When His Eyes Opened Chapter 521 -530(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 521 -530(Chinese)

Chapter 521

“Oh… good brother! Let’s go and play with Yin Yin!” Rila pulled Xiao Han and walked towards Yin Yin, “Yin Yin said take us out to play! Her bodyguard is driving Take us out!”

Afternoon, five o’clock.

Fu Shiting supported Qin An’an and walked downstairs.

When everyone saw the warm and harmonious picture of the two of them, they made up their minds.

One hour is usually enough for a lunch break, but two hours is too long.

But they both rested upstairs all afternoon.

Everyone is an adult, how can it be possible to sleep all afternoon?

So what the two of them did, even if they didn’t say it, everyone knew it.

“You didn’t fight?” Qin Anan blushed when they saw it, so he casually asked for something.

“We didn’t call at four o’clock in the afternoon, so I’m helping Ziyi cook! Are you really sleeping upstairs and didn’t hear the sound?” Li Xiaotian looked suspicious.

Qin Anan’s face turned even redder: “I’m really sleeping, otherwise what do you think you’re doing?”

“Hahahaha!” Li Xiaotian smiled and pulled her to his side, and said to Fu Shiting, “Boss Fu, hurry up and give Yinyin called and told them to come back for dinner! Yinyin took the two little guys out to play for an afternoon, and they haven’t come back yet.”

Fu Shiting immediately took out his mobile phone and called Yinyin.

Li Xiaotian dragged Qin Anan to chat outside secretly.

“Qin An’an, tell me honestly, are you two reconciled?! Isn’t it?”

Li Xiaotian’s mood is more complicated.

When Fu Shiting and Shen Yu were together before, Li Xiaotian wanted to help Qin Anan kill this scumbag.

But now seeing this scumbag ‘prodigal son’, I feel that it is okay to give him a chance, but is it too cheap for him to give him a chance so easily?

“It depends on how you understand and reconcile. If it is to re-establish a family, it is definitely not.” Qin Anan walked towards the gate of the courtyard to see if the children had returned.

“Okay! Even if the two of you don’t remarry, it’s still a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, right ?

I think he has changed a lot over the years. He didn’t like children before, but today, seeing him treat Rila and Xiaohan, he seems to be pretty good.”

She replied, “You can’t just watch how a person does it for a while. “

That’s for sure. When the baby in your belly is born, his test will really begin.” Li Xiaotian was happy when she thought about it, “This is his retribution! Hahaha!”

Fu Shiting finished the phone and came over.

“What are you two talking about, so happy?”

His sudden appearance made Li Xiaotian’s heart almost fall out.

Li Xiaotian smeared oil on the soles of her feet and escaped into the house.

“Are they coming back soon?” Qin Anan raised his eyes and asked him.

“Well. I’m on my way back.”

“Fu Shiting, I want to ask you a question.” Qin Anan remembered the relationship between Fu Yechen and Shen Yu, “Would you be angry if Shen Yu had a new relationship now?”

He He laughed dumbly : “I will bless her.”

“Oh, what if her love interest is your nephew?”

The smile on his face froze: “The two of them are together?”

Qin Anan felt the low pressure emanating from him. , afraid that he would not be able to eat dinner in anger, so he shook his head: “I said if.”

“If the two of them are really together, I will not only bless them, but also give them a big red envelope.” His tone became more pleasant.

Qin An’an: “……”

After a while, the children came back.

Qin Anan led the two children into the house.

Fu Shiting walked behind them.

He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his subordinates: Check the relationship between Shen Yu and Fu Yechen!

Chapter 522

Chapter 522

After dinner, Rila held Qin An’an’s hand with a tired face: “Mom, I want to sleep… You help me take a bath…” The

nanny came over immediately, want to help.

Rila played her temper because she was sleepy: “I want my mother to wash me… woo woo…”

Li Xiaotian came over with a smile: “Rila, after a while, Your mother’s belly will get bigger. Then she won’t be able to help you take a bath!”

Rila was stunned, and touched Qin An’an’s flat belly with her little hand.

“Your mother’s belly will at least be this big by then.” Li Xiaotian gestured on Qin An’an’s belly.

Rila’s mouth opened wide in fright, and the whole little face was written incredulous.

Li Xiaotian carried Rila upstairs and said to Qin Anan, “An’an, go take a break!”

Qin Anan was not very relieved and wanted to go up and watch.

Fu Shiting grabbed her arm: “You come out.”

“What are you doing?” She walked up to him, “Yinyin should be tired of playing today, you guys should go back.”

