When His Eyes Opened Chapter 541 -550(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 541 -550(Chinese)

Chapter 541

Mike: “Hey, who are you looking for? This is country B, are you familiar with it?”

Fu Shiting: “Money can make a ghost run the mill, this sentence is universal all over the world. As long as I am willing to Spending money, many people work for me!”

Mike saw that he was dragging him to the sky, but was frightened by his aura, so he obediently got out of the driver’s seat.

But Mike didn’t forget to taunt him: “At the airport that day, Qin Anan ignored you. Did you cry? You must be crying? I should have filmed that scene…”

“Go away!” Fu Shiting was cold Glancing at him, he slammed the door shut!

white villa.

After Qin Anan got up, he got Wei Zhen’s condition report.

Wei Zhen’s injuries all over his body add up to several pages.

Qin Anan looked at it for a while before finishing it.

“Miss Qin, people are not dead. It’s good to keep them for a while.” The woman in charge of monitoring Qin An’an stood by and said sarcastic words.

Wei Zhen was indeed out of danger, but his body was useless.

Many injuries are irreversible.

Such as the amputated finger, which can no longer be reattached.

For example, his eyesight will definitely be affected.

There are also many injuries, which will leave ugly scars.

Qin Anan wanted to cry but couldn’t, her tears seemed to dry up.

“Miss Qin, I advise you not to always have a bitter and hated expression. Men don’t like to see it. If you want to stand here, you have to learn to look at the face of the silver king.”

Qin Anan seemed to have heard a joke.

“Stand on? Who said I’m going to stand here?” Qin Anan got up from his chair angrily, “Take me to see him!”

She wants to see, what kind of disease does the person Silver King asks her to treat? !

If she can be cured, she must be cured as soon as possible, and then leave this ghost place!

The woman smiled and led the way.

The villa was built like a labyrinth. Qin An’an turned a few corners behind the woman and was a little dizzy.

“It’s here.” The woman stood outside a door and said to Qin An’an, “The Silver King is inside.”

Qin An’an strode into the room. The room was decorated in gold and magnificent.

“Miss Qin, how was your rest last night?” Yin Wang walked up to her with a smile and looked at her with the same eyes as he was looking at commodities.

“Who do you want me to treat? Take me to see the patient!” Qin Anan looked at him with cold eyes, “Agree in advance, if I help you cure this person, you must send me away immediately. This way!”

Silver King said cheerfully: “Of course. If you can cure her, I will not only let you go, but I will also give you a generous reward!”

Silver King said, taking her to see the patient.

The two walked to a room, and the silver king opened the door, and a coldness came out of the room.

Qin Anan doesn’t feel right!

When she saw the ‘patient’ in the room, she screamed hysterically!

In the huge room, there was an ice coffin.

In the ice coffin, lay a beautiful woman.

But this woman… is dead!

Chapter 542

Chapter 542

Qin Anan is chilled!

She felt like she was being tricked!

Even if Hua Tuo was alive, she couldn’t save a dead person!

“Miss Qin, this is my most beloved daughter, and she is the most beautiful woman in the world.” The voice of the silver king sounded in Qin An’an’s ear, with a bit of irony and madness, “Can you cure her? If you can cure her, I will give you anything!”

Qin Anan’s eyes were red, and he pushed his body away: “You lunatic! She is dead, how do you want me to cure it?! I can only cure living people. , I never said that my medical skills are so good that I can bring the dead back to life!”

“Someone told me that you were Hu Qing’s closed disciple, that your medical skills were better than Hu Qing! Why can’t you cure people?! You If you don’t try, how do you know you can’t do it?!” King Yin grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let her go, “Miss Qin, where do you want to go? This is your future home!

” Fall into the ice cave!

She suddenly realized that it was not the dead person in the ice coffin that needed to be cured, but the living person in front of her!

He is not normal at all!

She is now in his hands, either to bring his daughter back to life or to die in his hands.

The former is absolutely impossible. Even if she loses her life, she will not be able to save his daughter.

So, what’s waiting for her is death?

She was not reconciled…

“You let me go! I can give you as much money as you want… I beg you! Let me go!” Qin Anan was afraid, tears welling up in her eyes.

