When His Eyes Opened Chapter 401 -410(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 401 -410(Chinese)

Chapter 401

He gritted his teeth, his eyes swept across her face coldly.

He put down the porridge bowl, lifted her body, put two pillows behind her, and let her down.

Then, he picked up the porridge bowl and gave it to her.

She took the bowl, and when her right hand was about to take the spoon in the bowl, her left hand suddenly lost strength… After her wrist trembled, the bowl in her hand fell onto the quilt.

The porridge in the bowl was all spilled out.

She looked at the spilled porridge with a look of surprise, and pursed her lips.

Fu Shiting watched this scene, and his heart ached.

She didn’t mean to!

He saw that she didn’t mean it!

She wants to eat porridge by herself, but now she doesn’t even have the strength to hold a bowl!

He lifted the soiled quilt away from her before her tears fell.

“Qin An’an, you’ll be fine! Don’t cry!” He wanted to comfort her, but he opened his mouth, but his voice was stern like a lesson.

He took a deep breath and tried to explain, but she was already lying down with her back to him.

He didn’t hear her cry, but he knew she was crying.

He took a clean quilt from the closet and put it over her.

“I’ll ask the nanny to cook another bowl.” He sat on the edge of the bed, looked at the back of her head, and muttered.

She closed her eyes and did not speak.

Her head was suddenly dizzy.

This is caused by anemia.

After she fell asleep, he came out of the room.

He didn’t sleep last night, and now he has a terrible headache.

He entered the next room, intending to make up for sleep.

Mo about an hour later.

The back mountain suddenly caught fire.

All the bodyguards in the villa immediately rushed to put out the fire.

Qin Zihan appeared in front of the villa with a schoolbag on his back.

He followed him by hiding in the trunk of Fu Shiting’s car.

The bodyguards and servants rushed to put out the fire, and now the villa is empty and there is no one.

The lobby on the first floor has an open view, except for the kitchen and the servant’s room, there is no master bedroom or guest bedroom.

After Xiaohan found out the layout of the first floor, he walked to the second floor.

He successfully found Qin Anan in the second room on the second floor.

After seeing his mother, he hurried to the bedside.

“Mom!” Xiaohan wanted to shout for his mother, but seeing that her mother was sleeping, she lowered her voice a lot when she was about to speak.

Qin Anan slept very deeply because of his weakness.

She didn’t hear Xiaohan’s voice.

Xiaohan stood beside the bed, her bright eyes falling on her for a moment.

He intends to wait for his mother to wake up naturally, although it may be discovered.

He didn’t know what Fu Shiting would do when he found him.

But he will never be separated from his mother again.

As long as he is with his mother, he is not afraid of anything.

The movement of the back mountain woke Fu Shiting up.

After he woke up, he strode towards Qin An’an’s room.

He pushed Qin An’an’s door open— in the

room, Qin Zihan heard the sound and looked at the door.

In an instant, the father and son looked at each other!

Chapter 402

Chapter 402

When Fu Shiting saw Qin Zihan, he thought he had entered the wrong space.

Why is Qin Zihan here?

How did this little thing come about? !

He found that many times, this child will give him unexpected surprises!

Of course, the surprise here is not meant to be taken literally.

“Why is my mother injured?!” Xiaohan stood by the bed, his eyes were cold, and he questioned Fu Shiting.

He saw that his mother’s forehead was covered with gauze, and it must have been wound like this.

And he called his mother just now, but her mother didn’t respond. He suspected that her mother might not be sleeping, but passed out in a coma.

But there was nothing he could do.

He couldn’t take his mother away, and he couldn’t cure her.

Fu Shiting turned a deaf ear to Xiao Han’s questioning.

He stared at the little thing in front of him: “How did you come here? Who else came here besides you?”

“Just me!” Xiao Han was neither humble nor arrogant, the hatred in his eyes increased little by little, “You hurt my mother, I I won’t let you go!”

Fu Shiting threatened him with a cold sneer: “Why don’t you let me go? Don’t think your little tricks will succeed every time! Qin Zihan, if it weren’t for your surname Qin, you would think you How long can you jump around in front of me?”

Xiaohan said with disgust: “I don’t want to see you at all! Every time you come to provoke us!”

