When His Eyes Opened Chapter 31 -40(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 31 -40(Chinese)

Chapter 31

“Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are the weekend, let’s get a divorce next Monday!” Qin Anan continued.

Seeing her impatient look, he calmly took out a cigarette and lit it.

Qin Anan frowned, unable to understand what he was thinking.

Shouldn’t he plan to divorce her?

If he wanted to divorce her, it would never be such an absent-minded attitude.

In order to force him to divorce, she took a deep breath and said, “I will put a cuckold on you, can you bear it? If I were you, I would never want to see this person again in my life. Divorce is necessary! If you don’t divorce, your head will always be on your head. It ‘s all green!”

Fu Shiting let out a faint whiff of smoke, staring at her with deep eyes, watching her perform.

“Have you seen Tang Qian? You must be very angry, right? It’s right to be angry, I gave her the idea! Just to make you angry!”

Qin Anan added fuel to the fire.

Sister Zhang was beside her, her heart trembling.

Why did Qin Anan want to die?

Is it because the abortion is stimulated and hurts the brain?

If she continues to die, I’m really afraid that Fu Shiting will kill her.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Zhang couldn’t help but came over and said, “Sir, what Mrs. said was not her original intention… She was just too sad, so she spoke nonsense… She married After coming here, she has been staying at home. I can guarantee that she will always abide by her duty after marriage and will not mess with Fu Yechen.”

Qin Anan blushed anxiously: “Sister Zhang, go back and rest! I and his You don’t have to worry about me.”

Sister Zhang: “Don’t make your husband angry! It’s not good for you to make him angry! Madam, listen to my advice and apologize to your husband… Maybe he will forgive you.”

Qin Anan: “I don’t want him to forgive me, I just want to divorce him.”

Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an’s thin back with eagle-like eyes.

Is she going to retreat, playing hard to catch, or does she really want to divorce him?

After his judgment, he felt that the latter was more likely.

Her conspiracy with Fu Yechen was exposed, the child was destroyed, and there was no way to reap the benefits of him in the future, so she couldn’t wait to divorce him and re-enter Fu Yechen’s arms.

“Qin An’an, let your heart die!” Fu Shiting shook the cigarette ashes into the ashtray, his tone arrogant and cold, “Unless I die, you don’t want to get a divorce.”

Qin An’an was hit hard: “… …why?”

“Stay by my side, you’re in so much pain, then make you suffer forever,” he said meanly.

In an instant, she fell into an ice cave.

How to do?

He doesn’t play cards according to common sense!

How can she leave him?

Her mind was a mess, and she walked towards the room.

After she returned to the room, Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

It was from Sheng Bei.

“Shi Ting, Tang Qian is completely broken down now. She lives on the street and refuses to go home. No matter how I try to persuade her, I can’t do anything.” Sheng Bei had no choice but to call him.

“You call her brother.”

“Okay…Are you home? Is Qin An’an also there? Did you ask her if Tang Qian was like this, was it her idea?” Sheng Bei looked at him Tang Qian’s embarrassed appearance was unbearable.

“Do you think Tang Qian is like this, can you blame others? Qin Anan will do whatever she asks her to do. Qin Anan will let her die, will she die?” Fu Shiting sarcastically asked, “You have no brains?”

Sheng Bei was scolded , without complaint.

It’s just that he has some ideas about Qin An’an.

“Shi Ting, I think your treatment of Qin An’an is too kind, unlike your style of doing things. She has already cuckolded you, you just let her abort the child, so that’s fine? I thought you would put a cuckold on you. She threw it into the sea to feed the sharks.”

“Do you think abortion is an easy thing?”


“She hates me to the bone now. Seeing how she hates me so much, but can’t do anything, is better than letting her die. It’s better to get revenge on her.”

“Oh…then you don’t plan to divorce her? You’re not afraid of the hidden dangers of keeping her by your side? What if she kills you?” Sheng Bei was a little worried.

“If she has the ability to kill me, I will admit it.” The

voice was settled, and the cigarette between his fingers was crushed into the ashtray by him.

Chapter 32

Chapter 32


Qin Anan and the vice president made an appointment to meet at the company.

“An An, we have to open the safe as soon as possible. He Zhunzhi has been urging us to reply. Now I dare not tell him the truth, nor dare to tell him lies… Nothing, no confidence!”

Qin Anan nodded: “I wrote some numbers on paper last night, I think my dad set a password, and he should use the numbers in it, depending on how he combined it.

