When His Eyes Opened Chapter 481 -490(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 481 -490(Chinese)

Chapter 481

“If you can’t stop her from giving birth to this child, then don’t try to win her!” Shen Yu provoked her with words, “Don’t try to get my investment later!”

Wang Wanzhi’s eyes lit up: “You Can I still get money from Fu Shiting?”

Shen Yu raised her chin slightly, full of confidence: “At least I can get another billion.”

Wang Wanzhi: “Don’t worry! I will definitely not let the child in her belly be born smoothly!”


Qin Anan came home from get off work and found a car parked in front of the courtyard.

Is there a guest at home?

After the car stopped, she opened the door and got out.

At the door of the villa, the two children and Yinyin came out together.

“Mom!” Rila called out her name.

When Michael ran to Qin Anan, he picked her up.

“Why is Yin Yin here?” Mike asked in confusion.

Yin Yin walked up to them and smiled slightly: “An An, I’ll go home first!” After that, she left.

Qin Anan looked at Rila: “Rila, when did Yinyin come?”

“She was at the door of our house when my brother and I were out of school.” Rila frowned, “She told my brother a little secret, Don’t listen to me.”

Qin Anan heard the words and looked at her son not far away.

Little secret?

What’s the secret between Xiaohan and Yinyin?

“An An, didn’t you say you were hungry? Go eat!” Mike urged her, and then carried Rila into the room.

Xiaohan didn’t take the initiative to tell her the secret between him and Yinyin, and she didn’t ask.

She should respect her son.

the next day.

The finals of the National Children’s Programming Contest were held in the Municipal Science and Technology Museum.

More than 60 gifted children from all over the country will compete here.

Yin Yin sat in the auditorium and kept his eyes fixed on Xiao Han’s direction.

She asked Xiaohan to participate in this competition.

Her teacher said that if she wins this competition, she can go directly to the best university in the country and enter the genius class for further study.

Yin Yin thinks this is a very good opportunity.

So she used the aggressive method to get Xiaohan to agree to participate in the competition.

An hour and a half later, the on-site judges unanimously gave Xiaohan the highest score!

When the host read out ‘Champion Qin Zihan’, Yinyin jumped up happily.

After the awards, Yinyin rushed to the stage with flowers in hand!

“Xiaohan! I knew you were the best!” Yinyin picked Xiaohan up and ran around the stage excitedly.

Xiaohan looked painful: “Let go of me!”

Yinyin put him down and asked the host: “Can we go? I’m going to take Xiaohan to celebrate!” There

were several boys who also won the award, older than Xiaohan. Big, but his ranking is lower than Xiaohan.

They were very unhappy.

Seeing Yinyin holding Xiaohan’s hand, a boy suddenly shouted, “Isn’t this the stupid woman who got lost last year? The one that Fu Shiting spent billions to find

!” A boy also shouted, “I said how could Qin Zihan airborne in the finals and win the championship again! It turned out to be due to Fu Shiting’s relationship! The shady scene is disgusting!

” language attacked him.

His body was tense, and his heart was churning with painful emotions.

He didn’t rely on Fu Shiting to win the game!


His eyes were scarlet, and he threw the trophy in his hand with a ‘bang’!

Chapter 482

Chapter 482

ST Group.

Fu Shiting’s cell phone rang.

He picks up the phone.

“Mr. Fu, Miss Yinyin took Qin Zihan to participate in the finals of the National Children’s Programming Contest today.” There was the voice of Yinyin’s bodyguard over the phone.

Fu Shiting frowned and looked stunned: “What are you talking about?” The

bodyguard repeated, and then explained, “Miss Yinyin won’t let me tell you.”

“Then why are you telling me now?” Fu Shiting rubbed Rubbing his eyebrows, an ominous premonition rose in his heart.

Bodyguard: “Qin Zihan won the championship just now. Miss Yinyin ran up to the stage happily, but she was recognized by others. The scene was out of control. Although Miss Yinyin was not injured, she must have been frightened.”

Fu Shiting listened to this bizarre accident. , feels like edited.

Why did Yinyin take Qin Zihan to participate in the children’s programming competition?

Qin Zihan is withdrawn and unwilling to face strangers. It stands to reason that he should be unwilling to participate in the competition, but how was he persuaded?

“Send me the address!” Fu Shiting said in a deep voice and hung up the phone.

a park near the Science and Technology Museum.

Qin Zihan was tired from walking and sat down on a bench by the side of the road.

Yinyin held his golden trophy and sat down beside him.

