When His Eyes Opened Chapter 531 -540(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 531 -540(Chinese)

Chapter 531

Qin Anan didn’t expect it was for this trivial matter.

“Of course my mother won’t be angry. But such behavior is indeed impolite.” Qin Anan taught patiently, “You can wait for your mother to come back and ask if she can dismantle it. If she says yes, you can dismantle it.”

“Oh, mother, Can I take it apart?”

“Yes!” Qin Anan picked up the package, her face suddenly solemn, “Rila, mother doesn’t know who sent this package or what’s inside, so it’s still mother Take it apart!”

Qin Anan was afraid that there were messes inside, and it would be bad to startle the child.

“Oh…” Rila was even more curious.

Qin An’an took a small pair of scissors and cut the tape on the package.

The nanny came over and asked, “An An, will Mike come back for dinner tonight?”

Qin Anan replied, “He has an entertainment tonight, so he won’t come back for dinner.”

“Okay, then I’ll serve the dishes now.”


Qin Anan cut open the package and put down the scissors.

A coldness came out of the box.

She took out an ice pack from inside.

She began to be alert…

Generally, there are ice packs in packages, which are basically fresh food.

But the box isn’t that big.

In addition to the ice pack that came out, there was a small black tape inside.

She took the tape out and opened

it—”Mom, what is it?” Rila looked up, clutching the hem of her dress with both hands.

“Ouch!” A burst of nausea surged up! Qin Anan held the cardboard box and ran to the bathroom quickly!

“Mom! What’s the matter with you?!” Rila cried out in fright.

Xiaohan immediately hugged her: “Don’t be afraid, my mother is pregnant with a baby now, so sometimes she can’t help vomiting.”

Only then did Rila stop crying.

The nanny heard the sound and hurried to the bathroom.

“An An, are you okay?”

Qin Anan locked the door after entering the bathroom.

If it was normal, she would answer the babysitter.

But after she entered the bathroom, she never spoke again.

She was terrified!

Inside the black tape is a severed finger.

This truncated finger should have just been cut off soon… There is still bright red blood on it.

She was holding the cardboard box, her body trembling uncontrollably.

In the box, there is also something like an mp3.

Reason tells her to quickly take it out and listen to it.

Find out who sent the package and whose severed finger!

But she is afraid!

She is now pregnant with a baby, no more than before, she can ignore everything.

After half an hour.

The bathroom door opens.

The nanny and the two children stood outside the door, watching her come out with scarlet eyes and lost soul.

“It’s alright…don’t worry…” She turned pale and tried to calm down, “you guys go eat! I’m not hungry…you don’t mind me.”

She muttered Saying that, he went upstairs with the cardboard box.

Chapter 532

Chapter 532

How could she be okay with her appearance?

Even Rila and Xiaohan could feel that she not only has something to do, but it’s not a small thing.

“Xiaohan, take your sister to dinner first. I’ll bring dinner to your mother.” The nanny said.

Xiaohan leads Rila to the dining room.

The nurse took the tray and went upstairs.

Second floor, master bedroom.

Qin Anan took out the recorder from the carton with trembling fingers.

Without any hesitation, she pressed the play button.

——I heard that Hu Qing has a closed disciple, and his medical skills are even better than Hu Qing! Tell me who this closed disciple is!

–I have no idea. The professor didn’t tell me.

The familiar voice made her body tremble more violently!

That was Wei Zhen’s voice!

  • Oh, since you don’t know, then I’ll chop off your finger and send it to the most likely person… to see if I can lure her.

Evil voices are creepy.

Immediately afterwards, a ‘bang’ sound came from the recorder!

The knife fell, screaming!

Wei Zhen’s painful and miserable cry made Qin Anan collapse instantly!

Tears blurred her vision, her fingers were clenched tightly, nails embedded in the palm, but she could not feel the pain!

The nanny stood outside the bedroom door with a tray.

When he raised his hand to knock on the door, he vaguely heard screams in the bedroom.

The nanny’s face changed greatly with fright, and immediately went downstairs with a tray.

“Doesn’t she eat it?” the bodyguard asked after seeing the food on the tray as it came down.

The nanny leaned over to the bodyguard and whispered, “Hurry up and call Mike and tell him to come back immediately. Something happened!” The

bodyguard’s face changed: “Is something wrong with Miss Qin?!”

“No! That package… It’s scary!” whispered the nanny, looking across the dining room.

