When His Eyes Opened Chapter 391 -400(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 391 -400(Chinese)

Chapter 391

She seems to be dead…

Looking at her dying appearance, he asked himself in his heart, is this the result he wants? !

Could he be freed if she died?

But why does my heart hurt even more!

He picked her up from the ground!

Her body is cold, holding her is like holding a piece of ice!

“Qin An’an!” He roared from his throat, “I didn’t let you die, you are not allowed to die!” The

two bodyguards heard other emotions than hatred in his roar!

There seems to be nervous and unwilling!

“What’s wrong with Mr. Fu? Qin Anan isn’t dead, didn’t I tell him?” the bodyguard wondered.

Another bodyguard: “President Fu seems to be very afraid of her death.” Fu

Shiting’s bodyguard looked at the two of them: “You two are too heavy! If Qin Anan has any problems, you two will be finished!” The

two bodyguards scared His face turned blue: “President Fu agreed with us to bring her down! And we are very gentle to her! We just used pythons to scare her, she was the one who was going to hit the wall! If she didn’t hit the wall, she would still be alive and kicking now!”

Fu Shiting carried Qin An’an to the big bed in the bedroom.

The doctor will be here soon!

After treating the wound on her forehead, the doctor suggested: “Take off the wet clothes on her body, take her to a hot bath, and when her body temperature recovers, she should be able to wake up.” In the


Qin Group.

After Mike couldn’t contact Qin Anan, he called Zhou Ziyi.

“Fuck! Fu Shiting is crazy again! Did he take Qin Anan away again!”

Zhou Ziyi: “My boss’s mother died.”

Mike was shocked: “Are you kidding me?”

Zhou Ziyi: “You Do you think I dare to joke about this?”

Mike: “Oh… Qin An’an is gone again! I’m going crazy! Fu Shiting is fucking dead, he shouldn’t have time to trouble Qin An’an, right?”

Zhou Zi Yi: “I don’t know. I’m going to my boss’s house right now, and Yin Yin is getting emotional! My boss is definitely not going home these days. Do you want to take Yin Yin to your place?”

Mike: “. ……”

An hour later, Zhou Ziyi brought Yinyin to the Xinghewan Villa.

Mike briefly told Rila and Xiaohan what happened today.

After digesting this series of news, the two children asked, “Where’s my mother?! Where has she gone!”

Zhou Ziyi pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose and said to Mike, “Maybe Qin Anan and my boss are really wrong. Together. Because my boss isn’t in the hospital.”

“This big bastard! What’s he doing with my mom again! I’m mad!” Rila exclaimed angrily.

Yinyin’s face flushed with anxiety: “My brother is not a villain!”

“He took my mother away! He is not a villain, who is a villain!”

Yinyin never believed that her brother was a villain, so she said to the bodyguard: “I I want to call my brother!”

Shenlin Villa.

The bodyguard took the mobile phone and found Fu Shiting.

“Miss Yinyin is angry and insists on talking to you on the phone.”

Fu Shiting took the cell phone handed over by the bodyguard and said something.

Hearing his voice, Rila immediately pouted and shouted, “You big rascal! Did you take my mother away?! Don’t bully my mother! If you bully my mother, I’ll let my brother Expose the photos of you without clothes in the shower!”

Rila’s threat made Fu Shiting frown.

“If you dare to do this, I’ll kill your mother now!”

He was not in the mood to play childish games with these two little brats!

That’s why they said this cruel remark that could quickly make them honest!

On the big bed behind him, Qin Anan slowly woke up.

With her eyes wide open, the words he just said echoed in her ears.

Chapter 392

Chapter 392

She should feel heartache or sadness.

But there were no tears in his eyes, and there was no emotional ups and downs in his heart.

Only the head, it hurts so much, it hurts so much that even breathing lightly will kill you.

She wanted to get up, but her body was sore and sore.

She has a fever.

The body is obviously very hot, but it is cold.

After Fu Shiting finished talking, he handed the phone back to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard pointed in the direction of the bed.

He looked suddenly towards the bed.

Her eyes were open, but there was no life on her face.

She was clearly awake, but she looked the same as dead.

He hates her in this state!

He would rather she quarrel with him and quarrel with him!

He strode to the edge of the bed, pinching her chin with his long, well-defined fingers.

Her hot body temperature made him let go quickly!

“Go and call the doctor!” he ordered the bodyguard sharply.