“The bodyguard will take her back.” He held Her hand took her out, “Let’s go out for a walk.”

It’s summer, the days are getting longer and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

The breeze outside was very comfortable.

The two of them slept for a long time in the afternoon, and he thought that she must not be sleepy, so he wanted to go outside with her to relax.

She thought he was talking about walking outside, just walking around in the community.

As a result, he opened the car door.

“Didn’t you say just walk around? Where do you want to go?” She stood outside the car door with a puzzled look on her face.

“Go shopping.” His tone was unhurried and understated.

She knew that he didn’t like shopping.

He decided to take her shopping, probably to make her happy.

But even so, shouldn’t we discuss it with her?

“You’re a little weird,” she said, and she got into the car honestly.

After he got in the car, she asked him, “What to go shopping? I’m pregnant now, so I can’t walk for too long.”

“I know.” He never forgot that she was pregnant now, “We’ll be back later when you’re tired. .” The

car went all the way to the most famous luxury commercial street in the city.

This street is full of high-end luxury goods.

Because of the high price of commodities, ordinary people simply dare not set foot there.

Therefore, compared with ordinary commercial streets, it seems a little deserted.

Qin An’an is pregnant now, and it is impossible for Fu Shiting to take her to a crowded place.

“Fu Shiting, I’m not short of clothes… I’m not short of anything… If you want to buy something, let’s go and see men’s clothing!” Her eyes were fixed on a men’s clothing store in front of her.

“Look at all.” His tone was still light.

Sometimes the quieter it is, the bigger it is.

He looks like a good talker now, but her heart is beginning to feel uneasy.

Nine p.m.

Li Xiaotian came home and sent Qin Anan a message: What did Fu Shiting take you to do? Are you back now?

Qin Anan didn’t reply to the message after half an hour: just got home.

Li Xiaotian: I’ll go! You have been walking around for so long! Can your body take it?

Qin An’an: You may not believe it. We didn’t go shopping much. It took less than half an hour to buy things, and then we went to eat.

Li Xiaotian: …Aren’t you full for dinner?

Chapter 523

Chapter 523

Qin An’an: He may think that I am two people now and need to eat more.

Li Xiaotian: Hahaha! What did he buy you? Take a photo for me to see!

Qin An’an took pictures of tonight’s spoils and sent them.

After Li Xiaotian saw the photo, she called, “Why do you still buy jewelry? Haha, does a man like a woman, so he likes to buy jewelry for her!”

Qin Anan said, “He has a purpose.”

“What purpose?” Li Xiaotian was stunned.

“For next Monday’s event.” Qin Anan saw the man’s scruples tonight.

Jewelry and clothes, she would have refused.

But he had to buy it for her.

She asked him to give reasons why he had to buy it.

So he gave.

Before she and Jin Sinian participated in the signing event at the hotel, the white sweater they wore was mistaken for a couple’s outfit, and she wore a necklace from Jin Sinian at that time, which caused a lot of controversy.

This matter has passed, but in Fu Shiting’s heart, it has not passed.

Tonight, Fu Shiting took her to go shopping, and the dress he chose for her was a couple’s dress that he bought with him.

The jewelry he bought for her was a very beautiful gemstone necklace.

The gemstone color is exactly the same as the shirt cufflinks he picked!

Not only does he want to wear a couple’s outfit with her, but he also wants to wear a couple’s jewelry.

The reason for this is because next Monday, the Qin Group, ST Group and the Border Force will sign a formal contract.

Li Xiaotian listened to Qin An’an’s words and laughed out loud.

“Why didn’t I find him so boring before? He wants to wear a couple’s outfit with you, why don’t you refuse? If you refuse, he will definitely be able to do even more earth-shattering things!”

Qin Anan: “This time he The donation of the border troops is a good thing for the benefit of the country and the people. I don’t want to affect the cooperation because of this trivial matter.”

Li Xiaotian: “Hahahaha! I’m dying of laughter! The two of you are in a relationship, and you even talk about the feelings of the family and the country.. ….the country should give the two of you the Best Couple Award”…

Qin Anan blushed, and quickly changed the subject: “I accidentally saw a photo of Fu Yechen and Shen Yu today. Fu Ye Chen Fa was in the circle of friends, I guess it was wrong, and he deleted it in seconds.”

Li Xiaotian smelled dog blood: “After Shen Yu was pregnant, wasn’t she taken to the Fu family’s old house? I guess that’s the two of them. Time to get together!”

