When His Eyes Opened Chapter 471 -480(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 471 -480(Chinese)

Chapter 471

It’s absurd and idiotic!

With scarlet eyes, he stood up from the sofa.

“Don’t come to my house in the future.” Qin Anan raised her cold eyes and said word by word, “you must have not forgotten what you did to my son before. When he sees you, he will only recall that day over and over again. What happened.”

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled: “You only saw me bullying him, have you ever asked him what he said to me?”

Qin Anan: “No matter what he said to you, you can double it up. Go back. Do you need to do anything?”

She was right.

It was him who was wrong!

“I am such a savage and rude person!” he said angrily.

“You don’t need to introduce yourself!” She glared at him, “I know!”

The light in his eyes was a little desperate and extinguished.

He suppressed the feeling of wanting to explain, and retained his only remaining reason and dignity.

He picked up the gift box on the coffee table and strode away.

Qin Anan took a deep breath.

After he stepped out of the villa, she looked out with red eyes.

She saw him throw that expensive gift into the trash can outside the courtyard!

This lunatic!

Not only is he crazy, but he also wants to drive the people around him crazy!

After his car drove away, she gritted her teeth and walked out.

The bodyguard came out of the kitchen, saw her go out, and immediately followed.

“Miss Qin, where are you going?”

Qin Anan didn’t speak.

She walked outside the courtyard door, opened the trash can, and took out the gift box that Fu Shiting had thrown away.

Bodyguard: Stunned · jpg

Turning through the trash can, just leave it to him to do it, she doesn’t need to do it herself!

“Fortunately, the garbage in our trash cans are packed in garbage bags and thrown away.” The bodyguard forced his mouth to break the embarrassing situation, “This packaging box is quite clean!”

Qin Anan clutched the gift box tightly and went back to the house. .

The bodyguard followed behind her and rambled: “Miss Qin, maybe I shouldn’t talk too much, but Mr. Fu came here today and has been polite… There is a saying that you don’t reach out and don’t hit the smiling face. Since you put him Picking up the gift from you, it shows that you are not so cold-blooded and ruthless, why would you disguise yourself as such a ruthless woman?”

Qin An turned his head suddenly.

“My grievances and grievances with him can’t be finished in ten days and ten nights. You don’t need to know what happened between me and him, but you can’t make arbitrary comments.” Qin Anan said, holding up the gift box in his hand. He started, “As for why I picked it up, because I can’t stand others trampling on beautiful things! I hate him, because he has always been good at doing it!” The

bodyguard was speechless.

The May Day holiday is over soon.

ST Group.

CEO’s office.

After Sheng Bei knocked on the door, he pushed the door open.

He strode to the desk and put the books in his hand on the table.

“Shi Ting, I bought this for you at the bookstore yesterday. I hope it will be useful to you.”

Fu Shiting glanced coldly at the books –

“Pregnancy Bible”,

“Sears Intimate Parenting Encyclopedia”,

“Zheng Yuqiao Parenting Classic – Fetus Volume”

“Zheng Yuqiao Parenting Classic · Baby Volume”


Fu Shiting put all these books in the drawer.

Sheng Bei pursed his lips and looked puzzled: “You are going to be a father, why do you look gloomy? Don’t you want this child? But I heard that you really want this child!”

Fu Shiting: “Then why do you Haven’t heard of Qin An’an quarreling with me?”

Sheng Bei: “Oh… well, I’ve also heard about it vaguely. When a woman is pregnant, it’s easy to lose her temper, so bear with it.”

“She dislikes me . I’ve been with Shen Yu. She knows that I was forced, but she doesn’t care about the antecedents, only the consequences.” Fu Shiting looked gloomy, “She doesn’t love me, so she can’t accept that I made even the slightest mistake.”

Chapter 472

Chapter 472

Sheng Bei sat down in the chair and listened to him carefully.

“Shi Ting, you are indeed forced to be with Shen Yu, but you are not for Qin Anan, but for Yinyin.” Sheng Bei said sharply, “Qin Anan still doesn’t know your relationship with Yinyin. , so it’s understandable for her to be angry.”

Fu Shiting’s deep eyes moved slightly: “What do you think is the relationship between me and Yinyin?”

Sheng Bei chuckled: “Really let me guess?”

“I know you can guess it . .” Fu Shiting said firmly, “You know me.”

“Then are you angry that Qin Anan doesn’t trust you enough?” Sheng Bei felt that if he really guessed right, his relationship with Qin Anan would deteriorate again.

“Don’t this explain the problem?” Fu Shiting asked back.

