When His Eyes Opened Chapter 421 -430(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 421 -430(Chinese)

Chapter 421

Qin Anan shook his head: “I want to walk outside.”

“Then your leg hurts and tell me, don’t hold back.”

“I know.”

“Qin Anan, I knew we would encounter so many troubles when we returned to the Congress. , I shouldn’t have let you back in the first place.” Mike helped her into the car, “When we were in country B, it was smooth sailing, and you never made me worry. In the end, when I returned to your motherland, you never gave me peace of mind. “Yes .”

Qin An’an is very sorry: “Why don’t you go back to country B!”

“I don’t mean that!”

“I know you don’t mean that, I think I can handle the domestic work. Why don’t you go back to country B ?” Country…”

“You go back with me.”

“I don’t go back. I prefer my homeland.”

Mike snorted: “Then I won’t go either. I’ll be where you are.”

“You are reluctant to bear Zhou Ziyi?”

“Well, why did you mention him? He blocked me.” Mike kicked the accelerator and drove the car out, “That bastard has only his boss in his heart.”

Qin An An: “I’m sorry!”

“Why are you apologizing to me? Even without you, I would have this problem with him! If he always puts his boss first, I will definitely not accept it.” The

two went to the mall .

Qin Anan bought some imported snacks, and chose a gold zodiac bracelet for each female employee in the office at the jewelry store.

“Qin An’an, you’re really not too troublesome! You have to find their birthdays one by one…” Mike complained.

Qin An’an: “But they will be very happy to receive gifts.”

Mike: “They will be happier if you give them money directly.”

Qin An’an: “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t think money can represent some happiness.”

For example, the gift she received from Jin Sinian today is happier than if Jin Sinian gave her money directly.

After buying the gift, Mike held the shopping bag in one hand and supported Qin An’an in the other.

After walking around the street for a while, the wound on her leg was aching.

“I said that I can buy it alone. You have to listen. You woman, don’t listen to other people’s opinions every time!” Mike muttered.

Qin Anan automatically filters his nagging.

the next morning.

Mike drove her to work in the company.

After distributing the gifts, she returned to the long-lost office.

On the desk in the office lies a bouquet of fresh flowers.

She walked over to the bouquet and took out the card inside.

It says – today is a good day!

There is only one word in the inscription: Jin

was sent by Jin Sinian.

She smiled knowingly, walked to the office chair, sat down, and turned on the computer.

Although most of the work that has been squeezed for more than half a month has been dealt with, she needs to look over it one by one.

So she stayed in the office all morning.

At noon, Mike knocked on her office door and told her to go to dinner.

“Have you received the medical results? In the mailbox.” Mike reminded her.

She nodded and got up from the chair: “I received it just now, but I haven’t read it yet. How is your medical examination result?”

“The doctor told me not to drink alcohol in the near future.” Mike said in distress, “What else is there in life without drinking? significance.”

“Listen to the doctor. I will supervise you.” She said, and opened her mailbox with her mobile phone to check her medical report.

Mike walked ahead and opened the elevator door.

The moment she entered the elevator, she saw a line of horror in the medical report!

  • 3 weeks early pregnancy!

Chapter 422

Chapter 422

She’s Pregnant!

According to the gestational age on the medical report, she was conceived on the night that Fu Shiting inserted the knife into her heart.

How ironic!

Both of them had gotten into this situation, which ended up getting her pregnant with his child.

For a moment, she had no words or expressions to describe the shock in her heart.

Just like when she was pregnant with Rila and Xiaohan, she was also very sad.

At that time, Fu Shiting was clamoring to divorce her.

However, now that she is financially independent, she can support her children, whether one, two or three.

Just, do you want to tell him about this?

After all, the child in Shen Yu’s womb had aborted, he blamed her on her, and asked her to give him back a child.

Although the two of them are no longer in contact, what if he comes to trouble her because of this matter in the future?

Out of the corner of his eye, Mike saw her panicked, and immediately leaned over to her and looked at her phone.

She pressed the power button on the phone, and the phone screen went black.

“Is your medical report okay? Your expression is a little scary.” Mike wanted to get her cell phone.

But she avoided it.

“I’m fine…just a little bit anemic.” She found a random reason, “By the way, I have something to do in the afternoon, so I won’t go to the company.”