Although the two children were eating in the dining room, their eyes were always on the nanny and bodyguard.

“You go outside and call Mike, and I’m going to watch the two children.” The nanny said, striding towards the dining room.

The two children are still young, and no matter what happens, it is best not to affect them.

After Mike answered the bodyguard’s call, he sobered up a bit.

His dinner tonight was with the executives of ST Group, which was an invitation from the executives of ST Group.

Because of the close relationship between Fu Shiting and Qin An’an, it spread throughout the ST group.

“Ziyi, I have something to do, I have to go first.” Mike got up from his chair and said to Zhou Ziyi.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Ziyi saw his solemn expression, and immediately left the private room with him.

“The bodyguard called and said that An An received a mysterious package… She opened the package just now, and then locked herself in the room.” Mike said, took out the car key.

Zhou Ziyi reminded him: “You’ve been drinking, find a chauffeur! Or you can take a taxi back…”

Mike only drank a bottle of beer and was not drunk at all, but he obediently put away the car keys.

“I’ll go back and have a look first. If there’s nothing wrong, I’ll come and accompany you to drink.” Mike patted him on the shoulder, “You go first!”

“I don’t think it’s a trivial matter.” Zhou Ziyi was vaguely uneasy, “You’re home. Just message me.”

Mike gave him an OK gesture, then stopped a taxi on the side of the road.

Star River Villas.

Qin Anan walked downstairs with a small suitcase.

Rila cried when she saw her carrying the suitcase with a ‘wow’.

“Mom, where are you going? It’s so late! It’s getting dark! I don’t want you to go! Woohoo!”

Chapter 533

Chapter 533 The

nanny and bodyguard were also dumbfounded.

“Miss Qin, where are you going so late?”

Qin An’an’s nerves were tense, she couldn’t pretend to be calm, and couldn’t even smirk at the child.

Her eyes were scarlet, and she looked at Xiaohan: “Xiaohan, take care of your sister.”

Xiaohan has always been strong, but the appearance of her mother at this time scared him.

No matter how precocious he is, he is only a five-year-old child.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed Qin An’an’s clothes, with a tone of reluctance and fear: “Mom, where are you going?”

If it was usual, Qin An’an would definitely explain it to the child well, even if it was a white lie, it must be comforted first The mood of a good child.

But now, her whole body is cold, and her brain can’t think normally!

There was only one thought in her mind, she was going to country B to rescue Wei Zhen!

No matter the risk, no matter the cost!

Wei Zhen was taken away because of her. If Wei Zhen didn’t know her, he wouldn’t have suffered such inhuman torture at all!

That bloody finger was like a sharp blade, stuck in her heart!

The taxi stopped outside the courtyard gate.

Before Mike got out of the car, he heard Rila’s heart-wrenching cry, his brows furrowed tightly.

He saw two children holding Qin An’an’s arm… and Qin An’an was holding the suitcase in his hand and insisted on leaving.

Heartbroken, he strode to Qin An’an and snatched the suitcase from her hand.

“Qin An’an, what are you crazy about?! The child is crying, didn’t you hear it?!” Mike threw her suitcase aside, put his hands on his hips, and asked, “What happened? I heard there was a package… ….what about the package?!”

She lowered her eyes and strode to the side.

Mike followed her.

“I signed for the package at one o’clock in the afternoon. Within 24 hours after the package was signed, if I didn’t arrive in country B, they would kill Brother Wei!” Qin Anan’s eyes were filled with endless darkness, “I don’t have much time… .. you don’t stop me!”

Mike didn’t expect things to be so serious.

“I’ll go with you, don’t let me take care of the children at home! Qin An’an, this group of people are not ordinary bullies! If you go alone, you will die! It doesn’t matter if you die by yourself, you have to drag the child in your stomach to die together. ?!”

Qin Anan’s eyes were red, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to take any risks!

But she couldn’t let Wei Zhen die because of her!

It’s more painful than letting her die!

“Wait for me at the gate of the courtyard, and I’ll explain it to the children.” After Mike left these words in her ear, he strode towards the two children.

ten minutes later.

Mike carried her suitcase and walked to her side, “Let’s go!” When Qin Anan stepped forward, she

clearly heard Rila’s whimpering behind her.

Her heart seems to be crushed!

She wanted to look back at the child, but she dared not look back.

She is now cornered and can only move forward.

