When His Eyes Opened Chapter 431 -440(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 431 -440(Chinese)

Chapter 431

But she didn’t want to explain.

“Zhou Ziyi, go and tell your boss that Qin Anan and Jin Sinian are together!” Mike wanted Fu Shiting to give up completely and stop entanglement with Qin Anan.

When Qin Anan heard McHu say, he immediately took the earphones from his ears.

“Brother Zhou, don’t listen to his nonsense.” She said, “I have a cooperative relationship with Sinian. Also, the sweater was returned to me by your boss, so I can wear it whenever I want. If I start With a new relationship, I can also wear this sweater to a date.”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Damn Mike!

He even lied to him that he was not with Qin Anan.

Aside from embarrassment, it’s embarrassing.

“Miss Qin, you can wear your clothes if you want… I just complained to Mike, nothing else… I have realized that my boss is not a saint, and he also has shortcomings. I I will often warn myself in the future.” Zhou Ziyi said.

“Well… he went to work today? Shouldn’t he rest at home?” Qin Anan said calmly. Zhou Ziyi: “He never listens

to the doctor. But he has already been sent back by Brother Bei.

” Zhou Ziyi suddenly said: “I wish you a big increase in sales and become No. 1 in the industry.” Qin An’an: “…” Mike took the headset back and ended the awkward chat. “Qin An’an, you are very clever! When will you knit me a sweater?” Mike teased. Qin Anan glared at him.

Mike laughed and changed the subject: “Fu Shiting is such a terrible old man! He still has a heart for you! It seems that your stab is not deep enough!”

Qin Anan corrected him: “I didn’t stab that stab. “

Oh…I have to suspect that he may not have a normal brain.”

Qin An’an: “I read a book on the study of success before. It mentioned that the way of thinking between successful people and ordinary people is different. Yes .”

Mike: “But you’re normal!”

Qin Anan said, “I’m not a successful person.”

“You’re still not successful? Let the business giant Fu Shiting never forget you, and let the top class Male star Jin Sinian is fascinated by you… Seriously, Jin Sinian may have fallen in love with you. During the event just now, he kept staring at you, his eyes… very wrong .” Mike said with added content.

Qin Anan: “Did you owe a fight?”

Mike closed his mouth.


There is a hot search on Weibo –

金斯年Announced Love

From this hot search point, you can see the latest Weibo released by a marketing account.

This Weibo pointed out that Jin Sinian and Qin Anan are not only a cooperative relationship, but also a couple relationship!

There is a very important iron proof that the necklace Qin Anan was wearing on his neck this morning belonged to Jin Sinian!

The marketing account released a screenshot of an old fan’s remarks:

I’ve been a fan of Jin Si for eight years! In the three years since he was injured and retired from the circle, I have never lost his fans! I’ve been waiting for him to come back! As a result, he came back today! But with such a big surprise! New fans may not recognize the necklace on Qin An’an’s neck, but old fans should all know! This necklace is Jin Sinian’s personal item! He has worn this necklace at least eight times out of ten previous events! But now, he gave this necklace to Qin Anan! If this is not love, what is? !

Below are countless photos of Jin Si years ago attending events.

In every photo, Jin Sinian wears this black necklace.

Is this a real hammer? !

After the hot search appeared, the Internet was suddenly mourning!

Qin Anan was also scolded on the hot search for this.

Fu family.

A piece of news popped up on Fu Shiting’s phone.

——Jin Sinian’s love affair was blown up! The heroine is the beautiful boss of Qin Group, Qin Anan!

Chapter 432

Chapter 432

Fu Shiting just took a shower, and the water droplets on his hair fell down the tips of his hair, drop by drop.

He has a dry towel in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

After seeing the news that jumped out, his fingers trembled slightly and clicked in.

After reading the news, a gloomy chill appeared in his eyes!

When did Qin Anan accept Jin Sinian’s love token?

Did she come to him last night to tell him that she was about to start a new relationship?

is this necessary?

He threw the phone on the cabinet.

Make a loud ‘bang’!

Luxurious European-style villa.

Wang Wanzhi held a goblet in her hand, and the red wine swayed slightly in the glass.

She finished reading the news on the Internet with a smug face, and then took a sip of red wine.