The bodyguard immediately went to the doctor.

After the bodyguard left, her head turned to the other side.

She didn’t want to see him.

He was sullen, and squeezed her chin again with his big palms, forcing her to look at him: “Qin An’an, have you ever thought about what to do with your two children when you die? They called me just now.”

She thought Pass.

I thought about it when my head hit a concrete wall.

If she died, Mike would help her raise the child.

Li Xiaotian also visits her two children from time to time.

And Big Brother Wei…

She doesn’t worry that her two children will have a miserable life after her death.

The child will be miserable only if it falls into his hands.

So she died, it didn’t affect anything.

Oh, there is still a little effect, that is, the two babies may cry badly.

But compared to falling into his hands, it was nothing for the children to suffer for a while.

Her expression was calm and indifferent, and his question did not trouble her.

He found himself underestimating her!

This woman is not even afraid of death, what else can sting her?

The doctor came quickly.

After taking her temperature, I plan to give her an infusion.

Fu Shiting stood beside him, watching the doctor give her an injection.

“Mr. Fu, dinner is ready. Are you going to eat now or later?” the bodyguard asked.

Fu Shiting strode towards the door.

After the doctor gave Qin An’an the needle, he saw that there was no one around, so he whispered, “Miss Qin, why are you doing this? Going against him, you will not end well.”

Qin An’an closed his eyes.

She and Fu Shiting have come this far, she can’t change her mind, let alone beg him.

She would rather die than bend her waist in front of him.

The doctor sighed and strode out of the room.

When the door was closed, she raised her hand and ripped off the needle on the back of her hand!

On the back of the fair-skinned hand, bright red blood beads ooze out!

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting entered the room with a dinner.

His deep and sharp eyes saw the torn needle tube, and the medicine dropped down the needle drop by drop.

At this moment, his face was as ugly as death!

She really wants to die!

If it weren’t for burning like this, she would probably get out of bed immediately!

Or jump out of the window!

Or hit the wall again!

“Qin An’an! You want to die, but I won’t let you die!” He put dinner on the bedside table, took a tissue and wiped the blood off the back of her hand.

She closed her eyes and didn’t move.

He was stunned, as if he had expected something, and then called out her name, “Qin An’an!”

Chapter 393

Chapter 393

Her body temperature is getting hotter and her skin is getting redder!

She looks like she’s going to be burned!

No matter how he called her name, she didn’t respond!

His heart clenched tightly!

“Doctor!” He strode out of the room to find the doctor.

The doctor came quickly, and after seeing the situation in the room, he immediately said, “Mr. Fu, I must give her a fever now. Either I will give her a new needle, or I will give her antipyretics, you see…”

“She’s in a coma, how can I take the medicine? Do I feed her with my mouth?!” The

doctor sweated on her head: “Then I’ll give her the needle again.”

Because half the bottle of medicine just dropped on the ground, the doctor gave her After she got the needle, she went to dispense the medicine again.

Fu Shiting stood by the bed, looking down at her unconscious.

All he needs is her answer!

Why would she rather die than tell him?

Thinking of this, he felt heartbroken and wanted to strangle her to death!

What else would this woman do besides make him miserable?

Star River Villa.

Rila’s crying eyes were red, and she said that Fu Shiting was a big bad guy.

Yinyin is like a child who has done something wrong, standing aside with his head down, speechless.

She didn’t expect her brother to be so fierce.

Her brother never murdered her.

Why is Qin An’an so bad?

Like Yinyin who can’t figure it out, there is Zhou Ziyi.

He can understand the grief of the death of the boss’s mother, but why should he transfer his anger to Qin An’an?

“There must be a reason for our boss to do this.” Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and spoke to Mike, who had a grumpy face.

Mike had a headache when he heard his voice: “You can get out!”

“Oh…then Yinyin…let you here first?” Zhou Ziyi had to ensure Yinyin’s safety.

Mike: “Of course she has to be here! If Fu Shiting dares to touch Qin An’an’s hair, I’ll take Yin Yin to the knife right away!”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh…you have to take good care of Yin Yin before they come back. Oh! I’ll come back tomorrow.”

After Zhou Ziyi left, Mike picked up Rila and coaxed, “Don’t cry baby Rila. Fu Shiting said that to scare you. Because he was afraid that we would expose his ugly photos.”

Rui La sniffed and said angrily, “Uncle Mike, I don’t like him anymore.”

“Uh, when did you like him?” Mike was puzzled.