She thought her tears had dried up in the morning, but she was wrong because the stimulation wasn’t enough.

Now she is sure that she can’t get out of here smoothly, and despair is shrouded in it!

All her sanity flew away, and she used all her strength to break free from his shackles.

But after all, there is a huge difference in physical strength between men and women. She was quickly exhausted and was pushed down and slumped on the ground.

“I’m very disappointed that you can’t save my daughter,” the silver king squatted down with a look of pity, and then showed kindness to her, “as long as you stay by my side in the future and serve me with all your heart, I don’t need to kill you. “

You’re dreaming!” Qin Anan’s eyes were like poison, and he looked at him word for word and said, “I can’t be in the company of a deranged person like you!”

“Haha, Miss Qin, aren’t you afraid of death?” King Yin stretched out his hand to squeeze her chin, with a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth, “Aren’t you really afraid of death? Think about it before answering.”

Qin Anan looked disgusted and lifted his hand: “If I’m afraid If I die, I won’t come here. Don’t mention one Wei Zhen, if you arrest ten Wei Zhen, it’s not as important as my own life.”

“Oh… also. Miss Qin, I know geniuses in many fields. Most of them are like this. Such people often look down on me, a laity who only has money. You see, you also look down on me.”

“I look down on you because you think you can do whatever you want with money!” Qin Anan held the cabinet next to him , stood up slowly, “You are restricting my personal freedom now, you have broken the law!”

“Hahaha! This is country B, are you talking about the law with me?” Yin Wang’s laughter was unbridled, “Miss Qin, I I really want to keep you by my side, don’t force me to do something to you. After all, although I am cruel, I don’t kill children.”

Silver King said, his dangerous gaze moved to her slightly bulging abdomen.

She felt like she was being put on the oven, and she was sweating instantly!

“I hope you don’t let me make an exception!” The smile on Yin Wang’s face gradually faded away, “Old rules, I’ll give you 24 hours.”

She didn’t know how she walked back to the room.

How did she forget the baby in her womb?

She is not afraid of death, but the baby in her womb will be four months old soon!

He is already a living life, how could she ignore his life and death?

Silver King returned to the living room, and the assistant lit him a cigar and handed it to him.

“Boss, Congressman He just called and said that he has something to call you. You must call him back.” The assistant took his mobile phone and asked, “Do you want to call back now?”

“Yes.” Yin Wang Mi Focusing on smoking a cigarette, he exhaled a thick ring of smoke.

After the call was made, Yin Wang took the mobile phone in his hand.

“I heard that you arrested a woman named Qin An’an, is that true?”

“Why did such a trivial matter alarm you?” Yin Wang narrowed his eyes and smiled perfunctoryly, “She is just a doctor… ..”

“I have read her profile! She is the boss of AN Technology, and the boss of the Qin Group in Country A! Who is not good for you to arrest, you arrest her? She is from Country A…”

Chapter 543

Chapter 543

“This is country B, and the laws of country A can’t control me.” Silver King continued to laugh.

“Having said that, but now someone is using our scandal to threaten us to protect her! You quickly let her go!”

“No.” Yin Wang said firmly, “I want her to continue my life. She is a medical genius , she must be able to come up with a way to prolong her life!”

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure.” Silver King said.

“Then don’t touch her for now… Be sure to keep her alive.” Senator He said, “I’ll deal with it here. You’d better let this woman stay by your side voluntarily, so that the story will not fall into place. !”

“Got it!” The smile on Yin Wang’s face turned cold.

Let Qin Anan stay voluntarily?

Is there any way to get her to stay voluntarily?

In the afternoon, Mike found Fu Shiting in a mysterious and special bodyguard company.

Mike did not expect that Fu Shiting not only has a strong network, but also has a superb execution ability.

The current residence of the Silver King is on a high mountain.

Now, they have made a detailed geographical sand table and a rough battle plan in the command room!

“Fu Shiting, you have two fucking brushes! As far as I know, this bodyguard company is not open to ordinary people.” Mike took Fu Shiting aside and chatted secretly.

“Am I an ordinary person?” Fu Shiting looked solemn.

