When His Eyes Opened Chapter 441 -450(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 441 -450(Chinese)

Chapter 441

After the call was connected, he gave a general description of Yin Yin’s situation, and then asked, “Does she need no more surgery and can recover on her own?” On the other

side of the phone, the family doctor did not dare to act Concluded: “This is a good thing. But it’s hard to say whether she can continue to recover in the future. But what is certain is that continuing the operation will definitely damage her body.”

Fu Shiting also knew this.

In addition to the two craniotomy performed by Shen Yu on Yinyin, before that, he also took Yinyin to see other famous doctors.

There have been several surgeries before and after.

So he is very confused now.

“Mr. Fu, have you asked Dr. Shen’s opinion?” the family doctor asked.


“Oh… If you don’t want to continue looking for Dr. Shen to treat Miss Yinyin, you can try Qin An’an. I saw Jin Sinian’s state after his comeback, it’s really good… .. He has no problem with singing except that he can’t dance like before. It shows that his body is almost recovered. This is very miraculous.” The family doctor sighed.

The family doctor said this because he didn’t know that Fu Shiting’s injury was related to Qin An’an.

Fu Shiting’s mood suddenly became extremely bad!

He talked to Qin Anan about this issue.

Qin Anan said that even if she could cure Yinyin, she would never help Yinyin cure her illness!

So he won’t go to this cruel woman!

Luxurious European-style villa.

After Shen Yu had eaten, she did not leave immediately as usual.

Because Wang Wanzhi’s plan did not go well.

Wang Wanzhi thought that the scandal between Jin Sinian and Qin An’an would break out, which would make Jin Sinian lose a lot of face powder.

But the fact is that after Jin Sinian clarified his relationship with Qin Anan on Weibo, not many fans lost their fans.

There may be many fans who lost their fans, but because he has too many iron fans, the scandal did not really affect him.

On the contrary, his topic discussion rate soared to the first place.

In addition, his new songs are selling well on various platforms, and many passers-by have become fans of him.

Now his popularity is high.

“Aunt Wang, what’s your plan next?” Shen Yu drank tea and said lightly, “I heard that the sales volume of Qin’s Group in the past two days is ridiculously high… Their prices are so expensive, they Selling one drone is worth us selling 100. And they are purely profitable, we are promoting at a loss… If this goes on, no amount of money will be enough for you to burn!”

“It’s not suitable for you to be so impatient. Make investment.” Wang Wanzhi sneered, “The Qin Group belongs to Qin An’an, not Jin Sinian. Jin Sinian’s fans cannot always pay for Qin An’an. When this wave of limelight passes, their sales will naturally drop. “

But you should also think of a way to make Qin An’an not so easy!” Shen Yu put down the teacup and said with a dark face, “I’m really unhappy to see her so proud!”

Wang Wanzhi said calmly, “I I’ve already thought of a new way! Just wait and watch the show.”

At this time, Father Shen interjected: “Shen Yu, your auntie Wang is so busy with company affairs every day, you should be more polite to her in the future.”

Shen Yu glanced at her father coldly: “I am the major shareholder of her company, and it is my right to supervise her to work well! If you can also take out 2 billion, I will listen to you.”

After speaking, she strode leave.

Time flies, to the end of April.

Today is the single night before Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi’s wedding.

They went to Xinghewan Villa to pick up Qin Anan early in the morning.

He Zhunzhi hadn’t seen Qin An’an for a while, so he was stunned when he saw her.

“Qin An’an, why are you so thin? Are you sick?”

Li Xiaotian glared at him: “Shut your crow’s mouth if you can’t speak! How good-looking An An is now! Skinny beauty!”

Qin Anan has lost six pounds since she became pregnant.

In the past two days, except for a little porridge and fruit, I can’t eat anything else.

After losing weight, she looks better in clothes.

But because she has no spirit, she exudes the temperament of a sick beauty.

Chapter 442

Chapter 442

Li Xiaotian helped Qin An’an into the car.

Mike followed behind and exhorted Li Xiaotian: “Xiaotian, please help and persuade her! She has lost weight recently and refuses to eat! She is wrong! But she doesn’t realize the seriousness of the problem! Look! How thin is she? In the past, she used to go for a walk in the community, but now she doesn’t like to move…”

Li Xiaotian patted Mike on the shoulder: “I will persuade her well. You don’t have to be too I’m worried, she wants to lose weight during this time, maybe she won’t lose weight after a while.”

“Oh…you guys are going to play today, why didn’t you invite me?” Mike felt sour.

Li Xiaotian: “You have to take the child!”

Mike: “…”

After Li Xiaotian got into the car, she waved to Mike.

The door closed and the car quickly left.

