When His Eyes Opened Chapter 491 -500(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 491 -500(Chinese)

Chapter 491

Qin Anan didn’t answer.

She will not come again.

She should listen to Mike.

Yinyin now has a mobile phone number, she would like to thank Yinyin, she can call Yinyin and ask her out.

On the first floor, she walked to the sofa and picked up her bag.

At this time, the black Rolls-Royce drove into the front yard and slowly stopped.

Fu Shiting is back.

She was annoyed in her heart.

If she came down a minute earlier, she wouldn’t have to meet him.

She is uncomfortable enough now, she just wants to stay by herself and enjoy it quietly.

“An An, sir is back!” Sister Zhang reminded.

What if he came back?

She frowned slightly, carried her bag, and strode to the door to change her shoes.

Fu Shiting had already seen the Land Rover parked in the yard.

He absolutely did not expect that Qin Anan would come.

He got out of the car, and his deep eyes just saw her change her shoes and come out.

He walked to her car and waited for her to come.

A gust of night wind came, and his heart became more and more hot.

Soon, Qin Anan walked up to him, gave him a shallow look, and his red lips moved slightly: “Get out of the way.”

His body suddenly tensed, and she didn’t know why she was so angry.

“Did you come here for something?” He asked patiently and hoarsely.

She laughed at herself: “I’m not happy here.”

He looked to the side of her car. Next to the Land Rover, there was a black Porsche parked.

It was Shen Yu’s car.

“Yinyin is sick, I’ll let Shen Yu come and see.” After he explained, he asked, “She made you angry?”

“Even if she made me angry, so what? She’s your guest of honor, and what am I? Neither.” She said coolly, took out the car key, and unlocked the car.

Fu Shiting stretched out his palm and held her arm: “Qin An’an, why do you say such a thing? If you are nothing, then what is our child?”

Her stomach ache a little.

Because the early pregnancy reaction disappeared early, she sometimes often couldn’t remember that she was pregnant.

I can’t even remember that there is some kind of connection between myself and Fu Shiting now.

“Are you here to find me?” he asked when she saw that she was silent.

“No,” she looked at his handsome but slightly haggard face, “I’m here to find Yin Yin. Since she’s ill, I won’t bother.”

She sat in the driver’s seat and fastened her seat belt.

Fu Shiting stood outside the car door, staring at her like a torch, his voice could not hide the pain: “Qin Anan, what do you want me to do? If you are willing to help me, I will never ask outsiders.”

“Why should I help you? She didn’t look at him because her eyes were red. “You gave up our relationship for the secret between you and Yin Yin. Even if I said I felt like a third party, you didn’t think about mine.” Mood and situation. What reason do I have to help you? In this world, you are not the only one who will feel heartache, but others will also have heartache!”

He saw tears flashing from the corners of her eyes.

His heart is like being shot through by thousands of arrows!

“Qin An’an, Yin Yin is me…” He decided to tell her the secret.

She looked up at him suddenly.

She heard her own icy voice: “Shut up. Don’t talk. I don’t want to hear!”

After speaking, her tears rolled down.

She took a deep breath, started the car, turned it around, and drove into the dark night as thick as ink.

Fu Shiting stood on the spot and raised his head slightly in pain.

Chapter 492

Chapter 492

“Sir, go back to the house!” After waiting for a while, Mrs. Zhang walked up to him and spoke.

Although he didn’t know what he said to Qin An’an just now, it was certain that he would never want Qin An’an to be wronged.

After all, Qin Anan is now pregnant with his flesh and blood.

Shen Yu was a bit too much tonight.

But also understandable.

If Shen Yu didn’t have a miscarriage in that child, the child would have already been born.

Fu Shiting clenched his fists and strode into the living room.

Shen Yu was sitting on the sofa drinking tea.

Seeing him come in, Shen Yu put down the teacup.

“Shi Ting, I injected Yinyin with a sleeping pill. She hasn’t slept all day and night, so she must get a good night’s sleep first.” Shen Yu looked at him, “I need to take her to the hospital for a brain examination tomorrow morning.”

Fu Shiting Responded.

“Shi Ting, I heard that you fainted today, are you okay?” Shen Yu looked concerned, “No matter what happens, I hope you can take care of your health. Not only for yourself, but also for Yin Yin. She is not completely To recover, a third operation may be required.”

Fu Shiting glanced at her: “Go back first!”

“Okay. Yinyin is already asleep, you should rest early.” Shen Yu got up, passed by him, walking Take it easy.

