When His Eyes Opened Chapter 281 -290(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 281 -290(Chinese)

Chapter 281

The second day.

Zhou Ziyi endured the pain of a hangover and came to the company.

Fu Shiting glanced at him: “Why did you drink like this?”

“Mike deliberately drunk me last night! Before I could ask anything, he got drunk.” Zhou Ziyi now has a splitting headache, “although I didn’t ask anything. , but I found a scar on his head.”

“Are there obvious scars?”

“Yes. He should have had a craniotomy.” Zhou Ziyi was carried by Mike to the hotel to rest last night.

On the way, he stumbles upon Mike’s secret hidden under his blonde hair.

Woke up this morning, nothing unexpected, he and Mike slept in the same bed.

But this time he wasn’t angry, let alone kicked Mike!

Instead, while Mike was asleep, he pushed aside his blond hair and used his mobile phone to take pictures of the surgically sutured scar on his head.

“Look.” Zhou Ziyi showed Fu Shiting the secretly photographed photo, “This large circle of scars is definitely a craniotomy!”

“Craniotomy is not a minor operation…” Fu Shiting looked at it. After taking the picture, he whispered, “Next time you ask him what’s going on. Don’t drink with him next time, just ask directly. Go back and rest!”

“Okay.” Although Zhou Ziyi has a splitting headache, he Still conscious, “Boss, you are investigating Mike, is it because you suspect Miss Qin?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes moved slightly, “Don’t you think she’s weird?”

“Yes! I think she’s weird too! She’s clearly very I love you, why do I want to divorce you?” Zhou Ziyi wondered, “I know she is jealous of Yin Yin. But can’t she be more tolerant towards special groups? I am a little disappointed in her!”

Fu Shiting: “… ….” The

bull’s head is not the horse’s mouth.

“Go back and rest. Don’t come to the company until you wake up.” Fu Shiting turned the leather swivel chair around.

When Qin Anan divorced him, he didn’t know that Yinyin was mentally retarded.

He never blamed Qin Anan.

If it is true, it is his fault.

five o’clock in the afternoon.

Fu Shiting received a call from Shen Yu.

“Shi Ting, my dad has returned to China. Are you busy now? He wants to have dinner with you tonight.”

Fu Shiting glanced at the time, and after a while, said, “Okay.”

“By the way, I was with you before . I said, my parents are divorced. My dad will bring his new girlfriend to dinner this time, you won’t mind? ” Shen Yu hesitated for a while, then spoke truthfully.

Fu Shiting: “I don’t mind.”

He didn’t care about Shen Yu, nor was he interested in Shen Yu’s father’s new girlfriend.

after an hour.

Fu Shiting met Shen Yu’s father and his new girlfriend.

In an instant, his mind was empty, and he forgot what to say and do.

His deep and sharp eyes fell on Father Shen’s new girlfriend.

“Mr. Fu, do you know me?” Wang Wanzhi said with a smile, “Although we had some relatives before, we have never met! I didn’t expect to meet in this way now.”

Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy And cold.

The atmosphere is awkward and the air pressure keeps dropping!

At this moment, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and strode out of the restaurant.

Chapter 282

Chapter 282 The

call was from Zhou Ziyi.

“Mike said that he used to have a malignant tumor in his brain. When it was serious, he was unconscious and lost consciousness. In the end, Professor Hu performed surgery on him to remove it.” Zhou Ziyi said.

Fu Shiting: “He still didn’t say why he wanted to partner with Qin An’an?”

“Yes, he said he likes drones. And Qin Anan has the system developed by Qin Jie. After he perfected the system developed by Qin Jie, I’m very satisfied, so I partnered with Qin An’an to open a company.”

This answer was watertight.

After talking on the phone, Fu Shiting walked into the restaurant.

Although he was very disgusted with Wang Wanzhi, but now he wanted to ask Shen Yu, so he had to give face.

After he entered the restaurant, Shen Yu immediately walked up to him and explained to him: “Shi Ting, I’m sorry. This is the first time I’ve seen Aunt Wang. I didn’t know she was Qin An’an’s stepmother. I usually have no contact with my dad. There are so many, so he didn’t tell me in advance.”

After hearing her explanation, Fu Shiting strode to the table and took a seat.

“Hello, Uncle Shen.” He greeted Father Shen.

As for Wang Wanzhi, he regarded her as air.

“Shi Ting, hello.” Father Shen smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I’ve lived abroad for a long time, and I haven’t talked about the past with Wanzhi. So I don’t know what happened to you before.”

