When His Eyes Opened Chapter 341 -350(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 341 -350(Chinese)

Chapter 341

“Mom, Shi Ting said the wedding was cancelled and he won’t come.” After Fu Han finished speaking, he immediately supported his mother.

Mrs. Fu looked surprised: “What happened to him? Did something happen?”

Fu Han shook his head: “I don’t know, he hung up the phone after he finished speaking. Maybe something happened! I’ll let the driver take you back first, I’ll wait. Let me explain to everyone, and I will entertain everyone after dinner and then send everyone away.”

This incident was so embarrassing!

Only, no one dared to say anything.

The surrounding guests saw Shen Yu weeping and looked at her one after another.

She had never experienced such humiliation! She couldn’t stay any longer, so she carried her long skirt and fled the banquet hall with tears in her eyes!

——Qin Anan! This hatred, she remembered it!

Star River Kindergarten.

Xiaohan opened his notebook and was watching the excitement, but who knows, Shen Yu ran away!

This made him frown.

Fu Shiting hasn’t arrived at the banquet hall yet, is he coming?

Otherwise, why did Shen Yu run?

Is their engagement banquet over?

Xiaohan’s tense heart took a breath.

He hated Fu Shiting, but he couldn’t change the fact that Fu Shiting was his biological father.

He said he didn’t want a scumbag father, but if his father wasn’t a scumbag, how could he resist accepting his biological father?

At noon, the luncheon in the banquet hall is normally open.

After a hurried luncheon, the guests left.

The video that Xiaohan had prepared in advance was not broadcast as scheduled.

“Rila.” Xiaohan said suddenly.

“Brother, what’s wrong?”

“The scumbag’s father isn’t engaged.”

“Ah? Why?” Rila looked puzzled and leaned over to her brother.

“The scumbag didn’t come.” Xiao Han said succinctly.

“Does the scumbag dad want to scum all the women?” Rila asked seriously.

Xiaohan didn’t know what was going on, so he couldn’t answer his sister’s question.

In the black Rolls-Royce, Fu Shiting took Qin An’an’s mobile phone and used his own charging cable to charge her mobile phone.

Qin An’an’s mood has gradually calmed down.

Because he didn’t quell his anger, he wouldn’t open the door and let her go.

He was determined to find evidence that she knew Jin Sinian.

Just let him find it.

After he turned on her phone, he clicked on her address book.

After quickly flipping through the address book, he asked, “Why are there so many business cards named by letters?”

“That’s a classmate from abroad.”

Her answer made him frown.

If she didn’t lie, then Jin Sinian’s name was not in her address book.

“Qin An’an, let me ask you one last time, you really don’t know Jin Sinian?” He held her mobile phone and looked at her with eagle-like eyes.

“You ask a thousand times, and I don’t know it either.” She said without changing her face, “At least I didn’t know it before today.”

He returned her cell phone to her.

She took back her phone and teased him, “Why don’t you hurry back to coax your Doctor Shen? What if she doesn’t treat your Yin Yin in the future?”

“You’re so happy to see me embarrassed?” His face was ashen.

With a ‘click’, he unlocked the car.

She sat there, motionless.

He frowned, not knowing what she wanted to do.

“If you don’t send me home, I won’t leave.” She was trapped in his car all morning by him, so hungry that she had no strength to get out of the car.

He stepped on the accelerator and drove the car to the Xinghewan Villa.

“Fu Shiting, you villain!” She held the door handle in her hand, and gritted her teeth before getting out of the car.

“My villain?” The blue veins on his forehead were angry. “In your opinion, who is a gentleman? Mike? Or your big brother Wei?”

“Anyone is better than you!” Go, get ready to get off.

He stretched out his long arms and dragged her body back into the car!

Before she could struggle, his kiss fell forcefully! Domineering to block her lips!

Chapter 342

Chapter 342

This kiss, I don’t know how long it lasted.

He didn’t let go of her until a ‘bang bang’ sound came.

Outside the car window, Mike looked inside suspiciously –

Qin An’an was so frightened!

She opened the door to get out.

Fu Shiting grabbed her and said dumbly, “A privacy film is attached. He can’t see us.”

She breathed a sigh of relief!

The kiss just now made her feel very confused.

There was an unusual blush on her cheeks, and her hair was very messy. In addition, the coat on her body was taken off by him just now and thrown to the ground!

She picked up her coat.

He unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to her.

“I don’t!” She glared at him coldly.

Thinking of what he had done to her just now, she gave her a headache.