“No… I mean, this bodyguard company is not open to ordinary rich people!” Mike said vividly, “The boss behind this bodyguard company is the former chief of staff… The people in this bodyguard company are actually bodyguards, but they are actually professional killers…”

“In your eyes, I’m an ordinary rich man?” Fu Shiting’s eyes showed obvious doubts, “Who is an extraordinary rich man? Give me a reference.”

Mike: “…… …..”


When it comes to serious business, he actually showed it off!

“I said that as long as I have enough money, someone will work for me.” A dark light flashed in his eyes, “I must rescue Qin Anan before dawn tomorrow!”

Mike: “If you use firepower, you must Make sure you don’t hurt her!”

“I’ll go there myself!” He said firmly, his eyes calm and composed.

After speaking, he strode back to the command room.

Mike’s impression of him changed a little.

He saved her regardless of the cost and risk of his life, what is not love?

eight pm.

Fu Shiting stood on the balcony and smoked.

Since arriving in country B this morning, his nerves haven’t been relaxed for a second, and he can’t help thinking of Qin An’an.

Thinking that she might be threatened and bullied, his heart was like being stabbed again and again!

The phone rang suddenly.

He took out his phone and saw a video invitation.

He held his breath and clicked the accept button –

Qin An’an’s face suddenly came into view without warning!

Along with it came her exclamation: “Let go of me! You beast!”

His breath stagnated, and the smoke between his fingers suddenly fell!

He saw a silver-haired man pounce on Qin An’an, forcibly taking off her clothes!

Chapter 544

Chapter 544

“Qin An’an!” He roared out her name piercingly!

His face as cold as a blade was dyed with a terrifying murderous aura!

He wants to save her!

But they found that they were so close and so far apart!

He could hear her solemn breathing and see the fear magnified in her eyes, but he couldn’t do anything!

The blood in the body boiled instantly, and he was going to slash the man who bullied her with a thousand swords! Eviscerate and feed the dog!

On the other side of the video, Qin Anan was stunned.

It was Fu Shiting’s voice!

Her body couldn’t stop chilling!

She didn’t expect that Yin Wang secretly made a video for Fu Shiting!

“Shiting! Don’t look!” Tears of humiliation overflowed in her eyes, “Please! Don’t look!”

Fu Shiting looked at her helpless and sad, her heart seemed to be crushed!

His fingers clenched the phone tightly, bloodthirsty hatred in his eyes!

“I’ll save you right away! An’an, I’ll save you now!” The moment he spoke, tears rolled down silently and slid to the corners of his mouth.

Tears are bitter!

He had never tasted such pain.

Watching the woman you love the most, being abused by other men!

It hurts more than killing him!

He clutched the phone tightly and rushed into the room!

Mike heard the movement, strode out, and collided with him!

“What’s wrong?!” Mike endured the pain of being hit, seeing his scarlet eyes with tears in his eyes, and immediately realized that something was wrong!

At this time, Qin Anan’s exclamations kept coming from the mobile phone: “Turn off the video! I beg you…shut it down!”

Mike raised his arm holding the mobile phone and saw Qin Anan shocked. The unbearable picture of being pressed under the body!

Mike gritted his teeth and said in a trembling voice, “Qin An’an…remember what I told you! We’ll save you! But not now!” After he finished speaking, he heartlessly hung up the video.

“Go save her now! I said go save now!” Fu Shiting was annoyed by Mike’s words, his voice trembling with anger, “I can’t wait any longer! Go now!”

“Fuck you sober! Now What are you going to do?! A blast of bombing! Kill all those grandchildren, even Qin An’an?!” Mike’s eyes were red, and he scolded, “I don’t care who she is now, I just want her to live. !”


Fu Shiting slammed his fist into Mike’s face!

Mike licked the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then punched him back!

The two fought fiercely on the balcony!

“Grass mud horse! There are more than a dozen backup power systems on that mountain! Don’t destroy their circuits, just go up like this, are you going to kill the enemy, or are you going to see how they kill Qin An’an?! “

Mike scolded and chattered!

He had been completely suppressed by Fu Shiting and had no chance to resist.

Crazy man, physical strength is savage and terrible!

But his mouth couldn’t stop: “You wake me up a bit! Qin Anan’s life is more important, or chastity and cleanliness is more important?!”

Fu Shiting’s arm around his neck loosened a little.

