When His Eyes Opened Chapter 501 -510(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 501 -510(Chinese)

Chapter 501

Fu Shiting heard the words and turned to leave.

Seeing his car drive away, Mike exhaled heavily!

the next morning.

Yin Yin came.

Aunt Hong came with her.

The two children were having breakfast when they saw Yinyin come in, their eyes moved, but they didn’t say anything and didn’t come out of the dining room.

Mike smiled at Yinyin: “Why did you come so early?”

I thought it was Fu Shiting!

“I’m here to apologize to An An, as well as Rila and Xiao Han.” Yin Yin’s voice was clear and powerful, “My brother and I were late last night, it was our fault.”

“Yin Yin, they don’t need your apology. The one who should apologize, It’s Fu Shiting.” Mike came over from the dining room with a glass of warm milk.

“My brother will come to apologize later.” Yin Yin blushed slightly, “I can’t wait, so I came first.”

Mike laughed: “This matter has nothing to do with you, you don’t need to apologize or feel guilty. Yin Yin disagreed with his words: “

Yesterday my brother took me to see a new doctor. The doctor was far away and drove for a long time to arrive… If it wasn’t for me, my brother wouldn’t be late.” .”

Hearing this, Rila came out of the dining room.

“Yin Yin, is what you said true?” Rila cried so hard last night that her eyes are still swollen today.

Yinyin nodded fiercely: “I lied to you as a puppy!”

At this time, Xiaohan finished his breakfast, walked through the living room, put on his schoolbag, and was ready to go to school.

Yin Yin saw him and immediately walked over: “Xiao Han, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be late yesterday.”

Xiao Han was not angry with Yin Yin.

He pushed Yin Yin’s hand away and said coldly, “I’m going to school.”

Yin Yin let go of him, and at the same time took out a small box from his bag and stuffed it into his hand: “This is a Children’s Day gift! You Will you accept it?”

Mike was afraid of Xiaohan’s rejection, so he strode to Xiaohan’s side and took him out, “We should go! Otherwise we will be late.”

After Mike and Xiaohan left, Rila ran back to the room and took out the Prepare a gift for Yin Yin yourself.

Yin Yin received the gift and was very happy.

At the same time, he also took out the present for Rila from the bag.

The gift that Yin Yin prepared for Rila was a new hairpin.

Rila was so happy that she forgot the grievance she suffered last night.

“Yinyin, I actually like you very much. Every time you give me a gift, I like it very much.” Rila led Yinyin to the sofa and sat down, “But I don’t like Fu Shiting…I am now Still very angry. He broke my mother’s heart, and my brother’s heart…” Outside the

courtyard gate, a black Rolls-Royce slowly stopped.

Fu Shiting got out of the car.

“My brother is here!” Yinyin said excitedly when she saw Fu Shiting’s figure, “Rila, he’s here to apologize to you!”

Rila’s face turned red, and she was even a little nervous, trying to hide stand up.

But she had nowhere to hide.

Uncle Mike sent his brother to school, and his mother was not at home…

“Mr. Fu, I’m going to send Rila to school. Please take Miss Yinyin away. I’m going to lock the door.” Qin Anan’s The bodyguard spoke to Fu Shiting.

A look of surprise flashed across Fu Shiting’s face: “Where’s Qin An’an?” The

bodyguard: “She has something to do.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened.

What’s wrong with her so early? Where has she gone?

Chapter 502

Chapter 502 At the

door of the villa, Yin Yin and Rila came out of the living room.

Fu Shiting glanced at their figures and immediately strode over.

“Yinyin, Rila is going to school, I’ll take you home first.” He walked to Yinyin and said.

Yin Yin nodded and whispered: “Brother, I have already apologized to Rila, and you have to apologize to Rila.”

Rila’s brows were lowered, but her mouth was pouted. Fu Shiting squatted down, looked at Rila’s face that looked like Qin An’an, and said

softly, “Rila, I’m sorry. Not only was I late last night, but I also made you sad. I want to explain the reason to your mother.”

, he asked, “Do you know where your mother went?”

Just now he asked Qin An’an’s bodyguard, who was tight-lipped and refused to say anything.

Rila looked at Fu Shiting’s face up close, and the nervousness in her heart disappeared little by little.

Although he is a scumbag, he is also really handsome.

