiting continued to ask: “Mr. Wei, can you reveal a little more? You make a price, and I’m willing to pay it.”

Wei Zhen was forced too tightly, and there was nothing he could do, so he could only fall on the table. Pretend to be drunk.

Qin Anan entered the banquet hall and saw Wei Zhen lying on the table, a burst of anger rose!

Fu Shiting, this bastard!

How could she get drunk on the friend she invited?

She strode closer to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting felt her familiar figure and looked at her suddenly.

“Fu Shiting, what do you mean?!” Qin Anan glared at him.

There was a blush on his handsome face.

In those eagle eyes, innocent emotions flashed by!

He picked up the wine bottle on the table and checked it for her.

He and Wei Zhen drank half a bottle of wine together.

Fu Shiting reasonably suspected that Wei Zhen was pretending to be drunk.

“Brother Wei is not good at drinking!” Qin Anan put the bottle on the table, frowned, and wanted to help Weizhen.

When Fu Shiting saw that her hand was about to touch Wei Zhen, Ying’s brows were furrowed, and she waved her long arm, pulling her hard.

She was defenseless!

Just like that, she was dragged into his strong and broad arms!

“Qin An’an, I…” Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, his hot eyes looked at her familiar little face, and his voice was hoarse, “I seem to be drunk.”

Chapter 278

Chapter 278

He breathed with alcohol on her cheeks.

She believed that he was drunk.

Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to hold her in his arms in front of so many of his employees.

“Don’t be brave outside if you don’t have enough alcohol.” Qin Anan wanted to get up from his lap.

But he hugged her waist tightly and wouldn’t let her leave.

“Qin An’an, let’s have a drink…” He picked up the bottle and poured wine into the glass, “You were drunk last night because Wang Qitian was arrested and brought to justice?”

He put his hand on her waist loose. some.

She got up from his lap immediately.

She glanced in Wei Zhen’s direction… Where’s the person?

“Fu Shiting! Where’s Big Brother Wei?” She looked at Fu Shiting’s red handsome face, feeling that he was getting more and more cunning!

It must have been when he forcibly hugged her just now, his men took Brother Wei away. “He’s so drunk, of course I’m sending him

to rest.” Fu Shiting held a glass of wine in front of her, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything excessive to Mr. Wei.”

After the decision, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She turns her phone on, showing a new text message.

It was sent by Wei Zhen.

  • Ann, I’m not drunk. He kept asking questions about Professor Hu’s closed disciples tonight, so I had to pretend to be drunk. I’m afraid he will find you, you should be careful.

Seeing this text message, she breathed a sigh of relief, and her heart tensed again.

She looked at Fu Shiting with a complicated expression, took the wine glass from him, raised her head and took a sip.

“What were you doing just now?” He asked in a low voice after taking a sip of wine.

Her chest heaved slightly, and her mood was disturbed by him.

He was drinking with Wei Zhen, but he did not forget to monitor her in the crowd.

“Fu Shiting, did you forget what you said before?” She sat down on the chair beside him and reminded him kindly, “You said you came back to me, it’s a dog.”

Of course Fu Shiting didn’t forget.

His eyebrows were raised, and his voice was low: “I’m just here to attend the company party, not to find you.”

“Oh, what did you care about me just now? Don’t be a dog!” She sneered.

“Qin An’an, don’t you believe I’m drunk?” His narrow eyes looked at her with interest, and said word by word, “If it’s painful to be a human, it’s better to be a dog.

Under the warm light, he The misty eyes were soft and sensual.

Qin Anan drank the wine in the glass and said to the bodyguard behind him: “Your boss is drunk, you can take him back to rest! “

She walked away from him.

After she walked away, he put down the wine glass in his hand and left the banquet hall.

“Qin An’an!” You hugged and hugged Fu Shiting just now, what are you two doing! “Li Xiaotian took Qin An’an and walked towards the bathroom, “Look at your face, how red is it? I can’t bear to scold you! “

Qin Anan patted her hot cheeks and found a random reason: “I drink to my face. “

Oh, is Fu Shiting drunk?” When I saw him hug you, it was like a hungry wolf rushing at a sheep! Li Xiaotian described with a rich expression, “I have never seen such a wild and unruly Fu Shiting… I am stunned!” Looking

at her exaggerated appearance, Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing and crying.

