When His Eyes Opened Chapter 551 -560(Chinese)

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 551 -560(Chinese)

Chapter 551

Of course he chose Qin An’an, and he didn’t want to give up the child, but he had no other choice.

Their child is about to be four months old. If there is no accident, the next obstetric examination will be able to see the clear face of the child!

“Okay, sir, please this risk.” The doctor took a list and handed it to him, “Does the patient need to be injected with anesthesia for the ammunition removal operation? Anesthesia may have a greater impact on the fetus, if you want If we keep this child, we don’t need to inject anesthesia into the patient.”

“Wouldn’t that be very painful?!” Of course Fu Shiting wanted to keep the child, but Qin An’an would definitely die of pain when he thought about the operation without anesthesia!

“Yes, it will be very painful. But it will pass as soon as it is over.” The doctor said.

“She’s so weak now, I don’t want her to suffer any more.” Fu Shiting felt his heart tearing, and his breathing hurt, “Please give her an anesthetic.”

“Okay.” The doctor took the signature from him. Word of risk notice, turned around and entered the emergency room.

Fu Shiting quickly adjusted his mood. Although the child might have to be sacrificed, fortunately Qin Anan was fine.

If something happened to her, their child would not survive.

So the current situation, for him, is already a good result.

Country A.

Wang Wanzhi brought a newspaper to Shen Yu.

“The Silver King is dead.”

Shen Yu glanced at the newspaper with a cold face: “I received the news last night. What a pity… I thought he could kill Qin An’an!”

Wang Wanzhi was a little disappointed, “Fu Shiting is still strong, even the Silver King can be defeated by him.”

“That’s not the credit of Fu Shiting alone.” Shen Yu said casually, “But this time Fu Shiting bled heavily to save Qin An’an.”

“Oh?” Wang Wanzhi asked curiously, “How much did he spend?” “Let

‘s talk about 10 billion.” Shen Yu didn’t know the exact number, but she could guess, “He is really infatuated with Qin An’an! I had given up on him completely, but seeing how he went so far for a woman, I fell in love with him again.”

“Be awake! No matter how good he is, he is someone else’s man.” Wang Wanzhi’s mind shifted to Qin An’an On the body, “Is Qin An’an unharmed?”

“How is it possible? According to my friend, Fu Shiting has been in the hospital. If Qin An’an suffered a minor injury, he would not need to be hospitalized at all.” Shen Yu’s tone was indifferent, “I think her child must be It can’t be kept.”

“This one is gone, and there are two more. In the future, she can still be a mother and a child!” Wang Wanzhi’s teeth were itching with jealousy, “If only she could get rid of her two children.”

Shen Yu said nothing . Thinking of Wang Wanzhi’s thoughts being so vicious.

“Have you ever thought about doing this, once the matter is exposed, it will be death!” Shen Yu reminded her, “Let’s focus on making money now! Qin Anan can’t get up for the time being.”

… …

three days later.

Qin Anan woke up.

When she woke up, she looked at the unfamiliar surroundings, trying to remember what had happened.

But no matter how hard she tried, her mind was blank.

Until her eyes fell on the infusion tube, she instinctively reached out and pulled the infusion tube.

She remembered that she was pregnant and could not touch any medicine.

“An An, what are you doing?” Aunt Hong saw her waking up and immediately went to stop her behavior, “You are sick now and need an infusion. An An, don’t move, I’ll call the doctor!”

Aunt Hong immediately went to find Doctor, soon, the doctor will come.

“Miss Qin, you were shot in the arm and underwent surgery. Today is your fourth day in hospital.” The doctor explained patiently.

Her eyes were a little confused: “I’ve been hospitalized for four days? I still have surgery? What kind of medicine did you give me? I’m pregnant, so I can’t use it indiscriminately…” The

doctor: “Your husband agreed to give you the medicine. Of course, your child may have to be aborted.”

Chapter 552

Chapter 552

She was hit hard!

If it wasn’t for the injury on her arm, she would probably have just got up from the hospital bed.

“Mr. what? I’m not married! No one has the right to decide the life and death of my child!”

Because she was too emotional, the doctor quickly apologized: “Miss Qin, I’m sorry. Mr. Fu did not say it was your husband, he said he was the father of the child. “

Even if he is the child’s father, he doesn’t have this right!” Qin Anan lost control of his emotions, and tears fell.