An hour later, the airport, VIP lounge.

Mike took the mobile phone and looked at a series of messages sent by Zhou Ziyi, not knowing how to reply.

“An An, do you want to talk to Fu Shiting?” Mike looked at her cold little face and said tangled, “After all, the two of you are reconciled today. If you don’t say goodbye now, he will definitely be in pain.”

Qin An An’s fingers holding the phone, the phalanx turned white.

It’s not that she never thought to tell Fu Shiting, but if she did, he would definitely not let her go.

“An An, there is a call on your phone.” Mike reminded when she saw the screen of her phone light up.

She lowered her eyes and saw Fu Shiting’s name jumping on the screen.

She pursed her lips, took a deep breath, and answered the phone: “Fu Shiting, I’m at the airport now. I’m going to country B.” On the other end of the

phone, Fu Shiting was silent for a few seconds, then raised his voice and said nervously, “Go to B. What are you doing?! Qin An’an, don’t leave yet, I’ll go to the airport to find you now! Let’s meet, wait for me!”

Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Hang up the


She glanced at the time.

Don’t know where he is now.

The geographical location of the airport is relatively remote. As long as he is in the urban area, he will come here, at least for an hour.

And she has forty minutes to get on the plane.

She couldn’t wait for him.

Missed this flight, the next flight will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

She doesn’t have that much time.

Mike saw that her face was very bad, so he reached out and held her cold little hand.

“Qin An’an, don’t be afraid. That person came to you, probably because he wanted you to help him heal.” Mike comforted her, “You delay as long as possible, and I will definitely find a way to save you.”

Qin Anan muttered . Said: “Rescue Big Brother Wei first.”


“I have known Big Brother Wei for many years. I have asked him for help countless times, and he has never rejected me. Every time he has any benefits, he will come and share it with him. Me. He never asked me to do anything for him, never… Every time I say to invite him to dinner, he ends up paying the bill. In my heart, he is the same as my own brother. ” Qin An’an Speaking of this, tears fell, “He can tell my name directly, so that he won’t be hurt!”

Mike’s eyes were slightly red, and he hugged her: “Don’t cry. Brother Wei will be fine. “

Star River Villas.

The departure of Qin An’an and Mike made the two children feel depressed to the bottom.

Mike told them that something happened in country B that they needed to deal with, and they would come back immediately after the matter was dealt with.

How long is this ‘come back now’?

Moreover, what happened tonight was so strange that Xiaohan couldn’t guess what happened.

He had a strong premonition in his heart.

Something really bad must have happened that made my mother so sad and anxious to leave!

Mom has never left him and his sister like this tonight, without any warning, and insisted on leaving.

Xiaohan, who never shed tears easily, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Brother, why are you crying? Do you miss your mother?” Rila’s emotions that had calmed down were ignited again, “Wuwuwu, does mother not want us anymore? Brother I’m afraid!” Xiaohan raised his hand to

wipe away tears , hugged her sister: “Rila, don’t be afraid. They will be back soon. Before they come back, your brother will protect you.”

Rila lay in her brother’s arms and cried for a while, her voice hoarse.

“Brother, I want Yin Yin to accompany us… Can you call her?”

Xiao Han replied.

The night is getting darker, the city neon is flashing, bright and intoxicating.

The black Rolls-Royce, like a phantom, crossed half of the city and arrived at the airport at the fastest speed.

Just as the car stopped, Fu Shiting pushed open the door and stepped out of the car.

Holding the phone, he hurried towards the airport lobby.

On the radio, a certain flight to country B was broadcast, and ticket checking has begun. Passengers are requested to go to the No. 4 ticket gate to check their tickets.

With his eagle-like eyes, he quickly searched for the No. 4 wicket, then stepped forward with his long legs and ran over!

He needs to know what happened to her.

She left in such a hurry, she must tell him why!

If he could, he would like to face it with her!

When he passed through the crowd and came to the 4th ticket gate, the ticket was just over.

He looked at the promenade behind the ticket gate, and in the bustling crowd, he saw her familiar back at a glance.

His Adam’s apple rolled, and he shouted in a hoarse voice, “Qin An’an!” Why didn’t you wait for me?

He wanted to question her, but the question was meaningless.

Qin Anan’s footsteps stopped.

Mike, who was standing beside her, turned around and saw Fu Shiting: “An An, Fu Shiting is here. Would you like to go over and talk to him?”

