When His Eyes Opened Chapter 301 -310(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 301 -310(Chinese)

Chapter 301

“I’ll send additional staff to the hospital for 24 hours.” The director said, and the topic changed, “I heard that your girlfriend is pregnant, congratulations!”

“I don’t like children.” Fu Shiting’s face His expression was a bit gloomy, and his tone became cold, “If there is any progress in the case, let me know as soon as possible.” The

director nodded: “Okay. How is Miss Qin? Yesterday, she was in a bad mood, and I don’t know how it is today. It’s over.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened, his thin lips pursed into a line.

He got up from the sofa and strode away.

He couldn’t answer the question.

He had already walked outside the operating room door last night, but because of his mother’s phone call, he finally did not open the door.

The fact that Shen Yu was pregnant became a hurdle in his heart.

He can’t even face himself, let alone Qin An’an.

in the ward.

Qin Anan slowly opened her eyes and woke up after sleeping for an afternoon.

Before the grief could get into my mind, Xiaohan’s voice came first.

“Mom, I’ll go to school wherever you want me to go in the future.”

Then, Rila’s soft and hoarse voice came: “Mom, I’ll be very good in the future. Get well soon, okay? “

Rila kept crying.

So the little guy’s eyes were red and his voice was hoarse.

Qin An An Yu’s eyelashes trembled, and her heart softened into mud.

She immediately sat up and took the little hands of the two children.

“Mom’s fine… Mom’s just too sleepy, so she took a nap.” She got off the hospital bed, “Let’s go home!” As

soon as she stood up, Mike strode over and gave her a Embrace.

“Qin An’an, you still have two children, and me. I will never betray you. As long as you still need me, I will never leave you.”

Mike rarely has such a calm and serious time.

Qin Anan rested her chin on his shoulder and took a deep breath: “Go home! I’m homesick.”

Fu family.

Fu Shiting has not rested at home for three consecutive nights.

Yin Yin sat in the living room and refused to go back to the room.

Sister Zhang sat beside her and waited with her.

“Does he not want me anymore?” In the quiet living room, Yin Yin’s voice suddenly sounded.

“How is that possible?” Mrs. Zhang held her hand, “Sir went to Xinghewan Villa.”

According to the bodyguard, Fu Shiting went to Xinghewan Villa every night and stayed outside Qin An’an’s house all night before leaving at dawn.

“He went to An An?” Yin Yin’s tone was a few degrees higher, “I want him to be with An An.”

Aunt Zhang sighed: “He can’t be with An An.”

“Why?” Yin Yin brightly said Eyes, clear and confused.

Sister Zhang was very sad.

Thinking of Qin An’an’s pain of losing her mother, of Fu Shiting standing outside her house, wanting to see but not being able to…

“Because of your illness. Dr. Shen can cure your illness, but Dr. Shen forced her husband to talk to her. If you stay together, I won’t treat you. In order to treat you, Mr. Shen can only be with Dr. Shen.” Sister Zhang couldn’t bear to say, “Yinyin, do you understand me?” Yinyin was stunned

. He shook his head: “Say it again.”

Sister Zhang took a breath and repeated it.

This time, Yin Yin probably understood.

“I won’t heal.” Her eyes flashed, her fingers clenched, and she muttered, “I won’t heal…”

Chapter 302

Chapter 302

Seven in the morning.

The black Rolls Royce slowly drove into the front yard.

Sister Zhang didn’t sleep all night.

Seeing Fu Shiting coming back, she immediately walked to the door of the living room.

After she told Yinyin the truth last night, Yinyin’s emotions were greatly stimulated.

Sister Zhang blamed herself very much.

Words that are spoken are like water that is poured out and cannot be taken back.

Fu Shiting entered the living room wrapped in cold air.

“Sir, I made a big mistake, please punish me.” Sister Zhang followed behind Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting stopped and looked at Sister Zhang with scarlet eyes.

“Last night I told Yinyin that Dr. Shen threatened you. So Yinyin refused to accept treatment.” Sister Zhang lowered her head, “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t talk too much!”

“Why do you want to? Tell her this?” Fu Shiting frowned and looked gloomy.

“She said she wanted you to be with An An. So I couldn’t help telling her the truth.” Mrs. Zhang said hoarsely, “Please fire me! I’m getting old and confused. It’s not suitable to serve you anymore. .”