Even if she was thirsty, she wouldn’t drink his water.

He turned a blind eye to the hateful eyes he cast at her.

All the anger and resentment in him were dissolved by the kiss just now.

It turns out that the unhappiness for a long time is because of the feeling of missing her?

“Qin An’an, didn’t you enjoy it just now?” He took a sip of water and wiped off the water stains on his thin lips gracefully with his fingers, “You haven’t been looking for a man, so you’re quite lonely? If you need it in the future, I can do it. Help you for free.”

“Fu Shiting! Get the hell out of here!” Qin Anan fled from the car as if he had been stabbed.

After slamming the car door, she lifted her leg and kicked his luxury car!

Mike: “Damn it! Qin An’an! Why are you in Fu Shiting’s car?! You shouldn’t fight in it, right? What’s the use of kicking his car, you have to kick his people!”

Qin An’an: “Do you think that I don’t want to kick his people? The space in the car is too small to perform well!”

“Oh…do you know that you disappeared all morning and I almost called the police! Why are you with Fu Shiting? He is not today. Are you engaged?” Mike followed behind Qin An’an, chattering non-stop.

Qin Anan walked in front, opened the door of the villa, and quickly walked towards the bathroom.

Her face is hot!

She has to wash her face! Gotta take a shower! Otherwise, his breath is all over him!

“Can you stop asking? Don’t you see that I’m in a bad mood now? Let me go quietly?” After washing her face in the bathroom on the first floor, she quickly walked upstairs.

“Then let’s not talk about that bastard! Let’s talk about Jin Sinian! Why does he help our company? Do you know him? Otherwise, why did you buy so many of his albums before?” Mike asked.

The company is now in a mess.

Although it was messy, everyone was happy.

Mike is also very happy.

The big trouble that made him frown yesterday was solved overnight! Like a god help!

Qin Anan immediately turned on his phone to check what happened, and at the same time asked, “How did Jin Sinian help us?”

“He posted a Weibo to advertise our Feng series. After that, his fans not only helped us We ripped off the navy who blackmailed us, and let our orders go up… Interesting, right?” Mike’s tone was filled with joy that he couldn’t hide.

Qin Anan has a complicated mood.

Jin Sinian did this, although he helped her, he also exposed himself.

She didn’t want him to make such a sacrifice.

But now, she could only accept his kindness.

“Qin An’an, what are you doing with that bastard Fu Shiting in the car?” Mike suddenly looked at her seriously, “Why is your mouth so red and swollen?! It’s like a lip augmentation injection!”

Qin An’an: “… ..”

She really wanted to tape up his babbling mouth!

the old house of the Fu family.

After returning from the hotel, Mrs. Fu has been comforting Shen Yu.

Shen Yu’s heart was broken, but she didn’t want others to see jokes, so she always maintained her superficial demeanor.

Chapter 343

Chapter 343

If you don’t get engaged, you don’t get engaged.

She was ready for Fu Shiting to break up with her and let her leave the Fu family.

Fu Shiting couldn’t give her affection, he would definitely give her a generous reward.

She can get a sum of money, and it’s not a loss.

The black Rolls-Royce stopped outside the door.

Mrs. Fu immediately said to Shen Yu, “Shi Ting is back! I will let him explain to you!”

Shen Yu sat on the sofa and didn’t get up.

Her heart was broken by him!

How could he tell her that he loves Qin Anan on the day they got engaged?

Not only does he not love her, but he also doesn’t respect her.

This is still based on the premise that she is Yin Yin’s doctor and has performed two operations on Yin Yin.

If there is no such identity, he is afraid that he will not put her in his eyes.

Fu Shiting got out of the car and strode towards the living room.

“Mom,” he said to his mother.

“Shi Ting, are you okay?” Mrs. Fu held her son’s arm and looked him up and down.

“I’m fine.” He helped his mother into the room, and then his eyes fell on the cold-faced Shen Yu.

“You two talk alone!” Mrs. Fu said, “Shi Ting, anyway, Shen Yu is kind to us, you have to give her an explanation.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

Soon, only he and Shen Yu were left in the living room.

“Shen Yu, I’m sorry.” Fu Shiting stood by the coffee table and told her his decision, “I can’t force myself to be with you.”

“Oh.” Shen Yu replied dully.

“You help Yin Yin with treatment, and I’ll pay you. If you don’t accept…” He was tough.

She didn’t need him to finish the next words, she already understood.

