When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4567

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4567

Avery: “Yes, you can use feelings as an adjustment to your work. Otherwise, working every day, don’t you find it boring?”

Hayden: “There are new problems at work every once in a while, and I don’t find it boring.”

If he felt that work was boring, he wouldn’t be so peacefully single until now.

Avery: “Then what do you think about this topic with your mother now?”

“Mom, I don’t resist getting married, but I don’t know how to find a wife.”

Avery’s face turned red.

This matter might be really difficult for Hayden. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told his mother so solemnly.

But this was not a problem for Avery.

“How about that, I’ll call your Auntie Tammy later, she knows a lot of girls, I’ll ask her to bring girls to meet you?” Avery took a deep breath, “You can chat casually first, then go on a blind date. What are your thoughts?”

Hayden wanted to refuse.

What the assistant said last night was deeply imprinted in his mind. But as soon as the words came out, he agreed.

After breakfast, Avery went upstairs to Hazel’s room to have a look.

Hazel had already got up, but she was practicing basic skills in the room.

“Baby, let’s practice after breakfast!” Avery had a smile on her face.

Hazel glanced at the time, and immediately walked to the door of the room: “I forgot to check the time. Mom, is brother up yet?”

Avery: “Your elder brother woke up early in the morning.”

Hazel: “Ah? Why is there no sound? I thought elder brother didn’t wake up.”

“Our house is soundproof. Go and eat!” Avery couldn’t restrain the joy in her heart, and secretly said to her daughter, “Probably your elder brother was stimulated by your sister’s marriage. He took the initiative to tell me about finding a girlfriend.”

Hazel was very excited: “Is elder brother looking for a girlfriend?”

“No, I’m looking for it, and I’m going to ask your Auntie Tammy to introduce me to a suitable girl for him.”

Hazel nodded fiercely: “I must introduce you better.”

“I haven’t told your Auntie Tammy yet. Go down and have breakfast, I’ll come and talk to your Auntie Tammy.” After Avery told Hazel, she immediately went back to the master bedroom and called Tammy.

Elliot forced himself to wake up from the dream after hearing his wife’s voice in the distance while he was sleeping.

“Did I wake you up by talking on the phone?” Avery had already finished talking with Tammy on the phone.

Tammy said that she would contact the girl immediately, and promised to meet the two of them at noon.

Elliot rubbed his sleepy eyes, and said in a hoarse voice, “Who were you talking to just now?”

“I was on the phone with Tammy! Husband, our son has decided to find a girlfriend!” Avery went to the bed and sat down, holding With Elliot’s big palm, the joy on her face seemed to be that her son was about to get married soon.

“Which son?” Elliot frowned. He thought it was Robert, that’s why he frowned.

In his mind, Hayden was a member of the unmarried and infertile family.

“Hayden! Who else could it be? Robert hasn’t graduated yet!” Avery touched Elliot’s face, “I’m really surprised. It’s rare that he can figure it out. I’ll ask Tammy to help find a suitable candidate. I don’t know many unmarried girls!”

“Is Tammy’s introduction reliable? Why don’t you let Gwen introduce it?” Elliot trusted his own sister more.

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