Fu Shiting looked away from Sister Zhang, with a hint of exhaustion in his tone: “Go and rest! Don’t tell her anything too complicated in the future.”

Sister Zhang responded, not daring to say more.

After lunch, Fu Shiting took Yinyin out for a walk.

The temperature was still very low, the wind was blowing, biting cold.

“Yinyin, is it cold?” Fu Shiting held her hand tightly.

Yinyin shook her head: “Brother, I won’t heal anymore.”

“No.” Fu Shiting dismissed her without thinking, “I divorced Qin Anan because of a broken relationship. Even if I separate from Dr. Shen, I will not be with Qin Anan again. So you don’t have to be affected by our affairs. “

Yin Yin tried to digest his words.

“I hope you can feel more happiness in the future.” He said softly.

After a moment of silence, Yin Yin suddenly said, “You are not happy, and An An is not happy either… Only I am happy every day. I am happy every day if I don’t treat the disease. So, I don’t want to treat the disease.”

Her Tone, unprecedented firm.

Fu Shiting looked into her eyes and said bitterly, “You haven’t become what you were after you were cured, how do you know that you will be unhappy when you are cured? Moreover, even if you don’t treat the disease, I will not be separated from Dr. Shen for the time being. Because She is pregnant with my child.”

“Am I going to be an aunt?” Yin Yin answered naturally.

Fu Shiting’s heartstrings tightened, looking at her eyes, it became complicated, “Yinyin, who told you the word ‘aunt’?”

Yinyin took out his hand from his big palm and turned his back.

Every time she doesn’t want to answer a question, she runs away like this.

Fu Shiting strode up in front of her, holding her shoulders in both hands, and looking down at her: “Tell brother.”

“Aunt Hong said, brother’s child, you want to call me aunt.” Yinyin raised her head and asked him, “Brother , am I Xiaohan’s aunt?”

Aunt Hong was the nanny who took care of her at school.

Her question made Fu Shiting’s body stiff and tense.

“What do you think?” When he said this, he thought of the answer Qin Anan gave him at that time.

Qin Anan said that Xiaohan was adopted.

“I hope he is my brother’s child, so he will call my aunt.” Yin Yin’s voice carried a little emotion, “you have a baby with Dr. Shen, they won’t like you anymore.”

“I don’t need them to like you. I. I only want you to be healthy.” Fu Shiting’s eyes were as cold as ice, and his heart was even colder.

The eighth day.

The first working day after the holiday.

Mike can’t go to the company.

He’s going to have kids at home.

Qin Anan has not come out since entering Zhang Yun’s room four days ago.

She watched the video recorded at the New Year’s Eve dinner over and over again.

She never dreamed that it was the last image of her mother in the world.

Mike eats breakfast with his two children.

He’s going to take them out to play today.

If you pass by the company, take your two children to the company to have a look.

Suddenly, the door to Zhang Yun’s room opened.

Chapter 303

Chapter 303

Qin Anan came out from inside.

Mike saw her come out like a ghost.

She hadn’t seen the light for a few days, her face was particularly pale and haggard, and she hadn’t eaten much, so she lost weight.

When the two children saw her, they were also shocked.

Qin Anan walked into his room, and Mike immediately followed.

“Qin An’an! Are you planning to go to work?” Mike guessed.

Qin An’an took out a set of clothes from the closet and walked towards the bathroom: “you take the children at home, I’ll go to the company to see.”

“Oh…will I take care of the children at home in the future?” Mike asked.

Qin Anan shook her head: “I will hire bodyguards.”

“Shouldn’t I hire a nanny?”

Qin Anan: “No need.”

She wanted to take care of the child’s diet and daily life.

Bodyguards are responsible for picking up children from school and protecting their safety, that’s enough.

“By the way, I heard that Auntie’s car accident was not an ordinary car accident. Someone deliberately murdered.” Mike said, “You go to the police station and ask.”

Qin Anan’s eyes darkened, and her voice tightened: “Who What did you say?”

“Zhou Ziyi.” Mike said, “He said that Fu Shiting sent someone to investigate the driver who caused the accident and found out a lot of things.”

The calm on Qin An’an’s face was completely shattered.

If it is murder, then, who the murderer is, there is no need to think too much!

Besides Wang Wanzhi, who else would there be? !

Qin Anan went out on the front foot, and Li Xiaotian drove over on the back foot.

Mike gave the two children to Li Xiaotian.