“I accept. I’ll accept any money you give me.” Shen Yu smiled, “It’s all my fault, it’s my imagination, the toad wants to eat swan meat, I’m not worthy of you. I’ll just take the money.”

“Shen Yu, you don’t have to belittle yourself. You will meet a man who cherishes you, it’s just that person, not me.”

“I see.” Shen Yu swallowed and stood up from the sofa, “I’ll leave immediately. Move here.”

“No.” He looked at her bulging belly and felt pity, “Since you are pregnant with my child, you should still live here! We will talk about it when the child is born.”

Shen Yu lowered her eyes , looked at her stomach, raised the corner of her mouth sarcastically, “Thank you.”

After saying these two words, she hurried back to the room.

Madam Fu came out with disappointment written on her face.

“Shi Ting, how can you be so cruel to Shen Yu? What made you suddenly change your mind?”

Fu Shiting helped his mother to sit down on the sofa.

“I will find a better doctor to treat Yinyin. Don’t worry about the rest.”

Mrs. Fu: “Have you found a doctor who is more powerful than Shen Yu?”

Fu Shiting nodded: “I will find it.”

“Well Shi Ting, taking care of Yinyin these years, it’s been hard for you! Since you really don’t have feelings for Shen Yu, you can’t force it. But the baby in her stomach, the doctor said, is very healthy and must be kept.” Mrs. Fu said.

Fu Shiting’s face darkened.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Shen Yu was in poor health and couldn’t have an abortion, he would never have wanted this child.

In addition to the most important reason, it was also because he didn’t love Shen Yu, let alone love him and Shen Yu’s children.

If this child is born, it is destined to be a tragedy.

The phone rang, pulling his thoughts back to reality.

He picked up the phone and answered the phone.

“Mr. Fu, we have found Jin Sinian’s information!” There was a subordinate’s voice over the phone.

Fu Shiting’s eyes lit up, and he strode outside immediately.

Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Galaxy Villa.

Qin Anan took a shower and came out of the bathroom. Seeing that the phone was ringing, she immediately went over to answer the call.

“Brother Wei.”

“An An, why are you shutting down all the time in the morning?” Wei Zhen called her several times, only to get through now.

“My phone is out of power and I just charged it.” Qin Anan explained, “Are you going to tell me about Sinian?”


Sinian is afraid that you will be angry.” “I’m not angry.” Qin Anan said, ” I just think it’s too much trouble for him. I’ll call him later.”

“Okay.” Wei Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, “I couldn’t reach you in the morning, I almost went to your house to find you. I called Mike and he said You’re not at home…where have you been?”

Qin Anan was caught off guard by this question, so for a moment, he found a reason, “I’m running outside in the morning.”

“Oh…moderately . It is indeed necessary to exercise. The problems encountered by your company should be resolved this time, right? No matter what happens, you must adjust your mentality, nothing is as important as a healthy body.” Wei Zhen comforted.

“Well! Big brother Wei, thank you! I’ll invite you to dinner another day.”

“Haha, it’s your treat every time. When you’re free, I’ll invite you.”


After talking on the phone, she took the Came out to change into a suit.

After changing her clothes, she went downstairs. Before she could react, Li Xiaotian ran towards her.

“Qin An’an! You don’t know how wonderful what happened today!” Li Xiaotian felt regretful, “I had known that Fu Shiting would regret his marriage, I should have gone to the hotel with He Zhunzhi! I heard that Shen Yu was crying. Lihua ran away from the banquet hall on high heels with tears in her eyes!”

Qin Anan made up the picture in her mind, but she couldn’t laugh.

Shen Yu must hate her now!

“Qin An’an, I bought you lunch. You take time to go to the company in the afternoon. I’ll go first.” Mike pointed to the lunch on the table.

Qin Anan nodded.

After Mike left, Li Xiaotian began to describe the scene to her louder.

“I said, how can Fu Shiting be so scumbag? That Shen Yu is not as beautiful or cute as you, and more importantly, his character is not good!” Li Xiaotian muttered and took the scene of He Zhunzhi. Find the picture and show it to Qin Anan.

“Xiao Tian, ​​let me have a good meal.” Qin Anan took the lunch box out of the bag, “I’m starving to death.”

“Did you have breakfast this morning?” Li Xiaotian put down her phone and changed the subject. “What’s the relationship between you and Jin Sinian? You said that we are both human beings and beautiful women. Why can’t I know a handsome guy like Jin Sinian?”

Qin Anan almost spat out the rice in his mouth.

