When His Eyes Opened Chapter 321 -330(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 321 -330(Chinese)

Chapter 321

There was a dizziness in front of him, making him almost faint.

Did Qin Anan lie to him, or did Yin Yin have hallucinations after the operation?

He turned on his mobile phone, dialed Shen Yu, and told her to come to the hospital quickly!

Listening to his anxious tone, Shen Yu felt an ominous premonition in her heart.

“Shi Ting, don’t worry. Is it because Yin Yin’s surgery didn’t work well? She just woke up and needs some time for her to recover slowly.”

Fu Shiting’s anxiety was relieved.

Ke Yinyin did not have such an abnormal reaction after the last surgery.

After talking on the phone, he went back to the bedside.

“Yinyin, you just finished the operation, don’t think too much to avoid a headache.” He looked at her tenderly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “I can feel that you are getting better and better.”

“Brother, My head hurts a bit.” Yin Yin breathed in.

“Wait for Dr. Shen to come over and see if she can prescribe some painkillers.”

“I don’t want to see Dr. Shen.” Yin Yin lowered his eyes and said sullenly.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down: “Yin Yin, Dr. Shen performed the operation on you. You are a polite person. When Dr. Shen comes over, you have to say thank you to her.”

“No… .” Yin Yin looked up at him with a stubborn tone, “It’s An An… An An is with me, I heard her talking to me… She asked me to speak and let me answer her questions …she is so gentle and different from usual…”

“Yinyin, that’s your illusion. Qin An’an has been with another man from last night to now. It’s impossible for her to Stay by your side.” Fu Shiting was anxious but didn’t dare to show it.

He was afraid that he would be anxious, which made Yin Yin even more anxious.

Hearing his words, Yin Yin was stunned.


Is it really an illusion?

But she clearly remembered Qin Anan’s voice and the questions Qin Anan asked.

Qin An’an told her that she can’t sleep now, but she can’t sleep until later.

So they both kept talking.

How could such a vivid and vivid memory be an illusion?

Half an hour later, Shen Yu came.

After checking Yinyin’s body temperature and blood pressure, she said to Fu Shiting, “It’s okay. Did she say anything just now?”

Fu Shiting glanced at Yinyin, and then turned to the balcony with Shen Yu.

“She said that you didn’t do the operation for her, and that Qin Anan had been with her and talked to her.” Fu Shiting lowered his voice and said puzzled, “If she remembered the wrong person, why didn’t she say it was Hong Kong? Aunt is talking to her? She has a deeper relationship with Aunt Hong.”

Shen Yu was shocked by his words!

Could it be that Qin An’an really performed the operation on Yin Yin? !

how is this possible?

How could Qin Anan be so powerful?

She is so young and has no public clinical experience, how could she perform such a complicated and precise operation on Yinyin?

Shen Yu felt like she was going crazy.

Before her body lost her strength, she stabilized her mind: “Yinyin remembered wrongly. I was the one who spoke to her. I said that during craniotomy, the doctor must speak to the patient. Because during the operation, In order to determine the progress of the operation, the doctor must speak to the patient and keep abreast of the patient’s physical condition.”

After blurting out this reason, she carefully observed Fu Shiting’s reaction.

The expression on his face gradually changed from questioning to accepting.

“Then observe for a few days.” He said.

If it wasn’t for the operation performed by Shen Yu on Yinyin, could it be Qin An’an?

But Qin Anan said that she was not with Yinyin at all.

He could only accept Shen Yu’s answer for the time being.

“Don’t worry. It’s normal for her to say strange things and have mood swings now.” Shen Yu comforted, “I think she’s doing well, you should go back to rest first!”

Fu Shiting returned to the ward. After I told Aunt Hong repeatedly before leaving, I left with peace of mind.

As soon as he left, Shen Yu immediately came to Yinyin’s side and brainwashed her: “Yinyin, I performed the operation on you, how can you remember it as Qin Anan? How sad I am when you tell your brother like this! “

Chapter 322

Chapter 322

Although Shen Yu acted very realistically, Yin Yin was unmoved.

Falsehood and sincerity can be seen in the eyes of the other party.

Yinyin could feel her flattery towards her brother, but she couldn’t feel that she really cared about herself.

“Brother asked me to say thank you.” Yin Yin said angrily, “I won’t say it.”

Shen Yu looked at Aunt Hong, “Please go out first, I’ll talk to Yin Yin.”

