When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4568

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4568

Do you think that what Tammy introduces will surely catch our son’s eyes? I didn’t like it, let Gwen introduce it.” Avery had already thought about it, “Hayden has promised to stay at home until after Layla’s wedding. He will stay at home for a long time! There is plenty of time to meet girls.”

Elliot nodded and frowned slightly: “I’m not used to my son’s sudden behavior. Is he stimulated?”

Avery nodded: “He should be stimulated. Layla is as old as him, and Layla is going to get married. Now, it’s not that he doesn’t want to start a family at all, and it’s normal to have thoughts now.”

Elliot responded, and suddenly a flame rose in his heart, wanting to help his son find a wife quickly.

But upon reflection, which girl in this world was deserving of such a superb son?

“Did he say what kind of wife he wants?” Elliot asked.

Avery shook her head: “He doesn’t know at all. Because this is the first time in his life that he has considered this issue.”

Elliot rubbed his eyebrows: “Then let’s find more girl for him to choose from.”

Avery: “Don’t let my son will be picky and disrespectful to other girls. Let him get along with each other slowly.”

“How long do we have to get along?” Elliot lifted the quilt and got out of bed, “I’ll talk to those around me later. Ask a friend, if you can find a girl who knows everything, that’s the best.”

“Don’t spread the word. Otherwise, things will get serious, and I’m afraid it won’t end well.” Avery reminded, “Our son has a relatively low-key personality. “

“Since he told you the matter, he just wants us to help him.” Elliot expressed his opinion, “Let’s see how the girl Tammy introduced today!”


At 10 o’clock, In order to see the scene, Avery went out with Hayden and went to the church where Layla had her wedding ceremony.

Elliot took Hazel to the resort hotel where the wedding banquet was held in Layla.

“Dad, I’m really looking forward to my brother’s blind date today.” Hazel sat in the car with a look of anticipation.

“You want to go with them, right?” Elliot fastened his seat belt and signaled the driver to drive.

“Even if I go with them, I can’t go on a blind date with my brother.” Hazel expressed her thoughts, “I just want to see what Auntie Tammy introduces to my brother.”

Elliot: “Auntie sent you the photo.”

“Let’s see if brother and that girl are destined to be together!” Hazel said this, but changed the subject, “Dad, what are we going to the hotel for now?”

“Trying dishes.” Elliot replied, “Your sister will also come to eat at noon.”

Hazel: “What about mom and brother?”

“See how your brother is doing with each other.” Elliot’s face was very gentle.

Seeing his dad’s gentle look, HAzel grinned, “Dad, do you really want to hug your grandson?”

Elliot glanced at Hazel, and the smile on his face remained unchanged: “No. Your eldest brother is abroad all year round. If he can find someone to accompany him, your mother and I will not be so worried. As for the grandson…we don’t force him. They can have children if they want to. “

Hazel: “Dad, you are so open-minded.”

Elliot: “Because if you meet someone you really like, you will definitely want to have children with him. If you don’t like each other, there is no need to have children. You don’t even need to get married.”

Hazel deeply agreed with what her dad said.

in the church.

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