“Do you know what idol stars are most afraid of?” She said these words in the direction of Shen Yu, “The most fearful thing is that fans will lose fans collectively. And what can make stars lose fans? That is to announce their romance. Jin Sinian No matter how popular they are, they can’t escape the catastrophe of idol stars!”

Shen Yu admired Wang Wanzhi.

“This wave will definitely hurt Jin Sinian’s vitality. No matter how he explains it next, there will definitely be fans who will lose his fans.” Wang Wanzhi smiled smugly, “The times have changed a long time ago, and there is no shortage of handsome looks now. A talented and high-quality idol.”

Shen Yu: “Don’t be too complacent. Among the popular male stars now, no one is better than Jin Sinian.”

“You hold him so high, you are also him. fans, right?” Wang Wanzhi looked at Shen Yu with a puzzled expression.

“Is it strange that I’m his fan? Our goal is not to stink Jin Sinian, our goal is Qin An’an. So you’d better be reasonable.” After Shen Yu finished speaking, she got up with her bag and left the mansion.

Now Wang Wanzhi lives with her father Shen.

So Shen Yu often came over to eat.

After Shen Yu left, Shen’s father said to Wang Wanzhi, “Don’t worry about her, just do it your way. You are a businessman, and your interests are what you need to consider.”

Wang Wanzhi casually replied, “Your daughter makes me angry. , do you have to compensate me? Pinch my feet.”

Father Shen immediately came over and pinched her feet.

Wang Wanzhi leaned on the sofa comfortably and sighed, “Why did I marry Qin Jie in the first place? You don’t know that when I was a full-time wife, I had to look at his face every day, and pointed him to me every month. Living expenses… Really useless! If only he was still alive! I really want him to see how good I am now!”

Father Shen flattered: “If he was still alive, you would definitely not start your own business. We can’t be together.”

Wang Wanzhi: “That’s true. Although he is dead, his daughter is still alive. What he owes me, I want his daughter to pay me the principal and interest!”

… .

Galaxy Villas.

Qin Anan was shocked when he saw the news.

Because, before Jin Sinian recovered, she was a fake fan of Jin Sinian.

She had no idea that this necklace was often worn by Jin Si years ago.

If she knew, she would definitely not accept this gift.

And Jin Sinian asked her to wear this necklace yesterday, but she didn’t think much about it.

She picked up the phone and dialed Jin Sinian.

After Jin Sinian answered the phone, his tone was as gentle and calm as always: “An An, do you want me to clarify or…”

“Clarification.” Qin Anan did not wait for his words to finish, and spoke firmly, “Si Nian , sorry, I don’t know what this necklace means to you. I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.”

“I clarified that it’s okay, but don’t return the gift I gave. I’ll be sad.” Jin Sinian’s tone was pleading.

Her heart softened suddenly: “Okay. I’ll accept it. But you have to clarify our relationship.”

Jin Sinian responded after being silent for a few seconds.

After talking on the phone, she picked up the water glass and took a sip.

Chapter 433

Chapter 433

“What a scheming boy! I said he was interested in you, right?” Mike sat next to him and heard the content of their conversation clearly, “As long as you have a little interest in him, tonight the two of you will become “

He’s too young. Young people are prone to impulsiveness,” Qin Anan explained, “I was too young.”

Mike: “I know! When you were young, you were impulsive to Fu Shiting, so you were punished by now.”

Qin An’an: “…”

“An An, don’t look at Weibo.” Mike touched her head, “Those people on the Internet are so incompetent! The scolding is too much. It’s ugly! Don’t take those scolding words to your heart.”

“I didn’t read Weibo.” Qin Anan said calmly, “Even if I read it, it won’t affect me. I still have this psychological quality. “

That’s good!” Mike glanced at the time, “Zhou Ziyi asked me to have supper, I’ll go out first! Call me if you have anything.”

“Go out! Don’t drink!”

“I know. Today I promise not to drink at night.” Mike reassured and went out with the car keys.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Qin Anan turned off the lights in the children’s room.

After her footsteps were gone, Rilla tugged at her brother’s arm.

“Brother, my mother rejected Uncle Sinian, I’m a little sad. Why doesn’t my mother like Uncle Sinian? I like Uncle Sinian so much. Uncle Sinian is so handsome… If Uncle Sinian is my father That ‘s it.”

Rila was upset, so she hummed.

She dared not say this in front of her mother.

Because she knew she couldn’t control her mother’s choice.