Rila said bluntly: “I liked it in my dream…”

Mike: “Oh, he must be a good guy in the dream, that’s why you like him, right?”

Rila nodded her chin sadly.

How she wished her father was a good person before, how she wished to recognize him.

But the disappointment again and again made her no longer have this fantasy.

She has come to terms with reality.

There’s no way she could recognize that bad guy.

She just wants mom back!

Ten o’clock at night.

Qin Anan woke up after losing three bottles of potion.

She opened her eyes, looked at the unfamiliar room, and the memory came back to her mind little by little.

“Miss Qin, are you awake?” A

strange voice came.

It was Fu Shiting who arranged to come over to watch her nanny.

“You haven’t eaten for a day. You must be very hungry, right? There is porridge here.” The nanny opened the insulation box and brought out the porridge. A scent filled the room, “Miss Qin, let me feed you!”

Qin Anan Lifting his heavy eyelids, he turned his head to the other side.

This means rejection.

She doesn’t want to talk.

Whether it’s for Fu Shiting or the people around him.

If he doesn’t set her free, she will die here.

The nanny sighed, put down the porridge bowl, and went out to ask Fu Shiting for instructions.

After a while, Fu Shiting’s tall figure appeared in the room.

He had showered and was wearing a grey nightgown. He walked to the bed, looked at Qin An’an’s haggard face, and threatened sternly: “Qin An’an

, if you don’t want the nanny to feed you, I don’t mind feeding you myself!”

Threats fall on deaf ears!

Chapter 394

Chapter 394

Because of her silent resistance, his face became extremely gloomy!

He could indeed open her small mouth and feed the porridge spoon by spoon.

But he doesn’t want to do it!

Since she is on a hunger strike, let her starve to death!

He withdrew his angry gaze and strode out of the room!

After he left, her tense body relaxed a little.

Suddenly, a whistle came from outside the window.

She pricked up her ears and listened carefully to the sounds outside.

One car after another drove to the front yard of the villa and stopped.

After a while, there was a loud voice from downstairs.

It’s so late, why are so many people here?

It’s so remote here, what are these people doing?

Fu Shiting said that this was one of his holiday resorts, so he invited these people here?

His mother died, he didn’t go to observe filial piety, he came to this old forest, and invited so many people to come… Shouldn’t he plan to have a party!

Just when she was about to get out of bed and go to the window to check, the door was pushed open.

The doctor came in with the medicine box.

“Miss Qin, I heard that you are unwilling to eat. President Fu asked me to come and give you nutrient solution.” The doctor said, sighing, “Why don’t you still eat? You don’t need to get angry with your body… …Although you suffered a lot today, I can see that President Fu still has feelings for you…”

Ha! have feelings!

Did he not kill her with his own hands, but just had feelings for her?

The doctor hung the medicine bottle on the shelf, punctured her, stood by and watched.

Qin Anan understood what he meant, so he said, “it’s late, you go to rest! I won’t pull the needle.”

Doctor: “Are you sure you won’t pull the needle? If you pull it again, President Fu will definitely blame me. ” No.

She heard the voice downstairs, more and more clearly!

Even if it’s not a party tonight, it’s definitely a big party.

As the host, Fu Shiting must be entertaining guests downstairs now.

This is an opportunity.

“Miss Qin, I’m glad you can figure it out. Then I won’t bother you here. When the needle is pulled out later…” the doctor explained.

Before he could finish speaking, she said, “I can pull needles myself.”

“Oh…you do pull needles, pull needles violently…” The doctor teased and walked out.

After the doctor left, she immediately pulled out the needle, got out of bed and walked towards the window.

Downstairs, a dozen luxury cars were parked.

And, not far away, there are lights flashing… a car is coming towards the villa!

I don’t know what kind of people come here.

The night wind was blowing, Qin Anan clutched the railing tightly, recalling what happened today in his mind.

It was like a dream.

Drama and absurd.

Today is the closest she has ever been to death.

Before that, she was afraid of death.

Because she wants to raise her two children and watch them grow up.

But now, she felt it was a luxury.

The first floor lobby of the villa.

Everyone sat around the sofa, drinking and chatting.

“Shi Ting, let’s not talk about sensational words…Come on, drink!”

Everyone raised their glasses and toasted.

“We haven’t been together for a long time, haven’t we?” “It’s been four or five years, right? Everyone is getting busier and busier

! In the future, we have to find time to get together every year!”