“If you’re in a hurry, do me a favor!”

“What? As long as I can help, I’ll definitely help!” Li Xiaotian said obligingly.

“I want to find a bodyguard for the two children and help them pick them up.” Qin Anan decided to solve the matter as soon as possible, “There are several candidates now, I don’t know which one to choose. You can help me choose.”

“Okay! You tell me their contact information, and I’ll ask them out to meet.”

“It’s the person recommended by the security company, you can go directly to the security company.” Qin Anan sent the number to Li Xiaotian, “I ate dinner. To go back to the company, you have chosen to call me.”


After lunch, Qin Anan drove to the company.

The car drove onto the main road, and when she waited for the traffic lights, she opened the privacy space of her mobile phone, found Jin Sinian’s number, and dialed it.

The call was quickly connected.

“Doctor Qin.” Jin Sinian’s voice came.

“Si Nian, thank you for helping me.” Qin An’an thanked him sincerely, “Just like this, your address is exposed.”

Jin Sinian: “My drones fly far away to shoot. It should not be Will it reveal my address?”

Qin An’an: “As long as you find the forest in your video, and then calculate according to the longest distance the drone can fly, you can get an area. Fu Shiting has been looking for you.”

Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Jin Sinian: “It’s alright. Even if he finds me, I won’t tell you. Don’t worry!”

“Well. Do your rehabilitation training well, I’ll wait for you to stand on the stage again.”

“I Will work hard!”


Jin Sinian welcomed an uninvited guest to his villa on the mountainside.

He didn’t expect that Fu Shiting found here so quickly.

There was also a lady with Fu Shiting. “Hello, Si Nian. I take the liberty to come to disturb you.” Fu Shiting said politely, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time. If you had n’t

posted on Weibo this morning, I’d probably still be looking for you for a long time.”

Emotions, he replied in the same polite tone: “I don’t know what Mr. Fu has to do with me.”

Fu Shiting glanced at Yinyin, and then said: “Yinyin, look there is a cat over there, go and have a look.”

Accompanied by bodyguards, Yinyin went to find the cat.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were taken away from Yinyin and fell on Jin Sinian’s face: “She is my younger sister, she was born with mental retardation.”

Jin Sinian was stunned.

“My sister is very cute and kind.” Fu Shiting’s eyes became wet and his voice became hoarse. “If you know what she has been through, you will understand what I said.”

He handed a few photos to Jin Sinian.

Jin Sinian picked up the photo of a little girl lying on a hospital bed.

This girl, skinny and wounded, is shocking!

Jin Sinian couldn’t bear to look any longer, and put down the photo.

“Do you know why she was injured?” Fu Shiting took the photo back, “My father beat her. Because she was a fool, my father felt that she was a shame, so he abused her. You see she saw you just now and smiled at you, yes Can’t you imagine that she has experienced such a dark thing?”

Jin Sinian’s mood was affected, “Mr. Fu, you want to find a doctor who treats me to treat your sister, right?”

Fu Shiting: “Yes. As long as it can help my sister’s condition, I can do whatever it takes.”

“After my accident, my family helped me contact Professor Hu Qing.” Jin Sinian said frankly, “If Professor Hu is not dead, it should be Professor Hu who helped me. I have surgery.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows and waited for him to follow up.

“Because Professor Hu died unexpectedly, his assistant, Brother Wei Zhen, arranged for me another doctor.” Jin Sinian hesitated for a moment, and finally his sensibility overcame his reason, “Qin Anan, Miss Qin, should you know me? She doesn’t. I would like to let outsiders know that she performed the operation for me.”

Fu Shiting: “…”

Qin Anan!

How could it be her? !

Although she is a medical student, she did not engage in medical-related work after graduation.

How could she help Jin Sinian operate? !

“Miss Qin told me that she treated me according to the treatment plan made by Professor Hu. So I gave the medical expenses to Professor Hu’s family.” Jin Sinian added, “Miss Qin doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone, So Mr. Fu, although I sympathize with your sister and hope your sister recovers soon, I hope you don’t disturb Miss Qin.”

Fu Shiting sarcastically said, “Do you know what I have to do with Miss Qin in your mouth? “

Jin Sinian shook his head.

“She’s my ex-wife.” Fu Shiting said heartbroken.

Qin Anan lied to him!

She said she did not know Jin Sinian.

Is this what she said she didn’t know? !

Chapter 346

Chapter 346

Is there a truth in her mouth?