“I provoke you? I met your mother before you were born! What happened to me and your mother has nothing to do with you!” Fu Shiting looked at the disgust on his face, and his mood turned a little bit worse.

“You cold-blooded bastard! My mother’s business is mine!”

“I am cold-blooded?” Fu Shiting said dumbly, “You little bastard who doesn’t understand anything, say it again!”

Xiaohan was provoked, and the fear in his heart disappeared: “I don’t understand anything, but I understand that you are a cold-blooded villain! You are not only cold-blooded, you are also sick!

After his Adam’s apple rolled, he said sharply: “What did you say?!”

“Didn’t you say that I don’t understand anything!” Xiao Han’s eyes showed a hint of pride, “Because you are sick! You are not a normal person! So you I’ve been bullying my mother! My mother won’t like you! Neither will Rila and I! No one will like you!”

Rila was in Fu Shiting’s study last year and brought back a dark red box with a copy Medical diagnosis certificate!

It’s Fu Shiting’s diagnosis!

Xiaohan didn’t know the words above, but he was curious about the content above.

So he looked it up word by word on the Internet.

Finally let him find out!

The content of this diagnosis is that Fu Shiting has a mental illness!

The law of country A stipulates that it is not illegal to kill a person with a mental illness.

Xiaohan wanted to find more information about Fu Shiting on the Internet, but no relevant information was found in all the public information on the Internet.

So this is Fu Shiting’s unknown secret!

If he doesn’t hurt his mother, Xiaohan can keep a secret for him!

But he bullied his mother again and again, Xiaohan couldn’t bear it any longer!

Even if he is ill, this is not the reason why he can bully his mother at will.

Fu Shiting’s expression became extremely gloomy!

It was as if the scars on his body had been opened. A bloody ugly wound was revealed!

Qin Zihan is just a four-year-old child. If no one teaches him, how can he say such words with confidence?

Was it taught by Mike or taught by Qin Anan?

He inevitably recalled that dark memory.

Body muscles suddenly tightened!

Sanity is broken little by little.

He looked at Qin Zihan’s provocative eyes, and the evil thoughts hidden deep in his heart were activated!

His big palm grabbed Xiaohan’s neck!

After Xiaohan was strangled, he struggled in pain.

On the big bed, Qin Anan had a nightmare.

She was sweating and woke up!

She opened her eyes and saw Xiaohan’s body being lifted up into the air!

Chapter 403

Chapter 403

The person holding him is Fu Shiting!

Fu Shiting is pinching Xiaohan’s neck!

She must be dreaming!

Otherwise, why would Xiaohan be here?

It’s not the first time she’s had such nightmares.

Since Fu Shiting said five years ago that even if she gave birth to their child, he would strangle the child… She often had such nightmares.

She dreamed that Fu Shiting used various means to torture their children to death.

She had dreamed of a scene like this countless times in her dreams!

It’s just that, unlike the dream, the picture in front of you is more realistic.

Because of the fierce struggle, Xiaohan’s backpack fell to the ground with a ‘bang’, making a huge noise!

Qin Anan blinked, a certain organ in his body was touched, and his blood boiled violently!

This is not a dream! Not a dream!

“Fu Shiting! Let go!” She screamed, trembling as she tried to get up from the bed.

Because of her leg injury, she couldn’t get out of bed normally.

After a brief struggle, she rolled to the ground with the quilt!

With hot tears in her eyes, her fingers tightly tugged at Fu Shiting’s trouser legs, her voice shrill and indignant: “Fu Shiting! You can’t do this! You can’t…he’s your son…cough.. ….cough…”

She coughed violently because of the intense emotion.

Bright red blood coughed out of her mouth!

The corners of her mouth were dyed red, and it also splashed onto Fu Shiting’s clothes.

Fu Shiting looked at her miserable little face in amazement, and his fingers suddenly loosened.

Xiaohan fell to the ground!

His face was blue and purple, panting heavily, and crawled towards Qin An’an.

“Mom!” Xiaohan hugged his mother hard, tears welling up in his eyes, “What’s wrong with you, Mom?!”

Fu Shiting pinched his neck just now, he felt like he was dying, and he hadn’t shed a single tear!

