When His Eyes Opened Chapter 451 -460(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 451 -460(Chinese)

Chapter 451

“I’m going to find Qin An’an.”

He Zhunzhi: “!!!”



Although He Zhunzhi didn’t see the last time they drew swords to kill each other, He Zhunzhi still trembled when he thought about it after he stayed in the ICU for so long.

Now he is going to find Qin An’an again… This is because the conflict from the last time has not been resolved. Do you still want a sequel?

He Zhunzhi was terrified!

He couldn’t stop Fu Shiting, so he ran to find Sheng Bei and Li Xiaotian.

Sheng Bei calmly analyzed: “He only drank a bottle of beer, so he wouldn’t be drunk and delirious.”

Li Xiaotian said anxiously: “But An An doesn’t want to see him! An An told me personally! No, I have to stop him. !”

After Li Xiaotian finished speaking, she planned to go upstairs to stop her.

One of Sheng Bei and He Zhun grabbed one of her arms and stopped her.

“Xiao Tian, ​​don’t get excited first, I’ll go up and take a look.” Sheng Bei was afraid that Li Xiaotian would go up, and everyone in the villa knew about the trouble.

Fu Shiting had already lost face once, and Sheng Bei wanted to save some face for him.

“Let Brother Bei go!” He Zhunzhi took Li Xiaotian into his arms, “Don’t worry, with Brother Bei here, the two of them won’t mess around.” The

second floor.

Qin Anan came out of the bathroom wearing a white nightgown after taking a shower.

I slept for too long this afternoon, and I had a very full dinner. After taking a bath, I felt very good.

So the moment she saw Fu Shiting, she didn’t suspect that she was dazzled or hallucinated.

Fu Shiting strode up in front of her and looked down at her: “Are you trying to lose weight for Jin Sinian?”

Qin An’an: “…”


She could understand what he said, but she just thought it was absurd!

Did she lose weight for Jin Sinian?

What kind of brain circuit can say such a thing.

Does she have to lose weight for a man?

Besides, if she wants to be with Jin Sinian, she doesn’t need to work hard to lose weight. Jin Sinian doesn’t despise her for being fat!

“Fu Shiting, have you been drinking?” She smelled the alcohol on his body and frowned, “Are you healed? Start drinking… You don’t want to recover?”

“Why didn’t you answer ? My question?” His Adam’s apple rolled, and his patience was exhausted a little bit, “You look like a ghost or a ghost now, what qualifications do you have to talk about me?”

Qin Anan: “… …”

No one is a ghost or a ghost!

He actually said that to her!

She didn’t want to quarrel with him, after all, the last accident was because of her.

But his mouth is really annoying.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m trying to lose weight for, it has nothing to do with you.” She pointed to the door and snapped, “You go out!”

He looked at her heartless little face, and his heart was filled with anger.

“Does he know about our relationship?” His voice was vicious and disrespectful. “If he knew we were in bed all the time, would he still be in a relationship with you?”

Chapter 452

Chapter 452

Qin Anan looked at his handsome but indifferent face, and for a moment, he was so angry that he was speechless.

If it was before, she must have been so angry that she would have a good fight with him.

Now that her body is much weaker, she doesn’t want to quarrel with him, nor does she want to fight him.

If he begged Bailai to stay in her room, she couldn’t do anything to him.

People are shameless, what else do you care about?

Probably because his words didn’t anger him and made him very puzzled.

Did he not speak clearly enough?

Or has she already talked to Jin Sinian?

“Qin An’an, no matter who you are with in the future, I will never let you go. As long as I don’t die, you don’t want to marry.” He threatened again.

Qin Anan listened to his threats, and felt no pain in her heart.

She hadn’t thought about getting married again, so his threat was nonsense to her.

“You like being a junior so much?” She looked into his eyes and teased him.

A flash of urgency flashed in his eyes.

“If I fall in love with Jin Sinian, and you are entangled with me, then you are the third party, the third.” Qin Anan saw that he was silent, so he chased after the victory.

Fu Shiting is indeed a person who does big things.

He quickly adjusted his mood.

He said word by word: “What about the third party? I don’t mind being a junior.”


He was really shameless.

Qin Anan pushed his body in front of him hard, then walked to the bed and sat down.

She took out her skincare products from her bag.