“Xiaohan, I’m sorry.” Yinyin looked at him apologetically, “I wanted you to enter the genius class, so I asked you to participate in the competition.”

Xiaohan looked at her angrily: “Why go to the genius class?”

“My teacher said that the people in the genius class are all top smart people. I think you will be happier when you go to the genius class to learn.” Yinyin told him her own understanding, “because there, they are all the same as you. People. If there is a place with people like me, I will definitely be very happy.”

Xiao Han wanted to refute her, but seeing her look of longing, his heart was very entangled.

He didn’t want to blame her, but he was afraid that she would do it again next time.

“Do you think you’re my aunt, so you can meddle with your business?” Xiao Han got up from his chair and warned, “Even if you’re my aunt, don’t mind me!”

After he finished speaking, he strode out.

Yinyin hugged the trophy and followed behind him, hurriedly apologizing:

“Xiaohan, don’t be angry! If you don’t want to go to the genius class, don’t go! I won’t make you angry again, sorry!”

Xiaohan is actually the most angry Not Yin Yin, but Fu Shiting.

“I hate Fu Shiting!” Yinyin

was helpless, but there was no way he could make him fall in love with his brother.

All she can do is to tell Xiaohan not to hate herself.

“Xiaohan, shall I go buy you ice cream?” She took Xiaohan’s arm and looked at him with bright eyes, “Don’t care what others say, they don’t matter at all! Look at them when they say I’m a stupid woman, I’m all right Don’t be angry. In my heart, you are the best! Even if you don’t go to the genius class, you are still a genius!”

Xiao Han listened to her words, his icy heart softened a little.

Today Yinyin dragged the boy who said there was a shady scene for him, forcing the boy to apologize to him.

The boy was probably frightened by Yin Yin, so he was reluctant to apologize to him.

“Ice cream.” Xiaohan didn’t want to remember what happened just now, so he used ice cream to change the subject.

“I’ll go buy it now! You wait for me here!” Yinyin held the trophy and walked away quickly.

The bodyguards left with Yinyin.

Qin Zihan looked at the direction they were leaving and wanted to leave.

He really wanted to be alone right now.

But thinking that Yin Yin couldn’t see him when he bought ice cream, he must be very disappointed.

He didn’t want Yin Yin to be sad.

Yinyin and Fu Shiting are completely different, and he shouldn’t confuse them.

Outside the park, a black Rolls-Royce was parked in the parking lot.

After Fu Shiting entered the park, his deep eyes glanced at Qin Zihan who was beside the flower bed.

Probably because his gaze was too direct, Xiao Han immediately raised his head and met his eyes.

Chapter 483

Chapter 483

The moment I saw him, the blood in Xiaohan’s body was instantly cold!

Mom said to stay away from him!

Xiaohan pulled his legs and left.

“Qin Zihan!” Seeing that he avoided him like a plague god, Fu Shiting immediately called to him.

Xiao Han slowed down, but did not stop.

Fu Shiting had to quickly catch up with him.

“Qin Zihan, why are you here alone? Yin Yin?” He blocked Xiao Han’s way.

“Don’t come near me!” Qin Zihan didn’t want to talk to him or see his face, “remember you owe me a wish! Now fulfill this wish – don’t come near me! Never come near me!”

Fu Shiting looked With his conflicted little face, he was inexplicably irritable.

He didn’t want to have such a bad relationship with Qin Zihan!

Because the two of them broke up, it had a huge impact on his relationship with Qin An’an.

If he hadn’t missed and strangled Qin Zihan to death, Qin An’an would not have forbidden him to enter her house.

“I apologize to you.” Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he compromised, “I’m sorry.”

Xiaohan listened to his apology and thought he had auditory hallucinations.

How could someone so proud admit that he made a mistake?

“I don’t care!” Xiaohan didn’t give him any face at all.

After the conversation between the two broke down, Xiaohan carried his schoolbag and strode towards the park exit.

Fu Shiting was worried about his safety, so he caught up with him: “I’ll take you back.”

“No!” Xiaohan refused sharply.

Fu Shiting picked him up and said, “I’ll take you back! It’s useless for you to make trouble! I’ll leave when I take you home!”

Qin’s group.

Qin An’an’s office door was pushed open.

Mike came in, couldn’t help but pull her out of the desk.

“What’s wrong?” Her brows twitched.

“Something happened!” Mike looked solemn, “If I hadn’t read the news, I wouldn’t have known that Brother Han did such a big thing behind our backs! He went to participate in the National Children’s Programming Contest! Although he won the championship, but Someone’s making trouble!”