“Of course I know where my mom is.” Rila pointed her chin at him with a look on her face. “But I’m going to kindergarten, and I can’t talk to you anymore. I can’t be late like you!”

Rila makes a pun.

Embarrassment and helplessness appeared on Fu Shiting’s face.

Rila clenched her fists and finally let out a bad breath!

In fact, she didn’t know where her mother was at all. After she got up, her mother was no longer at home.

But she deliberately disgusted Fu Shiting’s appetite, which was regarded as a small punishment for him.

The bodyguard came over with Rila’s small schoolbag and picked her up with one hand.

Fu Shiting stood up and glanced at Yinyin: “Let’s go back.”

Yinyin nodded regretfully.

The car drove out of the Xinghewan villa, and Fu Shiting dialed Mike.

Mike answered the phone quickly.

“Mike, where did Qin Anan go? Don’t tell me she went to work in the company.” Fu Shiting decided to send Yinyin home and went to Qin Anan.

He must know Qin An’an’s whereabouts as soon as possible. If he doesn’t explain it clearly to her, it will be difficult for him to settle down in his heart.

Mike just sent Xiaohan to school.

He was standing in the school parking lot at the moment, basking in the morning sun, and said lazily: “You call her! Did she block you again? Hey… Without her permission, I don’t Dare to expose her whereabouts casually. If she blames me, then I have no place to live.”

Facing Mike’s troubles, Fu Shiting frowned: “Recently, my company decided to develop new foreign markets, and I intend to transfer Zhou Ziyi. What do you think of the study tour in South Africa?”

Mike: “…” That’s


Fu Shiting is a bitch!

He even used Zhou Ziyi to threaten him!

“You threaten me, and you won’t see Qin An’an!” Mike took a deep breath and said coldly, “Although she didn’t go to work in the company, she went to work! She’s on a business trip. I’m leaving by plane this morning. Yes .

” “Which city did you go to?” Fu Shiting frowned.

She is now three months pregnant and is not suitable for high-intensity work at all.

Could it be because of what happened last night that she decided to go on a business trip this morning?

She is not a senseless person, if she is still rational, it is absolutely impossible for her to travel during this period.

“Z City.” Mike gave in.

It wasn’t because he was afraid that Fu Shiting would really assign Zhou Ziyi to South Africa, but even if he told Fu Shiting his address, Fu Shiting would not be able to go there.

“Z City?” Fu Shiting’s heart clenched tightly, his breath stagnant, “Why go so far? Even if there are customers there, she doesn’t have to go there in person! What are you doing to eat! You let her go there alone!”

Mike was scolded, not angry at all.

“I told her the same thing in the morning, I said I’d go with you so I could take care of you. But she asked me to look after the child at home!” Mike gritted his teeth, “Every time she asked me to look after the child at home! My man’s dignity is gone!”

Fu Shiting thought for a few seconds and said, “Tell me her specific itinerary, including the hotel she stayed in, and I’ll ask Zhou Ziyi to help you.”

Chapter 503

Chapter 503

Mike held back his laughter: “Deal!”


“Our client this time is the border troops. As for Qin An’an’s stay, it’s in the border camp.” Mike’s laughter became wild, “I I told you in advance that you can’t go. No one will let you into the camp.”

Fu Shiting gritted his teeth and hung up the phone.

City Z is at the border of the motherland, and it takes nearly four hours to fly from here.

I don’t know what time Qin Anan’s plane is in the morning, she should not have landed yet.

Even if it landed, it should have just arrived.

Because the place she went to was special and there was basically no danger, he was not so worried.

He could wait for her to come back from a business trip and explain it to her.

If he rushes to Z city and affects her work, I don’t know if she will be more angry.

After sending Yinyin home, he went to the company.

Shortly after arriving at the company, the secretary came to report: “Mr. Fu, Miss Shen Yu is downstairs, saying she wants to apologize to you.”

Fu Shiting didn’t hesitate, his voice was cold: “Put her on the blacklist, and never allow her to step into the company! “

Secretary: “Okay Mr. Fu!”

After Shen Yu was kicked out of the ST Group building, her self-esteem took a hit.

Before she met Fu Shiting, she was considered a daughter of heaven, but she did not expect Fu Shiting to treat her like this.

Fortunately, the child she had conceived before was not his, otherwise she would have vomited blood when she was treated like this now.