Sheng Bei waved his chin: “Shi Ting, not everyone is as calm and rational as you are. Besides, love is another matter. Last year, you also suffered from Mike’s jealousy. You were not as calm as you are now.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes dimmed , his voice was also a little weaker: “I made everything worse.”

“Of course not!” Sheng Bei saw that he was in a low mood, and said, “Yin Yin is your sister, right? Qin Anan may not have guessed so. It’s just that you didn’t tell her clearly, so she wasn’t sure. The more a person cares about something, the easier it is to think about bad things.”

Fu Shiting’s face flashed with a painful look.

“Shi Ting, everyone has secrets they don’t want to tell the outside world. You’re not wrong, Qin An’an is also right, you two are just inappropriate.” Sheng Bei reassured, “Maybe it’s a bit cruel for me to say that, but seeing you for her I don’t think it’s worth the pain. The sunk cost you paid is too great. If you don’t withdraw in time, it will be more difficult to get out in the future.”

Fu Shiting raised his eyebrows slightly: “She is pregnant with my child now, you let me withdraw. ?”

Sheng Bei coughed: “No, I mean to let you stop focusing on her. She is a doctor, she knows how to take care of herself, when she gives birth to the child, you take the child by your side, and then follow up with her. She was cut in two.”

Fu Shiting listened to his suggestion and fell into deep thought.

Perhaps, Sheng Bei was right.

Continuing to entangle, he suffers, and Qin Anan suffers too.

If Qin Anan gives birth to the child successfully, in return for her, he will let her free.

a five-star hotel in the city.

There is a symposium taking place here today.

At 10:30 in the morning, Qin Anan, accompanied by bodyguards, entered the venue in a low-key manner.

Wang Wanzhi sat on the stage and shared her entrepreneurial experience and secrets of success with several other successful people.

Qin Anan put away the sunglasses and looked coldly at Wang Wanzhi on the stage.

Last night, Mike found out who was behind the bribe marketing account.

The result did not surprise her.

The mastermind behind the scenes is Wang Wanzhi’s assistant.

What Wang Wanzhi’s assistant did was equivalent to what Wang Wanzhi did.

Without Wang Wanzhi’s advice, why did the assistant do this?

After all, buying marketing accounts and hot searches is not cheap!

Halfway through the symposium, the host on stage invited the audience to ask questions.

Qin Anan raised her hand.

The host called her.

Qin An’an got up from his seat generously and asked, “Can I go to the stage and ask face-to-face?” The

host was stunned for a moment, then nodded: “Yes!”

Qin Anan could feel that everyone’s eyes were on her.

Including Wang Wanzhi on stage.

Wang Wanzhi didn’t expect her to be here, so the expression on her face was a little surprised.

The bodyguard gasped!

He didn’t know Qin An’an would be so bold!

Chapter 473

Chapter 473

He felt that things were going out of control, so he immediately sent a message to Mike with the accompanying text: Miss Qin ran to confront Wang Wanzhi! Please hurry up when you see the news!

Mike saw the hotel location sent by the bodyguard, and a string of exclamation marks appeared in his mind.

Qin An’an didn’t eat two bites of breakfast this morning. She vomited so badly that she couldn’t get out of bed. How did she dare to run to find Wang Wanzhi? !

Mike picked up the car keys and immediately came out of the company.


Qin Anan took the stage calmly, took the microphone from the host, and then faced Wang Wanzhi.

“Boss Wang, I have a question to ask you,” Qin Anan asked loudly, “is your assistant Zhang Fei?”

Wang Wanzhi’s eyes were cold: “This question has nothing to do with our symposium today.

” Isn’t the theme of today’s symposium talking about the role of marketing in success?” Qin Anan said, taking out a few pieces of paper.

The picture on the stage is projected to the large screen next to it in real time.

It is convenient for the audience off the field to see the situation on the field.

“Your assistant bribed an entertainment blogger on the night of May 1, and made an appointment to release a press release that smeared me the next day. After bribing the big V, your assistant contacted the Weibo hot search team non-stop… .. It cost a total of 500,000 yuan before and after, is this money reimbursed by you?”

Facing the evidence in Qin An’an’s hands, Wang Wanzhi’s face was ashen.

“Wang Wanzhi, since you are shameless, of course I will smash your face in public!” Qin Anan slapped the printed evidence on Wang Wanzhi’s face, “I have already called the police! Court summons!”

Seeing this, Wang Wanzhi’s bodyguard rushed to the stage, grabbed Qin An’an’s arm, and pulled her off the stage!

The scene suddenly became a mess!

Seeing this, Qin An’an’s bodyguard rushed over: “Let go of my boss! Fuck! She…” The

bodyguard wanted to say ‘she’s pregnant’, but she thought it was her privacy and she wouldn’t announce it to the public , he can’t say it casually.