Qin Anan’s brows knitted tightly: “What’s the trouble? Is Xiaohan okay? Where is he now?”

“Fu Shiting sent him home!”

“What does it have to do with Fu Shiting?!”

“Yin Yin Take Xiaohan to the competition.” Mike led her into the elevator with a look of disbelief, “It was Yinyin who helped Xiaohan drop into the finals! The other contestants raised questions after the competition! That’s why there was a commotion.”

Qin An An was shocked: “Yinyin is so powerful now?”

“What’s more scary is that Fu Shiting is also kept in the dark by her. She is definitely not a fool now!” Mike said firmly, “With her current thinking ability, she can take care of herself in life. It’s totally fine.”

Qin Anan was very relieved, and at the same time worried: “Is Xiaohan okay?”

“It should be fine. But he hates Fu Shiting so much… Now they are together… I can’t imagine it. What picture.” Mike shrugged.

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Qin An’an’s back.

Star River Villa.

After Xiaohan was sent home, he locked himself in the room.

Fu Shiting was in the living room waiting for Qin Anan to come back.

The quiet needle drop can be heard all around.

But his mood was difficult to calm down.

He has always known that Qin Zihan looks a bit similar to himself.

But today, he discovered that this child not only looks like himself, but also has a very similar temper!

It was hard for him to restrain himself from thinking too much.

Is this quirky little guy really Qin An’an’s adopted child? Is it really not his son? !

Chapter 484

Chapter 484

About half an hour later, Qin Anan returned home.

She hurried into the room, not even bothering to change her shoes, she went straight to Fu Shiting and asked, “Where’s Xiaohan? Why are you the only one?”

Fu Shiting was about to speak, but she noticed that there was something wrong with his clothes.

“What’s the matter with your clothes?”

His shirt was wrinkled, she walked behind him along the folds, and saw that a piece of the back of his shirt was torn to pieces.

From the rotten place you can see the blood dripping from the skin inside.

Although the blood has coagulated, I can imagine that it should be very painful.

“Did Xiaohan bite?” She walked up to him and looked up at him.

“It’s my fault.” He took the subject lightly. “He’s in the room.”

“Oh, I’ll take a look first. You wait for me here,” she said, walking upstairs.

Mike swaggered behind Fu Shiting, took a good look at his wound, and sighed: “My brother Han has such a good mouth! It looks like you were bitten by a dog!”

Fu Shiting turned around and looked at Mike with dark eyes. : “Mike, is Qin Zihan my son?”

Mike’s expression froze, and after a few seconds, he calmed down: “What are you talking about in your sleep! You and Qin Anan’s first child was not forced by you. Has it been destroyed? Xiaohan was adopted by An An! Do you want to see the adoption certificate?”

Fu Shiting nodded: “Show me the adoption certificate.”

Mike: “???”

Fu Shiting: “What’s wrong? Mike blushed and felt guilty: “

The adoption certificate is not with me! You have to ask Qin An’an to ask for it. But I advise you not to ask her for it, because if you mention Xiaohan to her, it will definitely remind her that you almost strangled Xiaohan. thing.”

Fu Shiting: “I apologized to Xiaohan today.”

“What’s the use of apology?” Mike decided to take this opportunity to test him, “Even if Xiaohan is really your son, but you did something like that to him, he wouldn’t recognize him. Yours.”

Fu Shiting felt like a sharp knife had been stabbed in his heart.

Mike was right.

Even if he is Xiaohan’s biological father, Xiaohan will never forgive him.

It’s like he hasn’t forgiven his father until now.

He didn’t expect that he would live like the person he hated the most.

Mike saw that his eyes were slightly red, his mood was low, he didn’t say a word, and he coughed awkwardly: “I’m joking with you! But Xiaohan’s temper is really big. If you offend him, he will definitely not forgive you. Unless …”

“Unless what?” Fu Shiting asked in a hoarse voice.

“Unless An An asks him to forgive you.” After Mike told him the method, he changed the subject, “Why didn’t Yin Yin come together? I also want to ask her what she thought! She even sneaked Xiao Han to participate in that kind of large-scale event. The competition. Fortunately, you won the championship, otherwise you will be embarrassed.”

“I asked the bodyguard to take her home.”

“Oh, I think you have to talk to her. Or you can make her study more difficult.” Between the

two of them talking, Qin Anan walked downstairs.

She has a medicine cabinet and a men’s T-shirt.

