When His Eyes Opened Chapter 311 -320(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 311 -320(Chinese)

Chapter 311

He always thought that the woman under him was Qin Anan that night!

If he knew it was Shen Yu, he would never touch her.

the other side.

Qin Anan invited several friends to come to Jinsha Street to eat seafood.

During the time of her mother’s death, if it wasn’t for them to support and take care of her, she would not have returned to a normal life so quickly.

Although I think of what happened to my mother now, I still feel like a knife, but I am not so impulsive that I want to die with Wang Wanzhi.

Mike poured wine for Wei Zhen.

Wei Zhen: “I drove here.”

Qin Anan poured juice into Wei Zhen’s glass: “Big brother Wei can’t drink, Mike, drink it yourself tonight!”

Li Xiaotian: “Qin Anan, are you? Look down on me? I’m a good drinker!”

Qin Anan: “I know you’re a good drinker, but He Zhunzhi greeted me in advance, let me watch you, and don’t let you get drunk.”

Li Xiaotian let out a nonchalant sigh , and start drinking with Mike.

“You two drink less. I’m treating guests today, so that you can taste the seafood from this restaurant, not for you to drink…” Qin Anan reminded them.

Mike: “What’s so delicious about seafood… What’s the point of not drinking at a party?”

Li Xiaotian sang and said, “Yes! If you don’t drink at a party, why not eat melon seeds at home!”

Qin Anan decided to ignore them two.

The two of them drank for a while, and then they began to brag.

Qin Anan peeled bowls of shrimp and crab meat for the two children and began to eat them by herself.

“An An, Sinian really wants to thank you in person.” Wei Zhen saw that Mike and Li Xiaotian were drunk, so he chatted with Qin Anan.

“Let him do good rehabilitation first. When he can stand up, we can meet naturally.” Qin Anan’s eyes drooped slightly, and he was worried, “If he is an ordinary person, I don’t need to think about it so much. But he is now His popularity is still very high, and if the outside world finds him, it will definitely make him restless. Let alone rehabilitation treatment, I am afraid that his basic life will be affected.”

Wei Zhen nodded: “You are right. He is still too young, More impulsive.”

Saying that, he handed her the peeled crab meat.

“Eat it yourself!” Qin Anan blushed slightly.

“I don’t eat crabs.” Wei Zhen said bluntly, “I see that you have been peeling the two children just now, and you haven’t eaten a single bite. You have to eat more. I’m afraid a gust of wind will blow you away one day.

” My brother and I will hug Mommy’s legs tightly! We won’t let Mommy get blown away by the wind!” Rila raised her head and explained to Wei Zhen seriously.

Wei Zhen smiled and replied, “With the two of you here, no matter how strong the wind is, I don’t have to worry anymore!” Having said that, he asked Xiaohan, “Are you still used to it in the new school?”

Xiaohan nodded.

Although he is not gregarious, he does not disturb other children.

So the teachers like him very much.

“Why did you come out to play with a computer?” Wei Zhen looked at the backpack beside his legs, the zipper was open, and the notebook inside was exposed.

Osamu immediately zipped up the backpack.

Qin Anan looked at her son, alarm bells ringing in her heart.

She did not immediately question her son.

Instead, he took out his mobile phone first to see if Fu Shiting came to him.

Fortunately, no!

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“An An, I heard that Shen Yu is about to perform a second operation on Yin Yin.” Wei Zhen’s expression was mixed, “I don’t know whether to say that Shen Yu has a big heart or that Fu Shiting is confused. With Shen Yu’s skills, although It won’t kill Yinyin, but I don’t think the result will be optimistic.”

Qin Anan’s hand holding the chopsticks tightened suddenly.

“Are you sure you don’t tell Fu Shiting that you performed the first operation on Yinyin?” Wei Zhen asked her in a low voice.

Chapter 312

Chapter 312

This question made her silent for a moment.

“Brother Wei, have you ever loved someone?” She said quietly, “If you have, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand my feelings.”

Wei Zhen shook his head.

“Loving a person will create possessiveness. I hope that everything he has is mine, and I hope that he can only see me in his eyes. I also hope that this feeling is not reserved.” The corners of her mouth twitched slightly, “But you also saw that he has Yinyin, and in order to cure Yinyin, he can even betray himself.”

“At first, when I didn’t know that Yinyin had mental problems, I always regarded her as a thorn in my heart. Later, I found out that she is not a normal person, and this kind of hostility gradually became dull. If you ask me if I can perform a second operation on Yinyin, I can do it. However, I will not do it for her.”