Xiaohan’s reaction to this was very cold.

Although Jin Sinian was handsome and helped his mother, he felt that no one in this world could truly be worthy of his mother.

“Then come on.”

Rila’s mind flashed a series of question marks: “Brother, what do you mean? Why can’t I understand?”

“Go on and grow up. When you grow up, you marry him. ‘ Xiaohan explained.

Rila was stunned: “Brother, are you serious?”

“It seems that you like him falsely.”

“I really like him! But when I grow up, won’t he be old?” Rila’s reason Pull in the mind.

Xiaohan: “I really like it, I won’t dislike his old age .” Rila

took a breath: “Okay… Then I… Come on.”

Qin Anan returned to the room and turned on the phone.

Jin Sinian posted a clarification Weibo five minutes ago.

His clarification was simple and clear – if in the future I am lucky enough to find someone I love and love me, I will definitely tell everyone. As for Miss Qin, she is my goddess. I will always admire and respect her. I implore all my fans, don’t bother her with attacks. Thank you everyone.

Immediately after his Weibo post was posted, it was in the top three hot searches!

Fu Shiting glanced at his phone before going to bed, and another news popped up.

——Jin Sinian posted a blog saying that Qin Anan is his goddess!

He gritted his teeth and clicked in, and saw Jin Sinian’s Weibo post.


This shameless thing almost didn’t say ‘Qin An’an, I love you’!

But it seemed that Qin Anan was not confused.

Otherwise, Jin Sinian’s Weibo will not be like this, but – yes, I’m with Qin An’an!

Fu Shiting frowned, and an indescribable sense of crisis suddenly rose in his heart.

He couldn’t hold himself back and sent Qin An’an a message.

This was their first contact since his injury.

Chapter 434

Chapter 434

Qin Anan didn’t see his news for the first time.

Because she fell asleep after reading Jin Sinian’s clarification Weibo.

Nausea and drowsiness are common in early pregnancy.

She fell asleep more easily than usual these two days.

I used to have occasional insomnia and had to rely on melatonin to sleep well.

But tonight she lay down and fell asleep.

This sleep, she slept directly until more than five o’clock the next morning.

If it wasn’t for the urgency of urination, she should still be able to sleep.

When she woke up, she first took her phone to check the time.

As a result, I saw the message from Fu Shiting.

She paled in shock and walked quickly to the bathroom with her phone in hand.

Fu Shiting’s message was: Did you ask me for something yesterday?


She recalled it carefully in her mind.

She didn’t go to him yesterday!

and many more!

She fixed her eyes on the time of his message.

Half past ten last night? !

A coolness penetrated from the back.

She was completely awake.

After coming out of the bathroom, she went back to bed with her phone.

After lying down, she looked at his message, hesitating how to reply to him.

Tell him I’m pregnant?

But he needs to rest now.

She still didn’t use it to stimulate him.

But making up lies is not so easy.

He is very shrewd and not easy to deceive.

Thinking about it in bed, after suffering for a while, she replied: I happened to pass by your house the day before yesterday, so I stopped by to have a look.

After sending the message, she was completely drowsy.

She held her phone, opened her eyes, and looked at the ceiling.

The heart seems to be jumping out.

He just sent a message, why is she so nervous?

Why can she remain calm and calm when facing other men, but she is always easily disturbed when facing him?

Her messages are not voiced.

And she thought that at this point, he must be sleeping, and he must not reply to the message, so she held the phone and stared blankly for a while.

When her eyes were a little dry, she picked up the phone to check the time.

But… saw his reply!

His reply came in seconds after her message was sent!

At five o’clock in the morning, he responded to her message in seconds, and she had to wonder if he had not slept all night!

Because he does not have the habit of playing with mobile phones.

She abruptly got up from the bed and sat watching his reply.

His reply was: look at what? What catches your eyes? Don’t tell me you want to see me!

The last exclamation point shocked her.

I always felt that he was very angry when he typed this line of text.

She raised her hand and patted her head.

How to reply to him?

Mingming slept all night and was refreshed, but when she saw his message, she was a little confused.

Her fingers moved first: you haven’t slept all night, have you?

She wanted to change the subject, so she made this sentence.

But it was these words that made him burn with anger!

After he sent her a message last night, he waited for her reply, and the wait was one night.

Halfway through, he tried to shut down and force himself to sleep, but he failed!

