When His Eyes Opened Chapter 51 -60(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 51 -60(Chinese)

Chapter 51

Qin Anan’s mouth was dry as he looked at him with hot and solemn eyes.

“Are you talking about leaving the venue early?” She thought about it and explained to him, “At that time, my classmate sent me a message saying that after the performance, I would like to take a photo with you. I thought to myself, you definitely don’t want to be with strangers. I don’t want to explain to my classmates why I am with you.”

“Why?” The three words were as cold as iron.

“If you explain, three or two sentences are not clear at all… Moreover, we are too far from you, in addition to the gap in identity, there is also… and age. You will be willing to Are you chatting with my friends? We are so naive… If my friend often comes to you because of the relationship between the two of us, will you be annoyed? It is better to have less than one thing, right?”

Actually, the most important thing is Yes, the two of them may divorce at any time, but it is not certain that they will be together forever.

If today I told my friends about their relationship, tomorrow they will divorce… how embarrassing.

Might as well wait until it’s over.

Her detailed and patient answer made him calm down a lot.

What she thought was not totally unreasonable.

He didn’t want to meet her friends at all.

Apart from her, he didn’t want to know other people who were so young and childish.

“Go back to your room!” His thin lips parted lightly.

She breathed a sigh of relief, as if granted amnesty.

She peeled off the banana peel and stubbornly handed the banana to him: “This is the apple banana I bought. I like it very much. I think it tastes better than ordinary bananas. You can try it.”

She looked at him expectantly . .

Seeing that the banana peel was a little dark, he was quite disgusted in his heart, but he couldn’t bear to brush off her kindness.

Taking her peeled apple and banana, he took a small bite.

Just entered, a little sour.

After chewing, there is a hint of sweetness.

On the whole, it is sweet, sour, sweet and waxy, and the taste is different from that of ordinary bananas.

“Don’t look at it’s dark skin, but it’s actually not bad inside.” Her eyes were bright, and they seemed to contain bright stars, “Thank you for inviting me to the concert this afternoon, although I didn’t see it because of an accident, I still have to Thank you.”

After speaking nervously, without waiting for him to answer, she quickly returned to the room and closed the door.

Fu Shiting: “???”

Is this her attitude of thanks?

Although I can feel her sincerity, I will wait for him to finish eating!

the next day.

Sister-in-law Zhang saw that Qin Anan had been late for breakfast, while Fu Shiting stubbornly waited in the living room.

Although he didn’t say why he had to wait, Mrs. Zhang guessed that he was waiting for Qin Anan to come out to eat together.

Sister-in-law Zhang walked to the door of the guest room and knocked on the door, but there was no response, so she opened the door directly.

After seeing the scene in the room, Mrs. Zhang immediately walked to the living room and said to Fu Shiting, “My wife is sleeping on the table. I suspect that she may have stayed up all night last night. Sir, why don’t you…” Why don’t you have breakfast first!

Before he could say the next words, Fu Shiting got up from the sofa and strode towards the guest room.

He picked her up from the chair and put her on the bed.

She slept very deeply.

She didn’t notice such a big movement.

Maybe she just fell asleep.

For the thesis, so fight?

He looked at the notebook on her desk.

Her notebook is a bit old, the style is an old one from a few years ago, and the brand has long since gone downhill.

No wonder her laptop broke and she ran to his study to use his computer.

He walked to her desk and saw that the computer screen was a little blurry, so he pressed the power button.

After a while, the screen lights up.

There are not many icons on the computer screen.

There’s her paper, and there’s a document called the ‘Plan’.

Without hesitation, he clicked on the ‘plan’ document.

The title of the document is enlarged and bold, which is particularly conspicuous.

The title is – Divorce Plan in Three Months!

Chapter 52

The content below the title of Chapter 52 is very brief.

Because she thought about it for a long time and didn’t think about how to do this plan.

So the content only wrote one sentence: I must divorce Fu Shiting before the end of the year.

His face became extremely gloomy.

He had already made changes and concessions, but she was racking her brains to leave him.

This ‘plan’ document was created last night.

What a fake woman!

While pretending to give him gifts and thank you, I wrote divorce plans in the room!

He thought she was different from other women, but he didn’t expect that the biggest difference between her and other women was that she had two faces!

He slammed her laptop shut and hurried out of the room.

ST Group.

high-level meeting.

Fu Shiting’s aura today was obviously not quite right.

Ever since he entered the conference room, Yingmei has been frowning slightly, her expression cold.

The signal from his expression made people shudder.

Managers in charge of various departments sat upright and did not dare to breathe.


