When His Eyes Opened Chapter 351 -360(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 351 -360(Chinese)

Chapter 351

Galaxy Kindergarten.

Today is the bodyguard’s first day at work.

After the bodyguards picked up the two children, they took them home.

“Uncle bodyguard, can my brother and I play outside for a while?” Rila raised her head, testing the bottom line of the bodyguard.

The bodyguard is clear and organized: “Yes! I’ll take you out to play after dinner.”

Rila: “Oh! What do you have for dinner? Order? Or do you cook for us? Uncle bodyguard, what time do you get off work? Bodyguard: “

When your mother or your uncle comes back, I’ll get off work. If you two don’t dislike it, I can cook for you.”

Rila murmured: “Then do we have to go to the supermarket first to buy it? Food? If you cook for us, will my mother have to pay you two wages? But if you don’t cook well, you don’t have to pay two wages…” The

bodyguard laughed . : “Your mother pays me enough to cook ten meals a day for you.” After

speaking, the bodyguard walked towards the supermarket with the two children.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the bodyguard received a call from Mike.

Mike asked about the child’s situation, and then said, “I may have to go home later tonight. The child goes to bed at nine o’clock. If Qin Anan and I don’t come back at nine o’clock, you will get off work.”

Mike can’t find Qin Anan!

He went to Qin Anan to get off work, but as a result, there was no one in her office.

I called her and she didn’t answer.

When I called her again after a while, her phone turned off!

Mike is so angry that he wants to curse!

It must be Fu Shiting who took her away!

Because Fu Shiting’s phone couldn’t get through.

Mike is now driving to Fu Shiting’s mansion.

He put on a bluetooth headset and called Zhou Ziyi to complain: “How can Shen Yu blame Qin Anan for her miscarriage?! Qin Anan can’t do that kind of thing! She’s not that kind of person!”

Zhou Ziyi: “My boss didn’t come today. Company. I’ve heard about Shen Yu, but I’m not at the scene, so I can’t jump to conclusions. I advise you not to be so excited, they are adults, and they will definitely solve the problem.”

“I’m dying of laughter! Our An An is an adult, but you don’t know if your boss is an adult!” Mike sarcastically said, “As long as he has a brain, he should not doubt our An An! He calls An An at noon and threatens An An, and I will By the side, I can hear it clearly! If there is something wrong with our An An, I will never let your boss go!”

Zhou Ziyi listened to his threat and got a little angry: “What are you going to do with my boss?”

” I broke his black material! I have a few gigabytes of his black material in my hand!”

“You are crazy! If you dare to expose it, my boss will put you in jail!” Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “You Don’t be impulsive, I’ll call and ask to see if anyone knows where he is.”


Qin Anan looked at the tall man in front of him with a puzzled expression.

He asked her out to solve the problem, so she came out.

After she came out to see him, he took her to the hotel.

“Fu Shiting, how are you going to solve the problem?” She asked him sharply after his phone was taken away by him.

“Eat first.” He picked up the menu in the room and started ordering.

Looking at the luxurious presidential suite, she vaguely felt that things were going too weird.

She strode towards the door of the room.

She opened the door, and outside the door, two bodyguards watched her with dark eyes——

She took a deep breath, took a step back, and closed the door!

“Fu Shiting! Are you going to put me under house arrest?!” She strode up to him, snatched the menu from his hand, and threw it to the ground!

He raised his deep dark eyes and said the solution: “You killed my child, you must pay me one!”

Chapter 352

Chapter 352

Pay him one? !

She thought she had heard it wrong!

The child is not a commodity, how will she pay? !

Seeing the doubts on her face, his voice came slowly and slowly: “Use your stomach, give me one! Whether it’s alive or dead, as long as it’s my seed!”

Her body trembled suddenly , shouted hysterically: “Fu Shiting! Are you crazy?! Are you?!”

At first, when she was pregnant with his child, he asked the bodyguard to take her to have an abortion!

Did he forget about it? !

Now forcing her to have a child, what did he take her for?

a toy?

Let her give birth, she must give birth, if not let her give birth, she has to be destroyed?

Ha ha!

“Yes, I’m crazy!” His eyes were scarlet with fiery hatred, “Qin An’an, you drove me crazy! You woman full of lies! You provoke me again and again, My patience is limited!”

Qin Anan was so frightened by the terrifying aura around him that he didn’t dare to breathe.

She stepped back step by step, and finally collapsed on the sofa!