In fact, after she learned that she was pregnant, she stopped using skin care products.

The skin care products she used before, she smelled disgusting after pregnancy, and the ingredients in it are not suitable for pregnant women.

After a while, her skin was a little flaky due to dryness.

So Li Xiaotian bought her a set of skin care products that are suitable for pregnant women and have no smell.

After she used it, she felt pretty good.

Fu Shiting watched her rubbing skin care products coldly, and became more and more sure that her weight loss and skin care were all for a certain man!

Because she used to be rough.

In the past, she did not necessarily use skin care products after taking a shower.

After she felt his burning gaze, she raised her eyes and looked straight in the past.

“What do you think I’m doing?” She finished wiping off the skin care products and tightened the bottle cap. “What else do you have to do? You don’t want to sleep in my room, do you?”

Her words reminded him.

He drank a bottle of wine just now and is a little dizzy now.

He strode over to her and sat down.

The intention is self-evident.

“Can’t you?” He looked at her defiantly.

Qin An’an: “do you think this bed can accommodate three adults?”

He didn’t quite understand what she meant.

But he glanced at the big white bed.

The bed is actually quite big, but it accommodates three adults…

“Who are you going to sleep with tonight?” He frowned warily.

“Little sweet! She’s sleeping with me tonight.” Qin Anan was afraid that he wouldn’t believe him, so he pointed to the red bag on the dressing table, “That’s her bag.”

Fu Shiting stood up from the bed as if electrocuted. rise.

Qin Anan wanted to laugh, but couldn’t.

I can escape tonight, what about later?

Originally thought that after what happened last time, he was heartbroken and would never come to her again.

Who knew he was haunted!

She had never met a man as paranoid and stubborn as him.

His wine seemed to be sober a lot. After standing up, he didn’t stay much longer, and turned around to leave.

Chapter 453

Chapter 453

Qin Anan stopped him: “Fu Shiting, if I give you back a child, can you stop looking for me in the future? Just like we said before.”

She didn’t want to get entangled with him.

His footsteps stopped, and a cold voice came: “You return the child first, then negotiate with me.”

After he finished speaking, he opened the door and strode away.

“Shi Ting, are you alright?” Sheng Bei had been standing outside the door.

Qin Anan couldn’t stop feeling irritated when she heard the movement outside the door.

This annoyed feeling can’t be suppressed, and it can’t be shaken off.

After the sound of footsteps outside the door, she threw herself on the bed.

After a few minutes of silence, she picked up her phone and made a video for Mike.

Mike answered in seconds, “Qin An’an, have you eaten yet?”

Mike was playing with the two children.

Qin Anan vaguely saw a figure move over in the kitchen.

But Mike quickly adjusted the camera to focus on the two children.

“Eat…” Qin Anan felt much more relaxed when she saw the two children, “Xiaohan, Rila, what are you playing?”

“Playing puzzles! I see my brother do… Because my brother didn’t let me play, he said I would only do a disservice.” Rila pursed her lips, “Mom, Uncle Zhou cooked for us today.”

Mike said in fright, “Rila, I didn’t tell you not to talk to me. Did your mother tell me about this? Didn’t you promise me?”

Rila looked innocent: “But I already told my mother! Mom won’t be angry.”

Qin Anan: “Mike, did you forget? Are there surveillance cameras in front of our house? I saw Zhou Ziyi’s car parked in our yard in the evening.”

Mike: “…”

Rila laughed: “Uncle idiot!”

“Aren’t you on vacation? Why do you have time to watch the surveillance at home?” Mike was puzzled, “You’re lying in bed now? What are you doing? If you went to bed, why did you run so far to sleep?”

Qin Anan listened to his complaints and said helplessly: “Someone is here. So I went back to the room to avoid.”

“Someone?” Mike thought The sound of ‘ding’ unlocked the meaning of her words, “Fu Shiting went too? Damn it! Didn’t you say he didn’t go?”

Qin Anan: “Don’t mention him.”

Mike took the phone and walked outside.

Zhou Ziyi heard their conversation just now and followed Mike.

“Qin An’an, did he trouble you again? This bastard!” Mike scolded and chattered.

Qin An’an: “With so many guests today, he won’t trouble me.”

Mike: “You mean, if there are not so many guests, he will trouble you?”

Qin An’an: “Don’t be nervous. No That kind of thing happened again.”

