When His Eyes Opened Chapter 381 -390(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 381 -390(Chinese)

Chapter 381

Shen Yu came out of Fu Shiting’s mansion and walked back to Fu’s old house.

Mrs. Fu rests very early every night.

Fu Han and his wife often play outside until late.

And Fu Yechen either stayed home at night or stayed at home all day.

So the old house is very peaceful every day.

After Shen Yu returned to the room, she sent Fu Yechen a message.

Fu Yechen received the news and immediately came to Shen Yu’s room.

“Shen Yu, our child is gone, you are looking for me, what else is there?”

Fu Yechen stood at the door with a cold expression on his face.

For the child who was brutally killed, he had a lump in his heart.

If he doesn’t want it, he can be fine, but that child, he wants it.

“Do you think it’s because I don’t want my own child? That’s my flesh and blood! But I can’t! If it’s born, we won’t have any good fruit to eat!” Shen Yu pulled him into the room and closed the door.

Fu Yechen became more awake: “What else do you want me to do?”

Shen Yu: “I’m moving out. Say goodbye to you tonight.”

“Oh, don’t make it seem like you won’t be able to see each other in the future… …Didn’t you promise to continue treating Yinyin? You also charged my uncle 2 billion…” Fu Yechen’s tone was a little sour.

“Fu Yechen, if I’m rich enough, maybe I don’t care if you have the ability or not. As long as you listen to me enough.” Shen Yu looked at him with charming eyes.

“Doctor Shen, what do you mean to me…” Fu Yechen couldn’t hold back.

“That’s what you thought!” Shen Yu took his collar and walked to the bed, turning off the light!

two days later.

The paternity test center called Mrs. Fu.

Notify her of the results.

Before Mrs. Fu saw the result, her blood pressure rose first.

She wanted to get the results in person, but she felt dizzy.

After taking antihypertensive drugs, she ordered the driver to get the results.

After the driver drove out, she chatted excitedly with the servant who was serving her.

“I didn’t ask for the result on the phone just now because I wanted to see the result with my own eyes.” The old lady said with a blushing face, “I had a dream last night, and I dreamed of the result! It’s the result I thought! Hahaha!

” Laughing alongside.

At this time, Fu Yechen came down from the upstairs and asked, “Grandma, what happened to a happy event, you are so happy!”

Mrs. Fu smiled and said, “There is indeed a happy event to happen! But I can’t tell you now! Wait! It will be announced later!”

Fu Yechen: “Oh…so mysterious. Then I’ll go to sleep, and you will call me later!”

Mrs. Fu: “Okay!”

About an hour later, The driver took the result back.

Identification results are placed in a file bag.

The old lady opened the file bag and took out the file with trembling fingers!

After taking out the documents, the old lady suddenly realized that she forgot to wear reading glasses, so she went back to her room immediately.

She put on her glasses impatiently and read the document carefully!

After seeing the result, because she was too happy, the expression on her face was a little grim.

“I have a grandson… Shi Ting has a daughter… Xiao Han is Shi Ting’s son… I knew he must be Shi Ting’s son… He is exactly the same as when Shi Ting was a child… How could he not be Shi Ting’s son? This Qin An’an is hidden deep enough!” The

old lady muttered something in her mouth, picked up the phone with shortness of breath, opened the address book, dialed next call!

Chapter 382

Chapter 382

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting received a call from his elder brother Fu Han.

“Shi Ting! Come to the hospital now! Mom fell at home, and the situation is not very good now!”

Fu Shiting tightened his fingers holding the phone suddenly.

He strode out of the office and walked towards the elevator.

Zhou Ziyi saw his gloomy face, and his heart was alarming.

What happened?

“Boss, do you want to postpone the next meeting?”

“Let the vice president preside over it. After the meeting is over, send me the minutes of the meeting.” Fu Shiting settled down and entered the elevator for the president.

The elevator doors are slowly closing!

Zhou Ziyi felt uneasy in his heart.

Fu Shiting rarely showed such nervousness in the company.


Mrs. Fu was pushed into the emergency room.

When Fu Shiting arrived, the door to the emergency room was still closed.

“What’s the matter?” He looked at Fu Han with a gloomy expression.