Obviously, the company’s tasks in the third quarter were overfulfilled, and the performance was gratifying. Why is the boss so angry?

During the entire meeting, he did not say a word, and listened to the reports of the managers of various departments indifferently.

Just at the end of the meeting, he said two words: “The meeting is over.”

Fu Shiting left the conference room first.

When Zhou Ziyi was about to go out, he was stopped by a manager.

“Assistant Zhou, what’s wrong with the boss? Are you dissatisfied with our performance in the third quarter? If the boss is not satisfied, you can make a request to us… We will definitely work hard to achieve it!”

“Yes! The boss said something today. I didn’t say anything, it’s really abnormal. Does the boss have any new ideas and plans?”

Everyone surrounded Zhou Ziyi, trying to get first-hand information from him. Zhou Ziyi pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and guessed: “Everyone’s performance in the third quarter was very good. The boss should be very satisfied. He may be unhappy because of personal affairs, not related to work. Go and get busy


, Zhou Ziyi quickly walked towards the president’s office.

Pushing open the office door, Zhou Ziyi did not expect any guests.

“Mr. Tang, long time no see.”

“Ziyi, let me borrow your boss.” Tang Qiaosen smiled gently.

Zhou Ziyi understood and immediately backed out, closing the office door.

Calmness is restored in the office.

The smile on Tang Qiaosen’s face disappeared: “I came here this time on the orders of my parents to bring Tang Qian home. But Tang Qian refused to go back with me anyway. Shi Ting, only you can persuade her.”

Fu Shiting Holding the phone, in front of Tang Qiaosen, dialed Tang Qian’s number.

The phone was answered in seconds: “Shi Ting, are you looking for me?” Tang Qian’s voice was very pleasant over the phone.

Fu Shiting: “You leave! Go home with your brother.”

Tang Qiaosen didn’t expect him to speak so directly, his thick brows furrowed.

After Tang Qian pondered for a while, her tone was excited: “Did my brother go to find you? Don’t listen to him! I won’t go back with him!”

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

Fu Shiting put down the phone and looked at Tang Qiaosen with a chill in his eyes: “How many times have I persuaded her over the years? Today is the last time. Don’t bother me again about your Tang family’s affairs!”

Tang Qiaosen immediately got up when he saw that he was in a bad mood. : “Then I’ll go first!” He came out of the office, met Zhou Ziyi, and asked, “Is there any crisis in your company? Your boss is so fierce today.”

Zhou Ziyi: “The company is very good. My boss may be in love The road is not very smooth.”

Tang Qiaosen raised his eyebrows: “Who did he fall in love with? Why didn’t I hear about it?”

“With his wife.” Tang

Qiaosen: “Qin An’an?”

“Mr. Tang is really well informed.”

“What is this? Well-informed. It was Tang Qian who told me. Every time I chat with her, she will talk about Fu Shiting, and my ears are full of calluses.” Tang Qiaosen said with a meaningful smile, “I didn’t expect Shiting to like a university. A little girl who graduated.”

Chapter 53

Chapter 53

“Fate has arrived!”

“Pity my sister.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Mr. Tang, with all due respect, Tang Qian is a very good woman, but she has been by my boss’s side for ten years, and my boss has not been able to Falling in love with her, even if she continues to stay with my boss for 20 or 30 years…my boss can’t fall in love with her.”

Tang Qiaosen’s eyes flashed coldly: “Thank you for reminding me.” In the


Fu Shiting invited the company executives to dinner.

Sheng Bei took him to drink with him.

Everyone knows that he is in a bad mood today, but they don’t know why.

So, everyone worked together to get him drunk.

After he got drunk in his eyes, Sheng Bei removed the wine glass in front of him.

“Shi Ting, you didn’t talk much today, wouldn’t you panic?” Sheng Bei gave him a glass of juice.

Fu Shiting raised his slender fingers, rubbed his temples, closed his eyes slightly, and said in a low voice, “Qin Anan wants to divorce me. Am I that bad?”

Everyone present: “…”

Someone actually dislikes their boss? !

Is Qin An’an’s brain structure different from that of normal people?

Their boss is not only a talented person, but also a business wizard.

A woman who loves him can go to the South Pole from here.

Why does Qin Anan hurt their boss so much? !

“Brother Bei, what do you think of Qin An’an?” Zhou Ziyi asked.

Sheng Bei: “Just an ordinary college student. Oh, not ordinary, because she looks pretty good. If Tang Qian’s appearance is a little aggressive, then Qin An’an is the kind of girl next door that makes people feel like a spring breeze. “

“I haven’t met Qin An’an yet! Shall we call and make an appointment with her?” Someone suggested.