Mike: “How can I not be nervous? He’s a lunatic…”

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t listen anymore, and took Mike’s phone away.

“Qin An’an, I have seen my boss’s medical report, he is in good health, he is not a lunatic.” Zhou Ziyi defended, “He is just a bit stubborn and doesn’t like others to disobey him, as long as you don’t argue with him, he will It won’t hurt you.”

In fact, Zhou Ziyi was quite right.

Fu Shiting is not that crazy.

It was because she couldn’t control her emotions, and she didn’t have such good patience in front of him every time.

Strange to say.

She is very rational and calm in front of others.

Only when facing him, like a changed person.

As long as he said something that didn’t go with her, she would definitely make him even more unhappy.

“Brother Zhou, I didn’t quarrel with him today.” Qin Anan said embarrassedly, “You’ve worked hard to cook for the children today.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Oh, it’s fine… It’s your bodyguard who asked for leave, so Mike Called me here.”

Qin Anan pondered for a few seconds: “The bodyguard didn’t ask me for leave! It was Mike’s random excuse!”

Zhou Ziyi: “…”

Mike: “???” Can I? Is it so directly dismantled?

Qin Anan hung up the video with a smile.

At the door, there was a sudden sound of the door lock being twisted.

The next second, the door was pushed open—

Chapter 454

Chapter 454

“An An!” Li Xiaotian pushed open the door and strode in, “Do you know what that fellow Fu Shiting said to my husband just now?”

Qin Anan was nervous and sat up from the bed.

What did he do to find He Zhunzhi?

Should n’t it be…

“He couldn’t come to our wedding before, but he changed his mind just now! He said he would attend our wedding tomorrow.” Li Xiaotian spoke quickly, “Why is he so kind? Change!”

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief.

“By the way, what did he do to you just now? What did you say?” Li Xiaotian went to the bed and sat down, staring at Qin An’an’s face, “He didn’t bully you, did he? I wanted to come and help at that time. Yours, but Brother Bei said he came up…”

“No.” Qin Anan said calmly, “With so many guests tonight, he won’t lose his mind.”

“That’s good. Do you want to go out Breathable? The wind outside is quite cool! It won’t be cold!” Li Xiaotian said thoughtfully, “It’s still early, you mustn’t be able to sleep.”

Qin Anan didn’t think much, nodded: “But I didn’t bring too much. Is it okay to wear a nightgown?”

“Hahaha! They’re playing in the pool now, and they’re all wearing swimsuits… Of course you can wear a nightgown!” Li Xiaotian took her hand and left room.

It is now seven in the evening.

The street lights by the sea stretched out the silhouettes of people.

Many people are playing at the beach.

The temperature is about ten degrees now, a little cool, but not too cold.

A gust of sea breeze blew, and Qin An’an was blown a little sober.

“Fu Shiting should come to blow the air.” She whispered.

Maybe he blows more cold wind to make his mind clearer.

“Ha? I guess he should go to rest. When he was chatting with my husband, not only did his face turn red, but his eyes were also red. He really can’t drink enough.” Li Xiaotian stepped on the soft sand step by step, “and he I have to live in the villa where we live… My husband can only give him his room. His personality is really weird, Qin Anan, how did you endure it when you fell in love with him Ah?”

“I don’t really want to recall my past with him.” Qin Anan couldn’t help thinking about him.

When we first fell in love, the sweet feeling was greater than the pain.

He also regarded her as a treasure, holding her in the palm of his hand for fear of falling, and holding her in his mouth for fear of melting.

At that time, besides her studies, she thought about him the most every day.

The reason why the first love is unforgettable is because it is the first time to experience the taste of love.

“Didn’t you mention him first?” Li Xiaotian teased her, “It was you who met him tonight, right? After all, he proved his love for you in front of so many people. “

Qin An’an: “…”

“There are well-known actresses and sexy balls in the video we showed him tonight… He is not at all tempted! He is only tempted by you.” …..Qin An’an, do you know how many of my female friends envy you!” Li Xiaotian continued to tease her, “How come I didn’t realize that you are so attractive? This is probably what a lover sees? “

Qin Anan got goosebumps at her words.

“Actually, we quarreled tonight.” She told Li Xiaotian what happened tonight, “He thought I was trying to lose weight for Jin Sinian.”