She got in the car, took out her mobile phone, and called Fu Yechen.

“Fu Yechen, accompany me abroad to relax.”

Fu Yechen wondered, “What’s wrong? My uncle provokes you again?”

“Haha! It would be nice if he just ignored me. He doesn’t even want to see me again now.” Shen Yu smiled bitterly, “Aren’t you coming to comfort me?”

“Wait for me to explain the work at hand… ..Shen Yu, didn’t you say you gave up on him last time? Why did you go to him again?”

“I’ve given up on him for a long time. I just didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even give me a chance to make money haha!”

” Oh, you’ve made two billion, which is quite a lot.” Fu Yechen asked, “Which country are you going to play?”

“Country B. ” “Country

B is so fun! Didn’t you live there for many years? Let’s change countries!”

Shen Yu smiled gloomily: “Don’t you think I’m really going to relax? It’s very important for me to go to country B.”

“Important thing?” Fu Yechen was puzzled. “Didn’t you decide to settle in country A? What else is important over there?”

Shen Yu: “I’ll tell you when you’re here.”


ST Group.

Sheng Bei knocked on the door of the president’s office.

“Shi Ting, let’s go to dinner!”

Fu Shiting finished the last bit of work and closed the computer.

“Go eat! I’m going to the airport.” He decided to go to Z city to find Qin An’an.

Even if she finds him annoying, he must explain it to her face to face!

“Oh, are you going to find Qin An’an?” Sheng Bei teased, “I knew you would definitely go to her. After all, she is pregnant with your child, how can you not coax her? Haha!”

Sheng Bei Saying that, he pulled out an envelope and handed it to him.

Inside is the first flight to Z city this afternoon.

Fu Shiting took the ticket, his eagle-like eyes were deep and vast: “Even if she is not pregnant with my child now, I will go to her.”

Chapter 504

Chapter 504

Z City.

at noon.

A bulletproof vehicle slowly drove into the border guards.

Qin Anan sat in the car and looked curiously at the scenery outside the car.

There are no towering high-rise buildings, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here, there are the most pristine natural scenery and the soldiers who defended their homes and the country.

“Ms. Qin, we are far away from the urban area and the environment is relatively difficult. I will be wronged in the past two days.” Minister Chen of the Logistics Department said.

Qin Anan: “No grievance. It is our honor that you can choose our company’s products.”

Minister Chen smiled: “We compared the drones produced by several companies, and in the end, your company’s products are the best. We Deputy Head Liu directly decided to order your drones!”

Qin Anan said: “To make the best products has always been our goal.”

“Well, Miss Qin, you said on the phone that you can follow us on the phone. Add some functions to your request… When will the product be delivered as soon as possible?”

Qin Anan said: “I need to see what functions you want to add first, and then communicate with our technical director.”

“Okay. Yes , let’s go eat now. Our deputy head Liu will talk to you in detail later.”


After lunch.

Deputy Head Liu took Qin Anan for a walk outside, talking while walking.

The camp is very large. After Qin Anan walked for a while, her feet were not sore, but her stomach hurt first.

She decided to come here on a temporary basis, so she didn’t tell the person who connected here that she was pregnant.

But she can’t go on now, she can only tell the truth to Deputy Head Liu.

Deputy Head Liu heard that she was pregnant and immediately looked at her belly.

She wore a pair of regular jeans today over a long-sleeved T-shirt.

The T-shirt is not a loose fit, so you can see her flat stomach.

“Miss Qin, you’re less than three months pregnant, aren’t you? You’re still not showing your pregnancy at all! Why don’t you rest at home? You can send someone else over!” Deputy Head Liu said puzzled.

Qin An’an was embarrassed to say that he was overwhelmed for a while, so he decided to come here in order to escape Fu Shiting.

“It’s been just three months. Yesterday, everything was fine. And I’m usually working, so I want to come over in person, hoping to better facilitate this cooperation.” Qin Anan adjusted her mood and explained.

“It can be seen that Miss Qin is a very serious person. In this way, I will call a car and I will drive you around our camp.” Deputy Head Liu suggested.

“Okay. Excuse me!”

four o’clock in the afternoon.

Qin Anan wakes up from a nap and starts to work.

She opened the notebook, organized some requirements raised by Deputy Head Liu at noon into documents, and sent them to Mike.

Mike replied to the email: When is your phone going to be turned off?