Tears welled in Qin An’an’s eyes.

Chapter 535

Chapter 535

What did you tell him in the past?

She has to go to country B now.

Whether he agrees or disagrees, it can’t change her decision.

Besides, she didn’t want to involve him in this matter.

She took a deep breath and stepped forward again…

Within ten meters, there was a turn.

As long as he turned the corner, he couldn’t see her.

“Qin An’an!” Fu Shiting saw her walking without turning her head, and the blood in her body boiled instantly!

With scarlet eyes, he rushed to the ticket gate… The security guards stopped him immediately.

“Qin An’an! Look back!” In the crowded airport hall, he gave up all his dignity and face, and shouted sharply, “Go back! Look at me!”

Qin Anan’s feet were like lead.

Walking to the corner of the promenade, it was only ten meters away, but it exhausted all her strength.

After he couldn’t see her, she leaned against the glass wall, sobbing.

“Mike, let him go!” She covered her face with her hands and said in pain.

Mike frowned and looked embarrassed: “He won’t listen to me. If you are like this now, don’t go there. I’ll call Ziyi!”

After calling Zhou Ziyi, Mike held Qin Anan’s hand, take her away.

After Zhou Ziyi arrived at the airport, he saw Fu Shiting in the crowd.

He was standing at wicket number 4.

Qin Anan had already flown away.

His heart, his soul, also flew away.

This is not the first time to be abandoned like this.

Five years ago, she was like this, she just left, no matter how he begged, she would not be moved.

I didn’t expect it to be the same five years later.

Although this separation is not a breakup, the damage to him is the same.

In order to get to the airport as soon as possible to see her, he ran through countless red lights.

But she wouldn’t even turn her head back for him.

How could she be so heartless?

Zhou Ziyi walked quickly to his side and whispered, “Boss, it’s very late now, I’ll take you home!”

He heard Zhou Ziyi’s voice, and his stiff body finally reacted.

His bottomless eyes like ink looked at Zhou Ziyi: “Do you know why she left?”

Zhou Ziyi was stunned.

Mike texted him before shutting down.

But he didn’t dare to tell Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting saw Zhou Ziyi’s hesitation in his eyes, and in an instant, his heart was as hard as ice!

Even Zhou Ziyi knew why she left, but she refused to tell him. The veins on his forehead swelled with anger, he grabbed Zhou Ziyi

‘s collar with his big palm, and shouted: “Don’t force me to do it!”

It’s Wei Zhen… something happened…”

He frowned, the light in his eyes dimmed a little bit.

He let go.

Zhou Ziyi rubbed his neck and coughed a few times.

“Boss, let me take you home first! There is no flight to country B tonight. And… Qin Anan doesn’t tell you, he definitely doesn’t want you to be involved in this matter.”

Fu Shiting took a deep breath After a sigh of relief, he gritted his teeth and said, “Why don’t you want to involve me? Did something very dangerous happen?”

Zhou Ziyi: “I don’t know exactly what happened. But the two of them are in such a hurry to go to country B, and the situation should be serious.”

“She is pregnant with my child… but ran for another man. Taking such a risk… Her life can be sacrificed for that man, but what about my child’s life?! She won’t discuss it with me, even if she sympathizes with me, she won’t! I’m in her eyes , what is it?!” Fu Shiting’s eyes were wet, and his fingers were tightly clenched.

Chapter 536

Chapter 536

Zhou Ziyi can deeply understand his mood and stand by him, just like Mike stands by Qin Anan no matter what happens.

Two in the morning.

The black Rolls-Royce slowly drove into the Fu family villa.

In the living room, the lights are bright.

Fu Shiting got out of the car, and Mrs. Zhang immediately came out and reported, “Sir, is there something wrong with An’an? At around ten o’clock tonight, Xiaohan called and called Yinyin.”

Fu Shiting heard Xiaohan’s name, the cold and hard heart hurts again.

Qin Anan didn’t abandon him alone, and her two children were also left behind.

“Sir, it’s very late, you should go to rest first!” Mrs. Zhang saw Fu Shiting’s gloomy face and did not dare to say more.

He dragged his heavy body into the bedroom like a walking corpse.

Scarlet eyes swept across the big bed, and Qin Anan’s heartless back suddenly appeared in his mind.

He couldn’t help but suspect that the two of them were not reconciled at all. Everything that happened during the day was made up by him!

He had only seen her so active in his dreams.