Aunt Hong was a little confused, but now Shen Yu was the benefactor of the Fu family, and she did not dare to offend her.

After she went out, Shen Yu said, “Yinyin, I don’t know why you are always hostile to me, could it be that someone has said bad things about me? After I returned to China, I worked hard every day to check the information and give you treatment. Plan, why can’t I get a thank you from you?”

Yin Yin said bluntly: “I don’t think you performed the operation on me.”

Otherwise, why is Qin An’an’s face and Qin An’an’s voice all in her mind before each operation? ?

If the person she saw before each operation was Shen Yu, she would not question.

There are not so many twists and turns in her heart, she believes what she sees and hears.

“What do you think? Hehe, you are a patient now, and your feelings are not correct.” Shen Yu continued to brainwash her.

After all, she was mentally retarded before, and even if she is better now, she is only a patient who has just stepped off the operating table!

Shen Yu can correct her thoughts.

Even if what she said was right, it could be considered wrong.

Others will only trust the doctor, not the patient.

This is why Shen Yu dared to lie to Fu Shiting.

Since the person who really performed the operation for Yinyin did not leave a name for the good deeds, it showed that the person did not need to benefit from Fu Shiting.

And that person asked someone from the hospital to contact her twice, indicating that that person acquiesced in her acceptance of this ‘gift’!

Pies fall from the sky, is there any reason not to accept it?

“You’re a bad guy!” Yin Yin looked at Shen Yu’s righteous appearance, and his disgust for her soared.

Although Yin Yin’s intelligence is not as good as ordinary people, he has the ability to perceive good and evil.

A truly kind person does not speak so arrogantly.

“You probably said this because you haven’t seen a real bad guy. I know that you are the woman Shi Ting cares about the most, and I never thought of hurting you. I can stay by Shi Ting’s side with you, but you Why can’t you tolerate me?”

Shen Yu’s last sentence, which seemed to be a rhetorical question, was actually an injustice for herself.

“Go away!” Yin Yin’s voice suddenly increased, and his emotions became intense.

Aunt Hong heard her cry outside the door and immediately pushed the door in.

“Yinyin, what’s wrong?”

Shen Yu said calmly: “Aunt Hong, you don’t have to worry, the more intense her emotions are, it means that her self-awareness has improved significantly, which proves that the operation is effective.”

Aunt Hong was stunned for a moment, and quickly clicked Nodding, “Doctor Shen, thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. She’s not good for her recovery now. I’ll prescribe some tranquilizers. You can add it to the soup and give it to her when the time comes.”

“Okay. Yes!”

Xinghewan Villa.

When Qin Anan came home, the two children saw her with varying degrees of tension on their faces.

I didn’t go to school today, so my mother wouldn’t be angry, would she?

“Mom! Cell phone!” Rila’s little hand picked up her cell phone and handed it to her as if she was offering a treasure. She rolled her eyes, “Mom, someone called you! Guess who it is!”

Xiao Han said, “Mom, I blacklisted him.”

Qin Anan immediately turned on his mobile phone, clicked on the blacklist, and saw Fu Shiting’s name lying there alone.

She frowned slightly, hesitating to move him out.

Mike leaned over and joked: “He already has another woman, what else do you have to give up? If I were you, I would have cut off contact with him long ago!”

Qin Anan looked up at him: “Who is with the ex? For a whole year after the breakup, I washed my face with tears every day… Who is it?”

Mike immediately raised his hand and surrendered, changing the subject, “An An, go to sleep! I will take the children out to play, don’t disturb me You rest.”

After Mike took the two children out, she took a deep breath and decided to let Fu Shiting lie on the blacklist!

After today, his relationship with Shen Yu will definitely improve by leaps and bounds, and maybe they will get married soon!

There is no need for her to contact him anymore.

Holding the phone, she walked towards the master bedroom.

Fu family, master bedroom.

Chapter 323

Chapter 323

Fu Shiting had a nightmare.

He dreamed that Qin Anan pulled him into the blacklist.

Not only did he never see her people again, he couldn’t even get through to her phone.

The two of them lost contact forever!

My heart felt a throbbing pain, as if I had lost the most precious thing!

He broke out in a cold sweat, and immediately opened his eyes.

In the deep eyes, there is a layer of water mist, which contains infinite pain.

He found his mobile phone and dialed Qin An’an’s number.

It is now seven o’clock in the evening.