“Qin An’an, I won’t condone you anymore! If you make a mistake, you will have to be punished! Even if you give me a dead baby, you will have to live!” He was indifferent, word by word, “starting today, as long as When I need it, you must show up! Until you are pregnant with my baby!”

He looked down at her and forced her to nowhere.

She clenched Shafa tightly in both hands, her chest heaving up and down quickly.

Thinking that even if the child is born, it is impossible for him to treat him kindly, so she resisted: “I won’t give birth! You go to another woman!”

“I can’t help you! This time, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will catch you back!” Fu Shiting looked at her blushing face with gloomy eyes, and said coldly, “If you want to regain your freedom, either die or have a child. Pay it to me! Don’t think that you can be relieved if you die, unless you die with your two children. Otherwise, even if you die, I will not let your two children go!”

Qin Anan: “… ..”

With his cool fingers, he unbuttoned her shirt one by one, peeled off her dignity little by little, and stepped on it!

Fu family.

After Mike stopped the car outside the villa, he explained his intention to the guard at the gate.

“I’m Mike, your boss’s good friend. He asked me to drink.” Mike wanted to get in first and then act accordingly.

The last time Mike came to the house, the bodyguard still remembered him.

He is not the boss’s friend at all, but Qin An’an’s friend.

“My boss is not at home now. Come back when my boss comes back!” The bodyguard stopped him.

“Oh…do you know when he’ll be back?” The

bodyguard: “I don’t know.”

“Oh, is Yinyin at home? Me and Yinyin are also good friends.” Mike’s brain was running at a high speed, and then he asked He shouted at the villa, “Yinyin! Come and open the door for me! I’m Mike! Xiaohan and Rila asked me to come to you!”

After Mike shouted, Mrs. Zhang strode out.

“Sister Zhang! Is Yinyin at home? Let her open the door for me!” Mike stretched his neck and shouted to Aunt Zhang in the hospital.

After a while, Sister Zhang helped Yinyin out.

When Yinyin saw Mike, she immediately walked to the gate of the courtyard and opened the door for him.

In this house, besides Fu Shiting, Yinyin is the biggest.

The bodyguard didn’t dare to provoke Yin Yin at all.

“Yinyin, Anan is gone! I suspect that Fu Shiting took Anan away!” Mike held Yinyin’s arm and asked her for help, “If I still can’t contact Anan later, you can go home with me, When the time comes, I’ll exchange you and Fu Shiting for An An, okay?”

Yin Yin nodded without thinking.

Mike feels like a genius!

This method is so clever!

Chapter 353

Chapter 353

He told Zhou Ziyi about his cleverness.

Zhou Ziyi: “My boss will not be threatened. Yin Yin’s nanny and bodyguard follow her anytime and anywhere. You take them to Qin An’an’s house, just to live in another place.”

Mike: “???”

Zhou Ziyi: “My boss won’t hurt Qin An’an, I promise you.”

Mike: “What guarantee do you take?!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Forget it if you don’t believe me! I’m seeing Shen Yu in the hospital now, and she hasn’t woken up yet. Mike’s irritable mood calmed down a little: “

What’s the situation with Shen Yu now?”

“After the blood transfusion, she has been in a coma.”

“Oh… An An said that she didn’t push Shen Yu down. You said Shen Yu What does this woman think of Yu?” Mike wondered, “Isn’t the child in her stomach Fu Shiting’s?”

“Of course you are on Qin An’an’s side. It’s hard to tell what the facts are.” Zhou Ziyi said objectively.

Mike laughed: “I don’t think the child in her womb is Fu Shiting’s. If the child is Fu Shiting’s, she won’t let anyone push her down despite her life. You can ask Fu Shiting to do a paternity test.

” I can’t do it. After the child was born, Shen Yu’s father took it away.”


“Don’t laugh. Shen Yu’s life and death are uncertain now, and it is meaningless to discuss who the child is.” Zhou Ziyi said, “Anyway, The child is dead.”

“Why doesn’t it make sense? My family An’an is now carrying a big black pot!” Mike was indignant.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. My boss doesn’t want the child in Shen Yu’s belly at all. Now that the child is gone, maybe my boss will thank Qin An’an!” Zhou Ziyi said, “Qin An’an is not at home now, so don’t you go back and take it with you. child?”

“I’ve hired a bodyguard at home.”

“Oh…then you can continue to wait at my boss’s house! I contacted him around, but no one knows where he went.”