Wei Zhen stared blankly. following her.

“If Fu Shiting knew that I performed the operation on Yinyin, what do you think he would have reacted to?” Qin Anan picked up the wine bottle, poured a little wine into the glass, and said, “How did he treat Shen Yin?” Yu’s? He is very grateful to Shen Yu, and he can agree to anything Shen Yu asks of him… Brother Wei, let him thank me for another woman, I don’t want this result.”

Qin An’an With a wry smile: “I don’t care!”

Wei Zhen took the wine bottle in front of her away: “An An, I understand what you mean. Fu Shiting can’t give you a complete and flawless relationship, so you would rather not.”

“What more? Not only can he not give me an equal feeling, he can’t be the father of my child!” Qin Anan just drank a glass of wine, but his face was flushed, and his tone was bitter and hateful, “He doesn’t want our child! But he How did Shen Yu get pregnant? Why didn’t he dare to force Shen Yu to have an abortion? Ha!”

Wei Zhen poured her a glass of juice: “An An, don’t be angry.”

“Mom, don’t be angry!” Rila Pulling Qin An’an’s arm, “My brother and I don’t need a scumbag father! It’s enough for us to have a mother.”

Qin Anan raised her hand and touched her daughter’s round head, with a smile in her eyes: “Mom is not angry. Mom said it to make herself more awake.”

Just now Wei Zhen asked her if she wanted to tell Fu Shiting.

Immediately, Yin Yin’s pure eyes came to mind.

She has a soft heart.

So she said these words, not only to Wei Zhen, but also to herself.

Shen Yu performed surgery on Yinyin, and the worst result was no progress.

This is acceptable.

And if Fu Shiting knew that it was her who performed the operation on Yinyin, Fu Shiting would definitely get entangled with her!

A groan has given her a headache.

Now there is another pregnant Shen Yu!

How could she not want to confess to Fu Shiting?

on Monday.

Star River Kindergarten.

The kindergarten is located next to the Xinghewan Villa.

Qin Anan sends the two children to the kindergarten every morning. If he can’t be picked up in time at night, Xiaohan will take his sister home first.

In kindergarten, children are listening carefully to the teacher’s lecture.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared at the door of the classroom.

Rila recognized her instantly!

“Brother, Yin Yin is here!” After Rila shouted, the siblings walked to the door of the classroom.

After Yin Yin saw them, the smile on his face was replaced by a cloud of sorrow.

“I’m going to have an operation tomorrow, I’m afraid.” She murmured anxiously.

“Did that Dr. Shen operate on you?” Rila asked.

Yin Yin nodded.

“Yinyin, don’t let her move your head, you are not smart at all, what if she makes you more stupid!” Rila gave Yinyin a trick, “You hide like last time. Don’t. Someone found out! That way they won’t force you to have surgery!”

Xiao Han glanced at his sister with deep eyes, “Mid your business!”

Chapter 313

Chapter 313

Rila said aggrieved: “Didn’t we agree last time, won’t we be angry with Yin Yin in the future?”

Xiao Han took his sister’s hand and entered the classroom.

Yinyin’s surgical arrangements have been determined.

She was nervous and scared and came to them, but it couldn’t change the matter.

She should go to Fu Shiting and seek Fu Shiting’s comfort.

Three in the afternoon.

Fu Shiting received a call from Aunt Hong.

As soon as the phone was connected, I heard Aunt Hong’s cry: “Yinyin is lost again! I searched with the bodyguard for more than an hour, and searched the Xinghewan villa in and out, but couldn’t find her!”

“What are you doing in Xinghewan?!” Fu Shiting took the car keys and strode towards the door.

“Yinyin went to school this morning and kept talking about going to Xiaohan… When I said no, she became angry. She refused to eat or drink… She never used to It will be like this. I really have no choice, so I will take her to Xiaohan.” Aunt Hong cried with tears in her eyes.

Since Yinyin’s surgery, she has a strong sense of self, so it’s not easy to take it!

“So you took her to find Qin Zihan?” Fu Shiting read the child’s name, feeling like a thorn in his heart, “Could it be that Yinyin was hidden by him?”

“No! I’ll take Yinyin there. The kindergarten saw Xiaohan and Rila, and they went back to the classroom without saying a few words.” Aunt Hong said truthfully, “After we came out of the kindergarten, she made a fuss about going into the community to play, so I took her in… …but in the blink of an eye, she was gone!”