“I wasn’t home at the time… Ye Chen said that he heard my mother scream, so she rushed out of the room, only to see my mother rolled to the top of the stairs…”

Fu Shiting frowned. The wrinkle became tighter: “Did she fall from the second floor? What is she doing on the second floor?!”

Mrs. Fu was old and had inconvenient legs, so she lived on the first floor.

Fu Han looked pained: “I don’t know either! I wasn’t at home at the time… Although my mother doesn’t live on the second floor, she is usually restless and likes to walk around the house… “

Where’s the nanny?! Didn’t the nanny look at her?!” Fu Shiting raised his voice a few times and asked coldly.

Mrs. Fu has high blood pressure and cannot wrestle!

“I rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from Yechen, and I didn’t have time to ask those servants!” Fu Han’s eyes were scarlet, “Yechen, come and tell your uncle!”

Fu Yechen’s eyes were a little red and swollen, as if he had cried.

“Uncle, I was sleeping at home, and after hearing my grandma’s cry, I rushed out of the room and saw my grandma on the ground… The nanny was terrified and cried beside me… Me too I didn’t care so much about asking the babysitter, so I called him 120…”

Fu Shiting tensed, his hands clenched tightly.

Fu Yechen raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes: “I’ll go back and ask… see what’s going on…”

After Fu Yechen left, Fu Han stood at the door of the emergency room , waiting anxiously.

Fu Shiting stood on the other side, his body was cold and his heart was empty.

He recalled when was the last time he saw his mother.

It seems that I have seen Shen Yu when she had a miscarriage.

They had a chat at the time.

He said that he would find another doctor to treat Yin Yin.

She was very happy and said that she would not force him to be with Shen Yu again.

She has always been like this, she seems to be strong, but she will compromise with him every time.

He is not good at expressing his feelings, so he rarely says warm words to her.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her.

Mom is the best person in the world for him.

As a mother, she may not have done well enough, but as her son, he has done even worse.

Like a foreboding, his heart was suddenly heavy and sad.

This terrible emotion, like a virus, spread to his internal organs, leaving him breathless.

After a while, the emergency room door was pushed open to both sides.

Paramedics come out.

“The patient stopped beating half an hour ago. We tried to rescue him, but we couldn’t. I’m sorry.”

In an instant, Fu Han and his wife’s cries spread in the corridor.

Fu Shiting walked into the emergency room with heavy steps.

Mother’s face was no longer bloody, her eyes were wide and wide, as if she was dying.

He put his hand on it, trying to shut his mother’s eyes.

However, she couldn’t close her eyes.

He held his mother’s cold hand, his Adam’s apple moved, his voice hoarse, “Mom, do you have anything else to tell me?”

There was no response.

Chapter 383

Chapter 383

“If there is a next life, I hope you don’t meet me and Yin Yin again… We made you suffer.”

Still no response.

It turns out that when a person dies, there is really nothing left.

All the worries, resentments, and those who couldn’t beg and couldn’t let go, all stopped with the heartbeat.

No one will force him to marry and have children, no one will worry about whether he is fed and clothed, and whether he is tired from work.

For a moment.

Fu Yechen rushed to the hospital.

Hearing the news of his grandmother’s death, he suddenly broke down and wept bitterly!

“Why did my grandma die? She urged me to find a girlfriend yesterday…” Fu Yechen cried and took out grandma’s mobile phone, “I asked grandma’s nanny, and the nanny said grandma I seem to have made a phone call before wrestling… So I brought my grandma’s phone…”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were red and he took the phone.

Turn on your phone and tap Call History.

On the mobile phone interface, three familiar words suddenly appeared, and his neck seemed to be restrained!

——Qin Anan!

The last phone call before my mother fell was with Qin An’an.

Why does mother talk to Qin Anan on the phone?

The above shows that they talked for five minutes…

what did they talk about for five minutes?

“Who did Mom call?” Fu Han saw that Fu Shiting’s expression was wrong, and immediately walked over to look at the phone, “Qin An’an? Why did Mom call her? Qin An’an!”

Fu Shiting’s fingers trembled slightly and dialed Qin An’an’s number with his mother’s mobile phone.

Qin Group.

Qin Anan sat in the office, her body was cold.

She has been sitting motionless in the chair for over an hour.