McNong frowned, very worried.

“By the way, let me tell you the news I got today,” Zhou Ziyi thought of something before hanging up the phone, “Wang Wanzhi sold her make-up company abroad and directly cashed out 3 billion. Look at her appearance, She should be preparing to return to China to develop.”

“Oh, this old witch! When she returns to China, I will definitely not make her feel better!”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy. Wang Wanzhi is very business savvy. She decided to return to China, she must have a plan. You When the time comes, remind Qin Anan to be careful.” Zhou Ziyi said here, and the conversation changed, “I advise you to go home! It’s meaningless for you to stay at my boss’s house.”

“You know how to protect your boss!” After being patient, I hung up the phone.


Qin Anan felt like she was going to die.

In addition to starvation, more terrible is his brutal treatment.

He seemed to have endless energy in torturing her.

At two in the morning, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

The man on him stopped moving.

Qin An’an pulled the silk quilt over her body.

Fu Shiting put on his nightgown and strode towards the door.

“Boss, Miss Shen is awake. She wants to see you.” The bodyguard said.

Fu Shiting turned his head and glanced at the messy big bed: “You guys stay here, don’t let her run away.”

Bodyguard: “Okay!”

Qin An’an’s eyes were scarlet, extremely angry!

He has already asked for it all night, still not letting her go? !

“Fu Shiting! Why don’t you let me go!” Wrapped in the quilt, she dragged her sore body out of bed and reasoned with him.

Fu Shiting walked up to her, picked her up and put her back on the bed.

His unique breath sprayed on her cheeks, “I’ll let you go in 24 hours. If you take emergency contraceptives behind my back, wouldn’t my efforts tonight be in vain?”

Chapter 354

Chapter 354

She tugged at the front of his nightgown with both hands, and looked at him coldly with scarlet eyes, “It’s my freedom whether I want to take medicine or not! Don’t deceive people too much! Otherwise you won’t get anything!” The

dim environment , her voice was particularly sharp.

His sexy Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

“Give me back the phone!” She looked at his slender neck.

If he dares not to give it, she will bite it in the next second!

“Qin An’an, you’d better not take my words on deaf ears!” His eyes darkened and he said hoarsely, “If you dare to take birth control pills, we will do it for the rest of your life!”

After he finished speaking, he gave her her cell phone. .

After getting the phone, she quickly jumped out of bed, picked up the clothes on the ground, and quickly put them on.

Before he left, she stepped out of the door!

At 2:30 in the morning, vehicles on the road passed by in twos and threes.

A gust of night wind blew and took away the exhaustion.

She turned her phone on.

A dozen missed calls jumped out.

It’s all from Mike.

She wanted to call him back, but how would she explain it to him when she called back?

What happened tonight was so bizarre that she still felt unreal when she thought about it now.

Three in the morning.


Fu Shiting came to Shen Yu’s ward.

After Shen Yu saw him, her tears kept falling.

Fu Shiting wiped the tears from her face with a tissue.

“Shen Yu, stop crying.”

“Our child… is gone… I’m so uncomfortable… It’s all my fault… I didn’t protect him…” Shen Yu I cried out of breath, as if I was about to suffocate in the next second.

“You will have children in the future.” Fu Shiting comforted her, “you have a good rest first.”

Shen Yu looked at him with tears in her eyes: “But I won’t have any more children of yours… Shi Ting… ….Our child died so miserably! He is already formed!”

Fu Shiting: “I know.”

“It’s Qin Anan…”

“Why did you meet Qin Anan?” Fu Shiting Interrupting her, “Is it necessary for you to ask my mother to ask her out?”

Shen Yu’s tears flowed even more fiercely: “I regret it! I shouldn’t be so impulsive! You canceled the wedding the day before yesterday and said you loved The person is still her, I am stimulated…I decided to quit, so I want to meet her and talk to her clearly. I hope that when she is with you, she can tolerate our children, after all children are Innocent…”

Fu Shiting looked at Shen Yu’s aggrieved face and asked, “So she pushed you?”

Shen Yu took a deep breath: “It may be that our child stimulated her. She should still love her. She can’t tolerate our children. I didn’t expect her to be so energetic…”

Fu Shiting’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

If what Shen Yu said is true, then Qin Anan is really vicious.

“As soon as I close my eyes now, our child appears in my mind. He is covered in blood and crying so sad… He is calling for mother to save me…”

“Shen Yu! Don’t say it. It’s over!” Fu Shiting interrupted her sharply, “The child is already dead, and you are in such pain now, and it’s useless.”