She has to go to the hospital to check again to see if the result is correct. mistaken.

Mike looked suspicious: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Personal affairs, don’t gossip so much, okay? I won’t ask about the private affairs you don’t want me to know.”

“I don’t have any private affairs that I don’t want you to know! “

“Oh, I have. So I can’t tell you for now.” Qin Anan said lightly.

“Then when can you tell me?” The

elevator opened, and Qin Anan went out first.

“Wait when I want to talk.”

Mike: “Qin An’an, don’t you want to go to Fu Shiting behind my back? Don’t kill yourself! He stabbed himself with a knife this time, and he will definitely stab you next time. .”

Qin Anan’s scalp was numb at what he said.

“I won’t go to him.”

“Oh, okay! As long as you don’t go to him, I don’t care about the rest.” Mike said relieved.

Qin An’an: “Even if I go to him, you can’t control it, right?”

Mike frowned.

“I’m joking with you! What are we going to eat?” Qin An’an pulled his arm, “Why don’t you eat lightly! The doctor won’t let you drink alcohol. Is there something wrong with your digestive tract or your liver? “

She managed to divert Mike’s attention.

“I’m fine!” Mike said hard.

“Oh? How many drinks shall we have?”

Mike was defeated: “I have some stomach problems…stomach problems, many people have them.”

“Don’t take stomach problems seriously.” Qin Anan With a cold face, he raised his head slightly, “No more drinking. Even if you drink occasionally, you can’t overdo it. Do you hear me?”

“Got it! Where are you going this afternoon? I’ll take you there!”

“No need. I’ll take a taxi.”

Mike didn’t continue to ask.

After lunch, the two separated outside the restaurant.

Qin Anan got into a taxi.

She gave the address of a nearby hospital.

Then, she clicked on the medical report and checked the results again.

Pregnancy is detected by blood routine, so this result is almost impossible to go wrong!

Unless the laboratory doctor takes the wrong sample!

But in the modern medical process, unless it is intentional, it is very difficult to make such mistakes.

She gasped.

The palms cover the abdomen.

Chapter 423

Chapter 423

Here, a small life was born.

But so far, she hasn’t noticed it at all.

When she was pregnant with Lila and Xiaohan, the early pregnancy reaction was quite obvious.

Thinking of this, a new question emerges.

When she was pregnant with the child, her emotions hit rock bottom, and because of the leg injury, she took a lot of antibiotics.

She frowned, her heart hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe!

Even if she is pregnant with a child now, most of the child is unhealthy!

The taxi stopped in front of the hospital.

Qin Anan hurriedly got out of the car after paying the bill.

She hung up on the gynecology department, and after explaining the situation to the doctor, the doctor gave her an application form for color Doppler ultrasound.

She went to the ultrasound room with the form and waited.

After waiting for about forty minutes, it was her turn.

After a while, she came out of the hospital with the B-ultrasound sheet.

As she expected, she was pregnant!

She is pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child again!

This child… is still not sure if it is healthy or not, because it is still too young.

If it is unhealthy, it will be naturally eliminated, and after three months, it will miscarry.

It can also go unhealthy for three months, until the health screening time to find the problem.

She is very upset now and doesn’t know what to do.

If Fu Shiting doesn’t want this child, she should choose to kill it.

Because it is very likely to be unhealthy.

But she will choose to make a decision in about three months.

Want to inform him?

Are you going to notify now?

She stood on the side of the street, looking at the busy street, very confused.

Qin Group.

Mike held a business card in his hand, and after looking at it, he looked at the other party.

“Are you Jin Sinian’s agent?”

“Yes. Sinian asked me to discuss cooperation with you.” The agent explained his intention, “His comeback single “Fly” was originally intended for the whole network Released, with his popularity and popularity, it will definitely be popular on the Internet! But he insisted on giving this single to your company.”

Mike frowned: “For us?”

“He said it was written for your company. You can use it as a promotional song for a certain series of your product, or as a promotional song for your company. Because the lyrics of this song are very suitable for your product.”

Mike nodded: “But I have never heard of him. ‘s new song, is it good?” The

agent had a black line.

Mike: “Has he talked to Qin Anan? Qin Anan is the boss.”

“Miss Qin likes this song very much. But she may not accept Sinian’s gift.”