So, everything is fake!

But the feeling of heartache is more realistic than after waking up from any nightmare.

Time passed by, and soon, fish maw white appeared outside the window.

At seven o’clock in the morning, a car stopped in front of Fu’s house.

Yin Yin got out of the car.

Seeing Yinyin’s return, Mrs. Zhang trotted out and asked her, “Yinyin, what happened? Is Anan not at home? Where has she gone?”

Yinyin: “Anan has gone to country B. Is Fu Shiting at home? ?”

For the first time, Mrs. Zhang heard Yinyin call Fu Shiting’s name, and she was a little surprised: “Well, yes. He came back very late last night, and I’m afraid he is still resting now.”

Yinyin walked upstairs on her own.

When she walked to the second floor, Fu Shiting’s room door opened.

He didn’t sleep all night.

At this time, his eyes were full of red blood, and a smell of smoke permeated from his room.

Yin Yin looked at the haggard but gloomy man in front of him, and was faintly afraid.

“Yinyin, how are Rila and Xiaohan?” Fu Shiting broke the silence.

He hadn’t slept all night, and his voice was hoarse.

“Oh…” Yin Yin summoned his courage and discussed with him, “Brother, let’s fly to find An An!”

“It was those two children who asked you to tell?” Fu Shiting’s eyes were cold, and his voice was even louder. cold.

He didn’t even think about going to look for her, but as long as he thought of her indifferent and decisive attitude towards him, the thought was extinguished.

He is so contemptuous of himself, and he can’t get her a straight eye!

Yin Yin knew that he couldn’t hide it from him, so he walked to his side and took his arm.

“Brother, Rila and Xiaohan are so pitiful… Rila fell asleep and woke up crying last night… She wanted to find her mother… I promised to take her to find her mother , she is obedient.”

Rila’s cute little face suddenly appeared in Fu Shiting’s mind.

His icy heart was shaken.

“Where are they two now?” he asked hoarsely.

“In our yard.”

Fu Shiting’s heartstrings tightened, and he turned back to the room to wash.

Xiaohan held Rila’s little hand, and the two stood motionless in the yard. Their serious expressions were in stark contrast to the bright sun above their heads.

“Brother, do you think Fu Shiting will take us to find our mother?” Rila cried so hard last night that her eyes haven’t subsided yet today.

Xiao Leng said solemnly: “If he doesn’t go to his mother, we will treat him as dead in the future.”

Chapter 537

Chapter 537

Xiaohan’s words were settled, Fu Shiting and Yinyin came out of the villa.

The eyes of the father and son met unexpectedly, and Xiao Han looked away in embarrassment and disgust.

Xiaohan is now a minor and cannot fly alone without a guardian.

Otherwise, he would never come here!

Now he just wants to go to country B as soon as possible and be closer to his mother.

“Xiaohan! Rila! My brother promised to take us to Country B!” Yinyin ran to the two children and said excitedly, “We will find An An soon!”


Country B.

capital Airport.

Qin Anan came out of the airport and was brought into a black Buick by two men in black.

Mike took a picture of the vehicle’s license plate number far away. Wei Zhen has not been rescued yet, so he can’t be scared of the snake for the time being.

The black Buick disappeared quickly, and Mike saw countless messages from Zhou Ziyi pop up on his phone.

He dialed the phone, and Zhou Ziyi answered it in seconds: “My boss took Yinyin and two children on a private plane to country B.”

McNong raised his eyebrows and rubbed his temples with one hand: “Those who didn’t know thought he was here. What about the tourist!”

“Don’t be sarcastic, okay? Did you do what people did last night? Throw my boss at the airport alone!” Zhou Ziyi was furious, “I really don’t understand, my boss is like this Good man, why did he hang himself on Qin An’an’s crooked neck tree?”

“Speak well, what are you scolding Qin An’an for?!” Mike also became angry, “Wei Zhen was arrested because of her, she It’s already sad enough. This is country B, not country A, not a place where Fu Shiting can cover the sky with one hand! Bring him here, let’s go to die together?!”

Zhou Ziyi gasped, “Death?! Is it that serious? “

“Someone sent her a bloody finger! It’s Wei Zhen’s finger!” Mike didn’t dare to say it in Country A before, because he was afraid that Fu Shiting would know and wouldn’t let them go.