Qin Anan blushed in embarrassment: I didn’t pay attention.

Mike: Then you turn it on now!

Qin Anan took out his mobile phone, glanced at it, and put it down again: What are you doing with the phone on? I don’t need a cell phone here.

Mike: Then you don’t play videos with your children at night?

Qin Anan: You can use computer video.

Mike was completely defeated.

After being silent for a few seconds, he sent a new email: That…Fu Shiting came to find you at home early this morning, and then he threatened me with Ziyi, forcing me to reveal your whereabouts… …so…he’s looking for you.

Qin An’an: …

Mike: His plane at one o’clock in the afternoon arrived at Z city airport at about 4:30 in the afternoon… He will arrive in Z city in half an hour. Prepare yourself mentally! Although I don’t think he can get into the army, isn’t there an old saying in your country A that money can make a ghost run the mill?

Qin Anan: ………

‘Bang bang’!

There was a knock at the door.

Qin An’an was so frightened that her face was pale and her soul flew away!

Didn’t he say that he didn’t arrive at Z city until half past four? !

Chapter 505

Chapter 505

It’s only ten past four now!

Did he not come by plane, but by rocket?

When she was thinking and restless, a loud voice came from outside the door: “Miss Qin, I’m here to bring you fruit.”

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief and immediately walked over to open the door.

“Miss Qin, I heard that you are pregnant. Our minister specially explained that we must take good care of you.” The soldier smiled warmly at her with a bag of fruit in his left hand and a bag of snacks in his right.

While Qin An’an was flattered, he couldn’t help but sigh that men are also very gossipy!

She estimated that the news of her pregnancy had spread throughout the camp.

“Miss Qin, if you have any needs, please let us know at any time. We will try our best to satisfy you.” The soldier put his things away and was ready to leave.

“Thank you! I don’t need anything for the time being. It’s hard for you to make a trip!” Qin Anan sent him out.

After sending the person away, she closed the door, returned to the table, picked up the phone, and turned it on.

The guards here are heavily guarded, and Fu Shiting probably won’t be able to get in.

She was still angry with him, but she was already worried.

His temper is not very good, if he insists on breaking in, something will happen.

If he didn’t break in hard and stayed outside all the time, it wouldn’t work either.

It is very remote here, and there is no shop in front of the village or behind, and it will be dark in a few hours.

After turning on the phone, she saw the missed call he made to her last night.

Only one pass.

I don’t know if he will contact her when he hits the ground.

She looked at the screen of her mobile phone, confused.

She doesn’t want to see him.

But he came to find her specially, and she couldn’t ignore it.


Qin An was restless.

Minister Chen saw her abnormality in his eyes.

“Miss Qin, is the food not to your taste? Or are you not used to staying here?”

She shook her head sharply: “The food is good, and I’m used to living here.”

“Then why don’t you eat it?” Minister Chen kindly She smiled, “You should bring someone to accompany you.”

She took a bite, ready to find a reason to explain.

At this time, a soldier came to report: “Minister! A man came from outside, claiming to be the boss of ST Group, and said he wanted to donate money to us!”

Qin Anan almost spit out the food in his mouth.

Seeing her reaction, Minister Chen noticed the clue: “Miss Qin, do you know this person?”

She glanced out the window, and the sky gradually darkened.

Unlike a bustling city, there are no street lights at night.

She didn’t dare to act impatiently.

ten minutes later.

A soldier took Fu Shiting to Minister Chen’s office.

“You said you want to donate to us? How much do you plan to donate?” Minister Chen said straight to the point.

Fu Shiting: “I’ll pay for the drones you bought from the Qin Group.”

Minister Chen narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you here to donate, or to find Qin An’an?”

“Is the donation real ? Qin An’an is also true.” Fu Shiting said openly, “Can you take me to see her? I have something to tell her.”

“You should have come earlier.” Minister Chen looked regretful, “She went out for a walk in the afternoon and arrived I haven’t come back yet.”

Panic flashed in Fu Shiting’s eyes, and he stood up tense: “Where did she get lost? I’m going to find her now!”

Minister Chen took him out of the office and walked towards a forest area.

It is not dark yet, but it is much darker inside the forest area than outside.

Outside this forest area, there is a warning sign: The minefield ahead, pay attention to the danger!