“Xiao Tian, ​​please take care of the child… Qin An’an is very wrong today, I have to find her!” Mike finished and went out with the car keys.

When Mike arrived at the police station, Qin Anan was walking out of it.

“Qin An’an!” Mike got out of the car and ran towards her.

She seemed to have lost her soul, and she didn’t hear his voice.

She got in the car, started the car, and drove out quickly.

Mike watched her car whizzing past in front of him, he put his hands on his hips and exhaled heavily!

Qin Anan looked at the road in front of her, her vision blurred a little.

It’s no accident!

It was intentional murder!

She thought it was Wang Wanzhi!

But the police told her that the current evidence showed that the person who bought the murder behind the scenes was Wang Qitian.

The bank card used to transfer money to the driver who caused the accident belongs to Wang Qitian.

And Wang Qitian also admitted the fact that he bought murder.

Funny, ridiculous!

He is in prison, how can he buy a murderer?

Besides, he was about to be sentenced to death!

Before the death penalty, kill more people, and you won’t let him die twice.

What a perfect plan!

Qin Anan’s tears fell like a broken thread.

All this is controlled by Wang Wanzhi!

But because the evidence points to Wang Qitian, Wang Wanzhi will not have any trouble!

after an hour.

Qin Anan and Wang Wanzhi met in a cafe.

“Qin An’an, I didn’t expect your mother’s death to make you so haggard.” Wang Wanzhi looked at her face and said sarcastically, “I hope you cheer up, after all, there will be more bad things waiting for you in the future.”

Wang Wanzhi He picked up the coffee cup and took a sip gracefully.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you,” Wang Wanzhi continued with a smile, “My current boyfriend is Shen Yu’s biological father, and now Shen Yu is pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child, and they will get married soon. family.”

Chapter 304

Chapter 304

Qin Anan clenched a cup of coffee with her fingers.

She was not interested in what Wang Wanzhi said about Fu Shiting.

“Your brother is in prison, how can you buy a murderer to kill someone?” She looked at Wang Wanzhi’s face and asked word by word, “Did you do it?”

The smile on Wang Wanzhi’s face suddenly disappeared: “Qin An’an, Don’t spit your blood! In country A, murder is a capital crime! Buying a murderer to kill is also a capital crime! This is what you told me at the beginning. How could I do such a thing!”

She said, the corners of her mouth twitched upwards.

As if to say – I’m not a fool! Even if I did, I would never admit it.

The coffee cup in Qin An’an’s hand swayed slightly because it was squeezed too tightly.

“Do you know why I asked you out to meet?” Qin Anan let go of the coffee cup.

Wang Wanzhi glanced at her coldly: “Qin An’an, your mother is dead, it’s useless for you to pester me. If I said it wasn’t me, then it wasn’t me. You killed me, and it wasn’t me. ……”

Qin Anan stood up from the chair and swallowed the bitterness in her stomach, “Of course. As long as you don’t admit it, it’s not what you did.”

After that, she walked quickly to Wang Wanzhi.

When Wang Wanzhi realized what she was going to do, she immediately exclaimed: “Help!”

When Mike came, he saw Qin Anan’s eyes were scarlet, pulling Wang Wanzhi’s hair, and pushing her head against the wall Hit hard!

On the wall, there were bloodstains of bright red!

On Wang Wanzhi’s delicate face, the blood flowed non-stop!

“SHIT!” With a low curse, Mike quickly ran over, “Qin An’an! Let go! You’ll cause death!”

Mike tried to persuade the clerk, who couldn’t persuade him, to pull away.

He hugged Qin An’an’s body hard, trying to hug her away!

But she tugged at Wang Wanzhi’s hair and refused to let go!

“She killed my mother! I want to avenge my mother!” Qin Anan cried out, “Let me go! I want to kill her!”

“You are crazy! You have two more A child! Are you planning to make them orphans?!” Mike yelled, “Qin An’an! Please wake me up! Don’t ruin your life for a vicious person! Your mother sees you like this, no Rest in peace!” The

clerk ran over with scissors and quickly cut Wang Wanzhi’s hair from Qin An’an’s hand!

This separates them both!

Qin Anan looked at the broken hair in her hand and threw it in Wang Wanzhi’s face in disgust!

“Wang Wanzhi, I won’t let you go!” Qin An’an couldn’t calm herself down, her eyes were still piercing and she looked at Wang Wanzhi, “Either you hire a murderer to kill me! Otherwise I will definitely let you die!”

