When His Eyes Opened Chapter 361 -370(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 361 -370(Chinese)

Chapter 361 The

two of them broke up before, but after Wang Wanzhi sold her foreign property and cashed out 3 billion, the man returned to her.

“Old Shen, I heard that Fu Shiting gave your daughter one billion, isn’t it?” Wang Wanzhi spoke loudly on purpose.

Father Shen also saw Qin Anan.

He said in a proud and proud tone: “Yeah! I gave it yesterday.”

“If you don’t let your daughter put money into me, I will make her one billion become two billion, three billion!” Wang Wanzhi laughed.

“Okay! I’ll discuss it with her when I go back. She actually appreciates you, and she supports the two of us together now.”

Wang Wanzhi looked proud and said to Qin Anan who came over: “Qin Anan, I’m back. Qin Anan stopped and glanced at her coldly: “

It’s good. Even if you don’t go back to China, I will go abroad to find you.”

“Oh…I came back for you too. My daughter and my brother Two lives, your mother’s life is not enough!” Wang Wanzhi said, her eyebrows raised, “Don’t you love Fu Shiting very much? Then I will use the money Fu Shiting gave Shen Yu to deal with you.”

“Okay!” Qin An An said lightly, “It’s either you die or I live.”

“I think so too! If I had known you were a thorn earlier, I would have pulled you out!” Wang Wanzhi said pitifully.

“If I knew you were a cancer, I would find a way to get rid of you.” Qin Anan replied to her.

The more they talked, the more intense the emotion became.

Father Shen was afraid that the two of them would fight in the store, and immediately dragged Wang Wanzhi away.

After Qin Anan went home, he saw the red paint sprinkled on the lawn, and immediately took the water pipe out to clean the lawn.

In her mind, her mother’s face appeared involuntarily.

When my mother was there, I planted a lot of vegetables in the yard and kept the yard in good order.

Now the yard is empty and desolate.

She will not let Wang Wanzhi go!

She must avenge her mother!

The next day, she got up early and went to the flower market.

She bought a lot of flowers and green plants, and after redecorating the yard, she called and invited Li Xiaotian and Wei Zhen to come to the house for barbecue in the evening.

Li Xiaotian asked with a smile, “Can you bring your family?”

“Yes! Bring He Zhunzhi!” Qin Anan said.

“Haha, I was thinking that Brother Wei can’t drink, I’ll bring He Zhunzhi to drink with Mike.” Li Xiaotian explained.

Qin Anan: “Do you think he won’t call Zhou Ziyi?”

Li Xiaotian shocked: “How far have the two of them developed?”

“From a one-night affair to a Platonic love!”

Li Xiaotian is for this Gossip, hung up the phone and came to the Xinghewan Villa.


Wei Zhen and Zhou Ziyi came one after the other.

After the two of them arrived, the barbecue began.

Li Xiaotian called He Zhunzhi and urged him to come over quickly.

Half an hour later, a black luxury car stopped in front of the villa.

He Zhunzhi got out of the car.

Li Xiaotian looked dumbfounded: “Damn it! Isn’t that Fu Shiting’s car?!”

Her voice was settled, and Fu Shiting’s tall body appeared in everyone’s sight!

Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Under the dim street lamps, he was wearing a light brown trench coat, which was particularly eye-catching.

He usually wears dark-colored clothing, so seeing him change his style suddenly, his eyes lit up.

Because of his appearance, the atmosphere in the yard suddenly changed.

Li Xiaotian gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, feeling that she was going to beat up He Zhun in the next second.

Obviously, He Zhunzhi brought Fu Shiting here.

Qin Anan quickly retracted his gaze after seeing Fu Shiting.

Everything that happened last night is vivid in my mind.

With so many people at home tonight, she believed that he would not dare to mess around.

He now puts himself in the position of creditor, and she is in debt.

So even though she didn’t invite him, he came cheekily.

After the two of them walked past the gate of the courtyard, Li Xiaotian directly stretched out and twisted He Zhunzhi’s arm.

He Zhunzhi shrugged, helpless.

His expression is saying – I am wronged! I didn’t bring him here!

Li Xiaotian pushed him towards Qin Anan and asked him to apologize and explain to Qin Anan!

He strode to Qin An’an’s side.

“An An, that… your nails are so beautiful! Are they the same style as Xiao Tian?” He Zhunzhi smiled and stared at her nails.

Next to him, Zhou Ziyi gave way to Fu Shiting.