Mike underestimated him!

Does he care about Qin An’an’s chastity? !

What he cares about is Qin An’an’s trampled self-esteem!

What a strong person she is, and now she is being forcibly bullied and humiliated like this, it will be a shadow for her for a lifetime!

As long as he thought that this incident would affect her for the rest of his life, he couldn’t calm down!

Chapter 545

Chapter 545

“I made an agreement with her on the plane that as long as there is a power outage on her side, it is the signal for us to rescue her. She will find a corner to hide in the chaos, and when we go in and kill all the enemies, we will be able to rescue her! “

If you don’t destroy their electrical system and mess up their internals, they will definitely take her as a hostage and threaten us!”

in the villa.

After the video hung up, Qin An’an’s voice also disappeared.

After she didn’t struggle or cry, the silver king’s interest waned instead.

The reason why he did this was to make her his own.

Only by making her his woman will she stay voluntarily!

The reason why he videotaped Fu Shiting was because he found out that her man was Fu Shiting.

Let Fu Shiting see her being humiliated, and Fu Shiting will definitely not want her.

“Why don’t you scream? You don’t really think that man will come to save you, do you?” The Silver King smiled and patted her cold face, “Do you know how much is hidden in this forest below my villa? Soldiers? No one can enter my villa without my permission!”

“How long has your daughter been dead?” Qin Anan looked at him coldly and threw the question.

In her mind, Fu Shiting’s voice lingered all the time.

Although she didn’t see his appearance in the video, she heard his choked cry.

She had planned to die after being insulted.

But now, she has changed her mind.

King Yin didn’t expect her to ask this question. After thinking about it, he replied, “Thirteen years counting this year.”

“I can save her.” She looked at him calmly, and said these words that shocked the world, “I have an exclusive remedy, maybe I can try it. I can’t guarantee 100% success, but the chances are very high. “

Yin Wang felt that she was lying, and her face became surprised and angry: “You didn’t say that in the morning!”

“What are you afraid of? Even if Fu Shiting came, wouldn’t it be death?! Is it a big talk?” She provoked him with aggressive tactics, “If I can’t save your daughter, I will stay by your side for the rest of my life!”

King Yin didn’t expect her to speak so loudly.

He got up from her in a hurry, but looked at her body with malicious eyes: “Your figure is really not to my taste! If you can’t save my daughter, I will throw you to my men. Those rude people! They will definitely let you taste the consequences of lying to me!”

Qin Anan closed the open front of her clothes with both hands, holding back her tears, said coldly, “Now go and thaw your daughter!

” power off.

The refrigerator stops working.

“It’s too slow to thaw! Do you want a dryer?!” Silver King stood beside the ice coffin and spoke impatiently.

Qin Anan sat beside the ice coffin with cold eyes: “No! It must be thawed naturally. Otherwise, the corpse will rot immediately!”

King Yin gritted his teeth and stared anxiously.

“If you can’t revive my daughter immediately after it’s thawed, you’ll just wait to be spoiled by those rude people!”

Qin Anan’s eyes were scarlet, and her body was shivering from the ultra-low temperature air emanating from the ice coffin.

She was a little suspicious that before the female corpse in the ice coffin was thawed, she might freeze to death here first.

God, it’s about to light up.

Fu Shiting lost the opportunity to act early this morning.

According to the plan, it is better to attack at night, whether it is the winning rate or the safety consideration for Qin An’an.

Mike promised him last night that he could break all the electrical systems in the villa before midnight!

But Mike broke his promise!

Fu Shiting took out a pistol and put it on Mike’s temple: “If Qin Anan has any problems! You can bury her with her!”

“Come on! You fucking kill me now and bury her with her!” I didn’t close my eyes, and now my emotions are on the verge of collapse.

Fu Shiting looked at the tears in his pale blue eyes, and the fingers holding the gun suddenly loosened.

“What are you crying for? Do you think Qin An’an is dead?” His hoarse voice contained doubts that he was not sure about.

Chapter 546

Chapter 546

Mike covered his face with his hands, collapsed and cried, “I’m so sorry! Why did I say such cruel things to her last night!”

Fu Shiting remembered what happened last night, his eyes could not help sour.