Qin Anan lay in the back seat and asked Li Xiaotian: “Have you invited Zhou Ziyi?”

Li Xiaotian: “What did you invite him to do? He is Fu Shiting’s assistant… Anyone related to Fu Shiting, all No invitation. Including my husband’s senior Sheng Bei…”

Qin Anan couldn’t help laughing.

“I’m not for you either… I can’t stand their group… I’ve already told my husband to stop interacting with them.” Li Xiaotian said, “It’s not that you can gather people by similarities. Is there a group score? Fu Shiting is a scumbag, and the people around him are definitely not much better. If I meet my husband later, my husband will definitely be affected by them. “

Qin Anan saw the front congratulations in the rear mirror. Zhunzhi pursed his lips and did not dare to speak.

“An An, when did you buy this dress? It’s so beautiful!” Li Xiaotian’s eyes fell on her dress, “and this white coat, it looks good too!”

Qin Anan has been vomiting quite a bit these days. Seriously, so I didn’t go to the company.

Staying at home is too boring every day, she fell in love with online shopping.

This outfit was bought online.

“I’ll send you the link!”

“Okay! I haven’t shopped online for a long time.

” From the front passenger seat, He Zhunzhi couldn’t help but say, “Qin An’an, if you really want to lose weight, you can go with Xiao Tian. Shopping! Shopping is also exercise, better than dieting for you!”

Qin Anan was about to speak, but Li Xiaotian took the lead: “An’an can lose weight as he wants, don’t mind your own business.”

He Zhunzhi: “Xiaotian, you This is a bit unreasonable! I think she is your best friend, so I care about her health…”

“An An doesn’t need you to care. It’s enough if I care about her.”

He Zhunzhi She pursed her lips and sighed inwardly.

In fact, Li Xiaotian usually doesn’t hold a gun and a stick when talking to him.

I don’t know why she maintains Qin An’an so much.

It was obvious that Qin An’an was wrong to lose weight like this. She didn’t want to persuade her, and she didn’t let others persuade her.

What’s wrong with this?

After driving out for more than an hour, the car arrived at the seaside villa.

The weather is fine and sunny today, with a maximum temperature of twenty-five degrees.

After Li Xiaotian and Qin Anan got out of the car, they walked towards the villa hand in hand.

He Zhunzhi took out his mobile phone and took a photo of their backs.

After the photo was taken, he sent it to Sheng Bei: Brother Bei, guess which one is Qin Anan.

After Sheng Bei went to Fu Shiting’s house for dinner last time, he didn’t pay attention to Qin An’an’s news.

After all, Fu Shiting said that he didn’t want to hear any news about her in the future.

Seeing the picture sent by He Zhunzhi, Sheng Bei narrowed his fox eyes and enlarged the picture.

Li Xiaotian is easy to identify because her hair color is blue-gray.

The woman beside Li Xiaotian was wearing a floral dress and a white knitted sweater.

From the back, it was impossible to tell that she was Qin Anan.

Because she looks as thin as a hemp, and can be blown away like a gust of wind.

Sheng Bei replied: Don’t tell me that the woman in the floral dress is Qin An’an.

He Zhunzhi: It’s her! She is on a diet to lose weight! I lost a lot of weight! I don’t know why she tortured herself so much. Is it for Jin Sinian? Otherwise, I really can’t figure out why she did it.

Sheng Bei: …

He Zhunzhi: It’s a pity you can’t see it with your own eyes! She is really thin! I saw her for the first time this morning and almost didn’t recognize her!

Sheng Bei: Is there such an exaggeration?

He Zhunzhi: Yes! But she is thin and beautiful! And because of her diet, she has no energy, looks weak and weak, and looks like she is easy to bully! If she was like this when she was with Shi Ting before, they would definitely not quarrel.

Shengbei: ……

Chapter 443

Chapter 443

Suddenly became a little interested in the current Qin Anan.

After thinking for a while, he sent He Zhunzhi a message: You candidly take a frontal photo of her for me.

He Zhunzhi: Don’t you want to send it to Brother Shi Ting?

Sheng Bei: Come on!

The heating was turned on in the villa.

The temperature is high.

Li Xiaotian and Qin Anan took off their coats and sat on the sofa.

Li Xiaotian prepared a lot of fruit.

She put all the fruits in front of Qin Anan.

Qin Anan picked up a honey peach and said in surprise: “Isn’t it the season to eat honey peach yet?”

Li Xiaotian: “As long as you have money, you can buy it in any season. You can try it!”

Qin Anan smiled nodded.

He Zhunzhi took the opportunity to secretly take a photo of her eating peaches.

Very well captured!

No matter from the composition, the light or the overall picture, it is perfect.

Make Qin Anan cute and sexy, sexy and playful.