After Shen Yu left, Fu Shiting walked towards Yinyin’s room.

When Aunt Hong saw him coming, she immediately said, “Sir, Yin Yin just fell asleep.”

“Go and rest! It’s been hard work!” Fu Shiting said.

“As long as Yinyin can get better soon, this hard work is nothing.” Aunt Hong said, exhorting, “Sir, you must also take care of yourself. I heard that Miss Qin is pregnant with your child, which is huge. Happy event. If the old lady is still alive, she will be very happy.”

Fu Shiting’s throat was like a stick in his throat, and a gloomy emotion flashed in his eyes.

After Aunt Hong left, he sat down beside the bed and his eyes fell softly on Yin Yin’s face.

Although he and Yinyin are brothers and sisters, they don’t look alike.

Yin Yin looks like his father.

And he looks more like his mother.

People are very complicated. The person he hates the most is his father, but Yinyin looks like his father, but he doesn’t think of his father at all.

Now that his parents have passed away, he and his eldest brother have a large age gap and don’t usually communicate much.

In his heart, Yin Yin is his closest relative.

He didn’t want to lose Yin Yin.

the next morning.

Yin Yin opened his eyes and woke up.

She sat up from the bed, saw her brother fall asleep leaning against the edge of the bed, and immediately reached out and patted his shoulder.

“Brother, brother, why are you sleeping here?”

Fu Shiting woke up, raised his hand and rubbed his aching temples.

“Yinyin, how do you feel?”

Yinyin blinked her eyes: “I’m fine! It’s just… I’m so hungry!”

Fu Shiting breathed a sigh of relief: “I’ll ask someone to bring breakfast. Wait for you. After breakfast, I’ll take you to the hospital for a check-up.”

Yin Yin was silent for a few seconds, remembering what happened yesterday.

“Yinyin, don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”


After breakfast, Fu Shiting took Yinyin to the hospital for an examination.

Surprisingly, her brain CT was normal.

After watching the film, the doctor said, “Try not to irritate Yinyin in the future. In fact, maintaining the status quo is already a great improvement.”

Fu Shiting dropped his heart.

Taking Yinyin out of the hospital, his cell phone rang.

It was Shen Yu who called.

He asked Yinyin to get in the car first, and then stood outside the car to get off the phone.

Chapter 493

Chapter 493

“Shi Ting, did you bring Yinyin for an examination? Didn’t you say we went to the hospital together?” Shen Yu’s voice was a little aggrieved.

She drove to Fu’s house, but Mrs. Zhang told her that Fu Shiting had already gone out with Yinyin.

Fu Shiting looked at the people coming and going at the door of the hospital, and his voice was cold: “Her test results are fine.”

“Oh, that’s good. I have already started to prepare Yin Yin’s third treatment plan.” Shen Yu said excitedly , “I have a new idea. If there are no accidents, I can perform a third operation on her in the second half of the year.”

Fu Shiting: “Can you make sure that the third operation can make her return to normal?”

Shen Yu was stunned . .

Even a genius doctor can’t guarantee that he will be able to cure the patient’s disease.

“I’m not 100% sure, but I think…”

“Since you’re not 100% sure, then stop!” He said coldly, “When you’re 100% sure, Come back to me.”


Shen Yu was startled by these two words.

“Shi Ting… Do you want to stop Yin Yin’s treatment? Or… Did you find a better doctor?” Her voice trembled slightly, making her a little confused.

She never dreamed that Fu Shiting would make such a decision.

Did he know that it wasn’t her who performed the operations on Yinyin the first two times?

But if he knew, he wouldn’t have called her to see Yinyin last night!

“No.” There was no warmth in his voice, “Shen Yu, you could have used the payment I gave you to buy everything you wanted, but you voted for Wang Wanzhi.”

Qin Anan hates him so much, except for him At first, in order to keep the secret, they gave up their relationship because of Shen Yu and Wang Wanzhi between him and her.

He stayed in Yin Yin’s room last night and thought a lot.

The more I think about it, the more I understand Qin An’an’s pain.

It is true that everyone has their own difficulties. The mistakes of the past have been made. In the future, he wants to avoid repeating them as much as possible.

Tears fell silently when Shen Yu heard the reason he gave.

“I’m sorry… Shi Ting, I didn’t know you still had such deep feelings for Qin An’an.”

“You know.” Fu Shiting exposed her lies.

Shen Yu didn’t expect him to be so straightforward!

“Shen Yu, we don’t have to contact us anymore.” He said the most heartless words in the calmest tone.

Shen Yu wanted to sneer, but couldn’t.