” She took the paper in her hand, glanced at the numbers on it, and nodded, “Then let’s try it now!” The

two entered the dark compartment, walked to the safe, and began to try to combine them one by one.

Everything didn’t go as smoothly as they expected.

After failing countless times, Qin Anan frowned and sighed.

“Will Wang Wanzhi know?” she said, “The password for my door is the combination of my dad’s and Wang Wanzhi’s birthdays. Before my dad got sick, he treated Wang Wanzhi very well.” The

vice president shook his head: “If only Wang Wanzhi knew that our new system was so valuable. , she will definitely take the things before leaving.”

Qin Anan can only change her mind: “You said that the things in the safe have been taken away?” The

vice president’s expression changed greatly: “Impossible! Here There is special surveillance, I watch it every day, and no one has come except us.”

Qin Anan: “Oh… If there is no password, is there really no way to open this safe? Except for these on paper Numbers, I really can’t think of any other passwords.” The

vice president frowned and paced up and down the room. After a while, he said, “It’s not that you can’t open this safe. This safe. When you destroy the safe, you may destroy the contents inside. The risk is still quite big. “

Qin Anan didn’t answer.

Vice President: “Let’s think about it again! If you really can’t open it, you can only destroy this safe.”

Qin Anan thought thoughtfully: “Well.”

“An An, do you know Fu Shiting?” Vice President asked suspiciously .

Without thinking, Qin Anan shook his head: “I don’t know. If I knew him, I would have gone to him to borrow money.”

“Oh… a friend I know said that he saw you entering a high-end community yesterday. Fu Shiting also lives inside.”

Qin Anan’s cheeks turned red.

“Oh… I did go to a high-end community yesterday, and a classmate of mine lived in it. She had something to do with me, so I went over there.”

“Oh, do you have such a rich classmate?” Vice President suspiciously.

“Their family used to have a good business, but then the family fell into trouble.”

“Oh… since you can’t guess the password, then you go back first! I’ll think about it.”

“Okay. Thank you for your hard work!” Qin An Ann came out of the dark grid and left the company.

After Qin Anan left, the vice president took the paper she left behind and looked at it for a while.

As the heir of Qin’s group, Qin An’an really doesn’t know the password?

The vice president became more and more suspicious of her.

After a while, he sent Wang Wanzhi a message.

When Wang Wanzhi received the news, she immediately called back the vice president: “You said that Lao Qin left a hand? What do you mean?”

Vice president: “President Qin left the company to Qin An’an, do you think Qin always wanted to harm his own daughter? Wang Wanzhi, I thought you were very smart, but I didn’t expect you to be confused in this matter.”

After the vice president’s advice, Wang Wanzhi suddenly became enlightened: “What did Lao Qin leave for Qin An’an?!”

“A safe. A very large safe. The contents inside are very valuable. But President Qin forgot to tell Qin An’an the password.” The vice president decided to join forces with Wang Wanzhi, “Wang Wanzhi, if you can tell me the password, I will I promise to give you a share after getting the benefits.”

“How much is a point? If it’s too little, I won’t do it.

” Yours.”

“Okay! I’ll cooperate with you. How many digits is the password?”

“Six digits. I’ll send you a picture, which is written by Qin An’an and is more important to Qin Jie, and We tried this afternoon but the wrong password. See if you can get some inspiration from it.”

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

After the vice president sent the picture to Wang Wanzhi, he decided to go to the dark grid today to watch and see if Wang Wanzhi could surprise him.

If Wang Wanzhi can give the correct password, then Qin Anan will be kicked out.

You can’t get the benefit of letting her have a dime.

About half an hour later, Wang Wanzhi called: “You have tried so many passwords, and I can’t think of a better combination of numbers… But I see that Zhang Yun’s birthday is written on the ID card. But in fact, Zhang Yun’s real birthday is not on the ID card, let’s replace Zhang Yun’s birthday with the real date, and then try one by one.”

Vice President: “Okay!”

Two hours later –

a ‘click’ sound, insurance The door of the cabinet was successfully opened.

As Wang Wanzhi guessed, Zhang Yun’s birthday cannot be on the ID card, but her real birthday.

The safe password set by Qin Jie, the first three digits are Zhang Yun’s birthday, and the last three digits are Qin An’an’s birthday.

The correct password complements the only family photo in this secret cell.

This is Qin Jie’s alternative memorial and compensation for their mother and daughter.

The vice president and Wang Wanzhi shared the video.