“Shi Ting, do we want our child to die like this?” Shen Yu lowered her voice and choked out. .

“I’ll find Qin An’an! You can recuperate in peace!”

“Okay…with your words…I feel at ease!” Shen Yu took a deep breath, “I’m sorry for calling you so late. come over……”

Chapter 355

Chapter 355

“It’s alright.” Fu Shiting looked at her pale face and felt sympathy, “You have a good rest. I’ll come to see you when it’s dawn.”


After coming out of the hospital, Fu Shiting asked the bodyguard, “Go to the dead baby. Where is it?”

Bodyguard: “I was taken to the funeral home by Miss Shen’s father and cremated.”

Fu Shiting frowned.

He wanted to do a paternity test with the child, but it seemed impossible.

The bodyguard continued: “Mr. Shen was very emotional. I wanted to help in the middle of the journey, but he thought I was going to steal the child, so he started a big fight with me.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened and he got into the car.

the next morning.

The family doctor received a call and rushed to Fu’s house.

Fu Shiting didn’t sleep all night, his eyes were scarlet, looking a little scary.

“Mr. Fu, I heard that Miss Shen has had a miscarriage.” The family doctor comforted, “You and Miss Shen are still very young, and there will be opportunities in the future.”

“I came to you, not for this.” Fu Shiting took a sip of coffee , “The person who performed the operation on Jin Sinian was Qin An’an.” The

family doctor was shocked: “Your ex-wife Miss Qin?”

“Well. What do you think?” The

family doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Although I know that Miss Qin is a student of Professor Hu Qing, but it is still incredible to hear the news. After all, neurosurgery is not an ordinary minor surgery.”

“How can I know her true strength?” Fu Shiting asked.

The family doctor shook his head: “It is impossible for outsiders to know her strength without seeing her perform the operation with her own eyes or without telling her.”

“Jin Sinian said that the treatment plan was formulated by Professor Hu Qing. If you were given a treatment plan, would you dare to perform such a complicated operation on the patient?” Fu Shiting’s question stopped the family doctor again.

“Mr. Fu, why don’t you ask her directly?”

Fu Shiting frowned: “If I can ask the answer from her mouth, why should I ask you?”

“Oh…if Professor Hu’s The treatment plan is given to me, and I can do the operation, but I can’t guarantee success.” The family doctor answered his question, “Miss Qin’s success shows that she has extraordinary strength. I just don’t know who she is with Miss Shen. Her medical skills are more powerful.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes drooped slightly: “Even if her medical skills are more powerful, she will not help Yin Yin to heal.”

Family doctor: “Actually, I think Miss Shen’s level is already powerful enough. If you don’t want to help, you can continue to find Miss Shen.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

“If the child is destroyed, is there no way to do a paternity test?” he asked.

The family doctor nodded: “Do you want to do a paternity test with Miss Shen’s child? If the child is destroyed, there is no way to take a test sample. Naturally, there is no way to do it. Can’t you get any sample?”

Fu Shiting: “The incident happened too suddenly. When I went to the hospital, the child was already born and was taken away by her father.”

“There’s no way. But why do you suspect Miss Shen?”

“I only did it with her once, or drink It happened after being drunk. I’m still not sure if the woman that night was her.” The

family doctor was stunned: “Theoretically, the chance of a one-time hit is very low. Even if the woman is ovulating, it may not be a one-time hit. Didn’t you investigate it at the time?”

“I asked Qin Anan, and she said it wasn’t her.” The reason why Fu Shiting brought up the old story is because he is suspicious of her now, “I now find that she has no truth in her mouth. “

Family doctor: “Miss Qin is not that kind of person.”

“She is not that kind of person to others, but in front of me, she is a liar.”

“Why is this happening?”

“If I knew why, I wouldn’t be so distressed. “Fu Shiting lost sleep all night, and some of the words she said kept popping up in his mind.

Real, fake, indistinguishable.

“Have you seen her son?” Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, “it looks a bit like me, she said it was adopted. She hates me so much, how could she adopt a child who looks like me? “

Chapter 356

Chapter 356 The

family doctor said: “Mr. Fu, I remember that you asked the bodyguard to take Miss Qin to have an abortion.”

“Well, the bodyguard said that he personally took her into the operating room.” Fu Shiting asked the original bodyguard not long ago, “He said that the doctor gave him the precautions after the operation.”