“Mr. Fu, we have searched other areas except this minefield.” Minister Chen looked at him and asked, “Do you dare to go in and find her?”

Chapter 506

Chapter 506

Minefield, as the name suggests, mines are buried underground.

If you accidentally step on the mine, you may be killed.

So Minister Chen’s question, in addition to ‘do you dare to go in and find her’, can also be translated as, do you dare to die for her.

Fu Shiting’s deep eyes looked into the depths of the forest.

After a few seconds, he stepped forward and walked towards the forest area.

Qin Anan was sitting on pins and needles at Minister Chen’s house.

Minister Chen said to help her test Fu Shiting.

It’s been half an hour, haven’t you tried it yet?

I don’t know how Minister Chen intends to test it.

Fu Shiting’s temper is weird, shouldn’t they have friction?

Seeing that her brows had been furrowed, Mrs. Chen comforted her: “Miss Qin, don’t worry, my old Chen is measured and will definitely bring him here later.”

Qin Anan nodded: “It’s dark here . It seems to be earlier.”

“Well, the weather here is indeed not the same as in City A.” Mrs. Chen said here, the conversation changed, “The child in your belly is his, right?”

Qin Anan was stunned for a moment.

“Haha! You’re so nervous about him, you can guess at a glance.” Mrs. Chen held her hand and chatted, “He still has a heart for you if he came here for you. But Lao Chen’s methods are generally more scary. , I’m afraid he can’t help being scared… If the test results are not good, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you at all, he may just love himself more…”

Qin Anan heard Mrs. Chen’s words , ‘Teng’ stood up from the sofa.

She suddenly remembered the experience of being taken to the Shenlin Villa by Fu Shiting and being frightened against the wall by his subordinates!

She didn’t want this horrible thing to happen again!

Whether it’s her or Fu Shiting, she doesn’t want this to happen again!

She frowned and strode towards the door.

“Miss Qin, wait for me, I’ll go out with you! I probably know where they are.” Mrs. Chen was afraid of Qin An’an’s accident, so she immediately chased after him.

outside the forest area.

Minister Chen and Deputy Head Liu are discussing whether to accept Fu Shiting’s donation.

Because this is not a small sum.

“Since you want to accept donations from others, why are you making things difficult for them?” said Deputy Head Liu.

“What kind of trouble is this! It’s not a real minefield. I’m just scaring him.” Minister Chen folded his arms around his chest, “Did you not see the sad look on Miss Qin’s face just now. That guy did something wrong to Miss Qin. …I’ll help Miss Qin to vent her anger!”

“What are you worrying about about the couple’s affairs?”

“Why are you worrying about blindly? When you arrive at our camp, it’s our camp’s business…”

“Hahaha! Be careful that he doesn’t donate to us in a fit of rage!”

“If you don’t donate, you won’t donate! We’re not out of money! Besides, Miss Qin said that it will be given to us at the cost price.”

“Then we still accept it . Donate from Fu Shiting! Don’t let Miss Qin earn Fu Shiting’s money at the cost price.” “Hahahahaha

!” The

two chatted happily.

He didn’t notice Qin An’an and Mrs. Chen coming over at all.

“Miss Qin, did you see the forest in front of you? The sign of that minefield is fake. That forest is not a minefield.” Madam Chen said, “Fu Shiting should be inside!”

Qin Anan heard the words and immediately strode towards Go to the woods.

Before Minister Chen and Deputy Head Liu could react, she had already walked in.

It was completely dark.

Qin Anan turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone and walked quickly towards the depths of the woods.

“Fu Shiting!”

After walking for about five or six minutes, she began to call out his name.

Her voice echoed through the woods—

Chapter 507

Chapter 507

Suddenly, a light shone from a distance.

The moment she saw the light source, her tense heartstrings suddenly loosened.

“Qin An’an!” He called out her name even louder.

Hearing his familiar voice, her nose was sore and her eyes were hot.

“Qin An’an, don’t move! This is a minefield!” Fu Shiting saw the light coming from her side, and after confirming her existence, he reminded him sharply.

The tears in Qin An’an’s eyes fell with a ‘swish’.

If this is really a minefield, will Minister Chen let him take this risk?

Is he out of his mind today?

Besides, this place is really a minefield, and she can’t come in!

In her memory, he was one of the most intelligent men, but why is he stupid now?