Aunt Hong cried out of breath.

Fu Shiting frowned and said, “Don’t cry first. I’ll go right away! She should still be in the community.”

Aunt Hong choked and said, “Yinyin is a good-natured person, she hides because she is afraid of surgery. “

“I know.” Fu Shiting coaxed her to sleep for a long time last night.

He didn’t want her to suffer either, but the surgery would make her healthier, so it had to be done.

He didn’t want her to be called a fool again.


Qin Anan drove back to the community and saw a lot of guards standing at the gate of the community. A long cordon was drawn outside, and outside the cordon, there were circles of people eating melons.

Her brows furrowed.

Did something big happen?

She quickly parked the car and rushed home.

But don’t let something happen to her two children!

The door of the villa was opened, and the two children were playing with toys in the living room, which was completely different from the tense atmosphere outside.

“You two are awesome! Mom taught you not to watch the fun, but you didn’t go out to watch the fun.” Qin Anan kissed the two children on the cheeks.

Rila’s face was calm: “What’s there to see. Yinyin is hiding, they are looking for Yinyin.”

Qin Anan’s mind exploded.

“Yinyin is hiding in our community?!”

“Yes! I told her to hide, but I didn’t tell her to hide in our community…” Rila pulled a small face, a little unhappy, ” What if the scumbag father comes to our house to find Yinyin later? I don’t want to see him.”

Qin Anan blushed: “You hid Yinyin at home again?! ” Xiaohan and Rila

shook their heads.

“No. She hid by herself, I don’t know where she went.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and calmed down quickly: “As long as she’s not at our house. Mommy is cooking, you two don’t run out. .If someone rings the doorbell…”

Before he could finish speaking, the doorbell rang.

Chapter 314

Chapter 314

Rila and Xiaohan quickly ran to the door, and through the access control system, they could see the face of the man standing outside the door.

“Mom! The scumbag dad is here!” Rila ran towards Qin An’an with a little excitement in her panic.

Qin Anan put down her apron and picked up her daughter.

“Don’t be afraid, baby. You and your brother go back to the room first.” Qin Anan gave Xiaohan a look.

Xiaohan reluctantly came over and stayed in the room with his sister.

Qin Anan came out of the children’s room, passed through the living room, and opened the door.

Fu Shiting stood outside the door.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone down from behind him, making his facial features more profound and three-dimensional.

“Yinyin is gone. The nanny who took care of her said she was lost in your community.” Fu Shiting explained his intention, “I have searched the other owners’ homes and couldn’t find her.”

“So you want to search my home? ” Qin Anan looked at him lightly.

Fu Shiting met her cold eyes and calmly said, “I’m here to find someone, not to raid my house.”

“If Yinyin is not at my house, what are you going to do?” Qin Anan pushed the door open and waited for him to answer.

“What do you want from me?” He took a step up the steps, leaning toward her.

His air pressure was scorching hot!

She took a step back abruptly and spoke faster: “If Yin Yin is not in my house, you must promise not to step into my house in the future!”

Fu Shiting frowned slightly, as if thinking.

After a while, his thin lips parted lightly, but he was not answering her question.

“Yinyin! Come out soon! My brother is here to pick you up!” He called out to the empty living room behind Qin An’an.

If Yin Yin is here, she will definitely come out when she hears his voice.

“Yinyin! Did you hear your brother’s voice? Your brother is here to pick you up!” Because there was no response, he shouted again.

Qin Anan listened to him ‘brother’ one by one, so intimate.

It seems that he is really Yin Yin’s brother!

Even if he is Yinyin’s brother, he is not Yinyin’s own brother.

After all, there is no such person Yinyin in the Fu family’s household registration book.

And would a normal man treat a woman who is not his own sister better than his wife?

“Fu Shiting, stop shouting. Yinyin is not at my house. If you don’t believe me, you can look for each room.” Qin Anan calmed down and opened the doors of the rooms one by one.

Fu Shiting followed behind her.

After the first room, there was no Yin Yin in it.

No second room, either.

When he reached the door of the third room, he caught a glimpse of the two little guys inside!

Xiaohan hugged Rila, and the two children stared at him with hostility.

“Qin An’an, why do your two children hate me so much?” Fu Shiting was puzzled and looked at Qin An’an, “Have you really never said bad things about me in front of them?”

Qin An’an: “They hate you because of your body. It exudes an aura that children hate. You are not worth my waste in front of my children.”