“The child should have been aborted.” The family doctor said, “The child she adopted is like you, maybe it is to commemorate the lost child.”

Could it be that Qin An Ann hates him so much for this reason?

Star River Villas.

master bedroom.

Mike and the two children stared at Qin An’an on the bed without blinking.

Mike called her after one o’clock in the morning last night.

Never got through.

I didn’t expect her to come home!

I don’t know when she came back.

“Are there mosquitoes at home?!” Rila suddenly said in a milky voice.

Mike glanced at the room and said, “No! Are mosquitoes biting you?”

Rila: “Mosquitoes bit my mother!” The

little guy stared at Qin An’an’s neck with clear eyes: “Look, mosquitoes killed me Mom bit a big bag!”

Mike looked in the direction of Rila’s finger –

this… According

to his adult experience, this should not be a mosquito bite!

Rather, it is the trace left behind by some indescribable act.

“Okay, let’s stop arguing for her to rest.” Mike took a child in one hand and led them out of the room, “Let’s go to breakfast, I’ll see where I take you to play today.”

“I’m going to wait for mom to wake up at home.” Rila pouted, “I haven’t played with mom for a long time!”

Xiao Han nodded in agreement.

“Okay, then you can stay at home after breakfast.” Mike yawned, “I may have to work overtime at the company today…but I will wait for your mother to wake up before leaving.”

Xiaohan asked “Why didn’t Mom come back last night?”

“Fu Shiting did a good job!” Mike thought of the red marks on Qin An’an’s neck, and was even more sure that her disappearance last night was related to Fu Shiting, “Shen Yu had a miscarriage, do you know what miscarriage means? Right?”

Xiao Han nodded.

Rila shook her head.

“Isn’t Shen Yu pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child? As a result, that child died yesterday! Shen Yu insisted that your mother pushed her down and caused her to miscarry…” Mike said vividly.

Xiaohan’s eyes are cold!

Shen Yu, this badass woman! You slandered my mother!

He must teach her a lesson!

Rila frowned, the hamburger in her hand was pinched, and angrily said, “It’s definitely not made by my mother!”

“Of course! But Shen Yu insisted on saying that, so that dog man Fu Shiting troubled your mother last night.” Mike took a bite of the bread, “I think you need to have a bodyguard for your mother.”

Xiaohan: “Give my sister’s bodyguards to my mother.”

“Just hire another bodyguard.” Mike said, “Don’t worry, you two, I’ll do it later!”

“Uncle Mike, you go now.” Rila said anxiously, “I don’t want a scumbag to bully my mother!” Xiao

Han: “You go now!”

Get up in the chair: “Okay! I’ll go now! You stay at home, don’t run around!”

After Mike went out, Rila went to Qin An’an’s room with the toys.

She wants to guard her mother, and when her mother opens her eyes and wakes up, she will be able to see herself at first sight.

Xiaohan went back to the children’s room and opened the notebook.

He decided to give Shen Yu some color to see!

About an hour later, a black luxury car parked outside the villa.

Moments later, the doorbell rang.

Osamu and Rila heard the doorbell and ran out of the room immediately.

Chapter 357

Chapter 357

They walked to the gate and saw a graceful woman in her sixties or seventies on the screen of the access control system.

Xiaohan quickly recognized the identity of this person: “This is the mother of the scumbag’s father!”

Rila said with an ‘oh’: “That’s our grandma!”

“Don’t call her grandma!” Xiaohan corrected his sister, and then guessed Said, “She must have come to trouble her mother!”

Rila: “Humph! Don’t let her bully her mother! We have to drive her away!”

Xiaohan immediately went to the drone.

Rila closely follows in her brother’s footsteps!

Outside the door, Mrs. Fu frowned, waiting for Qin Anan to open the door.

She didn’t sleep well all night, she was really unhappy! So I came here and asked Qin Anan to explain it!

Suddenly, there was a booming sound from above.

Madam Fu raised her head!

I saw that a drone appeared in the sky!

Just when she wondered how a drone could fly out, the drone started spraying red liquid!

She screamed and ran towards the car when the red liquid splashed on her precious leather jacket!

Qin Anan was awakened by the scream.

She got out of bed immediately, walked to the window, and glanced outside.

When she saw what was happening outside, she immediately rushed out of the room.

Outside the villa, Mrs. Fu hid in the car, her eyes scarlet with anger.