She slept all day, she should be at home now, she should be awake!

——Sorry, the user you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

In the ear, there was a cold system prompt.

His fingers gripping the phone suddenly tightened.

It seems that the nightmare has come true!

Qin Anan really blocked him!

Otherwise, it is impossible to keep getting through her phone.

In order to confirm whether his guess was accurate, he lifted the quilt and got off the bed with his long legs.

He used the landline at home to dial Qin An’an’s number.

Every time he pressed a button, his heart ached.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, he has a strong foreboding feeling.

After dialing out the phone…

it got through!

It worked!

His fingers were holding the receiver, and the phalanx was white! In the eyes, there is bloodthirsty red!

According to his previous temper, either the landline will be shattered, or Qin Anan will be shattered!

But now he is patient, waiting for her to connect.

After the phone rang, Qin Anan held the quilt in one hand, picked up the phone in the other, and answered the phone.

“Hello.” Her voice was lazy and hoarse.

“Qin An’an!” Fu Shiting’s voice came with strong penetrating power, and anger came, “Pull me out of the blacklist!”

Qin An’an woke up instantly.

It’s embarrassing that he found out so quickly.

She quickly adjusted her mood and said, “Fu Shiting, is it necessary? We two…” “Pull

me out of the blacklist!” He interrupted her.

Her eardrums hurt by the shock of his voice, “Can you speak…”

“Pull me out of the blacklist!”

“No!” Her anger surged up, and her voice rose suddenly, ” Stop ordering me with that lofty attitude! You can’t order me!”

Her clear and powerful voice silenced the man on the phone for a moment.

After calming down, she found that her breathing was a little short, her heart seemed to be jumping out, and her body temperature suddenly rose.

She didn’t want to be so unhappy with him.

But why…just like this?

“Do you really want to draw a clear line?” After a long time, his voice came sadly.

The sadness and heartache in his tone were undisguised.

No matter how painful he is, he will never lose his demeanor in front of outsiders.

But facing Qin An’an, all his principles disappeared.

Qin An’an’s eyes were slightly hot, as if she was stuck in her throat, “Shen Yu is pregnant with your child, you should have a good time with her!”

Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Outside the

master bedroom door, Mike and the two children put their ears to the door, eavesdropping on the sound inside.

Qin An’an’s stern roar just now attracted them.

Suddenly, the door opened without warning.

Mike almost fell into Qin An’an’s arms.

Qin Anan looked at them in shock: “What are you doing?”

“Mom, who are you arguing with?” Rila raised her head, her innocent eyes full of curiosity, “Did you quarrel with the scumbag father? ?”

Mike teased: “Apart from being wild in front of enemies and him, your mother is a lady in front of everyone else.”

“Oh, scumbag father is mother’s enemy.” Rila’s comprehension ability is perfect.

Qin Anan felt pain in his temple.

She came out of the room and went downstairs.

“Qin An’an, dinner is reserved for you in the kitchen!” Mike said to her thin figure.


“I’ll take the two children to bathe first. Let’s talk when you’re done eating!” Mike continued.

Qin Anan held on to the handrail of the stairs and looked back at him with puzzled eyes: “What do you want to talk to me about? Just say no?”

Mike looked helpless: “Did you tell me what I told you at noon? Forgot? You go to dinner first, and I’ll come to you later.”

She tried to recall what he said to her at noon.

Really no clue.

The past two days have been so chaotic.

In addition, the day and night are reversed, the spirit is not good, and the memory is not good.

After taking two bites of her meal, she went upstairs.

Mike was shocked when he saw her coming up: “You finished eating so soon?”

She leaned against the door of the child’s room and asked, “What are you trying to say to me? Don’t pretend to be a ghost or make a fool of yourself.”

Xiao Han pushed Mike towards the door: “I’ll take care of my sister.”

Mike made an ‘oh’, then pulled Qin An. Ann’s arm took her downstairs.

“Aren’t I afraid that it will affect your rest?” Mike expressed his troubles. “It’s a matter of the company. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that there’s something wrong with our products.”

She frowned: “What’s the problem?”

“We were fooled by our partners. Didn’t we ask Nika to order their high-end lenses? As a result, what they gave us was a mid-range product of theirs.”

“Outrageous! How is this tested?”

“I was too busy at the end of last year, and the company’s supervisors didn’t understand this, so this kind of accident happened.” Mike took out his mobile phone, clicked on a video, and showed it to her.