After he sat down, he listened to He Zhunzhi’s words and looked at Qin An’an’s hand.

Under the orange light, her nails were like cat’s eyes, crystal clear, exuding a mysterious ghostly light.

After He Zhunzhi said the above sentence to ease the embarrassment, he leaned into Qin An’an’s ear and whispered, “I really didn’t bring him here, I just said I wanted to come to you, and he insisted on coming together. ….”

Qin Anan: “I don’t blame you.”

He Zhunzhi breathed a sigh of relief: “I brought wine… in the trunk, I’ll go get it.”

After He Zhunzhi finished speaking, he pulled Take Li Xiaotian to get wine together.

Mike was very upset when he saw Zhou Ziyi’s dog-legged look after seeing Fu Shiting.

“Aren’t some people a little shameless?” Mike said bluntly in Fu Shiting’s direction, “Who invited you here?”

Fu Shiting raised his eyes with a calm expression: “Do you really think you are the master when you rely on others? “

Mike: “???”

Relying on others? !

Fu Shiting, this bastard, actually said that he was relying on others!

Although this is indeed not his home, what kind of friendship does he have with Qin An’an? Deadly friendship!

Zhou Ziyi took a chair and sat down beside Mike, and said in a low voice, “Don’t be so stingy, An’an didn’t say anything, just shut up!”

“Qin An’an! Drive this shameless fellow Fu Shiting away!” Mike Open your mouth and give Qin Anan an order.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes fell on her face.

Under great pressure, she said to Fu Shiting, “You are not welcome here.”

She didn’t want to see him, and neither did the two children.

After he appeared, the two children clenched their fists and ate nothing.

After she gave the order to evict the guests, everyone’s eyes shifted to Fu Shiting’s face.

As long as he has a little self-esteem, he should get up immediately and leave.

However, he didn’t.

“I don’t need your welcome,” Fu Shiting said in a deep voice, sitting in the chair, still, “It’s impossible for a person to live as they want. The right person.”

Everyone: “…”

Is he teaching everyone a lesson?

Mike wanted to lift the grill.

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Zhou Ziyi took a grilled meat skewer, stuffed it into his mouth and told him to shut up.

He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian came over with a few bottles of red wine, and Zhou Ziyi immediately greeted them.

“It’s all good wine! You stole it from your father’s wine cellar, right?”

“What is stealing? I take things from my own house, can it be called stealing?” Bottle opened.

Zhou Ziyi took a bottle and gave it to Mike, then brought a glass to Fu Shiting and poured him a glass.

Wei Zhen, who was too drunk, also brought a wine glass over: “Tonight is lively, I’ll have a drink too.”

“Mr. Wei, are you in such a good mood today?” Li Xiaotian poured him wine, then looked at Qin An’an, “An An, do you want to have some?”

Qin Anan shook his head: “I want to take the children, you drink!” “Okay

! I will definitely help you entertain this uninvited guest!” Li Xiaotian said, sitting beside Fu Shiting Next, “Mr. Fu, why didn’t you accompany your fiancee in the hospital? You shouldn’t want her because of her miscarriage, right? No? You can’t be so scumbag, right? Are you with her, just Want her to give birth to you a child?”

Li Xiaotian threw out a series of questions, and the audience suddenly fell silent!

Yong or Li Xiaotian Yong!

Mike felt that in front of Li Xiaotian, he was a little brother!

Fu Shiting’s calm face was filled with chills.

“Yes, the child was lost in one fall, and the body is too weak! If I were you, I wouldn’t want her anymore!” Li Xiaotian continued to be eccentric, “I think Miss Shen has a hundred pounds, right? Our family An An is only over 80 kilograms, and the difference in weight is more than ten kilograms. How did our An An push her down? Don’t you have surveillance at home? Call out the surveillance and show us! If An An is really that bad, I will be the first stand up and break up with her.”

He Zhunzhi felt a cloud of wind wrapped around him!

He put down the wine glass, covered Li Xiaotian’s mouth, hugged Li Xiaotian by the way, and moved her away from Fu Shiting.

Zhou Ziyi saw that the atmosphere was so embarrassing, and immediately raised his glass: “We still don’t talk about those unhappy topics! Let’s have a drink! If you don’t get drunk, you won’t go home tonight!”

No one answered him.

The atmosphere was even more awkward.

At this time, Wei Zhen raised his glass and touched him.

Mike teased: “As far as your alcohol intake is concerned, who can’t be drunk with you? I can fuck you in half an hour.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Then let’s time it! If you don’t fuck me for half an hour, You lose!”