Fu Shiting stayed in the ward all night last night, and this morning, Aunt Hong came to replace him and go back to rest.

He shouldn’t have disturbed his rest, but Qin An’an was like this, and Aunt Hong had to call him.

After Aunt Hong finished calling Fu Shiting, Mike pushed open the door of the ward and walked in.

“An An, you’re finally awake!” Mike walked to the hospital bed and sat down, taking a tissue to wipe her tears, “Don’t cry. I think the same way as Fu Shiting, you and the child, you must be more important. The child If you’re gone, you can ask for it again, but if you’re gone, there’s nothing left.”

Qin Anan pushed away his hand that wiped his tears away.

“I know that you are not only suffering physically, but also mentally. But Fu Shiting is right this time… He barely slept his eyes when he came to rescue you. Until he rescued you, doctor He finally breathed a sigh of relief that you were still alive.”

Because of this incident, Mike had a great change in Fu Shiting, so he couldn’t help speaking for him.

After Mike’s reminder, she remembered what happened a few days ago.

“It’s me…” she murmured, choked to the point that she couldn’t speak.

She killed Wei Zhen and made Fu Shiting and Mike work for her, and she was also sorry for the child in her belly.

It all happened because of her.

“An An, don’t blame yourself. This matter has nothing to do with you.” Mike held her cold little hand. “You just need to take good care of your body now. When you are discharged from the hospital, we will go back to Country A.”

She stared blankly. , the eyes are not focused.

I don’t know if I heard what Mike said.

“An An, shall I call the doctor to give you a new needle? You still have two bottles of medicine today.” Mike coaxed.

She shook her head and refused.

“Okay, when Fu Shiting comes, let’s talk.” Mike sat beside the hospital bed and accompanies her quietly.

After a while, Fu Shiting came.

“Ann, he’s here.” Mike reminded her aloud, then got up and walked out.

After the door of the ward was closed, Fu Shiting walked to the bedside.

Qin An’an looked at his haggard and familiar face, and tears rolled down.

“An An, don’t cry.” His fingers gently wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said hoarsely, “If you still want children, we can have another child. If you want a few, we will have a few.”

“I I want this in my stomach!” Qin Anan grabbed his big palm and squeezed it tightly while crying.

She wanted him to feel her heartache.

“He will be four months old soon! In two months, even if I give birth to him prematurely, he will still be able to live in the incubator! Fu Shiting, how can you be so cruel? My injury won’t die without medicine. , why did you make this decision for me and the child?”

Fu Shiting’s eyes moved slightly, and he blamed himself: “I’m sorry. I didn’t think carefully. I was afraid that you would hurt, so…”

“I hurt me . You can bear it, but the child is innocent!” She held back her tears and took a breath, “Mike said you saved me. How can I blame you?”

“I’m sorry. Maybe I really am not a qualified father. ‘ he said guiltily.

Presumably because the child has not yet been born, he did not fully treat the child as a living person.

Chapter 553

Chapter 553

She choked: “I’m going to be discharged from the hospital.”

He didn’t dare to stimulate her, and turned to go to the doctor.

“Miss Qin, it’s okay if you insist on being discharged from the hospital, but you have to do an examination first. If there is no major problem with the examination, I will give you a discharge order right away.”

Soon after a series of examinations were completed, the doctor gave her a discharge order . .

When she got home, she locked herself in her room.

Before leaving the hospital, she had a color Doppler ultrasound, which showed that her child was two weeks younger.

It means that after she came to country B, her child stopped developing, which is a very bad signal.

The doctor advised her to abort the baby, and she could not accept the result.

“Why don’t we find a psychiatrist for her!” Mike stood in the living room and discussed with Fu Shiting, “The doctor said that her depression is not entirely due to the child. I think the doctor is right. She suffered from the Silver King. Everything about her is enough to destroy her sanity.”

Fu Shiting looked in the direction of her room and said, “Let’s give her some time. I believe she can come out.”

“Okay! This child in her belly… ” If

she wants to give birth, then give birth.”

Mike frowned: “But what if the child is unhealthy? What if it’s a fool…”

Fu Shiting looked at Mike with red eyes: “It’s a fool So what?”

Mike pursed his lips and did not continue.

The door suddenly opened, and Qin Anan came out of the room.