“She was so scared and helpless at the time. Even if I couldn’t save her immediately, I shouldn’t have said it! She must have been even more desperate after listening to me…” Mike felt so guilty that he couldn’t control his emotions.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he said hoarsely, “Don’t cry! Is it almost finished?”

Mike wiped his tears with both hands, and glanced at the progress on the computer screen: “Come on… Absolutely before noon tonight. It can be done. My head hurts, if Qin Anan is really gone, what should I do? “

Fu Shiting didn’t dare to make this assumption at all.

“Why don’t you go home and take a shower first!” Mike looked at the cyan stubble coming out of his chin and thought that he might be in more pain than himself.

Because Qin Anan still has his child in his belly.

He stood there, lost in thought, as if he hadn’t heard Mike’s words.

“Go back and see the two children, and Yin Yin.” Mike raised his voice.

Only then did he react: “Yeah.”

When he walked to the door, Mike couldn’t help sighing: “Do you want to go back with a gun? Fu Shiting, Qin An’an is definitely not dead! She is so strong that she didn’t see the silver king with her own eyes. The old thing died suddenly, she will not die!”

Then Fu Shiting put the gun in his hand on the table and strode out.

Qin An’an’s villa in country B is located in the wealthy area of ​​the city center.

Qin An’an bought the house here, not to show how rich he is, but because of the good security here.

Fu Shiting was stuck at the gate of the community. He called Mike, and Mike called Xiaohan.

After a quarter of an hour, Xiaohan took Rila and came to pick him up at the door.

Fu Shiting had mixed emotions in his heart, if Qin An’an was really gone… What should we do with these two children?

Of course he will raise them, but without Qin An’an, these two children don’t need him.

“Brother, he looks so sad!” Rila looked at Fu Shiting from a distance and whispered to her brother.

Xiaohan’s heart was beating violently, Fu Shiting looked like this, could it be because something happened to his mother?

In the hospital yesterday, Xiaohan and Rila didn’t see Wei Zhen’s tragic condition, but after Yinyin came back, they described Wei Zhen’s situation in detail.

Xiaohan had a nightmare last night, he dreamed that his mother died.

As a result, Rila also had such a dream, and the brother and sister cried together at night.

After Xiaohan let Fu Shiting into the community, Rila raised her head and asked him, crying, “Where’s my mother? Didn’t you go to save my mother? Why hasn’t she come back yet?”

Fu Shiting didn’t know how to answer Rila’s question. question.

Xiao Han couldn’t stand the silence, so he suppressed and said, “Is something wrong with my mother?”

“No. She’s fine. I’ll come back to see you and take a bath. I’ll pick her up at night.” He bent down and placed Rui La hugged him, “Xiaohan, you lead the way ahead.”

Xiaohan pursed his thin lips and walked in front.

His barbs are temporarily put away, and now he needs to rely on Fu Shiting to save his mother.

Arriving at the villa, Osamu opened the door.

Fu Shiting put Rila down and went to the door to change his shoes.

Aunt Hong, the nanny who came together, saw Fu Shiting and greeted him respectfully.

“Where’s Yin Yin?” Fu Shiting changed his shoes and asked.

“Yinyin went to the hospital to see Wei Zhen.” Aunt Hong said, “I asked the bodyguard to take her there. I take care of two children at home.”

Fu Shiting nodded.

Chapter 547

Chapter 547

“You haven’t eaten yet? I’ll make lunch now.” Aunt Hong said, striding towards the kitchen.

Fu Shiting took a look at the house, the decoration style was minimalist, and the layout was unobstructed.

Rila thought he was looking for a room, so she ran to the guest room quickly and showed him the way: “You sleep in this room!”

Fu Shiting responded, but his eyes were attracted by the photo frame on the cabinet.

In the photo frame are Zhang Yun and Qin An’an, a family portrait photo taken together with a baby sitting together.

He walked to the cabinet, picked up the photo frame, and looked at it carefully.

The words ‘We are one year old’ are written in the lower right corner of the photo.

Therefore, the two children in the photo should be taken at the age of one.

The two one-year-old babies, one in a handsome little suit, the other in a white princess dress with a decorative crown on their heads… Obviously, a boy and a girl.

So, this is Osamu and Rila?