“It’s okay . , Qin Anan and I have already divorced.” Fu Shiting said lightly.

Wang Wanzhi saw that Fu Shiting had an opinion on her, and after thinking about it, she said, “Shi Ting, I’m sorry about the past. I also called Qin An’an to apologize. I offered to pay her 5 billion, but she I do n’t want to.”

Fu Shiting glanced at Wang Wanzhi.

Shen Yu was surprised: “You have five billion?”

This amount is too large!

She did not expect Wang Wanzhi to have so much money.

“I don’t have so much money on hand, but I can mortgage my company and raise this amount to show my sincerity.” Wang Wanzhi regretted, “I only hope to reconcile with Qin An’an. But it didn’t go well.”

Seeing Fu Shiting’s sullen face, Shen Yu said, “Aunt Wang, don’t talk about this topic.”

“Okay, I won’t talk about it.” Wang Wanzhi shut her mouth wisely.

Back from the dinner, Fu Shiting was even more determined to break away from Shen Yu.

If Qin Anan knew that Wang Wanzhi was now Shen Yu’s father’s girlfriend and might be Shen Yu’s stepmother in the future, Qin Anan would definitely not contact him again.

Yin Yin suddenly came over and hugged his body.

Fu Shiting felt his sister’s body temperature and dependence, and his heart tightened suddenly.

Although her intelligence has improved now, she is still unable to take care of herself.

The Spring Festival is coming soon. After the Spring Festival, her second treatment will begin.

He was looking forward to her second treatment.

But meeting Wang Wanzhi tonight made him swallow a fly.

As long as he and Shen Yu are still lovers in name, then he and Wang Wanzhi may have a second dinner, a third dinner…

“Yin Yin, do you like Dr. Shen?” Fu Shiting held his sister, Sit down on the sofa.

Yin Yin pursed her lips and stared at Fu Shiting’s face with bright eyes.

She doesn’t like Shen Yu, but she knows that Shen Yu is her brother’s girlfriend.

“What about you?” Yin Yin learned to ask rhetorically.

Fu Shiting shook his head and explained, “I need her to treat you. Yin Yin, she can cure you.”

Hearing that he didn’t like Shen Yu, Yin Yin was much bolder: “An An can also treat me!”

Fu Shiting frowned.

He realizes that things are not that simple!

“Yinyin, has An An treated you?”

Yinyin pursed her lips and nodded.

Fu Shiting held her shoulders with both hands, looked at her with deep, dark eyes, and asked, “When did she treat you? Was it when you got lost before?

” Babysitting and monitoring.

He can grasp all the movements of Yin Yin every day.

So it’s easy to speculate that after Yin Yin got lost, he met Qin An’an!

Chapter 283

Chapter 283

Yin Yin couldn’t hide it, and he was afraid of how serious his brother looked now, so he simply lowered his head and kept silent.

Star River Villa.

Mike boasted about how good he was drinking in the living room, and easily poured Zhou Ziyi into the bed!

How to weave lies and fool Zhou Ziyi!

“An An, am I amazing?” Mike asked for credit, “Zhou Ziyi must have gone to report to his boss! Don’t worry, Fu Shiting will definitely not doubt you.”

Qin Anan cut an apple and handed it to him: “You finally have some I’ve lost my mind.”

“Hey! Are you talking about human words? I’ve always had a brain!” Mike took the apple angrily and took a bite, “I just don’t like to think. Once I think about it, Sherlock Holmes will Not my opponent.”

At this time, Rila came over with a picture book.

“Mom, who is this uncle? So handsome! I like him so much!”

Rila came out of Qin An’an’s room.

Qin Anan glanced at the picture album in her daughter’s hand, and immediately put down the fruit knife.

“Rila, why are you flipping through your mother’s stuff again?” Qin Anan took the album and closed it.

This is Jin Sinian’s photo album.

Qin Anan is his Yanfan.

“Mom, if you don’t show me, lock it up!” Rila looked aggrieved. “Why didn’t you show me? I like such a handsome uncle!

” Two words: “Nympho.”

“This is what my mother likes. If you say I’m a nympho, you mean my mother’s nympho.” Rila argued.

Xiao Han couldn’t say anything to her, so he turned around and went back to his room.

Rilla Lai was in Qin An’an’s arms and acted like a spoiled child: “Mom, when you look for a boyfriend in the future, just follow the standards of this beautiful uncle! If you can find such a handsome uncle back, my grandmother and I will definitely not object.”