“I also think they may have been together a long time ago. In the group photo I saw today, the two of them are very close.” Qin Anan frowned and wondered, “Shen Yu is not very Do you like Fu Shiting? How dare she do this?”

Li Xiaotian took a sip of water and sifted her thoughts: “Probably because Fu Shiting was too cold to her! I heard that they only did it once after they were together. On your birthday, the night Fu Shiting was drunk…”

Qin Anan was stunned.

What happened that night, she vividly remembers!

Because he pressed her on the bed and tortured her for a long time.

Shen Yu was outside the room that night, watching everything in his eyes.

It was the first time in her life that she felt the memory of being a junior and being caught in bed!

She never told anyone what happened that night.

Because Shen Yu was Fu Shiting’s real girlfriend at that time, she was just the third party who destroyed their relationship!

“Are you sure?” She heard her own voice, ethereal, but extremely nervous.

“I heard my husband chat with Brother Bei when they were drinking… Doesn’t Fu Shiting have a bodyguard? The bodyguard knows where Fu Shiting sleeps every night. The salary of the bodyguard is paid directly to Brother Bei. , so Brother Bei knows Fu Shiting’s private life well.”

Li Xiaotian’s answer made Qin Anan burst into tears.

Fu Shiting might not remember what happened that night when he was drunk, but she knew it!

He didn’t have the energy to touch Shen Yu again that night!

It is even more impossible for Shen Yu to conceive his child!

Chapter 524

Chapter 524

“An An, why didn’t you talk?” Li Xiaotian wondered, “You said that the child Shen Yu had conceived before was not Fu Shiting’s? After all, the chance of getting it in one shot is really low! And The fact that Shen Yu is with Fu Yechen, a top-quality scumbag, is enough to prove that they are on the same road!”

Qin Anan felt a pain in his heart, and said hoarsely, “I’m not sure if they are really together… ..Little Tian, ​​I’m a little tired…”

“Oh, then you should rest quickly.” Li Xiaotian said.

Qin Anan hung up the phone and stared blankly at the dark night outside the window.

Tears fell silently.

She thought that when Fu Shiting and Shen Yu were together, they were like other couples.

She thought that the child in Shen Yu’s belly was the crystallization of their love for many nights.

That’s ridiculous!

In the past, most of her hatred for Fu Shiting came from his relationship with Shen Yu.

She hated him, resented him, and even wanted to kill him with her own hands.

No matter what he said, she couldn’t listen.

No matter what he does, she just wants to get rid of him!

Blinded by jealousy and resentment, she sees him as an enemy.

She regretted meeting him countless times, and cursed him countless times during sleepless nights…

Now, the truth gave her a slap in the face!

Her heart felt like it was about to burst.

He is not a scumbag in the eyes of outsiders, nor is he a bastard who steps on a few boats.

The vicious words she said to him and the actions that hurt him made her ashamed!

After crying for a while, she lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling absently.

All the emotions returned, and her thoughts gradually became clear.

No wonder Shen Yu had a miscarriage!

Because the child in her womb is not Fu Shiting’s at all.

So she didn’t dare to let the child be born at all.

This woman is so vicious!

On the day she aborted the child, she didn’t forget to design such a wonderful drama…

Thinking of this, Qin Anan’s body couldn’t help shivering.

She and Fu Shiting are obviously not stupid, but they are being held by the nose by Shen Yu, and they are playing around!

Although all this has passed, the torture she and Fu Shiting endured is unforgettable!

She won’t let it go!

on Monday.

Qin Group.

Qin Anan appeared in the company in a long white dress.

Around her neck, she wore an amethyst necklace.

The purple gems set off her skin as white as jade.

“We Qin are not in love, aren’t we? She’s dressed up so beautifully today!”

“Hahaha! The boss of ST Group, Fu Shiting, came over at 8:30 this morning. You noticed the purple dress that our President Qin was wearing. Do you have a gemstone necklace? I just went to deliver coffee to Fu Shiting and found that his cufflinks are also purple gemstones today!”

“My God! Is this going to be public?!”

“Haha! I hope they can be together! So let ‘s The company doesn’t need to be afraid of Jinzhi Technology!”

… In the

morning, Wang Wanzhi led the team to go deep into the mountains, and the news of donating drones to hundreds of Hope Primary Schools across the country made headlines.

Within a short while, Qin Group and ST Group joined forces to donate hundreds of millions of military drones to our border defense forces, which also made headlines.

After reading the two news, netizens commented:

——I think Jinzhi Technology might as well donate some practical things to Hope Primary School! It is a problem for children to eat, so what do you want a drone for?