He Zhunzhi sent the photo to Sheng Bei.

After seeing the photo, Sheng Bei issued a string of exclamation marks: Is this arm real?

Qin An’an took off his coat, and the floral skirt inside was a suspender style, so two slender and fair arms were exposed.

He Zhunzhi: Does it look like the kind of patient who is seriously ill and then loses weight?

Sheng Bei: Your crow’s mouth. Even if Qin An’an is separated from your brother Shi Ting, you don’t need to curse her like that!

He Zhunzhi’s grievances: I didn’t mean to curse her… You didn’t see her in person, and what you see with the naked eye has more impact than what you see in the photos!

Sheng Bei suddenly wanted to go to the scene to have a look.

But it’s a bit lonely to go alone, and I want to find someone to go with.

He sat in the leather swivel chair, thinking hard.

Fingers have consciously turned on the phone and found Fu Shiting’s dialog box.

Of course he couldn’t send Qin An’an’s photo directly.

Fu Shiting would definitely be angry.

He sent Fu Shiting a message: Shiting, the Q1 financial statement is now sent to you, you can take a look at it.

After a while, Fu Shiting replied: Good.

Sheng Bei smiled and sent the report, and also sent Qin An’an’s photo by the way.

After pretending to accidentally send Qin An’an’s photo, Sheng Bei kept staring at the chat interface.

He wanted to know Fu Shiting’s reaction so much!

He refreshed several times, but he didn’t see Fu Shiting’s reply.

Sheng Bei couldn’t help muttering: “He didn’t recognize Qin An’an, didn’t he?! It would be funny!”

Ten minutes passed, and the dialog box was silent.

Sheng Bei couldn’t sit still.

He came out of the office and strode towards Fu Shiting’s office.

CEO’s office.

Fu Shiting looked at Qin An’an’s photo, and Ying’s eyebrows clenched tightly.

He didn’t recognize Qin An’an at first sight.

I just thought this woman looked familiar.

He analyzed and speculated through Li Xiaotian next to her, and finally concluded that the woman holding the peach was Qin Anan.

How did she get so skinny?

Is something seriously ill?

Otherwise, it is impossible for a person to lose weight like this in a short period of time.

His heart suddenly tightened!

Chapter 444

Chapter 444

When Sheng Bei came in, he didn’t knock on the door.

He pushed open the office door.

Fu Shiting heard the sound and immediately put down the phone.

“Cough! Shi Ting, I just found out that I accidentally sent you Qin An’an’s photo…” Sheng Bei said slyly.

Fu Shiting raised his eyes and looked at him: “You said that you did it on purpose, and I won’t do anything to you.”

Sheng Bei laughed awkwardly: “Zhunzhi said that Qin Anan has lost a lot of weight, like a serious illness. I don’t believe it. , so he sent me a picture of her.”

Fu Shiting: “Seeing how happy you are, she must not be seriously ill.”

The smile on Sheng Bei’s face froze: “Uh… I heard it was for Losing weight. She is so cruel, there are so many ways to lose weight, but she chooses to diet to lose weight. Didn’t she study medicine? Don’t she know that dieting is not good for her body? I feel that she is very irrational… just like she was It’s like trying to kill you, it’s a big shock to me.”

The calm on Fu Shiting’s face disappeared.

He put down the document in his hand: “You are so concerned about her, why don’t you just jump ship to Qin’s Group!”

Sheng Bei: “Just pretend I didn’t say anything just now! I’m here to talk to you about business! I am today You have to get off work earlier in the afternoon. They have a big meal in the evening, and I will go over for a meal.”

Fu Shiting: “When do you need to report to me when you commute?”

Sheng Bei: “Okay, Mingren don’t speak secretly, you need to Don’t go to dinner together? Zhuzhi said that there are a lot of beauties today…”

Fu Shiting: “Go away!”

Sheng Bei walked away.

After the office door was closed, Fu Shiting turned on the phone, and Qin Anan’s photo came into view.

He zoomed in on the photo and saw the bright smile on Qin An’an’s face.

She in the photo is like the feeling she gave him when he first met him – childish, young and innocent.

He hadn’t seen her so relaxed and happy in a long time.

It wasn’t like that when she was in front of him.

Holiday home.

The invited guests came one after another.

At first glance, they are all young people under the age of 30.

They dress up stylish and sophisticated, and everyone looks good.

Qin Anan is sitting on the sofa, like watching a fashion show.

There were no activities arranged in the morning, everyone gathered together, chatting and eating, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Make your own lunch.

The kitchen is open, and everyone walks over to discuss what to eat and who will cook.

Qin Anan had no appetite, so after talking to Li Xiaotian, she went to the guest room to rest.