“Is it in your heart that he is not human?” ‘ she sighed.

“I’ve never seen him as a human. I’ve known him for so long, and he’s always been cold and unattainable… I sometimes suspect that he is an AI robot.”

Qin Anan: “If he is a robot, I have already cut off his power supply, how can I give him a chance to be angry with me?”

Li Xiaotian was persuaded by her.

The two returned to the banquet hall from the bathroom, sat down at the seats, and began to eat dinner.

“Who was looking for you just now? I wanted to ask you, but you left in a hurry.” Li Xiaotian asked.

“Guess.” Qin Anan deliberately sold out.

Li Xiaotian shook her head: “I can’t guess. I thought about it when you went out… The people you know are basically here, who else can find you?”

“My stepmother.” Qin Anan put a piece of meat in his mouth and chewed it slowly, “My worth may not only skyrocket by two billion.”

Chapter 279

Chapter 279

Wang Wanzhi is willing to consider 5 billion, indicating that she can come up with 5 billion.

the next day.

ST Group.

CEO’s office.

The golden sunlight refracted from the large floor-to-ceiling windows into the spotless office.

Fu Shiting reopened the list of graduate students under Professor Hu Qing that he had collected earlier.

The information disclosed by Wei Zhen last night showed that Professor Hu’s closed disciple was neither a middle-aged man nor a male.

In this way, the scope is reduced a lot.

His eyes suddenly fell on Qin An’an’s name.

Qin An’an is also a graduate student of Professor Hu Qing.

Because Qin Anan did not engage in medical work after graduating from graduate school, he just glanced at her postgraduate experience at first.

Her experience is simple.

Do academics and publish papers.

He took a look at the papers she posted on the Internet.

With just such a glance, he felt that he was reading a book from heaven, so he withdrew.

Maybe Qin Anan is not as simple as he thought?

If her qualifications were mediocre, Professor Hu Qing would not accept her as a student.

Wei Zhen said last night that he was not fit to be Professor Hu’s student, so he became Professor Hu’s assistant.

Since Qin An’an is qualified and talented, why didn’t he continue to work in medicine after graduation?

Is it really just for making money?

If in order to make money, why should she go to graduate school of Professor Hu Qing and waste two years of time?

Fu Shiting frowned, took a pen, and wrote her name on the paper.

Later, Professor Hu Qing and AN Technology were extended.

AN Technology extends Mike.

Her company’s profitability is inseparable from Mike’s joining!

Mike told Zhou Ziyi that he was a particularly powerful hacker.

I can’t find any information about him online.

Why is such a powerful hacker willing to do things for Qin Anan?

Fu Shiting put a question mark behind Mike’s name.


Qin Anan brought her mother and two children to visit her father.

“Dad, my mother and I came to see you.” Qin Anan put a bunch of lilies in front of the tombstone, “and my two children, they also came to see you.” On the

tombstone, Qin Jie’s posthumous photo was printed.

“Dad, the Qin Group has been rebuilt. Wang Qitian has also been caught. Rest in peace!”

A cool breeze blew, and the phone in the bag rang.

Qin Anan took out her mobile phone from her bag and saw that it was Wang Wanzhi’s call. She didn’t shy away and took it directly.

“Qin An’an, I’ve thought about it. I can’t take out five billion at a time. But I can give you a letter and promise to pay it off within a year!” Wang Wanzhi didn’t sleep all night, her tone was much weaker.

She didn’t want to spend five billion to save her brother Wang Qitian.

But her parents used death to force her!

She could only knock out her teeth and swallow it in her stomach.

“Oh,” Qin Anan responded indifferently, “I can’t even get five billion, so what else is there to talk about?”

Wang Wanzhi was stunned for a moment, then hysterical: “What do you mean?! You didn’t say that you only need five billion. , agree to a private reconciliation?!”

“Your ability to understand is so poor? What I said last night was that you gave 5 billion, and I can consider mediation. Now that I have considered it, I decided to go through legal procedures and let Wang Qitian die.” Qin Anan looked at his father’s tombstone, coldly Cold mouth.