“Let go of me!” Her arm was savagely pulled by Wang Wanzhi’s two bodyguards, and she frowned in pain.

After her bodyguard came over, she pulled one of the other’s bodyguards away.

Another bodyguard of the other party pushed Qin Anan out: “You did it first! Don’t blame me for being rude! Get out quickly!”

Qin Anan was pushed out violently and fell heavily on the ground.

Her head hit the floor with a crisp sound… She subconsciously reached out to cover her stomach!

“Boss! Are you alright?” The bodyguard was startled, and without thinking about it, he picked her up from the ground and ran out, “I’ll take you to the hospital right away! There’s a hospital nearby!”

At this time, Qin Anan’s bag Inside the bag, there was a rush of bells!

Mike drove the car, irritably waiting for the traffic lights.

He wore a Bluetooth headset and called Qin Anan, but no one answered.

I called the bodyguard, but the bodyguard didn’t answer.

He was like an ant on a hot pan, so irritable.

He dialed Zhou Ziyi, who answered in seconds.

“You said that Qin Anan is not good! She vomited to death this morning! As a result, after I went to work, she immediately ran to find Wang Wanzhi!” Mike frowned and gritted his teeth, “I can’t contact her now! Contact her too! No bodyguards! The road is blocked again!”

Zhou Ziyi said calmly: “Do you know where she is? I’ll find her.”

“I’ll send you the location!” Mike turned on his phone and forwarded the location.

Half an hour later, Fu Shiting received a call from Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi didn’t dare to say that Qin An’an was pushed down and is now in the hospital to protect the child.

He only said that Qin Anan is in the hospital now.

“If you’re busy, you don’t have to come. Mike and I are here to watch her.” Zhou Ziyi said.

Fu Shiting snapped and closed the notebook.

He strode out from the desk, Ying frowned, and asked coldly, “What’s the use of you looking at her?! What’s wrong with her?!”

Chapter 474

Chapter 474

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t hide it, so he had to tell the truth: “She went to Wang Wanzhi today. She was pushed over and fell by Wang Wanzhi’s bodyguard.”

This morning, Zhou Ziyi told him that the hot search the day before yesterday was done by Wang Wanzhi’s assistant .

After he knew about this, he planned to find time to find Wang Wanzhi.

Unexpectedly, Qin Anan went to look for him one step ahead.

Zhou Ziyi held the phone, listened to his solemn breathing, and said nervously: “Boss, this incident is quite unexpected, Qin An’an can’t be completely blamed… She doesn’t want her child to have an accident… She is now After you come over, don’t blame her…”

Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

Since Zhou Ziyi was with Mike, his thoughts have been seriously deviated.

He cares about that child, but he doesn’t disregard Qin An’an’s safety.

If Qin Anan and the child can only choose one of the two, he must choose Qin Anan.

Jinzhi Group.

Shen Yu came immediately after hearing that Wang Wanzhi and Qin Anan had a conflict.

“Wang Wanzhi, this is the plan you told me?” Shen Yu held back her anger for two days, and now said it at once, “Do you have no other way than exposing her child?!”

Wang Wanzhi looked at Shen Yu Yi Yi: “Do you know the influence of entrepreneurs on the enterprise? Exposing her child is only one aspect, mainly to make her stinky!”

“Is it a scandal to have a child out of wedlock? What age is it now!” Shen Yu looked bewildered.

“You don’t understand this. Most of the customers who buy our products are over forty years old…”

“I don’t want to listen to your analysis! Do you know that Qin An’an’s two children are Fu Shiting? What?!” Shen Yu said irritably, “If Fu Shiting knew about this, do you think he would not stand on Qin An’an’s side?”

Wang Wanzhi looked calm: “I guessed it. That little boy looks a lot like Fu Shiting. Maybe Fu Shiting knew that the two children belonged to him, so would he have a custody lawsuit with Qin Anan?! Since Qin Anan was afraid of being known by Fu Shiting, There must be a reason for her fear!”

Wang Wanzhi’s answer made Shen Yu raise her hand and rub her temples.

Hopefully I was surprised.

“The Mike next to Qin An’an is a computer expert.” Wang Wanzhi’s face was ashen, “he ruined the original plan, but he was caught. Although I can clear the relationship, I can’t use this trick again in the future. .”

Wang Wanzhi’s voice settled, and the phone rang.

She answered the phone, and there was a bodyguard’s cry for help: “Mr. Wang! Help! Help!” The

call was suddenly interrupted.

Wang Wanzhi didn’t have time to ask what happened.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing her face dark blue, Shen Yu’s heart suddenly raised in her throat.