When Wang Wanzhi saw the safe opened, her eyes were red with anger.

“Qin Jie, this bastard! I’ve been with him for so many years, and he even set the most important safe password to Zhang Yun and Qin An’an! Fuck, if he didn’t die, I’d have to quarrel with him!”

Vice President After opening the safe, his excited muscles tightened, and his eyes glowed with brilliance.

I couldn’t hear Wang Wanzhi’s complaints at all.

There are two levels of cabinet doors.

The first layer is the combination lock.

The second layer is to use keys or face recognition.

The key is placed in the hidden compartment, and the vice president and the other two technicians know the location.

The vice president took the key and carefully opened the second floor door –


the huge cabinet was empty.

There is nothing in it!

Cleaner than the vice president’s face!

“Fuck! Where’s the stuff?!” The vice president slammed his fist on the safe, his eyes red from the pain.

Wang Wanzhi: “It must be Qin An’an who took it! It must be her! Besides her, who else is there! The piece of paper she gave you is wrong! She must have tried it with Zhang Yun’s real birthday and opened it! The

vice president gritted his teeth: “Does she want to take it all alone?!”

“It’s too much! I didn’t expect her to have such big ambitions! Vice president Zhou, you must not let her go!” Wang Wanzhi wanted them to fight.

She just had to sit and watch the show.

The vice president hangs up the video!

Qin Anan is not a good thing, and Wang Wanzhi is not a good thing!

If it wasn’t for profit, the vice president would not waste time with them at all!

After kicking the door of the safe, the vice president began to think about when the contents were taken away.

Whether it was transferred away by Qin Jie during his lifetime or taken away after Qin Jie’s death, Qin Anan has the biggest suspicion.

Does she want to eat alone?

Aren’t you afraid they will trouble her? !

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Fu Family.

Qin Anan entered the living room, and Mrs. Zhang immediately asked her to sit on the sofa.

“Madam, Mr. has prepared a present for you.”

Mrs. Zhang opened the white gift box on the table, and a beautiful white dress appeared in front of her.

“Are you sure he gave it to me?” Qin Anan looked at the skirt in disbelief.

“Yes, there should be an event at night, and I will bring you to attend. There are also shoes!” Mrs. Zhang took another box and opened it. It was a pair of beautiful high-heeled shoes.

Qin Anan picked up a shoe, looked at the heel, and was apprehensive.

“What did he take me to do? I’m not familiar with their circle, isn’t he afraid that I will embarrass him?”

Sister Zhang said, “Since Mr. decided to take you there, he must have his reasons. Madam, what happened in the past, just Let it turn the page. In the future, you and your husband will have a good life.”

Qin Anan raised her eyes to look at Mrs. Zhang: “Do you really think he turned the page? It’s not clear what the purpose of him taking me out tonight!”

Mrs. Zhang “Madam, is the child you conceived really belonged to Fu Yechen? I don’t think you are a mess.” Qin Anan lowered her

eyes: “The past is over, don’t mention it.”

The skirt came out of the box.

“I’ll try.”



Fran Hills.

Qin Anan appeared in the banquet hall on the first floor in a white dress.

Under the huge crystal chandelier, she was as clean as an elf who strayed into the mundane world.

All eyes immediately fell on her.

“Who is she? She looks so beautiful, why haven’t I seen her?”

“She seems to be Qin An’an, the eldest daughter of the Qin family. It’s Qin An’an of the Qin Group that is about to go bankrupt!”

“Oh! I have an impression when you say that! What is she doing here? Who invited her? She is wearing what she wears. That skirt seems to be el’s latest haute couture, does she have so much money?”

They stared at Qin An’an and had a heated discussion.

Qin Anan looked around the hall, but did not see Fu Shiting.

Wearing high heels under your feet makes your feet tired.

She found a random chair and sat down.

Immediately after she sat down, someone came over to talk to her.

“Miss Qin, isn’t this dress on your body el’s high-end dress?”

Qin Anan looked down at the dress on her body.

Isn’t it just an ordinary dress?

It turned out to be Gao Ding?

“…What’s the matter?” Qin Anan asked back.

“Your family is going bankrupt. You shouldn’t have the money to buy haute couture, right? What I want to say is that it’s a shame to wear a cottage on this occasion.”

Qin An’an: “It’s also a shame for me, and it has something to do with you. Is it?” The

two women next to her sneered when they heard her answer.

It’s the first time to see you through the cottage!

“Qin An’an, do you have an invitation letter? Surely not? How did you get in?”