But now seeing his mother vomiting blood, his emotions collapsed.

Qin Anan’s fingers loosened Fu Shiting’s clothes.

She took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around her son: “…Xiaohan, are you okay? Are you okay?”

she muttered.

In my mind, if I wake up later, Xiaohan will be gone!

“Mom, I’m fine! You’re bleeding! Why are you bleeding?!” Xiaohan stretched out a small palm to wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth.

Qin Anan held his little hand and breathed a sigh of relief: “…why are you here? Who sent you here? Is it Mike? Who else?”

She wanted Xiaohan to get out of here quickly!

Fu Shiting is too dangerous!

She can’t let what just happened happen again!

Xiaohan shook her head, her eyes drooping slightly: “I came by myself. My sister and I were worried about you, so I came.”

She hugged Xiaohan’s body tightly, her face no longer as indifferent as before.

Fu Shiting saw that she had finally become a living person, but his heart became more and more uncomfortable!

He strode out of the room.

After a while, the doctor came.

The doctor pulled Xiaohan aside, then carried Qin Anan to the bed to lie down.

Xiaohan stood by the bed and saw that his mother’s legs were wrapped in heavy gauze.

Not only was she injured on her forehead, but her leg was also injured.

What did mom go through to become like this?

Fu Shiting, this big bastard!

He actually hurt his mother like this!

Xiaohan raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of his eyes, and pressed the red button on the watch with his little hand!

Chapter 404

Chapter 404

This red button is the alarm button.

Connect the mic.

Pressing this button will send the location.

As long as he pressed the button, Mike would call the police.

If he wasn’t forced to, he didn’t want to tear his face off with Fu Shiting!

All this was forced by Fu Shiting.

“Xiaohan…” Qin Anan hurriedly called out after laying down on the bed.

Xiaohan immediately went to the bed and held her hand: “Don’t be afraid, mom, I’m here.”

Qin Anan looked anxious and discussed with him: “Xiaohan, mom is inconvenient now, she’ll be back when she’s ready. Home. When Fu Shiting comes over later, I will ask him to arrange the driver to take you away… You must be obedient…”

Xiao Han frowned: “Mom, you don’t ask him! I will follow you. Let’s go home together! I promised my sister to take you home!”

Qin Anan: “I am inconvenient now…” Xiaohan: “

I have already called the police. The police car will take us home.”

Qin Ananmei His heart skipped a beat, and his eyes looked behind Xiaohan.

Fu Shiting is standing at the door!

He heard what Xiaohan said just now.

Qin Anan immediately brought Xiaohan to his side.

Xiao Han was puzzled by his mother’s reaction, and followed her gaze and looked back.

After seeing Fu Shiting’s gloomy face, Xiao Han was afraid that he hadn’t heard it just now, so he said loudly, “I called the police!”

“Xiao Han, stop talking!” Qin Anan was afraid that he would anger Fu Shiting.

The dazzling bruise on his neck kept reminding her that she should not act willfully before leaving here!

She can die here, but Xiaohan can’t!

Fu Shiting walked in with a gloomy face.

“Don’t challenge my patience again!” He looked at Qin Zihan’s face and said word by word, “Get out! Or I’ll throw you into the forest to feed the wild dogs!”

Qin Anan’s breath became hot and solemn: ” Fu Shiting! Xiaohan is only five years old! Why are you so cruel to such a small child?!”

Fu Shiting: “I don’t like children! Especially the son you adopted, I hate it!

” Come! If there is a mistake, it is also my fault!” Qin Anan choked, “You send someone to take him home! I have already told him that he will not come again!”

“Didn’t he call the police? Police car Naturally, I will send him back!” Fu Shiting said with a cold face, his eyes turned to Xiaohan’s face, “You set the fire in the back mountain, right?”

Qin Zihan raised his head: “I set it!

” If you die by my hands, you will go to jail in the future!” Fu Shiting finished speaking and left.

The doctor has been hiding in the corner of the room, daring not to make a sound.

After Fu Shiting left, he came over with a bottle of medicine.

“Miss Qin, is this your son?” The doctor tried to find a topic. “It’s amazing! You can find it here.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath and said, “Doctor, please help him treat the wound on his neck. Thank you.” The

doctor noticed the bruise on Xiaohan’s neck.