“Come here quickly!” Rila stood at the door of the guest room and shouted to Fu Shiting, “Come and see the bed I made for you!”

Fu Shiting immediately put down the photo and strode towards Rila.

The guest room is on the first floor. This room faces south, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows on the whole side. You can see the outside scenery during the day.

It was only then that he noticed that the sky was overcast for some time.

“Look at this pink bunny pillow, do you like it? My mother bought it for me. There are two in total. My brother doesn’t like it, so I’ll use it for you!” Rila took the bunny-shaped pillow, Show off to Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting felt the child’s heart, and smiled: “Thank you, Rila.”

Rila’s face was flushed, and she didn’t know why. Today, when her father hugged her, she naturally did not resist, and she enjoyed being held high by him. a feeling of.

“I’m going to take a shower first.” Fu Shiting’s face turned red when she saw it.

“Oh…you go!” Rila was lying on the bedside, staring at him, “Why are you crying? Did you miss my mother?”

“Well.” Fu Shiting opened the luggage box, take out daily necessities and clean clothes from it.

“Didn’t you say to pick up my mother at night?” Rila wondered, “It will be night soon! You have to be strong!”

“Okay.” Fu Shiting turned his back to her, so he didn’t need to hide the expression on his face. pain.

white villa.

Qin Anan asked the attendant in the villa to ask for a thick robe to put it on, and then slept on the couch next to her.

It was probably because the temperature on the mountain was low, and after a night of power outages, the bodies in the ice coffin were still not completely thawed.

After dawn, she started to work, and she made a list of medicines and asked them to hand it over to the silver king.

The silver king came to her with the medicine list: “What are these medicines used for?!”

“I wonder if you have heard of the resurrection technique in country A? These medicines will be prepared according to the proportion, simmered, and then cooled down. Make it for your daughter.” Qin Anan said without blushing or panting, “But these herbs are very precious in country A, and they may not be available immediately if you have money.”

“Of course I haven’t heard of it! It’s really useful, I can get even the most precious medicinal herbs!” Silver King said, and immediately ordered someone to buy it.

Qin Anan turned around and coughed violently.

After the silver king glanced at her, he strode away.

She caught a cold last night and had a low-grade fever. For the sake of the child in her belly, she struggled without taking medicine.

She glanced at the sky outside, and at most it could only be delayed until tonight.

If they don’t come to rescue her tonight, she will never live tomorrow.

Because after the corpse is thawed, it will soon begin to rot, and the resurrection technique in this world is just her words of delay.

She was betting her life that Fu Shiting would come to save her.

Chapter 548

Chapter 548

Time goes by minute by minute, and the sky outside looks dark.

It rained suddenly outside the window. The rain was not heavy, but it was enough to disturb the mind.

“Miss Qin, the potion has cooled.” A voice came.

Qin Anan came back to her senses. She walked to the wooden barrel and reached out to test the temperature in the potion.

“Put the body in there!” she said.

“Oh… just put it in like this, won’t it rot?” Silver King’s assistant questioned, “Miss Qin, can you really bring the dead back to life?”

Qin Anan looked at him coldly: “Are you questioning me?”

“I’m just curious.”

Qin Anan said sternly: “This is a secret potion, and the corpse will not rot.” The

assistant saw her seriousness, so she didn’t question it any more.

Several bodyguards carried the female corpse and put it into a wooden barrel.

Qin Anan saw varying degrees of panic on their faces. No one would appreciate the beauty of a female corpse more than ten years ago, no matter how beautiful it was.

The dead are not scary, what is scary is the fear of the unknown.

“Miss Qin, what are you going to do next?” the assistant asked.

“Wait.” Qin Anan stood by the wooden barrel and said the word calmly.

The assistant looked surprised: “Wait for what?”

“Wait for her to come alive.” Qin Anan was really scared after saying this, so he looked out the window and muttered, “Don’t you think the room is a little dark? Turn on the lights!” The

assistant felt that she was a little rambling, but she still gave the bodyguard a look next to her.

The bodyguard went to turn on the light and pressed the switch, but the chandelier on the ceiling did not turn on as expected.

Qin Anan watched this scene, and the fire of hope ignited in her heart.