“This is not a minefield!” She choked back to him, “You hurry back!”

Hearing her words, he immediately ran towards her.

Her tears were blurred, and she could only feel the light in the distance moving quickly towards her.

She seemed to feel his hot breath.

She raised her hand and quickly wiped away the tears.

After a while, he came to her.

“Qin An’an, they said you got lost, but you didn’t get lost, right?” His breathing was a little heavy, and his hands clasped her arms tightly.

“I’m not a three-year-old, how did I get lost?” She threw his hands away and looked at him with Xingmu, “When did you deceive so easily?!”

“I’m here to apologize to you.” He didn’t care Being deceived, as long as you can see her, “Qin An’an, did you come here to avoid me?”

He looked directly at her little face with hot eyes.

The light was dim, but he could clearly see the grievances and tears on her face.

“Since you know, why do you still come?” She lowered her eyes, not daring to look at him.

She was afraid that the moment she saw his face, all principles and bottom lines would disappear.

“Mike said you came alone, I’m not at ease.” His big palm slipped from her arm a little bit until he clenched her little hand, “Let’s go out first.

” !

She was stunned for a moment, and then she beat his shoulder with her small hand: “Let me down! I’ll go by myself!”

“The road here is not easy, what if you fall over?” They are all walking steadily.

She quieted down.

No matter what kind of grudge or grudge, wait until you leave this forest.

Five minutes later, they came out of the woods.

She struggled to get out of his arms.

With a sullen face, she walked to the place where she lived without saying a word.

He followed her unhurriedly.

“What are you doing with me?” She turned her head and asked him, “Didn’t you come to donate?”

His handsome features were hidden under the dim light.

“I’m here to find you.” His eyes were like ink, and his voice was firm, “I took Yinyin to see a doctor named Feike yesterday afternoon, who was introduced by Shen Yu. She said that his name was Feike. Luo’s doctor may be able to help Yinyin heal.”

Qin Anan took a deep breath, her eyes were red, “Fekluo can’t save Yinyin! Don’t be deceived again!”

Fu Shiting pursed his thin lips and said nothing. .

When she said ‘don’t be deceived again’, did she mean that he was deceived by Shen Yu?

“Then what? Go on!” She gritted her teeth and pushed his chest with her little hand.

“Then at 4:30 in the afternoon, I was going to drive back, and Shen Yu asked me to take her back to the city.” He said truthfully.

“So you drove her?” Qin Anan sneered and burst into tears, “She asked you to carry her, so you carried her. Do you still have feelings for her if you listen to her like this?!”

Chapter 508

Chapter 508

He looked at her distressed appearance, held her hand tightly with his big palm, and placed it in the place of his heart.

“Qin An’an, it’s not what you think.” He looked into her eyes and explained word by word, “I agreed to take her because of the fact that she had treated Yin Yin.”

Shen Yu gave Yin Yin Yin cured a disease?

She heard sarcastic laughter inside.

In his opinion, Shen Yu is Yin Yin’s savior.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t throw 2 billion and give it to Shen Yu.

She freed her small hand from his big palm.

“Since Shen Yu can cure Yinyin, why did you break up with her?” She teased coldly.

“Because of you.” He said these three words without any thought.

Qin An’an’s heart throbbed, as if it had hit something, and it suddenly became chaotic.

He broke up with Shen Yu because of her?

“Although Yinyin hasn’t returned to normal yet, I’m very satisfied with her current state.” He dissected his heart to her, “I can’t force myself to continue to be with Shen Yu, and I can’t force myself I don’t care about you.”

Hearing his explanation, she didn’t feel light.

Instead, I felt exhausted.

“Where do you live tonight?” She asked him, looking at her own place not far away.

“I don’t know.” He looked around and asked, “Where do you live?”

“You don’t want to live with me, do you? You want to be beautiful!” Qin Anan saw that he was empty-handed, and suspected that he didn’t bring anything , brought only one person.

“I’m going to sit with you, I’m a little tired.” The exhaustion on his face was undisguised.

Not only because of running around all day, but also because he only ate one breakfast today.

Not only tired, but also hungry.

Just when she was hesitating whether to let him go to her own place, his stomach groaned.

She had never seen him so embarrassed.

If he hadn’t come to her, he should now be in his mansion, enjoying the service of servants and a sumptuous dinner.