“Oh, then we can give money! In a cooperative way.” Mike is no longer so entangled on whether Jin Sinian’s new song is good or not, his popularity is the most important.

The agent nodded: “I also think this is better. But Sinian is not willing to accept your money.”

Mike: “Then give a friendship price! Otherwise Qin Anan will definitely not accept it.”

Agent: “Okay ……The newly emerged Jinzhi Technology also makes drones. They are aggressive! Not only did they sign the most popular celebrities as spokespersons, but they also found a lot of Internet celebrity live broadcast tapes. Goods, I checked their sales, it’s amazing! Why doesn’t your company have any marketing activities?”

Mike: “Jin Sinian gave us a single, shouldn’t it be unbearable?”

Agent: “I guess yes. He is more concerned about the development of your company than you.”

Mike took a deep breath and said to Jin Si Nian’s impression was reversed 180 degrees.

This little white face is not only good-looking, but also has a very active mind.

Next time he comes to Qin An’an again, he will definitely take the initiative to open the door for him.

Five p.m.

Qin Anan took a taxi to Fu’s house.

She struggled for an afternoon and decided to tell Fu Shiting the news of her pregnancy.

After all, this child is what he strongly wants.

Chapter 424

Chapter 424

The bodyguard at Mengang saw Qin An’an and thought he was dazzled.

She and Fu Shiting had such a quarrel, how dare she come?

In the past, the bodyguards would open the door directly to her when they saw her.

Now, the bodyguard did not open the door for her.

The bodyguard called the landline in the living room on the first floor.

Sister Zhang answered the phone.

“Qin An’an is here, standing outside the courtyard gate.” The bodyguard said.

Aunt Zhang was stunned: “Oh, I’ll go out and have a look right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Aunt Zhang strode towards the door.

The sky that was cloudless before is now overcast.

Sister-in-law Zhang did not put Qin An’an in, but walked outside the courtyard.

“An An.” Mrs. Zhang’s face was heavy, “Are you here to find Mr. Zhang?”

Mrs. Zhang knew that Qin An’an caused Fu Shiting’s injury, so Mrs. Zhang could not miss her old feelings.

Fu Shiting almost lost his life due to the injury this time, and he definitely won’t want to see her again.

Qin Anan nodded: “Is he at home?”

“At home. After he was discharged from the hospital, he has been recuperating at home.” Mrs. Zhang replied, “The doctor asked him to rest at home for at least a month.”

Qin Anan thought for a few seconds before speaking truthfully . : “I have something to look for him.”

Sister Zhang: “An An, what do you need to look for him? He is like this and must be rested. The doctor told me again and again that there is nothing to do, so don’t disturb him.”

Qin Anan understood what Sister Zhang said. mean.

He does need rest now.

“An’an, I’m sorry. It’s not that I didn’t let you in, it’s not that I didn’t want you to see him… Even if I went to inform him, he might not want to see you.” Mrs. Zhang saw a flash of disappointment in Qin An’an’s eyes. Yes, so I explained patiently.

Qin Anan nodded and said calmly, “I don’t blame you.”

Seeing her like this, Mrs. Zhang softened her heart: “Why don’t you wait here, I’ll ask him now.”

“No need. Let him rest. !” Qin Anan calmed down.

Fu Shiting’s current situation is indeed not suitable for any stimulation.

She also can’t be sure now that the child is healthy.

So you can wait and see if the child can survive until three months.

She turned away.

Suddenly, a light rain fell in the air.

Sister-in-law Zhang immediately trotted back to the living room, took out an umbrella, and chased after Qin Anan.

She didn’t come by car.

If you want to take a taxi, you have to walk a long way.

Qin Anan immediately stopped when she heard Sister Zhang’s cry behind her.

Seeing the umbrella brought by Mrs. Zhang, she looked up at the sky in amazement.

It’s raining?

“An An, take it.” Sister Zhang handed her the umbrella.

“No, it’s not a big deal.” She refused.

The main reason why she didn’t pick up the umbrella was because she didn’t want to return it.

She came here today because she was dazed by the news of her pregnancy.

After what happened last time, the two of them didn’t seem to need to keep in touch anymore.

He probably didn’t care whether she was pregnant or not.

He should have completely given up on her.

Qin Anan quickened her pace and left in the rain.

Sister Zhang held the umbrella and walked back angrily.

Villa on the second floor, balcony.