Is she watching out for him, or is she treating him as an enemy?

If beware, why beware?

What is she afraid of being nervous about?

If he is regarded as the enemy, it is even more difficult to understand!

He didn’t do anything to hurt her! Why is she so hostile to him?

On the way back, he frowned.

After arriving home, Aunt Hong took Yinyin to rest.

After Fu Shiting answered the phone, he drove out.

High-end clubhouse at night.

When Sheng Bei saw Fu Shiting coming, he immediately pulled him to the sofa and sat down.

“Shi Ting, you disappeared all day today, where have you been?” Sheng Bei brought him a wine glass and poured it.

“I went to see Jin Sinian.” He took the glass and took a sip. “You can’t guess who performed the operation on him.”

Everyone looked at Fu Shiting and waited for his words.

However, he did not continue to discuss this topic in depth.

“Am I bad to Qin An’an?” He frowned and drank the wine in his glass, “It was she who filed for divorce, no matter how much I kept her, she insisted on breaking up. After the divorce, she rebuilt her company, I live my life, and when I see her in difficulty, I try my best to help her. She wants to make a clean break with me, draw a clear line, and let me be with Shen Yu. I also listened to her… But in the end, Why does she hate me so much?”

There was already drunkenness in his tone.

It is clear that Shen Yu is the woman he is now, but the woman he misses is Qin Anan.

Now, for Qin An’an, she frowns and uses wine to drown her sorrows.

“Shi Ting, you have done your best to Qin An’an! The reason why she is so arrogant is because you are so good to her! I have seen through this kind of thing a woman a long time ago! The better you treat her, the less she will put you on the table. In her eyes! She will take you seriously only if you are cruel to her!”

“I also think you are good enough to Qin An’an! Last year, you paid her 100 million yuan. Did she thank you? Surely not?”

“There’s still a little splash of 100 million in the water! Shi Ting, Qin Anan is not worth what you pay for!”

Every one of your words and my words scolded Qin Anan.

At eleven o’clock at night, Fu Shiting came out of the clubhouse full of alcohol.

After getting in the car, the driver drove the car out.

Fu Shiting turned on his phone and looked for the number in the address book.

He has a question for the family doctor.

After dialing out the phone, he asked in a hoarse voice, “Can an ordinary medical student perform an operation on a patient according to the expert’s treatment plan? It’s not a minor operation, it’s a brain operation. What’s ridiculous is that the operation was successful!”

There was silence on the phone.

His breathing gradually increased, and after rubbing his eyebrows with his fingers, he continued: “I’m talking about Professor Hu Qing and his student… His student… Qin An’an… …I haven’t investigated any of her work experience in the medical field! But she is the one who performed surgery on Jin Sinian! I think this is very strange! How dare Wei Zhen let Qin Anan perform surgery on Jin Sinian? !” On the

other side of the phone, the blood in Shen Yu’s body was boiling!

Fu Shiting made the wrong call!

The number he should have called the family doctor came to her.

He said that Qin Anan performed the operation on Jin Sinian!

No wonder Jin Si’s annual meeting posted Weibo to help Qin’s group.

It’s just, how does Qin Anan have such an ability? !

Could it be that she is Professor Hu’s closed disciple?

“Shi Ting, you made the wrong call.” Shen Yu’s voice was cold and tight as if someone was strangling her neck.

Hearing Shen Yu’s voice, Fu Shiting suddenly woke up!

He glanced at the phone screen –

after seeing Shen Yu’s name, he immediately hung up!

Wrong drinking!

Did Shen Yu hear what he just said?

Chapter 347

Chapter 347

He carefully recalled what he had just said, but a sharp pain in his temple made him unable to think quietly.

That’s it!

No matter what was said, Shen Yu didn’t mind hearing it.


Shen Yu felt as if her head had been attacked by a giant!

Thoughts are being subverted a little bit!

All doubts seemed to be answered suddenly.

Although she was unwilling to accept that Qin An’an’s medical skills were better than her own, the result seemed to be like this.

Qin An’an is Professor Hu Qing’s closed disciple!

She is also the doctor who performed Yinyin’s two surgeries without leaving her name!

Because only she would not want to get any benefit from Fu Shiting.

With other people, this is impossible!

Therefore, all the benefits that I have now received from Fu Shiting are given by Qin Anan.

If Qin Anan tells the truth to Fu Shiting one day, then everything she gets now will be taken back.

In an instant, she changed from a dominant position to a passive one.