Qin An’an glanced at them lightly: “I got in by virtue of my ability.”

Her answer made it seem like a fist hit the cotton inside.

Soon, everyone’s eyes moved to her feet.

The pair of high-heeled shoes on her feet are of a rare style.

Much like a limited edition from Hermès.

“Qin An’an, are you being taken care of?” The

real rich can tell at a glance whether luxury goods are true or false.

Qin An’an’s skirt and high heels on her feet are obviously genuine.

Her outfit is worth more than two million.

“Yeah! Otherwise, as I am, how can I enter the banquet of rich people like you?” Qin Anan laughed at himself.

Everyone looked at her differently.

“Who is your financial master? He is so generous to you, his net worth is definitely not ordinary!”

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Qin Anan echoed: “Indeed, he is very rich. He is old and ugly, and his health is not good.”

Everyone: “???”

A rich man who is old and ugly, and his health is not good… Who will it be?

“Miss Qin, please go to the second floor.” A waiter came over and reminded her.

Qin Anan immediately raised her head.

The house is designed with an atrium cutout.

From the living room on the first floor, you can see the guardrail on the second floor.

Fu Shiting’s bodyguard was standing by the guardrail, looking down at her.

Qin Anan followed the waiter to the second floor.

The person who sneered at Qin An’an just now changed his face.

Tonight’s banquet, the people present are either rich or expensive.

But in the rich circle, there are also class distinctions.

For example, tonight, ordinary rich people are arranged in the banquet hall on the first floor.

People with great influence in society are placed on the second floor.

“Qin An’an is actually arranged on the second floor. Who is her gold owner?!”

“I don’t know! We can’t go to the second floor. We can only say that Qin An’an is too skilled! Even if her gold owner is old and old Ugly, she also made a lot of money!”

“As far as I know, tonight’s guests are not too old!”

“Then Qin Anan lied to us just now?”

Everyone looked at the second floor in unison.

But can’t see anything.

Second floor.

There are not many people here. There are no more than ten people sitting at a round table, all of them are men.

Qin Anan went to Fu Shiting and sat down.

The table is full of delicious food.

Qin Anan looked at him: “You asked me to come, you definitely didn’t ask me to eat?”

Seeing her frowning, Fu Shiting said solemnly, “Fu Yechen will also come. When I was on a business trip, you didn’t meet secretly. Is it? I’ll bring you here tonight so that you can meet upright. “

Qin Anan didn’t expect him to have such a purpose.

He thought that she and Fu Yechen had a long-term relationship, and it would be like three autumns if they didn’t see each other for a day?

Ha ha!

She didn’t eat at night, she was so hungry now that she didn’t have time to argue with him.

She picked up the chopsticks and ate to herself.

“Mr. Fu, that nephew of yours still owes me 20 million yuan! Originally, this small amount of money was nothing to be concerned about, but I heard that your uncle and nephew are not on good terms. I will have to ask him to urge the account later.”

“Fu Yechen sent an ambiguous text message to my daughter who was less than 20 years old last time, and I found out. I called and scolded him badly! He couldn’t deceive investment from me, but he wanted to deceive my daughter! It’s disgusting!”

“Mr. Fu’s nephew is also well-known in the investment world. Whatever investment fails, this kind of idiot is pitiful. If it wasn’t for his father’s support, he would have died long ago!”

… When

everyone was discussing Fu Yechen in a sarcastic tone, Fu Shiting looked at her inadvertently.

“Do you want to see if I can eat it?” Qin Anan raised her eyes and caught his eyes, “The food is good, but the rice is a little hard. I’m full.”

She put down the bowl and chopsticks.

“I’m not interested in your topic, I’ll go back first!”

She got up from her chair.

Fu Shiting reached out and grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving.

She threw off his big palm, her apricot eyes slightly angry: “Fu Shiting, you are so boring. I’m going back to write the paper! If you don’t let me go back, then I’ll send the paper to your mailbox, and you can help me finish it. “

Fu Shiting looked at her sullen face and let go.

When she came down from the second floor and walked to the first floor, she saw Fu Yechen holding a wine glass, hunched over, and respectfully speaking flattering words in front of a group of people.

She had given up on Fu Yechen for a long time, so she quickly retracted her gaze and strode away from the villa.

Ten p.m.

A black Rolls-Royce drives into Fu’s house.

When Mrs. Zhang saw Fu Shiting coming back, she asked curiously, “Sir, did your wife come back with you?”