Middle of the hall.

“Have a barbecue tonight?” Someone asked curiously.

“Sh Ting can eat whatever he prepares!”


At this moment, two bodyguards came out with tonight’s supper.

“Fuck! Eat this tonight?!”

“Hahaha! This is too surprising!”

Everyone looked excited at the barbecue dinner tonight.

Qin Anan walked downstairs silently.

Chapter 395

Chapter 395 The

bodyguard saw her coming down, and immediately went to Fu Shiting to report.

Fu Shiting got up from the sofa and looked towards the stairs.

Qin Anan was wearing his nightgown, the hem was just rubbed on the ground, and the sleeves were a little long.

The large nightgown wrapped her slender body inside, making her look like a child who secretly wore an adult’s clothes.

His brows are wrinkled, shouldn’t she be hanging nutrient solution now?

How did she get downstairs?

“Shi Ting, you are hiding a woman here!” Someone laughed and teased when they saw Qin An’an.

“He’s a man, it would be strange if he didn’t find a woman! Haha!”

“Which daughter is this woman? Or did he just find her for fun?”

Fu Shiting turned a deaf ear to everyone’s questions.

Because Qin Anan walked towards them.

Doesn’t she want to die?

Why would he want to come down to meet his friends?

What does she want to do? !

He strode towards her, blocking her way.

With his dark eyes, he looked down at her: “Did you pull out the needle again?!”

She reached out and pushed his chest: “You are entertaining friends here, I can’t watch the fun?” Watch the

fun? !

Ha ha!

Since she wants to watch the fun, let her watch it!

He turned his body sideways.

Her eyes naturally fell on the barbecue grill!

Her eyes suddenly turned cold! The ankles were weak, and after the body trembled violently, I took two steps back!

Tonight, their barbecue dinner was the giant python that scared her to lose her mind and slammed into the wall angrily!

She still remembered its majestic and energetic look when it opened its big mouth, but she didn’t expect it to be dismembered and put on the fire!

Looking at her frightened face, his big palm grabbed her wrist and led her to the sofa.

“Since you’re down, let’s taste it together!” His voice was low and magnetic.

He seemed to be saying something mundane.

Her heart was beating violently!

Why did he kill this python?

She didn’t dare to think about it.

She was like a marionette, and he was pressed down on the sofa to sit down.

“Isn’t this Qin An’an, the boss of the Qin Group?” Someone recognized her.

“Oh… I’ve vaguely heard of…”

“You guys are amazing, I’ve never heard of it!”

“Haha! I heard that she was younger and more beautiful, Take a look at her company’s news.”

Qin Anan lowered his eyes and took a glass of wine from the table.

Fu Shiting took her hand and stopped her.

When her fever subsided, she lost a few bottles of medicine, some of which were anti-fever and some were anti-inflammatory, so she can’t drink alcohol today.

After taking the wine glass from her hand, he motioned for the bodyguard to change the water for her.

“You drink yours, leave me alone.” She said sullenly, got up from him, and walked towards the sofa opposite.

Fu Shiting frowned and saw her go to sit down beside the man who was completely unfamiliar to her.

She would rather sit with a stranger than sit next to him!

“Shi Ting! Don’t worry! I won’t bully your little beauty! Hahaha!”

Fu Shiting raised his glass with a gloomy expression and drank the wine in it.

An hour later, the python was roasted and everyone began to eat meat.

Fu Shiting walked towards the bathroom.

Qin Anan looked at his back, picked up the water glass on the table, and took a sip.

After a while, Fu Shiting returned to the hall from the bathroom.

“Where’s Qin An’an?” He looked at the vacant sofa and asked.

“She said go to the bathroom. Come, let’s continue drinking!” said the friend, picking up the bottle and filling his glass.

Two in the morning.

With the help of the bodyguard, Fu Shiting went upstairs.

He walked to the door of Qin An’an’s room and pushed the door open – the

room was empty!

Where has she gone? !

Chapter 396

Chapter 396

He always thought that she went back to the room to rest after going to the bathroom, so she only went upstairs until now after drinking.

A thought suddenly flashed in his mind!

Will she… get away? !

There are forests in a radius of more than 100 kilometers!

How can she leave this forest with her weak body? !

He clenched his fists tightly and strode around, preparing to go downstairs.

“Mr. Fu! I’ll check the surveillance right away! See when she escaped!” The bodyguard immediately said after realizing that Qin Anan was gone, “It’s dark at night and there are no street lights outside, so she must not be far away!