“Mike, go and accompany Xiaohan.” She said to Mike.

“I’ll take him out to play!” Mike walked to the stairs a few steps and whispered in her ear, “Fu Shiting suspects that Xiaohan is his son.”

She was shocked when she heard this.

Fu Shiting sat on the sofa, staring at her with deep eyes.

She felt his gaze, so she forcibly calmed down and walked in front of him.

“I’ll take care of the wound for you.”

He gently unbuttoned his shirt one by one, then took it off, revealing his lean upper body.

She shyly lowered her eyes, opened the medicine box, and took out the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medicines from it.

“Qin An’an, can I ask you a question?” He said suddenly, making her emotions tense.

“I’ll help you deal with the wound, don’t let me be distracted. Otherwise, don’t blame me for tearing your wound.” She was afraid that he would ask Xiaohan’s background.

As long as he digs deeper, he will soon be able to find out that Xiaohan is his son.

Her threats took effect, and he didn’t speak again until the wound was bandaged.

Chapter 485

Chapter 485

“Get dressed.” After she dealt with the wound, she opened her mouth coldly.

He put on his T-shirt and looked up at her: “Can I ask?”

“What do you want to ask?” Her face was cold and her tone was not very good, “Xiaohan doesn’t like you, don’t touch him next time. If If this happens again, just call me.”

His mind suddenly went blank.

Sure enough, it’s self-inflicted.

He picked up his dirty clothes, got up, and was ready to go.

She felt anxious and took a step forward involuntarily: “What do you want to ask?”

He looked back at her: “Do you think Yin Yin needs further treatment? I’m afraid that continuing treatment will cause more damage to her body than the effect of treatment. .”

She was stunned.

She didn’t expect him to ask this question.

“Isn’t Yin Yin’s attending doctor Shen Yu?” She mentioned Shen Yu’s name, and her reason began to slacken. “Since you found her and paid her sky-high medical fees, you can just listen to her.”

He didn’t expect , her own question hit her pain point.

“Qin An’an, I won’t bother you with Yin Yin’s condition in the future.” His Adam’s apple rolled, and there was no change in his tone.

But Qin Anan saw a similar disappointment in his eyes.

“If you are asking me a question sincerely, you should at least show basic sincerity.” She looked him straight in the eyes and said word by word, “You better hide it from me for the rest of your life! You didn’t tell me when I wanted to know. , when you want to tell me, I don’t want to know anymore.”

He clutched the bitten shirt tightly and left in embarrassment.

She doesn’t want to know his relationship with Yin Yin anymore.

He feels so stupid!

When he made the choice, he didn’t even know it, one step was wrong, one step was wrong.

He chose to hide it from her for the sake of his goddamn self-esteem, but now his self-esteem is worthless in front of her!

After he left, Qin Anan fell weightlessly on the sofa.

She held her hot cheeks in her hands, and it hurt to breathe.

Mike and Xiaohan were by the stairs, watching the two of them quarrel the whole time.

Not really a quarrel.

Fu Shiting didn’t argue with her.

Since he knew she was pregnant, he hadn’t done anything wrong again.

If one word were used to describe their current relationship, it would probably be: anti-masochism.

Qin Anan counter-abuses Fu Shiting.

It’s just that in the process of her abusing him, she was also injured.

Xiaohan walked to Qin Anan and hugged her.

“Xiaohan, Mommy is fine.” She quickly adjusted her mood and hugged her son, “I will go to the competition next time and tell Mommy? Mommy will cheer you on.”

Xiaohan nodded.

the black Rolls Royce pulls out of the Star River Villas.

Fu Shiting didn’t drive home.

His heart is messed up.

The voices of Xiaohan and Qin Anan kept echoing in his mind, and the last two voices intertwined, giving him a splitting headache.

Without realizing it, he drove the car to the hospital where Qin Anan had an abortion.

“Can I find out the records of people’s surgery from five years ago?” He sat in the dean’s office and lit a cigarette.

The dean nodded hurriedly: “Yes. You tell me the patient’s name, and I will send someone to the archives to find it!”

The smoke between his fingers trembled slightly, and the soot fell on his slender fingers.

Behind a hazy layer of smoke, his face seemed illusory and real.

He parted his thin lips lightly and said her name.

Chapter 486

Chapter 486 The

next day, seven in the morning.

In the Xinghewan Villa, the doorbell of Qin An’an’s house rang suddenly.

Qin Anan came out of the bedroom in pajamas, walked to the door, saw Li Xiaotian’s face in the display screen, and immediately opened the door.