The nanny helped her take off her coat and wiped the red liquid from her face with a wet tissue.

“Ma’am, it seems to be paint water.” The nanny said.

Mrs. Fu gritted her teeth: “It’s too barbaric! I didn’t believe she could do something to overthrow Shen Yu, but now I believe it!” After

a moment, the villa door opened.

Qin Anan was wearing pajamas and walked out of it quickly.

She strode towards the black luxury car.

When Mrs. Fu saw her, she immediately got out of the car with the help of the nanny.

“Qin An’an!” Madam Fu roared with a look of embarrassment, “You did a good job!”

Hearing the old lady’s roar, Xiao Han and Rila rushed out immediately.

Just now Qin Anan told them to stay at home and not come out.

But the two of them couldn’t see their mother being bullied!

“It’s nothing to do with my mom! My brother and I did it!” Rila exclaimed.

Mrs. Fu had heard that Qin Anan had two children.

But seeing the two children with her own eyes this time has a great impact on her!

“We don’t welcome you in our house! What is our freedom for my brother and I to spread in our own house! If you don’t come to our house, you won’t be spread!” Ruila glared at Madam Fu fiercely.

Mrs. Fu looked at her Qin An’an-like face, her chest heaving quickly: “I’m here to find your mother! How can you be so rude as a child!”

“I don’t want you to find my mother!” Rila raised her chin, yes She gave the order to evict the guests, “Go away quickly! If you don’t leave, I will let my brother use a drone to drive you away!”

Mrs. Fu looked at Xiao Han next to Rila with a dark expression on her face.

After seeing Xiao Han’s tensed face, Mrs. Fu seemed to be strangled by someone!

This kid looks just like Fu Shiting!

Qin Anan held a child in one hand and took them back to the house quickly.

After bringing the two of them home, Qin Anan stepped out and said to Mrs. Fu, “If you came to me for Shen Yu’s business, I can only say that I have no regrets. Besides, your son has already come to find me. I am. You don’t need to bother anymore!”

“Qin An’an, your son… Who is your son’s father?” Mrs. Fu asked in a trembling voice.

“I adopted him at the orphanage.” Qin Anan said coldly, and glanced at the red liquid on her body, “My two children are ignorant, and I apologize to you on their behalf.”

Mrs. Fu didn’t seem to hear it. Holding the nanny’s arm, he strode towards the car.

After getting in the car, her lips moved and she muttered: “Did you see her son just now? It’s exactly the same as when Shi Ting was a child.” The

nanny: “Do you suspect that it is Shi Ting’s son?”

Chapter 358

Chapter 358

Mrs. Fu’s expression was solemn: “If there is no blood relationship, it is impossible to look like this. I have a strong hunch that that child is my grandson! Shi Ting was like this when he was a child. Everyone is cold and cold, then The eyes are too similar, too similar!”

Nanny: “But Master Shi Ting doesn’t seem to doubt the origin of this child.”

Mrs. Fu: “How could Shi Ting know him? He probably doesn’t remember what he looked like when he was a child. It’s over.” The

nanny: “Yes. Then what are you going to do?”

Old Mrs. Fu’s eyes flashed with splendid light: “I want to find a way to find out whether the child and Shi Ting are father-son relationship. Just do a paternity test. Now .”

“Well…but for the paternity test, you need to get the blood or hair of the child…”

“As long as you think of a way, you can definitely get it.” Madam Fu was full of confidence. , “I’ll tell Shi Ting when I investigate.” The


Shen Yu took her mobile phone and read the news to pass the boring time.

If a stillbirth was born, he had to stay in the hospital for two days for observation.

This morning, Fu Shiting came to see her. After staying in the ward for less than ten minutes, a call came in from his cell phone, so he answered the call and left.

Now that there is no Fu family’s incense in her stomach, Mrs. Fu is not so interested in her.

She was a little sad in her heart, but when she saw the billion that Fu Shiting had transferred to her, she felt less sad.

Money may not buy everything, but money can make people happy.

She accepted Fu Shiting’s large payment, and naturally she would continue to treat Yinyin.

If Yin Yin’s illness can continue to break through, Fu Shiting will definitely not treat her badly.

Now, Fu Shiting is still inseparable from her, and she will not be satisfied with just taking this billion.

Suddenly, a message came in.

She clicked it casually, and a video suddenly appeared!

Her eyes widened instantly!

The people in the video look so familiar!

and many more! Isn’t this yourself?

This man… is Fu Yechen!