The video has more than two million views.

Up is a master in the field of drones.

The title of the video is especially scary – the most awesome review ever! Let’s take a look at how the Qin Group, a subsidiary of the foreign company AN Technology, plays tricks on the Chinese!

The video content is a detailed introduction to the product.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

And the master of up specially purchased a UAV produced by AN Technology from abroad to compare it with the wind series UAV of Qin Group.

The final conclusion is that Qin An’an, as the boss of these two companies, produces better quality and more cost-effective products abroad!

Chapter 325

Chapter 325

The domestically produced Wind series, although the battery life is the same as abroad, but the lens is garbage, and it is impossible to take professional photos at all!

But at the price of a professional drone!

In the video, tens of thousands of comments are scrolling ————The

food is really ugly! Did Qin Anan forget that he was from country A? ! It even specially pits the Chinese! nausea!

——The Qin Group should close down quickly!

——Do you want Art to visit ST Group at this time? After all, their boss, Fu Shiting, is a big customer of the Qin Group!

Qin Anan walked to the sofa and sat down, picked up the water glass, and took a sip.

“An An, I have contacted Nika, and they said they are willing to compensate according to the contract.” Mike said, “Also, they said that their high-end lenses cannot be sold to us.”

“Why?” Qin Anan put down the water glass, With a puzzled face, “Is it a price issue?”

Mike shook his head: “We have created a crisis for other domestic drone brands. They are afraid that we will occupy the domestic drone market. So join forces and deal with us.”

Qin Anan couldn’t help but laugh : “Do they think that if Nika doesn’t sell us high-end lenses, we won’t be able to survive? It’s ridiculous!”

Mike: “Other domestic camera brands will not cooperate with us.”

Qin Anan nodded: “Let’s find Foreign brands.”

“An An, the cost is too high.” Mike reminded her, “and there are only a few world-renowned camera brands, many of which are exclusively for a certain company, and others have signed special contracts.”

“I see.” Qin An’an’s voice was indifferent, “It’s like AN Technology and Ball Company signed a special supply contract. Although Qin Group is still ours, as long as it is called Qin Group, not AN Technology, So Ball can’t sell us the lens either.”


Qin Anan lowered his head and began to think about countermeasures.

At this time, Mike’s voice continued to come: “Nika company gave me the business card of the CEO of Jincheng Technology. I chatted with the CEO, he said that as long as we are willing to share our core technology Super?Brain system, Nika The card company will cooperate with us.”

Qin Anan smiled and said, “Jincheng Technology? If I remember correctly, my dad’s former vice president skipped to become a vice president. He almost killed him for the Super?Brain system. Me.”

Mike: “Haha! You are old enemies!”

Qin Anan: “Yeah! You tell the boss of Jincheng Technology, let him dream!”

Mike: “I know you won’t agree, so last night I refused.”

Qin Anan already had an idea in his mind: “Recall all the Feng series. Pay every customer at the original price.”

Mike raised his eyebrows in disbelief: “Are you sure? Although the lenses of our Feng series are not high-end lenses, But it’s not bad. As long as it’s not professionally used to shoot blockbusters, it’s no problem for ordinary people.”

Qin Anan corrected his thinking: “If you make a mistake, you must be brave enough to bear the consequences. The loss of money is small, but the loss of reputation is big. “

Okay, listen to you!” The corners of Mike’s mouth rose, “but our biggest client is Fu Shiting. Should I go talk to him, or do you do it in person?”

Qin Anan’s face turned red.

Only then did she make a clean break with Fu Shiting, draw a clear line, and put him on the blacklist. As a result… such a serious after-sales problem occurred!

How embarrassing!

“Of course you went to him!” Her almond eyes flickered and her cheeks were hot, “Didn’t you hear me quarreling with him?”

“Okay, I’ll find him tomorrow.” Michael took her to the kitchen, “You eat first! The problem will be solved. The big deal is that we invest in Ball Corporation to open a new company in Country A!”

Qin Anan smiled Dao: “I agree with yours.”

Mike flattered: “These people look down on you too much! I thought this would scare you to tears, huh! Even Fu Shiting can’t scare you, let alone these mortals? !”

The smile on her face disappeared when she heard Fu Shiting’s name: “Mike, I had a serious fight with him tonight. Be careful tomorrow.”

Chapter 326

Chapter 326 The

next day, early in the morning.