Seeing Qin An’an walking away, He Zhunzhi approached Li Xiaotian and asked, “Will she not plan to have lunch?”

“Yeah! He Zhunzhi, I told you not to mind your own business, are you? Didn’t you forget?” Li Xiaotian pushed his head.

He Zhunzhi held Li Xiaotian’s wrist and said seriously, “I feel that your attitude is very subtle. When I mention her, you are very excited. You seem to be afraid of what I say about her.”

“I don’t like you mentioning her.” She, because you are from Fu Shiting’s side.” Li Xiaotian made an excuse, “An An doesn’t want to have anything to do with Fu Shiting, whether she loses weight or what, it has nothing to do with you!”

He Zhunzhi sighed: “Okay! I think she’s going to faint at any moment. I’m asking all this out of concern for her body.”

“I know! But she’s not a child anymore, she doesn’t need outsiders to tell her. If she’s really faint If she falls down, we’ll just take her to the hospital.”

He Zhunzhi: “…”

After lunch, Li Xiaotian called everyone to play on the beach.

The villa suddenly became quiet.

Qin Anan slept until evening.

It was Li Xiaotian who brought her dinner in. She was attracted by the fragrance and woke up.

“An An, I bought you a bowl of hot and sour noodles. My mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she couldn’t eat, but she liked hot and sour noodles.” Li Xiaotian put the hot and sour noodles on the small coffee table in the room , said distressedly, “I see that your pregnancy is so uncomfortable, and I am also uncomfortable. How long will it take for you to return to normal?”

Qin Anan got off the bed.

Chapter 445

Chapter 445

She slept all afternoon, she is in good spirits now, and the nausea has disappeared.

“It’s hard to say. It may be fine after a while, or it may be in the third trimester. You don’t have to be afraid. Some people have a mild reaction to pregnancy. Maybe you won’t vomit when that time comes.” She walked to the small sofa and sat down. Looking at the hot and sour noodles, his eyes lit up, “Xiao Tian, ​​thank you for being so careful, I haven’t eaten hot and sour noodles in a long time.”

“You should eat less first, I’m afraid you will vomit.” Li Xiaotian sat on her On the opposite sofa, “Do you know what stupid thing He Zhunzhi did today? Because you didn’t eat at noon, he was afraid that you would faint here, so he quickly packed an ambulance. The ambulance is still parked outside the villa. !”

Qin Anan’s eyebrows were curved, the corners of his eyes were smiling, and at the same time he was very moved.

“Xiao Tian, ​​I hope you and He Zhunzhi will love you and be happy for a lifetime.”

“I see! Your task now is to take care of yourself and the little baby in your belly. I just want to think that he will be as beautiful and smart as Rila and Xiaohan. , I couldn’t help praying, hoping that the baby would be born healthy.”


Qin Anan and Li Xiaotian came out of the guest room after dinner.

When everyone saw her going downstairs, they immediately pulled her to the middle of the sofa and sat down.

“An’an! Come and play games with us! Don’t worry, Xiaotian has explained to us, but you are not feeling well now. So we won’t embarrass you if you lose!”

Qin Anan gave Li Xiaotian one Grateful eyes.

“What are you playing? I usually don’t know how to play games.” She was in good spirits and wanted to play with everyone.

“The challenge is not exciting! We will show you some video clips. If you are excited, you will lose!”

Qin Anan felt that the game was too simple after listening to the game introduction.

Except for Fu Shiting, she has never been moved by anyone else.

So she definitely won’t lose.

Seeing Qin An’an’s confident look, Li Xiaotian reminded her: “They are all female hooligans, be careful they show you those kind of hot videos…”

Qin Anan blushed instantly.

But she was still very confident.

At this time, Xiao Tian’s cousin Xiao Ai put a heart rate bracelet on Qin An’an’s wrist.

“Sister An An, if you win, you can make unreasonable demands on anyone present. Although I don’t think you will win.”

Qin An’an: “I won.”

The lights in the room suddenly dimmed. .

Immediately, the big screen in front of him lights up.

On the screen, a handsome man appeared. The man lifted his clothes with both hands, revealing eight strong abdominal muscles!

There was a burst of cheerful laughter in the living room.

Qin Anan laughed, and her heart rate only increased a little.

Soon, skip to the next video.

Qin Anan still had a calm smile on her face, and her heart rate remained unmoved.

When she was in country B, she met countless handsome guys.

So immune.

Until – Jin Sinian’s beautiful face like a monster appeared on the screen!

He was wearing a white shirt, he was wearing a knight’s suit, he was wearing a suit… The

scene was out of control in an instant!

Everyone screamed in excitement.

Qin An’an’s heart rate jumped up.

At this time, a ‘pop’ sound!

The lights in the living room were turned on, and the whole room was bright as day.