Chapter 435

Chapter 435

Thinking of her dignified president of ST Group, she was heartbroken by her, and she took the initiative to send her a message with a shy face, but she didn’t reply immediately!

He’s in a terrible mood!

His scarlet eyes looked at the message she sent, and his fingers quickly typed on the screen: Are you very proud?

Qin An’an: …

the smell of gunpowder.

But considering that he hadn’t slept all night, it was normal for him to be angry.

She suppressed her emotions and patiently replied: It’s six o’clock, go to sleep! I also need to sleep a little longer.

After replying to this sentence, she lay down again.

He didn’t reply to her again.

In this game, he lost terribly!

In the relationship between men and women, whoever takes the initiative always loses!

Half past seven in the morning.

The door of Fu’s house slowly opened.

Aunt Hong was carrying her bag and was ready to go out.

Yin Yin looked at her back and followed her in a hurry.

Aunt Hong heard the sound of footsteps behind her, and immediately turned around. She stopped when she saw Yin Yin following.

“Yinyin, I have something to do this morning, so I have to go out. You wait at home and wait for the teacher to come to teach you a lesson, okay?”

Yinyin shook her head.

Aunt Hong accompanied her every day, and she was used to the company of Aunt Hong.

“Where are you going, take me there.”

Aunt Hong frowned: “I’m going to the station, it’s a little far. And the station is very crowded, so you wouldn’t want to go there.”

Yinyin doesn’t like crowded places.

She is afraid of strangers.

But today, she wanted to try.

Aunt Hong couldn’t resist her, so she had to take her there.

If she gets scared later, have the bodyguard take her home.

At half past eight, Aunt Hong brought Yinyin to the station.

The station was crowded with people, and the water was blocked.

Aunt Hong has been holding Yinyin’s hand tightly, and has been keeping an eye on her emotions.

Although she frowned, she did not show the resistance and fear she had before.

After a while, the person Aunt Hong was looking for walked over from the waiting area.

“Why is Yinyin here?” The person who spoke was Aunt Fang, the servant who served Mrs. Fu before.

Aunt Hong came over today to see her off.

Yin Yin looked at Aunt Fang curiously.

“Yinyin is so brave now that she can come to a place with so many people.” Aunt Fang sighed, “I really hope you can recover better and better.”

“She is recovering very well now.” Aunt Hong answered Then, “When you go back to your hometown this time, you shouldn’t come here again!”

Aunt Fang nodded: “They gave me a lot of money, I don’t have to worry about it in the future.”

Although she took a lot of money, Aunt Fang Between his brows, there was an indescribable sadness.

“Yinyin, why didn’t you go to your mother’s funeral before? Did your brother let you go?” Aunt Fang’s eyes were a little red, “You should attend. That’s your mother!”

Yinyin listened Aunt Fang’s words shocked her heart: “What mother?”

“Your brother’s mother is your mother!”

Yinyin blinked, as if she understood what she said: “My brother didn’t let me call her Mom, I don’t know her well.”

“Well… not familiar. But she’s your mother. Yin Yin, she’d be very happy to know you’re recovering so well now.”

“But she’s dead, and she’ll never see me again. Now .”

Yin Yin’s words made Aunt Fang’s eyes suddenly moist.

“Yinyin, your mother was killed. I don’t ask you to avenge your mother, I just want you to recover as soon as possible. Because when you recover, you will naturally avenge her. Also, don’t go there in the future. The old house, don’t go…because the murderer who killed your mother is right there.” Aunt Fang’s voice was very low, for fear of being heard.

Yin Yin received so much news in an instant, and his head hurt a little.

“I don’t dare to tell your brother, I’m afraid of being retaliated by… Yin Yin, you should keep the words I told you in your heart, you must keep it in your heart, and later… After I die, or when you recover, you will take revenge…”

Yin Yin was stunned.

Her hand couldn’t help grasping Aunt Fang’s arm, and a certain string in her heart was pulled!

hurts a little!

“And…” Seeing that she could understand what she said, Aunt Fang leaned into her ear, “Qin Zihan is your brother’s son, his biological son. Your mother was arrested because she knew about this. killed.”

Chapter 436

Chapter 436

Qin Group.

Qin Anan couldn’t help turning on his phone after finishing the work at hand.

She clicked on the chat record between herself and Fu Shiting and read it several times.