“I’ll go! His imagination is too rich? He Why don’t you guess that you want to enter the entertainment industry?” Li Xiaotian laughed madly.

Qin An’an: “Maybe I think I’m too old! Aren’t all the artists who enter the entertainment industry only in their teens?”

“There are also people in their twenties who have entered the entertainment industry, but they are relatively few. Hahaha! How did you answer him?”

Chapter 455

Chapter 455

Qin Anan said casually, “I didn’t answer him directly.”

“You’re so bad. Are you hanging him on purpose? You know he likes you, but you still don’t tell him the truth.”

Qin Anan shook his head: ” I think he makes trouble for no reason and doesn’t want to talk to him.”

“Oh, yes. You two are not getting back together again… Hey, is it possible for you two to get back together?” Li Xiaotian grabbed Qin An’an’s arm and looked at her Long hair blown by the wind.

“How to get back together?” Qin Anan pushed the messy hair on his face behind his ears, “what happened to Yin Yin, he hasn’t explained it to me yet. Besides, as long as I think of him having a relationship with Shen Yu, I feel disgusted. I’d rather be single for the rest of my life than get back with him.”

“This is really annoying… Even if he doesn’t like Shen Yu, he shouldn’t have a child with Shen Yu!” Li Xiaotian sighed. “Otherwise, why would I say he’s a scumbag? He even showed an infatuation with you, I bah!”

Qin Anan chuckled softly: “I used to think of him and I was angry, but today it’s not so much. I’m angry. There’s another funny thing… He said he wanted to be a mistress to destroy my relationship and prevent me from marrying.”

Li Xiaotian was stunned for a few seconds.

After understanding what she said, she burst into laughter.

“Are you really talking about the Fu Shiting I know?” Li Xiaotian burst into laughter, “If I told my husband, he wouldn’t believe it!”

“Maybe it’s because he drank tonight.” Qin Anan is now Thinking about it, it feels like a dream.

Although he is sometimes rogue and ridiculous, he is not so naive.

“I just drank a bottle of beer…Isn’t that drunk?” Li Xiaotian took a deep breath, “He just likes you, but he can’t get you, so he won’t let you marry someone else. man. You’d better pray you don’t find true love later, or it’s going to be tricky…”

Qin Anan raised her head and looked at the starry sky.

The sky is full of stars, twinkling, bright and charming.

I hope that Li Xiaotian’s wedding tomorrow will go smoothly without any accident.

In the blink of an eye, it was the next morning.

The wedding of Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi was set at the highest-end five-star hotel in the city.

Rila and Xiaohan got up early in the morning, clamoring to go to the hotel and wait for their mother.

Mike had to get up early and take them both to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, the guests came very early.

There are many people dining in the hotel restaurant.

“You two follow me, don’t run around.” Mike held the plate and told the two treasures, “Although I know you two can’t lose it, but I still have to be just in case. After all, your mother’s worth is rising now, if there are bad people. What if you two catch them and blackmail your mother?”

Xiao Han and Rila had varying degrees of panic on their faces.

Rila was so frightened by his words that she kept clutching at the corner of his shirt.

Xiaohan took the plate and went to find the food he liked.

Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder.

He looked up –

“Qin Zihan, I know everything.” Yin Yin grabbed Xiao Han’s arm and said word by word, “You are my brother’s son, and I am your aunt.”

Xiao Han looked at Yin Yin in astonishment. Yin, forgot to pat her off the arm that was holding her.

“I haven’t told my brother yet.” Yinyin said to herself, “but you have to call my aunt in the future.”

Xiaohan threw her arm away with a cold expression: “You are Fu Shiting’s sister? Bring out the evidence. !”

Chapter 456

Chapter 456

Xiaohan’s question made Yinyin ponder.

“What evidence do you want?”

For Yinyin, her relationship with Fu Shiting does not require evidence.

Fu Shiting is her brother, she is Fu Shiting’s sister, and it has always been like this.

Xiaohan questioned: “You said you were Fu Shiting’s sister, so why aren’t you in his household registration book? Do you have an ID card? Show me your ID card.”

Yinyin didn’t know if she had an ID card.

But she can go to her brother for it.

“I will show the evidence!” She assured Xiaohan, “I am your aunt.”

She believed the other’s aunt’s words with confidence.