Mike has never seen Qin An’an so fierce.

She looked so thin, but she was ridiculously strong.

Two shop assistants carried Wang Wanzhi out and sent her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Only then did Mike dare to let Qin Anan go.

He took out his wallet and said to the coffee shop owner, “Sorry! Calculate how much you lost, and I’ll pay you double!” The

boss took the card and reminded: “If the lady calls the police, she will Detained.”

Mike immediately discussed with the boss: “I will pay you three times the compensation, and when the police come to investigate, you can say that I beat him.”

Qin Anan pushed Mike aside: “What I did, I did it myself. Take it! I didn’t ask you to take care of the children at home? What are you doing here?”

“Li Xiaotian is here. I’ll ask her to take care of her.” Mike leaned over to her again and sighed, “Fortunately, I feel like you’re not right, so I’ve come. If I don’t come, I’ll have to go to prison in the future. See you.” Two in the


police station.

“Officer, I beat the people. If you want to arrest me, you can arrest me. It has nothing to do with Qin An’an!” Mike raised his voice and tried to plead guilty.

Qin Anan was moved by his affection for him, but it was very unnecessary in the current situation.

“Mike, I count three seconds. If you don’t leave after three seconds, I will ignore you again.” Qin Anan sat in the chair and spoke coldly.

Chapter 305

Chapter 305

Mike: “…”

“One, two…” Qin Anan began to count.

Mike’s cheeks flushed with anger: “Qin An’an! You’re just messing around! I don’t care about you!”

After speaking, he turned and left the police station.

After coming out of the police station, he took out his mobile phone and called Zhou Ziyi.

“Zhou Ziyi! Is your boss in the company? I have something to do with him!” He stood outside the police station, blowing the cold wind, feeling very aggrieved.

But no matter how wronged he is, he can’t ignore Qin An’an.

Qin An’an’s current situation is rather special.

When people are strongly stimulated, it is possible to do anything.

She can kill today, what if she kills herself tomorrow?

“I just started work today, and I’m a little busy. What are you looking for?” Zhou Ziyi spoke very quickly. After asking, he responded, “Are you looking for my boss? Did something happen to Qin An’an?

” Kill Wang Wanzhi. Now that she is in the bureau, I feel she is going to be detained… Isn’t your boss very cool? You hurry up to inform your boss and let him fish Qin An’an out! If he I can’t get Qin An’an out before it gets dark today, I’ll expose him immediately!”

Zhou Ziyi scolded: “Are you seriously ill! What kind of black stuff do you have my boss?! If you talk to my boss like this , believe it or not, you will be thrown out of country A tomorrow?!”

police station.

The police officer took out a blank piece of paper and a pen and handed it to Qin Anan.

“Miss Qin, I know you’re in a bad mood right now, but it’s not right to hit someone.” The police officer saw her face as cold as frost, and said earnestly, “You write a review and pay Wang Wanzhi’s medical expenses later, you’ll be fine. already.”

Qin Anan looked at the blank paper and sneered: “Why should I write a review? I beat her.”

Police officer: “…”

“I want me to pay her medical bills, okay! She died, I’ll burn it for her.” Qin Anan continued.

Police officer: “…”

Her slender fingers lifted the white paper and pen, “Let’s go according to your procedure!” The

police officer frowned: “Miss Qin, I know you have My own thoughts. But the evidence we have so far has nothing to do with Wang Wanzhi. If Wang Wanzhi is a little suspicious, we will definitely arrest her for interrogation.”

Qin Anan’s eyes were lowered, and her pale lips were pursed, no longer say.

She was angry, but by no means angry with the police.

She didn’t want to embarrass everyone.

But she was so sad.

If she does nothing and let Wang Wanzhi go unpunished, she will not be able to pass the test in her heart.

After half an hour.

The black Rolls Royce stopped in front of the police station.

Mike saw Fu Shiting get out of the car, so he strode towards him.

But Fu Shiting walked too fast.

He flashed past Mike! Didn’t see Mike at all!

Mike Fell: Okay! You are a transparent person!

Fu Shiting entered the police station and saw Qin An’an’s slender back at a glance.

“Shi Ting, you are finally here!” The director beckoned to Fu Shiting, “Come and persuade Miss Qin! As long as she writes a review, we will let her go immediately.”

Qin Anan heard his name and raised her head in shock Eyes, look at him!

How could he come?