“Oh…Okay. How did you do this?”

Qin Anan didn’t answer.

Xiao Han also pursed his lips with a cold look.

The doctor coughed dryly: “little guy, I can see that you hate Mr. Fu, but Mr. Fu won’t hurt your mother. The wound on your mother’s leg was bitten by a wild wolf in the forest.”

“What about the wound on my mother’s forehead?” Xiaohan asked.

Before waiting for the doctor to answer, Qin Anan spoke first: “Xiaohan, mother’s injury was caused by herself.”

She didn’t want to intensify the hatred between her son and Fu Shiting.

Xiaohan doesn’t have the ability to compete with him now.

Annoying him will only lead to death.

Chapter 405

Chapter 405

What happened today is a painful lesson!

She can’t let her son confront Fu Shiting again.

“But you won’t get hurt for no reason. It must be him…” Xiao Han frowned and speculated.

“It’s my mother who missed you and your sister so much last night, so she ran out alone…and ran into a wild wolf…” Qin Anan explained, “You go back with Uncle Mike and your sister. Just say Mommy is fine. Mommy doesn’t want them to worry, okay?”

Xiaohan nodded incredulously.

“Mom, are you really not going back with me? The police uncle can take us home with us.”

“Mom’s leg hurts a lot. You can go back when the wound is better.”

“Oh… Mom, you Don’t run around in the future. If it’s dangerous outside, stay in the house and we’ll find a way to save you.”

Qin Anan nodded with relief: “Xiaohan, you came to see mother, mother is very happy. But mother I hope this happens next time, you don’t come. You are so young, if something happens to you, how sad your mother will be!”

Xiaohan stubbornly said: “If something happens to you, what will my sister and I do? If there is another time , I’m still here to find you.”

Qin Anan’s eyes were slightly hot: “There will be no next time .” Xiaohan

: “Mom, stay away from him in the future… He is sick.”

Qin Anan thought that Xiaohan was Because Fu Shiting almost strangled him, he said that.

“He shouldn’t hurt me… It’s you and your sister who want to stay away from him. Xiaohan, my mother told you and my sister last year not to approach him. Did you not take your mother’s words to heart? ‘

Xiaohan lowered his head.

“You and Rila are mother’s most precious treasures. Mother’s greatest wish in life is that you and your sister grow up healthy and healthy.” Qin Anan murmured, “You must keep your mother’s words in your heart in the future.”

Xiao Han Responded dully.

More than an hour later, the police car came to the Shenlin Villa.

Xiaohan got into the police car.

“Brother Han, where is your mother?” Mike came with the police.

As a result, after the police negotiated with Fu Shiting’s bodyguard, the police took Xiaohan into the car.

That’s it?

“Mom’s leg is injured and I can’t move now.” Xiaohan’s mood was a little down.

He had wanted to take his mother home with him.

“How did your mother get hurt? Is it that serious?”

“I was bitten by a wolf.”

Mike looked around: “Fuck! Wolf? There is a wolf here? Was it bitten by Fu Shiting’s pervert?”

Xiao Han: “… “…”

“Mr. Fu’s bodyguard told us just now. Miss Qin went out late at night and was bitten by a wolf. A doctor is here to take care of her. When she recovers, she will be sent home.” A policeman said.

Mike was shocked: “This is too outrageous!” After that, he saw the bruise on Xiao Han’s neck, “Brother Han, what happened to your neck? Who pinched it?”

Xiao Han didn’t want to say.

His mother told him to leave here quickly and never meet Fu Shiting again.

He didn’t want to upset his mother.

If Fu Shiting sees him the next time and gets killed again, who will take care of his mother and sister in the future?

“Fu Shiting, this bastard! He dares to strangle you! Brother Han, don’t worry, your mother will never be with him!” Mike said angrily.

Xiaohan’s eyes were slightly red.

He was almost killed by his biological father, causing a lot of trauma to his young mind.

He was only a five-year-old after all.

in the villa.

Qin Anan was lying on the hospital bed, infusion.

Fu Shiting sat in the corner of the room, smoking a cigarette.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she looked at his hazy face through the lingering smoke.

“Fu Shiting, have you ever killed someone?” She asked in a hoarse voice after hesitating for a moment.