Zhou Ziyi: “Damn it! What’s wrong with

Wei Zhen?!” “What kind of trouble can an honest person like Wei Zhen cause? Qin Anan is the person others are looking for.” Mike stopped a taxi on the side of the road. “So don’t blame her, she suffers more than anyone else now.”

“Why?!” Zhou Ziyi’s mind was in a mess, “Why are you looking for Qin An’an, you have to go through Wei Zhen? Can’t they just look for Qin An’an? “

Mike found that this matter could not be concealed.

“Because Qin An’an is a close disciple of Professor Hu Qing. But apart from Professor Hu, Wei Zhen, and me, almost no one knows about it.”

Zhou Ziyi was shocked: “Why do you know?! You are not the same as them! “

Qin An’an did my surgery.” After Mike explained this, Zhou Ziyi immediately understood why he was so protective of Qin An’an.

“In order to treat Yinyin before, Fu Shiting hired a private investigator to investigate Professor Hu’s close disciple in country B? The person who kidnapped Wei Zhen this time just used more cruel means.” Mike said.

Zhou Ziyi looked unbelievable.

He didn’t expect that Professor Hu Qing’s close disciple was Qin An’an!

Fu Shiting had spent so much money to find this closed disciple, but in the end he got nothing!

As everyone knows, this person has always been in front of him!

So dramatic and ironic!

the black Buick stopped after driving on the road for about an hour.

Qin An’an was blindfolded, so she didn’t know where it was.

She was pulled out of the car by a man in black, and after walking for about three minutes, her blindfold was removed.

In front of you is a magnificent white villa.

The villa is built on a mountain with few vegetation and a cliff not far away.

This is an extremely dangerous place.

Presumably the owner of this villa is also a dangerous person.

“Miss Qin, please take off your clothes!” A strange voice came from his ear.

She looked at the source of the sound angrily—

Chapter 538

Chapter 538

A man with a childish face with crane hair caught her eye.

“Is it Wei Zhen you kidnapped?!” She clenched her fists and asked.

The man just smiled slightly and said to the two women beside him, “Help Miss Qin change.”

“Don’t touch me!” Qin Anan shouted vigilantly, “Why should I change?!”

“Miss Qin, in case you What hidden weapons and poisons are hidden in the clothes?” A woman said with a smile, “Don’t worry, we will wash your clothes for you and bring them to you.”

Qin Anan brought the clothes held by the woman in front of him. : “I’ll change it myself!”

“Miss Qin, you’ll change here.” The woman still said with a smile.

“How to change here?!” Qin An’an looked at the surrounding bodyguards and the man with a childish face in shock!

With so many men present, let her change clothes in public?

Country A.

A social news appeared in the headlines.

This morning, a Gulfstream G650 private jet departed from Beijing Capital Airport.

There are no more than ten rich people in the country who own Gulfstream G650 private jets.

So this incident quickly became a hot topic among netizens after dinner.

Wang Wanzhi drank tea and said with a smile, “Is it Fu Shiting? We have only three Gulfstream G650s in the whole city, and the other two’s private planes, as far as I know, are parked at another airport. Only Fu Shiting’s plane is parked in the capital. Airport. Hahahaha!”

Shen Yu was also in a good mood.

Originally, Qin Anan knew of her adultery with Fu Yechen, and she felt uneasy in her heart.

But now Qin An’an sheep has entered the wolf’s mouth, and I don’t know if it will come back alive!

“Shen Yu, this time you have contributed a lot!” Wang Wanzhi praised Shen Yu, “If we want to get rid of Qin An’an, we must let her leave country A. After all, Fu Shiting covers the sky with only one hand in the country, as long as he has the heart to protect her. Qin An’an, we can’t do anything about Qin An’an!”

Shen Yu called Fu Yechen to go to country B with her last time, saying that there is an important matter, which is exactly this matter.

Shen Yu has lived in country B for decades, and has far more connections in country B than Qin An’an.

That man with a childish face, in country B, is quite a tricky person.

He is a notorious villain! But he is also extraordinarily rich!

If you are rich enough to call a politician in country B brotherhood, no one dares to touch him in country B.

Shen Yu found him this time, sold Qin An’an’s information to him, and got a lot of money from him!

“This time, Qin An’an is hard to fly.” Shen Yu picked up the teacup and took a sip happily.