Fu Shiting stood tall and looked at Qin An’an’s distant figure with deep eyes.

What is she here for?

After this question popped up in his mind, his heart suddenly ached.

Chapter 425

Chapter 425

Without seeing her, without thinking of her, he can eat, drink, and sleep like a normal person.

But once I think of her, my body changes.

Soon, the door was knocked.

Fu Shiting entered the bedroom from the balcony.

Opening the door, Mrs. Zhang was standing outside.

“Sir, An An came here just now. She said she had something to do with you, but I asked her what was the matter, but she didn’t say anything.” Mrs. Zhang said, “She’s gone.”

“I see.” His expression was cold, and his tone was even colder.

“Oh, next time she comes again, do you want to invite her in?” Aunt Zhang asked.

“No please.” He said these two words after a brief silence.

When Qin Anan returned home, she was all wet.

“Mom, why did you get so wet? Didn’t you bring an umbrella?” Rila looked distressed.

Mike pushed her upstairs: “Hurry up and take a shower, be careful of catching a cold.”

She walked upstairs.

“Uncle Mike, how did you let my mother come back alone?” Rila looked at Mike reproachfully.

Xiaohan also looked at Mike with blame. Under the attack of the two little guys, Mike

raised his hand and surrendered: “Your mother said that there is something to do in the afternoon, so don’t let me follow! I will cook her ginger soup! After drinking the ginger soup, you will not catch a cold!”

The kitchen escaped.

Qin Anan took a shower, washed her hair, and dried her hair before going downstairs.

Mike delivered the ginger soup to her.

After saying thank you, she drank the ginger soup.

“Qin An’an, where have you been in the afternoon? It’s raining outside if you don’t know how to pack an umbrella. Don’t you know how to hide from the rain?” Mike complained.

Rila pouted and said without a brain: “My mother is in the rain, you still say my mother!”

“Okay, let’s go to dinner.” Mike led the two children and walked towards the dining table, ” Qin Anan, our bodyguard is really good at cooking! Let’s give him a raise!”

Qin Anan walked to the table, glanced at the sumptuous dinner on the table, and nodded: “Well.”

“Aren’t you anemic? Eat more meat.” Mike said.

Sometimes the human mind works wonders.

She ate meat buns this morning and didn’t have any nausea or discomfort.

But now that she knew that she was pregnant, looking at the table full of meat dishes, she not only lost her appetite, but her stomach began to pantothenate.

Mike saw that she couldn’t move the chopsticks, so he took a piece of spareribs for her.

She picked up the ribs and took a bite: “It would be nice if there were green vegetables.”

“Oh, I’ll let him fry two green vegetables tomorrow.” Seeing that she was in a low mood, Mike always felt that she went to Fu Shiting in the afternoon.

Because she was in a normal state before noon.

“Jin Sinian’s agent came to you this afternoon, because you were not here, so I had a chat with him.” Mike briefly told her what he talked about in the afternoon.

“Oh, have you talked about it?” She raised her eyebrows.

“It’s almost up to you, it’s up to you.” Mike said, “Jin Sinian is not bad, and I won’t call him a liar again.”

“Since you’re almost done talking, let’s talk about it according to yours. Good cooperation!” She didn’t comment otherwise.

“Oh, don’t you like marketing?”

“Everything is not absolute.” She had no appetite, and simply put down her chopsticks, “I paid attention to Wang Wanzhi’s company, and they have used every possible method to promote marketing. So far, it seems that the effect is very good… …Si Nian did this because he wanted to help me. I have no reason to refuse.”

“You don’t want to!”

“I can’t lose to Wang Wanzhi.” She got up from the dining chair, “I will make a plan, and then Talk to Sinian again.”

“Hey, you eat first!” Seeing that half of the rice in her bowl was left, Mike immediately stopped her.

“I’m not hungry now. I’ll cook my own noodles when I’m hungry.” After she said this, she strode upstairs.

After going upstairs, she opened the notebook and started to work.

The rain outside the window was getting heavier and heavier, and it was slamming against the window.

She finished her work restlessly, and got up from her chair.

Looking at the time, it was already eleven o’clock at night.

She has to go out now.

Chapter 426

Chapter 426

She still can’t worry about the child in her stomach.

Before determining if he was healthy, she wanted to make up for it.

Whether it’s too late or not, at least she can feel better.