“What’s the matter?” The assistant walked to the switch and pressed the switch again, but the chandelier still didn’t respond.

“You guys are guarding here! I’ll go to the electricity room to see!” The assistant said sharply and strode away.

At this time, the lamp above the silver king’s head also went out.

He was entertaining guests in the VIP room. The lights in the VIP room were always on, but just now, the lights went out!

Because night fell, after the lights went out, the vision was particularly dim.

He thought it was the light that was out of order, but the assistant hurried over and told him that there was a power outage!

He thought he had heard it wrong, since he was born, he has never experienced a power outage!

Because there are numerous backup power systems in the villa.

“Boss, the technician is overhauling, and it should be powered on soon.” The assistant said to the silver king.

The guests saw the power outage at his house and left in a hurry.

The sky seemed to get dark in an instant, there was no electricity, and the villa was cast in a gloomy atmosphere.

“Where’s Qin An’an?!” An ominous premonition rose in King Yin’s heart.

“Upstairs, I asked the bodyguards to guard her!” The assistant followed Yin Wang. “The circuit of the villa was damaged by the intrusion. It must have been done by Qin An’an. I doubt that they will do something tonight.”

Yin Wang guessed it.

The most critical problem now is that without electricity, he feels like he has become blind.

He yelled angrily: “Where’s the emergency light?!” The assistant

turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone: “The emergency system was also damaged. The technician said it would be repaired as soon as possible.”

?!” The silver king was extremely angry.

The assistant said nervously: “Well. Even if they destroy our circuit, Qin Anan is in our hands, we don’t have to be afraid!”

Soon, a group of people came to the second floor.

“Qin An’an! Is your man coming to rescue you tonight?” Yin Wang teased and took out a pistol, “Guess you can get out of here alive?!” What

responded to him was endless silence.

Chapter 549

Chapter 549

“Qin An’an, where is Qin An’an?!” The silver king roared, “You stupid pigs! Don’t you bring her to me?!” The

bodyguards and assistants started looking for Qin An’an.

She was standing beside the wooden barrel and didn’t move, why did she suddenly disappear?

The flashlight in the assistant’s hand illuminated the female corpse soaked in the wooden barrel, and the mobile phone in his hand fell to the ground with a ‘bang’!

“Ghost! Hell!”

There were bloodstains on the corners of the female corpse’s eyes and mouth.

It seems that the corpse has changed, which is especially scary!

The assistant was frightened and ran away!

The bodyguards holding flashlights also shone flashlights on the female corpse’s face.

Although everyone did not scream, but their bodies were honest and started to flee.

“Boss! There are a lot of helicopters outside!” After the assistant fled to the first floor, he found that the outside was more terrifying than hell!

Silver King gritted his teeth, raised his pistol, pointed the female corpse’s head, and pulled the trigger.

I saw ‘bang bang’ shot several times in a row, and several holes appeared in the head of the female corpse!

This is no longer his favorite daughter, his daughter is the most charming woman in the world, not a scary ghost!

The silver king seemed to think that was not enough. He raised his gun and fired a few shots into the medicine barrel.

“Go to hell!”

“Boss, let’s go! There’s already a fight outside!” The assistant took the silver king’s arm and persuaded, “They seem to have hired the YK bodyguard company, and it’s too late for us to ask for support now! Get up, we will die!” When

Yin Wang heard YK’s bodyguard company, he immediately took out his mobile phone, “I’ll pay double the price! How can Fu Shiting have more money than I?!”

After speaking, he called YK’s bodyguard. The phone number of the person in charge of the company.

“Silver King, it’s useless for you to pay ten times the price. It’s not that I don’t like your money, it’s that you got into a lot of trouble this time! A hacker organization has dug up all the dirty things you’ve done over the years! There are too many people involved. If you don’t die, these scandals will be exposed. You can either die now or escape to a place where no one can find you, and then we will announce your accidental death.

” hang up.

Silver King’s face turned pale, he didn’t want to die, he still had so much money to spend!

“Withdraw!” He gritted his teeth and quickly fled towards the back door!

There was a private tarmac at the back door, with his private jet parked, and he had to get out of here immediately.

Ten minutes later, the villa’s power supply system returned to normal.

Darkness passes, light returns.