Because Aunt Fang said that her brother’s mother was her mother, and her brother also confirmed this.

She is the same mother as her brother, so of course they are brothers and sisters!

“If you don’t show evidence, I won’t admit it!” Xiao Leng Leng said coldly and walked away with a plate.

Yin Yin watched him walk away, a little anxious and a little unwilling.

It’s a pity that her brother hasn’t come yet, otherwise she can ask her brother for evidence now.

Xiaohan returned to Mike.

Mike asked: “What did Yinyin say to you? Isn’t Fu Shiting unable to tell you? Yinyin is here. It seems that Fu Shiting will also come to the wedding today.” Xiaohan said with a sullen

face: “Nothing.”

Mike saw Yin Yin Yin kept looking this way, his heart softened: “Actually, we don’t need to be so cruel to a person with intellectual problems…”

Xiao Han: “She is not as stupid as she used to be now.”

Mike: “Oh , I never doubted your mother’s medical skills.”

Xiao Han looked proud.

Mike: “But your mother’s intelligence seems to have declined. You can also see that she refuses to eat well recently, how thin she is… If Fu Shiting wants to kidnap her next time, he doesn’t need to spend any money at all. Strength… if she doesn’t exercise well, how can she give up like this?”

Xiao Han: “We can hack into my mother’s phone and see what she’s thinking.”

Mike: “…….. ….”

Xiaohan: “Are you scared?”

Mike: “Nonsense! That’s your mother, not my mother. If you make a mistake, she will at most teach you a lesson. If I make a mistake, she will kick me out. From the house!”

Xiao Han: “Oh.”

Mike felt itchy in his heart, and after a while, he discussed it: “Brother Han, we can try. If your mother finds out, we will bear the consequences together, how about it?”

Xiao Han nodded.

After breakfast, Mike went to the parking lot to get his notebook.

Osamu and Rila are sitting and waiting in the banquet hall.

When Yin Yin saw Mike go away, she immediately walked to their table.

“I have a present for you.” Yin Yin took out a shiny trinket from her bag, “Rila, this is for you. Do you know what this is? This is a rainbow maker! It hangs on the glass window of the room, and when the sun shines in, there will be a rainbow in the room!”

This gift, Rila couldn’t resist.

She liked it so much.

“Yinyin…Thank you! Although my brother told me not to play with you, I like the gift you gave me!”

Yinyin looked at Xiaohan with a puzzled face: “Why did you tell Rila not to follow me? I’m playing? I’m your aunt…”

Xiao Han: “Evidence!”

Yinyin’s eyes are bright: “I will definitely show you the evidence.”

Xiaohan: “Even if you show the evidence, I won’t call your aunt! I don’t want Fu Shiting to be my father, I don’t recognize him!”

Yin Yin felt a sore nose and felt a little aggrieved: “It’s okay if you don’t recognize him as a father… but you can’t deny me… I didn’t bully you!”

Xiao Han: “. ……”

Suddenly unable to speak.

Yin Yin’s brain circuit is a little strange, but he can’t pick out any problems.

Chapter 457

Chapter 457

It was Fu Shiting who almost strangled him, and it was Fu Shiting who bullied his mother.

Yin Yin never did anything to hurt them.

Mike came over with the computer, saw Yinyin, and said hello with a smile: “Yinyin, how are you!”

Yinyin looked at Mike, a little embarrassed.

“You came alone?” Mike looked at Yin Yin with a gentlemanly smile.

“My brother will come in a while.” Yin Yin replied to him.

“Oh, how is your injury recovery? Does your head still hurt?” Mike looked at the beautiful wig on her head and reached out to touch it.

Yin Yin shook his head: “It won’t hurt if you don’t touch it.”

Mike approached her, pushed the blond hair away from his head, and showed her the wound on his head: “Look, do we both have the same wound?”

Yin Yin Yin was surprised at first, then nodded with a smile: “Do you have any problems with your head?”

“Yeah! But I’m fine, you have to work hard to recover!”

Yin Yin: “Well! There are still very important things to do!”

“Oh? What important things do you have to do?” The expression on

Yinyin’s face froze, and then she ran towards her bodyguard.

After Yinyin left, Xiaohan and Rila sat next to Mike respectively to see if Mike hacked into his mother’s phone and could find out why his mother didn’t eat.

As a result, not long after the operation started, Qin Anan came!