Chapter 280

Chapter 280

She never thought of reconciling with Wang Wanzhi privately.

She said that on purpose last night to give Wang Wanzhi a glimmer of hope, and to dash her hope today.

She wants Wang Wanzhi to taste the pain!

“Okay! Qin An’an, it’s fine!” Wang Wanzhi was so angry that her lips trembled, and she said stubbornly, “I didn’t want to give out the five billion! My money didn’t come from the wind!”

“Well, I hope your brother arrives in Jiuquan. Next, I won’t turn into a ghost to find you.” Qin Anan sneered, “I don’t know how you two brothers and sisters divided the spoils for the two billion back then.”

Wang Wanzhi’s blood pressure soared wildly!

“Qin Anan…you wait…I will never let you go…My brother’s hatred, my daughter’s hatred…I will find you Reported!”

“Oh, are you looking for someone to assassinate me?” Qin Anan reminded her, “Country A’s Sky Eye system and the police’s investigative methods are no longer at the level of five years ago. Before I advise you to kill someone, think about it. I wonder if I can bear the consequences. In country A, murder and hiring a murderer are both death sentences!”

Wang Wanzhi turned pale and hung up the phone.

Zhang Yun looked at Qin An’an: “Wang Wanzhi is still so rampant now?”

Qin An’an: “She made a lot of money from the beauty company she opened abroad.”

Zhang Yun lowered her eyes and said nothing.

“Mom, the money she started the company was all the money her brother took away.” Qin Anan knew what her mother was thinking, “No matter how business-minded she is, she can’t cover up her playing tricks, killing her father and killing the Qin family. The group goes bankrupt! She will be retributed!”

Zhang Yun nodded: “Her daughter died at such a young age, it is her retribution. An An, as long as you are good, I don’t care if you have money or not.”

. …


Zhou Ziyi called and invited Mike out for a drink.

Mike was at home. After receiving Zhou Ziyi’s call, Qin Anan immediately looked at him.

Mike drank too much last night and decided to eat at home tonight.

But when Zhou Ziyi called, it was difficult for him to refuse.

“Didn’t you drink last night? Why did you drink again tonight?” Mike looked back at Qin An’an with a guilty conscience while talking on the phone.

“Can’t you do it?” Zhou Ziyi urged him to use the method.

Because his relationship with Mike broke the ice, Fu Shiting asked him to inquire from Mike why Mike, such an awesome hacker, was willing to start a company with Qin Anan.

What’s the secret in this?

Mike is young and vigorous, of course he won’t admit that he can’t!

“Send me the address, and I’ll find you right away!” Mike walked towards Qin Anan after talking on the phone.

Qin Anan glanced at him and guessed: “Is it Zhou Ziyi?”

Mike blushed slightly, reached out and scratched his head: “How do you know?”

“Who else can call you out except Zhou Ziyi? You came back last night and vomited. How did you tell me this morning? You said you won’t drink for the next week.” Qin Anan slapped him in the face.

“I’m talking about not drinking red wine. I drink beer like drinking water.” Mike said with a proud face, and he had already walked to the entrance.

Qin Anan followed: “You never thought why Zhou Ziyi asked you out for a drink?”

“Eh?” Mike stopped when he changed his shoes.

Qin Anan told him about Fu Shiting’s test of Wei Zhen last night, and then exhorted: “If Zhou Ziyi asks you a related question tonight, how would you answer it? I don’t need to teach it, right? If you leak your tongue, we will end our friendship!”

Mike Daigo poured out his head, clenched his fists, and gritted his teeth: “This Zhou Ziyi! Every time I look for me, it’s to take advantage of me! It’s so hateful! I have to drink him tonight! Give him a lesson!”

Qin Anan: “. ……Don’t do this! They have to go to work tomorrow!”

“It’s none of my business whether he goes to work or not!” Mike promised her, “Don’t worry, I will never tell you about you.”

“If You are in love with Zhou Ziyi, will you tell him?” Qin Anan felt uneasy in her heart, so she asked one more question.

Mike: “Even if he is my wife, as long as you don’t let me say it, I won’t say it! You are my savior, and you will always be number one in my heart!”

Qin Anan let out a sigh of relief and sent him out .

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