Both of their eyes fell on her face.

“I want to see Big Brother Wei.” She lowered her eyes and her voice was cold.

Her body is still very weak, and although she can walk on her own, she seems to fall down at any time.

“I’ll take you there.” Fu Shiting walked quickly to her and supported her arm.

She pushed his arm away and looked up at him: “Fu Shiting, if our child is really a fool, I will not let him implicate you. I will bring him up by myself.”

Fu Shiting was stunned, just now he Talk to Mike, she heard?

He didn’t say that the child was a fool, so he didn’t want such words. Why did she use the word ‘implicated’?

Seeing that the atmosphere between the two of them froze, Mike immediately walked to Qin An’an: “An’an, I’ll take you to Big Brother Wei!”

Mike grabbed her hand and led her out.

On the way to the hospital, Mike secretly looked at her several times, but he hesitated.

“I heard what you two said in the living room.” She broke the silence.

“Oh, he didn’t say he didn’t want children…”

“I know.” She looked out the window with sour eyes, “When I first met Yin Yin, Yin Yin had no identity or friends, so Fu Shiting gave it to her. A fairy tale kingdom has been built, but there is only Yin Yin in it.”

Mike seemed to understand.

“He never revealed his relationship with Yinyin, nor did he want Yinyin to be known. He seems to love Yinyin very much, but I can’t see his respect for Yinyin as a ‘person’.” Qin Anan There was no turbulence in his tone, “If our child has a problem and we raise him, it will be the second Yin Yin.”

“An An, don’t be so pessimistic. Your child may not have a problem. Maybe it is very healthy! Mike comforted her, “Don’t be sad because of the problems that haven’t come yet.”

“If he thinks like you, he won’t let me kill the child.” She couldn’t forget his indifferent look.

Mike was shocked: “He asked you to abort the child?”

Chapter 554

Chapter 554

“When the doctor asked me to abort the child, he didn’t say a word. He didn’t say anything, which means that he acquiesced that the child can give up.” Qin Anan took a breath and said with difficulty, “He is the father of the child, he How can he be so indifferent to his own flesh and blood?” It

took a lot of effort for Mike to say, “Maybe he is just habitually obeying the doctor.”

“He never listens to the doctor. When he is sick, he wants to smoke. Just smoke, drink if you want. For a person like him, no one can make him obey unless he wants to.” Qin Anan’s eyelashes trembled, her voice hoarse, “He just doesn’t want our unhealthy child!”

“An An , you don’t have to think him so badly. Don’t dare to say anything else, he really has you in his heart.” Mike wanted to avoid the topic of children.

“I know,” she breathed, nasally, “if he doesn’t love me, he won’t come to save me.”

Mike responded.

“Mike, I love him too.” She choked out.

“I know, if you don’t love him, you won’t give birth to him at all.” Mike frowned, “Ann, what are you going to do? You don’t want to break up with him, do you?”

“I don’t want to break up with him . Break up, but I don’t want this unhealthy child to become his stain,” she said with warm eyes, “I can’t get rid of this already formed child. I can’t bear…I really can’t bear…. ..”

“Don’t think about it yet. No matter what you decide, I’ll always be on your side.” Mike handed the tissue box to her.

Moments later, the car drove into the hospital.

Mike took Qin Anan outside Wei Zhen’s ward.

Wei Zhen’s mother came out of the ward and looked at Qin An’an with a cold expression: “Qin An’an, I want to chat with you alone.”

Qin An’an followed Wei’s mother to the next corridor, and the two walked to a corner where no one was around. , stop.

The sunlight outside the window was a bit dazzling. Mother Wei glanced outside and retracted her gaze: “Qin An’an, my son is like this, thanks to you.”

“Auntie, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry for what? I only have this son, He has become like this now, do you know how uncomfortable I am?” Mother Wei said, tears falling down, “How much I liked you before, how much I hate you now. How dare you appear in front of us?”

” I want to apologize to you and my uncle, and I want to apologize to Big Brother Wei.”

“We don’t accept your apology!” Mother Wei pointed to the elevator, “You leave here immediately. Don’t let me see you again! Seeing you, I feel bad!”

Mike entered the ward and saw a beautiful bunch of sunflowers on the table, he asked, “Is this from Yin Yin?”