“Qin An’an!” Fu Shiting hissed and shouted her name.

With his scarlet eyes, his heart beat faster and faster as he looked at the messy and dead servants on the ground!

On the second floor, he was attracted by the female corpse in the wooden barrel.

The bloodstains and holes on the female corpse’s face made him take a deep breath!

Then, he saw the scarlet water in the bucket…and Qin Anan soaked in blood!

She leaned against the female corpse, her face pale, but her arms were dripping with blood!

She was shot!

“Qin An’an!” Fu Shiting’s eyes were hot, he strode over and took her out of the barrel, “An’an! Don’t sleep! I’ll take you to the hospital right away! You’ll be fine! You can’t be!”

Her The body is as cold as a piece of ice!

He couldn’t feel her vitality at all.

After getting on the helicopter, the accompanying doctor immediately stopped the bleeding from the wound on her arm.

Then he stretched out his fingers and put them under her nose.

The doctor’s behavior deeply stimulated Fu Shiting.

“She’s still alive, she’s definitely still alive! She can’t die, she can’t!” he growled.

The doctor withdrew his hand and looked at Fu Shiting with a look of regret: “Mr. Fu, she doesn’t seem to be breathing.”

Chapter 550

Chapter 550

Fu Shiting’s eyes are instantly murderous!

The doctor quickly changed his words: “I didn’t mean she died. She may also be in temporary shock caused by excessive blood loss. Cough, shock!”

Fu Shiting’s eyelashes trembled, he took a deep breath, and hugged the woman in his arms tightly. Rub her into his body.

A moment later, the helicopter landed in a hospital, and Qin Anan was pushed into the emergency room for rescue.

Fu Shiting stood outside the emergency room door, and the pause button was pressed for the entire portrait.

His body, his heart seemed to be hollowed out!

If Qin Anan has any mistakes, what should he do?

The phone rang, interrupting his painful thoughts.

He took out his phone and mechanically pressed the answer button.

“What happened to Qin An’an?! I’ve already dealt with the Silver King!” Mike said proudly, “This old man! I knew he would escape through the back door… I caught him as soon as he came out. It’s over!”

Fu Shiting rolled his Adam’s apple and said hoarsely: “She was shot in the arm, and she is now resuscitating.”

“Which hospital are you in?! I’ll rush over now!” Mike paused and asked, “Did you find it? When she was, was she awake?”

Fu Shiting didn’t know how to answer this question for a while.

“You talk!” Mike roared, “Fu Shiting, you fucking talk!”

“She must be alive,” he said.

Mike understands.

Qin Anan is either dead or dying now.

“Mike, you go home first.” Fu Shiting clenched his fingers tightly, and the only reason he had left him calmly said, “The children are still waiting at home. Go back and explain to them.”

“Explain, how to explain? Tell them, is your mother dead?” Mike sneered coldly, “Why don’t you do this kind of thing?!”

“She’s not dead!” Fu Shiting’s remaining rationality disappeared. At the end, “I said she’s not dead! She can’t be dead!”

I don’t know how long it took, the door of the emergency room was pushed open.

A doctor came out in a hurry.

“Sir, are you a family member of the patient?”

Fu Shiting strode forward: “Yes! I am!”

“Is the patient pregnant? Her abdomen is slightly bulging…” the doctor asked.

“Yes! The child is almost four months old!” The

doctor: “Okay, the current situation is…”

Fu Shiting couldn’t help interrupting the doctor: “Is she still alive?! Tell me, she She’s still alive!”

“Sir, she’s still alive,” the doctor said. “When she was first delivered, her breathing was weak. After our rescue, her breathing is gradually normal now. But now she has a high fever and has lost a lot of blood. , we must give her a fever now, and then take the bullet out of her body.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were wet, and he murmured, “I knew she was still alive…”

“Sir, what is your relationship with the patient? Can you contact her husband?” The doctor said, “Because she is pregnant, we dare not give her any medication without authorization. Any medication may affect the child in her belly.”

Fu Shiting was startled, then said: ” Treat her first. Use whatever medicine you need, her health is the most important thing.”

“Oh, are you her husband?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes were scarlet: “I am the child’s father.” The

doctor’s question was actually Just asking about the big and the small.

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