Fu Shiting raised his wrist, looked at his watch, and frowned, “She left at eight o’clock, and she didn’t come back. ?”

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Mrs. Zhang: “No. I’ve been staying in the living room, and my wife really didn’t come back.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened.

She didn’t come back, where will she go?

Did she lie to him when she said she came back to write the thesis?

“Sir, I’m going to call my wife.” Mrs. Zhang hurriedly walked towards the living room.

the other side.

When Qin Anan came out of Fran Villa, he was kidnapped.

After she was dragged into a car, someone put a blindfold on her while her hands were tied.

After that, the car drove on the road for nearly an hour and then stopped.

She was taken to a room and pushed into a chair to sit down.

When the blindfold was taken off, an unfamiliar male voice came: “Miss Qin, I’m sorry. We brought you here because we were entrusted. As long as you cooperate with us, we will not hurt you.”

Qin Anan set the pure white room After looking at it again, his eyes finally fell on the face of this strange man in front of him.

He was wearing a mask, so he couldn’t see his facial features.

But his voice was completely unfamiliar.

“As long as you don’t hurt me, I will do my best to cooperate with you. However, I don’t do illegal or criminal things, and it’s useless for you to force me.” Qin Anan negotiated with him.

The unfamiliar man laughed contemptuously: “With such a small body as you have no power to hold a chicken, what can you do illegal and criminal things?”

After speaking, he untied Qin An’an’s hands, and then put the polygraph instrument on. attached to her body.

“This is a lie detector. I’ll ask you some questions next, you must answer truthfully, if you lie, you can’t hide the lie detector. As long as the lie detector reminds you that you lied, you don’t want to leave safely tonight. Here. Understand?”

Qin Anan glanced at the instrument, and after a moment of silence, nodded.

“Brother, don’t worry! I’m sure I won’t lie.”

“You are acquainted!” The man was very satisfied with her attitude, and the interrogation began, “What’s your name?”

“Qin An’an.”

“Before your father died. , did you tell you the safe password?”

Qin Anan: “No.” After

she answered, the man glanced at the surveillance screen.

All the values ​​of her body are within the normal range, indicating that she is not lying.

“Why did you go to Fran Villa tonight? Who invited you?”

Qin Anan was silent.

“Do you want to lie?!” the man urged, “all questions, don’t think about it, answer them directly!”

“Oh… I’m afraid to say it and scare you.” Qin Anan said slowly, ” Do you know the Fu family?”

“Which Fu family?”

“Do you know Fu Shiting?” Qin Anan continued to ask.

Man: “Of course I know Fu Shiting! He is so rich, who doesn’t know him! What are you doing to him? Could it be that he invited you to go?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “Then do you know his nephew Fu Yechen? “

What are you telling me about this mess? Is it me who will judge you or you will judge me?! Just answer my question directly! Don’t waste my time!” The

man became irritable.

Qin Anan: “Fu Yechen took me there.”

“What’s your relationship with him?”

“My relationship with him is not normal. Brother, you are an adult, you should understand what I mean?”

“Okay, I know! Did you open your dad’s safe?! This question is very important, you better not lie! Because my client already knows the truth! This polygraph is only an auxiliary function!”

Qin Anan looked at the strange man’s fierce eyes, and after a brief thought, replied, “I opened it. But the thing is no longer in my hands.”

“Who did you give it to?!”

“I mentioned it earlier. His name is out.” Qin Anan looked at him innocently.

“Fu Shiting?!”

Qin Anan shook his head.

“Oh! Your man Fu Yechen?!”

Qin Anan nodded.

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Fu Yechen’s Sorry!

Someone must carry this pot.

The vice president has discovered that the contents of the safe are missing.

If she doesn’t turn the vice president’s attention away from herself, she will definitely suffer from enemies in the rest of her life.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

The man opened her bag and took out her cell phone.

The words ‘Fu’s landline’ were displayed on the screen of the mobile phone.

“You really didn’t lie! Since you are from the Fu family now, I won’t embarrass you, let’s go!” The man can’t afford to offend the Fu family.

And what the client asked him to do, he has already done it.

After Qin Anan was free, she first called Mrs. Zhang back.

“Madam, why did you hang up just now? You haven’t come back so late, what happened?” Aunt Zhang’s voice came.

Qin Anan glanced at the surroundings.

There is no shop in front of the village or behind, the street lights are very dark, and there are lush forests on both sides of the road. At first glance, it looks like the bloody mouth of a wild beast, which is a bit infiltrating.