Wang Wanzhi frowned and strode towards the door: “My bodyguard called… He seems to have an accident!” The

two came out of the office, and the elevator door not far away slowly opened.

A man covered in blood slowly climbed out of the elevator—

Shen Yu screamed in fright!

Wang Wanzhi’s face turned pale and pale!

That’s her bodyguard!

How could her bodyguard be beaten like this? !

“Qin An’an! Qin An’an did it!” Wang Wanzhi gritted her teeth.

At this moment, her cell phone rang again.

A cold sweat broke out from her back, and she picked up the phone, an unfamiliar number appeared on the screen.

Her fingers trembled slightly as she answered the phone.

“Wang Wanzhi, be careful when telling your assistant to go out!” an unfamiliar male voice threatened.

Wang Wanzhi was almost immediately sure that Qin Anan did such a bad thing!

“I’ll call the police immediately! You wait for me!”

“Oh, yes! As long as you are sure that you can afford to go against our President Fu, you can call the police!” The other party sneered contemptuously.

Wang Wanzhi’s face turned from pale to deep red!

Mr. Fu?

Chapter 475

Chapter 475

Is it Fu Shiting? !


Mike accompanies Qin Anan in the ward.

Zhou Ziyi was waiting for Fu Shiting outside the ward.

After Fu Shiting came over, Zhou Ziyi immediately reassured him: “Boss, the doctor said that Qin Anan needs to rest now, he can’t get out of bed for at least a week, and his emotions are not suitable for being too intense, so…”

“You dare to stop me? “Fu Shiting looked at him coldly.

Zhou Ziyi immediately threw away his armor, disarmed and surrendered, and took the initiative to open the door of the ward for him.

After Fu Shiting entered the ward, Zhou Ziyi winked at Mike and asked him to come out.

Mike turned a blind eye, raised his head and said to Fu Shiting: “The child is gone.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes flashed with complicated emotions, and he said dumbly: “You go out first, I have something to tell Qin Anan.”

Qin Anan was in a daze, listening to To their conversation, immediately turned around.

Zhou Ziyi strode in and pulled Michael away!

In the ward, only Fu Shiting and Qin An’an were left.

Fu Shiting went to the hospital bed and sat down. He held her infusion hand with his big palms and comforted: “Qin An’an, the child is gone, don’t be too sad.”

His comfort made her say it for a while. Not speaking.

She looked at his handsome face, which seemed like a real fantasy, as if she was having a gorgeous dream.

The child is gone, he is so calm?

“Next, you have to eat well and take good care of your body.” Seeing her absent-minded face, his heart tightened suddenly.

Regardless of whether this child is what she wants, she has endured so many days of pain for this child, and now that the child is suddenly gone, she must be heartbroken.

“Take care of your body…” She murmured, her eyebrows twitched tightly, “Then what?”

Her sensitive look fell into his eyes.

He guessed what she was wondering, and he knew what she was afraid of.

She was afraid that he let her take care of her body in order to continue her pregnancy.

“Qin An’an, I have never regarded you as an enemy.” He looked at her pale face as paper, and couldn’t say any harsh words to irritate her, “I won’t force you to have children again.”

His words, Let her tense heartstrings suddenly loosen.

“Then do you suspect that I wrestled on purpose?” she pressed.

An unbelievable look flashed in his eyes: “It seems that in your heart, I am not as simple as a demon, I have become a pervert.”

She wanted to laugh a little.

“Qin An’an, don’t be so reckless in the future.” Seeing her relaxed, he said solemnly, “Whether it’s trespassing at a forum or confronting people on stage, it’s all irrational behavior.”

Qin An’an was taught by him , was unhappy: “You deal with the enemy violently. I’m just afraid that it is not enough for you to be 1/10,000th reckless.

” At a glance, “Would you like to eat some porridge? It’s still hot.” Qin Anan

: “I can’t eat it. I want to vomit. ” After that, the early pregnancy reaction will disappear immediately. “The doctor didn’t tell me that the child is gone.” Qin Anan looked at him in a good way. Mike lied to him just now. She wanted to know his reaction, so she didn’t break it down. With a ‘bang’, he put the porridge bowl on the table.

He did not become happy because of this, but the anger of being cheated appeared.

He jumped up from the bedside and walked towards the door.

Qin An’an: “Mike is right. The doctor asked him to stay in bed to prevent the miscarriage. Even if the baby doesn’t fall out now, it’s unknown whether the baby will still be alive in a week.”

Fu Shiting’s footsteps stopped, his body tense.

Chapter 476

Chapter 476

She looked at his straight back, not feeling well.