“Are you so sure?” Of course Wang Wanzhi wanted Qin Anan to die, but she was afraid of her death, “Fu Shiting flew to country B for her, and that Mike is not a fuel-efficient lamp… They joined forces to save her. Qin An’an, you can definitely protect her, right? But she just has to bleed a lot…”

Shen Yu sneered: “That silver king is a pervert.” Wang

Wanzhi looked surprised: “Perverted? You didn’t say he was looking for Qin An’an, he was In order to let Qin Anan treat his daughter’s illness? Even if he is a pervert, if Qin Anan cures his daughter’s illness, he will definitely not embarrass Qin Anan, right?”

Shen Yu smiled brighter: “Qin Anan treats It’s not good for his daughter’s disease!”

Wang Wanzhi: “It’s basically confirmed now that Qin An’an is Hu Qing’s close disciple, and his medical attainments are higher than Hu Qing’s. How can you be sure that she can’t cure Yin Wang’s daughter’s disease?!”

Shen Yu laughed Tears came out: “I said it can’t be cured! Hahahaha! Unless she is an immortal!” After a pause, he said, “If she is really an immortal, there is no need for Fu Shiting to run to save her! Hahaha!”

After Qin Anan changed her clothes, she entered the villa.

“Take me to see Wei Zhen.” She walked beside the silver king and demanded, “I must make sure he is alive.”

“He has no value to me. As long as you stay at ease, I will throw him away immediately. Go down the mountain.” The Silver King said kindly.

“Send him down the mountain! It’s not throwing it away!” Qin An’an’s anger in his heart welled up.

Silver King frowned, “I see.”

Chapter 539

Chapter 539

“Where are the others?!” Qin Anan stood in the living room and asked coldly.

The silver king winked at his subordinate, and his subordinate immediately went to lead him.

After a while, Wei Zhen was dragged out by two men in black.

Qin Anan’s body froze suddenly, she couldn’t believe what she saw!

Wei Zhen was covered in blood, his nose was blue and his face was swollen, and there was not a single spot on his body.

The Silver King shrugged and explained, “Miss Qin, you should thank me. If my subordinates hadn’t found out in time, this idiot would have jumped off the cliff, smashed to pieces, and there is no body left!” Jumping off the

cliff? !

There is indeed a cliff outside the villa.

Wei Zhen actually wanted to jump off a cliff!

He doesn’t want to reveal her identity or endure torture, so he would rather jump off a cliff!

Qin An’an’s tears rushed out in an instant.

“Brother Wei!” She walked over to Wei Zhen and picked him up, “Brother Wei! I’m sorry! I hurt you!”

Wei Zhen was motionless and had already lost consciousness.

Qin Anan hugged him and cried bitterly for a while, and then quickly regained his senses: “Medicine box! Give me the medicine box!” The

silver king gave his subordinate a look, and his subordinate immediately came over with the medical box.

Qin Anan endured the great grief and treated his wounds.

After bandaging the wound on his body, her eyes were scarlet, and she gritted her teeth and said to the Silver King: “Let your subordinates take him to the hospital! Immediately! Immediately! If he dies, even if you kill me, you won’t do it for you. Anything!”

Silver King waved his hand impatiently.

Soon, Wei Zhen was taken away.

“I said, this idiot is going to jump off a cliff, that’s why he’s like this.”

“Shut up! Don’t think you can scare me with this trick! Now you are asking me!” Qin Anan had a severe headache, so he said, “I need to rest now! You will take Wei Zhen’s tomorrow. Report it to me and we’ll talk about other things!”

on a Gulfstream G650 private jet.

Fu Shiting closed his eyes and rested in his seat.

I haven’t slept for two days, even my battered body can’t stand such an overdraft.

Rila and Xiaohan were very worried, so they kept their eyes open.

“Brother, it’s the first time I’ve been on such a luxurious plane!” Rila’s face was filled with excitement and curiosity, “This big plane must be very expensive, right?”

Xiaohan said with disdain: “Wait, brother. I’ll buy it for you when I grow up.”

“Okay! Brother, do you think mom will be happy or angry when she sees us looking for her?” Rila was happy for two seconds, then suddenly became melancholy.

“Let’s contact Uncle Mike first when we arrive.”


After a ten-hour flight, the plane arrived at the Capital Airport of Country B.

At this time, country B time is eight in the morning.

Mike was the first to recognize him in the crowd of people coming and going.

Fu Shiting saw that Mike’s face was haggard and his mood was depressed.

Could it be… is it bad?