More than an hour ago, Mrs. Fu called her and said that she already knew that Qin Zihan was Fu Shiting’s biological son!

Before she could speak, Mrs. Fu read the paternity test result to her.

After that, Mrs. Fu scolded her and ridiculed her again!

It probably means that although you hide deep enough, you can’t escape my eyes! I’ll tell my son about it right away, we just want Xiaohan, not you! If you still have any conscience, take the initiative to send Xiaohan back to Fu’s house! Otherwise, we will forcibly bring Xiaohan back!

She didn’t expect that Mrs. Fu would secretly do a paternity test!

She can’t escape now!

Once Fu Shiting found out about this, it was hard for her to imagine what the consequences would be.

So she was stunned.

I don’t know what to do to keep my kids by my side.

The phone on the table rang.

Pull her lax sanity back to reality.

She pursed her red lips and stared at the phone screen.

She thought it would be Fu Shiting, but it wasn’t!

It’s his mother calling again!

She quickly picked up the phone, answered the phone, and hissed, “What do you want to do?! What else do you want to do?!”

Her exclamation fell into Fu Shiting’s ears.

Why are her emotions so intense?

What happened between her and her mother?

“Qin An’an.” Fu Shiting rolled his throat and called out her name.

Hearing his voice, she immediately clenched her fingers!

The nails are embedded in the palm of the hand, but I don’t feel the pain!

Fu Shiting used his mother’s mobile phone to call her…

their mother and son met.

Mrs. Fu must have told him everything.

She is like a criminal who has committed a serious crime, waiting for the final judgment!

Thinking that he was going to take Xiaohan away, her heart hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe, and tears rolled down!

“Qin An’an,” his voice came again, this time, his voice was cold and sad, “What happened between you and my mother?!”

Chapter 384

Chapter 384

His questioning made her frown suddenly!

What is he saying?

He asked her what happened between her and the fuck?


Can’t he ask his mother this question?

What’s even weirder is… Didn’t Mrs. Fu say she would tell him about it?

It’s been over an hour and you haven’t told him yet?

She picked up the water glass, took a sip, and forced herself to calm down.

“Why don’t you ask your mother about this?” She was already suspicious when she said this.

Did something happen that prevented Mrs. Fu from telling the truth to Fu Shiting.

“My mother is dead,” he said with solemn and difficult breathing, “the last phone call before she died was to you, so I want to know what you said.”

The water glass in his hand shook!

Confused, she quickly put down the water glass and murmured in a hoarse voice: “Your mother died? What’s going on?”

“Answer my question! What did you guys talk about on the phone?!” He gradually lost patience!

He originally thought that his mother’s death was an accident, but now, he became suspicious.

My mother had lived in that old house for most of her life, how could she suddenly fall down?

Was she stimulated before she fell?

The last call to Qin An’an on her phone was really suspicious!

The two of them had no contact for a long time, how could they suddenly talk on the phone for five minutes?

Qin An’an blushed when he asked him.

She was really afraid that Mrs. Fu would tell him the truth, but she never thought that Mrs. Fu would die!

The death of Mrs. Fu has nothing to do with her, but his tone seems to be saying, you killed my mother!

She felt a chill in her heart!

All doubts and suspicions will become the destroyer of the relationship between two people!

Why didn’t she let him know about the existence of the two children, why… just because she didn’t trust him!

She doesn’t trust him to be a good father!

I don’t trust him to be good to the two children!

It can be seen from his attitude towards her that he is selfish, arbitrary and cruel!

“What I tell your mother is about me and her! Her death has nothing to do with me!” She gritted her teeth.

He was very disappointed with her answer!

“It seems that my mother’s death is indeed related to you.” He sneered hoarsely.

He was immersed in the great grief of the loss of his relatives, but she was still the same as always, with barbs all over her body, and he had to be stabbed with blood!

He just wanted to know what his mother said to her before she died. Was this request too much?

He is not too much.

Too much is her!

“If you want to add a crime, there is no excuse! You have to say that I killed your mother, so I killed your mother!” Qin Anan felt a pain in his temple and said word by word, “Fu Shiting, how many times have I ever been? I love you, I hate you so much now! I will never have any hope for you again! I will always remember today, remember how you lied and said I killed your mother!”