” Waste! Can’t even look down on a woman!” Fu Shiting scolds through gritted teeth!

“I’m sorry! I’ll send someone to find her right away! I promise to bring her back before dawn!” The bodyguard assured with a look of panic.

Fu Shiting’s drunkenness completely dissipated!

He was sober at the moment.

There is even a strong premonition!

“She should have left before 0:00! I went to the bathroom before 0:00 and came back and found that she was not there, she must have escaped at that time!” Otherwise, she would never be able to get out of this villa alone!” The

bodyguard: “I thought so too. But I didn’t dare to say it.”

Those who came tonight were all close friends of Fu Shiting.

These people were known to Fu Shiting when he made his first pot of gold. Although they did not meet much later, they have always been in touch.

On the first floor, there are still people drinking.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were locked on one person.

Before Qin Anan disappeared tonight, he was sitting beside this person.

He thought she had just found a random place to sit down, but she’s gone now…indicating that she might have picked someone carefully at the time.

In other words, she and this person may know each other.

“Third brother, did you let Qin An’an go?” Fu Shiting walked up to this man and took the wine glass from his hand.

The man who was called the third brother raised his head with a complicated expression, but still said frankly: “I let it go.”

Others looked at them one after another.

“What’s the matter? Third brother, do you know Qin An’an? Why did you let her go? She is from Shi Ting!” Someone asked in confusion.

“It’s very simple,” the third brother was so drunk that his eyes were red, but his reason was still there, “I owe her a favor. Tonight she asked me to pay it back. Shi Ting, I’m sorry! I don’t like to owe favor to others, I’d rather owe it to ourselves. Brother’s favor, and I don’t want to owe someone else’s favor.”

Fu Shiting tightened his fingers abruptly while holding his wine glass.

Finally, with a ‘bang’, the goblet was crushed by him!

“You let her out, don’t you want her to die!” He gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “Don’t you know how dangerous it is outside?!” The

third brother frowned and said loudly, “I know. But this is not what I want to think about. She asked me to help her leave the villa, but did not tell me to send her out of the forest. Shi Ting, when you are questioning me, should you also think about why she has to flee here regardless of her life? .”

Fu Shiting’s eyes showed a bloodthirsty chill!

At this time, the bodyguard trotted over after checking the surveillance, and reported to him, “Mr. Fu, Miss Qin left through the back door! The road to the back door is rough and difficult to walk… She is so weak, I’m afraid… …. bad luck!” The

bodyguard’s voice settled, Fu Shiting clenched his fists and strode towards the back door!

He had every reason to suspect that she escaped so late, not to escape, but to court death!

After Fu Shiting left the hall with the bodyguard, the atmosphere in the hall still did not ease.

“Third brother, why do you owe Qin Anan a favor? I never heard of you!” The person sitting next to the third brother asked curiously, “Qin Anan is just an ordinary entrepreneur…”

“She doesn’t Ordinary.” The third brother interrupted him, “How can a woman who can make Shi Ting care so much be ordinary.”

“Sh Ting cares about her, isn’t it because of her face and figure?”

“This is only one aspect. I can only Let me tell you, Qin Anan is not an ordinary woman or an ordinary entrepreneur… I promised her to keep it a secret, so it is inconvenient to say more.” The third brother took an empty glass, poured the wine, and took a sip , “It would be a pity if she died outside tonight! Even if Shi Ting didn’t kill me, I’m afraid she would break up with me.”

There is no way out from the back door of the villa.

Chapter 397

Chapter 397

There is only an endless dense forest.

In this forest, there are many beasts of raptors.

Even in this forest during the day, there is a possibility of being attacked.

Not to mention late night.

Under the protection of bodyguards, Fu Shiting stepped into this forest of unknown fears.

Holding a flashlight, he lit up the jungle with wild vines and branches in front of him, and the despair in his heart continued to rise!

How dare she? !

How dare she enter here?

Does she really think she can get out of here alive?

If you know it’s a dead end, why don’t you turn around?

Even if she fled halfway and turned back out of fear, he wouldn’t be so angry!

“Qin An’an!” His Adam’s apple rolled, and he called out her name tremblingly!

After he shouted, the bodyguard also shouted: “Miss Qin! We’re here for you! If you hear our voice, please respond to us!”

The only ones who responded to them were the whistling wind and animals. rustling sound.