“Fu Shiting, no matter whether this child can be saved or not, I hope you can treat it with peace of mind. As long as you are pregnant, there will be a risk of miscarriage, and not all children will be born smoothly.”

She said this because she had unknown details in her heart. hunch.

From the very first discovery she was pregnant, she was very pessimistic.

The pregnancy happened during the period of her injury treatment. If it wasn’t for a fluke, under normal circumstances, the child would not have been wanted.

Anything that is obtained by chance can be lost at any time.

Her words hurt him.

He turned around and looked directly at her face: “Are you comforting me? Who can’t be normal? Didn’t you just try to find out the result? Since you didn’t want this child in the first place, consider him already Dead.”

He said sharply, and hurried out of the ward.

After he left, Mike pushed open the door and came in. He asked curiously, “Why did he leave so soon? What did you talk about? I don’t think he looked very well. He didn’t really think the child was gone, did he?”

Qin Anan’s eyes There was no focus, and the spirit was a little dazed: “Mike, in fact, he is not so bad to me…isn’t he?”

Mike put his hands on his hips and took a deep breath: “You are treating him this way. Has the old relationship rekindled?”

Qin Anan lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembling slightly: “You told him just now that the child was gone, he told me to recuperate, and he also said that he would not force me to have a child in the future.”

Mike: ” When he was bad to you, you only thought he was a bad person. Now this bad person is a little gentle to you, but you think he is better than a good person. Qin An’an, I’m really worried that you have Stockholm syndrome. “

Qin An’an is cold . glanced at him.

“What are you staring at me for? I’m reminding you that even if he treats you well now, you can’t relax your vigilance.” Mike took the chair to the side of the bed and sat down, “Qin An’an, I beg you, what will you do in the future? Tell me first! If the child is really gone, you must not cry to death? Even if you are not pregnant, you can’t go to Wang Wanzhi rashly! If you want to kill her, she also wants to kill you!”

Qin Anan admitted that today is the Too impulsive.

She decided to find Wang Wanzhi temporarily.

She couldn’t hold her breath.

“I should have listened to you,” she said suddenly.

Mike: “Yes! You should have listened to me, I do everything for your own good!”

“I should listen to you and hire more bodyguards. If the bodyguard I brought to the hotel today is better than Wang Wanzhi’s bodyguard It’s not me, it’s her who was pushed down.” She analyzed.

Mike: “…”

About half an hour later, Wang Wanzhi brought her assistant Zhang Fei to Qin An’an’s ward and apologized.

Zhang Fei knelt in front of Qin An’an’s bed with a ‘thump’.

“Miss Qin, I’m sorry! I was wrong! I’m being cheap! Damn it!” Zhang Fei raised his palm and slapped himself!

Suddenly, there was a sound of slaps in the ward.

Qin Anan glanced at his hard-working performance, and turned his eyes to Wang Wanzhi’s face.

“Wang Wanzhi, let me guess what medicine you sell in the gourd. Even if we fight a lawsuit, you will lose some money to me if you lose. For you, it’s just a trivial matter.” Qin Anan A hunch appeared in her mind, “Who asked you to come?”

Wang Wanzhi smiled but said, “Why pretend to be confused? You broke up with Fu Shiting, and he still protects you like that. You are fascinated by him. Soul medicine?”

“Oh…then why don’t you kneel down?!” Qin Anan’s voice rose a few times, “Your assistant’s face is smashed, and you can’t hide the fact that you ordered it!”

Fu Shiting did not ask Wang Wanzhi to apologize to Qin Anan.

Because Qin Anan needs to rest now, he will not let Wang Wanzhi quarrel with her at this juncture.

Wang Wanzhi was afraid that her assistant would be killed, so she took the initiative to bring her assistant to apologize.

Who knew that Qin Anan would be threatened like this!

Wang Wanzhi was afraid that things would become too big and it would not end well, so after gritting her teeth, she knelt down!

She swears silently in her heart!

The humiliation suffered here today must be repaid by Qin Anan a hundred times in the future!

Qin Anan sat on the hospital bed and saw Wang Wanzhi kneeling in front of her, her unhappiness was relieved.

Chapter 477

Chapter 477

Wang Wanzhi is so strong and hates her so much, but now she has to kneel in front of her, she must be in pain!

After a while, the nurse came to the ward to change the medicine.

Seeing two people kneeling beside the hospital bed, I was startled.

“Wang Wanzhi, get out of here with your dog!” Mike threw out the flower baskets and fruits they brought.

After Wang Wanzhi and her assistant left, the ward returned to calm.

After the nurse changed the medicine and left, Mike took the phone and shook it in front of Qin Anan.