She put on a coat and went out with an umbrella.

From the community, about three minutes walk, there is a pharmacy.

She bought a bottle of folic acid and put it in her pocket, opened her umbrella and walked into the rain.

Although it rained heavily, it was not very cold.

It’s already spring.

Spring is a season of recovery and a season of hope.

How I hope that the child in my belly, like Rila and Xiaohan, is healthy and healthy.

She gave birth to him as long as he was healthy.

As for Fu Shiting’s thoughts, it’s not that important anymore.

The rain in the evening made her think a lot.

Her and his life, after all, are two parallel lines.

She lives her life well and has a clear conscience.

When she got home, she put away the umbrella and put it outside the door. Before she entered the door, she heard noises from the living room.

“You strangled my neck!” Zhou Ziyi’s voice was irritable.

Mike: “Shut up! Don’t wake An An!”

Zhou Ziyi exhaled heavily: “Why did you bring me here? Hurry up and take me home!”

Mike sat on the sofa and scratched his hair: “I’ve been drinking, how can I send you back? You can come here tonight and have a look!”

“You let me sleep on the sofa?!”

“What’s wrong with sleeping on the sofa? It’s good to have a sofa for you to sleep on! I still hate it! Then you want to sleep in my room?”

“Are you fucking sick? Qin Anan and her two children found out that I was sleeping on the sofa. What? I’m shameless?” Zhou Ziyi struggled to get up from the sofa and walked towards Mike’s room.

Mike followed behind him: “Wait for me! Zhou Ziyi… Did you quit your job? You came to our company… That scumbag Fu Shiting… “

Fuck! My boss is not a scumbag! I know you will definitely talk about Yinyin again…I guarantee my personality, he and Yinyin are definitely not a relationship between men and women! As for that Shen Yu, What’s more! My boss has never liked her! Even if the two of them accidentally had a physical relationship, it would be Shen Yu’s trick… My boss has a cleanliness addiction! No matter in life or in love, he He ‘s a very clean man!”

Zhou Ziyi forgot that Mike told him to be quiet.

Even if Qin Anan is in the upstairs room now, he can still hear his roar.

“Our house An’an is cleaner!” Mike argued with him, “Since I met her, she has never been in a relationship! No matter how handsome or good a man is chasing her, her heart is still like water! Your boss can have my family’s An’an. Is it clean?!”

Zhou Ziyi: “But Qin An is like a snake and scorpion! She almost killed my boss!”

Mike: “You are a snake! , she is struggling to kill a chicken, can she kill your boss? With your brain, how did you become the chief assistant?!”

Zhou Ziyi held the door with one hand and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose with the other, with a blank expression on his face. .

What Mike said seems to make a little sense?

Seeing him absent-minded, Mike pushed him into the room and closed the door.

After that, Qin Anan didn’t really hear what the two of them said.

She walked in from the door and closed the door.

Zhou Ziyi’s words kept echoing in his mind.

Whether his words were true or not, her mood was affected by success.

She quickly went upstairs and went back to her room.

After taking off her coat, she picked up the water glass and swallowed a tablet of folic acid.

What crime did she do to make her pregnant with Fu Shiting’s three children!


Although the first two were born at one time, raising them is not as worry-free as raising one.

This is not the most important thing.

Most importantly, because of these three children, it is impossible for her to completely separate herself from him in her entire life!

She lay down on the bed and turned off the light.

Over and over, over and over for a long time, more and more spiritual.

She took her phone and checked the time.

It’s only been half an hour.

She sighed in the dark, forcing herself to close her eyes and go back to sleep.

Chapter 427

Chapter 427

After tossing and turning for a while, she took her phone to check the time again.

It’s past midnight now, and it’ll be one o’clock in the morning in a little while.

But she couldn’t sleep.

No sleepiness at all.

She almost reflexively pulled open the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out the melatonin.

When she opened the medicine bottle and was about to swallow the medicine, the folic acid on the bedside table woke her up!

She immediately threw the pills in her hand into the trash can.

She must sleep.

for the child in the womb.

The next day, eight in the morning.

After Qin Anan sent the two children to the kindergarten, he bought breakfast outside.

At this moment, Zhou Ziyi came out of Mike’s room, buttoning his shirt bleakly, with a fast pace under his feet.