Mike: “Okay! You are sure to lose!” The

two began to fight.

After a while, He Zhunzhi coaxed Li Xiaotian, then walked over to Fu Shiting and apologized to Fu Shiting.

Li Xiaotian sat down beside Qin Anan and grilled skewers with her.

Twenty minutes later, Rila ran to Fu Shiting with a bunch of vegetables.

She handed the green vegetables to Fu Shiting, and said in a milky voice, “I’ll give it to you!”

Fu Shiting glanced at the ‘green vegetables’ handed over by her little hand.

Does this little girl think he is blind?

He saw it clearly when she went to the grass to pull the grass just now.

She feeds him grass, how dare you think! Dare to do it!

“I don’t like green vegetables, I only like meat.” Fu Shiting looked at her little face like Qin An’an and didn’t expose her on the spot.

“My mother said not to be picky eaters! Hurry up and eat it!” Rila frowned and persevered.

Fu Shiting naturally wouldn’t answer.

At this time, Xiaohan came over and took Rila away.

“Your grass is too grass-like, and he is not a fool.” Xiaohan said calmly.

Rila looked distressed: “Then what should we do? I want him to have diarrhea! It hurts him!”

Xiaohan: “Laxative.”

Rila: “Brother, where is the laxative? He said he likes meat, we Get some laxatives and put it in the meat, and give it to him!”

Fu Shiting could hear the conversation between the two of them clearly.

Qin Anan is a very smart woman, how could she raise two stupid children?

Chapter 364

Chapter 364

Xiaohan turned his head and glanced in Fu Shiting’s direction.

Coincidentally, Fu Shiting was also watching them.

The father and son looked at each other, swords and swords flashed in the air!

Xiaohan glared at him and looked back: “Rila, he won’t eat what we gave him.”

“Woooooo… brother, what do you think he’s doing in our house?” Rila hated him in her heart. , but couldn’t help but look at him.

Xiaohan: “I don’t know. Are you full?”

Rila shook her head: “I’ll wait for mom to bring out the ketchup.”

After Rila finished speaking, Qin Anan walked out of the room with the ketchup.

Li Xiaotian approached her and asked in a low voice, “An An, don’t you have any laxatives?”

Qin Anan shook her head: “What’s wrong?”

Li Xiaotian told her what happened just now: “I’m going to die laughing. You I didn’t see Fu Shiting’s expression at that time, hahahaha! He wanted to attack but was too embarrassed… After all, we Rila are so cute, who would have the heart to murder her?”

Qin Anan: “…”

No wonder Rila finished her ketchup so quickly and let her get it in the house.

It turned out to be to support her!

Qin Anan put the grilled kebabs in front of the two children, and then said, “Go back to the house after you have finished the grilled meat by mom.”

“Oh, mom, you go back to the house with us.” Rila said. .

Qin An’an: “Well.” After

a while, the two children were full and took Qin An’an back to the house together.

After they returned to the house, they did not go upstairs, but played on the first floor.

From the barbecue place, you can see their playful figures.

After playing for half an hour, Qin Anan took the two children upstairs and gave them a bath.

In the front yard, Mike and Zhou Ziyi finished their wine fight, and Mike lost!

He didn’t drink Zhou Ziyi down within half an hour!

Zhou Ziyi’s alcohol consumption increased greatly, which he did not expect.

After he lost, everyone shouted for him to perform his talents.

Fu Shiting lacked interest, put down his glass and got up.

Li Xiaotian stared at him all the time.

After he got up, she gave He Zhun a push.

He Zhunzhi immediately understood what she meant and chased after him: “Brother Shi Ting, are you going back?”

Fu Shiting pointed at the villa: “I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Oh…then you go! He Zhunzhi smiled awkwardly and walked back to Li Xiaotian, “Xiaotian, stop staring at him, he goes to the bathroom, I can’t follow him?”

Li Xiaotian snorted and complained: “It’s all your fault! Why did you tell him that you wanted to come to An’an? Isn’t that bringing the wolf into the room?”

“You also know that I dare not lie in front of him… Besides, I asked him to help today. I’m doing a favor, he’s so nice to me, why did I lie to him?” He Zhunzhi said in embarrassment, “Usually you never take me with you when you play together, why did you think of calling me today?”

Li Xiaotian: ” Go on. I won’t call you again!”