Fu Shiting appeared in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

After Yin Yin drank the soup cooked by Aunt Hong last night, she suddenly became confused, her limbs were weak, and she fell asleep.

When she woke up after a night of rest, she kept her eyes open, her eyes blank.

Until Fu Shiting came over.

“Yinyin, how are you feeling today? Does your head hurt?” His soft and familiar voice made Yinyin’s face expressive.

“Brother, why didn’t An An come to see me?” Yin Yin was a little sad.

His brows frowned slightly, and the tenderness in his eyes disappeared: “She won’t come to see you. Yinyin, don’t think about her and her children anymore.”

Yinyin was even more sad, “but you don’t believe me . …An An talked to me, and she asked me a lot of questions…”

He looked at his sister’s pale face and felt distressed: “I didn’t believe you. Maybe she really talked to you. It’s just in your dream.”

“Really?” Yin Yin looked at him, a little dazed.

Did it really happen in a dream?

“I often dream of our childhood, but when I wake up, it returns to reality. Although the pictures and sounds in the dream are so realistic, it is a dream, not real.” He explained patiently.

Yin Yin’s eyelashes drooped slightly, as if accepting this statement.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Fu Shiting came out of the hospital and went to the company.

Yinyin was looked after by Aunt Hong and bodyguards, and he was very relieved.

Although her mood is a little low today, it is more suitable for her condition to recover now than yesterday.

Aunt Hong said that Shen Yu had prescribed a soothing medicine stew, maybe it was the effect of the medicine?

Shen Yu…

Last night, Qin Anan asked him to live a good life with Shen Yu, but he was so angry that he didn’t sleep a night.

But now that he calmed down, his thoughts had changed.

ST Group.

After Fu Shiting entered the office, Zhou Ziyi followed.

“Boss, something happened to the Qin Group, have you seen the news?”

Fu Shiting looked indifferent: “I don’t care.”

Zhou Ziyi learned from Mike in advance that the boss and Qin An’an had a big fight, so he reacted to the boss , not unexpectedly.

“That’s right, Qin’s Group released official news this morning and decided to recall the wind series drones at the original price.” Zhou Ziyi observed the change in his face and spoke cautiously, “Mike called me this morning and asked me to ask. You, do you want to return the product you purchased earlier?”

Fu Shiting turned on the computer, raised his eyebrows, and said in a neutral tone, “Do you know why Mike contacted you?”

Of course Zhou Ziyi knew the reason, but he didn’t dare to say it.

“Qin An’an has put me on the blacklist.” Fu Shiting sneered, “She can’t contact me, so she can only ask Mike to come forward.”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

This is what Zhou Ziyi didn’t expect!

If you quarrel, you will quarrel. Is it necessary for such a childish behavior of elementary school students to be blacklisted?

“Then what do you mean?” Zhou Ziyi saw through the bruised heart behind his sneer, so he tried to guess, “Return them all and let them lose a fortune?”

Fu Shiting’s expression froze: “The loss of money will not make her lose money. It’s painful. I don’t retreat, it makes her feel uncomfortable.”

Zhou Ziyi: “???” The

boss’s brain circuit, he can’t guess more and more.

Does he want Qin Anan to suffer, or does he want Qin Anan to lose money?

After coming out of the office, Zhou Ziyi dialed Mike.

Mike: “How’s it going? What does Fu Shiting say?”

Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said after deliberation, “You ask Qin Anan to remove our boss from the blacklist! My boss is very angry about this.”

Mike Fu Ee: “If he pulls him out of the blacklist, won’t he return it?”

Zhou Ziyi said firmly, “Yes.”

Mike pushed open Qin An’an’s office door.

Nobody inside.

She arrived at the company early this morning, busy with this tricky business.

Chapter 327

Chapter 327

People don’t know where they are at the moment, but the phone is on the desk.

Mike picked up her phone, quickly opened it, and found the blacklist!

Uh? !

There is no Fu Shiting’s number in the blacklist!

He quickly put her phone down, pretending nothing happened.

At this moment, the door of the office opened, and Qin Anan walked in.

“Did ST Group reply?” She strode over, picked up the water glass from the table, and took a sip.

“They don’t return it.” Mike told her in reply, “Don’t you have to ask them to return it?”

She put down the water glass and looked up at Mike: “You know me better and better. But even if I insist on them Return it, and they won’t return it. So don’t mess with them.”