How did he think of sending her a message last night?

She went to him the day before yesterday, and he should have known that night.

Why didn’t he contact her that night?

She also opened the online scandal between herself and Jin Sinian.

She couldn’t help but wonder, did Fu Shiting see the news about her and Jin Sinian last night, so he took the initiative to send her a message?

What is his attitude towards her now?

If he hated her to death, he probably wouldn’t contact her even if he saw her news.

He contacted her last night and didn’t mention the old accounts. Did he turn the page in his mind?


With such a serious injury, how could it be so easy to turn the page?

She frowned, her thoughts a little confused.

If he hadn’t messaged her last night, she wouldn’t think of him as often as she did today.

The phone on the table rang, she picked it up and answered the call.

“Qin An’an! I’m downstairs in your company! Come down quickly! Let’s have dinner together at noon!” Li Xiaotian’s voice came cheerfully over the phone.

Qin Anan agreed without thinking much.

Five minutes later, she saw Li Xiaotian downstairs.

There are two sweet girls standing beside Li Xiaotian. They are cute and beautiful. They are dressed in fashion, just like Li Xiaotian.

“An An, let me introduce you. This is my good sister Lisa, and this is my cousin Xiao Ai. They are also bridesmaids at my wedding.”

“Hello An An! We’ve met before! I’m Xiao Tian’s college classmate!” Lisa said enthusiastically.

Xiao Ai: “Hello Sister An An, although we haven’t met, my cousin often talks about you, so I know you very well!”

Qin Anan smiled and went to a nearby restaurant with them.

“Are the three of you shopping today?”

“After only a while, they asked me to ask you out, so we came to your company.” Li Xiaotian put one hand on Qin An’an’s shoulder and said, ” An An, the two of them are big fans of Jin Sinian! I took a photo with Jin Sinian at your house a few days ago, and they were so jealous. Hahaha!”

Qin Anan understood what they meant.

“Next time I have a chance, I will take you to see him.”

Since she is a good friend, she is naturally willing to help.

“An’an, you are so kind! I didn’t expect you to be so refreshing! You are the goddess of Sinian! Hey!” Lisa said excitedly.

Xiao Ai suggested: “Sister An An, can you help to invite Sinian to my cousin’s wedding? Let’s pay him to sing a few songs!”

“An An, will this be too embarrassing? If it is too embarrassing, forget it. Li Xiaotian said, “I would like to have a chance to call us to participate in his activities in the future. He has just made a comeback, and it is estimated that the announcement line is very full. I saw his new songs, which have been sold on various music platforms. No. 1 on the list. Too awesome!”

Qin Anan nodded: “I’ll ask later. What if he’s free?” He

had hot pot for lunch.

Qin Anan hasn’t touched meat for two days.

It’s not disgusting at the moment, so I’m a little thirsty.

“An An, don’t you usually eat spicy food?” Li Xiaotian was surprised when she saw that there were a lot of peppers in her condiment bowl.

Qin Anan dipped in peppers and ate a piece of meat, and his appetite suddenly opened, “It’s okay to eat a little occasionally.”

“Why do I feel that you are getting thinner and thinner? Have you not eaten well?” Li Xiaotian stared at her thin face and wondered.

Chapter 437

Chapter 437

Qin An An Xin said: “Is there? Your illusion.”

After she had eaten her fill, she turned on her mobile phone, sent a message to Jin Sinian, and asked him if he was free on May Day.

I didn’t expect him to reply so quickly.

After she explained the matter to him, he readily agreed.

“Xiao Tian, ​​Sinian said that he will come to your wedding on May 1st.”

Her voice was settled, and a sudden exclamation sounded!

Li Xiaotian, Lisa and Xiaoai were crazy with excitement.

After a while, Li Xiaotian told He Zhunzhi the news.

And He Zhunzhi turned around and told Sheng Bei the news.

“My wife said that Qin Anan came forward to invite him,” He Zhunzhi said angrily, “I suddenly don’t want to get married. My wife is a fan of Jin Sinian…a fan! And her sisters. …..It should be said that those women are almost all fans of Jin Sinian. Who will look at me then? They have all gone to see Jin Sinian! My groom’s limelight has been robbed, and this has nothing to do with me. The wedding you imagined is completely different!”

He Zhunzhi felt very uncomfortable, but he didn’t dare to tell Li Xiaotian.