After meeting, the group got into two cars.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple moved and couldn’t help asking: “What’s the situation now? Qin An’an…”

“Wei Zhen is in the hospital now, let’s go see him first!” Mike interrupted him, but he was irritable He said, “Fuck, those scumbags! We must rescue Qin An’an as soon as possible!”

Chapter 540

Chapter 540

Hospital, intensive care unit.

Wei Zhen was covered with gauze all over his body, and his exposed eyes could see swollen eyelids, bulging eyeballs, and blood inside…

His fingers were also wrapped in gauze, and he could clearly see, He lost a finger.

Rila and Xiaohan were not allowed in, and bodyguards guarded them outside.

Yinyin followed in. She stared at the person on the hospital bed with her bright apricot eyes, and after carefully identifying it for a while, she didn’t recognize who it was.

“This… Who is this?”

Her voice came out softly from her throat, for fear of disturbing the people on the hospital bed.

Mike looked back and saw that she seemed to be frightened, so he helped her to the door: “This is Wei Zhen. Yin Yin, you go outside…”

“Woo!” Yin Yin’s emotions suddenly collapsed.

She pushed Mike away and walked quickly to the bedside, tears streaming down her face.

“Wei Zhen! Wei Zhen, how did you become like this? Who bullied you? Woohoo!” Yinyin wanted to hold his hand, but was afraid of touching his wound, so in the end she just held the quilt, “You You gave me sunflowers last time… Said to give me hope… I’ll give you my hope now, okay?”

Fu Shiting listened to his sister’s crying, and his mood was very complicated, he didn’t expect Wei Zhen would be abused like this.

Even if he had no relationship with Wei Zhen, he would be unbearable to see him like this, not to mention Wei Zhen’s significance to Qin An’an was extraordinary.

I don’t know how sad Qin Anan was when he saw Wei Zhen’s appearance.

He suddenly remembered the scene at the airport, if because of his retention, she couldn’t come to country B in time, causing Wei Zhen’s death, she would definitely hate him!

Fortunately, she insisted on her choice and did not cause such serious consequences.

As far as he is concerned, he would rather be owed by her than owe her any more.

It’s just that she is in the devil’s cave now, how can she ensure safety?

Will she end up worse than Wei Zhen?

Can their children… survive in such a dangerous situation?

The veins on his forehead jumped, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Yinyin, stop crying. He needs to rest now.” Fu Shiting held Yinyin’s wrist and pulled her out of the ward.

Now we have to settle the two children and Yinyin, and then find a way to save Qin Anan.

“Xiaohan, take your sister and Yinyin home. Remember, stay at home and don’t run around.” Mike explained to Xiaohan, “You must bring bodyguards when you go out.”

Xiaohan nodded.

“Are they going back to your house or Qin An’an’s house?” Fu Shiting asked Mike after they left.

“Qin An’an’s house. Have you forgotten that she is the boss of AN Technology?” Mike lifted his heavy eyelids and said a little tiredly, “I already know who took her.”

“Who?” Rarely did Mike show a frustrated expression.

“This person is called Silver King. B country is rich in N generation, and his ancestors are very, very rich… After spending so many generations, he is still very rich now.” Mike said melancholy, “This person is very good. Lust. You said he Would you like Qin An’an?”

Fu Shiting: “…”

“I didn’t sleep last night, so I thought about it,” Mike frowned, “That guy is not short of money, so we use money to redeem people It’s impossible. Besides, we don’t need to give him money. He injured Wei Zhen like this and detained Qin Anan illegally. How can we give him money? I just want to shoot him in the head!”

Fu Shiting Yingmei frowned and disagreed: “If you insist, it may hurt An An. If money can solve the problem, I can give him money.”

“I know you have money, but you don’t have to give money to others! What he wants is Qin An’an!” Mike sneered.

“Qin An’an is mine.” Fu Shiting got into the car and told Mike his plan, “The first plan is to let the politicians of country B come forward and force the King of Silver to release him. The second plan is to use violence to control violence.”

“Hehe, as expected of you.” Mike sat in the driver’s seat, “I’m going to negotiate with people in the political world today! I have their black material in my hands. If they don’t come forward to put pressure on the Silver King, I will make them become The world’s laughing stock!”

Fu Shiting scoffed at his usual tricks.

“It’s enough for you to negotiate alone.” Fu Shiting asked him to get out of the car, “Give me the car, and I’ll plan the second plan.”

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