Mike gave her a thumbs up.

She continued: “Refund 50 million to their company account!”

Mike: “???”

“Forget it, no refund.” Qin Anan quickly changed his mind and calmly analyzed, “If you refund him, He must be furious, so we have to fight again.”

Mike: “Yeah!”

“You go out first! I want to be quiet.”

“Oh…you don’t search for news about our company online, don’t read the comments. .” Before Mike went out, he explained to her.

This time the Qin Group had an accident, and other domestic drone brands joined forces and bought a lot of navy and press releases.

Now the Internet is full of posts that smear and spread rumors about the Qin Group and Qin An’an.

After Mike went out, Qin Anan opened the notebook.

On the hot search on Weibo, a series of entries such as “Qin’s Group apologizes”, “Qin’s Group goes bankrupt”, “Qin An’an cheated. Money” and “Qin An’an get out of country A” appeared.

Those who didn’t know thought that Qin Anan had done something that people and gods were angry with, and that he committed a heinous crime.

The Feng series sold less than 7,000 in total, of which Fu Shiting accounted for 5,000.

It means that there are only about 2,000 aircraft that actually flow into the hands of customers.

As for setting off such an uproar?

——Do you know why Qin Anan is so rich? Hehe, she was taken care of by a married boss abroad! All her money was earned by her as a third! What is her character like, one can imagine!

——Look at her appearance and know that she is not a serious woman! How else can you do such a disgusting thing? Do you think people in the country are idiots?

——I will never buy any products of Qin Group in the future!

–Me too!

Looking at these fabricated rumors, Qin Anan’s eyes became cold.

If she is influenced, then the opponent succeeds.

She closed the web page, quickly adjusted her mood, opened her mailbox, and started working.


Fu’s old house.

The people in the family are almost all there.

The atmosphere was very cold.

Because Fu Shiting’s face was as cold as frost.

“Shi Ting, didn’t you say Yin Yin’s operation went well? Why are you so sad?” Mrs. Fu said, “I really have to thank Shen Yu this time, if it wasn’t for her…”

“Do you want How can I thank you?” Fu Shiting interrupted his mother.

Mrs. Fu looked at his angry face, and she retracted her words.

In the end, he just said cautiously: “I know you don’t want to get married. You can just get engaged without getting a certificate. This can be regarded as a name for Shen Yu.”


” stunned.

The most excited is none other than Shen Yu.

Fu Shiting actually promised to get engaged to her!


She is going to be Mrs. Fu!

Chapter 328

Chapter 328

After dinner, Fu Shiting left first.

He is going to the hospital to see Yin Yin.

The Fu family’s collateral also left one after another.

After Mrs. Fu returned to the room, Fu Yechen knocked on Shen Yu’s door.

Since Shen Yu’s pregnancy was made public, she has been taken to live in the old house.

“Doctor Shen, it’s still you who are amazing!” After Fu Yechen entered the room, he closed the door, “You managed to get someone so difficult for my uncle to handle! Then don’t I want to call you auntie in the future?”

Shen Yu There was an elegant and calm smile on his face: “Of course. As long as I am engaged to him, then I will be his fiancee. What’s the difference between a fiancee and a wife?”

“Congratulations! It’s just…” Fu Yechen With a worried face, “Is there any way to make my uncle not suspect the child in your belly? After all, in the future, to get my uncle’s property, it’s all up to this child!”

Shen Yu’s face changed: “This child , I have no way of letting it survive!”

Fu Yechen’s face turned dark blue.

“As long as the child is born, your uncle will definitely do a paternity test.” Shen Yu’s voice was cold, “If it is found out that the child is not his, he will definitely break up with me! You are finished!”

Fu Yechen’s lips trembled Shaking: “So I asked you if there is any way to change the paternity test result?”

“No way! Unless he asks me to handle it! But he will never let me do it! He has been on guard against me, looking for helpers outside. The expert of Yin Yin treatment… If he finds it, he will kick me.” Shen Yu said emotionally.

Fu Yechen patted her on the shoulder: “Isn’t my uncle not found? Dr. Shen, you are amazing! The two operations were so successful, no wonder my uncle changed his mind and got engaged to you! It’s me, I’ll marry you. you.”

Shen Yu, like a cat whose tail was trampled on, opened his arms with a look of disgust: “If you have nothing else to do, just go out! Don’t come to my room in the future!”