Sheng Bei glanced at Fu Shiting and saw that he was rubbing his temples in pain, so he reached into his pocket and took out his mobile phone.

“Shi Ting, I’ll let Qin An’an pick you up and take you home!” Sheng Bei asked.

Fu Shiting’s breathing was a little heavy.

He didn’t answer the question.

Sheng Bei thought he agreed.

Fu family.

Qin Anan is sitting at the desk at the moment, revising the paper.

The phone rang, and she was a little surprised when she saw that it was Fu Shiting calling.

After answering the phone, it was not Fu Shiting’s voice that came from there.

“Miss Qin, are you free now?”

“…you are free, what’s the matter?” Qin An’s strings were tense.

“Shi Ting drank too much, come and pick him up.”

Qin Anan: “I’ll pick him up? Doesn’t he have a bodyguard? He drank too much, but the bodyguard didn’t drink too much?”

Everyone: “…”

Sheng Bei: “His bodyguard wasn’t with him tonight. Are you coming?”

Qin Anan got up from his chair, walked to the wardrobe, and took his coat: “Send me the address and I’ll go now.”

Sheng Bei Hang up the phone and send her the address.

About forty minutes later, Qin An’an and the driver came outside the restaurant where they were partying.

After Qin Anan got out of the car, he saw more than a dozen men standing at the door of the restaurant.

The dozen or so men’s eyes fell neatly on her.

Her face flushed instantly, and her neck shrank into her collar.

Sheng Bei helped Fu Shiting to walk in front of her, gave her the person, and explained, “Miss Qin, even if you don’t like him, I hope you don’t hurt him.”

Qin Anan almost couldn’t help Fu Shiting.

“I hurt him?” Qin Anan was confused, “I want to hurt him! But I don’t know how.”

Her voice seemed to activate a switch in Fu Shiting’s body.

He turned around and pressed her to the car.

Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Qin Anan smelled the alcohol on him, mixed with a faint smell of tobacco.

Suddenly, when she saw the dozen or so people behind Sheng Bei, they took out their mobile phones and took pictures on her side.

These people should be with Sheng Bei.

She pushed Fu Shiting away.

I was afraid that he would fall, so I quickly grabbed his arm.

The driver saw this and came to help.

The two helped Fu Shiting to the back seat and sat firmly.

After Qin Anan fastened his seat belt, the driver handed him a bottle of water.

Qin Anan was sweating profusely, took the water and took a sip.

Driver: “Madam, the water is for Mr. Fu.”

Qin Anan blushed, and immediately handed the water bottle to Fu Shiting and asked, “Do you want to drink water?”

He closed his eyes, frowned slightly, and seemed very uncomfortable.

He didn’t say a word to her questioning.

I don’t know if I didn’t hear it, or if I heard it and didn’t want to answer.

The driver gave Qin An’an advice: “Madam, feed him!”

Qin An’an frowned in embarrassment.

She put a hand on the back of his neck, trying to hold his head up.

But when his fingers touched the skin on the back of his neck, his eyes opened immediately.

She quickly retracted her hand, held the water bottle, raised her head, and drank.

Fu Shiting looked at her profile and remembered the divorce plan on her computer.

I don’t know how her plan is going to be implemented.

The car drove out smoothly, and a strange atmosphere spread between the two of them.

From the corner of Qin An’an’s eyes, he caught Fu Shiting’s eyes looking at him all the time, and his heart was suddenly in chaos.

A bottle of water was quickly drained.

He snatched the empty bottle from her hand and threw it aside.

With a ‘bang’, the silence was broken.

“Because I asked you to kill the wild seed, you are going to divorce me.” His voice came cold and stern.

She couldn’t escape, so she could only answer him: “Fu Shiting, it’s your right not to have children, but you can’t deprive me of my right to be a mother. I want my own children, and I want to be a mother. You tell me, except to divorce you. Besides, how am I going to have a baby of my own?”

This question lies between the two of them, and if left unresolved, it will sting them forever.

“Why do you have to have children? Do you like having children that much?!” He scolded in a low voice, his eyes full of anger.

Qin Anan gritted her teeth, her emotions ignited.

If she is not pregnant now, she can have no child.

But she is pregnant and she is responsible for the child.

“Why don’t you want children? You don’t want children to be born or take care of! You can’t tolerate them that much?!” Qin Anan’s voice was louder than his.

The driver was stunned.

Where did Qin Anan get the courage to challenge Fu Shiting?

Did she really think that Fu Shiting could tolerate her without limit?