She gasped!

This video was the night when she and Fu Yechen were in a mess in the hotel!

They searched all over the hotel room and couldn’t find a camera!

But this video… but it clearly records everything that happened on the bed!

Shen Yu’s face was red and her ears were red, and her hand holding the phone was almost too tight!

who is it?

Who sent the video?

She clicks on the message to check the sender.

But the sender column is blank!

what happened? !

With her heart in her throat, she replied: Who are you? Did you send me this video to ask me for money? Ha ha! Go dream! Fu Shiting and I have broken up! This video does not threaten me!

Before sending it, she was out of breath and deleted all the text.

Although he broke up with Fu Shiting, if this video is exposed, Fu Shiting will definitely hate her.

She also wanted to continue earning Fu Shiting’s money.

After hesitating again and again, she replied: Although I don’t know who you are, Fu Shiting and I have broken up peacefully. He never loved me, and I gave up on him.

After looking at this text and thinking for a while, she deleted it again.

Finally, she sent a sentence in the past: how much do you want? Make a price!

Although she and Fu Shiting have broken up, if this video is exposed, it will affect her reputation.

She was repented by Fu Shiting, and she has become the laughing stock of relatives and friends. If this video is exposed again, everyone will say, oh, it turns out that Fu Shiting regretted her marriage because you cheated!

Star River Villa.

Chapter 359

Chapter 359

After Xiaohan received the message from Shen Yu, he began to think about whether to corrupt her.

She has broken up with Fu Shiting now, and she has no children, so the effect of this video to embarrass Fu Shiting is not so great.

“How can you two do this?” Qin Anan took a sip of water and went to the children’s room to teach the two children, “No matter what kind of grievances I have with that old lady, they are already over seventy. What are you two scared of…”

Rila blinked her big black eyes and said simply: “If she is scared and sick, Mommy, just treat her.”

“Mom is not a genius doctor . Mom can’t be cured of anything!”

“She didn’t get sick! She’s yelling at you!” Rila continued to mutter, “Mom, brother and I, we can’t let others bully you!”

Listening to her daughter Muttering, Qin Anan’s heart softened suddenly.

“They didn’t bully mom. Mom is not so easy to bully.” Qin Anan said this, wanting to reassure the child.

“But you didn’t come back last night… My brother and I waited for you for a long time… Uncle Mike said you were taken by the scumbag dad…” Rila pursed her lips , said angrily, “When my brother and I grow up, we will go and avenge you!”

Qin Anan was very moved.

She picked up her daughter and said softly, “Mom will protect herself. As long as you and your brother grow up healthy and happy! Mom will take you out to play later, okay?”

“Okay! Mom, you It’s been a long time since I took my brother and I out to play!” Rila sniffed, feeling a little aggrieved.

Beside him, Xiaohan replied to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu frowned at the mysterious man’s reply.

“One thousand B coins? What is B coins?” Shen Yu was puzzled and searched the Internet.

B coin is an international virtual currency.

I have to say, this mysterious man is very smart.

If he directly asks Shen Yu for money, Shen Yu can call the police.

Although Shen Yu would not call the police, it was her reputation after all.

She checked the price of B coins.

Instantly stunned!

One B coin was smashed to 20,000!

One thousand B coins is twenty million!

Shen Yu’s heart is like a knife twisted!

Although Fu Shiting gave her one billion, it was all her hard-earned money!

Let her suddenly spend 20 million to buy a video, like cutting her flesh.

After suffering for a long time, she bought a thousand B coins for the mysterious person’s account!

Xiaohan saw the arrival of one thousand B coins, and immediately closed the notebook.

“Xiaohan, it’s your birthday with your sister, will your mother take you to new clothes today?” Qin Anan changed her clothes and led the two children out.

Bodyguards were waiting at the door.

“Mom, the bodyguard’s uncle’s cooking is delicious.” Rila saw the bodyguard and immediately said to her mother, “Last night he cooked for my brother and I, and we’ve eaten up!”

Qin Anan looked at the bodyguard and praised : “Thank you for your hard work!” The

bodyguard said shyly, “It’s not hard.” After the

car drove out, Qin Anan turned on his mobile phone.

I saw the photo sent by Li Xiaotian.

Li Xiaotian is doing manicure.

  • Ann! I found a shop that does amazing manicures! Do you want to do it? By the way, take the kids out to play! I have big news to announce!

Qin Anan looked at the message from her best friend with a smile on her face.