“Don’t! Brother Shi Ting doesn’t come with you every time. I guess he’s too depressed and it’s hard for him to relieve himself, so…”

“That’s why I came to find him . An An’s fault, isn’t it?”

“He didn’t do anything just now, did he?” He Zhunzhi defended Fu Shiting, “After he came, he drank some wine and ate some meat…”

“Yeah! I’ve eaten and drank enough, and I’m going to find An An’s fault later.” Li Xiaotian said quickly, “I think it’s fake that he went to the bathroom, but it’s real to go to An An!” In the


Qin Anan bathed the two children and coaxed them to sleep.

After dragging her tired body back to the room, a figure suddenly came into view, which startled her!

“You—” she said in shock.

Fu Shiting strode to her side, closed the door and locked it!

“The sound insulation in your house is not very good. You can scream and let everyone come to the show.” He forced her to the corner, his scarlet eyes, looking at her small face the size of a slap, threatened.

Her face turned red with a ‘swish’.

She was careless!

He came over tonight, how could he just come for dinner!

“Fu Shiting, aren’t you tired?!” She gritted her teeth.

Chapter 365

Chapter 365

“Are you tired?” His big palm grabbed her thin wrist and pulled her to the edge of the bed to sit down, “You invite your friends to barbecue today, are you in a good mood? Are you tired when you see me?”

He fingers and began to unbutton her coat.

She immediately grabbed his cool palm, with a pleading tone: “Fu Shiting! Don’t do this kind of thing in my house!”

“Why?” He didn’t give her a chance to answer, and said sternly, “Why not at your house? Is it because you have slept with other men in your bed?”

Qin Anan pushed his chest hard: “Because I think you are dirty!”

Her words made his body froze suddenly!

She despised him for being dirty…

because he had slept with Shen Yu.

She hurried to the door, unlocked the door, and let him out.

He looked at the open door, walked over, waved his long arm, and closed the door again!

“Aren’t you dirty? You were pregnant with another man’s child.” He locked the door, put his arms around her waist, and lifted her up in the air!

She had a caesarean section, so she had a post-operative scar on her abdomen.

The last time he did it, he looked at her scar and froze for a moment.

After that, as if she was stimulated, she tortured her even harder.

Because she said that Rila was a test tube baby, synthesized from the sperm of other men found in the sperm bank.

She was silenced by his words.

His body was about to fall, and her arms were between them.

“Go take a shower! There’s a smell of alcohol on your body!” She frowned and turned her head away.

Seeing her disgusted appearance, he grabbed her arm and took her to the bathroom together.

“Wash together.”

“I don’t wash with you!”

“Are you trying to sneak away while I’m taking a shower?” he questioned.

“This is my house! Where am I sneaking away so late?!” she retorted.

“Then wash together!” He pulled her to the bathroom and closed the bathroom door!

front yard.

Drunk and confused, Mike suddenly realized that Fu Shiting’s seat was empty for a while.

“Didn’t this bastard Fu Shiting go to the bathroom? Why hasn’t he come back yet?”

Mike’s words made Li Xiaotian who was drinking come back to his senses.

“How long has he been there?!”

He Zhunzhi glanced at the time: “It’s been an hour…he won’t fall off the toilet, right?”

Li Xiaotian put down the glass and strode into the villa.

The others also put down their wine glasses and followed.

Nobody on the first floor.

“Didn’t he go to the bathroom? There’s no one in the bathroom on the first floor!” Li Xiaotian complained, “I’ll just say it’s fake that he went to the bathroom, but looking for An An is real!”

“Xiao Tian, ​​keep your voice down. Maybe two children I fell asleep.” He Zhunzhi reminded.

Li Xiaotian covered her mouth and walked towards the second floor.

Others followed.

Li Xiaotian first went to the children’s room to see if the two children fell asleep.

As a result, the door opened, the light from the corridor shone on the bed, and Xiao Han’s eyes opened suddenly like black gems.

Xiaohan looked at the crowd of people at the door, and immediately lifted the quilt and sat up.

“Brother…” Rui stretched his hands and rubbed his eyes, then got up.

A group of people watching the excitement at the door: dumbfounded · jpg

This is good!

Woke up the two kids!

Li Xiaotian blushed and apologized to the two children: “I’m sorry! Auntie didn’t wake you up on purpose. We came to find Fu Shiting… I suspect he was bullying your mother.

” The fire burned his butt, and with a look of anxiety, he ran to his mother’s room!

Chapter 366

Chapter 366



The voices of the two children penetrated the entire villa.