Everyone looked at the door in surprise…

Fu Shiting was dressed in black clothes and black pants, which was mysterious and noble by the dark night behind him.

His handsome and cold face exudes a powerful and compelling aura.

Chapter 446

Chapter 446

Qin Anan saw the heart rate bracelet on his wrist, and the value dropped from one hundred to eighty.

How could he come?

Xiao Tian said that he and his friends were not invited.

So, did he come uninvited?

Li Xiaotian was also stunned!

She stretched out her hand and pinched He Zhunzhi’s arm, “What’s the matter? Why is he here?”

As soon as Fu Shiting came, the atmosphere in the villa instantly froze!

Li Xiaotian did not welcome him.

But when he came, she did not dare to drive him away.

He Zhunzhi leaned into Xiaotian’s ear: “Since Brother Shiting is here, we still want to welcome him! Don’t hold your face! Give me some face!”

He Zhunzhi finished quickly, and immediately walked to Fu Shiting. He smiled and welcomed: “Brother Shi Ting, Brother Bei, you are here! Have you eaten dinner yet? If not, there is still in the kitchen…”

Sheng Bei said, “We are not hungry for the time being. What are you playing! It’s so loud!”

Sheng Bei’s voice was settled, like everyone who had pressed the pause button, suddenly less depressed and nervous.

“We are playing the challenge! Do you want to come and play together!” Lisa, Xiaotian’s best friend, warmly invited.

“Okay! How to play?” Sheng Bei pulled Fu Shiting towards them.

Li Xiaotian glanced at her troubled best friend.

Lisa was a little aggrieved, and whispered her conspiracy to Li Xiaotian: “When they lose, we’ll deal with them!”

Li Xiaotian suddenly became enlightened.

“An’an, sit on the side.” Li Xiaotian helped Qin An’an up from the middle of the sofa.

Then Sheng Bei and Fu Shiting were invited to the middle of the sofa.

The heart rate bracelet on Qin An’an’s wrist was removed.

“You two, who will play first?” Lisa walked up to them holding the bracelet.

Sheng Bei didn’t even think about it, and pointed to Fu Shiting: “He will play first.”

Fu Shiting’s cold eyes swept towards Sheng Bei.

Sheng Bei coughed, picked up the snacks on the table, and explained, “I’m a little hungry, I’ll have something to eat first.”

Lisa handed the bracelet to Fu Shiting: “You put this on.”

Fu Shiting always hated playing games .

He doesn’t like any game.

So he coldly refused: “I don’t play.”

“You don’t play games, so what are you doing?” Lisa looked at him with a puzzled face.

He Zhunzhi was nervous to death beside him.

Li Xiaotian is a fool who is not afraid of death. Her best friend is as foolish as she is!

Why are they not afraid of Fu Shiting at all?

Just when He Zhunzhi was about to save the scene, Fu Shiting took the bracelet from Lisa’s hand.

Sheng Bei smiled and comforted him: “I just did a search on the Internet, this game is very simple. They will show you some short videos, as long as you don’t get excited. Hahaha, this game is so suitable for you to play! Because No matter what they put, you will never be tempted.”

Sheng Bei was too confident, so he made a lot of nonsense to everyone: “Why don’t we take a gamble! I bet him to win! Whoever thinks he will lose, let’s go down. Note!”

Except for Sheng Bei, He Zhunzhi, Li Xiaotian and Qin An’an, the others were not familiar with Fu Shiting at all.

All I know is that this man is awesome.

Because the scene was a bit cold, Lisa bravely said in order to liven up the atmosphere: “Then I’ll bet on him losing! But if I lose, I’ll drink three glasses of wine, and if you lose, you have to drink a bottle of wine! How about it! ?”

“Hahaha, yes!” Sheng Bei readily agreed.

Several women gathered around and started looking for short videos.

Successful people like Fu Shiting must be used to seeing all kinds of beauties, so they have to find more exciting videos to make him lose!

“I have some classic kiss scene collections in my favorites, as well as some very hot bed drama collections!”

Chapter 447

Chapter 447

“Hahaha, it’s all arranged! I have to prepare something else. What if he doesn’t like women? Make some more handsome guys


” A must-see for a macho man? Show me!”

“Hahahaha! I’m dying of laughter! This is not bad!”

Several women were looking for material together, and they were very happy.

They are still too young!

I don’t know what kind of man Fu Shiting is.

Sheng Bei listened to their words, and his heart was not disturbed, and he even wanted to laugh.

Even if they find that kind of restricted video to play, Fu Shiting might not lose.

He Zhunzhi walked over to Li Xiaotian and Qin An’an, and explained in a low voice, “Bei Ge asked me for a location, I can’t help but give it? Said that Brother Shi Ting would come. But even if he told me in advance, I would definitely welcome them!”