Chapter 406

Chapter 406 The

reason why she asked this is because when he grabbed Xiaohan’s neck today, he looked really terrifying!

She was afraid of it.

She didn’t ask him the reason for doing this, because no matter how Xiaohan angered him, he shouldn’t do anything to Xiaohan!

Who is the average person who is serious with a five-year-old child?

Her question made him look up at her.

“More than that,” came his low voice, “rape, kill, kidnap, plunder, everything.”

Qin Anan: “…”

His eyes were deep and his tone serious.

She was speechless in shock.

“Qin An’an, don’t act like you care about me. You don’t care what I’ve done.” He casually lit the ash on the ashtray and said word by word, “You only care about yours. Two children. I warned your son long ago, don’t mess with me.”

“He won’t mess with you in the future!” Qin Anan couldn’t help raising her voice.

He put half of the cigarette in his hand out in the ashtray.

The tall body got up from the chair and strode to the bed.

“Qin An’an, I don’t owe you anything, don’t yell in front of me! I’m impatient!” His scarlet eyes looked at her fiercely.

At this time, the door was knocked, and then pushed open.

The nanny came in with hot porridge.

Seeing Fu Shiting, the nanny was stunned for a moment.

Fu Shiting walked to the door and brought the porridge bowl from the nanny.

The nanny immediately exited the room and closed the door.

Qin Anan wants to get out of here quickly, so she has to eat.

She tried to support her body with her hands and slowly sat up.

When Fu Shiting came to the bed, she reached out to him.

She wants to eat by herself.

But he turned a blind eye to her outstretched hand.

He took a spoonful of porridge and brought it to her mouth.

She stared at him blankly.

He clearly saw her reaching out, why did he ignore it?

She doesn’t need him to feed!

Didn’t he say he was impatient?

“Open your mouth.” He looked up at her, and there was undisguised hatred in her eyes.

“You are the devil.” Her voice was cold, as if seeing his true face for the first time.

“I’m the devil, I’ll go to hell… I’ll pull you to hell with me.” He didn’t change his expression, his long, cold fingers squeezed her mouth open and put the porridge into her mouth.

He finished feeding a bowl of porridge, took out a tissue, and wiped her mouth.

She sat on the bed, feeling his ‘care’.

Maybe in his eyes, she is just his toy!

People are multifaceted.

He has a cruel side and a gentle time.

She had been touched by his gentle side.

It’s just that now she wakes up unforgettable, that’s not the real and complete him!

Before he left the room, he put her phone beside her pillow.

After he left, she picked up the phone and turned it on.

Countless missed calls made her overwhelmed.

She found Mike’s phone and dialed it.

Mike answered in seconds: “Qin An’an!”

“It’s me! Mike, Xiaohan…”

“Xiaohan is by my side! He’s fine! He’s just not very happy!” Mike burst into tears with excitement, “I heard that you were bitten by a wolf, how could such a bizarre thing happen!

” Okay.” She said lightly, her tone suddenly serious, “Mike, you must never allow Xiaohan to provoke Fu Shiting in the future! He hates children very much…”

“Qin Anan, don’t worry about it! You are fine! Recovering from the injury, I will be optimistic about the two children.” Mike frowned, “Are you sure you can go home after your injury?”

Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled slightly: “It should be… OK!”

Chapter 407

Chapter 407

“Then you recuperate first. If he doesn’t send you back in a week, I will call the police again.” Mike said angrily, “I already know what’s going on.”

Qin Anan: “How did you know that?” ?”

Mike: “Zhou Ziyi told me. He didn’t believe his boss was a jerk, so he went to investigate.”

Qin Anan smiled wryly.

Mike: “Did his mother know about the child’s life?”


Mike: “I knew it would be. You wouldn’t tell him, so he went crazy.”


Mike: “You stupid Woman! If I were you, I wouldn’t let myself suffer like this! What if you told him? Could he really kill Rila and Xiaohan? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe he can treat his own life The two children don’t owe him anything!”

Qin Anan: “It’s good to maintain the status quo, I don’t want to bet.” “Okay

, you can call me at least once a day, or I will call the police. ‘ Mike demanded.