“I asked Ziyi just now, and Ziyi said that the two bodyguards who pushed you this morning are already dead.” Mike smiled charmingly, “Although I hate Fu Shiting everyday, I am quite satisfied with what he did. .”

Qin An’an: “What is waste?”

Mike covered his mouth with one hand: “Ziyi won’t let me tell you… He’s afraid you’ll be scared…”

Qin An’an: “… “…”

“Otherwise why do you think Wang Wanzhi came to apologize to you? She must have been frightened!” Mike teased, “I didn’t expect you to use Fu Shiting to scare Wang Wanzhi just now.”

Qin Anan blushed slightly: ” Didn’t he become an unsung hero first? Since he sent him to the door for me to use, I don’t need to use it for nothing.”

“It makes sense.” Mike said, “You can treat him as a dog! You are happy and funny, don’t when you are unhappy. Just take care of it.”

Qin Anan absently picked up the phone and checked the time.

“I’ll take a nap first, and I’ll go home when I wake up.”

“Well! Go to sleep! I’ll go outside and smoke a cigarette.” Mike helped her lie down and came out of the ward.

After Wang Wanzhi got into the car, she raised her head, and her tears couldn’t stop falling.

Anxious, the assistant took out a tissue and handed it to her: “Mr. Wang, I’m sorry. I’m the one who caused you.”

Wang Wanzhi pushed the tissue away and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes: “It’s none of your business. I’m not strong enough! When I surpass Fu Shiting, I see who dares to bully me!”

Wang Wanzhi gritted her teeth, took out her phone from her bag, and dialed Shen Yu.

The phone got through quickly.

“Shen Yu, do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor? Say it first, it’s too dangerous, I won’t help!”

“I suspect Qin Anan is pregnant. My bodyguard only pushed her and she was hospitalized. “Wang Wanzhi said, “The ward she lives in now is the obstetrics and gynecology ward.”

Shen Yu was stunned: “Do you want me to confirm whether she is really pregnant?

” Fu Shiting’s! Otherwise, why did Fu Shiting help her like this?!”

Shen Yu was heartbroken to despair.

She dreamed of being pregnant with Fu Shiting’s child, but Fu Shiting didn’t touch her at all, and didn’t give her any chance.

And Qin An’an, who has given birth to two children to him, is now pregnant with his child…

He gave all his love to Qin An’an.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Yu came to the hospital where Qin Anan was hospitalized.

She easily inquired about Qin An’an’s situation.

She called Wang Wanzhi back: “Qin An’an is indeed pregnant. But she fell down today, and her child may not be saved.”

Wang Wanzhi had lingering fears: “No wonder Fu Shiting is so angry!” After a pause, she said again, “Wish her baby just fell off like this! Hahaha!” A

week later.

Qin Anan came to the hospital for a review.

See if the child is still alive.

Chapter 478

Chapter 478

She is familiar with the road and is going to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

As a result, Michael pulled her and took her to the floor where the ultrasound room was located.

She raised her eyebrows and asked him with her eyes.

“That…you just go directly to the color Doppler ultrasound.” Mike tried to avoid the problem, but failed, “Fu Shiting is here. He should be waiting for you in the color Doppler ultrasound room now!”

Qin Anan lifted his arm Kai, displeased, said: “When did you get bought by him?”

Mike raised his hand and swore to God, “I was not bought by him! It was Ziyi who told me!”

“Oh, Zhou Ziyi is his man. , what’s the difference between you being bought by Zhou Ziyi and you being bought by him?”

“Of course there is a difference! Ziyi is different from that scumbag! Ziyi is not a person who does not distinguish between right and wrong!” Mike took her arm and defended Said , “Ziyi promised me that if that scumbag dares to bully you again, he will quit his job!”

Qin Anan: “But you shouldn’t tell them everything!”

“Nothing to them either! Say…for example, your appetite has improved in the past two days, you don’t vomit much, and you think most of your children are gone, I didn’t say any of these.” Mike sighed, “It’s a pity. Good child, say no. It’s gone. So are you going to have an abortion today?”

Qin Anan felt gloomy: “If the fetal heart is gone, the operation will definitely be done.”

In the past few days, her early pregnancy reaction has significantly eased.

She wasn’t happy about it.

Because it may mean that the child is gone.

Before coming to the hospital today, she ate a full breakfast, and she has never felt nauseated until now.

Although I was mentally prepared that the child was gone, the pain was multiplied when I stepped into the hospital.

Moreover, she didn’t expect Fu Shiting to come.

How would he feel if he knew the child was gone?

Take the elevator to the floor where the ultrasound room is located.

The elevator door opened slowly.