She thought to herself in one breath Say it, say it all.

She couldn’t feel how painful he was!

Because she suffers more than him!

He was scolded by his mother in the morning, but now that his mother is dead, he suspects that she did it.

How absurd, ridiculous!

Her words made his heart become cold and hard!

Since she hated him so much and would never love him again, why should he be merciful to her again!

“Catch Qin An’an!” he said to the bodyguard beside him.

Chapter 385

Chapter 385

On the other end of the phone, Qin Anan listened to his orders and sneered: “Don’t bother your bodyguard for a trip! Where are you now, I’ll go over by myself!” The


Fu Shiting clutched his mother’s phone, blue veins appeared on his forehead, and the lines of his body were tight!

He has made up his mind that Qin Anan must tell what the phone call between her and her mother before they died.

He couldn’t let his mother die for nothing.

Fu Han walked up to him cautiously and asked, “Shi Ting, mom is gone, should we start the funeral now?”

Fu Shiting: “An autopsy first!”

He wanted to rule out whether it was homicide!

Although my mother has high blood pressure, her body is still relatively tough during general physical examination.

Such a sudden fall to his death is very suspicious.

Fu Han nodded: “Okay, I’ll go to the doctor.” On the

side, Fu Yechen supported his mother, not daring to breathe loudly.

His heart was beating erratically, and his heart was terrified.

He can’t show any flaws.

If my uncle knew that grandma was pushed downstairs by him and fell to her death, my uncle would definitely kill him on the spot!

He doesn’t want to do that either!

Usually grandma likes uncle the most, but she also loves him very much.

It was Shen Yu who coerced and lured him and made him blind his conscience!

There is no turning back after opening the bow, he has no way out!

Shen Yu didn’t want Fu Shiting to know that Qin An’an’s child was his own, because once he knew, he would definitely treat Qin An’an even crazier!

If Qin Anan had Fu Shiting, how could Wang Wanzhi beat Qin Anan?

Shen Yu and Wang Wanzhi are a community of interests now, and what is bad for Wang Wanzhi is bad for her.

Mrs. Fu was pushed down from the second floor. After she fell to her death, Fu Yechen destroyed the paternity test report!

At the same time, he threatened all the servants in the family not to say a word indiscriminately, otherwise the end would be death.

The servants of the old house have long been docile and obedient by the Fu Han family, and they don’t dare to mess around.

In addition, Mrs. Fu called Qin Anan before she died, so the contradiction and hatred were naturally focused on Qin Anan.

Hospital inpatient hall.

Qin An’an and Shen Yu met on a narrow road.

When Shen Yu saw Qin An’an, it was like a hunter seeing her prey, and her eyes radiated a provocative smug light.

“Qin An’an, what a coincidence?” Shen Yu pressed the elevator open button and teased Qin An’an, “You look so frustrated, what’s wrong?” The

elevator door opened slowly.

When all the people inside came out, the two of them entered the elevator one after the other.

Coincidentally, it was only the two of them in the elevator.

Qin Anan was not in the mood to pay attention to her.

As a result, she had to go further and continued to sarcastically: “You are here to see auntie? I heard that auntie called you before she died… Qin Anan, what did you tell auntie? You died after talking on the phone, aren’t you too powerful?”

“Shut up!” Qin Anan scolded coldly.

“Hahaha! I won’t shut up!” Shen Yu smiled brightly and was in a good mood, “Seeing that you are so depressed, the pain I suffered a while ago is not so uncomfortable! Qin Anan, I might as well tell you the truth, Fu Shiting’s mother didn’t fall to her own death.”

Qin An suddenly looked at Shen Yu!

Her apricot eyes stared at Shen Yu’s face.

“She knows that your child is Shi Ting’s own flesh and blood. After she gets the appraisal report, she will tell Shi Ting about it.” Shen Yu’s smile gradually became gloomy, “This stupid old woman, who claims to be shrewd, is really annoying. So I sent her back to the West after she got the appraisal report!”

Qin An’an’s heart was clenched tightly, and her eyes were as cold as ice!

“Do you know why I dare to tell you this?” Shen Yu leaned into her ear and blew a teasing breath at her, “Because I bet Shi Ting will be on my side and won’t believe you.”