Li Xiaotian glared at him coldly: “Everyone is here, what’s the point of you being here? He Zhunzhi teased: “

I’m not afraid that you two will be angry? Especially An An…”

Qin Anan: “They are your friends, it’s normal for you to invite them. I’m fine.”

He Zhunzhi looked grateful: “An An, you are so reasonable! But I didn’t tell them to come. They came by themselves.”

Of course He Zhunzhi would not say that he secretly took her photo.

If he said it, wouldn’t it reveal that he indirectly attracted them?

Li Xiaotian looked at Fu Shiting’s direction with a cold light in her eyes.

So obvious!

Fu Shiting came tonight, just for Qin An’an.

If Qin Anan was not here, he would definitely not come.

“You two, go sit over there on the sofa! Isn’t it tiring to stand like this?” He Zhunzhi said to them both.

“An’an doesn’t want to sit.” Li Xiaotian asked Qin An’an to sit on the sofa next to her just now, but she didn’t want to.

Because Fu Shiting was sitting on the sofa, she walked to a place where Fu Shiting couldn’t see her and stood.

“Okay, then I’ll bring you chairs.” He Zhunzhi graciously brought two chairs.

After the two sat down, Li Xiaotian leaned into Qin An’an’s ear and whispered, “When you challenged just now, I saw your heart rate reached 100, hahaha! You are heartbroken!”

Qin An’an is calm now.

Moreover, the heart is like still water.

“100 and below is a normal heart rate.” She said lightly.

Li Xiaotian felt that she was arguing: “If Fu Shiting hadn’t come in suddenly, your heart rate would definitely have exceeded 100!”

“The process is not important, the result is that it didn’t exceed.”

Li Xiaotian: “Hehe, Qin An’an, you wouldn’t Do you really like Jin Sinian? I think he is obedient to you, as long as you are willing, he will definitely spoil you! “

Qin Anan was numb.

“I admit that I admire him and his looks, but it has nothing to do with the relationship between men and women. Aren’t you his fan too? Don’t you love He Zhunzhi because of this? Don’t make such jokes in the future. I don’t want to be searched again because of the scandal with him.”

Li Xiaotian nodded angrily.

Soon, Lisa and the others found the material.

Fu Shiting’s unmoved challenge is about to begin.

“An An, do you think he will lose?” Li Xiaotian asked.

“I don’t know.”

Qin Anan’s voice was settled, and on the big screen, a picture of a man and a woman kissing fiercely on the bed appeared!

Qin An’an’s face turned red.

She didn’t dare to imagine Fu Shiting’s reaction to seeing such a picture.

Chapter 448

Chapter 448

She embarrassedly took out her phone and diverted her attention.

Sheng Bei glanced at the big screen, then lowered his eyes to see the heart rate change on Fu Shiting’s wrist.

good guy!

His heart rate value, motionless, as steady as Mount Tai!

It caused Sheng Bei to doubt whether there was something wrong with the bracelet, or whether he had already purified his six senses and had no desires or desires.

He Zhunzhi also stared at the bracelet on Fu Shiting’s wrist.

“The bracelet should be good. When An’an was wearing it just now, the value fluctuated.”

Sheng Bei gossip: “How was Qin An’an’s challenge?”

He Zhunzhi glanced at Qin An’an.

Qin An’an’s face was expressionless, but Li Xiaotian glared at him fiercely.

He Zhunzhi looked back and replied, “She succeeded in the challenge. If the heart rate is too high, the bracelet will call the police. But when she challenged, I didn’t hear the bracelet call the police.”

Sheng Bei responded, raised his head and looked behind him Qin Anan looked in the direction.

Qin Anan lowered his head and played with his mobile phone, apparently escaping.

After the first video ends, the second video begins.

The second video is of a mature beauty in cool dress, scratching and posing in front of the camera.

Whether it’s body language or facial expressions, it’s very tempting!

Someone whistled excitedly!

Some people secretly looked at Fu Shiting to observe his reaction.

Fu Shiting frowned with a solemn expression.

Obviously looking at the beautiful woman, but his expression is like going to the grave.

As for his heart rate…still fluctuating.

After all, he is alive.

It’s just that the fluctuation range is very weak, which is probably related to the speed of his breathing.

“He doesn’t seem to like women! Give him a handsome guy!” Lisa watched Fu Shiting’s reaction closely. Seeing that he didn’t respond at all, she spoke to the person who projected the screen.

Soon, the face of a handsome foreign guy appeared on the big screen.

This handsome guy not only has golden flowing hair, but also lean muscles…

Fu Shiting’s expression changed from solemn to gloomy.

Because in his mind, Mike’s face appeared.