Just when the driver thought Fu Shiting would do something, the back seat was quiet and nothing happened.

After a while, Qin Anan calmed down a little.

With red eyes, she opened her mouth to break the deadlock: “Everyone has their own hidden secrets, as long as they don’t regret it. There’s nothing to argue about.”

“Qin Anan, don’t think I have to be yours.” His voice was cold and affectionate. And dull.

Qin An’an: “Fu Shiting, me and you, one day and one earth, I never expected that I could stand by your side on an equal footing.”

“Who is the sky and who is the earth?” he asked.

This question made Qin Anan stunned.

He asked her, who is heaven and who is earth?

So serious.

She didn’t answer his question.


The car smelled like alcohol.

She endured the discomfort and lowered the car window.

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 The

cold wind poured in strongly and ruffled her hair.

It also calmed her down a lot.

He just said that he is not obliged to her.

Listening to what he meant, as long as she insisted on divorce, he might agree one day…

Thinking of this, my anxiety was comforted a little.

When they got home, Mrs. Zhang and the driver helped Fu Shiting out of the car.

Qin Anan saw that he was being served, so he went back to the room silently.

After a while, Mrs. Zhang came over and knocked on her door: “Madam, sir, don’t let us touch it. Why don’t you try it! You can wipe his face and put on his pajamas.

” pajamas?

If he is in a vegetative state now, then she is willing to define it.

But he is not!

Although he drank too much, he was not completely drunk.

She didn’t forget that on the way back, the two of them had a fight in the car.

“Why don’t we just let him go to sleep?” Qin Anan suggested, “When he wakes up tomorrow morning, he will naturally take a bath and change his clothes. We don’t need to worry about him.”

Aunt Zhang was shocked: “Madam, how can this be done? Go up and try it with me! Maybe if you change his clothes, he won’t be so resistant.”

Second floor, master bedroom.

The door was open.

Fu Shiting was lying on the bed, as if he had fallen asleep quietly.

Sister-in-law Zhang pushed Qin An’an to the bed.

“Ma’am, if you drink too much, you may wake up more at night, and you may vomit… So it’s better to have someone by his side to take care of him.” When Mrs. Zhang said this, Qin Anan already knew what she was going to say next. .

Just as she was about to say no, Mrs. Zhang continued: “His leg is in the critical recovery period. The doctor said that he can’t be injured now, otherwise it will affect the subsequent rehabilitation. So you can sleep with him tonight!”

Qin Anan frowned. group.

The words that refused to slip into his mouth were swallowed a little bit back into his stomach.

Sincerely, she couldn’t refuse.

“Ma’am, you can wait for Mr. to sleep for a while before wiping his face… If you can’t change his clothes, then help him take off his dirty clothes first… Go to sleep after taking them off. ……” Mrs. Zhang walked to the door of the room and finally explained to Qin Anan.

Qin Anan is one big and two big.

After Mrs. Zhang left, Qin An walked to the bed angrily.

His eyes were closed, and he was breathing heavily. The skin on his face was abnormally red, and he didn’t know how much he had drunk.

She went to the bathroom and took a basin of warm water out.

After putting the basin on the bedside table, she walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, raised her hand, and unbuttoned his shirt.

When her fingers touched his shirt, he sensed the movement and quickly grabbed her hand. At the same time, his eyes opened, revealing a dangerous and vigilant look.

“You let go.” Qin Anan looked into his eyes, “Either you do it yourself.”

Obviously, he didn’t want to do it himself.

Terrible headache.

Reason is not completely defeated, but the body is paralyzed by alcohol.

He let go.

She took off his shirt smoothly, untied his belt…

Just as she was about to take off his trousers, his big palm grabbed her small hand without warning.

Grip tightly.

“Who let you into my room?!” His chest heaved and his breath was solemn, “Who allowed you to take off my clothes?! Qin Anan, have you always been such a casual woman!”

Qin Anan: “… …”

Is this the power of alcohol?

Maybe when he wakes up tomorrow morning, he doesn’t remember anything that happened tonight.

Thinking of this, she has no psychological burden.

She pushed his hand away, held his trousers waist, and pulled it down… three times and two, and took off his trousers.

Fu Shiting frowned, looking at her increasingly fierce.

She ignored him.

After throwing the dirty clothes into the laundry basket, she took out the towel from the basin and wringed it dry.

Then a warm towel was placed on his angry face.

Chapter 56

Chapter 56

“I don’t forget to show my temper when I’m drunk.” When wiping his face, her voice was soft and judo, “You think I want to serve you? You smell like alcohol… You don’t have Cleanliness addiction? Fake cleanliness addiction? If it wasn’t for your legs not fully recovered, I wouldn’t care about you.”