Chapter 386

Chapter 386

Qin Anan listened to her words, and his heart did not fluctuate.

She and Fu Shiting had completely become enemies, and she didn’t expect Fu Shiting to believe her at all.

“Miss Shen, you have bad breath, haven’t the people around you reminded you?” Qin Anan raised her hand to cover her nose.

Shen Yu’s face was hideous, and she didn’t dare to open her mouth when she wanted to get angry!

The elevator arrived at the designated floor, and after a ding sound, the elevator door slowly opened.

Qin Anan came out of the elevator first.

Not far away, when Fu Shiting saw her, his cold eyes lit up.

He strode his long legs towards her.

He walked up to her, grabbed her arm tightly, and led her towards the corner.

Shen Yu watched the two of them pass by.

She stood there, looking at them.

She saw Qin Anan throw Fu Shiting’s arm away!

Immediately afterwards, Qin An’an’s voice came: “Your mother called me! What we said is our business, it has nothing to do with you! How did your mother die, won’t you check it yourself? Trouble me, do you have no other way!” How


Shen Yu didn’t expect Qin An’an to be so sturdy in front of Fu Shiting!

It seems that Qin Anan was still polite to her when she was in the elevator just now!

Fu Shiting turned his back to Shen Yu, but Shen Yu saw that his back was tight.

“I’m not asking you how my mother died! I just want to know what you told my mother?! In those five minutes, what did you say! Qin Anan, you understand me clearly, why do you pretend Tsukune doesn’t understand?!”

Qin Anan sneered: “your mother died, but you don’t care how she died. If you were my son, I would definitely be chilled!”

“What are you talking nonsense about?!” Fu Shiting was irritated by her.

“I’m talking nonsense? Do you think you’re sober?” Qin Anan’s eyes were slightly red, and he explained the matter to him, “Your mother didn’t fall downstairs by herself! She was pushed downstairs by someone!”

Her words , making Fu Shiting’s eyes stained with blood-red hatred.

“Who?” he bit out the word.

“Shen Yu!” Qin Anan decided to speak out after a brief struggle in her heart. If she didn’t say it, she panicked in her heart, “She said it to me in the elevator just now!”

Shen Yu heard their conversation clearly.

She didn’t expect Qin An’an to fall into her trap so easily.

I thought she was so smart!

After Shen Yu took a deep breath, she squeezed out two lines of hot tears from the corners of her eyes!

She strode towards them.

“Qin An’an! Why are you framing me?” Shen Yu’s voice was crying, and she looked pitiful, “I moved out of the old house yesterday, why did I push my aunt downstairs? Before you slander me, can you? Find out the basic situation in advance!”

Shen Yu’s words made Qin Anan stunned.

In the elevator just now, what Shen Yu said to her was a lie to her?

But it is easy to tell whether what a person says is a lie or the truth.

Shen Yu is not a professional actor, how can she act so well?

Fu Shiting’s eyes moved from Shen Yu’s face to Qin An’an’s face.

“Qin An’an, what else do you want to say?” His voice was low, and his eyes were full of disappointment.

“No.” She suddenly calmed down.

“Apologize to her.” He said word by word, “Apologize to Shen Yu!”

An unbelievable look flashed on Qin An’an’s face: “Even if I slander her, I will not apologize to her! Because she told me what I said! If this is slander, it is her own slander. Own!”

Chapter 387

Chapter 387

Shen Yu cried out: “Qin An’an! I have never seen a shameless woman like you! You turned right and wrong, poured dirty water on me, and said I did it first! I’m crazy! I do!”

“Yeah! You’re crazy!” Qin Anan watched her acting calmly, “You don’t have to be complacent, your mask will fall off sooner or later.”

“What mask! Qin Anan! You Make it clear… what a mask!” Shen Yu rushed towards Qin An’an crying.

Qin Anan hid beside Fu Shiting.

She didn’t want to fight with lunatics.

dirty her hands.

After Fu Shiting glanced at her coldly, he blocked Shen Yu’s body.

“Shen Yu, this is the hospital!” He opened his mouth to remind, “The matter between me and her is not over yet, put your grievances and grievances aside for now!”

After he finished speaking coldly, he grabbed Qin An’an’s arm and walked towards the elevator!