She was thinking about her two children, so she came early.

She saw Mike’s laptop screen.

“What are you doing?” When she asked this question, she didn’t think about it at all, he was trolling herself.

Mike almost screamed in horror.

He slammed the notebook shut.

“Mom!” Rila hugged Qin An’an excitedly, “Mom, you are

so beautiful today!” Qin An’an was wearing the dress she bought when she was shopping with Li Xiaotian before.

She is wearing a bit looser now, but it doesn’t affect the overall effect.

Li Xiaotian hired a makeup team. Today, Qin Anan’s makeup look was created by a professional makeup artist.

Her long black hair was pulled up, and her makeup was clean and clear.

Make her look elegant yet sweet.

“Baby, you are so beautiful today! Who combed your hair!” Qin Anan picked up her daughter.

After picking it up, thinking of her pregnancy, she immediately put her daughter down.

“Uncle Mike combed it for me…”

Hearing her daughter mention Mike, Qin Anan’s curiosity returned to her body: “Mike, what were you doing just now? Who are you hacking?”

Mike blinked light blue “No! I’m not hacking anyone, I’m just…reinstalling the system.”

“Oh? Come to the wedding banquet today, you bring a notebook to reinstall the system?” Qin Anan sat down beside him in doubt. .

“I always have a notebook in the car! Isn’t it too early to be too boring? Your two babies got up at six this morning and said they were coming to the hotel to find you. Did you see the dark circles under my eyes? ‘ Mike complained.

Qin Anan stared into his eyes.

Suddenly, her eyes moved behind him.

He followed her line of sight.

good guy!

Fu Shiting is here.

After he appeared in the banquet hall, he immediately became the focus of the audience.

When Yinyin saw him, she hurried to him and grabbed his big palm.

Fu Shiting not only did not let go of her hand, but instead embraced her.

The intimate physical contact between the two was seen by everyone.

Looking at this scene, Qin Anan suddenly looked a little sad.

Chapter 458

Chapter 458

“Brother, do I have an ID card?” Yin Yin asked.

Fu Shiting: “Why do you ask this question suddenly?”

“Because everyone has an ID card, and I want it too.” Yin Yin said.

“You have.” Fu Shiting replied, “At home.”

“Oh…you give it to me when you get home.” A smile appeared on Yin Yin’s face.

“What do you want an ID card for?” Fu Shiting took her to an empty seat to sit down.

“My ID card, of course, keep it here.” Yin Yin opened the bag and took out a brand new mobile phone, “Brother, I bought a mobile phone, and I can make calls later.”

Fu Shiting: “?? ?”

He looked up at the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately explained: “Miss Yinyin bought it when she went shopping yesterday evening. She also used Aunt Hong’s ID card to get a number card.”

Yinyin’s recent changes were a bit big, which surprised him.

“Yinyin, you can use your ID card to get a number card.” Fu Shiting was pleased with her progress.

Yin Yin: “Well! Brother, when are we going home?”

She couldn’t wait to go home.

Fu Shiting: “At least you can’t go home until after the luncheon. Yinyin, don’t worry, your ID card is with me, it’s safe.”

Yinyin nodded, then turned on the phone: “Brother, teach me to play with the phone. “

Fu Shiting patiently said: “Okay.”


“Qin An’an, don’t look! Eyes are falling out.” Mike raised his hand and shook it in front of Qin An’an.

Qin Anan looked back awkwardly.

Fu Shiting was teaching Yinyin to play with the mobile phone, and he was very serious and patient.

She hadn’t seen him so gentle in a long time.

So she just accidentally looked at it and fell into a trance.

She picked up the water glass and drank to hide her panic.

“Why hasn’t Jin Sinian here yet?” Mike glanced at the time, “Is his seat next to you?”

Qin Anan nodded.

“What did you guys play at the holiday villa yesterday? Was it fun?” Mike saw that the water in her glass was finished, so he refilled her.

“I basically slept yesterday.”

“Oh? Did you eat yesterday?”

“Eat, hot and sour noodles.” Qin Anan remembered the taste of hot and sour noodles, and his stomach growled.

She threw up within ten minutes of the breakfast she ate this morning.

If it wasn’t for Li Xiaotian’s wedding today, she would never come.

This pregnancy has left her very weak.