Wei Zhen woke up a few days ago , The spirit is also good, but the leg is broken, and I can’t get out of bed.

“Yeah. She sends a bunch of flowers every day. I really appreciate her.”

“Wei Zhen, you are in such a good mood. You can still thank others after suffering such a serious injury.” Mike sighed.

The red blood in Wei Zhen’s eyes still did not dissipate, but the light in his eyes was very bright: “The Silver King is dead, An An and I are still alive, we won.

” You are much worse.” Mike said, looking towards the door of the room, “I’m going to see why she hasn’t come yet.”

Mike walked outside the ward, but saw only Mother Wei.

“Auntie, where’s An An?”

Mother Wei replied coldly, “I don’t know. My son needs to rest. Don’t bring her here again.”

After Mother Wei finished speaking, she entered the ward and closed the door.

Mike suddenly realized that Wei Zhen didn’t blame Qin An’an, and it didn’t mean that Wei Zhen’s family didn’t blame her either.

She just woke up, her mood was unstable, and then she was stimulated by Wei Mu, how painful she must be!

Mike immediately rushed to the elevator. She had no mobile phone, no money, and was injured! Where will she go?

Chapter 555

Chapter 555

Coming out of the inpatient department, Mike searched all around, but couldn’t find her.

He desperately called Fu Shiting: “Fu Shiting! Come to the hospital quickly! Qin Anan is lost!”

Fu Shiting rushed out of the villa after hearing the words: “What’s going on?!”

“Wei Zhen’s mother asked her to chat alone.. ….I can be sure that my aunt must have said something serious to her!” Mike stood in the huge yard of the hospital and looked around, “It was my negligence! I was chatting with Wei Zhen in the ward, so I let her Lost !”

Fu Shiting frowned: “She shouldn’t be far! You are guarding at the entrance of the hospital now!” Qin


got off the elevator and walked blankly to the outpatient building in front.

There are many seats on the first floor. She was tired from walking, so she found an empty seat to sit down.

Surrounded by patients or their family members, a couple came to see a doctor with a sick child.

“I said I didn’t want this child, but you want it! Now it’s alright, I’ll go to the hospital every three days! Do you know that I’m very busy with work?! This is the last time I’ll accompany you to the hospital!” The man sat in the chair, Angrily blamed the wife holding the child.

“I don’t want my child to get sick either. What’s the use of you blaming me? This is your child too. If you don’t come with me next time, I won’t come either. Let her die!”

“Okay, then let her die. Come on! There is no need to treat it today!” After the man finished speaking, he pulled his legs and left!

The woman held the child and stood there crying.

In the end, the woman was so angry that she threw the child in the chair and left.

Qin Anan looked at the abandoned baby girl with a sour nose.

She got up from the chair and wanted to pick up the crying child.

“Don’t touch my child!” The cruel mother ran back.

Qin An’an was greatly touched when she watched her take the child away.

“Qin An’an!”

Not far away, someone shouted her name.

She looked towards the source of the sound and saw Fu Shiting running towards her anxiously.

He came to her and squeezed her arm tightly.

“Qin An’an, Wei Zhen’s injury was not caused by you. You don’t care what others say.”

“Well.” She looked at his sleep-deprived face, her eyes drooping slightly, “Let’s go.

” , he picked her up.

She stared blankly at his familiar face so close to her. Until now, she was sure that she loved this man deeply.

She didn’t want to see him trapped by the trivialities of life, she hoped that he would always be the shining god in front of that person!

He carried her into the car and patiently fastened her seat belt.

“Fu Shiting, when are you going to return to China?” She asked, looking at his handsome profile.

He raised his eyes and met her gaze: “When you are healed, let’s go back together.”

She shook her head: “Go back now! Fu Shiting, my heart seems to be incomplete. Seeing you treating me So good, I should love you more. But I’m timid and want to run away…I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to drag you…so please, go back! Go to the place that belongs to you.”

He looked at her pale face and said in pain: “You are not timid or evasive. But in your heart, children are far more important than me. You think I will not treat our children kindly. , you have no confidence in me. You think that the best end for a bastard like me is to die alone!”

Chapter 556

Chapter 556

She saw the sparkling tears in his eyes.

She wanted to speak and say no, not what he said.

But he suddenly pulled away and left in front of her.

With a ‘bang’, he closed the car door beside her!