Shen Yu watched the two of them leave, and her tears stopped immediately.

Although she was acting just now, she really wanted to beat Qin An’an!

Fu Yechen walked over quietly, and his voice was a little angry: “Shen Yu, I suddenly feel that I may not be suitable for you. You are a scorpion, and I can’t play with you.”

Shen Yu looked around and saw that there was no one, so she raised The lips counterattacked: “You said that I have a scorpion’s heart? Do you think you are a good thing? You are the one who killed your grandma! It’s not me!”

“Does it make sense for you to say this? If it wasn’t for you to blow me on the bed Pillow wind…”

“If you are a gentleman, can you let me blow the pillow wind? Fu Yechen, this is the end, and we have no way back! Don’t talk about this topic outside! Your grandma is dead Now, dead people can’t speak! Next, we just need to watch the play!” Shen Yu quickly calmed down, “This time your uncle won’t let Qin Anan easily.”

Fu Yechen: “I have no grudges with Qin An’an. She used to be my girlfriend!”

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows: “Oh, are you feeling sorry for her? Then go to your uncle and ask for mercy! Just say your grandma is you Pushed down…”

The expression on Fu Yechen’s face suddenly froze, and he looked behind Shen Yu in horror.

Shen Yu followed his line of sight and turned around.

‘Clap’ sound!

Fu Han slapped Shen Yu on the face!

“You’re a vicious vixen!” Fu Han didn’t expect his mother to be killed by the two of them. For a while, he was full of grief, “Why do you want to kill my mother! To poison my son!”

Shen Yu covered her hand with one hand With a face, he secretly swallowed the cold air.

There is a bloody smell.

The corners of her mouth were broken.

She stared at Fu Han like her eyes were poisoned!

It was clearly what Fu Yechen did, why didn’t he beat Fu Yechen?

Ha ha!

She can’t directly tear up with the Fu family now, so she can only endure this tone.

“Dad, I’m sorry!” Fu Yechen plopped and knelt on the ground, “I did it. Don’t tell uncle, if you tell uncle, uncle will definitely kill me! I’m confused… I don’t You should be led by the nose by this woman…”

Fu Han raised his foot and kicked his son fiercely: “I would rather raise a dog than you! Get out of here! Get out of Fu’s house! Without me You are not allowed to come back!”

Fu Yechen was afraid of death.

So he rolled and crawled away!

Shen Yu followed behind him and fled together.

Fu Han’s wife turned pale with fright.

She grabbed her husband’s arm and cried, “Don’t tell Fu Shiting… If you tell him, he will not only kill Yechen, but also hate us! Let him trouble Qin Anan. Come on!”

Fu Han’s eyes were full of red blood: “…I’m afraid that Shi Ting will kill Qin Anan.”


“Why not?! You forgot how my father died. Right!” Fu Han choked his throat, then raised his hand in pain and covered his face.

Chapter 388

Chapter 388 The

black Rolls-Royce moves forward, from the bustling city to the sparsely populated suburbs.

Qin Anan sat in the back seat, closing his eyes and resting.

After an unknown time, the car stopped, and she slowly opened her eyes and looked out the car window.

I saw a dense forest outside, strange and cold.

A bunch of question marks popped up in her mind.

where is this?

Why did he bring her here?

“Where is this?” She raised her eyes and asked him.

“One of my resorts.” He pushed the door open and got out of the car.


He brought her here, certainly not for vacation.

She got out of the car, followed behind him, and walked towards the villa step by step.

This villa is a typical Gothic style of architecture.

The gray-blue building, located in this dense forest, exudes a gloomy and eerie atmosphere.

She felt that what she had entered was not a resort, but a prison.

She turned around and saw his bodyguards following behind.

She is now truly doomed.

After entering the villa, the open view inside made her eyebrows tighten.

The interior decoration style is dark and dark, giving people a feeling of depression!

“Qin An’an, when did you and my mother start contacting?” His voice came in a low voice.

At this time, the villa door slowly closed.

She looked sharply at the closed door, and asked inexplicably, “If I don’t answer your question, is there no way I can leave here?”

“Yes. If you want to leave here, you must answer my questions truthfully!” His cold voice echoed in the empty villa.

“I said it! I have no comment! No matter where you take me, this is the answer!” Qin Anan’s voice rose, “Fu Shiting, don’t waste your time on me!”