Zhang Yun listened and couldn’t help laughing.

Qin Anan’s temple was aching, and she was about to educate her daughter when the doorbell rang suddenly.

It’s nine o’clock at night.

Except for Li Xiaotian, no one usually comes to visit.

But Li Xiaotian has never been here at night.

Mike has strode to the door and glanced outside through the cat’s eyes.

“Fuck! Qin An’an! Your ex-husband is here!” Mike didn’t dare to open the door, and hurried back to the living room, “I also brought a tow oil bottle.” A

tow oil bottle?

Qin Anan gave Rela to Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun immediately took Rila back to her room.

“Yin Yin… is here too.” Mike explained to Qin An’an in a low voice.

Qin Anan frowned.

Why did Fu Shiting bring Yinyin here so late?

She walked to the door and opened the door.

Before she could speak, Fu Shiting asked Yinyin, “Is it here?” Yinyin

glanced into the room.

After meeting Qin An’an’s cold face, she pursed her lips and did not dare to say a word.

Fu Shiting held her hand, passed by Qin An’an, and strode into the living room.

“Fu Shiting…” Qin Anan took a deep breath and turned to catch up with him.

“Shut up!” Fu Shiting shouted and interrupted her, “Qin Anan, Yin Yin was lost before, was he here with you?!”

Qin Anan: “…”

He finally knew.

Fu Shiting looked at the reaction on her face and agreed in his heart.

A chill rises from the bottom of my heart!

“How did she come to you? Why didn’t you notify me?” Fu Shiting walked up to her, looked at her with cold eyes, and questioned word by word, “You’re very happy to see that I’m so anxious like a madman?!”

Chapter 284

Chapter 284 At the

beginning, he spent a billion to find Yin Yin’s whereabouts, and it was known all over the country!

He didn’t believe that Qin Anan would not know.

Qin An’an’s cheeks flushed red as he pressed him!

His tone was as if she had brought Yinyin to the house at first!

She didn’t have time to think about it, Yin Yin had a fever!

If she returns the feverish Yinyin to him, will he think that her poor care made Yinyin feverish?

“Yes!” Her voice came fiercely, “I’m very happy to see you go crazy!”

Suddenly, the eyes turned black!

The lights in the room are off!

Not only did the lights in the living room go out, but the electricity in the entire villa went out!

“Ahhh!” Yinyin screamed in fright, and immediately found someone to hug her.

Mike jumped: “What are you holding me for! You let go!”

“Afraid! Afraid!” Yinyin continued to scream.

Mike sighed resignedly.

Hug it! He has nothing to lose!

Why bother with a woman with abnormal intelligence!

Moreover, Fu Shiting will soon come to get her away.

Just when Mike thought so, Fu Shiting’s voice came from the darkness: “It was your son who brought Yinyin out of school, right? Did you let him do this?!”

Mike: “??? “

What happened to Fu Shiting?

His Yin Yin was afraid of screaming, but he didn’t take it seriously and continued to quarrel with Qin An’an!

“Yes! I asked my son to do this!” Qin Anan’s voice was louder than his, directly overpowering him, “I deliberately asked my son to take Yinyin home, I want to see, this makes you How powerful is the woman who haunts your dreams! Who knows, she is a fool!”

He slandered her, but when Xiaohan was involved, she could no longer be calm!

His series of questions made her completely lose her mind.

He thought of her as such a vicious woman, and she showed him viciously!

After what she said above, the whole world went silent.

Suddenly, the lights in the living room are on!

Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting’s gloomy face, scarlet eyes, and his fists clenched tightly.

It feels like the next second, he will do it!

Qin An’an’s heart beat faster, and her reason quickly returned to her body.

How could she say Yin Yin is a fool?

Even if you say something angry, you can’t say it in front of Yin Yin!

She looked around, looking for Yin Yin’s figure.

Where is the shadow of Yin Yin.

in the children’s room.

Zhang Yun and the two children looked at Yin Yin with drooping eyebrows.

They all heard what Qin Anan said just now.

So even if they don’t like Yin Yin, they can only apologize to her now.

“Yin Yin, what my mother just said is not true…” Rila said in a milky voice, “It wasn’t my mother who asked my brother to bring you back, my mother was lying. So she said you were Fools are also deceiving.”

Rila’s words made Yin Yin’s eyes light up.

Rila was reluctant to talk to her before, but now she takes the initiative to talk to her, she is a little happy.

“I was originally a fool!” Yin Yin blinked and said frankly, “An An didn’t lie.”