“You go back tomorrow morning.” She led him towards her residence, “The environment here is very difficult, not for a young master like you.”

“You go back with me.” He stubbornly said, “If you don’t go, I will Don’t leave either.”

“I’m here to work, not to play.” She glared at him, then took the key to open the door, “You won’t leave if you don’t leave, do you think you can threaten me?”

After the door opened, he walked first go in.

The room is relatively simple, except for a bed, a table and a chair, and nothing else.

Oh no, there is also a restroom.

He walked towards the bathroom.

Because the bathing here is to go to the bathhouse, there is no bathing equipment installed in the separate room.

He looked at the boiling water bottle and water basin in the bathroom and fell into deep thought.

Qin Anan saw him standing motionless at the door of the bathroom, and joked: “Are you going to leave now? Have you brought a bodyguard? Let your bodyguard pick you up! If you don’t bring a bodyguard, then you will call your subordinates now. Call, let them take a plane to pick you up! I know you have a plane at home.”

Fu Shiting listened to her brisk tone and didn’t argue with her.

If it made her happy, he was willing to let her taunt.

“I’m not leaving,” he looked up at her, “it’s good to experience a different life here.”

“Oh, then I’ll call Minister Chen and ask him to arrange a room for you.” Qin Anan took out his mobile phone , ready to be allocated to Minister Chen.

The phone just turned on, and Mike’s video called.

She somehow connected to the video.

“An An, what’s the situation on your side now? Have you seen Fu Shiting?” Mike asked.

Qin Anan held the phone, gave Fu Shiting a look, and told him to go to the bathroom to stay.

He was a little unwilling, but he went into the bathroom obediently.

Chapter 509

Chapter 509

“I see.” She picked up the phone and quickly changed the topic, “Where are Xiaohan and Rila?”

Mike sighed with a sad face: “I’m afraid they won’t be able to video with you tonight. Xiaohan is crying today. Now .” In the

bathroom, Fu Shiting heard Mike’s words clearly.

Why is Xiaohan crying?

Fu Shiting came out of the bathroom and looked at Qin An’an with dark eyes.

Qin Anan has no time to care about him now.

She was more surprised than he was.

Xiaohan has always been a child with no emotions and anger, unlike a child who is calm.

“What happened to him? Was he bullied at school? Did you find his teacher?” She spoke quickly.

She can’t wait to go home immediately to comfort her son.

“His class took the test today, and someone ranked higher than him. He was hit.” Mike shrugged, “He won’t be able to accept that someone is smarter than him for a while.”

Qin Anan breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt a little uncomfortable . .

Xiaohan has always lived in his own world, and in his world, he is the most powerful.

“He’s the youngest in the class, and it’s understandable that no one else is strong, but he doesn’t listen. The more I persuade him, the sadder.” Mike recalled picking him up tonight, his head was big, “I’m still the first I saw him collapse once!”

“Then I’ll go back tomorrow.” Qin Anan said.

“Well… I suspect that Wang Wanzhi has placed eyeliner in our company. You went on a business trip to the border troops to discuss cooperation, and it happened that Wang Wanzhi went to a poor area on a business trip today with a photography team. Hahaha!” Mike’s smile The sound spread throughout the room.

Hearing Wang Wanzhi’s name, Qin Anan lost interest in chatting.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Fu Shiting standing at the door of the bathroom, so she said to Mike, “We’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Well, after you have booked your ticket, send me the ticket information, and I’ll pick you up at the airport tomorrow.”


After hanging up the video, she opened the ticketing software to check tomorrow’s flight.

Fu Shiting came over with a basin of hot water and put it at her feet.

“Are you booking a plane ticket?” He glanced at her phone screen, “Book one for me too. Let’s go back together.”

She glanced at him coldly: “Can’t you book it yourself?”

“I don’t have a phone . Electricity.” He crouched down in front of her, holding her feet with his long fingers.

She was stunned and pulled her feet back suddenly: “Fu Shiting! What are you doing?!”

He held her feet tightly, took off her socks, raised his eyes and looked at her, “Help me order one. Tickets.”

The man’s eyes were saying, I’ll wash your feet, and you can buy tickets for me.

Her goosebumps came out.

“You let go of my feet! I’ll buy them for you!” Her feet were tightly wrapped in his palm, hot and warm.

After she finished speaking, he put her feet in the water basin.