The day before yesterday, she boasted to Wang Wanzhi that she could earn at least one billion more with Fu Shiting.

Maybe it’s because her food looks too ugly, and God can’t stand it anymore?

But isn’t it all he forced her to do?

If he was willing to give her even a little affection, she would not ask for his money.


disconnection sound came.

Fu Shiting hung up the phone.

Shen Yu cried with red eyes, as if the sky had collapsed.

Fu Shiting doesn’t need her anymore!

She has nothing left.

She returned home in a daze… It was only when she arrived at the door that she found out that she had come to Wang Wanzhi and her father’s residence.

“Shen Yu, what’s wrong with you?”

Coincidentally, Wang Wanzhi was at home today.

“Haha, Fu Shiting has already stood with Qin Anan’s heart!” Shen Yu pinned her hopes on Wang Wanzhi, “If you don’t do anything to Qin Anan again, when Qin Anan gives birth to the child, you will have no hope. .”

Wang Wanzhi looked solemn.

“Is it that serious?”

“Yes! He clearly told me that he wanted to cut off contact with me because of Qin An’an! He cares about Yin Yin so much, but for Qin An’an, he has decided not to continue treatment for Yin Yin! “Shen Yu said, her eyes filled with tears again, “I have completely lost!”

Wang Wanzhi took a few tissues and handed it to her: “Don’t cry. I have already thought of a comprehensive plan, but I need your help.”

Shen Yu didn’t ask anything this time, but agreed: “As long as Qin Anan is in pain, I’m willing to do anything!”

Chapter 494

Chapter 494

In a blink of an eye, it’s the end of May.

Tomorrow is Children’s Day.

It was also the day of Qin An’an’s maternity check.

I originally thought that this child might not survive successfully. After all, in the early stage of pregnancy, she took too many drugs.

Unexpectedly, this baby has been strong until now.

If the inspection goes well tomorrow, you can file.

“An An, will Fu Shiting accompany you for a maternity check-up tomorrow?” Mike asked during dinner.

Qin An’an: “Do you have an appointment tomorrow? I’ll just go to the maternity check-up by myself.”

Mike Jian raised his eyebrows: “Will Fu Shiting accompany you?”

Qin An’an: “I don’t need him to accompany me. I don’t need you either. Otherwise, people will think you are the father of the child.”

Mike: “Ask the nanny to accompany you.”

“The nanny will take care of the child at home. You can go on a date with peace of mind, don’t worry about us.” Qin Anan took a sip of soup, “I have made an appointment in advance. Now, it can be done in one morning at most.”

“Oh.” Mike responded absentmindedly, his slender fingers twitching quickly on the phone screen. In less than two minutes, he looked at Qin An’an, “An An, Fu Shiting will accompany you for the prenatal check-up tomorrow!”

Qin An’an put down the soup bowl and raised his eyes, “What did Zhou Ziyi say?”

Mike nodded: “Fu Shiting didn’t tell you, I guess I’m afraid you will refuse.”

Less than five minutes after their conversation ended, Qin An’an’s cell phone rang.

On the screen of the mobile phone, Fu Shiting’s name was printed impressively.

She left the dining room, walked to the living room, and answered the phone.

“Qin An’an, I will wait for you at the hospital tomorrow morning.” His tone was not discussing with her.

She didn’t want him to accompany her, but she couldn’t refuse.

Because if she refuses, he will definitely talk about the child.

“Got it.” She replied after a moment of silence.

“Let’s have dinner together tomorrow night! Didn’t you have something to do with Yin Yin when you came to my place last time? I’ll bring her out tomorrow.” His voice was magnetic and low-spirited, “Bring your child with you, tomorrow is the child Festival.”

“Fu Shiting…” Qin Anan said, wanting to pour cold water on him.

At this time, Yin Yin’s voice came from the phone: “Brother, who are you talking to? Is it An An? I want to talk to her.”

Fu Shiting said to Qin An’an, “Yin Yin wants to talk to you, I Give her the phone first.”

After he finished speaking, he gave the phone to Yinyin.

The barbs erected on Qin An’an’s body were put away one after another.

After talking on the phone, she walked over to the two children.

“Babies, do you two want to meet Yinyin? Shall we have dinner with her tomorrow night?” She was afraid that the child would disagree, so she played the card of grief, “Yinyin had an illness not long ago.”

Rui La looked distressed: “Okay! Tomorrow Children’s Day, I want to give Yinyin a gift! Every time she gives me a gift.”

