When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4569

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4569

Avery met and chatted with the person in charge of decorating the church site.

After a while, Tammy brought a young, beautiful and good-looking girl over to meet them.

“Avery, Hayden.” After Tammy greeted them with a smile, she introduced the girl beside her, “This is Luisa, the daughter of a friend of mine. She will graduate next summer. She has already started an internship. Now, she’s more free. I saw a coffee shop nearby, you can sit and chat slowly.”

Tammy knew how to take care of the mentality of young people.

She would never say too much to embarrass young people, and she would never be a light bulb.

Avery took a look at Luisa.

Luisa was very good-looking, with exquisite and foreign features, tall and slender, neither fat nor thin, just right.

Avery smiled and said to Hayden: “You go buy Luisa a cup of coffee! I haven’t seen your Auntie Tammy for a while, and we both have to chat alone.”

Hayden started walking.

Luisa immediately followed.

After seeing the two of them leave, Tammy held Avery’s hand and smiled from ear to ear.

“What do you think of Luisa? This is the best girl I know in my circle of friends. I didn’t introduce the girls in my relatives to Hayden because they are not good enough… Luisa is learning to dance and she has won many international awards. You can tell by her temperament, she is different from ordinary people.”

Avery was very satisfied with Luisa, “She is indeed very beautiful. Is this your friend’s daughter?”

“No, it’s the daughter of a poker friend of mine. Her family’s conditions are good, she’s an only child! But they are willing to let their daughter go to Bridgedale with Hayden to settle down. After all, Hayden is so good. Who wouldn’t want to marry their daughter to Hayden!” Tammy pulled Avery to sit down on the pew in the church, “Because her mother always mentioned Luisa to me, and showed me a video of Luisa dancing. So you said let me introduce a girlfriend to Hayden, I just thought of her. Would you like to watch the video of Luisa dancing?”

Avery nodded, “Let me see.”

Tammy found Luisa’s video and clicked on it for Avery to watch.

After watching it, Avery was attracted by Luisa’s dancing posture.

“This girl is really good, but I don’t know if Hayden likes it or not.” After watching the video, Avery thanked Tammy, “I don’t have any girls suitable for Hayden, let alone Hayden.”

“Don’t worry. As long as Hayden has this kind of heart now, he can easily find the girl he likes. If I can’t introduce you, you can ask Gwen to introduce her! Gwen knows more beautiful girls. She has so many friends. If it doesn’t work, let him go out to participate in some social activities. As long as he goes out more, he will definitely find his wife.”

Avery nodded.

in the coffee shop.

Hayden ordered a cup of latte, and then heard Luisa introduce herself.

Luisa had learned dance since she was a child, because her mother learned dance, and she was influenced by her mother.

Her father was in business, and she was the only daughter in the family.

Now as an intern, she had performed with her mentor all over the world to gain experience.

“Hayden, don’t you like me too much? I think you have been silent.” After Luisa finished talking about her family situation and her own situation, Hayden didn’t respond.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Hayden asked politely, “What’s your relationship with Auntie Tammy?”

“My mother runs a dance training class, and Auntie Tammy used to dance in my mother’s training class. Later, they played cards together… they can be regarded as card friends!” Luisa said shyly.

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