When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2869(Chinese)

Qin An’an met with the person in charge of setting up the church scene and chatted.

After a while, Li Xiaotian brought a young and beautiful woman to meet them.

“An An, Xiao Han.” After greeting them with a smile, Li Xiaotian introduced the woman next to her, “This is Lina, the daughter of a friend of mine.” She is a senior and will graduate next summer. She has now started an internship, so she is more free. I saw a coffee shop nearby, so you can sit and talk.

Li Xiaotian knows how to take care of young people’s mentality.

Never say anything embarrassing to young people, and never be a light bulb.

Qin An’an glanced at Lina.

Lina looks particularly good-looking, her facial features are delicate and foreign, her figure is tall, not fat or thin, just right.

Qin An’an smiled and said to his son: “Go and invite Lina for a cup of coffee!” Your Aunt Tian and I haven’t seen each other for a while, and we both have to talk alone.

Qin Zihan took a step forward.

Lina immediately followed.

After seeing the two of them leave, Li Xiaotian took Qin An’an’s hand and smiled so hard that she couldn’t close her mouth.

“What do you think of Lina? This is the best girl I know in my circle of friends. I didn’t even introduce the girls in my family to Xiaohan, because they were not good enough… Lina studied dance and has won many international awards. You can see by looking at her temperament, which is different from ordinary people.

Qin An’an was very satisfied with Lina, “She is indeed very beautiful. Is this your friend’s daughter?

“No, it’s the daughter of one of my players. The conditions at her home are also good, the only daughter! However, they are willing to let their daughter and Xiaohan settle in country B. After all, our Xiaohan is so good. Who wouldn’t want to marry their daughter to Xiao Han! Li Xiaotian pulled Qin An’an to sit down in the church seat, “Because her mother always talks to me about Tilina, and she also shows me videos of Lina dancing.” So you said let me introduce Xiaohan to a girlfriend, and I was the first to think of her. Would you like to watch a video of Lina dancing? ”

Qin An’an nodded: “I’ll take a look.”

Li Xiaotian found Lina’s video and clicked it to Qin An’an to see.

After Qin An’an saw it, he was attracted by Lina’s dancing move.

“This girl is indeed very good, but I don’t know if Xiao Han likes it or not.” After watching the video, Qin An’an thanked Li Xiaotian, “There are no girls suitable for Xiaohan around me, and there is no one around Xiaohan.”

“Don’t worry. As long as Xiao Han has this heart now, he can easily find the girl he likes. If I can’t introduce it, I can let Xiao Xiao introduce it! Xiao Xiao knows more beautiful girls. So many of your friends, all mobilized… It’s really not okay, let him go out and participate in some social activities. As long as you go out more, you will definitely find a wife.

Qin An’an nodded.

Coffee shop.

Xiao Han ordered a latte, and then listened to Lina introduce herself.

Lina learned dance from a young age because her mother learned dance, and she learned dance because of her mother’s influence.

Her father was in business, and there was only one daughter in the family.

Now interning, she has gained experience with her mentor performing all over the world.

“Zihan, don’t you like me very much? I see you haven’t spoken all the time. After Lina finished talking about her family situation and her own situation, Qin Zihan did not react.

After pondering for a few seconds, Qin Zihan asked politely, “What is your relationship with my Aunt Xiaotian?”

“My mom runs a dance class, and Aunt Sweet used to dance in my mom’s class. Later they played cards together… Count it as a card friend! Lina spoke shyly.

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