Xiaohan did not raise any objection, expressing his tacit agreement.

Qin Anan struggled for two seconds, then said again, “Fu Shiting will have dinner with us tomorrow night.” The

two children immediately looked at her with wide eyes.

They didn’t protest.

For a moment, Qin Anan couldn’t see what they were thinking.

Nine p.m.

After the lights in the children’s room were turned off, the two children began to talk at night.

“Brother, I don’t want to eat with scumbag dad.” Rila pouted, not very happy.

Xiaohan: “Listen to my mother.”

Xiaohan hates Fu Shiting more than Rila.

But Xiaohan knew that he couldn’t make his mother angry now.

Otherwise, the mother and the baby in the womb may be in danger.

“Oh…Brother, do you think the baby will live with us after the baby is born?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sometimes I want him to live with us, and sometimes I don’t… ..I am afraid that he will steal my things, and I am afraid that he will be bullied by the scumbag’s father.”

“Sleep.” Xiaohan only hopes that his mother is well, and the rest are secondary.

The next day, early in the morning, Fu Shiting’s car parked in front of Qin An’an’s house.

On the phone last night, he said the hospital was waiting for her.

This was what he had planned, but he couldn’t sleep last night.

Coincidentally, Qin Anan woke up earlier than usual today.

After she got out of bed, she walked to the window and opened the curtains.

The morning sun shone warmly in, she faced the light and saw his familiar figure of stalwart.

Chapter 495

Chapter 495

He stood outside the courtyard gate, standing straight like a sculpture.

Her heart was beating violently!

She quickly walked back to the bed and picked up her phone to see if he had called or texted her.


He didn’t contact her this morning.

When did he come here?

Why come so early?

If she doesn’t find him now, is he going to wait outside silently?

She quickly found a dress in the closet to put on, and hurried downstairs.

When the door of the villa opened, Fu Shiting looked over with his deep eagle eyes.

Qin Anan was wearing a white dress and walked out of it.

He raised his wrist and glanced at his watch.

It’s only seven o’clock, she wakes up so early?

Doesn’t it mean that pregnant women are drowsy?

She walked to the gate of the courtyard and opened it.

“Why are you here?” She looked at him.

There were red blood in his eyes, and he probably hadn’t slept much last night.

“I’ll come pick you up.” He said hoarsely, “It’s still early, you can sleep a little longer.”

“You won’t be able to sleep when you wake up.”

“Then let’s go to breakfast?” he suggested.

“I have a test item today and I have to fast.” She replied.

“Then go to the hospital now!” He was afraid of delaying her for too long and starving her.

She nodded and turned back to the house to get her bag.

After a while, she came out with her bag.

After getting in the car, she didn’t fasten her seat belt immediately: “Go to the third hospital.”


She didn’t expect him to agree so readily.

Because the Third Hospital was where Wei Zhen worked, she remembered that Fu Shiting was very disgusted.

She fastened her seat belt.

The car drove out immediately.

It was less than eight o’clock when we arrived at the hospital.

Wei Zhen had been waiting in the hospital ahead of time and had prepared a series of checklists.

“Go to draw blood first.” Wei Zhen took them to the laboratory.

“Fu Shiting, did you make Brother Wei come to the hospital so early?” Qin Anan and Fu Shiting walked behind, so she asked him in a low voice.

Fu Shiting also said in a low voice, “Tell him when he asks me to leave.”

“You two have been in touch long ago?” She was very surprised.

“We have been in contact for a long time.”

His answer reminded her of Professor Hu Qing.

Time is the most merciless.

Some of the things that happened in the past have faded a little bit over time.

She almost forgot that he knew Professor Hu Qing earlier than she did.

For Yin Yin’s illness, he gave everything he could.

After the inspection, the time came to noon.

Wei Zhen invited them to dinner at home.

Arriving at Wei’s house, Wei Zhen’s mother glanced at Fu Shiting and said with a smile, “Mr. Fu, you are really talented. If I were An An, I would choose you too.”

Fu Shiting and Qin Anan blushed.

Wei Zhen: “Mom, don’t talk nonsense. They are not the kind of relationship you think.”

Wei Zhen’s mother smiled bitterly: “Son, your emotional intelligence can basically say goodbye to love. If they weren’t in that kind of relationship, how could they be pregnant? What about the baby?”

Wei Zhen: “…”

Qin Anan was restless, ready to explain.

At this moment, Fu Shiting’s big palm under the table held her small hand tightly.

Her body suddenly heated up.

Chapter 496

Chapter 496

Her mind was blank.