He didn’t go to the driver’s seat. Standing outside the car, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the next number.

She looked at his figure quietly.

They were separated by a car door, as if separated by an unbridgeable gulf.

He said that in her heart, the child was more important than him.

How can this be compared together?

Children are vulnerable groups, of course she will show more love for them.

He said that she had no confidence in him, rather, she had no confidence in herself.

After a while, Mike trotted over.

Qin Anan saw the two of them talking outside the car.

Not knowing what the two of them said, Mike quickly took the car keys from him and came to the driver’s seat.

Fu Shiting turned his back to her from beginning to end. She saw the tight muscles in his back.

After Mike got into the car, she hurriedly retracted her gaze.

“He said he was going back to China tomorrow. Did you let him go back?” Mike started the car and asked.

“Well.” She couldn’t help looking out the window again.

“He said he was staying at the hotel tonight. Did you two quarrel?” Mike drove the car out.

She turned a deaf ear to Mike’s words.

She was lying on the car window and saw Fu Shiting’s figure getting farther and farther away, and he didn’t turn around until he could barely see him.

“What are you two doing?” Mike stopped at the red light in front and sighed, “Can you be happier if you are separated from him?”

“I have a headache.” She took a breath and closed her eyes.

As long as she thinks of Fu Shiting, her head seems to explode.

“You go back and have a good rest. I shouldn’t have taken you out if you weren’t in good health.” Mike said, “Also, I talked to Wei Zhen, and he didn’t mean to blame you at all. No matter what his mother said, You don’t want to be affected.”


Yin Yin food does not know the taste.

First, it was because she had to go back to China with Fu Shiting tomorrow.

Second, she knew that Fu Shiting and Qin Anan had quarreled again.

Mike gave her some food: “Yinyin, you can come over if you want to play in the future. You can come anytime.”

Yinyin: “Then when will you return to China?”

Mike thought for a while: “It depends on when An An’s injury will heal. Wait for her Well, we will definitely go back to China.”

Yinyin took a mouthful of rice and asked in a low voice, “Why are they quarreling?”

Rila and Xiaohan also wanted to know the answer to this question.

Their eyes swept to Mike.

“This… I can’t explain it in a few words. But what is certain is that Fu Shiting did nothing wrong this time, and of course, An An did nothing wrong.” Mike said here, changing the subject, “Yin Yin, we’ll take you out for a walk later. You’ve been here for so many days and haven’t taken you out yet!”

After they went out, the whole villa fell silent.

Qin Anan was lying on the bed, the wound on her arm was very painful, and her heart was even more painful.

This time, she pushed him away.

She didn’t know if the decision was the right one, but other than that, she had no better choice.

Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Early in the

morning the next day.

Yin Yin came to Qin An’an’s room and said goodbye to her in a low voice: “An An, I’m leaving. You take good care of your injuries, and when you are well, you must go back to Country A!”

Yin Yin finished in a low voice, afraid of waking her up, So I didn’t stay, and left the room quickly.

Qin Anan opened her eyes and looked at the empty room, feeling lost.

At 8:00 in the morning, a Gulfstream G650 private jet took off from the Capital Airport of Country B, destination: Capital Airport of Country A.

After more than ten hours of flight, the plane landed slowly at the capital airport of country A.

At this time, country A time, six in the morning.

Wei Zhen came back with them.

“Mr. Fu, thank you for taking us back.” Mother Wei thanked Fu Shiting.

Fu Shiting: “You’re welcome.”

“Then let’s go first!” said Mother Wei.

Fu Shiting’s Adam’s apple moved, and after a brief hesitation, he said, “Mrs. Wei, Wei Zhen is injured, you can’t blame Qin An’an. She is Professor Hu Qing’s closed disciple, and she didn’t even tell me. Wei Zhen was kidnapped because Wei Zhen used to be Professor Hu Qing’s assistant, not Qin Anan who put him in this danger.”

Mother Wei was stunned.

Fu Shiting finished what he wanted to say and strode away.

“Mom, what did you tell An An?” Wei Zhen sat in a wheelchair with a solemn expression, “An An is also a victim, how can you blame An An?”

Mother Wei’s eyes suddenly turned red: “I’m sorry son, I’m so sad. You should have a great future, but now it’s all ruined… If you didn’t know Qin An’an, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Wei Zhen retorted sharply: “Mom! What Fu Shiting said just now Isn’t it clear enough? It has nothing to do with Qin An’an!”