At a glance, she saw the man standing outside the door of the ultrasound room.

Today, he wore a light gray shirt with a high-quality texture, and a pair of dark slacks underneath, which was an unusual black image.

Her feet were filled with lead, and each step felt heavy.

Fu Shiting watched her approach step by step, he wanted to say hello to her, but after she approached, he just looked at her.

She looked good and her face rounded.

It seems that the past week, she has had a good time.

She passed him and entered the ultrasound room.

He followed.

She went to lie down on the ultrasound bed and pulled up the hem of her top.

The doctor applied cold couplant to her abdomen, and the probe began to swim across her skin.

Because Fu Shiting was standing beside her, she closed her eyes and waited tormented for the result.

After a while, the doctor asked, “Miss Qin, do you have any other symptoms?”

Qin Anan opened his eyes and looked at the doctor: “The appetite has improved.” The

doctor smiled and said, “It’s good. In addition to the improved appetite, there are other Other things? Like bleeding or something.”

“That’s not true.”

“Well. So far, the child is doing fine.” After the doctor finished speaking, he took a few pieces of toilet paper and wiped her abdomen, “If you’re worried, don’t worry. , you can continue to recuperate at home, and wait until the child is three months old for an examination.”

Qin Anan was stunned.

Is the child all right? !

That early pregnancy reaction… is it over early?

Fu Shiting saw her in a trance and helped her up from the bed, “Don’t you think the child is gone?”

Qin Anan saw through his mind, and his cheeks turned red.

After the color ultrasound sheet was printed out, the two of them came out of the color ultrasound room.

Mike stepped forward and comforted: “Qin An’an, don’t be sad! The child is gone, as long as you are healthy, it is more important than anything else!”

He took out a list thoughtfully.

“I’ve already asked the doctor to prescribe a surgical order for you!”

Qin An’an: “…”

Fu Shiting’s face was gloomy, and with a ‘smack’, he snatched the order from Mike’s hand and tore it into pieces. Throw it in the trash.

In Mike’s pale blue eyes, anger surged!

Chapter 479

Chapter 479

Qin Anan said awkwardly: “Mike, the child is okay.”

Mike: “Oh?”

Qin Anan took Mike’s arm and walked towards the elevator: “Let’s go to work!”

“The child is really okay? The doctor said you Ready to go to work?” Mike couldn’t believe it.

“Well.” The

child is fine, and her physical condition is relatively good, so she has no problem going to work.

Zhou Ziyi stood beside Fu Shiting and said, “Boss, congratulations! The baby is almost three months old. After three months have stabilized, it will not be easy to have a miscarriage later.”

Fu Shiting’s emotions turned back and forth.

He had a nightmare last night that the child was gone.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

Qin Group.

After Qin Anan arrived at the company, the vice president immediately came over to report to her.

In fact, the heads of various departments in the company usually send emails to her to report on various affairs of the company.

Although she didn’t come to the company, she knew all about the company’s affairs.

When the vice president reported her work, she picked up the magazine on the table.

This magazine is called “Fashion Wind”, and it was the magazine that interviewed her last time.

She is on the cover of the magazine.

Originally, she had an appointment to go to their studio to take pictures, but she was not feeling well, so she finally sent some pictures over there.

The cover photo selected by the magazine is a life photo taken at school during her postgraduate studies.

In the photo, she holds a cup of coffee and smiles youthfully in the sun.

She opened the magazine and found her own interview.

In addition to the Q&A portion of the interview, there is also a character introduction about her.

It’s full of praise.

She blushed, so she closed the magazine.

“President Qin, we have purchased 5,000 magazines.” The vice president mentioned that she was interested in magazines.

Qin An’an: “???”

“Didn’t the director tell you?” The vice president laughed, “He said to distribute one copy of these magazines to each employee. We will distribute another set to each of our customers.”

Qin Anan’s temple Painful: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

This kind of behavior is too exaggerated!

Unbeknownst to her, she thought she was planning to debut as a star!

Vice President: “The director said that the money for purchasing magazines is privately paid, not the company’s finances, so I didn’t tell you.”

Qin An’an: “…Just send it to employees, don’t send it to customers!”

The vice president looked embarrassed: “It’s already been mailed out this morning…”

Qin Anan picked up the water glass, took a sip of water, and was shocked.

“All customers have been mailed?”

Vice President: “It should be! It’s a list pulled from the sales department. Oh, it’s only mailed to major customers.”

Qin Anan: “Show me the list… .”

Seeing her so entangled, the vice president guessed: “Mr. Qin, do you want to see if it has been mailed to ST Group? ST Group is our super big customer, so I directly asked my assistant to drive there.”

Qin Anan Raise your hand, cover your face.