After Li Xiaotian got married, she and He Zhunzhi went abroad for their honeymoon.

She had told Qin An’an before that she was going to play outside for a month.

But it’s only been half a month, why did they come back early?

“An An, are you really okay?” Li Xiaotian came in with a big bag of gifts.

“It’s really okay. I’ve already started to go to work.” Qin Anan brought her shoes, “Why did you come back early?”

Li Xiaotian said with a sullen face, “I’m not having a good time! I originally said that I would take a good vacation when I was on my honeymoon. As a result, he received at least 20 work calls every day. To tell you the truth, I want to get a divorce now.”

Qin Anan poured her a glass of warm water and comforted: “Don’t be impulsive. He has just taken over the work at home, Give him some time.”

“Well, it’s not that I didn’t give him time. In the end, he is not good at work, so he is in a hurry until now.” Li Xiaotian took the water glass and took a sip, “I sometimes really I envy people like you who have strong work ability…”

“I often work overtime too.” Qin Anan sat down beside her, “Sometimes I will take home the unfinished work and deal with it. For a while, it’s common for Mike and I to stay up until two or three o’clock.”

Her comfort made Li Xiaotian think more.

“An’an, thank you for comforting me. He Zhunzhi said that I was very hypocritical, maybe I’m a little bit tricky!”

“He Zhunzhi really said that?” Qin Anan couldn’t believe it.

“He said I’d be idle all day long, and even interfered with his work. He said that you raised two children and worked so hard. Let me learn from you, even if I can learn from you 1% is enough.” Li Xiaotian Saying that, his eyes were slightly red.

Qin Anan took a deep breath.

He Zhunzhi spoke too much.

“Actually, I can’t completely blame him… I blamed him first. I said that Fu Shiting was very busy every day, and every time he went out to play, I never saw him answering work calls…” Li Xiao Tian puffed her cheeks, “Maybe I should find something to do to distract my attention.”

“Xiao Tian, ​​you think Fu Shiting seems very relaxed, but in fact, when you can’t see him, he is also working very hard.” Qin Anan said, “He has a big study at home, which is actually his office at home. When he is busy, he can stay in it all day.”

“Is that exaggerated?”

Qin Anan nodded: “No one’s Success is easy. Even if the rich second generation inherits the family’s property, he has to find a way to keep it, right?”

“Well… haven’t Rila and Xiaohan got up yet? They Don’t you have to go to school today?” Li Xiaotian got up from the sofa and walked upstairs.

Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

She picked up the phone and saw that it was an unfamiliar call.

After some hesitation, she answered the phone.


Fu Shiting waited all night in the dean’s office.

The dean stayed with him all night.

Originally, the dean asked him to go home to rest, and when he found Qin An’an’s file, he would call him as soon as possible.

But he had to wait in the hospital for the result.

The dean had to send additional staff to search for it in the archives.

When the sky turned white, Fu Shiting went to the archives.

The archives are large and contain a lot of information.

The files inside are divided by year and department.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the difficulty of finding is not that big.

A total of more than a dozen staff members looked through the documents of the obstetrics and gynecology department five years ago, but did not find Qin An’an’s files.

After Fu Shiting came over, they started to confirm for the second time.

After an hour, the confirmation is complete.

“Mr. Fu, there is no medical information for Qin An’an here.” The staff said.

Fu Shiting frowned, and doubts rose in his heart.

“Mr. Fu, is it possible that you made a mistake in the hospital? Maybe Miss Qin didn’t have the abortion in our hospital?” She has her file.”

Before Fu Shiting could speak, the bodyguard said, “I brought her to this hospital, how could I have made a mistake?!” The

dean was stunned for a moment: “The possibility of our data being lost is almost zero.”

Chapter 487

Chapter 487

Bodyguard: “Then find out that doctor and confront him!”

Dean: “Do you remember the name of that doctor?”

Bodyguard: “How do I know! She was wearing a hat and mask at the time, I I can’t even see her face!”

Dean: “How about I ask all the obstetrics and gynecology doctors one by one later to see if any of them remember Miss Qin.”

Fu Shiting strode away.

He already had the answer in his heart.

Qin Anan should not have aborted the child in the first place.

Qin Zihan should be his son.

But what if you know the truth?

He hurt Xiaohan, and Xiaohan could not forgive him.

From the beginning to the present, Qin An’an never thought of telling him about the child, so it was impossible for him to speak for him.

He doesn’t blame Qin An’an, he brought everything on his own!