Seeing that his brows were furrowed, as if they could kill a fly, Lisa wanted to cry without tears.

Obviously, he doesn’t like men either!

“Let’s put that video that a macho must watch…” A

few seconds later, a cute little face with a chubby face appeared on the big screen.

A burst of laughter broke out in the living room.

Basically it’s from men.

Look, men really like watching cute videos.

Looking at Fu Shiting again –

his brows are not as tightly knitted as before.

However, his heart rate remained very stable.

It’s been around eighty all the time, and it doesn’t fluctuate more than five.

Sheng Bei sat next to him, watching the cute baby video on the big screen, and laughed triumphantly, “This game is really not challenging!”

Lisa has already admitted defeat in her heart.

But she was very unwilling.

“I haven’t seen a man who’s not interested in anything.”

“Otherwise, why would he succeed? Because he’s only interested in money.”

“Okay! The game isn’t over yet! I can’t give in just yet!”

On the big screen, the hot kiss scene and the bed scene collection started again.

At this moment, Qin An’an’s slender body was sent to Fu Shiting’s side.

Qin An’an: “…”

Is Li Xiaotian crazy? ! He even pushed her to Fu Shiting’s side!

Chapter 449

Chapter 449

Fu Shiting looked at the woman beside him in amazement.

When he entered the villa just now, he glanced at her from a distance.

At that time, she had a smile on her face, but the moment she saw him, the smile on her face disappeared without a trace.

By the time he came to the sofa, she had silently retreated to a corner he couldn’t see.

Now that she is sitting next to him, he can clearly see her thin face, and her eyes that are overwhelmed…

She has lost a lot of weight!

Even the spirit of her body has been reduced.

Her temperament became weak and vulnerable, as if he could crush her with one hand.

After a quick glance at him, she decided to get up and walk away.

His big palm clasped her wrist tightly, not letting her go.

Everyone present looked at the good show in front of them with gossip on their faces.

In fact, the two of them were in love, and both He Zhunzhi’s friend and Li Xiaotian’s friend had heard of it.

Now seeing the two of them pulling like this with my own eyes…the fire of gossip in my heart is burning brightly!

Probably because their mind power is too strong, so the next direction, as they wished, is developing in a direction that is out of control!

‘Ding’ sound!

The heart rate bracelet on Fu Shiting’s wrist has alerted the police!

His heart rate jumped from eighty to one hundred and twelve!

Watching beauties, handsome guys, cute treasures, kissing scenes, bed scenes, he didn’t respond, and within two minutes of Qin Anan sitting down beside him, his heart beat wildly.


This trend surprised everyone.

The siren sounded like a heavy hammer, hitting Fu Shiting and Qin Anan.

Qin Anan blushed in embarrassment, she raised her hand to cover her face, daring to face the crowd.

Fu Shiting quickly took off the heart rate bracelet on his wrist and threw it out with a ‘pop’!

The damn bracelet!

Fu Shiting’s expression was serious and embarrassed. Everyone wanted to hold back their laughter, but Sheng Bei, who was sitting on the other side of him, laughed out loud first!

When he smiled, the others naturally followed suit!

In an instant, the whole living room burst into laughter.

Qin Anan especially wanted to drill a hole in the ground.

She pulled Fu Shiting’s hand apart forcibly, and then slipped away in despair.

Walking around from the sofa, her gaze fell precisely on Li Xiaotian, the perpetrator.

She took Li Xiaotian and left.

The two entered a room.

After the door was closed, Qin Anan became angry, “Li Xiaotian! Are you crazy?!”

Li Xiaotian kept laughing: “I did it on purpose. Don’t you want to know why he came suddenly? I think he It’s for you. But I’m not sure, so I took a test just now… No, I’ll find it out in one test!”

Qin An’an: speechless.

“An An, don’t be angry. I tested him for you too. Now that you know that he is still interested in you, you have to avoid him better in the future! This man is so scary! You stabbed him, and he actually Don’t give up yet! I’ve convinced him!” Li Xiaotian explained her behavior perfectly.

Of course Qin Anan couldn’t calm down.

She would rather not know his mind!

She finally let herself live a peaceful life, but now because of the little episode just now, it is completely disrupted!

She didn’t know how to face him next.

Unless we never meet again.

“An’an, I’m sorry! I’m being smart. Why don’t you go to your room to rest tonight!” Li Xiaotian said, “I’ll tell you when they’re gone.”

Qin An’an is in a bad mood, but tomorrow Li Xiaotian’s wedding.

She didn’t want to affect Xiaotian’s good mood.

“Well. I’m not angry anymore. Go play with them! I’ll take a bath.” Qin Anan opened the door and let Li Xiaotian go out.

in the living room.