“I see.” Qin Anan was relieved after the phone call with Mike.

The past two days have been like a nightmare.

Endless nightmares, one after another.

After about an hour or so, the nanny came to give her a bath.

“Miss Qin, President Fu bought you new clothes.” The nanny showed her the new clothes, “They are all big names! And he told me to wash them first.”

Qin Anan was indifferent.

She tried to get out of bed.

“Miss Qin, do you want to go to the bathroom to take a shower? Mr. Fu will just ask me to scrub you. Just lie on the bed and I’ll scrub you…”

“No. I’ll wash it myself.” She frowned, “Can you help me find a cane?”

“Oh…I’ll look for it.” The nanny walked out of the room immediately.

After a while, the crutches were not found, but Fu Shiting was recruited instead.

The nanny stood beside him and explained to Qin An’an with an embarrassed look: “Miss Qin, the doctor said it’s better for you to lie in bed. Because you will get out of bed and walk, it will involve the wound and affect the recovery…”

The nanny may not know that she is also a doctor.

She has measure.

But under the heavy pressure of Fu Shiting, she secretly took a deep breath and lay down again.

The nanny immediately went to bring water to get a towel and scrub her body.

After taking a shower, the nanny said, “Miss Qin, I cooked pork ribs soup, how about I bring a bowl for you to taste?”

Qin Anan: “Bring it up quietly, don’t let him see it.”

She didn’t want Fu Shiting to see it again. Feed myself.

It’s not that he’s not feeding well, but that she doesn’t want to see him.

Nanny: “Okay, there are a lot of people here tonight, so he shouldn’t notice me.”

Qin An’an: “A guest again?” The

nanny hesitated for a moment, then said truthfully, “It’s still the previous guests, tonight Here are some young and beautiful women.”

Qin Anan did not continue to ask.

No matter what he does, as long as he doesn’t mess with her and the child, he doesn’t do anything else to stir her emotions.

After drinking the soup, she fell asleep.

Unexpectedly, for the next three days, every night in the villa, there will be lively songs, drunken fans, and lavish devotion…

She would be suspicious every night when she was woken up.

Didn’t his mother just die?

Is it celebrating his mother’s death, or is it too sad to numb himself with beauties and wine?

After three days of bed rest, the wound on her leg is less painful.

That night, she was awakened again.

She opened her eyes and looked into the dimly lit room.

In my ear, there was the sound of the door being pushed open.

She immediately alerted and looked towards the door –

a tall shadow, familiar but dangerous!

He walked in with a smell of alcohol!

Chapter 408

Chapter 408

She immediately raised her hand to turn on the light in the room.

He was dazzled by the sudden light, his upper body was violent, and he slammed the door with a ‘bang’.

She looked at him in shock.

His drunken eyes were scarlet, and after closing the door, his slender fingers began to unbutton his shirt impatiently.

When she realized what he was going to do, she was too frightened to breathe.

“Fu Shiting! You’re in the wrong room!” She wanted to regain his reason, “This is my room!”

He looked up at her, and walked to the bed with his long legs. At the same time, he took off his shirt. , thrown to the ground.

“I’m not drunk.” He got into bed and held her injured leg tightly, “This leg, don’t move.”

She was speechless.

He doesn’t seem to be drunk.

However, since he knew she was injured, why did he come to torture her!

Soon, his warm lips fell on her neck.

She smelled a strange and strong perfume on him.

Liu Mei suddenly wrinkled.

The nanny said that a group of young and beautiful women came downstairs the other day.

Those people stayed here for three days and didn’t leave.

And the unfamiliar perfume smell on his body should be printed on him by a woman in the group of women.

Even if he took off his shirt, the scent on his body was still strong.

She reached out and pushed his head in disgust, and said coldly, “Don’t touch me!”

He was interrupted and looked at her with a sullen look.

“You smell other women’s perfume!” She couldn’t contain her anger, “You dirty man! Don’t touch me!”

When the words were settled, she stretched out her hands to push him again.

After three days of recuperation, her physical strength recovered a lot.

He was almost pushed out of bed by her.

Her words and her actions stimulated the beast desire in his body.

He supported his body with one hand, and quickly untied the belt with the other.

He originally came in, just wanting to make out with her, not necessarily doing anything substantive.