Eleven in the morning.

ST Group.

The latest issue of “Fashion Style” was sent to Fu Shiting’s office.

Fu Shiting returned to the office after the meeting.

Before he could sit down, his eyes were drawn to the magazines on the table.

The cover of the magazine is Qin Anan, so he can’t ignore it!

He picked up the magazine and glanced at the title of her character interview – an exclusive interview with the goddess Qin An’an: My male god is Jin Sinian with a


With a chill on his face, he threw the magazine on the table!

Chapter 480

Chapter 480

After standing still for a while, he dialed Zhou Ziyi’s inside line and asked who sent the magazine.

Zhou Ziyi: “It was sent by the staff of the Qin Group. A total of 20 copies were sent. I asked the secretary to send a copy to each executive.”

Fu Shiting frowned: “Have you read it?”

Zhou Zi Yi: “I haven’t read it for a while. I’ll go out and buy a copy when I get off work in the evening.”

Fu Shiting: “I’ll give you this one!”

After a while, Zhou Ziyi came to the president’s office, saw Fu Shiting’s gloomy face, and immediately noticed To, maybe there is a problem with the magazine?

He only glanced at the magazine cover at the time.

Qin An’an on the cover is beautiful and charming, and there is definitely no problem with the photo, that is, there is a problem with the content.

“Boss, I’ll take the magazine?” Zhou Ziyi asked tentatively.

“Take it!” Fu Shiting’s face was cold, and his voice was even colder.

Zhou Ziyi picked up the magazine on the table and strode out of the office.

He turned to the page with Qin An’an’s interview, and quickly glanced at the title.

what the hell? !

Qin An’an’s male god is Jin Sinian?

Zhou Ziyi returned to the office, dialed Mike’s phone, and asked what happened to the interview.

Mike: “Wang Wanzhi’s sales of female bosses and strong women are set to fly up, so An An accepted an interview with this magazine to increase the exposure of our company, what’s wrong?”

“So use Jin Sinian to hype?”

” This is not our original intention, but the intention of the magazine. They are selling magazines!” Mike explained, “Besides, it was Jin Sinian who first said that An An was his goddess…”

“How can Qin Anan publicly say that Jin Sinian is her male god? My boss is jealous!” Zhou Ziyi lowered his voice, “You even sent magazines to my boss, what do you think?”

Mike smiled: “The vice president. I asked him to send the magazine to our company’s major customers, why did they send it to you? Although you are our major customers, obviously you don’t need to contact you!”

Zhou Ziyi listened with a headache, So hang up.

He took the magazine and knocked on Fu Shiting’s office door again.

“Boss, I just called to ask. The reason why Qin Anan accepted this interview was to deal with Wang Wanzhi’s marketing. The content and title of this interview are more entertaining. First, the magazine is for sales, and secondly, it is for Qin’s family. The group also needs Jin Si years to stir up the heat.”

Zhou Ziyi’s explanation is reasonable and reasonable.

After being silent for a few seconds, Fu Shiting calmly said, “Give me the magazine.”

He just read the title, not the content.

Zhou Ziyi immediately handed the magazine to him.

“You go out first.” Fu Shiting felt a little embarrassed, and his face hurt a little.

After all, it took less than ten minutes for the magazine to go out, and now it’s coming back.

Zhou Ziyi quickly disappeared.

Fu Shiting opened the magazine and read the Q&A in her interview.

The staff asked her if Jin Sinian was her goddess, and her answer was – well, I admire him very much.

This answer will not be misunderstood.

His frowning brows stretched out, and his deep eyes naturally began to appreciate her photos.

The photo is of her life abroad.

The smile on her face was brighter than the sun behind her.

In her eyes, there is a childish incompetence.

His heart couldn’t help beating violently because of her!


Wang Wanzhi went home for lunch, and Shen Yu told her that Qin An’an’s child had been saved.

Wang Wanzhi’s expression was indifferent: “She went to work today, and I thought her child was gone!”

“This child must be removed!” Shen Yu’s face was ugly, “I heard that this child was finally born to Fu Shiting. Raised! If this child is not removed, Fu Shiting will definitely keep helping her! Until she gives birth to the child.”

Wang Wanzhi gritted her teeth: “I said how could Fu Shiting care so much about his ex-wife! Qin Anan really wanted to make money. No offline! She has no name and no points like this. If she gave birth to a child to Fu Shiting, if her father was still alive, she would definitely be mad at her! What a shame!”

Shen Yu felt very uncomfortable after hearing these words.

Because she is also willing to give Fu Shiting a child without any name.

And the women who are willing to do this are definitely not only her and Qin Anan.

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