“Okay…you said no. This child, how are you going to kill him?” Fu Yechen looked at her bulging belly with mixed emotions.

“You’ll know when the time comes!” Shen Yu played a big game in her heart.

the next day.

The news that Fu Shiting and Shen Yu were about to get engaged spread throughout City A.

Even the date is set, just half a month later.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately exploded on the Internet.

Mike was eating breakfast, reading the news, and teasing: “Qin Anan, do you think Fu Shiting deliberately used the news of his engagement to help us divert the attention of netizens? There are obviously fewer people who attack us today.”

Qin Anan stripped Holding the egg, his face was calm: “As far as our company can solve this matter with money, it is worth the end of President Fu Da? People’s feelings have arrived, and when they want to make it public, they can make it public. Don’t worry about it. “

Oh, we have to lose a lot of money this time!” Mike put down the phone and took a sip from the milk cup. “All the money earned from Fu Shiting will be paid for this time.”

Qin Anan took a bite of the egg . , chewing slowly: “Losing money is small, and the collapse of word of mouth is the most deadly.”

Mike gave her a deep look: “You didn’t respond to the news of Fu Shiting’s engagement, did you really come out? The man you love!”

“You already said that, why do you still mention it.” Qin Anan finished breakfast and got up, “I’m going to fly to country B today, and I’ll talk to Ball Corporation about the next cooperation.”

” Hey! When did you buy the plane ticket? You didn’t tell me in advance… You couldn’t stand the blow of Fu Shiting’s engagement, so you fled the country?” Mike mocked.

Qin Anan showed him the ticket information: “I booked the ticket last night. Did I know last night that they announced their marriage today?”

“Okay! How many days are you going?” Mike sent her out.

“Not sure. I will go back to China as soon as possible. After all, there is no one to take the child with me. I am not at ease.”

“If you want to spend a few more days abroad, it will be fine. I will definitely take care of your two children.” The environment is too unfriendly to Qin Anan.

On one side, netizens told her to get out of country A, and on the other side, the overwhelming good news of her ex-husband’s engagement.

Flanking left and right, suffocating just thinking about it.

In the evening, Sheng Bei took Fu Shiting to drink.

Fu Shiting frowned and refused: “I’m going to see Yin Yin later.”

Chapter 329

Chapter 329

“Isn’t there a nanny and bodyguard watching? We haven’t had a drink for a long time!” Sheng Bei said, leaning into his ear, “Qin An’an went abroad today.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened.

Suddenly, I want to drink.

Shengbei ordered the rooftop restaurant.

The two stood beside the roof railing, each holding a bottle of wine in front of the vast starry sky, drinking silently.

The night breeze of early spring, with a hint of coolness, penetrated into every inch of the body’s skin.

After a bottle of wine bottomed out, Sheng Bei said, “You decided to get engaged to Shen Yu in order to repay Shen Yu for helping Yin Yin’s treatment?”

“My mother asked me to marry her, and Qin Anan also asked me to have a good life with her. Yin Yin’s illness is only a secondary cause.” His head was slightly raised, revealing a slender and sexy neck, his Adam’s apple rolled a few times, and his voice was hoarse, “Qin Anan is eager to draw a line with me, So I do what she wants.”

He is engaged to Shen Yu, she should be satisfied!

“Don’t look like this, it’s just an engagement, not a marriage. Even if you get married, you can get a divorce!” Sheng Bei looked at his painful appearance, raised his hand and patted his shoulder, “Let’s go, let’s continue drinking.”

.. ….

one week later.

Star River Kindergarten.

Yin Yin suddenly appeared at the door of Xiao Han and Rila’s class.

This time, there was no smile on her face.

In the past, every time she saw them, she would show a sweet smirk.

Osamu and Rila came out of the class.

“Xiao Han, Rila, I’m here to see you for the last time…” In Yin Yin’s eyes, crystal tears flashed.

“Why is it the last time? Scumbag dad… Didn’t that bastard Fu Shiting let you come to us?” Rila almost missed.

Yin Yin shook his head, and two lines of hot tears rolled down: “I’m dying. I feel… I won’t live long.”

Xiao Han and Rila looked at her at a loss, with sadness welling up in their hearts.

Yinyin took out the bag she brought.

“I want to give you my most precious things. Because you are my best friends.” Yin Yin wiped away her tears and took out jewelry boxes and beautiful picture books from her bag.