The important news she said seemed a bit guesswork.

“Let’s go to Auntie Xiaotian, shall we?” Qin Anan discussed with the two children.

“Okay! I like Auntie Sweetie!” Rila raised her hands in approval.

Xiaohan did not refuse, but agreed.

Half an hour later, Qin Anan and her two children found Li Xiaotian’s nail salon.

Chapter 360

Chapter 360

This nail salon is in a luxury brand store.

I only knew that this brand sells bags and clothing before, but I didn’t expect the new manicure business, Qin Anan felt quite novel.

“An An! He Zhunzhi and I are getting married on May 1st this year!” Li Xiaotian announced the important news, “And you will be my bridesmaid! Your two children are my flower girls!”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing : “My child can be your flower girl, but the bridesmaid doesn’t matter… You can find another friend to be your bridesmaid!”

She has been married and has had children, so she cannot be a bridesmaid.

“I’ve already told my parents and He Zhunzhi! They all said yes.” Li Xiaotian took her to sit beside her, “Let’s do the same manicure!”

“It’s okay to do the same manicure, but Bridesmaids really can’t do it. Sweetie, I hope you and He Zhunzhi can be happy and sweet, not like me.” Qin Anan lowered her eyes, “Although I feel very happy now, I hope you will be more Happiness.”

The smile on Li Xiaotian’s face solidified, and she was moved: “An An, I will listen to you. But I believe you will find a better man in the future, and you will be very happy.”

Qin Anan nodded . , looked at her finger: “Are your nails almost ready? How long have you been here?”

“I came in the morning. Because I have chosen a lot of styles, I have done it for a long time, but the effect is good.” Xiao Tian looked at the finished product on her nails and was very satisfied.

“I’ll just do solid colors. I’m taking the children out to play today. If I do it for too long, I’m afraid they will be bored.” Qin Anan glanced at the two children beside him.

“Mom, I want to get pretty nails too.” Rila stared at the dazzling array of nail styles on the cabinet without blinking.

Qin An’an: “you are too young now, you can do it when you grow up.”

“Mom, we won’t be bored,” Xiao Han held Rila in one hand and said to his mother, “You act like Auntie Xiaotian.”

Li Xiaotian smiled and said, “Xiaohan, do you think my nails are beautiful too? “

Xiaohan nodded.

Li Xiaotian: “Look at how filial your son is! You can do the same as mine, and I’ll finish it right away. If they are bored, I’ll take them out to play.”

In order to make Qin Anan feel at ease, Li Xiaotian finished the work. Afterwards, I went out with my two children.

Li Xiaotian always likes to play. After she came out of the store with her two children, she let it go!

She took the two children to the children’s clothing store to buy a few sets of clothes, then took them to eat dessert, and then took them to the amusement park…

Qin Anan called Li Xiaotian after finishing her nails and asked where are they.

After Li Xiaotian said the location, Qin Anan took a deep breath, “Little Tian, ​​why did you run so far? We are almost half a city apart now! I’ll just go home and sleep.”

Otherwise, wait for her Look for it, it will be dark.

Li Xiaotian laughed loudly: “Go back to sleep! Rila said that you were kidnapped by Fu Shiting last night and came back very late. Is it true?”

Qin Anan didn’t expect her daughter to say anything, and said sternly: “It’s not a kidnapping…I passed by myself.”

“Oh…Is he looking for you for Shen Yu’s miscarriage? This dog man, you just block him! Don’t do it in the future. Just ignore him!” Li Xiaotian was furious.

Qin An’an: “Even if I block him, he can still come to my house. Running away can’t solve the problem.”

“Yes. But what’s the use of him looking for you? Let’s not say that Shen Yu can’t be overthrown by you, even if it is If you pushed it down, it must have been Shen Yu who did it first. He came to you, can you pay him a child?” Li Xiaotian complained.

Qin Anan walked out of the nail salon holding her mobile phone.

Walking out of the nail center, you will pass the clothing and bags area of ​​this brand.

She looked up and saw a familiar figure not far away!

She will never forget this person in her life!

If there is any goal that she has not achieved now, it is to let this person die!

Probably because her gaze was too hot, so Wang Wanzhi quickly noticed it and looked at her.

After seeing her, Wang Wanzhi raised the corner of her mouth, revealing a contemptuous smile.

Beside Wang Wanzhi, there was a man who was carrying a bag for Wang Wanzhi.

This man is Shen Yu’s father.

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