She must find a way to change this situation as soon as possible.

The next day, in the morning.

After breakfast, Shen Yu accompanied Mrs. Fu for a walk in the garden.

“Auntie, when Shi Ting called me yesterday to cancel the engagement, he told me the reason for regretting the marriage.” Shen Yu took the initiative to speak.

Mrs. Fu felt guilty about Shen Yu, so she looked apologetic.

“Do you know where he was yesterday morning?” Shen Yu smiled wryly and took a breath, “He was with Qin An’an yesterday.”

“Hey! Nie Yuan!” Mrs. Fu frowned.

“Shi Ting told me that he still loves Qin An’an in his heart, so he can’t get engaged to me.” Shen Yu’s eyes were red, “I thought about it all night, I don’t blame Shi Ting. I forced him to be with me. , I am satisfied that I can be pregnant with his child. Now I only hope that he will be happy.”

Mrs. Fu did not expect Shen Yu to be so broad-minded.

“Auntie, can you ask Qin An’an to come over for me? If I ask her, she will definitely not come.” Shen Yu lowered her eyes, “I want to have a good talk with her, as long as she can treat Shi Ting well, I can quit.”

Mrs. Fu couldn’t refuse her request.

An hour later, Qin Anan appeared in the Fu family’s old house.

Qin Anan didn’t want to come, but Mrs. Fu asked her to come.

In addition to being Fu Shiting’s mother, Mrs. Fu is also an elder.

She can’t refuse.

After stopping the car outside the gate, she stepped into the front yard.

At a glance, I vaguely saw Shen Yu standing under a tree.

When Shen Yu saw her, she immediately walked towards her.

“Qin An’an, let’s talk!” Shen Yu stood in front of her and said truthfully, “I asked my aunt to invite you here.”

Qin An’an turned around and wanted to leave.

Shen Yu reached out and grabbed her arm, not letting her go.

“Qin An’an! You stole my man, and you have no face to see me, don’t you?” Shen Yu sneered, “I really failed! Even if the person Shi Ting hugged at night was me, he was calling your name. …But God treats me not badly, allowing me to conceive his son smoothly, my son is very healthy, unlike your son, he is a fool.”

Qin Anan clenched her hands tightly, her voice trembling: “You said Who is a fool?!”

“Your son! He goes to a special school. What is he not a fool? Even if Shi Ting knows that he is his own flesh and blood, he will not let him inherit the family business in the future. In the end, the heir of the Fu family will only be my son!” Shen Yu Holding his stomach in one hand, he looked at her defiantly.

Qin Anan gritted his teeth, his eyes burning with hot anger.

The last trace of reason left in her mind, let her get out of here quickly!

But Shen Yu grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her go.

“Let go!” Qin Anan pulled her arm away.

“Ah!” Shen Yu’s body suddenly fell backwards and slammed into the stone table behind him!

Chapter 348

Chapter 348

Qin Anan watched this scene in shock and was speechless!

She just pushed Shen Yu’s arm away, how could she let Shen Yu fall down?

Shen Yu was lying on the ground, covering her stomach with her hands, and screamed in pain: “Child…my child…”

Her exclamation instantly attracted the old house nanny and bodyguard, and, Mrs. Fu.

“Shen Yu! How did you fall?!” Madam Fu was furious, “Did Qin Anan push you down?”

Otherwise, how could Shen Yu fall?

It was impossible for her to fall accidentally.

The ground is so flat that it is impossible to trip on your own.

Shen Yu burst into tears and gasped in pain: “Qin An’an! You have already stole Shi Ting’s heart! Don’t you even spare me and Shi Ting’s children? My children are innocent.. ….”

Facing Shen Yu’s smear, Qin Anan’s body went cold.

She has understood that this is a bureau.

It’s just that she didn’t understand why Shen Yu would not hesitate to hurt the child in her stomach to frame her?

Is it because this can make Fu Shiting hate her to the greatest extent?

But what if something goes wrong with the child?

“Shen Yu, you use your child to slander me, you are not worthy of being a mother!” Qin Anan felt a chill in her heart.

“It hurts… it hurts… Qin An’an… it’s you! It’s you who pushed me down! So many people are watching…” Shen Yu was hugged by the bodyguard When he got up, his crying became more and more sad, “If there is something wrong with my child… I won’t let you go! Even if I’m a ghost, I won’t let you go!” The

bodyguard hugged Shen Yu and hurried towards the car side walk.

Mrs. Fu’s body was tense!