Fu Shiting picked up the white paper on the table, tore it in half, and threw it into the trash can.

Chapter 306

Chapter 306

“I will handle this matter.” He held Qin An’an’s slender wrist and said to the director, “I’ll take her away first.” The

director nodded.

After coming out of the police station, Qin Anan shook off his cool palm.

Fu Shiting looked at her with barbs all over her body, and her brows furrowed: “Qin An’an, even if you kill Wang Wanzhi, your mother will not be resurrected. There are many ways to get revenge on someone, and the one you use is the most stupid. “

Why do you educate me?” Qin Anan looked at his familiar and unfamiliar face, and sneered coldly, “Because you are the superior President Fu, or Wang Wanzhi is your future mother-in-law?!”

Every one of her Words have thorns.

Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed with dark and unclear emotions, “Qin An’an, calm down.”

“I can’t calm down!” Her voice was shrill and broken, “As long as I close my eyes, the appearance of my mother’s tragic death will come to my mind! What did my mother do wrong?! She didn’t do anything wrong! Why should she kill her!”

She burst into tears.

Fu Shiting looked at her thin body and grief-stricken appearance, all reason disappeared at this moment, he took her into his arms.

His arms wrapped tightly around her.

She smelled the unique woody fragrance on him, and her emotions exploded instantly!

Even if the perfume on his body remains the same, he is no longer the Fu Shiting he used to be!

“Let me go!” She pressed her hands against his firm chest.

“Don’t let it go!” He imprisoned her in his arms, and explained in a hoarse voice, “You just said that Wang Wanzhi is my future mother-in-law, which is nonsense! There is only one mother-in-law, and that is your mother.”

Qin Anan couldn’t break free His bondage, simply give up struggling.

After savoring his seemingly affectionate words, she looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked coldly, “Shen Yu is pregnant with your child, did you let your bodyguard carry her to get an abortion?

” The questioning made him abruptly let go of her.

“Fu Shiting, don’t you like children? How can you accept Shen Yuhuai’s children?” She stood in front of him and forced him, “Did Shen Yu force you again? In order to give you Yin Yin treatment, you You gave in again? Aren’t you very powerful in front of me? When you forced me to have an abortion, you didn’t even blink your eyes… Am I being more bullying?”

Fu Shiting’s heart throbbed. His eyes looked at Qin An’an calmly.

Her mood was much more stable than before.

But the words that came out of his mouth became more and more mean.

“Don’t ask my mother in front of me again. My mother never recognized you.” Qin Anan looked at his face and said word by word, “Even if she is dead, you will feel bad when you mention her.”

She Seeing his face became extremely ugly.

Not only is she not distressed, but she feels happy.

Probably, she completely lost her heart to him.

He can have children with Shen Yu, and he can recognize her mother-in-law as his mother-in-law… As long as he doesn’t appear in front of her, he is free to do anything.

“Qin An’an, let’s go back!” After Mike drove the car out, he glanced at her, “You should be tired too.”

“I’m not tired.” Her voice was sober and calm, “I don’t want to go home.”

Mike : “Oh, where do you want to go?”

Qin Anan didn’t seem to hear his voice, looked out the window, and murmured, “If I hadn’t insisted on going back to China, my mother wouldn’t have an accident… “

Mike looked at her haggard and self-blaming look, and felt a little worried in his heart.

Shouldn’t she be suffering from stress disorder?

Mike turned around at the intersection ahead and drove towards the Third Hospital.

After hearing Qin An’an’s situation, Wei Zhen was worried but determined: “She is a very strong person, I believe she can come out on her own.”

He prescribed sleeping pills and handed them to Mike.

“She needs a good rest now. Let’s get through this and see if she gets better.”

a week later.

Qin An’an’s mental state tends to be stable.

Two children are also in school.

Chapter 307

Chapter 307

After breakfast, Qin Anan sent the two children to kindergarten.

It was Xiaohan who offered to go to kindergarten with his sister.

That way you don’t have to let your mom pick it up.

With Zhang Yun’s death, it seems that nothing has changed, and it seems that nothing has changed.

“Qin An’an, winter is over.” Mike drove the car onto the main road. “All the unhappy things are over! Starting today, every day will be good luck.”

Qin An’an looked at him blankly . : “Can you talk well?”

Mike cleared his throat, “I know you will be sad for a long time, but we have to look forward, and there will be more beautiful people and things waiting for you in the future.”