Listening to her chatter, his breathing gradually calmed down, and he was suddenly sleepy.

Her voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect.

After she scrubbed his body, she pulled the silk quilt and covered him.

By the time she went to the bathroom to put the washbasin towel away, and then returned to the bed, he had already closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I can finally catch my breath!

She walked over to the bed and sat down, looking around the room.

She got goosebumps when she thought that the three months she lived here was filmed by surveillance cameras in all directions.

The surveillance cameras in the room should have been removed, right?

Although Fu Shiting has a quirky and irritable temper, he is not perverted.

She got up and went to her room to get a pillow and a quilt.

During the night, Fu Shiting got up several times.

He should not be too awake to notice that there is another person on the bed.

So the two spent the night peacefully.

The next morning, the sun shone softly through the window.

On the big bed, Qin Anan’s arm rested on Fu Shiting’s chest.

Her legs rested on his thighs.

Slept very peacefully.

Fu Shiting woke up with a headache. After waking up, I glanced at Qin An’an’s small face close at hand.

As if the heart is feeling.

She opened her eyes less than a minute after he opened them.

The four eyes met, and the air was full of embarrassing flames.

His eyes were more awake than last night, but still scarlet.

She quickly realized her hands and legs were on top of him.

Seeing that he didn’t move or say anything about it, she decided to fool this matter without a trace.

She gently lifted her leg…

“Qin An’an, you looked ruddy, you slept well last night?” His Adam’s apple moved, and his voice was hoarse.

Her legs suddenly hung awkwardly in the air.

“…It’s okay.” She blushed, quickly retracted her hands and feet, and then changed the subject, “You didn’t take a bath last night. Aren’t you going to take a bath now?”

Her words relieved her. .

He got out of bed with his long legs and went into the bathroom.

After he entered the bathroom, she hurriedly picked up her pillow and quilt and left the master bedroom as if running away.

A false alarm!

Fortunately nothing happened.

Hope he forgets everything about last night! Including quarrels in the car.

Otherwise, the days ahead will not be peaceful.

However, it is difficult to get a smooth divorce.


Li Xiaotian and He Zhunzhi made an appointment to have lunch together.

Because this is the second side, the two of them relax a lot today.

Li Xiaotian was wearing a sweater, a pair of wide-leg pants, and a pair of sneakers.

Light makeup on her face, hair in a simple ponytail.

Coincidentally, He Zhun was also wearing a sweater on the top, jeans on the bottom, and a pair of casual shoes on his feet.

After the two met, they looked at each other and smiled.

“I saw you dressed more sexy at the last banquet, and I thought you usually went the sexy route!” He Zhunzhi smiled.

Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Li Xiaotian took the menu and glanced at him: “Last time you wore a special girl, I thought you liked men. Of course, I didn’t say you can’t like men, I respect people of all sexual orientations.”

He Zhun He was drinking water and almost sprayed.

“Miss Li, you misunderstood me too deeply. I’m straight, especially straight.”

“I don’t like sexy lines either.”

“Okay! Let’s get to know me again today.” He Zhunzhi extended his friendly hand towards her .

In order to help Qin Anan find out the secret behind He Zhunzhi, Li Xiaotian shook his hand.

After ordering, the two started chatting from all over the world.

An hour later——

“I have a friend who got married. He is a little interested in his wife, but he is embarrassed to show it. His wife was in trouble a while ago, and he asked me to help his wife.” He Zhun After drinking a little red wine, the chat box opened, “This is not the most funny thing, the funny thing is that his wife doesn’t know that I am friends with her husband. When his wife came out to see me for the first time, he was so angry, He thinks that his wife shouldn’t go out to meet strangers so casually…Aren’t you funny?”

Li Xiaotian was shocked: “I also have a friend who was fine, but she suddenly told me about her She has a husband! And she still refuses to tell me who her husband is! Because she has always wanted to get a divorce, and I don’t know if she can leave smoothly.”

He Zhunzhi: “It’s really a big world, and there are no wonders.”

Li Xiaotian: ” That’s right! I can’t get married anyway.”

He Zhunzhi: “Me too.” After

talking about it, Li Xiaotian decided to find a way to test to see if he really had 1.2 billion in his bank card.

“Do you pay by mobile phone or by card?” Li Xiaotian asked as if nothing had happened.

“Mobile payment. Mobile payment is so convenient now.”

“But there is a limit for mobile payment , right?”