In the master bedroom, Qin Anan immediately tensed up when he heard the child’s voice.

She wanted to get rid of the man on her body, but she couldn’t.

“Fu Shiting! Let me go down!” Because of her anxiety, there were faint tears in her eyes.

He clenched her wrists tightly without any intention of letting go.

“I’m not over yet!” His voice was low and unpleasant, “Do you really think they have something to do with you?”

“No matter when they come to me, or not, it’s a big deal for me!” She Scarlet eyes, struggling to resist him.

He restrained her with even more force.

He was determined not to let her go, how could she break free?

Her tears fell quickly!

Look at his eyes, gradually infected with hatred!

outside the door.

Seeing that Rila was about to cry, Li Xiaotian immediately picked her up.

“Rila, don’t cry, Auntie drank too much, she just said nonsense.” Li Xiaotian carried Rilla to the children’s room, “Fu Shiting didn’t bully your mother… There are so many of us, why? Maybe let him bully your mother?”

Mike twisted the door handle of the master bedroom, but he couldn’t open it.

Although he had a fire in his heart, he couldn’t really smash the door.

He picked up Xiaohan and followed him to the children’s room.

“Brother Han, don’t be angry! I’ll be at the door of your mother’s room! When that bastard Fu Shiting comes out, I’ll punch him directly!” Mike comforted Xiao Han, who frowned, “Go to bed with your sister first, You have to go to school tomorrow!”

Xiao Han resisted the anger in his heart and said nothing.

After a while, the two children lay down on the bed, and Li Xiaotian and Mike came out of the room.

“Li Xiaotian, I think you really drank too much! No matter what happened to Brother Shi Ting and Qin An’an, how could you quarrel with the children? They are so young, don’t involve them!” He Zhunzhi scolded.

Li Xiaotian’s face turned even redder, “What are you scolding me for?! If you have the ability, go and call Fu Shiting out! You bastards will only protect Fu Shiting!”

Mike: “I didn’t protect that scumbag. !”

Zhou Ziyi: “Who are you calling a scumbag! My boss is not a scumbag!”

Mike: “Scumbag, scumbag, scumbag! I’ll say he’s a scumbag, what can you do to me!”

Zhou Ziyi looked at the master bedroom He glanced over there, then lowered his voice and gave him the gauntlet: “You come down!”

So the two went downstairs.

He Zhunzhi raised his wrist, glanced at his watch, and said, “It’s time for us to go home.”

Li Xiaotian felt resentment in her heart: “Where are you going home? Have the things in the yard been cleaned up?”

He Zhunzhi: ” Oh, let’s clean up then!”

“You clean up! I’ll supervise the work!”

“Okay, I’ll clean up, you supervise the work.” He Zhunzhi sighed, “Wife, don’t be angry, why are you talking to Shi Ting when I’m not here? Brother Heng can do it, the key is that I’m here tonight, you give me some face anyway!”

“I can’t stand him!” Li Xiaotian went downstairs, “I can’t help it!”

“But I think Qin Anan is calm. Very.” He Zhunzhi teased, “This is probably because the emperor is not in a hurry for the eunuch.”

“Who are you saying is the eunuch!”

“I’m not making an analogy? Don’t worry about it. If Brother Shi Ting really abused her , do you think she can hold back her cry?”

After the group went downstairs, they began to clean up the yard.

Suddenly, Mike looked in the direction of the master bedroom on the second floor.

“Damn it! Why didn’t they turn on the lights? Are they sleeping?”

Zhou Ziyi: “It looks like my boss won’t be going home tonight. I’ll ask the bodyguard to go back first.”

Mike: “Who allowed him to stay overnight?”

Zhou Ziyi Raising his thick eyebrows: “Qin An’an allows it!” The

second floor master bedroom.

After it was all over, he let go of her.

She didn’t want to see him, so she turned off the light.

Chapter 367

Chapter 367

When she turned off the lights, he saw tears rolling down the corners of her eyes.

Although he was physically satisfied, his heart was filled with panic.

She didn’t make a fuss like this, but it made him uncomfortable.

The room was pitch black, except for a faint light from the street lamps downstairs.

He looked at her back, frowning more and more tightly.

The body instinctively wanted to be close to her, not so far away.

He moved towards her, stretched out his long arms, and took her into his arms.

The moment she touched his body temperature, she tried her best to push him!

“Let go of me!” she growled hoarsely!

“Don’t let it go!” His arms were tightly folded, his chin rested on her smooth shoulders, absorbing the fragrance from her body, “I’m not leaving tonight.”