But now, he has to punish her!

“Didn’t you say I’m a devil? Have you ever seen a clean devil?” His hoarse voice, accompanied by a rough breath, squeezed her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look up at himself, “I am the world The dirtiest man in the world! But it doesn’t prevent me from possessing you!”

He pressed against her body firmly, not letting her resist or move.

Tears fell silently from the corners of her eyes. She looked at his face, so blurry, yet so clear!

“Turn off the lights! Turn off the lights!” she hissed.

Seeing her irritable appearance, he didn’t want to follow her wishes.

But the tears in the corners of her eyes made his heart hurt!

He suddenly raised his hand to turn off the light!

The room suddenly fell into darkness.

Only her faint sobbing and his repressed and dignified breathing were heard.

After some time, the storm suddenly stopped.

The man’s breathing gradually became even.

He lay on top of her and fell asleep.

She raised her hand to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Then, she pushed him aside.

He lay beside her, his long arms naturally wrapped around her waist.


He shouldn’t be drunk!

Didn’t lose my mind either!

Even at the craziest time, he remembered the injury on her leg!

From beginning to end, he held her injured leg outside.

Therefore, her body is sore now, but the injured leg is much more relaxed.

Her mood was difficult to calm down.

In the air, in addition to her and his body’s breath and sweat, there was still the scent of a strange woman’s perfume.

Her body was tense, and a terrible thought came to her mind – she was going to kill him!

In this way, she will no longer suffer! Her two children are also safe!

After this thought appeared, it quickly spread to every inch of nerves in the body like a virus, and it could not be stopped.

Chapter 409

Chapter 409

She stretched out her hand, reached under the pillow, and took out a dagger!

This dagger was for her self-defense when the third brother sent her to escape.

When she was rescued by Fu Shiting, she was holding the dagger in her hand.

This dagger originally Fu Shiting wanted to give her away.

Probably afraid of her suicide.

But she insisted on coming back.

She kept it under the pillow when she wanted to come back.

The dagger saved her life and meant so much to her that she would take it with her.

I just didn’t expect that he would be so humiliated by him tonight!

Her self-esteem was crushed and her reason completely collapsed. Now, she just wants to die with him!

Kill him, she will kill herself again!

She is a top medical student, she knows how to make him die quickly!

She gripped the dagger tightly, thinking about which part of his aorta would be better to cut.

Her eyes were fixed on his face.

Through the dim light outside, I could vaguely see the outline of his handsome face.

His eyes were closed, and he fell asleep.

His neck was exposed outside the quilt, attracting her…

Her hand holding the knife was raised tremblingly.

As long as the knife goes down, within half an hour, she will be free!

When the blade was about to be aimed at his throat, her body suddenly lost strength.

Are you really going to kill him?

Does he really give a damn?

If she kills him, she won’t be able to live, can she really leave her two children ruthlessly?

Too many thoughts rushed into my heart, and my eyes became hot.

She doesn’t want to die.

She can’t kill him.

But she can’t stand his endless entanglement!

So, turning him into a vegetative state is the best outcome!

It’s just that she is not sure that she can turn him into a vegetative state without his life.

She was breathing heavily in distress.

This plan, after all, can not be implemented!

Her mood gradually cooled down.

The hand holding the knife is about to drop.

At this moment, his eyes opened suddenly.

He saw her hand holding the knife, hanging in the air.

What she wanted to do was self-evident.

His big palm squeezed her hand holding the knife tightly…

She didn’t expect him to wake up suddenly!

She was so terrified that she wanted to explain her behavior, but her lips were shaking, but she couldn’t make any sound.

“You want to kill me?!” His eyes looked at her face, his voice hoarse and trembling, “Qin An’an, you want to kill me?!”

She felt that her wrist was about to be broken by him!

“Fu Shiting…you let go!”

“You want to kill me and avenge your son?!” He couldn’t hear her voice, he was immersed in boundless grief.

She couldn’t hide it any longer, and she couldn’t make excuses.

“Yes! I’m going to kill you! Fu Shiting, I’m tired of being tormented by you! I don’t want to go on like this anymore!” She cried and took out all the words in her heart.