Fu Shiting was irritated by her eloquent reply.

But thinking of the child he let her knock out, he held back.

“Last time I didn’t see Yin Yin, you’re going crazy! Why do you still have time to quarrel with me this time?” Qin Anan teased him, “Do you think someone with a good heart will send her to the hospital again?”

Fu Shiting sent her He accepted the sarcasm and explained patiently: “The last time she got lost, her intelligence was low. This time, her intelligence is higher.”

“Oh…what if she was a little more intelligent?” Qin Anan asked casually, “Would you care more about her, or not so much?”

“Qin Anan, you don’t need to be weird,” Fu Shiting said. Dark eyes, with repressed emotions, “In your eyes, she’s just a fool!”

She seemed to have touched his inverse scale.

His face suddenly turned terrifying.

Instead of continuing the search, he clenched his fists and strode away.

After he left, Qin Anan exhaled heavily and adjusted his mood.

He couldn’t find Yinyin, what was the old account with her?

Chapter 315

Chapter 315

If she was angry at the time, did he plan to hold revenge for the rest of his life?

After dinner, she dialed Mike’s number, pressed the speakerphone, and started cleaning up the kitchen.

“Qin An’an, I’m going back later today!” Mike’s tone was serious and serious, “I’m not going to the bar tonight, I have business affairs… something in the company! I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Qin An’an: “Oh, it’s not a big deal, right? I’m not used to you being so serious all of a sudden.”

Mike smiled and said, “I’m afraid you think I’m playing around outside. You don’t need to leave me a meal.”

“Okay. “

After hanging up, Qin Anan looked at the empty house and couldn’t help thinking of her mother.

The reason why she refused to hire a nanny was that she wanted to do everything her mother usually did.

By the way, imagine what mom was thinking when she did these things.

The more I think about it, the more I blame myself.

Her mother has been taking care of her since she became pregnant.

After the child was born, the mother did her best to help take care of the two children.

There is never a day when I live for myself.

She never felt that there was anything wrong with such a life, until her mother was gone, and she realized that her usual energy was almost devoted to her work and children.

“Mom! My brother bullied me!” Rila suddenly ran out with a look of grievance.

Qin Anan quickly wiped away the tears on her face, and her expression returned to normal: “Why did my brother bully you?”

“He said I didn’t do my homework well, and said that if I didn’t write well, I would tear up my workbook!” Rila Annoyed.

Qin Anan took her daughter back to the room and glanced at her daughter’s homework.

No wonder Xiaohan frowned and sullen.

Rila’s homework is indeed not well written.

“Rila, mom is here to teach you how to do it. Let’s erase these lines with an eraser first.” Qin Anan took her daughter and sat down at the desk and taught patiently.

After tutoring the child’s homework, and then washing the child, it was ten o’clock in the evening in a flash.

Qin Anan returned to the room exhausted.

My mind went blank.

I feel like I’ve done a lot of things, and it’s like I’ve done nothing at all.

In the past, all these trivial matters were borne by her mother.

She owes her mother so much that she can only pay it back in her next life.

She walked to the closet, opened the door, and prepared to get her pajamas.

The moment the cabinet door opened, the person curled up inside almost fell over!

Qin Anan’s conditioned reflex caught Yinyin who was about to roll to the ground!

How could she hide here? !

How long has she been hiding?

Qin Anan didn’t have time to think about it, and immediately laid her body flat on the ground to check her vital signs.

After a while, Qin Anan dialed Wei Zhen’s number for help.

the next morning.

Xiaohan and Rila got up to find that their mother was not at home and did not prepare breakfast for them both in advance.

Although breakfast is provided in the kindergarten, Xiaohan is not used to it.

So Qin Anan will prepare in advance.

“Brother, where is mom?” Rila looked confused. “Mom isn’t at home, don’t we have to go to school?”

Xiao Han took out his brother’s aura and said, “Mom isn’t here, my brother will take you to school.”

“Then can you tell me where my mother went?” Rila looked worried. “Wouldn’t my mother think that we were dragging oil bottles, so I ran away alone?”

Xiaohan pressed a button on the watch. , After a moment, Qin An’an’s cell phone ringing came from the master bedroom.

“Mom didn’t bring a cell phone, which means she’s in a hurry.” Xiao Han walked towards the master bedroom in a clear manner, checking who the last call on his mother’s cell phone was.

Chapter 316

Chapter 316

Fu Family.