Fu Shiting failed the challenge, so he and Sheng Bei had to drink a bottle of wine each.

Sheng Bei held the wine glass and drank it upside down.

And Fu Shiting… just took the bottle and drank it all in one go!

Chapter 450

Chapter 450

Actually, no one forced him to drink.

After he finished drinking a bottle of wine, Sheng Bei looked at him: “Your injury is completely healed? Didn’t the doctor tell you to stop drinking for three months? It hasn’t been three months yet?”

He Zhunzhi heard the words and immediately Bring a jug of juice.

“Brother Shi Ting, drink some juice!” He Zhunzhi removed all the wine bottles in front of him. “There’s dinner in the kitchen, why don’t you go and have something to eat?”

Sheng Bei took his bottle of wine away. After drinking, he dragged Fu Shiting towards the kitchen.

After the two of them went to the kitchen, the atmosphere in the living room became lively again.

Sheng Bei poured a glass of juice and handed it to Fu Shiting.

“If I knew it was so embarrassing, I wouldn’t call you here.” Sheng Bei said with a wry smile, “Why don’t I take you back!”

He Zhunzhi stood beside them and said, “Both of you have been drinking and can’t drive. I packed an ambulance today, do you want the ambulance to take you back?”

Sheng Bei: “…”

Fu Shiting: “…………”

“Uh… … If you don’t want to go back, you can rest here. I have booked eight villas, and there should be enough rooms.” He Zhunzhi immediately changed his words when he saw their expressions of astonishment.

Sheng Bei was puzzled: “Why did you pack an ambulance?”

“…Qin Anan didn’t eat at noon. Xiaotian was still helping her upstairs. I was afraid she would faint, so I called an ambulance. .” He Zhunzhi explained, “The nearest hospital here is more than ten kilometers away.”

Sheng Bei was even more puzzled: “Why doesn’t she eat?”

“I don’t know! Xiao Tian didn’t let me ask, she said that I was from Brother Shi Ting’s side… Xiao Tian didn’t have an opinion on Brother Shi Ting, she just protected Qin An’an too much. After all, I can understand their friendship for so many years…” He Zhunzhi said, and glanced at Fu Shiting secretly.

Fu Shiting drank wine, his face flushed slightly.

His sanity is still vaguely still there, and vaguely gone again, “Did she eat at night?”

He Zhunzhi: “Should have eaten! Xiaotian drove to buy her a bowl of hot and sour noodles. I saw her going downstairs. When I was in good spirits, I must have eaten it.”

Fu Shiting picked up the juice cup and took a sip.

He Zhunzhi suddenly remembered something, and immediately added: “She ate a lot of fruit in the morning! She didn’t touch any other snacks, she only ate fruit. Those fruits were all ordered by Xiaotian from abroad in advance. I was wondering why she bought so many. A lot of fruit, but this morning I saw Qin An’an eating so happily, and I suddenly realized that it was all for her.”

Fu Shiting and Sheng Bei fell into deep thought.

After a while, Sheng Bei squinted his narrow eyes and came to a conclusion: “It seems that she is really losing weight. My last girlfriend lost weight by eating only fruit instead of staple food. She didn’t touch the rice because of the high sugar content. “

Don’t fruit also contain sugar?” He Zhunzhi wondered.

“That’s better than rice. When they eat, they will accurately calculate the calories of each food…” Sheng Bei said succinctly, “My ex-girlfriend lost weight to please me. In fact, she is not fat at all. , just a little baby fat. But she saw that the girlfriends I used to date were very thin, so she went crazy to lose weight… In the end, I broke up because she lost weight too crazy and was afraid of her health problems.

He Zhunzhi: “Then Qin Anan lost weight…could it be…to please a certain man?” Sheng

Bei glanced at Fu Shiting’s gloomy face, and said bluntly: “It is estimated that It’s for Jin Sinian!”

The atmosphere ‘whoosh’, condensed.

In order to ease the atmosphere, He Zhunzhi took a goblet: “Brother Bei, if you don’t go back tonight, how many drinks can I accompany you?”

Sheng Bei: “See if Brother Shiting wants to go back. He If he doesn’t go back, I’ll go back, and if he doesn’t go back, I’ll drink with you.”

Fu Shiting looked gloomy: “You guys drink!”

He settled down, got up from his chair, and walked towards the stairs.

He Zhunzhi felt something was wrong, and immediately followed: “Brother Shi Ting, do you want to rest?”

He responded.

“Then I’ll take you to the guest room in the next building.” He Zhunzhi held his arm and wanted to take him out the door.

Because the rooms in this villa have all been allocated.

Fu Shiting’s brows furrowed immediately: “Don’t mind me.”

He Zhunzhi: “???”

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