The anger in her heart was like a fireball, getting bigger and bigger!

She raised her hand and slapped Qin An’an’s face violently!

“Qin An’an, is it because sometimes Ting indulges you, so you are so daring?! This is my Fu family! How dare you do this to my grandson! If something happens to the child, I want you to bury him with him!”

After the old lady Fu finished speaking viciously, with the help of the nanny, she walked towards the door.

After the car drove away, the surroundings fell into a dead silence.

Qin An’an’s cheeks were hot and painful.

His feet were filled with lead, very heavy.

She didn’t want to push Shen Yu down, let alone the child in Shen Yu’s belly.

But no one will believe her.

At this time, a figure came out of the villa.

Qin Anan looked up.

It was Fu Yechen.

He heard everything that just happened.

But he didn’t come out to watch the fun.

What is there to see?

See how your own children are killed?

He walked to Qin An’an and stood still, with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth: “Qin An’an, it hurts to see your disgraced face.”

“Don’t be so pretentious!” Qin Anan raised her lips to fight back, “Even if Shen Yu I pushed it down, so what?”

After she finished speaking, she turned to leave.

“Qin An’an! If I were you, I’d stay away from Fu Shiting!” Fu Yechen advised her, “But it’s too late to say this now…”

The child in Shen Yu’s womb is sure to die.

And the crime has been detained on Qin An’an’s head.

I don’t know how Fu Shiting will react when he finds out about this.


Shen Yu was taken to the emergency room.

Madam Fu was outside the emergency room and called Fu Shiting.

“Shi Ting, I saw with my own eyes that Qin Anan pushed Shen Yu down!” Mrs. Fu added, “Qin Anan is so vicious! She pushed Shen Yu on the stone table and knocked it! When she got to the hospital, Shen Yu is starting to bleed! My grandson…”

Having said this, Mrs. Fu couldn’t help crying.

Chapter 349

Chapter 349 On the

other side of the phone, Fu Shiting’s fingers holding the phone suddenly tightened.

Half an hour later, he rushed to the hospital.

“Mr. Fu, I’m sorry. Your child was not saved.” The doctor said, “Ms. Shen was too sad and passed out.”

Mrs. Fu was by the side, choked and speechless.

Shen Yu’s father was holding a black bag in his hand, and his face was ashen.

Inside the bag was the dead baby born by Shen Yu.

“Fu Shiting, you can’t give my daughter a name, but now let another woman kill my grandson, isn’t that going too far?!” Father Shen shouted sharply.

Fu Shiting glanced at the black bag, and said, “Give me

the child.” He was very complicated about this child who died prematurely.

Not to mention sadness.

But thinking that Qin Anan killed him, a surge of anger rose in his heart.

At the same time of anger, his rationality made him ask the child to come over and do a paternity test.

“Hehe! What do you want a child for? Can you resurrect him?!” Father Shen clutched the bag tightly and said maliciously, “You are not worthy of being a father at all! My daughter fell in love with you, the most she has ever done in her life. Stupid thing! You killed her! You also killed your child! This child has become a ghost and will not let you go!”

Father Shen was too emotional.

The more you say it, the harder it sounds.

The bodyguard couldn’t listen and wanted to pull him away.

So the two pushed each other.

At this time, the nurse’s call came from the ward.

“Doctor Zhang! The 38-bed patient is bleeding a bit!” The nurse trotted out of the ward and called the doctor in to check the situation.

Fu Shiting glanced at the ward.

Shen Yu was lying on the hospital bed, her face was bloodless, and she looked as if she was dead.

His heart couldn’t help tightening, and he strode inside.

After checking Shen Yu’s blood loss, the doctor measured her blood pressure, and immediately said, “The patient has lost too much blood! He must stop the bleeding quickly!”


Qin Group.

Qin An was restless and turned on his mobile phone from time to time to see if there were any messages or incoming calls.

What is Shen Yu’s situation now? she does not know.

After a morning, no matter whether the child is saved or not, there will definitely be a result.

Is the child all right? Otherwise, why didn’t Fu Shiting call her to be held accountable?

Better be fine.

She doesn’t want to cause trouble.

“Qin An’an, let’s go to dinner!” Mike pushed open the door of her office and called her.

She shook her head: “I’m not hungry, you can go eat first!”

“Then I’ll bring you food back. What do you want to eat?” Mike said intimately.


“What’s the matter with you? You’re unhappy.” Mike walked up to her, raised his hand and touched her forehead, “Aren’t you having a fever? Who messed with you?”