After walking forward for about twenty minutes, the beam of the flashlight caught a nightgown on the ground!

This nightgown is what Qin Anan wore tonight!

After bathing her in the afternoon, there was no clothes for her to change, so Fu Shiting took his nightgown for her to wear!

This gray nightgown…he put it on her by himself!

Now, how could it fall here?

How did the nightgown leave her body? !

With his heart in his throat, he hurried to the nightgown and picked it up!

“Mr. Fu, the clothes are rotten…with blood on it!” The bodyguard showed Fu Shiting the rotten and bloodstained areas on the nightgown.

He was holding the nightgown’s hand and couldn’t stop shaking!

She must have met the beast!

Otherwise, the clothes will not be torn, and there will be no blood!

She must be injured now, and she has no clothes to cover her body… Even if she is not bitten to death by a beast, if she is exposed naked, she will be frozen to death!

He didn’t dare to think deeply.

“Mr. Fu, Miss Qin is injured. She must not be far away. Let’s look for her further, and we will definitely find her!” The bodyguard analyzed.

Fu Shiting’s eyes were sour, and after a deep breath, he clenched his fists and strode toward the depths of the forest!

After walking for another ten minutes, they saw a white body curled up among the weeds.

When the flashlight shone on her body, the white light refracted by her body made Fu Shiting’s eyes moist.

He never thought that he would put her in such a dangerous and embarrassing situation!

He clearly loves her!

In this world, there has never been a woman, like her, who has fascinated him, sinking.

But why, he forced her to such a point!

Because Qin An’an had no clothes on, the bodyguard stood there and did not dare to go forward.

They watched Fu Shiting take off his coat, put it on her, and then slap her up and hold her up.

I don’t know when it’s raining!

The rain penetrated the dense woods and fell on them mercilessly.

Chapter 398

Chapter 398

When they returned to the villa, they were completely soaked.

It’s past three in the morning now.

There were only a few people left drinking in the hall.

Said to be drinking, but in fact, he was waiting for Fu Shiting to come back.

After seeing him come back with Qin Anan, everyone got up from the sofa.

I should have said something to ease the embarrassment, but no one said anything.

Fu Shiting was only wearing a thin T-shirt, because it was soaked in the rain, the T-shirt fit tightly to his skin.

Rain fell down the tips of his hair.

In his dark amber eyes, there was a dark gleam of gloom and despair.

The woman in his arms was wrapped in his nightgown, with only one face exposed.

There was no blood on her face, and her eyes were closed, as if she would never open them again.

This scene is indescribably sad and tragic!

He took Qin An’an and strode upstairs and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

After Mrs. Fu’s autopsy results came out, Fu Han immediately took pictures of the results and sent them to Fu Shiting.

Mrs. Fu was not poisoned, and there was no other injury on her body other than a fall.

According to medical identification, Mrs. Fu fell to her death.

Fu Han looked for someone to count the days, and tomorrow would be the best time to be buried.

After Fu Shiting replied, Fu Han immediately informed his relatives and friends of the funeral time.

Star River Villa.

Zhou Ziyi came to see Yin Yin.

Yin Yin was well taken care of.

In fact, Yinyin is much smarter than before after the second operation.

Although she still needs someone to take care of her, her self-care ability is much better than that of a few-year-old child.

“My boss’s mother’s funeral tomorrow.” Zhou Ziyi told Mike the news, “He will definitely go to the funeral tomorrow. Maybe he will bring Qin Anan back.”

Mike nodded: “Can you take me to the funeral? Zhou Ziyi looked incredulous: “

Our company has also received invitations from a few executives. I am a little assistant, so I have no right to bring people. Besides, what are you doing at the funeral? If you dare to mess around, believe it or not. Will he be killed by the Fu family’s bodyguards?”

Of course Mike didn’t want to go to death.

But Qin An’an has been without news for two days.

Not only was he exhausted from waiting, but the emotions of the two children became more and more negative.

If Qin Anan doesn’t come back, he doesn’t know how to coax them.

Xiaohan listened to the conversation between the two of them in his heart, and his brain worked at a high speed.

He has to find a way to find his mother!

He wants to save my mother!

The next day, the old lady of the Fu family had a funeral.

The funeral was grand and grand.

Security personnel surrounded the scene layer by layer, and not even a fly could fly in outside.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Fu Shiting’s car appeared at the funeral scene in a low-key manner.