——Jinzhi Technology is very good, at least people really donated it! But I think the Qin Group is even better! People directly cooperate with the military. This is an official certification that the quality of their products is good!

——Did you not notice that the boss of ST Group and the boss of Qin Group are wearing very subtle clothes today?

–Oh! Couple outfit? !

——I didn’t expect to see a social news and get candy…


Qin Anan and Mike treat.

Chapter 525

Chapter 525

After Fu Shiting, Zhou Ziyi, and Sheng Bei came over in the morning, they never left.

They inspected the Qin Group.

It is said to be an inspection, but it is actually to have lunch together.

“Wang Wanzhi is very knowledgeable about marketing,” Sheng Bei took the phone and read the news, “but when she met us, it was a hit.”

“But their sales are really good,” Zhou Ziyi said, “the potential to sink the market. It ‘s still a big deal.”

“It’s cheap after all! But they are making a profit at a loss. The more they sell, the more they lose… Originally, they wanted to quickly occupy the market, bring down the Qin Group, and then Monopolize the market and raise prices.” Shengbei Dao, “But they have realized that Qin’s group is not so easy to collapse. They have begun to think of other ways.”

“Cost reduction? Or after occupying the low-end market. , keep making cakes for investors?” Zhou Ziyi answered, “Finally raised and listed?”

“All of them. There are still many investors who are optimistic about them.” Sheng Bei smiled, “Wang Wanzhi is indeed quite business-minded.”

Qin An Ann took the menu to order food, but listened to their chat with her ears pricked up.

Seeing her absent-mindedness, Fu Shiting whispered in her ear: “You don’t have to be afraid of Wang Wanzhi, she can’t move you.”

Her cheeks warmed, “I’m not afraid of her. I’m thinking about drinking orange juice or watermelon juice.”

“Then Order one.”

“Oh…” After she ordered, she gave him the menu.

“An An, you are more than three months pregnant now, how do you feel?” Sheng Bei led the topic to her.

“Except for the occasional nausea, I don’t feel anything special.” Her pregnancy this time was easier than the first time.

“That’s good. There is only one nanny who works during the day in your family, right?” Sheng Bei said, “Then you will have a big belly, should you find a live-in nanny? Mike is a man after all, in case you have anything to do with it. , he is not easy to help…”

Fu Shiting glanced at Qin Anan out of the corner of his eyes.

Qin Anan’s face was calm and calm: “It’s still early before the third trimester of pregnancy. Let’s talk about it later.”

“Hahaha, I don’t know why, but I’m so nervous when you’re pregnant. It’s like this child is in my belly… …” Sheng Bei laughed and teased.

Zhou Ziyi: “Brother Bei, you will scare the boss like this. He doesn’t want to have children with you!”

Everyone laughed.

The atmosphere suddenly opened.

Taking advantage of everyone’s relaxation, Qin Anan asked a question: “What are you men most afraid of? No money? Or being green?”

“Being green!” Mike was the first to answer.

Zhou Ziyi nodded in agreement.

Sheng Bei: “I can accept being dumped, but I can’t accept being green.”

Qin Anan didn’t go to see Fu Shiting.

Because most of him is the answer.

She originally wanted to take the time to tell him that Shen Yu had greened him, but now she hesitated.

How could someone so arrogant and conceited accept this blow?


Qin Anan contacted Shen Yu who had returned from vacation.

The two meet at a tea restaurant.

Shen Yu looked unhappy and squinted at Qin An’an.

“You are here to show off to me…” Shen Yu said.

With a ‘pop’, Qin Anan slapped her face!

“I already know about you and Fu Yechen. This slap is for your children who died in vain.”

Shen Yu covered her face with one hand, her eyes staring like copper bells!

How did Qin Anan know?

who told her? !

“Shi Ting…he…” Shen Yu stammered, unable to utter a complete sentence.

“He doesn’t know. It’s so disgusting, let it rot in your stomach!” Qin An’an wiped his hands with a tissue, “If you let him know, he will send you to hell!”

Shen Yu was so frightened Qing, slumped in the chair!

Qin Anan came out of the tea restaurant and drove to the Xinghewan Villa.

There was an international express package, and the courier asked her to sign for it in person.

She didn’t buy anything, how could there be a package?

She couldn’t guess who sent it.

Can’t even guess what’s in this package.

Chapter 526

Chapter 526

She drove the car to the door and stopped.

The courier was waiting for her at the gate of the courtyard.

After she got out of the car and signed for the package, the phone in the bag rang.