“I chatted with Zhou Ziyi last night,” Mike approached Qin An’an and lowered his voice, “I said you have never lost weight before, and you haven’t fallen in love with any man recently, but you just refuse to eat… Do you know what Zhou Ziyi said?”

Qin Anan looked at Mike’s mysterious face, and his heart beat faster.

“He said that when a woman is pregnant, she won’t be able to eat. Because his sister was pregnant a while ago, which is exactly the same as your recent situation! And what his sister eats and vomits…”

Before Mike finished speaking, Qin Anan took control Covering her red lips, she retched.

Mike: Pupil Earthquake·jpg

“Mom!” Rila screamed out in fright!

Xiaohan held the tissue box and handed Qin Anan the paper.

Not far away, Fu Shiting heard Rila’s exclamation and immediately looked this way.

After seeing Qin An’an’s figure in his deep cold eyes, his slender legs walked towards her uncontrollably.

Why did Rila scream just now?

What happened to Qin Anan?

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Qin Anan didn’t spit out anything, and the nausea quickly disappeared.

It’s just that she looked at Mike with a guilty conscience.

Mike already knew what was going on.

She is pregnant!

The look in her eyes just now betrayed her.

The on-site staff called in the doctor as quickly as possible.

Qin Anan said embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, I’m fine.”

After the staff confirmed with her again and again, they walked away with confidence.

Fu Shiting has been standing by the side, looking at her.

She put on makeup today, so she couldn’t see her real face.

Chapter 459

Chapter 459

“What are you doing here? Are you watching the fun?” Mike teased him.

He ignored Mike’s ridicule, strode to the vacant seat beside Qin An’an, and sat down.

Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled, and she said, “This is Jin Sinian’s seat.”

“This is my seat!” His words were full of gunpowder, “Don’t worry, he also sits at this table.”

Qin Anan understood .

He must have adjusted his seat to He Zhunzhi.

After he was seated, Yin Yin also came over and sat down next to him.

Seeing that Qin Anan was uncomfortable, Mike got up immediately and planned to change seats with her.

As a result, he didn’t say anything, Yinyin said first: “Mike, can I change seats with you?”

Mike and Xiaohan’s seats were next to each other, and Yinyin wanted to sit with Xiaohan.

Mike really didn’t know how to refuse Yin Yin.

And Yinyin didn’t give Mike a chance to refuse at all.

She walked directly to Mike.

Mike had to switch seats with her.

In this way, no matter if Mike changes seats with Qin An’an, Fu Shiting will be by her side.

Mike gathered his courage and said to Fu Shiting, “How about changing seats with you?”

Fu Shiting: “No.”

Mike glared at him.

Time flickered, it was twelve o’clock noon.

The wedding ceremony of He Zhunzhi and Li Xiaotian begins.

Fu Shiting was not interested in this, so he didn’t watch the stage.

Qin Anan took a photo of the stage with his mobile phone.

After a while, the ceremony was over, and it was time to throw the bouquet.

Li Xiaotian glanced at Qin Anan, then turned her back and threw the bouquet at her!

‘Whoa’ for a moment!

The bouquet was caught by Fu Shiting.

There was a loud cry from the audience!

Qin Anan: “???”

After receiving the bouquet, Fu Shiting did not give it to Qin Anan.

He didn’t want Qin Anan to marry, how could he give her a bouquet?

So he gave the bouquet to Mike next to him.

Mike: “I thank you!”

After the ceremony, the lights in the banquet hall suddenly dimmed.

Then, a familiar melody sounded!

In an instant, a burst of exclamation broke out in the audience: “Jin Sinian! Jin Sinian!

Fu Shiting’s eyes fell on Qin An’an’s face.

Instead of watching the stage like the others, she held chopsticks and ate quietly.

She mainly eats green vegetables and cold dishes, and meat, and does not touch it at all.

He picked up the public chopsticks, took a piece of spareribs, and put it in her bowl.

She used to love ribs.

She stared at him in shock: “I don’t want it, you take it away.”

If he didn’t take it away again, the two mouthfuls of green vegetables she just ate would probably vomit disgustingly.

And he seemed to be determined, and coldly ordered: “Eat it!”

Qin Anan had a headache.

At this time, the caring little padded jacket Rui stretched his hand and dragged Qin An’an’s bowl in front of him, and nibbled away the ribs in the bowl with three strokes.