Qin Anan: “Drive well.”

Mike: “Oh.” He turned on the car music.

Qin Anan pondered for a moment, then suddenly said, “Mike, thank you.”

“Huh?” Mike turned off the music.

“Thank you for helping me take care of my two children during this period of time.”

“Why are you being so polite all of a sudden? Your child is my child. Don’t say your mother is gone. Even if you are gone, I will take good care of your two children . Raised!” Mike said excitedly.

Qin Anan gave him a deep look.

He coughed: “…you can understand what I mean.”

Qin An’an: “Well.” The

Fu family.

Mrs. Fu came early in the morning, her face was ruddy and beaming.

She showed a 4D color Doppler photo to the servants.

“Look at this kid, does he look like Shi Ting? It’s exactly the same as when Shi Ting was a child, hahaha!”

The servants nodded.

Mrs. Fu laughed even more happily.

Fu Shiting heard the sound upstairs, spread his long legs, and strode downstairs.

“Shi Ting! Look at your son!” Mrs. Fu walked up to Fu Shiting with a 4D color Doppler ultrasound photo, “This was taken by Shen Yu at the hospital yesterday afternoon. Look at this child, how much like you! The doctor said that the child It’s very healthy, you don’t have to worry!”

Fu Shiting looked at the wrinkled baby in the photo, Ying frowned.

He didn’t see anything like him in this kid at all.

If it wasn’t for Yin Yin’s treatment, he would never let Shen Yu give birth to this child.

“Shi Ting, what’s your reaction? Shen Yu is working so hard to conceive your child. You don’t care about her. How can you be so indifferent to your own flesh and blood?” , “I took Shen Yu to the old house last night. In my heart, she is already my daughter-in-law!”

Fu Shiting didn’t want to quarrel with his mother, so he maintained his superficial calm.

“You don’t have to tell me on purpose. Just be happy.”

“What makes me happy? That’s your son!”

“You want to give birth to him, do you have my consent?” Fu Shiting looked cold, ” I don’t want to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can hurt me recklessly.”

The 4D color Doppler ultrasound photo in Old Madam Fu’s hand fell to the ground with a ‘bang’.

after an hour.

The mother was taken away by the driver.

The quiet needle drop can be heard at home.

Fu Shiting glanced at the time, it was almost noon.

The phone rang suddenly.

It was from the family doctor.

“Shi Ting! Do you know Jin Sinian?! Two years ago, he was paralyzed in bed due to a performance accident and lost consciousness. Unexpectedly, he has recovered miraculously now!”

Fu Shiting’s heart was tense and his voice trembled: “Yes Who cured him?! Do you know who his doctor is?!”

Chapter 308

Chapter 308

After Shen Yu became pregnant, she started the child-raising mode.

Even Yin Yin’s treatment progress was put aside.

So the person who treats Jin Sinian must not be Shen Yu!

The family doctor said regretfully: “I don’t know the specific situation. But the possibility of him waking up on his own is very unlikely. I think he has found a neurologist comparable to Professor Hu Qing.”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Shiting immediately sent People went to contact Jin Sinian’s family.

Jin Sinian has been out of the circle for two years, and the previous contact information and address are all invalid.

At night, the subordinates did not find the slightest clue!


“Shi Ting, my health is much better now.” Shen Yu heard some rumors, so she was a little anxious, “As for Yin Yin’s second surgery, we can put it on the agenda.”

Fu Shiting glanced at her: “Are you sure?”

Shen Yu nodded: “I am very confident about the second operation. Tomorrow we will take Yinyin to the hospital for an examination to see how her wound is recovering.”

Fu Shiting: “Okay.”

” Shit Ting, I’m sorry.” Shen Yu’s eyes suddenly turned red, “My dad has broken up with Wang Wanzhi. He plans to return to Country B in the next few days. During this time, I’ve caused you trouble.”

Fu Shiting picked up his glass and took a sip.

“And…about our children…I know you don’t like children, so I don’t expect you to like our children. Because my body is not suitable for abortion, this child, I It should be born. If you don’t want this child, I will raise him myself.”

Shen Yu threw this more sensitive topic.

Since Fu Shiting found out that she was pregnant, he never took the initiative to find her again.

She felt as if she had been thrown into a cold palace.

If it hadn’t been useful to him, her fate would probably be similar to Qin An’an’s.