Fu Shiting didn’t sleep all night.

It stands to reason that Yin Yin’s intelligence is higher than before, and he can also memorize his mobile phone number, so he will not hide out all night alone.

Last night, he arranged for someone to be on duty in the Xinghewan villa community.

From last night until now, no feedback has been sent there.

It means that they did not find Yin Yin.

Now the temperature is much higher than during the Spring Festival, but sleeping on the street will definitely freeze her.

Where will she hide?

Are there any good people who took her in for the night?

He blamed himself.

She ran away from home during her first operation.

He thought that her intelligence was now higher than before, and her endurance was also higher than before.

As for the reason for the operation, he explained it to her over and over again, and he thought she could hear it a little bit.

Who would have thought that she was still so resistant.

If he had known this was the result, he might not have been so aggressive to force her to operate.

However, he didn’t want her to be a fool all her life!

What if he dies in front of her in the future?

When he is gone, who will protect her?

He couldn’t stand her being bullied.

Even if he just imagined the picture in his mind, he couldn’t accept it.

In his inner world, people in this world are divided into two categories.

The first category is normal people, and the second category is him and Yin Yin.

He drove to the Xinghewan community and searched every corner of the community again.

After that, he went to the community monitoring room to check the entry and exit records of each vehicle.

Two in the afternoon.

His eyes were scarlet, and he saw a familiar Land Rover driving out of the underground garage in the surveillance footage.

He clicked the mouse and paused the screen.

“…Isn’t this Qin An’an’s car?” He muttered to himself and glanced at the time displayed on the monitor, “What did she do at 10:30 in the evening?”

The people next to him didn’t know what to do Take his word.

Isn’t he looking for Yin Yin?

Why did you mention Qin Anan?

He took out his mobile phone, found Qin An’an’s number, and unplugged it.

In the villa, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang, and the two children immediately turned their heads.

Qin Anan was not at home today, and the two of them didn’t go to school.

Xiaohan wants to send Rila to school.

After all, he is an older brother and wants to be an example to his younger sister.

But Rila kept instilling in him ‘actually you don’t want to go to kindergarten, right’, which caused his mind to be assimilated.

So, Xiaohan went to the kindergarten in the morning to ask the teacher for leave, saying that Rila was not feeling well, and she wanted to take care of her at home.

The teacher did not suspect him and agreed.

Now, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang, making both brothers and sisters head big.

“Isn’t that the name of the scumbag’s father?” Although Rila didn’t know many words, she remembered clearly what the three words ‘Fu Shiting’ looked like.

“Why did he call mom?” Xiao Han muttered and hung up the phone.

Rila said angrily: “Don’t you want to know what he’s doing with his mother? I really want to know! If he calls again, let’s pick it up!”

Xiaohan: “Idiot, he can’t speak if he doesn’t hear his mother’s voice!”

Xiaohan said, adding Fu Shiting’s number to the blacklist.

Lest he wait to call again and make noise clean.

monitoring room.

Fu Shiting looked at the hung up call with shock in his eyes.

Even if they were divorced, wouldn’t they stop answering the phone?

Just when Fu Shiting was about to continue to call her, a call came into his eyes.

The number belongs to Shen Yu.

But when he answered the phone, a strange female voice came from inside.

“Mr. Fu, hello, Dr. Shen asked me to call you and tell you about the situation.” The unfamiliar female voice took the initiative to speak, “Dr. Shen is now operating on Miss Yinyin in the operating room. You don’t have to worry. There is about an hour left for the operation. Finish.”

Chapter 317

Chapter 317

Fu Shiting jumped up and got up from his chair!

Yin Yin in the hospital? !

Who took her to the hospital?

Why didn’t you tell him before the surgery?

“Who sent Yinyin to the hospital? Which hospital is she in now?!” Fu Shiting held the phone tightly and strode out of the monitoring room!

“Sorry, I don’t know the specifics. This is the third hospital.” The unfamiliar woman said and hung up.

Third Hospital!

The third hospital again!

Shen Yu is planning to perform surgery on Yin Yin at the Central Hospital!

Therefore, Shen Yu was also temporarily notified that Yin Yin was in the third hospital, so she went to the third hospital.

Who sent Yinyin to the third hospital?

Is that Qin An’an?

However, he went to her house last night to find her, and Yinyin was not at her house at all!

Although Yinyin was a bit headstrong, he was very obedient in front of him.

Impossible to hear his voice unresponsive.

His mind was a mess!