Whatever you want to say, forget it.

Wei Zhen’s mother teased, “Neither of them denied it! Hahaha!”

Wei Zhen scratched his head and awkwardly changed the subject: “After dinner, the blood test results should come out.”

Qin Anan nodded. Nod, head down to eat.

After lunch, Qin Anan insisted not to accompany Wei Zhen to get the results.

He was embarrassed enough to trouble him in the morning.

The Wei’s house is near the hospital. Qin An’an and Fu Shiting came out of the Wei’s house and walked to the hospital.

“Why didn’t you let me explain just now? Is it interesting to be ambiguous?” Qin Anan teased him.

“We’re not familiar with Auntie, so there’s no need to argue with her.” He walked outside her, always paying attention to the surrounding road conditions.

“You are not familiar with Auntie, but I am very familiar with Auntie.”

“Since you are very familiar, you can explain to her at any time.” The green light in front of him was on, and he naturally grabbed her little hand and led her across the road.

“I can go by myself.” She shook off his big palm and looked at him coldly, “I only admit that you are the father of my child, and I will not recognize you in any other relationship.”

“I am the father of your child, you It is also an established fact not to admit it.” He reminded her, “We can maintain this relationship first.”

She had nothing to say.

Arrive at the hospital and get the results.

She will look through the inspection sheets carefully.

He asked nervously: “How is it? Are you okay?”

“What is it?” She didn’t raise her eyes.

“Are these checklists for you or the child?” He didn’t know much about them.

Because she is two people now.

She raised her eyes suddenly: “The child is still very young! Now we can only check his condition through B-ultrasound.”

“Oh, these blood tests are all right?”

“Syphilis and gonorrhea will take a week.” She put the checklist Put it in the bag.

He froze for a moment and comforted her: “You can’t get these diseases.”

“You mean to say that I clean myself?” She said, “Thank you. But it is useless for me to clean myself. If you are dirty, I will also be infected. “

Fu Shiting: “…”

“I’ll take a taxi back. You go home!” She took out her mobile phone and called an online taxi.

He should have held her back and forcibly sent her home.

But he was stunned for a few seconds, and when he reacted, she was already far away.

What she said just now made him very hurt.

He has a physical examination every year, and his body is very healthy, and he does not have that kind of disease!

But she even questioned him!

In the afternoon, Qin Anan took a peaceful nap.

When she woke up and picked up the phone to check the time, it was five o’clock in the afternoon.

Remembering that she had an appointment with Fu Shiting to have dinner together, she immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

She sorted out her grooming and came out of the bedroom.

The door to the children’s room was open, and there was Rila’s laughter.

Qin Anan strode over and saw a mess in the room!

Her eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.

Rila has a lot of clothes, usually hanging in the closet, but now, these clothes are all over the room.

Rila is wearing a white princess dress that Li Xiaotian bought for her for her birthday last year.

She especially likes it.

Once became her favorite skirt NO1.

Did she choose to wear this dress today because of Children’s Day, or because she wanted to see her father tonight?

Thinking of this, Qin Anan couldn’t bear to blame her daughter for rummaging through the closet.

Because she always knew that Rila liked Fu Shiting a little.

Few people can resist a handsome and capable man.

Chapter 497

Chapter 497

Although he has had a relationship with Shen Yu, compared to most successful men, his peach news is less.

six o’clock in the evening.

Qin Anan brought her two children to the restaurant address Fu Shiting sent her last night.

Fu Shiting booked a VIP private room.

After she reported the private room number at the front desk, the waiter immediately took her into the private room.

As soon as she entered the private room, Rila immediately exclaimed!

“Mom! It’s so beautiful here!”

This private room was carefully arranged to be the theme of Children’s Day.

All kinds of beautiful balloons, lights, flowers, and gift boxes piled on the ground are dazzling and dizzying.

“Mom, what’s in these gift boxes?” Rila picked up a gift box and asked.

Qin An’an: “This is a decorative box. It’s empty.” The

waiter smiled and said, “Miss Qin, every gift box has a gift in it. It was prepared by Mr. Fu. It’s a Children’s Day gift for you and your children. .”

Qin Anan was stunned, her lips moved, but she didn’t know how to answer.

“Miss Qin, Mr. Fu explained that if you arrive first, you can serve the food first.” The waiter asked, “Do you need to serve it now?” Qin Anan

shook his head: “Wait until he arrives.”

Eat first.

Besides, the fruit snacks and snacks on the table were full.

“Okay, if you have something to do, call me by pressing the service bell. I’ll be waiting outside to serve you at any time.” The waiter said and left.