“Mom, let me change seats with you! I’m not afraid of this big bad guy!”

“Baby, no need. Mom is not afraid of him either.” Qin Anan put down her chopsticks and didn’t want to eat.

After a while, Jin Sinian’s performance ended and he walked off the stage.

Mike immediately discussed with him, “You change seats with An An, and then I’ll change with you.”

In this way, Qin An’an and Fu Shiting were separated.

And Jin Sinian was caught between them.

After Jin Sinian felt the delicate atmosphere on the dining table, he looked at Fu Shiting: “Hello, Mr. Fu.” Fu

Shiting’s face was gloomy, his eagle-like eyes looked at Qin An’an’s little face, and he said word by word, “Qin An’an. , are you pregnant?!”

Chapter 460

Chapter 460

Just now, he sent a message to tell the family doctor about Qin An’an’s situation. The family doctor said that she was either sick or pregnant.

He quickly ruled out the former because Qin Anan was a doctor himself.

If she is seriously ill, she will not come to Li Xiaotian’s wedding, let alone attend yesterday’s singles night.

And if it is not serious disease, how can people lose so much weight in a short period of time?

In addition, it’s not that she can’t eat, she eats vegetables and fruits, but not meat.

Isn’t that… a symptom of pregnancy?

When Fu Shiting’s voice was settled, everyone present was stunned.

Mike didn’t expect that he could guess so quickly, and he was very upset.

“Qin An’an is not pregnant.” Mike said deliberately.

Qin Anan was sitting on pins and needles.

She didn’t look at Fu Shiting, but she could feel his sharp gaze falling on her face.

She can lie like Mike, but she can’t speak.

Because it’s too easy to prove it.

She couldn’t explain why she retched or why she didn’t eat the spareribs he had.

He was suspicious, and this time, she couldn’t lie to him.

She picked up her bag and stood up.

Everyone looked at her.

I don’t know what she’s going to do.

After she stood up, Fu Shiting also stood up.

He strode to her side, grabbed her wrist, and led her out of the banquet hall.

Li Xiaotian, who was toasting, saw the two of them leave, and immediately came over and asked, “How did the two of them leave? What happened?”

Mike raised his eyes to look at Li Xiaotian: “Li Xiaotian, did you already know about Qin An’an’s pregnancy?”

Li Xiaotian’s eyes began to flicker.

He Zhunzhi was shocked: “Qin An’an is pregnant?! This is too cool! Do you all know? Does Brother Shi Ting know?”

Mike raised his eyebrows: “What do you think?”

He Zhunzhi rubbed Hand: “Hahahahaha! Isn’t this good! Why don’t you guys seem so happy?”

Who would be happy?

Fu Shiting himself may not be happy.

When he pulled Qin An’an away just now, the gloomy expression on his face was very scary.

He Zhunzhi suddenly had an epiphany, and said in surprise, “Could it be that Qin An’anhuai’s child is not Brother Shi Ting’s?!”

Li Xiaotian couldn’t listen, so she pulled him away.

Fu Shiting grabbed Qin An’an’s arm and took her out of the banquet hall and into the elevator.

The elevator door slowly closed, and in the cramped space, the atmosphere was terrifyingly depressed.

Qin Anan didn’t expect that this matter would be known to him in such a way today.

She quietly observed him through the metal wall of the elevator.

His brows were furrowed, his thin lips pursed slightly, and he said nothing.

In his mind, all kinds of thoughts came up, very chaotic.

more chaotic.

It wasn’t that he never thought that Qin Anan was pregnant with his child.

After all they have done it many times before without doing anything.

But suddenly knowing the news caught him off guard.

Besides, he was angry at Qin Anan’s behavior of not telling him that she was pregnant.

Why didn’t she tell him?

Could it be… the child in her womb, not his?

His heartstrings were tense, and he decided to take her to the hospital for examination immediately.


In the quiet corridor, the door of the ultrasound room was pushed open.

Fu Shiting held the color Doppler ultrasound in one hand and Qin An’an’s wrist tightly in the other, and walked out.

Entering the elevator, Fu Shiting’s emotions were completely out of control.

In his eyes, chills burst out: “Qin An’an, whose child is in your belly?!” The

color Doppler ultrasound showed that the child in her belly was two months old!

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