Sheng Bei sympathized with him, but gloated a little: “don’t worry, you’re not the only one suffering. This Jin Sinian made it clear that he likes Qin An’an. Your brother Shi Ting is probably not feeling well.”

Yesterday, Qin Anan just wore it. A white sweater and Jin Sinian happened to be a ‘couple’s outfit’, and Fu Shiting was so angry that he vomited blood.

If Qin Anan really fell in love with Jin Sinian, it is estimated that Fu Shiting would lose sleep all night.

“Does Shi Ting have a tendency to be abused? If any woman dares to hurt me, I will be merciful if I don’t do more damage. It is impossible to continue to like her.” He Zhun was puzzled.

“It’s not a tendency to be abused. After all, Qin An’an has also been hurt,” Sheng Bei said objectively, “He is more paranoid, whether it’s the career he likes or the people he likes.”

Once confirmed, it will not change your mind.

Others don’t look back when they hit the south wall, and he doesn’t look back when they hit the south wall.

“Oh, do you want to tell him about this?” He Zhunzhi asked.

“I’ll find a chance to tell him.” Sheng Bei thought for a few seconds and said.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Anan returned to the company.

Before she could open the office door, Mike stopped her.

“An An, come here!”

Qin Anan heard the sound and strode towards Mike: “What’s the matter?”

Mike took her by the arm and took her to the reception room.

In the reception room, a man and a woman were sitting.

“They are the staff of “Fashion Style” magazine, and they want to interview you.” Mike whispered in Qin An’an’s ear, “I checked, “Fashion Style” is quite famous. It depends on whether you want to accept them or not. interview.”

Qin Anan nodded after thinking quickly.

“Hello.” She greeted the staff.

“Hello, Miss Qin, we can do a brief interview first, and then see when you are free, go to our studio to take some pictures.” The staff politely said, “If you are free now, we can start the interview now. It will probably take you about half an hour.”

Qin Anan glanced at the time and readily agreed.

“Miss Qin, will you have more in-depth cooperation with Sinian in the future? For example, have you considered inviting him to be the spokesperson?” The reporter mentioned Jin Sinian.

Qin An’an was not surprised at all.

If it wasn’t for the hot search for her and Jin Sinian’s scandal last night, it would be impossible for such a fashion magazine to interview her.

“There are no plans for this at the moment,” she replied.

“Si Nian said you are his goddess, is he your goddess?” the reporter asked with a smile.

This question made Qin Anan hesitate for a moment, “Forget it! I admire him very much.”

“We found on the Internet that you had a relationship with Fu Shiting, president of ST Group. Is this true?” The reporter’s question, the more Getting trickier.

Chapter 438

Chapter 438

Qin An’an certainly won’t answer this question.

She couldn’t be too resistant, so she said politely: “You still don’t ask questions related to him. I’m afraid that your magazine will not be able to be released smoothly.”

Her answer made the gossip magazine staff like a dream Fang wakes up.

“Okay, Miss Qin. You studied medicine. How did you think of starting a business after graduation? What was your motivation for choosing to go into business?”

This question made Qin Anan’s eyebrows wrinkle slightly.

If you answer seriously, you can’t finish it all day and night.

She intends to simply deal with it.

Just as she was about to speak, a disgusting feeling came up uncontrollably.

She covered her mouth with one hand and quickly ran to the bathroom outside.

“Miss Qin! What’s wrong with you?” The two staff quickly chased after him.

It happened so suddenly that there was no time for anyone to react.

After Qin Anan ran to the bathroom, he vomited into the toilet!

I threw up everything I ate for lunch.

Because it was too uncomfortable, her eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

After the stomach emptied, the uncomfortable feeling suddenly disappeared without a trace.

She pressed the pump button and leaned against the wall to steady herself.

Mike came over after hearing the sound and strode into the bathroom.

“Qin An’an, what’s wrong with you?!” Mike grabbed her arm, pulled her body over, and faced himself, “Why are you so pale? Did you vomit?”

Qin Anan let go of his head Palm, went to the washbasin, turned on the faucet, and washed his face with water: “Having hot pot with Xiaotian at noon, I ordered too much, and I didn’t want to waste it, so I ate too much.”

“You can pack it if you can’t finish it! What is the operation of eating and vomiting yourself?” Mike frowned and said, “I’ll send you back to rest.”