“When the baby is born, I won’t tell him who the father is. You don’t have to worry about it.” Shen Yu said rationally, “I thought a lot during this time. I figured it out, since you don’t love me, I will You shouldn’t be forced.”

Fu Shiting: “Doctor Shen, if I let you abort the child…”

Shen Yu felt a chill in her heart, but her face remained decent: “If you insist on me aborting the child, I will also It’s not impossible… It’s just that after the child is aborted, I don’t know how long it will take for my body to return to normal. Now that the child has taken shape, aborting the child is actually the same as giving birth to a child.”

Fu Shiting listened to her If so, start weighing the pros and cons.

“I’m afraid of delaying Yin Yin’s treatment.” Shen Yu lowered her eyes and took a sip of soup, “Shi Ting, I know you have never stopped looking for a doctor who can treat Yin Yin… I’m really sorry. , use this to threaten you.”

Fu Shiting: “This is your capital.”

“You must hate me in your heart.”

Fu Shiting: “As long as you can cure Yin Yin, everything else is trivial.”

Shen Yu: “We have been for a long time . I haven’t talked like this for a long time. Shi Ting, I won’t force you to do anything again, can you stop hating me so much?”

Saying that, she took his big palm in her hand.

Fu Shiting took her hand away: “Shen Yu, I still say that, as long as you can cure Yin Yin, everything else is trivial.”

“I will definitely work hard to cure Yin Yin.” Shen Yu said, “This weekend is Auntie It’s your birthday, your eldest brother wants to have a party, and your aunt wants to have some fun. They want you to be there on the weekend.”

“I see.” Fu Shiting casually replied.

In his mind, he was still thinking about the doctor who treated Jin Sinian.

Why is this man so mysterious?


After the judge sentenced Wang Qitian to be executed immediately, the gavel rang!

Qin Anan stood up from her seat.

Not far away, Wang Wanzhi, with gauze wrapped around her head, looked at her resentfully.

Qin Anan meets her gaze, spreads her legs, and prepares to walk towards her.

“Qin An’an, don’t mess around! This is the courtroom.” Mike had a shadow in his heart, so he quickly grabbed her.

“Oh.” Qin Anan restrained her words and deeds.

She strode out of the courthouse.

Chapter 309

Chapter 309

After Wang Wanzhi came out, she stood in front of Wang Wanzhi.

“The next one is you.” Qin Anan put on light makeup today and looked good.

Beneath her calm surface, the surging hatred never subsided.

“Okay! My daughter is gone, and my brother is gone, Qin An’an, let’s see!” Wang Wanzhi was hit by a concussion in the coffee shop last time, and she was full of anger.

If Fu Shiting hadn’t come forward at that time, she would never have given up!

Qin An’an got into the car with an indifferent face and fastened his seat belt.

Mike unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to her: “Fu Shiting is a doctor in Cha Jin Sinian. I guess he wants to abandon Shen Yu. This man is so cruel! Shen Yu is still pregnant with his child!”

Qin An Ann took the water and took a sip.

The cold liquid enters the body along the throat, bringing a refreshing feeling.

“Let him check!” A careless dark gleam flashed in her eyes.

See what splashes he can find out!

Jin Sinian and his family had promised her that they would keep it strictly confidential.

The place where they live now is also relatively secluded.

Fu Shiting was afraid that he could not even find the place where Jin Sinian lived.


Mrs. Fu’s birthday.

Because Shen Yu was pregnant with the Fu family’s child, Mrs. Fu was very interested.

Tonight, I invited relatives and friends of the Fu family to celebrate together.

Shen Yu sent a message to Fu Shiting early in the morning.

But he still stepped on the dot to reach the banquet hall.

After the host opened the stage, he invited Mrs. Fu to the stage.

Mrs. Fu held Shen Yu’s hand with one hand, and tightly clasped Fu Shiting’s hand with the other.

After the three came to the stage, the host handed the microphone to Mrs. Fu.

“Today is my birthday. In addition, I also want to use this gathering to announce good news to everyone!” When Mrs. Fu said this, she touched Shen Yu’s belly with her old hand and was very excited. He said, “My grandson is five months old! He will be born soon!”

The large LED screen on the stage originally displayed various beautiful photos of Mrs. Fu when she was young.

But suddenly, the screen turned a harsh green!

There was an uproar in the audience!

The host rushed to the rescue: “I’m sorry! Our technicians will come and fix it right away! Don’t worry!” The

restlessness gradually subsided.