Rila wants to open the gift box, but is stopped by Xiaohan.

“Brother, I’ll take a look.” Rila put on a pitiful look.

Xiaohan: “Scumbags are the best at making women happy. You must like the gift he gave.”

Rila pouted and put down the gift box reluctantly.

Qin Anan saw that her daughter wanted to open the gift box, so she said, “Xiaohan, no matter what gift Fu Shiting gives, my mother can return it. So let my sister open it! Let’s be happy for the festival today.”

Rila got her mother’s permission and jumped happily. Getting up, “Mom, I promise to take a look, I won’t take it!”

Qin Anan agreed, worried that her daughter would not take it apart, so she walked over and helped her take it apart.

Xiaohan is not interested in gifts, so he goes to the table and sits down.

He is a little hungry.

Usually this point, have already had dinner at home.

After Qin Anan opened the first gift box, he took out an exquisite model of a fighter jet.

It seems to be scaled down according to the real machine.

The texture looks very good.

Rila took the model and ran to Xiaohan: “Brother! Didn’t you say that I would like the gift from the scumbag’s father? But I don’t like this very much! I think you will like it.”

Qin Anan opened it again A gift box, a children’s crown, is set with colorful colored gemstones.

Rila likes this sparkling jewelry best.

There are a total of 18 gift boxes, nine for boys and nine for girls.

Qin Anan was tired from demolition, so he picked up his mobile phone to check the time.

When she saw the time, a cold sweat broke out from her back.

It’s seven o’clock at night now.

Fu Shiting hasn’t come yet!

Rila and Xiaohan are hungry and are now sitting at the dining table sullenly eating snacks.

Although the gifts are beautiful, how could Fu Shiting make them wait so long?

Qin An was restless and dialed his number.

After a few seconds, the call was connected.

“Fu Shiting…” She said, wanting to ask if he was stuck in traffic or couldn’t come because of a temporary emergency.

As a result, Shen Yu’s coquettish voice came from the phone!

“Shi Ting, if our child hadn’t been killed by Qin Anan…he would be able to celebrate Children’s Day today!” Shen Yu choked, “Did you forget our child? He looks so much like you How could you forget him?!”

There was a ‘boom’ in Qin An’an’s head, and his face instantly turned pale!

Chapter 498

Chapter 498

Fu Shiting didn’t come to the appointment because he was with Shen Yu.

This is not what makes Qin Anan the most uncomfortable.

The most uncomfortable thing was that she remembered that Fu Shiting and Shen Yu also had a child.

Not only that, Shen Yu also concluded that their child was killed by her!

And Fu Shiting…believed.

Otherwise, she would not have conceived the baby in her womb.

Thinking of this, her eyes were sore for a while.

She hung up the phone, all the strength in her body was exhausted, and she hurriedly supported the table top.

Seeing that her expression was wrong, the two children jumped out of the dining chairs immediately.

“Mom! What’s wrong with you?!” Rila said, tears streaming down her face.

“Mom, isn’t he coming?” Xiaohan guessed, “Don’t cry, mom, let’s go home!”

Qin Anan held back the tears in her stomach and said guilty: “Are you two hungry? Mom will take you now. Go out to eat.” The

two children shook their heads.

“Mom, I’m not hungry! I’m just very angry…” Rila’s eyes were red, and her grievances could not be restrained.

She deliberately wore her most beautiful dress to the appointment today, and brought Yinyin a beautiful gift.

This shows how much she values ​​dinner tonight.

But they didn’t make an appointment!

Fu Shiting is a liar!

Whispering liar!

“Mom, let’s go out to eat!” Xiao Han was afraid that his mother would be hungry, so he said sensible.

Qin Anan responded and led the two children out of the private room.

Seeing that they were leaving, the waiter panicked: “Miss Qin, you and your child haven’t eaten yet! Should I let the kitchen serve you now? The dishes are ready…”

Qin Anan stopped and replied : “No need.” The

waiter didn’t know what was going on and was at a loss.

But Qin An’an insisted on leaving, and the waiter didn’t dare to stop him: “Miss Qin, you can take the gifts in the private room. If it is not convenient for you to take them, you can leave me an address and I will deliver them to your door.”

Qin An’an: “No.”

After she said these two words, she left without looking back with the child.

The waiter reports the situation to the manager.

The manager immediately called Fu Shiting and reported what had happened.

“Miss Qin’s daughter is crying so sad.”

Fu Shiting was on his way to the city at this time.