Qin Anan: “The interview is not over yet! When the interview is over, I will go back by myself. “

You’ve all vomited, and put the rest aside.”

“It’s not uncomfortable now.” After washing her face, she felt much more relaxed, so she walked out of the bathroom, “Mike, leave me alone, go get busy.

After she finished speaking, she apologized to the two staff members: “I’m sorry! Let’s continue!” Because

she was not feeling well, the two staff members asked a few more simple questions and then ended the interview. .

After sending away the people from the magazine, Qin Anan returned to the office to carry her bags and prepare to go home.

Although it is not so uncomfortable now, after vomiting, my body seems to be hollowed out and becomes a little weak.

She wanted to go home and lie down.

She has not driven by herself since she found out she was pregnant.

Because the early pregnancy reaction of the first child was more serious, she was afraid that the reaction of this child would also be serious.

In such a situation, driving is more dangerous.

After leaving the company, she stopped a car on the side of the road.

When she got home, she nestled on the sofa in the living room, picked up her mobile phone, and sent a message to Li Xiaotian.

After her deliberation, she decided to tell Xiao Tian about her pregnancy.

After receiving the message from her, Li Xiaotian directly found a hidden place and called her.

“Qin An’an! Are you pregnant?! Whose child are you carrying? Damn it! It’s shocking! I’m going to have a heart attack!” Li Xiaotian yelled over the phone, very emotional.

More excited than seeing Jin Sinian.

Chapter 439

Chapter 439

Qin Anan took the phone farther away, her eardrum hurt a little.

“Qin An’an! Don’t pretend to be dead! Hurry up and tell me! Whose child are you pregnant with?! Ah! I’m going crazy! Where are you now? I’m going to find you! I’m going to make it clear to you face to face!” Li Xiaotian’s reaction made Qin Anan laugh.

“I’m at home now, don’t come to me, I’m ready to rest after talking to you on the phone.” She said lazily, “Who else can I have a child… I’ll tell you this, It’s because my early pregnancy reaction is getting worse now, let alone drinking, eating is a problem… When you get married, if someone persuades me to drink, I have to trouble you to stop it.”

They made an appointment before, Li Xiao Sweet singles night the night before the wedding, to play together.

When a group of people get together, they will inevitably drink.

Talk to Li Xiaotian first to avoid a lot of trouble.

“You mustn’t drink when you’re pregnant! I won’t let you drink then.” Li Xiaotian said, guessing, “Aren’t you pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child again? My God, you two are this What do you want to do?”

Qin Anan fell asleep when she heard his name.

Because she and Fu Shiting have no solution for the time being, her brain will automatically avoid information related to him.

That way it’s less painful.

“You help me keep it a secret. Because this child may not survive for three months.” Qin Anan got up from the sofa and walked upstairs.

“Okay, I’ll help you keep it a secret.” Li Xiaotian said, suddenly angry, “Fu Shiting, a scumbag, what else can he do besides sow seeds? Is he still a man!”

Qin Anan’s temple jumped: ” Don’t scold him. This kind of thing won’t happen again in the future.”

The child in his belly should be returned to Fu Shiting.

No matter whether the child can be born smoothly or not, she will never owe him anything in the future.

“You are so easy to bully!” Li Xiaotian grieved for her, “Next time he dares to touch you, just take the scissors!”

Qin Anan’s cheeks flushed after realizing the meaning of her words.

“Xiao Tian, ​​don’t be angry. If the child is healthy, I will give birth. I will have no trouble raising another child .

” . Fu family. Sheng Bei’s car slowly stopped in the yard. Fu Shiting, wearing gray home clothes, stood at the door and looked at Sheng Bei. “I’m here to eat.” Sheng Bei put the gift he brought in the living room, then told him what happened in the company today, and then said, “You should continue to rest at home! You have rested at home for a day today, The complexion is obviously much better.” Fu Shiting turned a deaf ear. “Where’s Yin Yin? I’ll call her to eat.” Sheng Bei looked around, but didn’t see Yin Yin. “She’s not feeling well today.” Fu Shiting strode towards the dining room, “Aren’t you a little too hard to come here to eat?” “I mainly came to see you. You were like yesterday, I had a nightmare last night.” Sheng Bei followed him and babbled, “Why is Yin Yin uncomfortable? Is the wound on his head uncomfortable? When is the third treatment?” “You talk a lot today.” Fu Shiting said in disgust, his eyes flashed Li Guang, “Are you okay?” “I’m okay…” Sheng Bei felt guilty. Fu Shiting took his reaction in his eyes and did not continue to ask. The two were so icy stalemate, and finally Sheng Bei was defeated.