These are her most valuable and favorite things.

It was all bought by Fu Shiting for her.

Rila’s tears were low, and she burst into tears: “Yin Yin, I don’t want you to die! You won’t die! Put these things away! My brother and I don’t want it!”

Aunt Hong wiped her tears aside.

After Yin Yin’s surgery, she would fall asleep every night.

It stands to reason that if you sleep well at night, you should be in good spirits during the day.

But she was the exact opposite.

Today, Yin Yin was so emotional that she had to come to see Xiao Han and Rila. Aunt Hong secretly carried Fu Shiting on her back and brought her out.

“Yinyin, my mom came back from abroad this morning! I’ll take you to my mom! She can definitely save you!” Rila grabbed Yinyin’s hand, regardless of pulling her away.

Xiaohan felt that this was too impulsive, and his mother might be angry, but he did not step forward to stop it.

Hearing that Yin Yin was about to die just now, his heart ached.

The last time I felt so sad was when my grandmother died.

Chapter 330

Chapter 330

Xinghewan Villa.

master bedroom.

Because of the time difference, Qin Anan went back to his room and slept after returning at six o’clock in the morning.

Rila walked to her bed, grabbed her hand, and shouted in a milky voice, “Mom! Wake up! I have something to tell you! Wake up!”

Qin Anan vaguely heard The daughter’s voice struggled to open her eyes.

“Mom, Yin Yin said she was dying, please save her!” Seeing her mother open her eyes, Rila immediately cried and prayed.

Qin Anan suddenly woke up.

She sat up from the bed and saw Yin Yin standing next to Rila.

She took a deep breath and wanted to refuse, but what she said turned out to be, “Yinyin, why do you think you are going to die?”

Aunt Hong answered first: “After this operation, her mental state has not been very good. It’s because I’m drowsy , and I wake up in a bad mood. I’ve been in a daze all day…”

“Did you go to the hospital for an examination?” Qin Anan asked.

Aunt Hong shook her head: “Doctor Shen said this is a normal reaction after the operation. Just rest more.”

Qin An’an: “But you and Yinyin think it’s not normal, right?”

Aunt Hong hesitated: “Where am I ? If you have any opinions, you should listen to the doctor. But looking at Yinyin like this, I feel very uncomfortable.”

“Go to the hospital for an examination!” Qin Anan sighed, “You can bring her to me, but you can’t take her there. The hospital?”

Aunt Hong asked again: “I don’t dare to take her to the hospital rashly, I’m afraid that Dr. Shen will not be happy.”

“Then you will bring her to my place, and Shen Yu will be even more unhappy.”

Aunt Hong: “Yes Yinyin is coming to you. Miss Qin, why don’t you take Yinyin to the hospital for a checkup! Mr. Fu won’t blame you if you come forward. “

Qin An’an: “…”

Co-authored, Aunt Hong didn’t want to offend Shen Yu and Fu Shiting, so she let her out as a target?

“Miss Qin, please.” Aunt Hong lowered her head and begged.

At this time, Rila also said: “Mom, take Yinyin to the hospital! She was not like this before, what if she really wants to die?”

“Rila, you… “

Mom! Yinyin is not a bad person! She is so pitiful, please help her!” Rila’s eyes were red and she spoke stubbornly.

Qin Anan was defeated.

After sending the siblings to kindergarten, she drove Yinyin and Aunt Hong to the hospital.

“Yinyin, have you brought your ID card?”

Yinyin shook her head.

“Then do you remember your ID number?” Qin Anan asked.

Aunt Hong: “Miss Qin, Yin Yin doesn’t have an ID card.”

Qin An’an: “…”

How could this be?


Every citizen of country A has an ID card, even children in orphanages.

Why not Yin Yin?

Qin Anan didn’t ask much, and even if she asked, Aunt Hong wouldn’t say anything.

“An An, I think it was you who performed the operation on me.” Xu Yin’s voice came from the back seat.

Qin Anan looked through the rearview mirror and saw Aunt Hong’s shocked expression.

“No.” Qin Anan denied, “Yinyin, I will only take you for this inspection. If you have anything else in the future, you can find Fu Shiting, okay?”

Aunt Hong heard the displeasure in her words and said quickly, “Miss Qin, I’m causing you trouble. I won’t bring her to trouble you next time.”

Qin Anan: “Thank you for understanding.”

“I understand. .” Auntie Hong looked embarrassed.

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