She held the package in one hand and took out her phone in the other.

After opening the courtyard door, she answered the phone.

“Where are you now?” There was Fu Shiting’s deep voice over the phone.

Qin An’an: “At home.”

“Are you feeling unwell?” There was vague worry in his tone.

“No, I’ll come back to get the courier.” She walked through the front yard, walked to the door of the villa, and opened the door.

After entering the house, she put the package on the shoe cabinet, “Are you looking for me?”

She put on her slippers and walked towards the sofa with her phone in hand.

“Shen Yu is indeed with Fu Yechen.” Fu Shiting’s bodyguard brought Fu Yechen to him just now, and Fu Yechen recruited everything, so he called her, “How did you know in advance? What?”

“How did you know for sure?” She squeezed her fingers on the phone, tightening a little.

“Fu Yechen said that. He said that after I broke up with Shen Yu, he began to communicate with Shen Yu. It took a few days to establish the relationship.” Fu Shiting’s tone was calm, “I don’t care that Shen Yu is with him.”

Qin An Ann listened to what he said and complied.

If Fu Yechen told him, uncle, I not only made you green, but I also made you a father.

Make sure he can’t be so calm.

“It’s all over.” Qin Anan wanted to turn this matter over.

Fu Shiting didn’t love Shen Yu, and he didn’t have any relationship with Shen Yu, that’s enough.

She didn’t want Fu Shiting to be hurt by gossip.

Even if he doesn’t care about being cuckolded by Shen Yu, others will definitely laugh at him about it.

On the other side of the phone, Fu Shiting was silent for a few seconds, then said hoarsely, “I know you’re angry…”

“No! I don’t care, and I’m not angry anymore. Let the past pass.” Qin Anan’s tone brisk.

Hearing her voice, it seemed that the situation was really calm.

But he thinks things are not so simple.

He had been with Shen Yu, and Shen Yu was pregnant with his child, how could she not care at all?

“I want to see you.” He felt very guilty and decided to make up for her.

“Oh, where are you now?” Qin Anan asked.

“I’ll find you at your house.”

“If you’re in the company, then I’ll find you! I have nothing to do today.” She didn’t want to delay his work.

Hearing what she said, his tense heart relaxed, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

After speaking on the phone, he glanced at the time.

Drive to his company from Xinghewan Villa, if there is no traffic jam, you can arrive within half an hour.

He got up and strode towards the door.

Zhou Ziyi happened to be looking for him, and when he saw him walking out, he asked, “Boss, where are you going?”

“I’m going to buy something.” He walked towards the elevator.

Zhou Ziyi was stunned for a moment, and followed him: “What to buy? I’ll buy it for you.”

“I’ll buy it myself.” His expression was relaxed, his tone was not gentle, but very kind, “You put the documents on my desk. Come on, I’ll take a look later.”

“Oh…” Zhou Ziyi saw that he was in a good mood, and asked loudly, “Boss, is there any happy event?”

Fu Shiting pressed the elevator button and looked back and smiled: “Wait a minute. An’an will come.”

Star River Villa.

Ten minutes have passed since the phone call was over.

Qin Anan is standing in front of the summer wardrobe, and hasn’t picked out her clothes yet.

She hadn’t seen him yet, but her heart had already started to thump wildly.

The dress on her is actually pretty good, but she feels a bit plain.

She picked up a dress that Li Xiaotian helped her choose, and after hesitating, decided to wear it.

Chapter 527

Chapter 527

ST Group.

Zhou Ziyi was sitting in Shengbei’s office, drinking tea.

“I haven’t seen our boss so happy for a long time!” Zhou Ziyi sighed with a smile, “I was specially guarding the door of his office to see him come back with a big bag of fruit snacks. Can Qin Anan eat so much? Hahaha!”

Sheng Bei Nong frowned: “Why did Qin An’an suddenly figure it out? A woman’s heart is a needle at the bottom of the sea!”

“Is it because Shen Yu and Fu Yechen are together?” Zhou Ziyi guessed, “I can’t think of other possibilities besides this reason. Sex.”

“I hope this is the case.” Sheng Bei raised his teacup and touched Zhou Ziyi.

After half an hour.

Qin Anan drove to the ST Group Building.

After Zhou Ziyi drank tea at Shengbei’s, he had been waiting at the door of the company.

After seeing Qin An’an’s Land Rover, he immediately strode over to greet him.

When Qin Anan saw Zhou Ziyi, he immediately lowered the car window: “Brother Zhou, there seems to be no parking space on the ground. I’ll go outside and park the car first.”