Put the rest aside for now.

Just groaning is fine.

two hours later.

Fu Shiting saw Yinyin who had completed the operation at the Third Hospital.

Her head was wrapped in thick gauze, her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be sleeping.

“How is she?” Fu Shiting asked worriedly.

Shen Yu smiled and replied: “The situation should be fine. During the operation, I kept talking to her. She was very awake.”

Seeing the smile on Shen Yu’s face, Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s just that there are so many doubts!

“Shen Yu, why didn’t you notify me first?”

“I’m sorry! I was too busy at the time, and I had to get a lot of things from the central hospital. I only remembered to notify you when I entered the operating room!” Shen Yu looked innocent.

Fu Shiting looked at the blood on her surgical gown and gloves and stopped questioning her.

“Shen Yu, thank you.” He said hoarsely.

“Why are you being so polite to me! You are my boyfriend, this is what I should do.” Shen Yu said, and went to change her clothes.

Fu Shiting walked to the door of the ward and saw the bodyguard and Aunt Hong guarding inside, and he felt much at ease.

He took a few steps to the side and dialed Wei Zhen’s number.

He wants to ask Wei Zhen to find out!

Why is Yinyin sent to the Third Hospital every time something happens?

What’s wrong here?

On the other side of the phone, Wei Zhen’s voice was calm and calm: “Mr. Fu, are you looking for me?”

“Mr. Wei, is your father the director of the Third Hospital?”

“Why did Mr. Fu suddenly say this?”

“Can I trouble you? Transfer me the monitoring of the third hospital today? I want to know who brought Yinyin to the hospital.” Fu Shiting restrained his emotions.

Wei Zhen: “You can go directly to the monitoring room. In theory, I’m just a little doctor in the third hospital.”

“Okay.” Fu Shiting hung up the phone and went to the hospital’s monitoring room.

Entering the monitoring room, among the video recordings full of screens, there are several screens that are black.

“What’s the matter with these black screens?” Fu Shiting frowned and asked.

“These places broke down last night, and the maintenance personnel haven’t come today!” The staff said truthfully.

“Where are the surveillance cameras that are broken?”

“There are gates, as well as the gates of the inpatient department, and the parking lot in the south…” The staff replied to him.

What a coincidence when and where surveillance is bad!

Is it really broken, or is there someone who doesn’t want him to see it?

In his mind, Qin An’an’s little face suddenly appeared.

She drove out of the underground garage at 10:30 last night, what did she do?

He took out his mobile phone and dialed her number –

“Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later.” The

icy system prompt made the chill in his eyes even stronger.

Chapter 318

Chapter 318

He dialed her number again!

What responded to him was still the mechanical sound.

He couldn’t believe his ears!

How dare Qin Anan hang up his phone?

Or is her phone off?

He opened the address book, found Mike’s number, and dialed it.

The two of them live under the same roof, are corporate partners, and are together almost 24 hours a day.

Mike looked at Fu Shiting’s call and was very puzzled.

What is he calling for?

Are they both familiar?

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Qin An’an on the big white bed…and

suddenly became enlightened.

Mike answered the phone, and before he could use his accent to put the tone on the air, Fu Shiting’s voice came from his head to cover his face: “I’m looking for Qin An’an!”

Mike: “???” With

such a fierce tone, did you eat dynamite?

“Qin An’an is sleeping! What are you doing with her?” Mike looked at Qin An’an’s sleeping face, and couldn’t get angry at Fu Shiting.

She came three hours ago, didn’t say a word, lay down and fell asleep.

Mike wanted to go first, but found that she had nothing on her body and could only wait here.

“Wake her up! I have something to look for!” Fu Shiting’s tone was tough and domineering.

Yinyin disappeared in the Xinghewan community last night. Qin Anan drove away from the community in the middle of the night. Then, Yinyin was sent to the third hospital.

Just from last night until now, the monitoring of several key points in the Third Hospital was broken.

He hates being tricked the most!

Do you think he is a fool?

This must have something to do with Qin An’an!

Mike sensed from his tone that things were not easy.

Mike bowed and patted Qin An’an on the back: “Qin An’an! Wake up! Your ex-husband is looking for you!”


This title made Fu Shiting frown!

He disliked the word very much!

But Mike always used that word for him.

Qin Anan was motionless, completely unresponsive.

It takes a whole night without sleep to be so sleepy!

“Qin An’an! Fu Shiting is looking for you! Fu Shiting! If you don’t wake up again, that bastard will come here to catch you!” Mike raised his voice and threatened her in her ear.