He should have planned to leave quickly before she was discovered.

“Brother Zhou, I bought you breakfast.” Qin Anan said politely.

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Hearing her voice, Mike came out of the room.

“Ann, that…” Mike blushed slightly, trying to explain.

Qin Anan interrupted him calmly: “if the two of you have established a relationship, it’s better for you to move out. After all, I’m here with my two children, so I’m afraid to disturb you. If you don’t want to be far away from me, you can just Buy a villa in this community and be my neighbor.”

Mike: “No! You won’t disturb us! I won’t move out… Even if I bring Ziyi back, it will be at night… ..”

Zhou Ziyi supported his forehead.

Mike: “Ziyi, come and have breakfast.”

Zhou Ziyi was forced to sit down at the dining table.

He glanced at Qin An’an.

She was well-dressed today, and she was so beautiful that it was impossible to ignore.

She was wearing a white sweater with a red dress underneath and a pair of small flat shoes.

She had light makeup on and looked good.

“Miss Qin, do you have a date today?” Zhou Ziyi asked aloud.

Mike: “Jin Sinian, did you know? He signed the first new song of his comeback to us. Today we will hold a signing ceremony at the hotel.”

Zhou Ziyi looked at Qin An’an in shock: “It seems that Jin Sinian is ill. , you really cured him?!”

Qin Anan changed the subject: “Didn’t you blackmail Michael? Why did you make up again?”

Speaking of this, Zhou Ziyi’s face became richer: ” I was drinking outside with my colleague last night, and he went straight to our meeting place and took me away!”

McNong frowned: “By the way, you haven’t dragged me out of the blacklist, have you?”

Qin Anan didn’t want to Be a light bulb, so I got up: “You two eat slowly, I’ll go first.”

Ten o’clock in the morning.

The oldest five-star hotel in the city.

The first event Jin Sinian participated in after his comeback was held here.

The event was broadcast live online.

Tens of millions of fans have put this event on the top of the hot search!

ST Group.

CEO’s office.

This unprecedented live broadcast was playing on Fu Shiting’s computer screen.

In the live broadcast, Qin Anan stood beside Jin Sinian with a sweet smile.

They both look perfect in white sweaters!

Fu Shiting’s brows furrowed tightly.

The sweater on her is the one she once knitted for him!

Although he broke up later, he returned it.

But the sweater he wore, how could she wear it out as a couple’s outfit with other men? !

He coughed violently!

Chapter 428

Chapter 428 The

office door was pushed open.

Seeing him coughing violently, Sheng Bei immediately walked over and gave his water glass to him.

“Don’t come to work if you’re not feeling well! You don’t listen to the doctor’s orders every time.”

He put the water glass on the table and strode towards the bathroom.

Sheng Bei wanted to follow, but out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the live broadcast on his computer.

“Si Nian, everyone is very curious, why did you choose to cooperate with the Qin Group. Is it because they gave too much?” The reporter asked with a smile.

Jin Sinian glanced at Qin An’an with a smile in his eyes. When he was about to answer, Qin An’an spoke first: “No. Sinian said that he had left the entertainment industry for three years, and now he is the same as a newcomer, so he only charged a little money. “

There was a commotion from the audience.

“Mr. Qin, how did you and Sinian know each other? Isn’t your relationship good? I think you both wore white sweaters today…” The reporter continued to gossip.

Qin An’an’s face turned red.

“It’s a coincidence.” Jin Sinian replied for her, “I wore a brown coat outside because it was hot in the hotel, so I took it off just now.”

“Si Nian, you must have many choices for your comeback this time. I chose Qin Group because you have a good personal relationship with President Qin? When did you meet?”

Jin Sinian: “We met when I was sick. This new song was also written when I was sick.”

Under the stage, someone suddenly made a request: “Si Nian, can you sing this new song for us live?!”

Once this request was made, others cheered.

Qin Anan glanced at him with a smile, then stepped aside and left the stage to him.

ST Group.

Fu Shiting came out of the bathroom.

Sheng Bei has turned off the live broadcast on his laptop.

Sheng Bei didn’t understand.

Since they broke up, why does he still pay attention to her news.

Who she is with is her business.

Why does he even care?

Do you think the injury was not deep enough last time?

“Shi Ting, let me take you back!” Sheng Bei stood in front of him with a tough attitude, “Do you want to die in the office like this?”