She felt like she was tied up with ropes and couldn’t move. .

He wasn’t gentle at all, but he wasn’t as rough as last time.

Whether he goes or comes, when has he asked her for advice?

What use is her opinion to him?

He doesn’t have to speak at all!

He can do whatever he wants anyway!

the next day.

Qin Anan gets up at seven in the morning as usual on workdays.

When she got up, the man on the bed just opened his eyes and glanced at her, then turned over and continued to sleep.

She quickly dressed and came out of the room.

The two children have woken up.

Xiaohan holds a comb and is combing her sister’s hair.

Qin Anan felt a pain in her heart when she thought of the children’s cries last night.

She quickly adjusted her mood and entered the child’s room.

“Baby, you are so good! You don’t need your mother to wake you up today!” She walked to the two children and hugged them both.

“Mom! Has that bad guy Fu Shiting gone? Did he bully you?” Rila grabbed her arm with her little hand and looked at her face carefully.

She shook her head: “He didn’t bully mom. If he bullied mom, mom would definitely bully her back! Don’t worry about mom, okay?”

Rila breathed a sigh of relief: “I knew my mom wasn’t that easy to bully!”

“Yeah!” Qin Anan coaxed her daughter, then looked at her son, “Xiaohan, will my mother take you out for breakfast today?”

Xiaohan nodded.

“Mom is really fine.” Qin Anan touched his head, then went to the closet to find a hat for him to put on, “If you like wearing a hat, wear it. Mom will buy you a lot of handsome hats in the future. “

There is still no expression on Xiaohan’s face.

His jaw tensed a little.

Qin Anan could feel that he was still angry.

Because last night when they called Mommy, she didn’t come out of the room.

She blamed herself.

After taking the children to wash, the family of three came out of the room and prepared to go downstairs.

When passing the master bedroom, Xiaohan looked towards the door.

He had a strong premonition that Fu Shiting, that bastard, was still in his mother’s room.

Nine in the morning.

The Fu family bodyguard delivered clean clothes to the Xinghewan Villa.

Fu Shiting changed his clothes gracefully and calmly.

When I came out of the master bedroom, my phone rang.

He answered the phone and strode downstairs.

“Boss! Our company’s computer has been hacked!” On the other side of the phone, was Zhou Ziyi’s slightly anxious voice, “The hacker left a message.”

Fu Shiting stopped and said calmly, “Speak.”

Zhou Ziyi: ” The hacker said it was your father. Let you be honest in the future, or he will hack you every day.”

Chapter 368

Chapter 368

Fu Shiting sneered in his heart.

Qin Zihan wants to be his father!

It’s ridiculous.

But this child is quite bloody.

He stayed here last night, and it is estimated that the child was so angry that he didn’t sleep all night.

That’s why he attacked his company’s network overnight.

He should be angry.

However, when Qin Zi’s mind was so cold that he couldn’t sleep, a happy arc appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Boss, do you want to call the police?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

Fu Shiting took his long legs and continued to go downstairs. He said slowly, “What’s the situation at the network security department now?”

Zhou Ziyi: “It’s being repaired quickly.”

Fu Shiting: “How long will it take to fix it?”

Zhou Ziyi: “Say noon It can be done before twelve o’clock.”

Fu Shiting walked to the first floor and said, “Don’t call the police.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Okay. Boss, do you suspect that Qin Zihan did it?”

Fu Shiting: “Remove the doubt.”

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help laughing : “Okay! He’s a genius child! After being attacked by him last time, the technical department has built a firewall, but I didn’t expect him to break through it.”

Fu Shiting: “What about a genius? If Qin Anan continues to let him go down, he is destined to be a prison reservist.”

The smile on Zhou Ziyi’s face disappeared.

The boss speaks too poisonous.

If Qin Anan heard it, she would definitely be pissed.

“But he only seems to deal with you… I haven’t heard of him attacking others.” Zhou Ziyi analyzed, “As long as you don’t call the police, he won’t be jailed.”

Zhou Ziyi was certain that Fu Shiting would never send him to prison.

No matter how abhorrent things he did, as long as Qin Anan protected him, Fu Shiting would not be able to deal with him.

Zhou Ziyi’s words made Fu Shiting look dignified.

If this is the case, then he will only be in trouble in the future.

Because when this stinky boy grows up, his abilities will definitely improve.

Thinking of this, I felt like a thorn in my heart.

Fu’s old house.