He Zhunzhi: “I rarely buy things that are too expensive. After all, I just graduated not long ago. I’m sorry to spend too much money on my parents.”

, and asked directly, “Then how much savings do you have?”

He Zhunzhi did not expect Li Xiaotian to ask such a private question.

“Do you think I’m poor?” He Zhunzhi guessed and told the truth, “I only have a few hundred thousand in my card.”

Li Xiaotian pursed her red lips and shook her head out of politeness.

Should she trust He Zhunzhi or Qin An’an?

Looking at He Zhunzhi’s expression and tone, it doesn’t look like a lie, but Qin Anan is her good best friend, and she trusts Qin Anan unconditionally.

“Has your family asked you to take over more important work?” Li Xiaotian changed her mind.

The 1.2 billion in He Zhunzhi’s card might be his father’s?

Maybe it was his father’s idea that he wanted to acquire the Qin Group?

“No! I’m not interested in my company, although my dad wants me to take over.” He Zhunzhi’s answer made Li Xiaotian confused again.

I really wanted to ask directly, but she and He Zhunzhi weren’t that familiar yet.

Now ask, he certainly won’t tell the truth.

It seems that there is only a ruthless move.

“He Zhunzhi, what do you think of me?” Li Xiaotian showed a sweet smile, “I think you are pretty good, and I want to develop further with you. I don’t know what you think?”

He Zhunzhi was surprised. Color: “So soon?”

The smile on Li Xiaotian’s face faded a bit.

“Miss Li, that’s not what I meant… I think we can actually meet a few more times, deepen our understanding, and then decide whether to develop further…” He Zhunzhi explained eagerly.

The more he explained, the more aggrieved the expression on Li Xiaotian’s face.

“Okay! Miss Li, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to be so satisfied with me. Since you are willing to develop further with me, I will naturally…”

“Yes, don’t call me Miss Li in the future, call me Sweet.” Li Xiaotian smiled again, thinking in his heart that the mystery of He Zhunzhi must be solved within half a month.

He Zhunzhi looked at her charming and lovely smile, and for a while, it seemed like a dream.

too fast!

He was out of the single so soon!

Qin Anan’s jaw almost dropped when she received the news that Li Xiaotian was off the list.

No need to sacrifice so much, right?

When replying to Li Xiaotian, a strange call came in.

Her finger accidentally touched the answer button, and an unfamiliar male voice came——

Chapter 58

Chapter 58

“Is it Miss Qin An’an?” Her deep voice was warm and polite.

Qin Anan: “Well, who are you?”

“Hello, I’m Tang Qiaosen from Xinhe Capital. I got your number from your company’s personnel because I proposed to cooperate with you.” Tang Qiaosen said.

Qin Anan: “Xinhe Capital?”

“Well, I wonder if Miss Qin is free to meet today? I’m near your company now.” Tang Qiaosen’s tone was sincere.

Qin Anan agreed to meet after a brief thought.

After making an appointment, Qin Anan called the company’s personnel manager.

“Xinhe Capital’s Tang Qiaosen, are you familiar with it?”

Personnel Manager: “He is a very powerful investor. Xinhe Capital ranks in the top ten domestic investment banks. So he asked for your number from me just now, and I will give it directly. He’s gone.”

Qin An’an: “Okay, I see.”

“An An, do you need me to accompany you to see him? I’m afraid you will be alone.” The manager said.

After Vice President Zhou resigned, the company became disillusioned, and many employees resigned.

If there is no more investment, the company may not be able to last long if it drags on like this.

Qin Anan: “No, this weekend, you have a good rest.”

On the way to the appointment, Qin Anan searched the Internet for information about Tang Qiaosen.

After Tang Qiaosen’s photo came out, she was startled.

I didn’t expect him to look so young.

I looked at his age and found that he was very young.

Strange, why does she feel that Tang Qiaosen is very young and Fu Shiting is very old at the same age?

After taking one more look at Tang Qiaosen’s photo, she knew the answer.

Tang Qiaosen in the photo has a smile on his face, while Fu Shiting has a straight face whenever he sees him.

Green Island Coffee.

Qin Anan entered the store, and Tang Qiaosen immediately waved at her.

Qin Anan walked over to him and sat down, and said, “Hello, Mr. Tang.”

“You don’t have to be so cautious, just call me Qiao Sen.” Tang Qiao Sen handed her the menu with a smile.

Qin Anan waved his hand awkwardly: “I don’t drink coffee.” After a pause, he found an excuse, “I don’t sleep well, the doctor told me to quit coffee.”

Tang Qiaosen immediately retracted the menu: “I’m sorry, I don’t know. Let’s change to another store!”