Wei’s mother: “Why doesn’t it matter? If Professor Hu didn’t accept her as a closed disciple, nothing would happen.”

Wei Zhen: “When did excellence become a mistake? If you think so, then I will be forever Be a waste!” The news of Fu


‘s return to China quickly spread in the country.

“Fu Shiting came back alone, Qin An’an is still in country B.” Wang Wanzhi shared the first-hand news with Shen Yu, “and Fu Shiting went to work directly after returning. I suspect that their relationship has changed.

” Ah! Fu Shiting spent 10 billion for Qin An’an!” Shen Yu couldn’t believe it, “Could it be that Fu Shiting dumped Qin An’an?”

“No matter who dumped who, Fu Shiting’s 10 billion is a waste!” Wang Wanzhi gloated and said, “Qin An’an can’t give him so much money back.”

Shen Yu said in a sour tone: “Fu Shiting is a very macho man, even if they break up, he will not ask Qin An’an to pay back the money. “

Wang Wanzhi: “10 billion is not a small amount for Fu Shiting. Fu Shiting may not want to ask her for it, maybe it’s just hard to tell?”

Shen Yu raised her eyebrows: “What do you want to do?”

Wang Wanzhi showed a mysterious smile , leaned into her ear and said his plan.

ST Group.

After Fu Shiting came to the company today, after finishing the backlog of work in the past few days, he didn’t even have time to take a sip of water, so he hurried to a dinner to meet customers.

Zhou Ziyi followed behind him and sent a message to Sheng Bei: Most of them broke up.

Sheng Bei: I went to him in the morning, and I could tell by looking at his face. Wait a minute and you don’t let him drink.

Zhou Ziyi: I know. Brother Bei, how much did the boss spend in country B this time?

Shengbei: [Khan]…What do you want to know about this?

Zhou Ziyi: The way he works hard makes me wonder if he is being hollowed out.

Shengbei: Not really. He must be numbing himself with work.

Zhou Ziyi put away his phone and walked quickly to Fu Shiting’s side.

“Boss, when the dinner is over, I’ll take you back to rest.” Zhou Ziyi said, “This place is relatively close to your residence.”

Fu Shiting: “I’m not sleepy.”

Zhou Ziyi explained awkwardly: “In the afternoon, the company organizes employees to go out for a period of time. Two days of team building. Just in time for you to go home and have a good rest… If you don’t want to rest, you can go to team building with us.”

Fu Shiting’s eyes darkened: “Is there any other choice?”

Chapter 558

Chapter 558

He doesn’t want to go home or go to team building.

Zhou Ziyi saw that he was in so much pain, and suggested: “How about you take a vacation? Where do you want to go? I’ll book a hotel for you.”

He thought for a moment: “I want to drink.”

Zhou Ziyi: “… .”

Is that the real reason he came to the dinner party?

An hour later, Fu Shiting got drunk as he wished.

After Zhou Ziyi sent him home, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Although drinking is not good for the body, if he is not drunk, he will definitely not sleep.

After coming out of Fu’s house, Zhou Ziyi dialed Mike: “Will Qin An’an’s conscience not hurt? My boss has paid her energy and money for her, but what else will she do besides hurt my boss?!

” is night.

Mike rubbed his brows and yawned: “What nonsense are you talking about again? Huh?!”

“Did Qin Ananti break up with her? Is this cruel woman heartless?!” Zhou Ziyi didn’t vomit. .

“Zhou Ziyi, do you fucking treat yourself as Fu Shiting’s father, or do you treat Fu Shiting as your son?” Mike said irritably, “What does the matter between them have to do with you? Don’t worry about it!”

“You yell at me?! “

I’ll yell at you!” The more he yelled, the more energetic Mike got out of bed to get a glass of water and drank it to moisten his throat, “There is a high probability that the child in An An’s stomach has a problem. The doctor said that the child can’t be given to her. She is uncomfortable now. If you want to die, do you think it’s just your boss who is uncomfortable?!”

Zhou Ziyi touched his nose: “Oh… so! They broke up because of this?