Fu Shiting’s face was ashen, his fingers clenched, and he strode towards the elevator.

Sheng Bei followed behind him.

“She came to see me yesterday.” Entering the elevator, his low hoarse voice came.

Sheng Bei looked at him in disbelief: “You said Qin Anan went to see you yesterday?”

“I didn’t see her.” His Adam’s apple moved up and down, “She deliberately wore that white sweater today to anger me.”

Sheng Bei I don’t really want to believe that Qin Anan is such a woman.

But Fu Shiting’s heart wound always reminded him that he didn’t know Qin Anan.

“If you don’t love her, you won’t be mad at anything she wears.” Sheng Bei said sharply, “If you can’t change her, then change yourself.”

Simply put!

If he could force himself not to love her, he wouldn’t be in pain till now.

in the hotel.

After Jin Sinian sang his new song, the atmosphere at the scene reached its peak!

Afterwards, Qin Anan, as the boss of the company, talked about the next development direction of Qin Group, as well as the functions and introduction of the upcoming new products.

Because Jin Sinian has been standing beside Qin An’an, the number of people watching the live broadcast has not decreased but increased.

The publicity effect of the Qin Group has been maximized.

Jinzhi Group, Wang Wanzhi watched this live broadcast, her facial features were deformed with anger.

Chapter 429

Chapter 429

“Qin An’an has two brushes!” Wang Wanzhi said coldly.

Although Jin Sinian is not the hottest idol male star at the moment, he used to be!

And he officially made his comeback today, setting off an unprecedented pomp in the entertainment industry!

Wang Wanzhi didn’t understand why Jin Sinian helped Qin Anan so much.

Before, he posted Weibo for the Qin Group and saved the Qin Group once.

This time, he actually wrote a song for the Qin Group!


She dialed Shen Yu’s number, and the call was quickly connected.

“Shen Yu, do you know why Jin Sinian helped Qin An’an so much? Do they have an affair?”

Shen Yu was also watching the live broadcast, and she was in a bad mood.

Jin Sinian is not only talented, but also so handsome that it is difficult for women to resist his temptation.

“He gave the answer in the live broadcast just now.” Shen Yu’s voice was as cold as a cold pool, “He said he and Qin An’an met during his illness.”

Wang Wanzhi didn’t understand what she meant: “This is something What’s so strange?”

“He was in a vegetable before! A vegetable is not conscious at all. Even if Qin Anan is shaking in front of him every day, it is impossible for him to know Qin Anan! So he knew Qin Anan after his illness! How did he get sick? Okay? Why is he so kind to Qin Anan? Isn’t that clear?!”

Wang Wanzhi was shocked: “You mean that Qin Anan cured his illness!”

Shen Yu gritted her teeth: “Yes! His illness, definitely It was Qin An’an who took care of it! Only Qin An’an has saved his life so that he can do everything in return!”

Wang Wanzhi suddenly laughed.

Shen Yu was puzzled: “What are you laughing at?! Qin Anan now has the trump card of Jin Sinian, you should hurry up and find a way to stop her!”

“When did Qin An’an become so good? Why haven’t I heard of it at all? Can she cure a vegetative person? If she really has this ability, what company would she open! She will go directly to be a doctor and treat the rich. …You see that you treated Yinyin, and Fu Shiting gave you two billion … Isn’t this more profitable than starting a company?”

Wang Wanzhi overturned Shen Yu’s guess.

Shen Yu: “If you don’t believe it, forget it! I didn’t want to convince you either!”

Wang Wanzhi: “I didn’t believe you, but I didn’t believe Qin An’an! How could she be so powerful!”

Shen Yu took a deep breath: “At first I didn’t either. I believe she is so powerful, but… this is not something I don’t want to believe that it doesn’t exist! Deceiving oneself will only make people more stupid!”

The smile on Wang Wanzhi’s face disappeared completely.

“Are you scared?” Shen Yu saw that Wang Wanzhi was silent, so she sneered, “If I knew you were just like this, I shouldn’t have given all my money to you!”

Wang Wanzhi was provoked: “Shen Yu, you are Qin An. An’s defeated generals, do you think everyone is the same as you? Just wait and see!”

Shen Yu smiled instead of anger: “Then I’ll wait and see how you beat her!”