Shen Yu was discharged from the hospital today.

She should have stayed in the hospital for two days to recuperate, but she was unwilling to stay in the hospital.

Although Fu Shiting did not explicitly break up with her, everyone knew that it was impossible for her and Fu Shiting.

She has no reason to continue living in the old house.

“Shen Yu, you live here first, don’t think wildly. Shi Ting’s thoughts don’t represent my thoughts, I still like you very much.” Mrs. Fu said, “If you live here, just stay with me!”

Shen Yu: “Auntie, thank you for liking me. It’s just that Shi Ting will be unhappy if I continue to live here.”

“He’s not that stingy! You have to rest and take care of your body now.” Mrs. Fu took out a The exquisite gift box was handed to her, “This is a little thought of mine. I hope you don’t hate Shi Ting, and you can continue to treat Yin Yin with your heart in the future.”

Shen Yu took the gift box.

No wonder the old lady was so polite to herself, it turned out to be because she still had value.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely do my best.” Shen Yu opened the gift box, which contained a beautiful jade bracelet, “What a beautiful bracelet, thank you auntie.”

“This bracelet, when my eldest daughter-in-law liked it, I didn’t want to give it up. Give it to her.” Madam Fu smiled, “I gave it to you today, which is enough to show my heart for you.”

“Yeah! Actually, I don’t hate Shi Ting, I just have no fate with him.” Shen Yu said calmly.

At this moment, a nanny came over and whispered a few words in Mrs. Fu’s ear.

Mrs. Fu’s expression froze, she immediately got up, and walked towards the inner room.

Chapter 369

Chapter 369

Entering the back room, Mrs. Fu picked up the phone, “Hello, hello, Fu Shiting, you know? I’m his mother .

There is a student in your kindergarten named Qin Zihan, right?”


“That’s right, I want some hair from him, I don’t know if you can get it for me. I can pay you how much you can pay for it. Price.” Mrs. Fu said generously.

The other party was puzzled: “What do you want his hair for? It’s not that I don’t want to help you. I’m afraid you don’t know the situation of this child. He won’t let people touch him. Usually only his sister can touch him.”

Mrs. Fu did not expect such a simple The matter turned out to be so difficult for Qin Zihan.

“You think of a way! If you can’t get the hair, the blood is fine!” Old Madam Fu said, “To tell you the truth, his mother and my son had a marriage… I have a crush on this child. The origin is very suspicious. So please do me a favor. If things are done, I will definitely not treat you badly.” The

nanny noticed a figure flashing at the door.

Go out the door immediately.

“Miss Shen, what’s the matter with you?” The nanny looked at Shen Yu, her expression sank, but she didn’t dare to say it too harshly.

Shen Yu was eavesdropping just now.

Shen Yu was a little flustered: “Oh it’s like this… I think the gift from auntie is too expensive, I dare not accept it.”

Nanny: “You go to the living room and wait.”

Shen Yu immediately walked towards the living room .

Not long after, Mrs. Fu finished the phone call.

The nanny didn’t say anything about Shen Yu’s eavesdropping, after all, it’s better to have less.

After being polite for a while with Mrs. Fu, Shen Yu said she had an appointment with her father at noon, so she went out.

Coming out of the old house, Shen Yu was very worried.

From what I overheard just now, Mrs. Fu should suspect Qin An’an’s two children.

Although Fu Shiting didn’t like children, Mrs. Fu especially wanted to hold her grandson.

If Mrs. Fu was told that Qin Zihan and Qin Ruila were Fu Shiting’s children, Mrs. Fu would definitely treat those two children as treasures, and by the way, she would also stand by Qin An’an.

Shen Yu didn’t want to see such a scene.

Dining room.

When Shen Yu took her seat, she glanced at Wang Wanzhi.

“Shen Yu, why are you so sullen? Didn’t Fu Shiting give you a lot of money? Don’t be discouraged, money is the most important thing.” Father Shen comforted.

Shen Yu picked up the water glass and took a sip: “It’s not for this. By the way, Auntie Wang, are you ready to talk about the technology companies you said you would buy?”

Wang Wanzhi smiled: “It’s almost done. It’s a good time to enter the market. Qin’s group is in the limelight now, and other companies in the industry are a bit sluggish, so it’s easy to negotiate prices now. Would you like to invest money in? I promise to make money. “

Shen Yu’s eyes moved. : “How do you guarantee it?”

Wang Wanzhi’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness: “I am at odds with Qin An’an! I must win!”