“Okay…Okay…” He murmured, clenching her hand holding the knife with his big palm, aiming the tip of the knife at his heart, “Here… .Poke it!”

He had no clothes on his upper body.

His hands are heavy!

She saw the tip of the knife pierce the skin of his chest, and blood spilled out!

She was so frightened that she cried out, trembling: “Let go! Fu Shiting, let go! I won’t kill you! I won’t kill you!”

“What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will turn into a ghost and ask you for your life?” Pushing harder into the depths of his chest, the severe pain spread to his limbs, his voice became trembling and weak, “No… I won’t look for you… Qin Anan. …..next life…I won’t be looking for you again…”

She freaked out!

She screamed hysterically: “Someone!! Help—”

Chapter 410

Chapter 410

Her exclamation soon attracted bodyguards on duty outside!

The moment the door was opened, the lights were turned on!

The scene on the bed made the bodyguards terrified!

“Doctor! Go and get the doctor!” The bodyguard shouted to the people outside and quickly walked to the bedside.

Qin Anan cried and said to the bodyguard, “Let go of his hand! Let go of his hand!” The

bodyguard thought that Qin Anan had assassinated Fu Shiting.

But he let go of Fu Shiting’s hand holding the knife, and it took a lot of effort!

Therefore, it was Fu Shiting who held Qin An’an’s knife and carried out the assassination.

In other words, it was Fu Shiting who wanted to kill himself.

After the bodyguard pulled Fu Shiting’s blood-splattered hand away, Qin Anan got out of bed immediately.

The doctor came with a medicine box.

Qin Anan grabbed the medicine box in his hand and ran to the bedside to stop the bleeding for Fu Shiting!

The doctor is stunned!

How could Qin Anan walk so fast?

Are your legs ok?

She stole the medicine kit…she stole the medicine kit!

After the doctor reacted, he quickly walked to the bedside.

Immediately, he was frightened by the dagger stuck in Fu Shiting’s heart!

I was also frightened by the red-dyed sheets and quilts!

“This, this… this!” The

bodyguard grabbed Qin An’an’s arm with one hand, trying to pull her away, but she pulled it away!

“Miss Qin, can you do it?! Don’t delay the treatment!” The bodyguard frowned, distrusting her.

Qin Anan blushed and cried in a hoarse voice: “Stop the bleeding! I can do it!”

Her voice made Fu Shiting cough and wake up.

He saw Qin An’an’s face full of tears, holding a medicine box in his hand.

He stretched out his long arms, trying to lift her away.

He wants to die!

There is nothing to live except pain.

A hundred dead.

“Press him! Press him!” Qin Anan pushed his outstretched arm away, and spoke to the bodyguard with tears in his eyes.

Hearing this, the bodyguard immediately held Fu Shiting’s hand down.

Fu Shiting coughed a mouthful of blood in anger: “Presumptuous!” The

bodyguard was so frightened that he immediately let go of him.

Qin Anan looked at the bodyguard coldly: “Do you want him to die?! Hold him down!”

Of course the bodyguard didn’t want Fu Shiting to die.

So the bodyguard can only listen to Qin Anan.

“I’m sorry boss…you bleed too much…let Miss Qin stop the bleeding! When the wound is bandaged, we’ll take you to the hospital right away!” The bodyguard explained with fear.

Fu Shiting breathed heavily and looked at Qin An’an resentfully.

“Don’t pretend to cry there… I won’t let anyone seek revenge… When I die, you can live your life in peace…”

She ignored his words .

She held the handle of the knife in both hands, ready to pull it out.

“Fu Shiting, it may be a little painful next time, you can bear it!” She swallowed her cold breath and looked at him with her eyes.

His face, pale and haggard from the loss of blood!

His eyes were cold and desperate, and there seemed to be crystal tears in his eyes, but no tears flowed out.

He has always been like this, always showing his strong side to the outside world!

She gritted her teeth and pulled out the knife sharply!

Immediately, blood overflowed!

She immediately gave him medicine to stop the bleeding and bandage the wound!

When she urgently bandaged the wound, she looked at him again –

he fainted at some point.

All the barbs on his body were put away, and he was now vulnerable like a different person.

“Hurry up and take him to the hospital!” Qin Anan took a deep breath and roared hoarsely.

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