He appeared in front of everyone in black clothes and black pants.

Zhou Ziyi secretly sent a message to Mike: My boss came alone. He didn’t bring Qin Anan.

Mike: Fuck!

Zhou Ziyi: Don’t worry, I’ll ask him when the funeral is over.

Mike: I’m outside right now.

Zhou Ziyi: Are you here? !

Mike: Well, I brought Brother Han and Yinyin here.

Zhou Ziyi had an ominous premonition in his heart: What are you bringing them to do? ! Don’t be impulsive… and don’t even try to threaten my boss with Yin Yin! My boss hates being threatened the most…and there are a lot of bodyguards there! In addition to what you can see, there are many bodyguards scattered in places you can’t see. If you dare to mess around, you will definitely be shot in the head by a sniper who doesn’t know which direction to go!

Mike: I’m really touched that you care so much about me.

Zhou Ziyi: …

Mike: My brother Han is coming. I can’t persuade him, so don’t mind your own business.

Zhou Ziyi: ………….

Qin Zihan…This little bastard, do you want to make a scene at the funeral? !

Zhou Ziyi’s temple was aching, and he wanted to report this to Fu Shiting.

Chapter 399

Chapter 399

But looking at the message from Mike, he held back.

Forget it, forget it!

Just as if you don’t know anything.

This time it was the boss who went too far.

How could Qin An’an be taken away without her having to contact her family?

If he was Mike, he would be furious.

The time flickered, and it was eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

Xiaohan didn’t make a scene at the funeral, and he didn’t even see Xiaohan.

I don’t know what Xiaohan’s plan is.

No matter what his plans were, he probably backed off.

After the funeral, guests flocked to the hotel for lunch.

Zhou Ziyi strode towards Fu Shiting.


Fu Shiting stopped and looked at him coldly.

Zhou Ziyi said embarrassedly, “Your condolences.”

Hearing this, Fu Shiting strode towards the parking lot.

Zhou Ziyi quickly followed his pace, summoned up his courage, and asked, “Boss, is Miss Qin with you? Her two children are worried about her safety…”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple moved , said dumbly: “She is not dead.”

Zhou Ziyi: “???”

Why is this answer?

Does she not die mean that she is still alive? But not living well?

Almost dead can also be said to be not dead yet.

So what is her situation now?

Zhou Ziyi was in a trance, and Fu Shiting had walked to the black Rolls-Royce.

The bodyguard opened the car door and reported to him helplessly: “Miss Yinyin has to wait for you in the car.”

Yinyin raised her eyes, her bright eyes looked at Fu Shiting, and said stubbornly, “Brother, I want to be with you. Let’s go together. I’ll go wherever you go.”

Fu Shiting stood at the door of the car, looking at his sister’s stubborn face, like a choke in his throat.

He got into the car and closed the door.

“Yinyin, I’ll take you home.”

Yinyin’s eyes were slightly red and she shook her head.

“I still have something to do. I’ll go home with you when I’m done.” He held her hand and discussed with her.

“Brother, you are obviously a good person, but why are you so fierce towards An An?” Yin Yin felt very sad when she talked about this, “I heard you said you were going to kill An An. I’m afraid…”

Fu Shiting clenched her hand and explained patiently: “I’m scaring children. Yin Yin, you are not a child, so you won’t be deceived, right?”

Yin Yin: “Don’t bully An An, okay? If you bully An An , Rila and Xiaohan won’t play with me.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened: “Yinyin, don’t think about it. Just wait for me at home.”

Although Yinyin didn’t get a satisfactory answer, she still clicked obediently. head.

After Fu Shiting sent Yinyin home, he quickly turned back to the car.

The black Rolls-Royce was like a black shadow, all the way north, galloping away.

Deep Forest Villa.

Qin Anan was lying on the big white bed, Xingmei slowly opened.

When she was fleeing last night, she encountered a wild wolf in the forest.

If the third brother hadn’t given her a sharp dagger when he let her go, she would probably have been eaten by the wild wolf last night, leaving no bones left.

She would never have imagined that one day she would fight a wolf in the virgin forest with a knife.

She was lucky, the wild wolf bit her and she stabbed the wild wolf.

It was a draw.

After being stabbed, the wolf fled in a hurry.

And she fainted from the blood loss.

Before fainting, she was sure she would die.

Unexpectedly, she was still alive…

After going through last night’s experience in her mind, she looked at the room that was not unfamiliar in front of her, and had a question in her heart.