“Sister Zhang, has the driver at home rested? I’m outside now, and I can’t get a taxi back.” Qin Anan was wearing only a skirt, and a gust of autumn wind blew, her cold teeth chattering.

“The driver just sent Mr. back. I asked him to pick you up. Send your location.”


Qin Anan sent his location to Sister Zhang’s mobile phone.

After Mrs. Zhang received her location, she forwarded it to the driver.

After the driver drove to pick her up, Mrs. Zhang walked up to Fu Shiting and spoke for Qin An’an: “Mrs. must have an accident. She is in the suburbs now. She is a girl, so she can’t go to the suburbs at night.”

Fu Shiting took Mrs. Zhang’s phone and glanced at Qin An’an’s location.

This location is very remote, and no one goes there during the day, let alone at night.

Fu Shiting ordered the bodyguard, “Take someone over there now and find out what happened as soon as possible.”

About three hours later, Qin Anan was picked up.

The driver parked the car in the yard and got out of the car alone.

Sister Zhang was puzzled and strode towards the driver.

“My wife fell asleep in the car.” The driver said to Mrs. Zhang, “I don’t want to touch her, and I don’t have the heart to wake her up.”

Mrs. Zhang immediately opened the passenger’s door and woke Qin Anan up.

Qin Anan was woken up, reached out and rubbed his eyes.

“Madam, you are home safely now! Go back to your room and go to sleep!” Aunt Zhang helped Qin An’an to get out of the car, “Sir has been waiting for you. He is very worried about you.”

Fu Shiting stayed in the living room the whole time.

He didn’t say anything, but Sister Zhang could see that he had a little affection for Qin An’an.

He asked Qin Anan to abort the child so that he could continue to live with her.

“He’s waiting for me?” Qin Anan lost his sleepiness in an instant, “couldn’t he be trying to scold me?”

Mrs. Zhang: “How is that possible. You ran to the suburbs so late, he was very worried about your safety.”

” Oh, I’m fine now.”

Qin Anan walked to the door to change his shoes, and out of the corner of his eyes caught sight of Fu Shiting’s tall figure walking towards the elevator.

He didn’t even use a wheelchair.

Can he walk by himself? !

“His legs…” Qin Anan asked Mrs. Zhang.

“I can walk, but I can’t exercise for a long time. So sometimes I still have to use a wheelchair.”

“It should be recovering soon.”

“Yeah! Madam, do you also hope that Mr. will recover soon?”

Qin Anan blushed slightly and looked at his back.

He seemed to slow down.

“Of course I hope he can recover quickly.” Qin Anan changed the conversation, “This way he can work more and won’t be at home often.”

She saw his back muscles suddenly tense, and immediately turned around.

He was pissed off.

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“I mean, you don’t make much money, how can you buy me such expensive skirts and high heels?” Qin Anan changed his slippers, walked up to him, and added, “I’m so big, I haven’t worn them yet. Such expensive skirts and shoes.”

Fu Shiting: “It’s so pitiful.”

After spitting out these three words from his thin lips, he entered the elevator.

She stared blankly as the elevator door closed.

In fact, she didn’t say anything after that.

She wanted to say that he was lavish, extravagant, extravagant.

Back in the room, she took off her high dress, entered the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

Warm water poured down from overhead.

All senses become dull and blurred.

the next day.

Qin Anan came to the Qin Group early in the morning.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the conference room was full.

“Good morning, seniors. I’m Qin An’an. I called this meeting today because I was kidnapped last night.” Qin An’an’s eyes swept across everyone’s faces.

“No?! An An, are you okay?!” Someone said in surprise.

“I’m fine. I called everyone here today to have a frank discussion with you,” Qin Anan said, “now the company’s situation is rather bad, and outside capital is not optimistic about our company’s projects, so I only want to Acquisition at a low price. And our company’s debt is relatively high, and the acquisition price may only fill the debt hole.”

“The Super?Brain system developed by our company can actually be taken out! As long as we take out the system, we can start a game. The press conference will let major institutions see the power of our new system, and it will definitely attract investment!”

Someone raised an opinion.

Others chimed in.

“First, my dad doesn’t want to sell the company. I think everyone knows that. Second, the new system has not been completed. I’m afraid it’s not as valuable as everyone thinks.”

“Then what should I do? Will the company go bankrupt? “

If there is no capital injection, I’m afraid this is the only way in the end.” Qin Anan said.