Hearing the manager’s words, he said sternly: “What about her?” The

manager was stunned for a moment, and then he understood his question: “Miss Qin didn’t cry, but her eyes were red, and she would probably cry when she left the restaurant… .and her son, although he didn’t cry and his eyes weren’t red, he looked very angry.”

A picture appeared in his mind.

His eyes suddenly became wet.

This afternoon, Shen Yu called him and said that he helped him contact a doctor who could treat Yin Yin.

And handed over the third set of plans he made to the doctor.

Shen Yu said that the doctor was also a student of Professor Hu Qing, and her achievements in the medical field were now higher than hers.

He listened to Shen Yu’s words, and after thinking for a while, agreed to take Yinyin to see the doctor.

The doctor was here on a tour and lived near a famous tourist attraction, far from the city center.

It takes nearly two hours to drive there.

As a result, after seeing the doctor, it didn’t take long for Shen Yu to talk about the business, and Shen Yu’s mood began to collapse…

She began to cry how much energy she had spent for the Yin Yin disease, and how she loved him, but was He regarded it as a beast of a flood and could not avoid it…

Fu Shiting did not forget his dinner agreement with Qin An’an.

He set off at 4:30 in the afternoon and returned to the city.

Shen Yu asked him to take her for a ride.

This request had to be considered excessive, so he agreed.

In fact, the road was peaceful until Qin Anan called.

Qin An’an’s phone call seems to sting Shen Yu!

So Shen Yu said that paragraph!

Fu Shiting didn’t expect that Shen Yu would suddenly lose control, so he couldn’t say a word at that time.

Chapter 499

Chapter 499

When Qin Anan hung up the phone, he understood what happened.

“Get out of the car!” He stopped the car and shouted loudly!

Yin Yin shrank his neck in fright.

In the back seat, Shen Yu’s eyes were hazy with tears.

She knew that Fu Shiting’s words were addressed to her, but the car hadn’t reached the city yet, so she didn’t want to get off here.

“Shen Yu, don’t force me to do it!” Fu Shiting looked at her fiercely with his dark eyes.

Shen Yu was so frightened that her face turned dark blue, she immediately opened the door and got out of the car!

After she got off the car, the car rushed out like a sharp arrow with a ‘boom’ and disappeared into the dark night.

Twenty minutes later, Fu Shiting came to the restaurant he ordered.

After entering the private room, the manager pointed to the gift box on the ground: “They opened all the gift boxes, but they didn’t take any of the gifts.”

Fu Shiting looked at the opened gift box, his eyes were scarlet, like a choke in his throat.

“They also ate a little fruit and snacks,” the manager continued. “Actually, you were late for a while, so it’s not in the way… and the waiter has reminded you that you can serve ahead of time…”

Fu Shiting frowned and raised his hand to stop the manager.

Qin Anan was angry not because he was late, but because of what Shen Yu said.

He helped Yinyin to sit down at the table, and said to the manager, “Serve the food.” The

manager immediately ordered the waiter to remove the dim sum and fruits on the table, and then ordered the kitchen to serve the food.

Soon, a sumptuous meal was on the table.

Yinyin looked at the food on the table, but couldn’t be happy: “brother, you call Anan.”

“She won’t answer my call.” He knew Qin Anan’s temper too well.

She looks gentle and quiet, but she is actually more stubborn than anyone else.

He’ll apologize to her, but he hasn’t figured out how to apologize yet.

“An’an is angry.” Yinyin said stubbornly, “You call her now.”

He couldn’t resist his sister, so he dialed Qin An’an.

——Sorry, the user you dialed is powered off.

Just as he expected.

Even if he went to her house to find her now, she would never open the door for him.

Star River Villa.

Qin Anan brought the two children home after eating out.

It was pitch black in the villa.

Mike and Zhou Ziyi were out on a date and haven’t come back yet.

Qin Anan opened the door and raised his hand to turn on the light.

The room was suddenly bright as day.

“Mom has prepared a gift for you.” Qin Anan smiled, “The gift is hidden in the living room, you can find it!” The

two children immediately looked for the gift.

After a moment, the two children found the gift with smiles on their faces.

While they were unpacking the presents, a whistle sounded outside the courtyard gate.

Qin Anan looked out vigilantly.

It’s Mike’s car.

Mike already knew what was going on.

Fu Shiting called him.

Although Fu Shiting seemed to be right, Mike was still on Qin An’an’s side.

Mike entered the living room, Qin Anan wondered: “Why did you come back so early?”