Zhou Ziyi smiled and said, “There are a lot of empty spaces here, you can park as you like! The parking lot is big. The door is all right.”

Qin Anan: “???”

Zhou Ziyi waved his hand and pointed her in a direction: “Just park there!”

“There is no parking space there!”

“It’s all right! This whole piece of The land belongs to our President Fu, you can stop it as you want.” Zhou Ziyi flattered, “How about you come down, and I will stop it for you?”

Qin Anan shook her head, “No need, I will stop myself.”

She After the car is parked, open the door and get out of the car.

“Miss Qin, you are so beautiful today!” Zhou Ziyi praised sincerely.

Her upper body is a small floral tube top suspender, and below is a hip-packed long skirt of the same color.

She has fair skin and a slender and well-proportioned figure, and this outfit fully shows her curves.

Make her look sexy and charming.

Zhou Ziyi felt that when the boss saw him, he might not be able to hold on to it.

Qin Anan regretted a little.

Didn’t you just come to see Fu Shiting?

Why change clothes on purpose?

She met him only yesterday.

And we can meet every day.

Now that he is still at work, what will others think when she comes to see him dressed like this?

“I…” Qin Anan wanted to explain.

“Miss Qin, the sun is shining outside, let’s go in! My boss has been waiting for you.” Zhou Ziyi smiled and led the way.

Under the leadership of Zhou Ziyi, Qin Anan arrived at the president’s office area on the top floor unimpeded.

“Go in! I won’t go in to disturb you.” Zhou Ziyi sent her to Fu Shiting’s office, and then withdrew wisely.

Qin Anan knocked on the office door, then pushed in.

The moment the two eyes met, it was like thunder and fire, and their faces showed different shocks.

Qin Anan saw Fu Shiting sitting on the sofa, peeling the skins of grapes.

On the plate in front of him, there was a pile of peeled grapes.

Fu Shiting looked at her in a daze, his Adam’s apple rolled: “Aren’t you cold when you wear so little?”

Qin Anan bit his head and gave a reason: “Pregnant women are afraid of heat.”

He wiped his hands with a wet towel, He walked up to her and led her in.

“I remember that you used to love grapes, so you peeled some.” He led her to the sofa and sat down.

In the air, his unique masculinity was mixed with the aroma of grapes and grapes, which was ambiguous and seductive.

Uncertainly, she took a grape and stuffed it into her mouth.

“How does it taste?” His deep eyes stared at her little face.

She blushed when he saw her, and a burst of courage suddenly rose in her heart.

She stretched her arms around his neck, her red lips covering his cool thin lips…

Chapter 528

Chapter 528

Half an hour later.

The vice president hurried to Shengbei’s office.

“Ziyi, I couldn’t find you anywhere, so I knew you were definitely here!” The vice president sat down beside Zhou Ziyi.

Zhou Ziyi saw that the vice president was sweating profusely, and said puzzled: “What happened? You look like this, it will make me feel whether our company has an economic crisis.” The

vice president took an empty cup and fell to himself. a cup of tea.

“Did you two know that Qin Anan was here? Why didn’t you tell me?” The vice president drank the tea in one gulp, “Don’t you know, I went to the boss’s office just now… ah, I remember now. , I can’t wait to dig a hole in the ground! What is this! I feel that the boss will come to persuade me to dismiss me later.”

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi looked surprised.

“Could it be that the two of them are in the office…” Sheng Bei only opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything after that.

The vice president nodded again and again: “What’s worse, I was not the only one who ran into it. I brought a team of people… They all saw… Really, I can probably pack up and go away. I’m dead …” The

vice president covered his face with one hand, excruciating pain.

Everyone knows that Fu Shiting, the president of ST Group, is not close to women.

He never brought a woman to the company.

It is even more impossible to take a woman to do something in the office.

But today, an exception was made!

The vice president never dreamed that this incident would be bumped into by himself.

Fu Shiting, who cares about privacy so much, is now thinking about how to silence him.

Sheng Bei and Zhou Ziyi looked at the vice president with sympathetic eyes.

They wanted to express their opinions, but they all laughed first.

“Don’t laugh! I’m very sad now! It’s not right for you to fall into trouble like this!” The vice president said in frustration, swiping the screen of his mobile phone to see if there were any new calls or news.

He felt that it was absolutely impossible for Fu Shiting to forgive him lightly.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. I think you’ll be fine.” Sheng Bei took a sip of water and calmed down, “If I were you, after half an hour, I would knock on his office door and say congratulations to him. “

Zhou Ziyi said: “The boss won’t be angry. He is in a good mood today. Even if you make a more serious mistake, he may be able to pardon you.”