After the signing ceremony, Jin Sinian got into a black car under the escort of bodyguards.

The fans squatting outside the hotel screamed wildly!

Qin Anan came out after Jin Sinian.

Looking at the dark crowd outside the hotel, she really felt the difference between stars and ordinary people.

After Jin Sinian’s car drove away, the fans who were guarding outside the hotel dispersed.

Not far away, a black Rolls-Royce was parked.

Fu Shiting sat in the car.

After the crowd dispersed, his deep cold eyes fell on Qin Anan, who was wearing a white sweater.

She is talking to Mike about something.

Mike hugged her shoulders intimately and led her to the parking lot.

This scene hurt him.

Qin An’an has never lacked men’s care.

Sheng Bei held the steering wheel and looked at Fu Shiting’s painful face with narrow eyes: “Shi Ting, forget her! Without you, she is doing fine.”

Chapter 430

Chapter 430

He saw it.

She was really doing well.

After Qin Anan got into the car, he took out the thermos cup from his bag, unscrewed the lid, and took a sip of warm water.

Mike waited for her to finish the water and drove the car out.

“What’s for lunch?” he asked.

Qin An’an: “It’s not even noon yet! I’m not hungry.”

Mike: “Think ahead of time!”

Qin An’an pondered for a few seconds, and said, “I’ll solve it myself for lunch in the future.”

Mike has to eat meat every meal, She has no interest in any meat now.

Before she got pregnant, she had a good appetite.

So if Mike saw that she didn’t eat meat, he would definitely be suspicious.

“Don’t you want to lose weight, right?” Mike asked suspiciously, “Qin Anan, don’t lose yourself! You don’t want to be a star in the entertainment industry, so there’s no need to compare with those female stars!”

Qin Anan rested her forehead.

She knew that Mike had a delicate mind and would definitely think wildly.

“I don’t lose weight. I just don’t want to eat with you.”

Mike: “Why don’t you eat with me? If you don’t eat with me, who do you eat with?”

Qin Anan: “I think we should avoid suspicion. I heard everything you said to Zhou Ziyi last night. You care so much about the relationship between Zhou Ziyi and Fu Shiting, what if Zhou Ziyi also cares about your relationship with me?”

Mike: “… .”

Qin An’an: “In the future, we will have our own meals. After work, we can still go home together.”

Mike: “Oh… well!”

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

He took out his phone and glanced at the incoming call alert, then slowed down and put on a Bluetooth headset.

“Are you with Qin An’an now?” Zhou Ziyi’s voice came over the phone.

Mike glanced at Qin An’an: “No… what’s the matter?”

He lied because he wanted to know what Zhou Ziyi wanted to say.

Zhou Ziyi: “Do you know what the white sweater Qin Anan is wearing today? She is really too much! She used to knit that sweater for my boss…”

Mike looked at Qin Anan’s body His white sweater glanced at him and said lightly, “Oh, the sweater I gave to your boss, why did it come back to her again?”

Zhou Ziyi exhaled: “Maybe he gave it back to her after breaking up!”

“Since he gave it back to An An Come on, then An An can wear it if she wants, it’s none of your boss’s business!” Mike’s mood gradually became irritable, and he didn’t speak politely.

Zhou Ziyi did not expect him to be so fierce.

“I mean, Qin Anan did this to deliberately disobey my boss! She and Jin Sinian made an appointment, right? They wear white sweaters together, what’s the matter, are they going to open their relationship? My boss this morning I watched the live broadcast! I almost didn’t get angry!”

“Since he watched the live broadcast, he should have heard Jin Sinian’s explanation, right? What is your boss angry about? Does he want Qin Anan to be alone with him for the rest of his life? Consumption?”

Mike’s rhetorical question made Zhou Ziyi fall into silence.

Mike is right.

Why is the boss so angry?

The two of them broke up a long time ago, and they killed a wave. It stands to reason that there should be no nostalgia!

Qin Anan sat in the passenger seat, and had basically guessed what Zhou Ziyi said on the phone.

The reason why she wears this white sweater today is because Jin Sinian asked her to put on the necklace today.

The necklace is black, so it will be better to wear white clothes.

And she doesn’t have a white coat, so she wears this white sweater.

She didn’t expect that Jin Sinian would also wear a white sweater today.

She is very embarrassed to cause everyone’s misunderstanding.

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