Five years ago, he had said that if she became pregnant with their child, he would strangle their child with his own hands.

Five years later, he literally nearly strangled their child.

His eyes were scarlet, and there were tears in his eyes.

After getting in the car, he stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out.

He drove the car to the Xinghewan Villa and stopped.

After getting off the car, he walked to the door of Qin An’an’s house.

A red BMW caught his eye.

This looks like Li Xiaotian’s car.

He rings the doorbell.

After a while, Li Xiaotian took Rila and appeared in his sight.

“Are you looking for An An? An An is not at home.” Li Xiaotian stood in the courtyard door and spoke to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting’s eyes fell on Rila’s little face.

“Didn’t Rila go to school?” His voice was hoarse.

Rila immediately hid behind Li Xiaotian and peeked at him timidly.

“Rila didn’t feel well today, so she didn’t go to school.” Li Xiaotian felt that Fu Shiting was weird.

His look wasn’t right, his voice wasn’t right…

it felt like a different person.

But it’s still that familiar face.

Li Xiaotian felt a sense of fear in her heart, she wanted to get close to him, but she was afraid to approach him.

“Fu Shiting, what’s the matter with you?”

“Did she go to work?” He asked instead of answering.

Li Xiaotian got a little closer and saw his scarlet eyes.

She stopped in her footsteps, daring not to continue walking past, nor to open the courtyard door for him.

Has he slept all night?

Did something happen?

Shouldn’t he be… going crazy again!

Li Xiaotian held Rila’s little hand tightly, and replied ambiguously: “She has something to do today, I don’t know the specifics.”

“Where’s Xiaohan?” His voice was hoarse.

“Fu Shiting, what are you trying to do?” Li Xiaotian was puzzled. “If you don’t say anything, I’ll call An An.”

“I’m fine…I’ll stop by and have a look.” Dan, turned around and prepared to go.

After he turned around, within three seconds, there was a ‘bang’!

His body fell to the ground without warning!

Chapter 488

Chapter 488

Rila screamed in fright!

Li Xiaotian picked her up and walked towards the house.

“Don’t be afraid, Rila! I’ll call an ambulance right away!” Li Xiaotian put Rila on the sofa and sat down, then found the phone in her bag and dialed 120.

Rila cried uncontrollably: “Is my father dead? Woohoo…he doesn’t even know I’m his daughter! Woohoo!”

Li Xiaotian put her arms around the pear flower belt Rila, who was in tears, opened her phone with one hand.

After the call was made, Li Xiaotian reported the address and hung up.

“Rila, you stay in the house, I’ll go out and have a look.” Li Xiaotian confessed, and then quickly ran outside.

Beijing University.

Qin Anan received a call from the vice president of Beijing University in the morning and brought Xiaohan over.

Xiaohan won the championship of the National Children’s Programming Contest yesterday.

He is not the youngest of the contestants, but he is the youngest of the finalists.

To make matters worse, he won the championship.

“Although Xiaohan was airborne to enter the finals, the purpose of our competition is to find geniuses. For a genius like Xiaohan, any rules can be relaxed for him.” The vice-principal smiled, “Miss Qin, you are willing to send Xiaohan away. To the genius class of our college?”

Qin Anan has read the introduction of the genius class in detail.

All the students from the genius class of Beijing University are social elites and pillars of the country.

Of course she would like Xiaohan to enter the genius class for further study.

“Xiaohan, do you want to try?” She asked her son’s wishes in a low voice.

“Mom, I listen to you.”

“Xiaohan, my mother has always wanted to find a place that suits you. So my mother hopes that you can try more in different environments so that you can find the most suitable one.” Qin Anan didn’t want to betray his son’s trust in him, so he put his own ideas tell him.

“Miss Qin, you don’t have to worry. Let Xiaohan come to us for a trial study first, and then make a decision.” The vice-principal said kindly.

“Okay. I’ll trouble you then.”

Qin Anan came out of the school after handing Xiaohan to the vice-principal.

She took out her mobile phone from her bag and saw two missed calls from Li Xiaotian.

In addition to missed calls, Li Xiaotian also sent her a few messages.

  • Ann! Fu Shiting came to you just now! It ended up on your doorstep! Rila and I are scared to death!
  • I’ve called an ambulance!
  • The ambulance took him away! I didn’t follow the car, I called He Zhunzhi!
  • Did something happen to the two of you again? Call me back when you see it! Rila was so scared that she kept crying!

Qin Anxin’s strings were tense, and she immediately dialed the phone.