“Are you serious?” The vice president murmured, “But at that time When he found out that I came in, the expression on his face was very stern! Very angry!”

“Ahem…what was the…picture of the two of them at that time?”

“I think about it… …I looked at it at the time and only saw a piece of vain … Oh, it seems to be Miss Qin’s back … ” The vice president tried hard to recall, gasping in embarrassment, ” Miss Qin is on top…”

Sheng Bei ate a big melon with a choked expression on his face.

“I can’t help you.” Sheng Bei shook his head, “I really didn’t expect such a big scene.”

Zhou Ziyi was also stunned, and his mind was a little bit hard to turn around.

“Since the two of you can’t help me, then I’ll go find something happy!” The vice president stood up in grief, intending to go to Fu Shiting to make amends.

“Hey! You can go later! What if the two of them aren’t finished yet?” Sheng Bei grabbed him.

“Ah?” The vice president looked confused, “Frightened by me, they can continue? Impossible? Miss Qin screamed at that time!”

Sheng Bei pulled his finger and let it go!


“I’ll show you a way out, go and ask Qin An’an.” Sheng Bei said.

Zhou Ziyi said, “Yes. As long as she forgives you, the boss will forgive you.”

“Okay! I’ll go find Miss Qin!” The vice president clenched his fists and walked out.

CEO’s office.

The office door is open.

The vice president pretended to pass by, and then pretended to accidentally glance inside.

I saw Fu Shiting sitting at the desk with a serious face, working.

In the office, there is no sign of Qin An’an at all.

Chapter 529

Chapter 529

Is Qin Anan gone?

No way?

The vice president took a deep breath and knocked on the open office door.

Fu Shiting raised his eyes, saw the vice president, and immediately said, “Come in, close the door.” The

vice president: “…” It

‘s terrible!

Although his tone was the same as usual, the words ‘come in, close the door’ were a bit scary.

The vice president walked in tremblingly and closed the door of the office.

“Boss, where’s Miss Qin?” Fu Shiting pushed the document aside and said coolly, “Are you looking for her?” After a

pause, he said sullenly, “She was scared away by you.”

Rehan: “Boss, I’m really sorry! I’m going to apologize to Miss Qin right away!” Fu Shiting

frowned tightly and asked, “Do you think she’s not embarrassed enough?”

‘It’s at your disposal’ expression.

“Today’s events are not allowed to go out!” Fu Shiting said.

The vice president nodded sharply: “Don’t worry! I’m sure I won’t talk nonsense!”

“I still have something to deal with. You can bring those people to me in half an hour.” Fu Shiting’s tone returned to his usual calm.

The vice president sighed heavily.

It seems that the boss is really in a good mood today!

Qin Anan drove the car aimlessly on the street.

Her frightened mood has not recovered yet.

Taishe is dead!

She had never encountered that battle in her dreams.

Sure enough, people can’t be impulsive.

She called Li Xiaotian and asked her out to meet.

Half an hour later, the two met in a coffee shop.

Qin Anan ordered a dessert.

Li Xiaotian watched her eat one bite after another, puzzled: “You called me and asked me out, wouldn’t it be for me to perform?”

Qin Anan stopped, “I just went to find Fu Shiting.”

Li Xiaotian laughed uncontrollably: “I said why did you put on this suit today… You kept saying that this suit is not suitable for you, I think you are very sexy and beautiful! Hahaha! Fu Shiting was stunned when he saw you wearing this outfit?”

Qin Anan blushed and became hot: “He stared at me with those silly eyes… The contrast is just terrifying! ” “

Hahahaha The domineering president has become a loyal dog. Han, right?” Li Xiaotian had already made up the picture.

“Almost…” Qin An’an took a sip of water, her heart burning hard, “then we were on the sofa in his office…” “Damn it

! It’s really exciting! But why are you so angry? Pain? Could it be… he can’t do that?!” Li Xiaotian raised her throat.

If she guesses right, she must persuade Qin Anan to change to another man.

Qin An’an took a breath and put his hands on his forehead: “We were in the office… We were seen by a group of his employees.”

Li Xiaotian was amazed: “You two are so awesome!”

“I will never again . I’m going to his company.” Qin Anan gritted his teeth and regretted, “Originally he said he came to my house to find me, why didn’t I agree? Why did I have to go to his company? Oh, I was afraid of affecting his work… …but when I go to his company, he can’t work!”