Seeing her intense emotions, he His eyes darkened a bit.

“Does the content you talk to my mother have to do with me?” he guessed, “I can’t think of what else you can talk about.”

“These are not important at all!” Her eyes were desperate, and her tone was even more desperate, “Why are you not You have to get to the bottom of an unimportant problem! Your mother died at home, not in my company! What problem can you solve by bringing me here!”

“That’s right.” He stared at him She looked at her and asked aggressively, “Since it’s not important, why can’t you tell me? Is it because I’m less important than this question, or do you think you can ignore my feelings infinitely many times?!”

Qin Anan: “… “

It’s my mother who died! Not the stray cats and dogs on the roadside!

” Tears flashed in the eyes, and the psychological defense line completely collapsed.

She suddenly remembered the constant grief and helplessness when her mother passed away last year! Like a huge black hole, swallowing all human reason!

Only then did she realize that he was so angry not because of how important the call was to him, but because his mother died.

If it were him instead, she would also get to the bottom of this problem!

“Fu Shiting… I’m sorry…” Her voice was hoarse, her eyelashes drooping slightly, “I can’t tell you, not because you are not important, nor because I want to ignore your feelings… ..I know you’re in pain, but I can’t say…”

Fu Shiting heard the sound of his heart breaking.

At this moment, a bodyguard came over and said to him, “Mr. Fu, give this woman to me! I have a way to get her to speak!”

Of course Fu Shiting knew what his subordinates said.

There are two ways to get the enemy to speak.

The first method is inducement.

The second method is to use punishment.

For Qin An’an, the first method is obviously useless.

So only the second method can be used.

He never could bear to hurt her in the slightest.

Chapter 389

Chapter 389 But

how did she treat him?

All his kindness and soft-heartedness, now, seems like a joke.

After a brief decision, he turned his back.

After the bodyguard understood what he meant, he immediately dragged Qin An’an away!

In the hall, you could hear the needle drop suddenly!

She didn’t cry or make trouble, just disappeared from his sight.

Just like many years ago, she quietly left him.

Qin Anan was taken to the basement by bodyguards.

The light in the basement is very dim, and it can be seen through the dim light that there is no decoration in the basement.

They shuttled between the steel and concrete, and strange sounds came from time to time in their ears.

There is a rotten bloody smell in the air, disgusting!

After walking in the basement for about five minutes, the bodyguard shoved her forward!

She was unprepared and fell directly to the ground!

Fingers hit a sticky mass…she grabs it in fear…

it’s grass!

But there’s a lot of slime on the grass!

This mucus exudes an unpleasant fishy smell!

She frowned and threw away the grass in her hand!

“Miss Qin, look at what’s behind you.” The bodyguard said with a smile.

She immediately turned back and met a huge snake head!

It’s a giant python! A live python!

This giant python slowly opened its big mouth towards her!

Her breathing was stagnant, her limbs suddenly became weak, and her body was cold!

“Miss Qin, do you know why this giant python looks so good?” The bodyguard squatted beside her and whispered evilly in her ear, “Because it only eats human flesh…”

Qin Anan gasped . With a sigh of relief, the body kept shaking!

“Seeing as you have served our President Fu, I won’t gouge your eyes and chop your fingers directly. This giant python is the most gentle torture tool here! Because it can swallow a living person in one bite! As long as it is swallowed by it, you will die in a short time… Unlike other torture instruments, you can’t die without being tortured for three or five days…” The

bodyguard was full of interest in her ears . Whispering.

“Miss Qin, what did you say to our old lady? If you don’t say it, then I’ll let this giant python greet you! I won’t let it swallow you in one bite… I’ll let it take one bite. One bite, bite off your flesh… from the face… You are so beautiful, you must care about this face!” The

bodyguard reached out and pinched her little face.

On her cheeks, there were cold tears that fell after being frightened.

She pushed his arm away suddenly, got up quickly, and slammed into the wall next to her!

“Fuck!” The bodyguard was stunned! Then he strode over and hugged her who fainted after hitting the wall!

“What’s going on?!” Another bodyguard heard the movement and came over to check the situation.

“She hit the wall! Fuck! What a strong temper!” The bodyguard put her on the ground and checked her forehead wound.