Li Xiaotian answered the phone in seconds: “An An, you don’t have to worry. He is fine. He fainted because he was overworked.”

“Overworked?” Qin Anan tightened her fingers on the phone and murmured, “I saw you yesterday. He’s fine.”

“He definitely didn’t sleep last night. When I saw him in the morning, his eyes were full of red blood.” Li Xiaotian described vividly, “He said he was stopping by, and I was on the phone just now. Looking at the map, whether it’s to his company or his house, it’s impossible to drop by with you!”

Qin Anan’s heart was aching tightly, and he quickened his pace as he walked towards his car.

“How’s it going on your side? Is it going well?” Li Xiaotian changed the topic lightly.

“The vice-principal said that Xiaohan can go to the trial first.” Qin Anan got into the car, put on the bluetooth headset, and drove the car out, “How is Rila now?”

“She thought that Fu Shiting was dead until she cried. So sad. Later, I told her that Fu Shiting just passed out due to exhaustion, and she stopped crying. “

Qin Anan frowned, completely unable to guess why Fu Shiting did this.

The two of them often quarrel, like yesterday’s war of words, which is nothing at all.

What the hell is wrong with him?

Why torture yourself like this?

Chapter 489

Chapter 489

If he hadn’t fainted at her door and happened to be seen by Li Xiaotian, how dangerous would it be?


She hesitated again and again and decided to go to Fu’s house.

“Ann, I’ll drive you there.” Mike followed her out of the house.

She shook her head: “I’m going to find Yinyin, and I’ll go back.”

Mike: “What are you pretending to do with me! If you just call Yinyin just to find Yinyin, it’s better to ask her out. She Now I have a mobile phone number.”

She saw that he was ruthless in revealing herself, and she stopped talking nonsense to him: “I don’t need you to send it, I will drive there myself.”

“You woman! You are pregnant now! How can I let you have a big night? If something happens to you, Fu Shiting will definitely be the first to trouble me!” Mike argued, “In this way, I’ll take you there, and I won’t enter his house with you.”

She opened the car door, Get into the driver’s seat and close the door.

She lowered the car window and said to him, “It’s not dark yet. Take your two children out for a walk. I’ll try to be back before dark.”

After that, she drove the car out.

Mike put his hands on his hips, feeling a little uncomfortable.

But on second thought, even if Fu Shiting is a jerk again, this is the man Qin Anan chose.

If she really wants to get rid of him, there are so many ways!

Her mouth is hard, but her body is honest.

Fu family.

Fu Shiting didn’t return last night, and today I got the news that he passed out into the hospital, so Mrs. Zhang didn’t dare to report to him what happened at home.

Couldn’t report to him at all.

He was resting in the hospital, and no one dared to disturb him.

The arrival of Qin An’an surprised Mrs. Zhang very much.

“An An, why are you here? You didn’t say anything in advance.” Aunt Zhang had a smile on her face, but the smile was very reluctant, “Have you eaten yet? I’ll make it for you.”

Qin Anan: “I have. I’m here to find Yinyin.”

The smile on Sister Zhang’s face disappeared completely.

After Yinyin was sent back by the bodyguard last night, she was awakened by a nightmare and cried for half the night.

She started having a fever this morning, so she called her family doctor to get her fever down.

Although the fever has subsided, she is not very conscious and babbles from time to time.

Aunt Hong and Aunt Zhang were as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

Without Fu Shiting’s advice, they did not dare to look for Shen Yu.

They knew that Fu Shiting always wanted to get rid of Shen Yu.

Furthermore, Shen Yu’s treatment cost is too high, and one operation is one billion yuan… Without Fu Shiting’s advice, who would dare to find her?

“What’s wrong? Isn’t Yinyin at home?” Qin Anan saw the strangeness on Mrs. Zhang’s face and asked.

Sister-in-law Zhang took her arm and took her to Yin Yin’s room.

“She has been sick since last night and has not stabilized until now.” Sister Zhang was distressed. “The bodyguard said that she was stimulated outside yesterday. Hey, she was recovering well, but she still can’t go out casually.”

Qin Anan Hearing this, Liu Mei frowned.

She came here just to thank Yin Yin.

Xiaohan went to the genius class of Peking University for a trial study today. When he came back in the evening, he offered to continue studying there.

She could clearly feel that Xiaohan was very satisfied with the genius class.

If Yinyin hadn’t brought Xiaohan to participate in the competition, Xiaohan might have continued to live the life of an ordinary child at Xinghewan Kindergarten.