The vice president was really angry, and slapped the table and shouted angrily: “Qin Anan! You just want to take over the Super?Brain system alone! Your father didn’t develop the system alone!”

Qin Anan looked at the vice president coldly: “Uncle Zhou, Since you keep saying that the system was not developed by my dad alone, then you take the R&D team to reproduce a Super?Brain system. At that time, you have to sell it or use it to start a new company, I have nothing to say! “

The vice president’s old face flushed with Qin An’an’s words.

Qin Jie is the chief engineer. Without him, the new system cannot be developed at all.

“You said everything was for your father, but you secretly gave your father’s things to outsiders…”

Qin Anan: “So the person who kidnapped me yesterday was Uncle Zhou?

” Staring like a copper bell.

“If you continue to stay in the company in order to obtain huge benefits, I suggest you find another way out. The company’s debts have not been repaid, where will the benefits be distributed to you?” Qin Anan said here, looking at the others, “and Vice President Zhou who has the same idea can settle their wages today.”

Vice President Zhou and two core members of the R&D Department came out of the conference room.

“This Qin An’an looks calm and quiet, but I didn’t expect it to be so cruel.”

“She said she gave her things to Fu Yechen… I can’t see it all! Maybe the things are still in her hands!”

“We Find a way to test Fu Yechen first!”


Qin Anan came out of the company to go to her best friend Li Xiaotian’s appointment.

The two meet at a hot pot restaurant.

“An An, it’s too difficult for you to make an appointment now! Calculate for yourself, how many times have I made an appointment with you during this time?” Li Xiaotian complained, “Your dad’s company, financing is difficult, right?”

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Qin An’an: “Well. I think it’s a fantasy to extend the driverless system to reality. Can an advanced computing system outperform the human brain? I doubt this project myself, let alone Investors?”

“Don’t be too pessimistic. Many wealthy people invest in a project not because of practicality, but because of creativity. There is a party tonight, and all the people who go to the second generation are rich. Would you go with me? What about someone who is willing to invest money for you?”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Forget it! The rich second generation is useless, you need the rich generation.”

“There are also the rich generation. Go try your luck!” Li Xiaotian said Then, he showed up with her, “Actually, I don’t want to go either. My father forced me to go. He arranged a blind date for me. You can stay with me tonight, okay?”

Qin Anan couldn’t resist her: “Well. “

Seven o’clock in the evening.

Li Xiaotian drove Qin An’an to an old five-star hotel in the city.

“An An, go in later, we will act separately. This will make it easier for you to pull in investment.” Li Xiaotian said.

Qin Anan nodded: “I didn’t forget that you were here for a blind date, so I don’t want to be a light bulb.”

“Haha, remember to check your phone at all times. If I can’t take it anymore, I’ll send you a message.” “


People enter the hotel and enter the banquet hall one after the other.

Qin Anan walked to the drinking area, took a glass of juice, and found a seat in the corner.

She planned to see how Li Xiaotian’s blind date was.

Li Xiaotian’s family owns a department store. The company is not listed, but it is well-known in China and has a solid family background.

The blind date her family arranged for her must be the right match.

Depends on your looks, age and personality.

Xu Yu, a handsome and somewhat familiar face appeared in Qin An’an’s eyes.

Li Xiaotian’s blind date… Why is she a little familiar? !

This man seems to be He Zhunzhi? !

Once before He Zhunzhi went to the Qin Group, Qin Anan met with him.

The negotiation did not take long and the result was not very pleasant.

Qin Anan put down the juice and sent a message to Li Xiaotian: What’s the name of your blind date? A little familiar.

After Li Xiaotian greeted He Zhunzhi, she saw that the screen of her mobile phone was on, so she clicked it and replied: His name is He Zhunzhi, do you know him?

Qin An’an: I know! ! !

Li Xiaotian: You actually sent three exclamation points! Is there a bloody love story between you and him? ! I can quit!

Qin Anan: No! I don’t know him well! But I know that he has 1.2 billion checking in his bank card!

Li Xiaotian: I’ll go! Is he so rich? impossible? ! He just graduated not long ago, how could he have so much money!

Qin An’an: …He’s going to buy my dad’s company for one billion.

Li Xiaotian: What the hell! You let me slow down!

Qin An’an: Sweet, don’t say we know each other! I think this guy is weird! But there has been no way to know more about him.

Li Xiaotian: Leave this to me! I’ll help you figure out what’s going on!