Qin Anan was successfully awakened.

She stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyes, looking at her surroundings in confusion and confusion.

“You said Fu Shiting… Where’s the others?”

“Here!” Mike handed her the phone, “He wants to quarrel with you, so prepare yourself mentally.”

Qin Anan took the phone with her sleepy eyes narrowed . , and at the same time pointed to a bottle of water on the bedside table: “Help me get the water, I’m a little thirsty.”

Hearing her hoarse voice, Fu Shiting was more certain in his heart!

She must have been with Yinyin last night, so she didn’t sleep all night!

Otherwise, can you sleep until now?

Mike unscrewed the water bottle and handed it to her.

After taking a gulp of water, she put the phone to her ear and fed it lazily.

Chapter 319

Chapter 319

“Wake up?” Fu Shiting mocked.

Qin Anan lay flat on the bed, and rubbed her fingers against her sore temple: “Didn’t you call me to wake me up? What are you asking me for?”

“Qin Anan, I saw you driving out of the community at 10:30 last night. What did you do when you left the community so late?” He asked in doubt.

Hearing this, she raised her leg and kicked Mike at the end of the bed, winking at him.

Only then did he answer Fu Shiting’s question.

“Mike drank too much outside last night, the bar owner called me to pay for the drink, so I drove to him… Who knew he was drunk and crazy, I was afraid to take him back to wake the child, So I found a hotel nearby and opened a room… What’s the matter? Do you want to go to a bar? Let him call you next time? “

Fu Shiting frowned.

How is her answer different from what he imagined?

“What else do you want to ask?” She yawned lazily, “I was slept last night by Mike this bastard… I’m going to be sleepy, if you have nothing else to do , then hang up!”

When she was about to hang up, she thought of something and asked, “By the way, have you found your Yinyin?” The

last sentence made Fu Shiting die.

Unexpectedly, Yinyin was not sent to the hospital by her.

She drove out of the community last night to go to a bar!

Also opened a room with Mike at the hotel…Sleep till now!

“I found it.” Fu Shiting spat out these three words with thin lips and hung up the phone.

Qin Anan saw that the call was interrupted, and the disguise on his face was removed.

She handed the phone back to Mike.

Mike’s shocked expression turned green: “Why are you full of lies?! And Yin Yin… She’s lost again?!”

Qin Anan pulled the silk up, closed her eyes, and looked on her face. It was a pool of stagnant water, and his tone was calm: “Yeah! Why do you think she hides like that? She’s not biased, just hiding in my closet? If she hides in your closet, or in my mother’s closet, then she has already It’s a corpse.”

When Qin Anan found her last night, her face was pale and her breathing was weak.

If found out later, she would be dead.

Although she is mentally retarded, she is lucky.

He was lost twice, and both were left at Qin An’an’s house.

“Damn it! Are you going to operate on her again?” After Mike’s brain was running at a high speed, he guessed, “Did you give the fruits of victory to Shen Yu again?”

Qin Anan was shocked by his description. Open your eyes: “What is the fruit of victory? It should be called a hot potato. If I found her last night and she wasn’t looking so weak that she was dying, I would just give it back to Fu Shiting. If I don’t cure her , Fu Shiting must have thought what I did to her.”

“Just be stubborn! You must not have the heart to hand Yin Yin to Shen Yu for treatment.” Mike saw through her lies at a glance, “Last time you said Yin Yin was a fool, I’ve been brooding. This time I finally found a chance to make up for it, so you operated on her!”

Qin An’an: “…”

Mike’s comprehension ability has improved by leaps and bounds!

Mike: “Because you don’t want to be entangled with this scumbag, Fu Shiting, so you can only do good things silently without leaving your name!”

Qin Anan frowned: “Can you shut up and let me sleep? I’m sleepy!”

“Okay. , I’ll let you sleep! You’d better sleep soundly, or when you wake up, another piece of bad news will torture you all night!” Mike showed off.

Qin Anan couldn’t be fooled by him: “then go away! What kind of weird hobby is staring at others sleeping?”

Mike: “Hey! You didn’t bring your mobile phone or wallet, and you’ll pay the room fee later. ……”

Qin An’an: “Wouldn’t it be better if you go down to the front desk and pay more? I don’t know what happened to my two children, go back and see.”

Mike: “…Oh! I called Xiaohan, and he said he didn’t go to school today, Rila didn’t want to go, and he didn’t want to go either.”