Everyone in the room: “…” In the

living room.

Fu Shiting’s body was tense, and there was a layer of water in his scarlet eyes.

He looked at Qin An’an’s face, his heart twisted like a knife: “Qin An’an, you can hurt me, but you can’t say that!”

Every word of his was filled with hatred and disappointment.

Qin Anan’s words of apology came to his lips, and he swallowed them back into his stomach.

“Take your Yinyin out of my house!” She dropped these cold words and strode into the bedroom.

Chapter 285

Chapter 285

She slammed the door shut and locked it.

Seeing that the quarrel was over, Mike immediately came out with Yin Yin.

“Hello! Fu…” Mike wanted to say a few words for Qin An’an.

Fu Shiting glanced at him fiercely: “Shut up!”

Mike shut his mouth and watched him stride to Yinyin and take Yinyin away.

When I came out of the villa, it was raining lightly outside.

Fu Shiting took off his jacket and put it on Yin Yin’s head.

Entering the car, Yinyin hugged his jacket and looked at the villa outside the window with dark eyes.

Fu Shiting fastened her seat belt and said in a hoarse voice, “Yinyin, don’t look at it.”

“Brother, I’m sorry…” Yinyin said, two lines of tears fell from his eyes.

“Yinyin, you’re not wrong, you don’t need to say sorry to anyone.” Fu Shiting raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Yin Yin cried with a sad face: “Brother, it was me, I was afraid of surgery… So I ran away by myself… I begged Xiaohan to take me away… “

She didn’t dare to say it just now, but now she finally has the courage to restore the truth.

Qin An’an’s cold eyes suddenly appeared in Fu Shiting’s mind.

Why doesn’t she explain?

Could it make him angry, she can get pleasure?

“Brother, don’t blame An An… An An is very good to me… I am so sick, she takes care of me…” Yin Yin choked up, thinking of that day again in his mind The scene at night, “She gave me an injection… An An is amazing…”

Fu Shiting wiped the tears from her face with a tissue, and his Adam’s apple moved: “you asked Xiaohan to bring you to his house, and then you fell ill. Qin Anan treated you… After that? She sent you Did you go to the hospital?”

Yin Yin looked at him with tears in her eyes: “I don’t remember… I just remember that An An was nice to me. She’s not like this tonight… She’s not a bad person …”

“She said you were a fool, aren’t you angry?” Fu Shiting’s eyes were a little sour.

Even thinking about it now, my heart still hurts.

He knew that Qin Anan was not a bad person, but her words deeply hurt him.

Yinyin wasn’t so seriously ill at first, and it was because he was violently beaten by his father in the later period that he became like this.

He can’t allow anyone to bully Yin Yin again!

Yin Yin’s eyes were red and he shook his head: “Isn’t it because I am a fool that you asked Dr. Shen to treat me?”

Fu Shiting hugged her tightly, as if he was stuck in his throat: “Yin Yin, that’s not the case! You are not a fool. I asked Dr. Shen to treat you to make you feel the world better…”

“Because I’m a fool, so I’m not smart. Brother, I’m a fool, An An is right, I Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry either, okay?”

Yin Yin’s tone was pleading.

Fu Shiting listened to his sister’s soft and kind voice and broke his defense.

With one hand on the steering wheel, he tilted his head slightly out of the window, tears falling silently.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a fool.” Yinyin hugged his jacket, took a deep breath, and said to himself, “As long as my brother stays with me, I can always be a fool.”

Fu Shiting’s lips moved Move, after all, nothing is said.

He must cure his sister’s illness.

She won’t be a fool forever!

in the villa.

Qin Anan lay in pain in bed, feeling that there was no difference between living and dying.

She could obviously not be so aggressive, she could clearly explain things to him.

But she can’t do it!

Because his aura is wrong!

From the moment he entered the door, he didn’t look at her, let alone listen patiently to her explanation.

He came here tonight to find fault!

This is her home, why should she be wronged?

She lifted the pillow and covered her face.


She shouldn’t say Yin Yin is a fool.

What’s the difference between what she said and Fu Shiting questioning her deliberately abducting Yinyin?

How could she move her anger away because Fu Shiting hurt her badly?

But it was all too late.

She heard the sound of the car starting the engine outside the window.

Chapter 286

Chapter 286

She came out of the bedroom, and everyone’s eyes turned to her.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere was particularly awkward.