She never realized Xiaohan was a genius.

It was Yin Yin that changed all that.

Just when Qin Anan was about to enter Yinyin’s room, the bodyguard downstairs trotted in and said, “Miss Shen Yu is here! She said that the boss asked her to come over to see Miss Yinyin!”

Chapter 490

Chapter 490

Qin Anan was relieved to see Mrs. Zhang.

Aunt Zhang was very happy that Shen Yu came to help Yin Yin see a doctor.

“Is Mr. awake? Did he say when he would be back?” Sister Zhang strode towards the bodyguard.

Before waiting for the bodyguard to answer, Shen Yu strode in with the medicine box in hand.

“Miss Shen, did your husband call you to come?”

Shen Yu nodded: “He should be back soon. How is Yin Yin’s situation now?”

She strode to the stairs, and when she finished speaking, she walked Also settled.

Qin Anan stood upstairs, and their eyes met.

Shen Yu quickly took control of the situation.

She looked at Mrs. Zhang with her phoenix eyes and asked coldly, “Who called Qin An’an to come?”

Mrs. Zhang wondered, “An’an came over to find Yin Yin for something.”

“Oh…I thought who brought her You’re here!” Shen Yu teased and walked upstairs step by step. When she was about to reach Qin An’an, she mocked again, “Qin An’an, didn’t you break up with Shi Ting long ago? You mentioned it. You always look like you don’t like Shi Ting. Who are you doing it for? No one invited you, why did you come here? It’s ridiculous.”

Shen Yu finished, He walked over to her and bumped her with his shoulder on purpose.

Seeing this, Sister-in-law Zhang immediately went upstairs and whispered to Qin An’an, “An’an, why don’t you go back first! I’ll call you when Yin Yin’s illness is cured.”

Qin An’an’s expression was cold and her fingers were slightly curled.

She really wanted to go.

But her feet were fixed on the floor, and she couldn’t move.

Wouldn’t it be more ridiculous to leave because of Shen Yu’s two words?

She came to thank Yin Yin, but now that Yin Yin has an old illness, she can’t just leave.

More importantly, she was not sure whether Shen Yu could effectively relieve Yin Yin’s pain.

She did not listen to Sister Zhang’s advice.

She strode to the door of Yin Yin’s room, pushed the door open, and walked in.

Shen Yu heard the sound of pushing the door and looked towards the door.

Seeing Qin An’an, Shen Yu’s face changed greatly: “Who let you in?! Qin An’an, are you really shameless? Get out!”

Aunt Zhang saw that Shen Yu was furious, and immediately stepped forward to take Qin An’an holding her arm and pulling her out the door.

“An An, you’d better come out first… Let Miss Shen treat Yin Yin with peace of mind!”

Sister Zhang knew that Qin An An was angry with Shen Yu.

Ke Yinyin has been sick for a day.

If she doesn’t see a doctor again, Mrs. Zhang is afraid that something will happen to Yinyin.

Aunt Zhang pulled Qin An’an out of the room, and Aunt Hong cooperated to close the door.

Qin Anan looked at the closed door and felt sad in her heart.

For them, Shen Yu was the one who cured Yin Yin.

There’s nothing wrong with them throwing her out.

As she said to Fu Shiting yesterday, Shen Yu is Yinyin’s attending doctor, and Yinyin’s condition is related, please find Shen Yu.

Fu Shiting’s mood at that time was probably the same as her present mood!

What an irony!

Her face was hot, and her heart was like a knife.

“An An, I’m sorry. I know you’re feeling very bad now, but Yin Yin’s illness will drag on.” Aunt Zhang was tangled and perplexed, “Even if Miss Shen can cure her tonight, I’m afraid she won’t have the energy tonight. See you. So, you’d better go back first!”

Facing Mrs. Zhang’s sincere admonition, Qin An’an’s last line of defense collapsed.

If she continues to stay here and doesn’t leave, it really doesn’t look good!

She pursed her lips and stepped downstairs.

“An An, walk slowly.” Sister Zhang felt all kinds of discomfort in her heart, “I know you are pregnant. You shouldn’t be so angry, but Yin Yin suddenly fell ill… And only Miss Shen can help She sees a doctor…I’m really sorry…”

“It’s never your turn to apologize to me.” Qin Anan kept walking, her tone was calm, “I was reckless today, I shouldn’t have come here. “

An An, don’t say that. If your husband knew that you were coming, he would be very happy.” Sister Zhang followed her and supported her, “Come back when Yin Yin is cured, and I will treat you well. “

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