Her head was smashed and blood was pouring out.

“Would you like to take it to the doctor?” The bodyguard was worried, “Isn’t it going to die like this?”

He didn’t ask anything, but Fu Shiting would definitely blame him if he died first.

Villa lobby.

After Fu Shiting watched it three times, his bodyguard said, “Boss, Miss Qin is frail, so I’m afraid she can’t stand the punishment in the basement.”

“I want her to suffer a little!” Of course he knew that she was frail Weak, but her bones are very hard!

“I’m afraid they’re not serious…” The bodyguard continued, “Why don’t I go down…”

Before the bodyguard finished speaking, Fu Shiting frowned and strode towards the entrance of the basement go!

Chapter 390

Chapter 390


A basin of cold water was poured onto Qin An’an’s body!

She woke up from a coma!

The wound on her head involved nerves all over her body, and the pain caused her to breathe deeply.

“I didn’t die.” The bodyguard who splashed the water threw the water basin aside and joked, “I thought I was playing an idol drama and I would die if I hit it? Ha! How can I die so easily!”

“What should I do next? This woman is too talkative. Hard, we won’t make a tough move, I’m afraid she won’t speak.”

Another bodyguard nodded.

Qin Anan gritted her teeth and looked at them coldly.

All the fear in my heart turned into a steady stream of hatred.

The more Fu Shiting treated her like this, the less she would say it!

Even if his subordinates peeled off her skin and cramped her muscles!

Even if she died, she would never reveal the life experience of the two children!

It’s better to send two children to an orphanage than to accept a demon as a father!

The two bodyguards negotiated in a low voice, and then one of them came to her, grabbed her with one hand, and dragged her forward savagely.

“Miss Qin, don’t think too much… You are so beautiful, you can find another rich man with this face… There is no need to make yourself worse than death just to gamble.. …. what did you say to our old lady, as long as you say it, we will let you go!” The bodyguard threatened.

Qin Anan was dizzy, and there was a double image of the scene in front of her.

The collision just now, although it didn’t kill her, still caused her serious injuries.

She wasn’t even afraid of death, so how could she be afraid of their threats.

Seeing that her face was as cold as frost, her eyes were slightly drooping, and she didn’t respond to the threat, the bodyguard gritted his teeth.

This woman does not cry without seeing the coffin!

Fu Shiting entered the basement and strode to the two bodyguards.

“Where’s Qin An’an?!” The

light in the basement was very dark, which made Fu Shiting’s already gloomy face even more cold!

The bodyguard immediately replied: “Mr. Fu, this woman is very fierce! I used a giant python to scare her, but she was so frightened that she hit the wall! But don’t worry, she’s not dead, she’s still alive… We Now use the freezing mode, first freeze her, and then use the barbecue mode, let her feel the two worlds of ice and fire!”

Fu Shiting heard the word “hit the wall”, and his heart felt as if someone had stabbed her hard!

She hit the wall!

Do you want to die? !

“Mr. Fu, don’t worry, for someone with a tough temper, you will have to torture them for a few more days! Give us a little time, within three days, we can guarantee that she will recruit everything!” Seeing Fu Shiting’s gloomy expression, the bodyguard immediately promised road.

Fu Shiting felt annoyed for a while!

These two rubbish! I really don’t know the weight!

He kicked the bodyguard away and roared, “Bring her out!” The

two bodyguards wondered, did the boss think the progress was too slow and wanted to punish her personally? !

They quickly opened the room in freezing mode and untied the rope tied to Qin An’an…

And the moment the door opened, a piercing cold air burst out!

His Adam’s apple rolled, and complex emotions flashed in his eyes.

I don’t know how long she’s been thrown in there!

I don’t know how she is now!


He will never admit that he regrets it, but he thinks of her madly again!

Thinking of her voice, face and smile, her warm body temperature, and soft little hands…

Two bodyguards supported Qin An’an’s body and dragged her to him.

“Mr. Fu! She passed out from the cold! But she’s not dead! She still has breath!” the bodyguard said!

Fu Shiting’s sharp eyes looked at her hair, and her clothes were frozen!

Even the blood on her forehead was frozen!

In stark contrast to the red bloodstains, is her pale face.

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