“Did I go too far just now?” She went to the sofa and sat down, self-examination, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“You’re not going too far! It was that bastard Fu Shiting who yelled at you first. , he told you to shut up! I don’t think you are too much, you should be a little too much! If I were you, I would scold him to death! Not only would I call Yinyin a fool, I would also call his whole family a fool! ‘ Mike comforted her.

Mike’s comfort made Qin Anan stunned.

Zhang Yun also comforted: “An An, what you said at the time were all angry words. As long as he is still a little sensible, he will know that you did not mean it.”

“I don’t care what he thinks, I am afraid that I will be sad.” Qin Anan lowered his head. Eyes, he sighed lightly.

What Fu Shiting thought, she didn’t care, she was afraid that her angry words would hurt Yinyin.

“Yinyin is not angry. She said she was a fool.” Mike comforted her.

“It’s because of her that I feel guilty.” She fidgeted, got up from the sofa, and went back to the room.

Rila and Xiaohan felt bad when they saw their mother reproaching herself so much.

Xiao Han only really felt tonight that Yin Yin was different from them.

Although Yin Yin looks like an adult woman, her mind is not normal at all.

Even a child of a few years old will cry and resist when others call him a fool.

So every time he was so fierce to Yinyin, it seemed meaningless.

Back in the room, Rila took out her watercolor pen and drew on the paper.

Xiaohan leaned over to take a look.

“Brother, take it to Yinyin tomorrow, okay?” Rila drew a flower on the white paper.

Xiao Han was very disgusted, but did not refuse.

“I feel so sorry for Yin Yin!” Rila’s eyes were red and her mouth was muttering, “Who wants to be a fool? Only a fool would not despise himself for being a fool.”

Xiao Han took the picture she drew and put it in his schoolbag .

“Brother, let’s not be so fierce to Yin Yin in the future, okay?” Rila took her brother’s hand and discussed with him, “We just hate scumbag dads, we don’t need to hate Yin Yin.”

The next day.

Yin Yin came to Xiao Han’s classroom door as usual during the recess.

Xiao Han looked awkward and gave her the picture drawn by Ryla.

She took the painting, her face full of joy.

It seems that what happened last night did not affect her at all.

“I like it!” She hugged Xiaohan.

Xiaohan: “…”

I decided not to kill her in the future, but I can’t stand her enthusiasm!

Xiaohan pushed her away, quickly returned to the classroom, and closed the door.

After a while, Yin Yin’s nanny came over with a basket. The basket contains fresh fruit and some snacks.

The nanny handed the basket to Xiaohan’s teacher.

“This is what Yinyin asked me to bring to Xiaohan.” The nanny said, glancing at Xiaohan.

Xiao Han just raised his head.

For a moment, the nanny seemed to see Fu Shiting.

The nanny returned to Yin Yin’s room.

Yin Yin is still looking at the painting.

“Yinyin,” the nanny sat down beside her, “do you think Xiaohan looks a lot like your brother?”

Yinyin nodded: “I like Xiaohan.”

“I mean, Xiaohan may be your brother’s son.” There were no outsiders in the room, so the nanny spoke to Yinyin freely, “If Xiaohan is really your brother’s son, Then you are his aunt.”

“Aunt?” Yin Yin frowned slightly.

Chapter 287

Chapter 287

“Yeah! Yinyin, you are now an aunt!” The nanny laughed and sighed suddenly, “But your brother doesn’t seem to know. I’m not sure Xiaohan is your brother’s son.”

“He doesn’t like my brother. “Yin Yin looked sad.

The nanny responded: “Because your brother has a girlfriend now. Their affairs are too complicated, so I don’t want to talk anymore.”

Yinyin automatically filtered the complicated things and continued to appreciate the paintings Xiaohan sent her.


Li Xiaotian and Qin Anan were shopping outside to buy clothes.

“If nothing else, I will go to He Zhun’s house to pay New Year’s greetings this Spring Festival.” Li Xiaotian was a little nervous, “I heard my dad and his dad talking on the phone privately about our marriage.”

Qin Anan smiled: “Isn’t this a good thing? You two have talked for so long, and it’s time to get married.”

“But we are both still young, so we haven’t had enough fun!” Li Xiaotian took Qin An’an into a men’s clothing store.

Qin An’an: “What’s the difference between the two of you now and getting married? Others say that you don’t have enough fun, and you don’t want to be responsible, but you and He Zhunzhi plan to live a lifetime, right?

” Think, who knows? What if you get tired of it?” Li Xiaotian walked to the new section and took a casual jacket, “An An, how is this jacket?”

“It’s too old-fashioned.” Qin Anan asked without hesitation.