Qin Anan said, “No, I’ll just drink water. Mr. Tang, you said you have the intention to cooperate, can you tell us why you are willing to cooperate with us?”

Tang Qiaosen ordered a cup of coffee and After a dim sum, hand the menu to the waiter.

“In business, I am willing to cooperate with you because I am optimistic about the Qin Group.” Qin

Anan looked at him: “Are you optimistic about the driverless system?”

Tang Qiaosen’s expression was a little complicated, after thinking for a moment, he said, “You My father wants to bring the driverless system to the field of family cars, but we can think differently. We can apply this system to exploration, search and rescue, or the military… What do you think?”

Qin Anan’s mind suddenly broadened a lot.

“Applied to the field of family cars, this step is too big. In the event of an accident, even if there are only one or two deaths, word of mouth will quickly ferment and collapse.” Tang Qiaosen analyzed with her.

Qin Anan nodded: “Mr. Tang, I think what you said is very pertinent. I want to ask, what is the way you are willing to cooperate with us?”

Tang Qiaosen pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and smiled like a spring breeze: “I understand that someone is willing to pay one billion to buy the Qin Group.”

“Well, he wants to buy it.”

Chapter 59

Chapter 59

“I heard that you don’t want to sell. So of course I won’t ask you to buy it.” Tang Qiaosen changed the conversation, “I’ll take a share.”

Qin Anan’s eyes suddenly brightened: “Mr. Tang, are you serious? “

Of course I’m serious, but before signing the contract, there are two things I need to discuss with you,” Tang Qiaosen took out a document, “This is the proposal my team and I have made in the past two days. Qin According to the current development track of the Group, it is definitely not possible. We are a business, not a charity. First of all, we can develop long-term by making profits.”

Qin Anan opened the document he handed over and looked at it roughly.

“Mr. Tang, can I take your plan back to the meeting and discuss it?”

“Of course.”

“Well, what is one more thing?” Qin Anan took a sip and looked at him sincerely.

Before coming over for the appointment, she had not expected the conversation to go so smoothly.

Now the most important part has been negotiated, so her heart has fallen.

“I’m Tang Qian’s brother.” Tang Qiaosen said frankly, “I and she are half-brothers and sisters.”

His voice was settled, and the peace on Qin An’an’s face no longer existed.

Tang Qian… Tang Qiaosen.

No wonder she looked at Tang Qiaosen with a familiar feeling.

I didn’t expect him to be Tang Qian’s brother!

Tang Qian is at odds with her, but Tang Qian’s brother wants to invest in her company…

How ironic!

It’s hard for her not to guess the real motives of Tang Qiaosen’s investment in her.

“My relationship with Tang Qian is different from that of ordinary brothers and sisters. I am different from her biological mother, and my father gave me the right of inheritance…” Tang Qiaosen explained.

“Mr. Tang, you explain this to me because you know that I have a bad relationship with Tang Qian, right? Did Tang Qian tell you?” Qin An’an asked cautiously.

“She likes Fu Shiting very much, and I know your relationship with Fu Shiting. I don’t need her to tell me, I know she must have troubled you.”

“Yes, I have a bad relationship with her. So my cooperation with you… …. I need to go back and think about it carefully.” Qin Anan said truthfully.

Tang Qiaosen didn’t expect her to react so strongly.

“Miss Qin, you are the heir of the Qin Group. As an heir, you should put the company’s interests first. Because there are so many employees under you to support. The matter between you and Tang Qian has nothing to do with me, you don’t You should turn your anger towards Tang Qian on me. I’m innocent.”

Tang Qiaosen’s tone was very gentle, no matter what he said, it was hard to make people angry.

“Mr. Tang, I’m not a professional leader, and the grievances between me and Tang Qian are not as simple as you think. You are her brother, and it’s human nature for me to have concerns.” Qin Anan said.

“Then you go back and think about it. I’ll wait for your reply at any time.” Tang Qiaosen showed a confident smile.

Qin Anan nodded, got up and left.

The news that Xinhe Capital is preparing to invest in Qin Group has spread like wildfire in the industry.

After Fu Shiting knew the news, his eyebrows were tightly locked.

What a shrewd egoism Don Johnson is.

He invested in the Qin Group, I am afraid that the drunkard’s intention is not the wine.

Although the two of them had known each other for a long time, their relationship was not that great.

If it wasn’t for Tang Qian being caught in the middle, they would probably have long since lost contact.