——Did Fu Shiting pick her up last night?

Chapter 400

Chapter 400

“Miss Qin, you’re finally awake!” A

male voice rang in his ears.

Qin Anan looked at the source of the sound.

It’s Fu Shiting’s bodyguard.

“Miss Qin, do you remember what happened last night?” The bodyguard stood beside the bed, gushing, “Last night when our boss took you back from the forest, it rained so much that Yiping was looking for her. It was raining heavily the night Dad asked for the money! Our boss lost all his shoes! He was so barefoot and he carried you back abruptly! “

Qin Anan was speechless.

“Although your leg was seriously injured, our boss’s foot was also slashed several times…” The bodyguard looked down at her, “Last night you got wet in the rain, We had a high fever overnight, and our boss also had a fever. After he brought you back last night, he took care of the injury on his foot, took antipyretics, and didn’t even have time to close his eyes, so he went to attend the funeral of the old lady. “

The bodyguard saw that there was no expression on her face, presumably because her burning brain was not very smart.

“Miss Qin, you are definitely the most powerful woman I know.” The bodyguard’s face changed with admiration, “This morning at five o’clock, my colleague and I found a woman in the forest. A wounded wolf… Probably the wolf that bit you last night? You are absolutely amazing! With such a thin body, you can fight a wolf with your bare hands!”

“I have a dagger.” Qin Anan corrected he.

After opening the mouth, there was a foreign body sensation in the throat.

She coughed violently!

“Miss Qin, don’t talk, just listen to me.” The bodyguard continued, “That wolf has already been eaten by us! It’s a revenge for you!”

Qin Anan: “…”

” Also, my colleagues feel very guilty about offending you in the basement yesterday! That python doesn’t eat human flesh, they’re scaring you.”

“Why are you apologizing to me?” she asked hoarsely.

“Because of fear! I thought the boss hated you to the bone, how could he think he cares about you so much.” The bodyguard said helplessly, “I know you must hate our boss now, I don’t mean to speak for our boss. I just hope Don’t embarrass my colleagues…they are loyal to the boss…”

Qin Anan said tiredly, “I want to rest.”

“Oh…I’ll go and call the doctor Look.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, he strode away.

After a while, the doctor came over to check her physical condition.

After taking her temperature and blood pressure, the doctor said,

“Miss Qin, you still have a low-grade fever! Besides, you have lost a lot of blood, and now you are anemic. You must rest in bed for the next few days, and you can’t suffer from any more cold. You are in good health now. Very weak, and the wound on the leg is also very serious. The wound is relatively large, and there may be scars.”

She can feel her body is very weak.

When she woke up, she wanted to see if she could lift her legs, but she couldn’t.

Although she woke up, she was no different from being paralyzed in bed now.

She has no strength and no energy.

Thinking of anyone or anything in her mind could not arouse her mood swings.

This happens when people are weak to a certain extent.

“I’m going to ask the nanny to cook some porridge.” After the doctor finished speaking, he left the room.

Qin Anan was lying on the bed, staring dully at the chandelier on the ceiling.

The light from outside shines in, and the glass facets on the chandelier flicker, making it particularly bright.

But her heart was dark and dark.

Not long after, a whistle sounded outside the window.

Black Rolls Royce parked in the front yard.

Fu Shiting strode out of the car.

“Boss, Miss Qin is awake!” the bodyguards said to Fu Shiting, “She didn’t cry or make trouble. She’s in a good state of mind.”

After realizing Fu Shiting’s true attitude towards Qin An’an, the bodyguards dared to say that she was not good at all. .

Hearing this, Fu Shiting strode into the villa.

It happened that the nanny was carrying a bowl of porridge and was about to go upstairs.

Seeing Fu Shiting, the nanny immediately said, “The doctor asked me to cook porridge for Miss Qin.”

Fu Shiting took the porridge bowl from the nanny and strode upstairs.

He took the porridge and appeared beside her bed.

Seeing him coming, there was no expression on her face, but her heart reflexes tightened.

“Open your mouth.” He scooped a spoonful of porridge and brought it to her mouth, “Qin An’an, if you still want to see your child and seek revenge on Wang Wanzhi, then open your mouth!”

Qin An’an opened his mouth, but it was not what he imagined She opened her mouth to swallow the porridge he fed, but –

“I eat it myself.” Her burning voice was hoarse, but she was as stubborn as ever.

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