Li Xiaotian: “I bought it for my dad.”

Qin An’an: “Oh. I said why your eyes became so weird.”

“Qin An’an, did you go out today without thinking? I can buy this for He Zhunzhi. Different styles of clothes?” Li Xiaotian teased her, “Are you thinking of falling in love?”

Qin An’an: “Please forgive me! I want to live a few more years.”

“Hahaha! You’re right, being single doesn’t have so many troubles.” Li Xiaotian glanced at the size of the clothes and asked the clerk, “Is there a three plus size?”

“This one is only two plus size. Miss, you How about this one? This one has three plus.” The clerk showed Li Xiaotian to see other styles.

Qin Anan has no father and no older male elders, so there is nothing to buy.

She walked to the sofa next to her and sat down, holding a fashion magazine in her hand.

A moment later, a pair of black leather boots came into her eyes.

She raised her eyes and saw Shen Yu’s face.

Very suddenly, very unexpected.

“Qin An’an, what a coincidence!” Shen Yu accompanied her father out to buy clothes today.

I heard Li Xiaotian say ‘Qin An’an’ just now, so she heard the sound and came over.

“What a coincidence.” Qin Anan sat on the sofa without moving.

Father Shen came over, glanced at Qin Anan, and asked his daughter, “This is your friend?”

Shen Yu: “She is Fu Shiting’s ex-wife, Qin Anan.”

“Oh…” Father Shen knew Qin Anan.

It’s just that this is the first time I’ve seen you.

She is a little different from the picture.

In reality, it will be much more surprising.

“I’ve tried the clothes.” Father Shen said to his daughter.

He didn’t say hello to Qin Anan.

Wang Wanzhi hated her to death and cursed her in front of him every day.

“Oh. If you like it, buy it all!” Shen Yu said, and took out a card from her bag, “Anyway, it’s Shi Ting who pays the bill.”

Her implication was that this bank card was given to Fu Shiting. her.

The clerk took the card from her, swiped it, and asked her to sign it.

She deliberately asked in a voice Qin Anan could hear: “This is my boyfriend’s card, should I sign my own name or his?”

“Just sign your own name.” The cashier said enviously, “You Your boyfriend really spoils you. This card does not limit the amount of consumption!”

Shen Yu smiled happily: “Yes! He is very kind to me, and I love him very much.”

Chapter 288

Chapter 288

Qin Anan looked at the magazine expressionlessly.

Suddenly, the magazine was taken away.

“Aren’t you bothered to stay here?” Li Xiaotian pulled her up from the sofa, “It’s really bad luck! You can meet people you hate when you buy clothes.”

Li Xiaotian deliberately said loudly so that Shen Yu could hear.

Qin An’an: “The store is open here, and anyone can come.”

“That’s why I said bad luck! I won’t buy it! Let’s go.” Li Xiaotian grabbed Qin An’an’s hand and wanted to pull her away.

Qin Anan: “Why are you so cowardly?”

Li Xiaotian was stunned by these words.

Oh yes!

Why is she so cowardly?

She is not afraid of Shen Yu.

Why should you go?

Li Xiaotian took a few clothes from the shelf, pulled Qin An’an, and walked towards the cashier.

“What kind of skill is it to swipe someone else’s card? It’s still so loud, I’m afraid others won’t know it’s a soft meal.” Li Xiaotian sneered and laughed, “It’s a real skill to spend your own money!”

Although she didn’t say by name Shen Yu, but after hearing her ridicule, Shen Yu turned her head.

“Yo! Isn’t this Miss Shen?” Li Xiaotian said with a surprised expression, “Miss Shen, are you shopping? Why didn’t your boyfriend come with you? I heard that you have a special relationship with your boyfriend recently. Well, is it fake? Otherwise, why did he only send his cold bank card? Who doesn’t have a bank card, Miss Shen, right?”

Shen Yu’s face was as dark as the black card in her hand.

She knew that Li Xiaotian was the only daughter of the Li family, and her family’s department stores were all over the country, and she was worth a lot of money.

I also remembered that Qin An’an is now the boss of Qin’s Group and is rich.

Although Fu Shiting gave her a secondary card and let her swipe it at will, but without Fu Shiting, her financial resources couldn’t compare to the two of them.

The clerk packed Li Xiaotian’s clothes on the cashier counter.

“Miss, don’t you want a three-plus size? These sizes are all wrong.” The clerk reminded.

Li Xiaotian smiled lightly: “These, as well as the few models I saw just now, are all wrapped up for me. It doesn’t matter if the size is wrong, I will buy them back and use them as rags.”