Qin Anan glanced at Mike, feeling unhappy in her heart. : “Shen Yu called me to meet in the morning and set up a game for me. I was trapped.”

After she finished speaking, the phone on the table rang.

She picked up the phone and saw Fu Shiting’s name beating on the screen, her heart tightened suddenly.

She answered the phone, and Fu Shiting’s call came: “Qin An’an, am I going to find you, or are you coming to the hospital?”

His voice sounded calm, but under this calm, there were terrifying emotions.

She didn’t want him to come, and she didn’t want to go to the hospital to find him.

She didn’t want to see him at all!

“I didn’t push Shen Yu. I was going to go, and she wouldn’t let me go, so I threw her arm away… I just threw off her arm and didn’t push her body! It was herself Falling down!” Qin Anan’s cheeks were flushed, defending herself.

“What do you mean, except for Shen Yu, my mother and the servants in the family are all slandering you?” Fu Shiting’s voice was cold and sinister, as if it came from a cold pool.

Qin Anan sneered in her heart, and when she spoke again, she lost her mind: “What if I pushed it? Do you want to avenge her?!”

Chapter 350

Chapter 350

There was silence over the phone for a few seconds.

He didn’t expect her to be so arrogant.

“Qin An’an, that’s a life anyway!” He snarled, “How can you be so cold-blooded!”

“Are you and Shen Yu’s son gone?” Qin An’an took a deep breath and fell to the ground with her admiration for Shen Yu. , “Is Shen Yu snickering now? She exchanged her child’s life for the current situation. She deserves to be a woman who can stay by your side!”

She made a pun.

Not only does it mean that Shen Yu is ruthless, but it also implies that he is of the same kind.

A layer of frost covered Fu Shiting’s face, “She is bleeding profusely and is in the process of rescuing. If this is her conspiracy, she not only lost her child, but also risked her own life. Do you think your guess is very clever?!”

Qin Anan Lips moved, speechless.

“Qin An’an, this time, I won’t be merciful to you again!” He said word by word, and hung up the phone.

Qin Anan held the phone, his face was pale, and the strength in his body was drained.

Mike looked at her worriedly. What she said just now seemed to be a big deal: “An An, what happened?”

Qin Anan quickly adjusted his mood: “It’s nothing. Go eat!”

“It’s okay! I heard it all. Shen Yu had a miscarriage, did she rely on you, saying that you caused her to miscarry? This shameless woman needs to be cleaned up!” Mike clenched his fists, and he couldn’t help his fiery temper.

“You don’t need to clean up, she is bleeding heavily now.” Qin An’an said calmly, “I even began to wonder if it was really me who pushed her down and caused her to miscarry and bleed…otherwise, she paid for it. The price is too high.”

Her words made Mike frown: “Is Fu Shiting trying to trouble you?”

“Don’t worry about me, even if he comes to me, he won’t really let me bury his son with him.” Qin Anan calmly said.

“His son hasn’t been born yet, so he can’t be considered a complete person! I used to study law!” Mike boasted, “but he may retaliate against you for this.”

“Well, go to dinner!”

” But I’m worried about you.”

“If you worry about me, he won’t take revenge on me?” Qin Anan walked out of the desk and pushed him out of the office door, “bring me back with food. Thank you.”

” Qin An’an, if he comes to you, you must call me. I will protect you.” Mike urged.


After Mike left, Qin Anan went back to the office chair and sat down.

She put her head on her hands, and began to replay what had happened this morning in her mind.

Shen Yu asked Mrs. Fu to contact her to go to the old house.

After she arrived at the old house, every word Shen Yu said to her had a thorn in it, which easily stirred her anger.

She wanted to leave several times, but Shen Yu took her arm and wouldn’t let her go.

If Shen Yu simply wanted to say those disgusting things to her, she could have said it on the phone.

But Shen Yu went to great lengths to invite her to the old house.


Qin Anan thinks more and more that this is a conspiracy!

She also had children.

Generally speaking, even wrestling does not necessarily cause miscarriage.

Even a miscarriage does not necessarily cause heavy bleeding.

Before the incident, Shen Yu could not predict that she would bleed heavily.

But Shen Yu dared to gamble with the child in her womb, which showed that she had no feelings for the child in her womb.

She wanted to marry him so much, how could she have no feelings for this child?

Is there something wrong with the child?

Thinking of this, a cold sweat broke out on Qin An’an’s back.

Five in the evening.

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