” Child, but An An is reluctant to abort the child. An An doesn’t want to implicate him and wants to give birth to a child to raise her own, so she broke up with him, what’s wrong with An An? “

“Why didn’t you tell me that such a big thing happened?” Zhou Ziyi calmed down.

“I didn’t have time to sleep a few days ago, how can I tell you?”

“Okay, then go to sleep!” Zhou Ziyi felt a little uncomfortable, “By the way… When are you going to return to China? “

I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her about it yet.”

“Oh. Since the doctor said that the child has a problem, you should listen to the doctor and abort the child. Otherwise, having an unhealthy child will also be harmful to the child.” Such torture.” Zhou Ziyi couldn’t help expressing his opinion before hanging up the phone.

Mike threw himself on the bed, “Did you forget that she is also a doctor? In case the child gets sick, can she be cured? Besides, the child has been in her belly for almost four months, she has feelings, and she doesn’t want to destroy it. It’s normal.”

“Well. This is really bad! It was a happy event, but it turned into a tragedy.” Zhou Ziyi remembered that before the two of them went to country B, they had already made up.

Really unpredictable.

“The two of them are separated now. It’s better for them to calm down. Maybe An An wants to get rid of the child in a few days, and will kill the child.” Mike said, “She refuses to kill the child now, perhaps because of Fu Shiting’s treatment of the child. Her attitude irritated her.”

“Please persuade her more! No matter whether the child wants it or not, let her not be too sad. When you come back, we will meet again.”


On Sunday, a news article was popular in country A !

This news was published in the Fortune Tech e-newsletter.

The title is eye-catching – Fu Shiting, president of ST Group, was deceived by 10 billion? ! The truth behind the scenes makes me cry!

The subtitle is: Don’t let the so-called love empty your wallet!

The article mentioned the shooting incident that occurred in country B.

Chapter 559

Chapter 559

But the editor who wrote the article pointed out that Qin An’an did all this in order to cheat Fu Shiting’s money!

Because Qin Anan made her fortune in country B, which is equivalent to her second hometown.

She was kidnapped in her hometown. Couldn’t her connections in country B and her own money help her resolve the crisis?

Does Fu Shiting have to fly a private plane to rescue her?

As a result, Fu Shiting spent 10 billion, but returned home alone.

Therefore, the editor believes that Fu Shiting was deceived by Qin Anan. Not only deceived love, but more importantly, deceived 10 billion!

At the end of the article, he sarcastically said that as shrewd as Fu Shiting, there will be a day when he will be played around by women. If you want to keep your wealth, you must stay away from women! Especially a beautiful ‘strong woman’ like Qin An’an! Because her wealth is basically obtained by men.

This article was reprinted by major media. All of a sudden it exploded on the internet.

Such exciting news, if true, would be exciting!

  • I think this news is still credible. A few days ago, Fu Shiting did fly a private plane to country B. My friend works at the Capital Airport, he told me.

——In this way, Fu Shiting turned out to be a love brain? ! Ten billion oh my god! Qin An’an is really a good trick!

—— Qin Anan shouldn’t go back to China, right? How long does it take for her company to make 10 billion!

——In this case, can Fu Shiting call the police? Can this huge sum be recovered? [Support cheeks]

After this news became popular, the public opinion on the Internet became more and more fermented.

Many people went to the official WeChat account of the Qin Group to make abusive remarks.

Some netizens even went to Jin Sinian’s Weibo to remind him——

——Si Nian, your goddess is a big liar! She deceived Fu Shiting ten billion! You must hold your wallet tightly, don’t be deceived by her!

——Si Nian is too kind, so he didn’t discover Qin An’an’s true face! Fortunately, the person who was deceived was Fu Shiting, not our Sinian!

——The sisters who bought the Qin Group’s drones for the sake of the new year came to gather together to warm up! I’m looking at the drone at home right now and it’s disgusting!

Fu Shiting slept in his room for two days after getting drunk at noon on Friday.

His cell phone is turned off. So he doesn’t know what’s going on online.

Zhou Ziyi couldn’t get through to him, so he had to contact Sheng Bei: “Brother Bei! This magazine is too much! How can they say that our boss has been deceived? They call our boss like a fool! I’ll watch the news. I’m so mad!”

Sheng Bei: “I also read this news. This news not only made Shi Ting a fool, but also made Qin Anan a liar.”