“An An, don’t regret it! It has already happened, accept it lightly! Now this incident must have been spread in his company.” Li Xiaotian added fuel to the fire, “Such gossip spreads at an astonishing speed! Qin Anan took a while to relax before finally recovering. “

By the way, did you buy me anything online? I received a package from country B at noon.”

Chapter 530

Chapter 530

Li Xiaotian shook his head: “No! Isn’t the sender’s information written on the package?”

“I just glanced at it, and it seemed to be the name of a company.” Qin Anan said what she was puzzled about, ” I asked him to put it in the community express cabinet or give it to the nanny by ringing my doorbell, but he insisted that I sign for it in person.”

“Oh, there may be valuables in the package. Generally, only valuables will be signed in person.” Li Xiaotian is mysterious With a smile, “Is it possible that Fu Shiting bought you a gift? Aren’t the two of you in love now?”

Qin Anan said without hesitation, “It shouldn’t be him. He never sent me gifts through express delivery. Even if they were bought abroad, I also sent it to him first, and he checked it before giving it to me.”

“Tsk tsk! I’m going to fall in love with him again. After all, he used to be my god!” Li Xiaotian stirred the cup with a spoon. “An An, are you completely relieved?”

Looking at Qin An’an’s behavior today, it is clear that he is a little girl in love.

Qin Anan knew that she couldn’t hide it, so she nodded: “Let the past go away!”

“I respect your decision. In life, who can make no mistakes at all?” Li Xiaotian was happy for her, ” I feel that after you reconcile with him, it’s like a different person. Of course, so does Fu Shiting. The two of you are so happy together, so let’s be together in the future! The three children can be considered a complete family, how wonderful. Qin Anan lowered his eyes: “

I don’t dare to say what will happen in the future. But I will definitely cherish the time with him more than before. He and I are not children anymore, and our children are so old.”

She thought about it seriously.

At this stage, marriage is not important to her and Fu Shiting.

They need a relationship of trust as strong as a loved one, not a marriage certificate.

Five in the evening.

The nanny takes Rila home from kindergarten.

When Rila came in to change her shoes, she glanced at the package on the shoe cabinet.

“Auntie, whose package is this? What’s in it?” The

nanny replied, “It’s your mother’s.”

“Oh…I want to open it up…” Rila I feel that my mother’s things are her things.

The nanny was a little embarrassed: “Your mother will be back soon, can you take it apart when she comes back? Or wait for your brother to come back and see what your brother has to say.”

Rila nodded thinking that her brother would be back soon.

About ten minutes later, the bodyguard brought Xiaohan back.

“Brother! Auntie made us a super delicious pie today!” Rila held a fragrant beef pie in her hand, happily forgetting what happened ten minutes ago.

When Xiao Han changed his shoes, he stared at the package on the shoe cabinet.

Qin Anan basically does not shop online.

So there are usually no packages at home.

Rila followed her brother’s line of sight and rediscovered the package.

“Brother! This is my mother’s package. I want to open it to see what’s inside! Let’s unpack it together!” With her brother as her company, she is not afraid even if she gets into trouble.

Xiaohan: “It’s mom’s stuff, we can’t take it apart.”

“Mom’s stuff is ours…our stuff is mom’s too!” Rila pouted, “I want to see inside. What is it!” Xiao Han was

afraid that Rila would touch him, so he led Rila towards the living room.

“Unless our mother allows us to dismantle, we can dismantle.” Xiaohan educated.

“…I can dismantle everything in the house.” Rila was not convinced and shook off her brother’s hand, “Mom will definitely not be mad at me!”

Rila rarely confronts Xiaohan like this.

“Then go and demolish it,” Xiaohan said with a cold face, “don’t call my brother in the future. ” Rila

: “…”

When Qin Anan came back, he found that the atmosphere at home was not right.

The child did not run out to meet her as usual.

“Rila!” Qin Anan changed her shoes at the door and shouted, “Xiaohan! Mom is back!” Rila and Xiaohan came

from different directions.

“Mom, I quarreled with my brother.” Rila ran in front of Qin Anan, her eyes were red, “My brother asked me not to call him brother in the future.”

Qin Anan heard the words and looked at Xiaohan: “Xiaohan, what’s wrong? My sister is offended . Are you angry?” Xiao Han pursed his

thin lips and said nothing.

Rila couldn’t wait to pull Qin An’an towards the shoe cabinet: “Mom, I want to unpack your package, but my brother won’t let me unpack… Mom, if I unpack, you won’t be angry with me ,right?”

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