Shen Yu’s face was ashen with anger.

Father Shen saw that Li Xiaotian was not a woman to be provoked, so he took his daughter away.

Coming out of the store, Shen Yu shook his father’s arm away.

“Dad! What did you pull me out for? I’m not afraid of them! We’re so embarrassed!”

Father Shen: “We paid the bill, why don’t we leave? What benefits will you get from quarreling with them? If Fu Shiting knew about it, what do you think? Will he like you more? Men don’t like shrews.”

Shen Yu took a deep breath and endured the bad breath.


Qin Anan put the clothes of inappropriate size back on the shelf.

“Li Xiaotian, you are too impulsive.”

Li Xiaotian snorted coldly: “You can’t be soft on this green tea bitch. How loud was she talking after she took out the card just now! It’s like a loudspeaker, isn’t it just for you? You can bear it, I can’t!”

Li Xiaotian has seen too many green tea bitches, like Shen Yu, the means are not high.

So she tore it up with ease.

The two came out of the store and went to a nearby restaurant to sit down.

“Fu Shiting has been really nice to Shen Yu recently,” Li Xiaotian glanced at Qin An’an, “Didn’t Shen Yu’s father return to China for a while, he said he wanted to invest in the country, so Fu Shiting used his network to introduce her to her father. many people.”

“Why did you tell me this?” Qin Anan has never contacted Fu Shiting since the last time he quarreled.

Whether his relationship with Shen Yu is good or bad, she doesn’t care.

“I don’t think you love him that much anymore, so I’ll ask you before and see how you react.”

“Even if I don’t love him anymore, it doesn’t mean I want to hear about him.” Qin Anan picked up the water glass and drank it. Saliva, “If I propose your ex in front of you, I’ll see if you’re happy.”

Chapter 289

Chapter 289 “Happy

! I’m still good friends with my ex!”

Qin Anan had nothing to say.

“An An, maybe the two of them will really get married.” Li Xiaotian continued the topic, “Shen Yu won the favor of Mrs. Fu. And Fu Shiting seems to be thinking about it. I guess with He Zhunzhi, if next spring, Yin Yin is very popular. Yin’s second operation went well, and he will definitely marry Shen Yu.”

Qin Anan said lightly, “Bless them.”

“You also have to look forward!” Li Xiaotian worried about her, “You are so young, you Your mother helps you to take care of the two children of my family, and they have already gone to school, so you don’t need to worry too much. You can fully enjoy life.”

“I will enjoy it.” Qin Anan smiled, “Can you not use it? Looking at me with pity? It’s not illegal to be single, right?”

“I don’t think you’re happy.” Li Xiaotian said sullenly.

“Don’t overthink it. If you are really busy, plan your wedding in advance!”

“Oh! You will be my bridesmaid then.”

“I already have two children, so how can I be your bridesmaid ?” “

Who said that a woman who has been married and had children can’t be a bridesmaid? I want whoever I want to be a bridesmaid.” Li Xiaotian said bluntly, “Just right, your two children will be me as flower girls. “

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing and crying.

The phone rang, she picked up the phone, saw that it was Officer Li who was calling, and immediately picked it up.

“Miss Qin, didn’t Wang Qitian decide to appeal? I just got the Spring Festival schedule from the Supreme Court. Wang Qitian’s case will be held in court later this year. So you have a good Spring Festival first.”

“Okay. Thank you very much!”

“You don’t have to worry, his appeal is purely to delay time, and there will be no change in the outcome of the trial.”

“Well, I have confidence in our country’s justice.”

In the evening, Qin Anan returned home with a large bag.

As soon as she entered the room, the two children came up and took the shopping bag from her hand.

“Mom, what did you buy? Can you take me there next time you go shopping with Auntie Sweetie?” Rila is already on winter vacation.

“It’s too cold outside. It will freeze you.” Qin Anan touched her daughter’s head.

“No way! I have a hat and a mask!” Rila took out the new clothes and shoes in the shopping bag, and gradually, joy replaced dissatisfaction.

Zhang Yun came over and discussed with Qin An’an: “Your uncle asked us to go back for the New Year. If you don’t want to go, then I will go back alone.”

“I asked Mike if he would go back to country B during the Spring Festival.”

“I asked, He said to stay here. Country B is not celebrating the Spring Festival.” Zhang Yun said.

“Oh, then you can go back to your uncle’s house alone! You can take your children there if you want.”