Qin Anan’s expression suddenly became serious, after taking a breath, he waved to him: “Then go back and take care of the children! I don’t know if the two of them are hungry.”

Mike: “What are you hungry, they will call to order food. How about the bodyguards you hired for them?”

Qin Anan was suddenly not sleepy.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, tying her messy hair into a ponytail.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m always worried that the person I’m looking for is unreliable. But if I don’t look for it, I’m also worried about the safety of the children. They always like to run around.”

McNong raised his eyebrows and discussed with her: “How about I ask Ziyi for help? Introduction?”

She looked at him in shock: “Do you think my two children live too long and die fast enough? Why don’t you just ask me to hire Fu Shiting as a bodyguard?”

Chapter 320

Chapter 320

Mike found that he said something wrong and covered his mouth with one hand.

“You’ve been infiltrated!” Qin Anan sighed.

“Absolutely not! He hasn’t inquired about our gossip recently.” Mike’s pale blue eyes rolled, “I’m sure! He’s not as good as me. Every time we drink together, I get him drunk. He doesn’t drink at all. I don’t have the ability to formulate words from me.”

She didn’t doubt the authenticity of his words.

It’s just that he has reservations or is infiltrated in the future.

“In case Zhou Ziyi blows the pillow wind for you…”

Mike made a painful expression, and then the topic changed: “Are you going to help Yin Yin’s illness for free? Don’t ask Fu Shiting for medical treatment? What a loss for Fei!”

She shook her head: “There will be no next time. It’s not that I won’t help, but that her condition is more serious, and my ability is limited. I can’t predict what will happen to her after the operation this time. But it should be It won’t be worse than before the operation.”

“If Fu Shiting didn’t know about this situation and kept treating her, wouldn’t she have to suffer a lot?” Mike regretted, “Although Fu Shiting is a scumbag, but Yin Yin… .I mean Yin Yin who is mentally retarded, she is still cute and beautiful!”

She didn’t refute Mike’s words.

She is a little sleepy.

Going to go home and get some sleep.


Fu Shiting stood by the hospital bed, looking at Yin Yin’s pale and haggard face.

How much hope she wakes up and things get better.

It would be even better if I could remember what happened from last night to today before the operation.

He wanted too much to know what happened during that time.

Shen Yu pushed open the door and came in.

Fu Shiting looked at her and said, “Go home and rest! I’ll let you know when she wakes up.”

Shen Yu is pregnant now, and her belly is obviously bigger.

He resisted the child in her stomach, but he was very grateful for her treating Yinyin.

The person he sent out has not yet contacted Jin Sinian.

Jin Sinian seems to have evaporated from the world.

Therefore, Yin Yin’s illness has to rely on Shen Yu for the time being.

“I think you are the one who needs a rest. You didn’t see the Yin Yin yesterday, you must have slept all night, right?” Shen Yu walked to his side and patted his shoulder, “Shi Ting, go back to rest, I am here. Just take care of it.”

Fu Shiting lowered his eyes and looked at her carefully.

She is gentle and virtuous, and beyond that, she has superb medical skills and can’t fault her.

He asked himself, why couldn’t he be nicer to her?

“I’ll go back when Yinyin wakes up.” Although Fu Shiting was tired, he couldn’t fall asleep even if he went home. “Shen Yu, go back and rest first.”

Seeing his insistence, Shen Yu could only obey.

After Shen Yu left, about an hour later, Yin Yin woke up from the coma.

After waking up, Yinyin looked at the unfamiliar environment in front of her, her eyes cold and terrifying.

Fu Shiting didn’t dare to blink.

Yin Yin has never seen such eyes before!

She is mentally retarded, and as the saying goes, she is mentally retarded and a fool. Laugh when you are happy, cry when you are not happy, in addition, there will be no particularly complicated eyes and expressions.

But now she is not the same as before!

This is the result of surgery!

He didn’t expect the effect to be so significant.

“Yinyin, how do you feel?” Fu Shiting held her cold hand and looked at her eagerly and excitedly.

Yin Yin looked at his face carefully for a few seconds, then his eyelashes trembled, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “Brother, where is An An? Isn’t she talking to me? Where is her?”

Fu Shiting’s heartbeat almost stopped, and he took a deep breath. : “When did she speak to you?!”

Qin Anan has been in the hotel with Mike since last night!

Yin Yin said softly, “Just now!”

Fu Shiting: “!!!”

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