“You really don’t want to go to Zhunzhi’s wedding?” Sheng Bei sat down in the dining chair and raised his narrow eyes, “Jin Sinian will be there. Qin Anan invited it.”

Sure enough, the calmness on Fu Shiting’s face disappeared. not see.

“The day before the wedding, they booked a holiday villa by the sea and decided to party all night!” Sheng Bei continued, “I don’t know if Jin Sinian will go, but Qin An’an will definitely go.”

Fu Shiting looked cold and full of emotions Pressed in the bottom of my heart, thin lips spit out three cold words: “I’m not going!”

Chapter 440

Chapter 440

His answer surprised Sheng Bei.

“You think about it?” Sheng Bei teased, “You should have thought about it a long time ago. Do you know what she said to Ziyi? She said that since you gave her back the white sweater, what did she think about it? She can wear it whenever she wants, and she’s right. But she said that she might also wear that sweater when she falls in love in the future.”

Fu Shiting’s fingers holding chopsticks turned white.

“Do you think I would care?”

Sheng Bei: “I want you to forget her.”

“Then you mention her to me?” His eyes swept across Sheng Bei’s face coldly, “Don’t tell me again. Anything related to her. I’m not interested.”

“That’s good! Originally, I was worried that you were healed and the scar forgot to hurt.” Sheng Bei breathed a sigh of relief, “Unfortunately you can’t drink, then I will drink it alone.”

He He walked to the small bar by himself and brought a bottle of red wine.

Fu Shiting finished eating quickly, put down the tableware and left the dining room.

Sheng Bei held the wine glass with a dissatisfied expression: “Hey! You can chat with me for a while! It’s boring for me to eat alone!”

Fu Shiting strode towards Yin Yin’s room.

He didn’t sleep last night and woke up in the afternoon today.

After waking up, I heard Mrs. Zhang say that Yinyin was in a bad mood today, she didn’t go to class, and she didn’t eat much.

He went to take a look at her room.

She was sleeping, so he couldn’t ask why she was in a bad mood.

Now it’s dinner time, and it’s getting dark, so it’s not suitable to continue sleeping.

If you go back to sleep, you will have insomnia when you wake up at night.

He pushed Yin Yin’s door open.

Yin Yin’s eyes are open.

Her dark and bright eyes were looking at a certain place without focusing.

I don’t know what she was thinking.

He was suddenly distressed.

“Yinyin.” He walked to the bed and sat down, looked at her absent-minded face, and said softly, “It’s time to get up for dinner.”

Yinyin raised her hand to hold his big palm and asked, “Brother, your Mom, that’s my mom, isn’t it?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes moved slightly: “I heard that you went out with Aunt Hong this morning. You went to the station, aren’t you afraid?”

“Brother, your mom is mine. Mom, isn’t it?” Yin Yin continued to ask as if he didn’t hear what he said.

“Well.” Fu Shiting clearly felt that his sister was not the same as usual.

She seldom took the initiative to ask questions before.

Don’t ask such sensitive questions.

But now she not only asked, but also asked the bottom line.

“Why didn’t you take me to my mother’s funeral?” After Yinyin got a definite answer from her brother, she began to believe what Aunt Fang said.

“Because there were many guests on the day of the funeral. You didn’t like to go to crowded places before, and I was afraid that you would be afraid.” Fu Shiting looked into her eyes, “You are not afraid to go to crowded places now, right?”

Yinyin is brave nodded.

Fu Shiting was very surprised by her change.

“Then brother will take you to play in a crowded place next time, okay?”

“But you’re still ill.” Yin Yin sat up from the bed, “Brother, I’m hungry.”

Fu Shiting helped her out of bed and brought her with him . She goes to the dining room.

Sheng Bei saw Yin Yin coming, and immediately put away the wine bottle.

“Yinyin, I heard that you are not feeling well. Where are you feeling? Did you call the doctor to have a look?” Sheng Bei said with concern.

Yinyin shook his head, picked up his chopsticks, and slammed his head into the rice.

Fu Shiting walked to the living room and made another call.

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