Zhang Yun shook her head: “Don’t take your children. Now they know that you have money, so they contact me. When I was abroad, they took the initiative to contact me. You never called me. You didn’t notify me of your grandmother’s death.”

“Why don’t you go.” Qin Anan felt sad when she saw her mother.

“I’ll definitely go. I’ll go to your grandmother’s grave.”

Qin Anan hugged her mother: “Mom, you must take good care of yourself. Otherwise, I will have no family members.”

“What nonsense! Wait for me to go. Now, you still have two children!”

“It’s different. Can I act like a spoiled child with you, or can I act like a spoiled child with my child?” Qin Anan took a breath.

after dinner.

The two children were playing with Mike in the living room.

Qin Anan took his mobile phone and accidentally swiped a piece of news.

——Fu Shiting, president of ST Group, and his girlfriend appeared in a jewelry store to buy a wedding ring at a high price!

Below is a candid picture.

It can be recognized from the tall man’s back in the picture that this is indeed Fu Shiting.

And Shen Yu next to him, holding a ring in his hand, smiled sweetly!

Chapter 290

Chapter 290

She stared at the picture, and unknowingly, she was fascinated.

How could she not feel anything about him at all?

My heart hurts a little.

She will not bless him.


“Qin An’an, what are you in a daze! Your two children bully me! You’re not here to help me!” Mike walked to the sofa, pulled Qin An’an up, and blocked him in front of him.

The expression on her face instantly returned to normal.

“Xiaohan, mother told you about transferring to another school after the new year, how are you thinking?”

This question made the atmosphere in the living room quiet.

“Mom, do you want my brother to go to a kindergarten with me?” Rila asked excitedly.

“Your brother doesn’t go to kindergarten, but primary school.” After Qin Anan finished speaking, Xiaohan nodded in agreement.

Although his relationship with Yinyin is not as bad as before, but anyway, Yinyin is the person by Fu Shiting’s side.

He and Fu Shiting are incompatible.

So leave Ahn’Qiraj, stay away from Yin Yin, and stay away from all troubles.

“Woo woo, I’m the same age as my brother, why does my brother go to elementary school and I go to kindergarten? I’m going to elementary school too!” Rila hummed, her little hand grabbing Qin An’an’s.

Zhang Yun came over and hugged her: “Rila, even if you want to go to elementary school, you have to wait for your brother to get used to it first, okay?”

“Oh… okay!”

Qin Anan said with a smile: “Rila, there is an entrance exam for elementary school. Let’s see if my brother can pass the entrance exam.”

Rila looked confused: “Uh…it sounds so difficult, I’ll just go to kindergarten obediently. !”

At eleven o’clock at night, a heavy snow fell in the sky.

When Qin Anan opened the window of the bathroom, he accidentally caught a glimpse of the scenery outside the window.

After coming out of the bathroom, she opened the curtains of the bedroom.

Looking at the snowflakes fluttering outside, my heart suddenly became calm.

She remembered the past, the ups and downs they went through before breaking up with Fu Shiting.

As the seasons change, life revives, life dies, and the cycle repeats itself.

For a life, only life and death are the most important, others should be taken lightly.

She took a deep breath.

If it snows overnight, take the kids out to build a snowman tomorrow!

They will be very happy.

With this peaceful mood, she went to bed, turned off the light and fell asleep.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting came out of the study and went back to the bedroom. When he was about to close the curtains, he saw the white snow outside the window.

His eyes moved slightly, and the movements of his hands stopped.

Suddenly remembering the winter five years ago, Qin Anan knitted a sweater for him.

It’s a thick sweater.

He doesn’t like to wear sweaters.

But after receiving the sweater from her, he put it on immediately.

He still remembers the feeling of happiness that his heartbeat suddenly quickened when he put on the sweater she knitted by himself.

He walked to the closet, opened the door, and inside, hung the ordinary hand-knitted sweater.

It doesn’t fit in with other big-name shirts and suits in the closet.

After the breakup, he didn’t wear it again.

Somehow, he took out the sweater and put it on.

The sweater was warm, but his heart was cold.

Today, Shen Yu invited him to go shopping.

He went with her.

Passing a jewelry store, she was attracted by the jewelry inside.

She chose a very cheap ring, and he paid the bill without saying a word.

As if the ring was given to her by him.

He still hasn’t fallen in love with her.

However, she was very quiet and never disturbed him.

If you have to find a woman to start a family, a woman like her is not intolerable.

In the spring of next year, if she can cure Yinyin, he will marry her.

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