Shen Yu’s emotions were affected: “Okay, I will vote for you.”

Qin’s group.

Qin Anan quickly finished the morning’s work, glanced at the time, and got up from the office chair.

She came out of the company and walked towards the nearby pharmacy.

Entering the pharmacy, the clerk asked, “Miss, what kind of medicine do you want to buy?”

Qin Anan hesitated for a while, and then said bluntly, “Emergency contraceptive pill.”

The clerk immediately took out a box of emergency contraceptives, and at the same time, gave her one more look.

She lowered her eyes, turned on her phone, and scanned the QR code to pay the bill.

After paying the bill, she came out of the pharmacy carrying the medicine, and Fu Shiting’s warning suddenly echoed in her mind.

He said that if she didn’t pay him a child, he would haunt her for the rest of her life.

He wanted her to conceive his child, even if the child could not be born alive in the end, even if it was just a dead baby!

Her body lost its temperature in an instant and became icy cold!

The medicine in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

Chapter 370

Chapter 370

ST Group.

After the company’s network returned to normal, Zhou Ziyi knocked on Fu Shiting’s office door.

“Boss, the Cyber ​​Security Department asked me to bring it to you.”

Zhou Ziyi said, handing a stack of documents to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting glanced at the document and asked, “What?”

“…It seems to be a virus code written by Qin Zihan.” Zhou Ziyi only glanced at it roughly, and then didn’t dare to read it.

Fu Shiting opened the file, and suddenly saw a line in a bunch of codes that reads “Fu Shiting is SB”.

His face was instantly ashen.

With trembling fingers, he turned to the second page—Fu Shiting drove into the river!

Page 3 – Fu Shiting ran out of paper in the toilet!

Page 4 – Fu Shiting choked to death while eating bread!

Fu Shiting picked up the stack of documents and threw them into the shredder!

His face was not very good-looking, but there was no more reaction.

After all, Qin Zihan was a four-year-old child, so he wouldn’t be serious with a four-year-old child.

At this time, the office door was knocked and then pushed open.

Sheng Bei stood at the door, “Shi Ting, let’s go to dinner!”

Zhou Ziyi gave Sheng Bei a wink.

Sheng Bei immediately walked in and found out: “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Ziyi walked up to him and whispered, “Qin An’an’s son is so annoying.”

“Oh…speaking of this , I’m also very angry!” Sheng Bei complained, “Isn’t that kid only four years old? Why is he so powerful! This makes me feel that the technicians in our network security department are all waste!”

Sheng Bei’s words are hard to accept.

After all, the employees of the Cyber ​​Security Department are the one-of-a-kind talents in China.

Zhou Ziyi: “Probably because Qin Zihan’s master is more powerful.”

Sheng Bei: “Oh, did you say Mike?”

Zhou Ziyi blushed slightly and didn’t want to continue the topic, so he slipped away first.

Sheng Bei and Fu Shiting went to a restaurant near the company.

“You went to Qin An’an’s house for barbecue yesterday? Why didn’t you call me?” Sheng Bei’s tone was a little sour after he ordered the meal.

“Do you know why Qin Zihan hacked our company?” Fu Shiting said slowly.

Sheng Bei: “I hate you!”

Fu Shiting: “I went by myself yesterday. No one invited me.”

Sheng Bei looked surprised: “Shi Ting, when did you become so thick-skinned?”

“I want to know Qin An Why is An Xingzhi so high?” He picked up the teacup and took a sip.

When most people are happy, they invite friends to barbecue at home.

“Then after you went last night, do you know the reason?”

He shook his head: “They don’t welcome me.”

Sheng Bei suddenly felt a little distressed: “They don’t welcome you, so don’t go next time. What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you to eat.”

“It doesn’t affect my mood that they are unhappy.” He put down the teacup and looked calm.

Sheng Bei saw the calmness on his face and said with a smile, “You can’t help but want to find Qin An’an, right? You regretted your marriage because of Qin An’an.”

“You are wrong.” He corrected, “I Not loving Shen Yu, that’s the real reason.”

“Although I don’t like Shen Yu, Shen Yu was miserable this time. I lost you and my child… Do you really have no feelings for that child? After all, it is your flesh and blood. Induction of labor, I will be born in a few months.” Sheng Bei regretted.

Fu Shiting’s face was calm, and his tone was so cold that he had no emotion: “If I have to have a child, I definitely don’t want this child to be born from another woman’s belly.”

Sheng Bei: “…”

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