When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4571

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4571

This was brought by Gwen.

In the morning, Gwen heard from Elliot that Hayden was looking for a girlfriend, so she hurriedly brought a new model signed by her company recently.

Gwen’s vision in choosing models was very vicious.

This young girl had a unique classical beauty in facial features, a taller figure, and was not very old.

“Hayden, this is Hallie, a newcomer to our company, who is nineteen years old this year.” Gwen introduced to Hayden with a smile.

After Hayden’s gaze stayed on Hallie’s face for two seconds, he turned to look at Elliot.

It must be what his father said to his aunt, that’s why his aunt brought the girl to introduce him.

“Hello, Hallie.” After Hayden greeted Hallie, he changed the topic, “I’m a little hungry, let’s eat!”

Elliot could see that Hayden was unhappy, could it be that he was unhappy with the girl Tammy introduced?

Elliot secretly took out his phone and sent a message to Avery under the table.

Not even a message.

After he edited the text on the phone, he showed it to Avery directly.

Because from the moment he put the phone under the table, Avery’s gaze had been fixed on him.

After seeing the text on his screen clearly, Avery immediately took her mobile phone and typed a few words: [I don’t like the son’s vision is still relatively high. He doesn’t want our introduction. He said he finds it by himself. So let’s not mind our own business.]

“What are you two doing under the table!” Gwen saw that something was wrong with them, so she asked directly.

Avery immediately raised her head and smiled: “Your brother asked me why Tammy didn’t come.”

Gwen seemed to have been reminded, and immediately asked: “Why didn’t Tammy come? Aren’t you together in the morning?”

“She stated that she would return at night to eat.” Avery said, “We have ordered two sets of menus in total. Let’s see which one is delicious.”

“Well, didn’t you say that Layla came? Why hasn’t she come yet?” Gwen glanced at the time, “Why don’t I call her!”

Just as Gwen finished speaking, Layla pushed open the door of the private room.

“Mom, aunt, uncle…” Layla didn’t come alone.

She brought her best friend Daisy with her.

“Daisy, come and sit down.” Avery knew Daisy, so she welcomed her warmly.

Layla sat down next to Hayden, but her eyes fell on Hallie who was next to Gwen.

Layla: “Auntie, who is this beautiful girl?”

“Uh… her name is Hallie, and she is a model. She just signed it and haven’t started working yet!” Gwen looked at Hayden when she said this After a glance, “Isn’t your brother still single? I thought he didn’t have any friends of the opposite sex around him, so I brought Hallie here to meet your brother.”

Daisy couldn’t help laughing out: “Layla, you don’t have any friends in private. Didn’t you talk to Aunt Gwen? It’s kind of funny for Brother Hayden to deal with two blind dates all at once, haha.”

Hayden couldn’t help but blush when he heard Daisy’s words.

“Auntie, did my dad tell you? My dad didn’t tell me.” Layla said, “My sister told me. It made me angry. This is the first time I took the initiative to find a girlfriend.”

“I told you about your brother’s conditions, if you want to find, what kind of girlfriend you can’t find!” Daisy came here to make up the numbers, “You don’t have to worry at all, okay. “

She had a boyfriend whom she had been dating for a long time. Although they broke up, she knew herself and felt that she was not good enough for Hayden.

“But I think you are very good! Didn’t you also say that my brother is handsome?” Layla certainly hoped that her best friend could be with her brother.

Wasn’t this the same as kissing?

Avery glanced at Hayden.

Hayden didn’t talk much in the first place, and in this embarrassing situation, he couldn’t speak much anymore.

“Okay, everyone should be hungry too, let’s eat first!” Avery said with a smile.

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