Zhou Ziyi: “Well. I just contacted the magazine. Our staff, their attitude is so arrogant, not only do they not delete articles, but they even say that our boss is a public figure, saying that they have not violated any rights and interests of our boss.”

Sheng Bei: “The capital behind the magazine Fortune Technology He is Shi Ting’s old rival. Of course his attitude is arrogant.”

Zhou Ziyi: “I see. If the boss sees this news, he will definitely be angry.”

Sheng Bei thought for a moment and said, “Let’s talk about it when he sees it! This incident is actually a warning. Shi Ting is indeed a little in love. The money he spent for Qin An’an this time is more than 10 billion. This is also a warning to Qin An’an.”

“But Qin An’an can’t be seen in country B at all. This news.”

Sheng Bei chuckled.

There was so much buzz about this incident, how could it not have reached her ears?

I don’t know how she will react when she sees the news.

Chapter 560

Chapter 560

Country B.

Mike saw the news.

It wasn’t that he deliberately searched for news from Country A, but the executives of Qin’s Group sent him the news.

Because some media called the Qin Group to ask if this was true.

How could executives know about such a secretive private matter of their boss?

They only knew that Qin Anan went to country B, but they didn’t know what Qin Anan was doing in country B, and they didn’t even know that Qin Anan was kidnapped.

After Mike read the news, he was furious.

After he drank a cup of coffee, he still didn’t decide whether to tell Qin Anan about it.

Qin Anan has been resting at home these days. Except when he comes out for dinner, he rests in the bedroom every other time.

When she usually went out to eat, her emotional state was much better than before Fu Shiting left.

Mike felt that she was in such a good state, so he didn’t want to use this news to affect her.

But if this matter is not resolved, her reputation in Country A will be completely ruined.

During lunch, Mike took the initiative to ask, “An An, how is your injury?”

Qin Anan drank the soup and said calmly, “It’s much better.”

“Oh, it’s amazing that you can get better without medicine.” Mike sighed.

Since Qin Anan woke up last time, she has no medicine.

“The human body has the ability to heal itself. Medicines can only relieve pain and make wounds heal faster.” She finished the soup and put down the spoon.

“An An, this is your cell phone.” Seeing that she had finished eating, Mike gave her her cell phone.

The last time she came to country B, before she was taken away by the man in black, she handed over all her personal belongings to Mike.

She picked up the phone and pressed the power button, but there was no response.

The phone has been out of power for so many days.

“No power, your charger is in your bag.” Mike said, “Xiaohan’s teacher sent me a message asking when to send Xiaohan back to school.”

Qin Anan glanced at his son and said his plan: ” Mike, take Xiaohan and Rila back to China first! I’ll go back after

a while.” “How can I rest assured that you are here alone?” Mike rejected her proposal without hesitation, “Either we go back together or stay together. Here.”

Xiaohan and Rila nodded in agreement.

It’s just that the three of them together can’t match Qin An’an’s opinion.

“The nanny will take care of me, and the bodyguard will protect me. What’s wrong with you? I’m not fit for long-distance travel now.” She said word by word, “The two children’s studies cannot be delayed, as well as domestic company affairs, you I have to go back and have a look!”

Mike: “They are so young now, why are they not studying…”

Qin An’an: “You guys are affecting my rest here. I’ll be alone, and I can recover. Faster.”

Mike: “…”

Qin An’an: “Pack up your luggage after you eat and go back! I’ll be back in half a month at most.”

Mike bargained with her: “Today is too rushed. We I’ll leave tomorrow.”

Qin Anan didn’t say anything.

She took her mobile phone and went back to her room to charge it. After plugging the phone into the charging cable and connecting to the power source, she pressed the power button. After a few seconds, the phone turns on.

Not surprisingly, numerous missed calls and messages popped up on the phone.

She picked out Li Xiaotian’s news and replied: I’m all right. See you then.

Now it is 12 o’clock in the night in country A, and Li Xiaotian didn’t see her news immediately.

After she replied, she put down the phone.

She has to go out today.

During the few days she was resting at home, she had been thinking about a problem.

Who exposed her information to the silver king?

The fact that she was a closed disciple of Professor Hu Qing was unknown to outsiders. Wei Zhen did not expose her to the Silver King, but the Silver King still aimed at him.

There was a vague answer in her mind, but now she needed to confirm the guess.

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