But Fu Shiting heard his strong heartbeat!

Bang, bang, bang!

Because the screen glows green, the people on the stage are shrouded in a layer of green light.

Fu Shiting looked at the green screen behind him, and an ominous omen rose in his heart.

For some reason, his first reaction was not that the LED screen was malfunctioning, but that Qin Zihan’s cool and drowsy face appeared.

Just when he guessed whether the accident tonight was caused by Qin Zihan, the pure green screen suddenly turned into a green prairie!

In this green prairie, all kinds of green hats are flying!

Fu Shiting: “???”

“So many green hats!” Under the stage, an ignorant little boy exclaimed.

“Who did this? Who was green?” Everyone began to discuss.

Shen Yu’s face was particularly ugly.

She thought that she was in a chaotic relationship with Fu Yechen that night, and no outsiders knew about it.

Unexpectedly, I was slapped in the face!

Who did all this? !

Chapter 310

Chapter 310

Old Madam Fu’s face glowed faintly with green light.

If it wasn’t for Fu Shiting to support her, I’m afraid she would have fallen down long ago because of this stimulation.

The staff cut off the power to the LED screen, and the disturbing green light disappeared in an instant.

“What’s going on?!” Fu Han shouted loudly, “Why are there so many messy pictures on the screen? What are your staff doing!” The

manager came over and bowed in apology: “Mr. Fu, I’m sorry! I just went to ask He said that the computer was suddenly poisoned. I don’t know why those pictures appeared on the LED screen.”

Fu Han glanced at his mother.

Mrs. Fu has recovered her breath.

“Hurry up and change a computer, don’t have any other accidents!” Fu Han said to the manager.

After the manager stepped back, the awkward atmosphere on the stage did not ease.

Green, in addition to being a bright color, also contains other levels of meaning.

  • For example, emotional betrayal.

Shen Yu felt that everyone’s eyes were on her face.

She blushed and explained: “Auntie, I haven’t done anything to be sorry to Shiting. The bodyguard can testify for me.”

Fu Shiting: “You mean I have done something to you?”

Shen Yu shook her head sharply: “Shi Ting, I didn’t doubt you. It was just a staff error… Maybe it didn’t insinuate anything, we don’t need to think about it.”

Fu Shiting’s thin lips opened lightly: “Really? I hope no one is insinuating anything in the dark.”

“Shen Yu is at home every day, how could she do something sorry for you?” Mrs. Fu, considering the child in Shen Yu’s womb, decided to calm down the matter, “Shi Ting, today is my birthday, and I have a birthday wish.”

Fu Shiting felt a pain in his temple.

The woman in front of her who claimed to love him the most, always used the name of love to force him to do things he didn’t like.

“I’m also a woman, and I’ve been pregnant for ten months, so I know how hard it is to be pregnant. I hope you can treat your child’s mother a little better, even a little… Shi Ting, you can promise me Is it?”

Mrs. Fu was forcing Fu Shiting to express her position in public.

With so many relatives and friends in the audience watching, if he dares to say the word ‘no’, from now on, in the eyes of his relatives, he will become a ruthless man!

“Mom, you better wish you a few more years of life! After all, you love this unborn grandson so much.” Fu Shiting settled down and strode off the stage.

The atmosphere in the banquet hall seemed to freeze.

Like someone pressed the pause button.

Fu Yechen suddenly stood up, raised his glass, and said warmly to the guests: “Today is my grandmother’s birthday. Here, I would like to wish my grandma a blessing like Donghai and a long life like Nanshan! Tonight, we won’t go home if we don’t get drunk!”

After speaking for a while, the atmosphere in the hall returned to normal in an instant.

Fu Shiting went outside and lit a cigarette.

Who made the pictures of green hats and green grasslands on the screen?

Is it Qin Zihan?

But Qin Zihan hates him so much, even if he is really cuckolded by Shen Yu, I’m afraid the child won’t tell him.

After all, wearing a cuckold is not scary, what is scary is wearing a cuckold for a lifetime.

Besides, wasn’t Qin Zihan’s computer confiscated by Qin An’an?

Besides Qin Zihan, who else would there be?

Although he had no clue, tonight’s episode gave him more attention.

When the child in Shen Yu’s womb is born, he will do a paternity test with the child as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, he found that he didn’t seem to reject wearing this green hat!

It would be great if the child in Shen Yu’s belly was not his!

But five months ago, that messy night in the hotel was so real!

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