His hand still didn’t let go.

She was a little annoyed, she was not used to such a nauseous him: “Where did you learn the bad tricks?!”

“Let me stay with you tonight.” He made a hoarse request, “You live alone, I’m not at ease. If you don’t want to sleep with me in the same bed, then I’ll lie on the table and sleep.”

Qin Anan: “……”

She looked at him as mysterious and deep as a gem. Eyes, heart cluttered.

Her lips moved, and she wanted to speak, but there was a sudden ‘whoosh’ outside the window, and it was pouring rain!

The rain slapped on the windows with a screeching sound.

She frowned.

It’s raining so much, I don’t know if the flight will be cancelled tomorrow.

Worse yet, how could she refuse his request to stay here for the night now?

Chapter 510

Chapter 510

Fu Shiting washed her feet slowly and patiently with a tissue to dry her.

Her cheeks were flushed, and he tried to pull her feet back several times, but he stopped her.

The itch when his fingers touched the skin on her feet spread to his heart.

“Do you think it’s possible to cancel the flight tomorrow?” He finally let go of her.

“Don’t be a crow’s mouth!” She felt like an arrow now.

He picked up the water basin, went to the bathroom to pour water, and when he returned to her, he saw that her face was gloomy.

“Is the flight cancelled?” he guessed.

“Well.” She put down the phone and said in a depressed mood, “There are fruits and snacks in the bag, you can eat some!”

Although he was hungry, seeing her like this, he couldn’t eat it.

She was holding a kettle, intending to boil a pot of water.

He took the kettle from her hand, “You go to lie down and rest.”

She walked to the bedside and sat down in a daze, with Xiaohan in her mind now.

From the time Xiaohan was born to now, apart from crying like other children from time to time before the age of one, when he was one year old, he seldom cried.

She couldn’t even imagine Xiaohan crying.

Xiaohan is willing to stay in the genius class because the genius class does not have as many rules and regulations as the ordinary class.

The things learned in the genius class are more esoteric, and all the classmates are geniuses.

Geniuses are different from ordinary people in terms of temperament. They are more self-focused and do not pay attention to others.

So Xiaohan decided to continue reading there on the first day of his trial.

She was very happy that Xiaohan found a suitable place, but ignored the pressure that the environment brought to Xiaohan.

“Are you worried about Xiaohan?” After plugging in the kettle, his eyes fell on her face, “You don’t have to worry, he will adjust the pressure on his own.”

She looked at him in surprise: “How do you know ?”

He pursed his thin lips, and his mind was full of thoughts for a while.

How does he know?

Because Xiaohan is his son, so he knows.

Xiaohan’s character is almost the same as his, and he is always strict with himself. Once he fails to achieve it, he will feel sad and deny himself, but then he will work harder to achieve his goal.

“Because he is your son, I believe him.” He looked at her deeply, and said these words slowly and slowly.

Her heart skipped a beat, and hurriedly lay down on the bed.

He strode over to the bed and covered her with the quilt.

“Qin An’an, can I see your stomach?” He sat down beside the bed and asked her for advice.

Her cheeks were hot: “What are you looking at my stomach?”

There seemed to be a fire in his throat, and he said hoarsely, “I want to see our child.”

“I can’t see it now.” She poured cold water on him.

“Oh, how long will it take to find out?” When he asked this question, he seemed to be swallowing gall, and his heart was bitter.

Five years ago, when she was pregnant with Xiaohan, she stayed by his side until she was about to give birth before leaving.

Why didn’t he notice that she was pregnant? Isn’t she pregnant without a belly?

Qin Anan didn’t know that he already knew that Xiaohan was his child, so he didn’t think much about the question he asked.

“Five or six months!”

She wanted to eat less when she was pregnant with her first child, so she was able to control her weight very well.

But this time, she didn’t control her diet. She guessed that in five or six months, her stomach would swell.

His eyes suddenly became wet, and he sighed: “Qin An’an, you are right, I am the stupidest man in the world.”

“Have I said that?” She looked at him in amazement, no Know why he is like this all of a sudden.

“I said,” he was overwhelmed by her clear eyes, and turned his head away, “I’m always reluctant to admit that the choices I made were wrong, and that itself was a mistake.

” Everyone makes mistakes.” She looked at his resolute profile and couldn’t help but lower her voice a bit.

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