Mike scratched his head and decided to lie: “Zhou Ziyi has something to do over there, so we’ll go back to our respective houses. Go and rest! I’ll come. Take the kids.”

Qin Anan saw his flickering eyes, knowing that he was lying, but he didn’t point it out.

She went back to the bedroom and closed the door.

Tears couldn’t hold back anymore, Hyun Ran fell!

She is so sad.

The little face of Rila crying tonight, and the undisguised disappointment in Xiaohan’s eyes appeared in his mind.

She can give her children a lot of love, but she can’t make up for their lack of fatherly love.

And Fu Shiting can’t give it either!

Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Living room.

Rila plunged into Mike’s arms, grieved and coquettish: “Fu Shiting didn’t come. We waited for him for a long time… Mom called him to find out that he was not coming… Mom took us to another place. One place to eat.”

Mike hugged Rila tightly and patted her back with a big palm: “Don’t be angry, baby, it’s all his fault! We won’t eat with him in the future.”

Rila squeezed two lines out of the corner of her eyes. Hot tears: “Well! I won’t eat with him anymore! I won’t let my mother eat with him!”

“Well, don’t cry baby. If your mother sees you so sad, her heart will be broken. It’s broken.” While coaxing Mike, he scolded Fu Shiting eight hundred times in his heart!

Today is Children’s Day, other people’s children are happy, but their two little babies are sad at home.

This bastard man!

He thought he just had a good date, but he did not know that he hurt the hearts of the two children.

Mike wanted to take the two of them to play outside to relax, but the two children shook their heads.

After playing with them for a while, Mike took them to a bath.

Rila is usually the most reluctant to go to bed, but after taking a bath tonight, she climbed into the bed by herself and covered the little quilt.

Mike turned off the lights for them and came out of the children’s room.

He glanced at Qin An’an’s bedroom, she should not have slept yet.

He wanted to comfort her, after all, she was pregnant now, different from ordinary people.

What if she can’t figure it out?

He walked to the door of her room, knocked on the door lightly, and pushed open the door.

I saw that the room was pitch black.

The light from the corridor came in, and she could see the big bed. She was lying on her side, as if she was asleep.

Usually she doesn’t go to bed so early, but even if she pretends to be asleep, he doesn’t want to disturb her.

He closed the door and turned back to his room.

Zhou Ziyi sent him several messages asking about Qin An’an’s situation.

Mike looked at the information and was very upset: Did your boss ask you to ask? Is he still a man? He has the ability to see for himself!

Zhou Ziyi: Can you speak on the phone now?

Mike: I don’t want to talk! I really don’t fucking understand, what kind of sin did Qin Anan do to know him as a scumbag!

When Zhou Ziyi called, Mike answered.

“Look outside the door… I think my boss may come over.” Zhou Ziyi’s tone was calm, “The bodyguard said that when he was rushing to the city in the afternoon, there was a car accident on a section of the road, which was blocked for a while. If there is no traffic jam, he won’t be late.”

“Is it a matter of being late?” Mike sneered, “He told me it has something to do with Shen Yu.”

“But he and Shen Yu have already broken up!” Zhou Ziyi Resolutely, “My boss has stopped Shen Yu from treating Yinyin. I didn’t tell you about this, because I think this is what he should do.”

The fire in Mike’s heart suddenly weakened.

“Shen Yu is looking for him today in the name of introducing him to a doctor… Although my boss doesn’t want Shen Yu to treat Yin Yin, but if there is a chance, Yin Yin’s disease must still be treated. Ya!” Zhou Ziyi prayed, “Go and have a look outside the door. If my boss really passes by, you can open the door for him, okay?”

Mike said cruelly, “I can’t promise you. Qin Anan and two The child is asleep,”

he said, looking out the window.

Sure enough, there was a car parked outside the courtyard gate. It was Fu Shiting’s luxury car.

Fu Shiting stood upright outside the courtyard door, silent and motionless, his deep eyes looked at the direction of Qin An’an’s room, like a humanoid looking at his wife’s stone.

If what Zhou Ziyi said just now is true, then he is not unforgivable.

Of course, that’s just Mike’s idea.

Whether Qin Anan forgives him or not, Mike will not interfere.

Mike opened the door of the villa and walked towards the gate of the courtyard.

When Fu Shiting saw Mike come out, he suddenly changed from looking at his wife stone to a living man.

Mike walked to the gate of the courtyard, across the fence gate, and said to Fu Shiting, “Go back! Qin An’an and the two children are sleeping. You have to apologize and explain, and come back tomorrow.”

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