“Brother Shi Ting, I just called and asked Qin’s group, they said that Qin Anan met with Tang Qiaosen today, and decided on the direction of cooperation… Tang Qiaosen plans to invest one billion in it, Qin Anan is very difficult to refuse. Because Tang Qiaosen is purely an investment and does not interfere in the company’s internal affairs.” He Zhunzhihui reported.

Fu Shiting’s eagle eyes narrowed, and his voice was cold: “I think he wants to buy Qin An’an for one billion!”

Chapter 60

Chapter 60

“Is Qin Anan so valuable?” He Zhunzhi was a little surprised.

“She’s my wife now, so she’s valuable. If she’s not my wife, don’t you think Tang Qiaosen will vote for her.” Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold with anticipation.

He Zhunzhi was even more puzzled, “Since Tang Qiaosen wants to spend this huge sum for Qin An’an, let him spend it! Isn’t this sending money to Qin An’an?”

Fu Shiting reminded: “She is my wife!”

He Zhun Zhi: “Okay…I see. Then what are you going to do? Overweight? If you don’t overweight, Qin Anan will definitely choose Tang Qiaosen.”

Fu Shiting: “Not necessarily.”

“Since not necessarily, then Why are you unhappy?” He Zhunzhi could clearly feel his mood swings when he heard his tone.

Fu Shiting wants to spend one billion to acquire Qin An’an’s company in order to help Qin An’an free from Qin’s group.

She has not graduated yet and has no concept or experience in running a company.

It’s better to sell the company, pay off the debt, and get a sum of money along the way, so that she and her mother can live a lot easier in the following days.

He made this choice for her after all-round consideration.

But she didn’t appreciate it.

If she accepts Tang Qiaosen’s investment, the company must be run by Tang Qiaosen in the end.

“Yes, I really envy you. No one loves you, you don’t have to love anyone, you don’t have to suffer.” Fu Shiting teased him.

He Zhunzhi said proudly: “I’m off the list today! My girlfriend is known by a blind date. My father and his father know each other well.”

Fu Shiting: “It’s good, let me meet when it’s stable.”

“Okay! I think you can talk to her about Qin An’an. She’s actually quite assertive. “

“Go fall in love!” Fu Shiting had a headache when he heard the word ‘Qin An’an’.

How could he not know that Qin Anan has an opinion?

It is precisely because she is too assertive that she never listens to him.

the other side.

Qin Anan is calling with Li Xiaotian to complain.

“Whether it’s Mr. Z He Zhunzhi, or this Xinhe Capital’s Tang Qiaosen… I think they are both very strange.” Qin Anan sat in a tea restaurant and said slowly, “This He Zhunzhi, Suddenly it appeared. He told you that he had no money, but he was a billionaire here. And this Tang Qiaosen, he knew that I was not compatible with his sister, so he had to invest in my father’s company. If my father There are many people rushing to invest in the company, I won’t be surprised by his behavior, but no one is optimistic about my father’s company!”

Li Xiaotian held milk tea in her hand, and complained with her while drinking: “He Zhunzhi, you hand in hand. Give me, as for this Tang Qiaosen, why do you disagree with his sister?”

Qin An’an: “…”

Just now, he was quick and slipped.

“An An, if you think Tang Qiaosen is unreliable, then don’t cooperate with him! Otherwise, you will be sold by him, and you will have to count the money for him. He must be a genius. You don’t have ten brains. You can’t figure it out.”

Fortunately, Li Xiaotian didn’t get to the bottom of the above problem.

“But the management of the company definitely wants to accept the investment of Xinhe Capital.” Qin Anan said.

“You’re the boss! You don’t care what they do.”

“Strictly speaking, I’m not a boss. I haven’t signed an agreement yet!”

“Your company vice president has left, who else dares to challenge you? An An, Just make your own decision, don’t think too much…He Zhunzhi is here, I’ll hang up first!”

… In the

evening, Qin Anan returned to Fu’s house.

There are guests at home.

“Miss Qin, are you playing with friends outside this weekend? Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t, let’s eat together!” Sheng Bei got up from the sofa with a smile.

When Qin Anan saw Sheng Bei, the scene of Fu Shiting’s drunken night suddenly appeared in his mind.

“I’m not hungry… go and eat! I’ll eat later.” Qin Anan didn’t want to eat with them.

Her voice was settled, and the fragrance from the kitchen wafted.

Her stomach growled.

Sheng Bei: “Hahaha! Miss Qin, let’s eat together! I heard that you have made an investment today, but you don’t seem very happy?”

Sheng Bei took Qin An’an and walked towards the dining room.

“Do you know Tang Qiaosen? He is Tang Qian’s brother.” Qin Anan asked Sheng Bei about this incident by the way.

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