When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4573

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 4573

Hazel fastened her seat belt, looked at her brother’s side face, hesitated for a moment, and opened her mouth cautiously: “Brother, Auntie and mother are kind, so don’t be angry with them.”

Hayden’s expression on his face softened a bit: “No. I won’t be angry with them.”

“That’s good.” Hazel breathed a sigh of relief, “I-I think the girl my aunt brought is pretty, and my aunt has a really good eye.”

“There is no common language.” Hayden chatted with his sister alone without any psychological burden.

“Brother, you haven’t even tried to chat with others!” Hazel somehow remembered Lucas.

She remembered that when she was assigned to take care of Lucas on the first day, Lucas didn’t speak.

Lucas was similar to his elder brother, with a cold temper and an attitude of not allowing strangers to enter on his face.

But people were not bad.

“Brother, I knew someone before, and he didn’t like to talk to strangers just like you. I didn’t have any common topics with him, but we both had to communicate at that time… Slowly, the relationship between us talking too much.” Hazel wanted her elder brother to stop thinking so much and try to communicate with others first.

“Little sister, do you also think I should find a girlfriend?” Hayden asked.

“If you want to look for it, look for it, and if you don’t want to look for it, don’t look for it. As long as you are happy!” Hazel had a playful smile on her face, “Then why did you think of telling your mother this morning?”

Hayden: “Yesterday mom said that I will understand her thoughts when I have a child. I wonder if I should have a child to understand my parents’ thoughts.”

“I think it should be. But you can’t have a child just to understand what your parents think!” Hazel felt that her brother’s brain circuit was a bit strange, “If you really have a child, you have to be responsible for the child.”

Hayden: “I know.”

Hayden’s current social status, let alone raising a child, even raising a hundred children, was completely stress-free.

In the afternoon, Gwen accompanied Avery to pick out gifts for Layla’s wedding.

The wedding candy in the gift had already been ordered, now she had to choose some other gifts.

“I went to a friend’s wedding last time, and there was a bottle of aromatherapy in her gift. The fragrance was really good.” Gwen said, “How about I ask that friend where I bought the aromatherapy?”

“Perfume is okay too?” Avery happened to walk to a cosmetics counter.

Gwen: “Perfume is also fine. But cheaper perfumes don’t smell good, and good smells are not cheap.”

“It’s okay. Layla gets married, it doesn’t matter how much it costs. The main thing is to make everyone happy.” Avery said openly.

“Hahaha! It’s not easy to make everyone happy. Give each person a gold bar to ensure everyone is happy.” Gwen joked.

After hearing these words, Avery was stunned.

She talked with Elliot about the souvenirs, and she mentioned some souvenirs, but Elliot was not very satisfied. She felt that they were all too cheap to show that they attach importance to their daughter’s wedding.

If he gave gold bars, Elliot wouldn’t say anything, would he?

“Avery, don’t you really want to order gold bars as a souvenir?” Seeing Avery in a daze, Gwen’s heart pounded, “Even if you have money, you don’t have to spend it like this?”

Avery: “How about I ask your brother?”

Gwen shrugged: “Ask, he promises to agree. When the time comes, Layla’s wedding will definitely be hotly searched for the gold bars in the gift.”

Avery took out her cell phone and dialed Elliot’s number.

After Avery told Elliot her idea, Elliot said without hesitation, “Yes. Two more lines are engraved on it: the names of Layla and Eric are engraved on the top line, and happy wedding is engraved on the bottom.”

Avery: “…”

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