Because Li Xiaotian has been distracted by sending messages, He Zhunzhi’s eyes swept around.

Suddenly, he saw Qin Anan in the corner of the banquet hall.

Why is Qin Anan here?

Tonight’s party is the theme of singles and friendship, doesn’t Qin Anan have a husband?

The corners of He Zhunzhi’s mouth twitched, he took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to Fu Shiting: Brother Ting, your wife is now attending a single party in the Ziyue Hall of the Regent Hotel, and several men next to her are staring at her… Yes Did you allow her to come and play?

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Ten minutes later, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

After she answered the phone, she sent Li Xiaotian a message, and then hurried to the exit.

He Zhunzhi smiled as he looked at her back as she left in a hurry.

Where did Qin Anan get the courage?

He even dared to play outside with Fu Shiting behind his back.

Isn’t it good to guard Fu Shiting?

Which man outside can compare to Fu Shiting?

I really don’t know what’s going on in this woman’s head.

Li Xiaotian frowned and replied, “What’s the urgency for you?” In such a hurry?

Qin An’an: Hundreds of thousands are in a hurry. Let’s talk next time we meet!

It was Fu Shiting’s bodyguard who called Qin An’an.

The bodyguard told her to wait at the door of the hotel.

If you dare not listen, break her leg.

Qin Anan has a psychological shadow on Fu Shiting’s bodyguard.

His bodyguards are very ruthless.

Although he knew it was his right, he was still afraid.

She came out of the hotel and waited less than a quarter of an hour when a black Bentley stopped in front of her.

The car window fell, and the bodyguard’s dark face appeared.

Qin Anan immediately opened the rear door and got in the car.

‘Boom’, the car sped out.

“Miss Qin, if our boss keeps a dog by his side for a few months, the dog will know his relatives. Why are you like a white-eyed wolf, not familiar with him?” The bodyguard teased.

“You mean I’m not as good as a dog?” Qin Anan frowned.

“Yes, you’re not as good as a dog. You’ve been eating and drinking in the Fu family for so long, besides making our boss angry, what else would you do?” The bodyguard’s tone was full of disgust.

“Do you think I want to eat and drink in his house for free? Why don’t you persuade him to divorce me if you don’t like me so much?” Qin Anan gave advice to the bodyguard.

“You pig brain!” the bodyguard scolded, “What’s wrong with my boss, he wants to like you, a stupid woman!”

“I think you are stupid. Which eye do you see that he likes me? Hurry up and get an ophthalmologist. “

Damn it! If my boss didn’t like you, he would have let you go! Can you fucking have some snacks?!” The bodyguard slapped the steering wheel angrily.

Qin Anan’s body tensed, wanting to hold back and not anger him.

But he couldn’t help but refute him.

“If he likes me, will he force me to have an abortion?”

“You are pregnant with another man’s child, and you still want to give birth under his nose?!”

“What if I am not pregnant with another man’s child? Qin Anan asked back, “He won’t let me be born.”

“Then don’t give birth! If you are half as smart as Tang Qian, the two of you won’t quarrel every day!”

Qin Anan looked out the window: “You I think Tang Qian is smart, that’s your business. I just like children, I just want to have children, he won’t let me have children, why does he like me?” The

bodyguard said with

a heart attack: “…” Silence After a while, Qin Anan suddenly said, “How on earth did you see that he likes me? Why can’t I see it?” The

bodyguard gritted his teeth: “He’s sleeping with you, isn’t that what he likes?!”

Qin An An: “Oh, that’s all?”

Bodyguard: “Last night he asked me to go to the suburbs to find out what happened to you, which shows that he cares about you! But how did you repay him?”

Qin Anan was a little surprised.

Didn’t expect him to send someone to investigate.

“How did I repay him?” Qin Anan didn’t dare to be moved.

Seeing the bodyguard being so angry, there must be nothing nice to say behind him.

“You said that Fu Yechen took you to Fran Villa last night, and you also said that you had a very good relationship with Fu Yechen, and that you gave Fu Yechen something of yours… You eat inside and out and lie. Stupid woman !”

Qin Anan laughed instead of anger: “He is angry again?”

“How can you laugh? Believe it or not, he will beat you with a belt later?!” The bodyguard warned her.

“I just tested how the polygraph worked. It turned out to be an IQ tax,” she murmured, “I didn’t mean to tell him. Who knew he would investigate.”

“I said He likes you! You don’t believe me?” The bodyguard raised his voice in a rough voice.

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